Patience is a virtue

….Patience is expecially a virtue with you have it for a crotchety burnt out  blogger who hasn’t had enough time to write a  decent post.

Practice your patience here..


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  1. Patience is a virtue, which explains why I don’t have any.

  2. Uppity, remember to reserve a bit of patience for yourself. You keep a lot of irons in your fire….

  3. i always feel guilty when I don’t have enough time for the blog. It’s like not showing up at church on Sunday. Not that I ever show up at church on Sunday, but I figure it’s a good analogy for those who do.

    Also looks like PMMom’s Ms. Preggers is about to give birth. Please stand by.

  4. We have one kitten out.

  5. crotchety burnt out

    Nah. You just are building up your reserves now to pump out some more gutsy, funny, sharp, and entertaining material.

    That aflac duck in the vid could wear the patinece of any other dog.

  6. Uppity, you need to take a break every now and then. And, take the break without guilt! You blog is hard work.

    So, Mom’s going to be a grandmother today.

  7. One kitten out. omg

  8. Gramma is pacing. Pacing. Pacing. We have a genuine hand-wringing gramma.

  9. Crier, after my experience with those two pitties my dog had to dispatch, that puppy will grow up and eat the duck. Lucky I didn’t lose my beloved dog that day and I NEVER forget. A testimony to dog brains vs. dog brawn.

    Stand by for another kitten… I’m guessing two because Mom is so skinny and probably absorbed a few or because she is so small. Looks like she’s an older kitten herself.. But so far, no hitch. Kitteh is taking care of things. I’m standing by as the consultant. lol.

  10. Good morning (((UPPITY’S)))))

    PMM: You go Grandma——-keep them coming

  11. Hang in there PMM!

  12. Stand by.

  13. Me Too and Me Three are out.

  14. New mother living lately under a lucky star.

  15. For sure, Pamela. Got her just in time. Mom says Momma cat is taking care of business now. She’s got her own private room. lol and a handmaiden giving her fresh towels besides.

  16. Number 4 has arrived and Number 5 on its way. Holy Chit.

  17. Mom says she hopes the people who dumped her come back in the next life as lab rats.

  18. Hopefully we can get a shot of Mom cat and her rugrats later.

  19. Obama made no “Gutsy Call”. Put the Admiral in charge in case it went wrong, he would have somebody to blame. Of course, the mission was successful, so he took the credit. Golly what a surprise.

  20. a handmaiden giving her fresh towels
    tears of joy all around

  21. Update from Mom’s email

    I think she is done and pretty sure there are five in the box- not going to disturb her and move them around to see. She has turned herself in the box now- head out lying sideways along the length of the box- all seem to be nursing now and she is kneading the rug.

    Good job. Both of you.

  22. , you need to take a break every now and then. And, take the break without guilt! we love you Upps.and you do a fantastic job. :mrgreen:

  23. Uppity Woman, on May 1, 2012 at 10:01 AM said:

    Hopefully we can get a shot of Mom cat and her rugrats later.
    I will be back. 🙂

  24. PMM: I’M so happy for YOU!!

  25. I do believe she is done now- she has turned herself again in the box- with her back across the opening. Can I go have a nap now?
    I believe the count is five- though she has arranged herself so we can not see anymore lol. (I gave her Sabrina’s old cat carrier for a nest) She has not dragged the clean towels in there yet. I am tired now lol.

  26. PMM, UW. Congratulations, and.thanks for sharing. Am certain you’ve both earned time for a break.

  27. PMM, you and the new mom did good. Sending May Day cheers for you and the kittehs.

  28. No thanks to me- Uppity and the kitteh did it. I just supplied the space and food lol.
    And I had a thought- they were born on May Day. They better not turn into little commie anarchists!

  29. Yeah I did what I do best. Supervise. lol.

    Now tell me what kids wouldn’t happily cut school for? As if they aren’t already stupid enough, missing another day will surely help. As 100 of those kids why they are boycotting school and they don’t know. A day off is a day off. There is nothing more slimy than using kids this way.

    But then I remember when Obama told them not to go to school or take the day off from work on election day so they could help him win. I have a screen shot of that somewhere. But I’m up to my ass in alligators so can’t go find it right now.

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    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{UW, you too}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  31. Romney is on TV at some firehouse in NY with guiliani- and some woman is in the background screaming” Mitt Romney You’re a Racist” over and over and over again.
    That’s all they have?

