War on Women ™ ? Never fear, Obama’s here!!!

You may have heard of the War on Women™ – of late, it’s all the rage!  The wingers of the republican party are attempting to pass all kinds of crap, trying to control women’s bodies, trying to spy in our bedrooms.  (Hmmm…. you would think that the party of conservativism, the party that wants small government, would be more of a “live and let live” party!)

But don’t worry!  Obama is looking out for us!  He’s speaking out day and night, criticizing those wacky, misogynistic republicans!

Oh.  What’s that you say?  Words aren’t action?  You say that Obama is all talk (someone else’s words read off a teleprompter), and his life has been one big attempt to avoid much work or committing to any action?  Oh, gosh, that’s true….  (face it, he’s not Mr. President, he’s Mr. PresentVote).

Well, wait a minute!  He was involved in a downright flurry of activity during the primary of 2008!  He was working hard with the DNC!



As a matter of fact, during the primaries, THAT is when he was awarded his “this is what a feminist looks like” peace prize!!!!  He certainly was working for women THEN!  He worked hard with the obots and with the DNC (and even with the media!!!), and he TOOK ACTION, it wasn’t all words!!!  Let’s see – he was a part of caucus cheating against a female candidate, stealing of delegates from a female candidate, playing inappropriate misogynistic music on election nights, and standing in the way of the most historic candidacy possible!

Shoot, I see now, I see.  He either is “all talk no action”, or when he does act, he works AGAINST women!

But, no!  I refuse to give up hope.  I just know that Obama is out there fighting the war against women, HE IS WHAT FEMINISM LOOKS LIKE!  Ok, let me think, let me think….  Yes, I’ve got it!

Obama is having a meeting with The Muslim Brotherhood!  Now, why ELSE would he be meeting with them, people???


I just know he has prepared all kinds of research studies, he’s going to have a big powerpoint set up that he is going to run himself, and he is going to set those cavemen straight!!!  He’s going to convince them that sharia law is an abomination of nature, and that America will no longer be giving money to or calling a “democracy” any culture that does not allow women to have the equal rights which are theirs by birth.  No more FGM, no more family “honor killings”, no more throwing acid in the faces of little girls who are just trying to go to school!

Obama is telling them, no more sexism, no more misogyny, and what’s more, no more PATRIARCHY!!!!  Obama is telling them in no uncertain terms that Shariah has NO place in this country!  HE’s telling them, no more crap in your own country, and neither can you move here to OUR country and pull this crap!  Whooop!

In standing up to the Muslim Brotherhood, not only will he be pretending speaking as a feminist, he’ll also be ACTING as a feminist!

Update:  I’ve just woken up from a particularly crazy dream!  I must have been typing while I was asleep!  Because we all here KNOW who the feminist is!  We know who the juvenile boys playing world leaders are, and we know who the hard working person is who IS a world leader!

























They think they’re tricking us, this side pointing at the other side and screaming, “War on women!!”, and the other side doing the same.  They think they can speak words and we can’t tell the difference between words and action, between pandering and commitment.

If it walks like a world leader, if it holds itself as a confident, experienced person, if it has a lifetime of experience making positive changes in the lives of women and girls – it’s not a duck, and it’s not Obama….

THIS is what a feminist looks like, and THIS is who is fighting the war on women – against the left and the right – with ACTION!  She’s a superpower in her own right!


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  1. I have the image in my mind of TehOne (I’m gonna start calling him TehOnce in honor of a commenter back a myiq’s place) bowing to the Saudi’s and the other “leaders” in the ME. And then the image of him pointing his finger in the face of AZ’s Gov Brewer, and dusting off his shoulders and giving the finger to Hillary in 2008.
    Oh yeah, he is a real feminist. And sadly, most of the people whom I know are going to vote for this fraud, are women!! And I can’t seem to change their minds for anything.

  2. Also, I saw this link a little bit ago and found it interesting. It shows the states as they are today and as they are leaning in the electoral college. (Is that anything like the College of Cardinals?)

  3. Obama is a fierce advocate for a woman’s right to wear the hijab.

  4. You mean this link?


  5. oopsie, I forgot the link:

    i’m @home w/the flu or something. up all night and am light-headed. (it’s a good enuf excuse for today. I have no idea what I’ll use tomorrow.)

  6. Great post lorac! LOVE the photo of Hill at the end!

  7. Good morning ((((UPPITY’S))))))

    Great Post Lorac, Like always——-Mr. PresentVote—–LOL

  8. Righteous rant Lorac. The problem is that neither party thinks that women are fully human–therefore, the men are going to tell us what our rights are. I think we should tell these bumbling, self-agrandizing twits on both sides of the aisle to go screw themselves–which is probably their only form of sexual activity because they are such dim-witted narcissists.

    Still think we should give both parties an “October suprise” and have thousands of women on the Mall in DC protesting to remind them of who the majority is.

  9. great idea ANN.and wonderful post Lorac. :)

  10. That photo of Hill coming out of the SoS plane should say:

    THIS is what a World Leader looks like.

  11. I’m more than ready to head to DC——–AGAIN

  12. Now why does this place slow down to a near-halt just because I’m not here? I mean, if I got hit by a bus I would want you Uppityites to use this blog anyways!

  13. UW: I was thinking the same thing———

    How is PMM and the Kittehs??

  14. LOL I have a pass. A special pass. I have been excused due to kitteh duty. heh

  15. I have a pass, too. Had to go to the local Police Department to get a copy of my complaint about my stolen/lost driver’s license, then on to the Dept. of Public Safety to get another driver’s license with a new number, and then on to the Elections Office to get a duplicate voter’s registration. But, here I am now! Lorac, when I began reading your post, I had an urge for hysterical laughter. Great job pointing out all the things Teh One has not done for women. Why or why do women vote for him?