  32. Hey PMM – Screaming racist is what the did at both Clintons and everyone else who criticized ‘t one.

  33. Congrats momma cat and Mom. Break out the champagne and cat nip.

  34. To Dr. Vet Gramms PMM and Consultant Vet Aunt UW,
    and all loving and attentive audience,
    bubblegum cigars and a bottle of champagne!!

  35. Re Beauty as in the miracle of birth shared here today.
    And now much less stellar, but I am curious. What kind of butterfly creatures could be in proliferation on the columnar barberry outside my window right now? They are small, basically black, Toward wings’ edges there is a lovely orange arc. Then a black arc; remainder of the wing is white/light.
    No research, please for I’m too lazy to do that myself. Just if you know, please tell me.
    There will be many, me included, hoping for a quiet nite for Ma Cat and all up in NW PA.

  36. Pamela- you can try this page
    I have no idea what a columnar barberry is lol.

  37. PMM Thanks so much. I’m not used to paying for barberry, but put down quite a bit for these two bushes. They are supposed to grow to a height of 8 feet while maintaining constant width all the way up. However, that’s not happening.

    I’ll enjoy whatever butterflies I come across at the link.:)

  38. PMM. Guess it is the Cecropia moth. Did not realize moths could be pretty.

  39. Great job Mom!

    Don’t worry about them turning out to be commies. They will likely be Druids and dance about the catnip patch.

  40. I’ve got a post half done about the suddenly scarcity of the monarch butterfly thanks to Monsanto’s roundup that kills the plant they love the most.

  41. Hey Mom, perhaps Uppity Woman blog can adopt those kittens. We might even find some homes for them here.

  42. Chicken parmesan tonight with a side of home made linguini. Any bids?

  43. We have monarchs here- husband mows around the milkweed patches in the field. There are nowhere near as many here as there were back home when I was a kid. My first conscious memory of my Dad is at his mother’s house. She had a lovely rock garden and it was full of butterflies. I remember my Dad holding his big work roughened hand out and the Monarch’s coming to rest on his hand.
    Mamma kitteh just had either third lunch or first dinner- half a can of wet food and a portion of the kitten milk replacer. I gave her the KMR as I don’t think she is drinking enough water. So she has had a full can of food today and a small jar or baby food beef and two portions of the KMR.
    How much should i be feeding her?

  44. I am starving! Send me some!
    As for adopting them out- go for it. There are six of them and as best I can tell they are all the same tabby grey as smokey bones.
    She needs serious feeding up! Without the belly she really is nothing but skin and bones.

  45. Congratulations, Grand PMM!!! What an exciting day. I enjoyed UW’s status updates as it developed!

    I love gray tabbies and if you have a female gray tabby, it would be really hard to resist.

  46. Yes and I’ll just bet, Sophie, that we could come up with a tag team from Mom’s home to yours in about 8 weeks or so. Wouldn’t it just be awesome of our adopted litter was re-homed amongst our awesome Uppityites?

  47. Just keep feeding her like we discussed, Mom and she will pick up. We want her to have enough for her kittehs AND her. Suggest you pick up a tube of kitteh vitamins. I recommend Felovite-II with taurine. Cats love it besides. She’ll lick it right off the tube.

    Yes, Milkweed is what monarchs thrive on. Unfortunately, Monsanto is killing them as fast as they can.

  48. Mamma kitteh just had either third lunch or first dinner


    Dinner at 7. Keep Karen occupied for me.

  49. Mom, do you have a paypal button at your blog?

  50. Felovite-II- is this from the vet or available at the farm store do you think?

  51. No paypal. Long story short- somebody hacked my ebay account, set up a paypal in my name, hacked my yahoo email FROM the info on ebay and tried to access my bank accts. Fortunately my bank froze my accounts – the hacker could not get by the security questions and picture- and also fortunately I was not out of town on an assignment and could present myself at the bank to reset my password and unfreeze the accts.
    Me no trust ebay or paypal ever since.

  52. Yes that’s right. I remember you telling me that. Now they have a keycard that you press to get a code. Nobody has it but you, it’s kind of like a safety deposit box thing, you can’t get in without both keys. I use one for my personal paypal account AND for UWblog.

  53. CONGRATS — PMM. 5 kitties… What a great kitty vet you are!! Can’t wait for pics!

  54. Not sure if you can find it there but try, Mom. I know you can get it at a pet supply or online for sure. If you are buying more virbac you can probably get it at amazon.

  55. Oops guess I forgot to update. Turns out there are 6 kittehs Fembots.
    The poor thing really is Smokey Bones. I knew she was too thin as I could feel all her bones- but now that the belly is slack- her bones are really protruding. Poor thing. No clue how she managed to have six live kittens.

  56. Poor momma cat. The babies sucked all her fat, vitamins and minerals out of her. God knows how many litters the little girl has already had. 6 babies is a lot for an older cat let alone a young one who is emaciated.

    She can have this chicken parmesan and linguini that I, um, found.

  57. the prez from hell is in kabul afghanistan for the bin laden anniversary.

    The print media “pool reporter” accompanying Obama, Politico’s Josh Gerstein, said top Obama aides scheduled the signing ceremony and subsequent 4 a.m. local televised address at a time convenient for broadcast to the United States.

    Obvious photo op and campaign ploy.

    What. A. Dope.

  58. Fabulous Hillary photo:

  59. Mom ~ congratulations on your kitty/litter. I peeked only once or twice (at work doncha know) and the “live” blog was wonderful. You couldn’t have had a better supervisor.

  60. He’s in Goatfuckistan!!!? They probaly have a special ceremony where they set a woman aflame just for him.

    Frigging Soul-less Tool.

  61. Yes our little Uppity Kitteh is young and very emaciated. She would not have survived, nor would those kittens be born if not for Mom’s work. Mom, she’ll pick up her weight, just keep feeding her. I’ve rescued cats that looked nearly dead from no nutrition, including my lardbutt Joe. She’ll do well with your helt and now she will have enough calories for her kitties AND herself.

  62. Karen I am pretty sure this was a first litter for her- I don’t think she is even full grown herself. From shoulder to base of tail she is only the length of an egg carton. Jack is twice her size!

  63. UW,
    linguini…….chicken…………with a glass of wine, of course

  64. of course, crier.

  65. Mom, you are the best for seeing this through for these little ones.\

    Obama has no shame. He will go to any extreme for his political butt.

  66. I finally got a chance to add my two cents to the book discussion. I know it’s over, but I wanted to leave my thoughts there for posterity.

  67. Ok I am so tired my eyes aren’t focusing. I will update conditions tomorrow.
    Nite all!

  68. That immoral bloodsucking dirtbag Octomom has signed up for porn movies. They should remove those kids from her immediately and spay her.

  69. Transcript of Obama’s blowass Goatfuckistan speech. Happiness and light. Unless you are a woman.

  70. Awwww….I missed Dear Leader’s propaganda very important historic speech?

  71. UW: On the outside chance you haven’t seen this one yet…

  72. Sophie! Hahahahahaa. Too cute.

  73. So, we now have One Uppity CatMom and six Uppity baby kittehs. We need an adoption plan. Surely we can place these babies with a little ingenuity and some tag-teaming.

  74. Be nice to raise some money to help raise them, wish Mom would get a temporary paypal.

    So Sophie, you ordering up a girl?

  75. How much fun would it be for us to track the lives of our baby Uppity kittehs? We could post pics of them as they grow and watch how lucky they are in their Uppity lives with an Uppity-ite.

  76. UW: I am working on talking my two girls into it as we speak.

  77. Yes, it would be very cool if we could keep them in the family.

  78. sophie, that pengy is a riot.

    Not sure about the kitties, yet.

  79. Upps, the transcript wasn’t painful. He must have a new speech writer.

  80. Yeah Karen, he tried out an adult speech writer instead of a cardboard-cutout humping mental infant.

  81. Ah Sophie, you’re gonna get first pick of the litter. Be fun to see them when they start getting their kitty personalities and looks.

    We can do periodic feature stories on how Uppity they are.

  82. Uppity cats?

    Will they have their own blog? And talk catnip?

  83. Will they grow up to become famous? Maybe need an agent for movies and such?

  84. 6 kittens!!! omigosh, poor Mama Cat! Why would bark go to Afghanistan fgs? I would think that would be a particularly dangerous place for him.

    Upps, Chicken parma & homemade linguini? Sounds divine.

  85. Here is the result of Barkaloungers ridiculous trip to Goatf*ckistan:

  86. Sophie, loved the pic of Hillary.

  87. crier, I thought this blog was already an Uppity Cats blog!

  88. Sorry to have missed you all tonight. Computer on fritz. Ipad keyboard unbearable. Like a rhino typing on an iphone.

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