  16. b-r-i-l-l-i-a-n-t, lorac, just brilliant!

  17. WLM: sorry for such BAD luck, hope you’ve got a handle on things

    gotta go, not that anyone is here today——–see you in the a.m.

  18. I love that picture.

  19. Excellent!! Didnt Obama or someone in his jacked up administration say that Hillary’s policy towards women’s issues was just her pet project?

  20. Lorac- this really is a great post! Sorry I am a worry wart kittygram and have not been around much. Off to rehearsal now.
    Uppity- You’ve got mail.

  21. I’ve been waiting for the post all day long femies! Stupid wordpress kept showing me the old post from yesterday until now. Love that Secty of State photo; look at that woman strut!! But don’t you know that Obama just loves women and now we have proof of it from his ole girlfriend from his college days. Ya know the one he said was a racist, or was that the composite holographic girlfriend in his book? He just looks like a feminist and that writing of his. I’m creaming my panties … not!


  22. Twitchy reporting that the composite girlfriend now has its own hashtag. I love this tweet:

    “Credit for starting the game. ;) ==>RT @SaintRPh: Sharon Misery #ObamaCompositeGirlfriendNames”


  23. Fantastic post, lorac! You just made my long workday a little brighter. When obot friends get going about feminism and 0, I’ll be referring back to this post.

  24. For the people who requested books in the last week, they just went out today (later in day)! Should be delivered in 2-3 days they said.

    R.G. check your email tomorrow – I will email you tonight about your delivery.

  25. Fembot, that hashtag is hilarious!

  26. Yes slave, in fact I did a post on how they called it a pet project. I’ll find it for you. I think it was a “Pet rock”

  27. Yes, Hillary’s work on behalf of women in Afghanistan etc, is a “Rock in a rucksack” we don’t have time for.

  28. Gosh, I come back from vacation, and find out everyone else has taken off on vacation as soon as I get back lol

  29. I’m tring to update a post for the failed bank list and it is so huge I want to scream. I have to add these links one at a time and date them and i’ve been at it for two hours.

  30. The other thing is, I have a life. And every time I try to take a little tiny piece of life out of this blog, and i don’t show up, everybody else books. I am kind of sick of having to be here every two minutes to keep people happy.

    If there isn’t a new post up every single day you would think somebody committed a felony and everybody takes off. There are blogs that post a couple of times a week and they don’t have this hanging over them.

  31. This post isn’t going to be done for tomorrow. It’s too much work and I want to go do what everybody else is doing. You should too. You busted you ass to write a post.

  32. G’nite lorac. This was a great and vastly underappreciated post.

  33. Great post, Lorac. And welcome back! Every time I see that collection of miscreants, the bile rises in my throat all over again. But the Ms. cover is the worst. Not unlike the Nobel Peace Prize being awarded to him what seemed like days after he first took office…I never had any use for Chris Hitchens, rest in peace, but he nailed it when he said — Giving him that prize so quickly is not unlike giving a film director an Oscar for a film you hope he’s going to make next year.

  34. Love the composite girlfriend meme! One might say Obama’s book is a fairytale?

  35. I saw that, imust. How can something be autobiographical and all made up at the same time…that’s like the old movies of the week they described as “Based on actual events” — ok, so maybe 30% of it happened, or “Inspired by actual events” — 10%???

  36. Like everything else about Obama….fake.

  37. Maybe that so-called “anti-war” speech that no one recorded or remembered was a “composite” of speeches that he gave, or thought about giving.

  38. lorac, great post! LMAO funny! Loved the ending!

  39. lorac, it is a great post. I shoulda said so in the morning. When my head felt better than it does now. Pics of TehOnce just nauseate me. It’s nearly – maybe even worse than listening to him. At least I can turn off the radio/teevee/sound. but when I see his image, i feel like I need eye bleach. (How did you gather all those pics together and not lose your mind?)
    I’m putting myself out of my misery for a while. Thanks for this post.

  40. Excellent post lorac.

    I’m sure that by now you have read the VF article post on Barack’s gf. I found it kind of funny (who knows what the truth really is) that Genevieve beat the wuss in a race. It bothered him. Funny thing si that the turd is still gettin’ his knees kicked by women.

    in many ways, I thought it was such a travesty to become SOS but now I think she made the right choice. That Ulsterman character said that HRC and Panetta overruled the turd and called for the OBL strike. Imagine that, not only do they have to make the real decisions, but they they had to keep his handler (Valerie) and him busy doing whatever it is that he does.

  41. @imust

    Maybe that so-called “anti-war” speech that no one recorded or remembered was a “composite” of speeches that he gave, or thought about giving.


  42. @Ani

    Yes Barack has a way of making a pustule that refuses to go away welcomed. Like leslie, the man gives me a headache.

  43. Hi ya all. I am absent for many a reason and the main one is I too have a life. I decided I needed to go back to work because this economy is scaring me to death. I mean I saved and planned but at darn near 4 dollars for a damn lousy gallon of gas and 4 dollars for a loaf of bread well you get the picture. So I thought it over and am going to work for another ten years or until I die just to hang on to my money. At this rate what I planned will not hold up due to rising prices and God knows what all else will be. Anyway between work and dogs and garden then canning I am thinking this computer might end up a dust collector.
    Anyway to my way of thinking if you do not have several million on hand you will run out of money at the present rate of costs going up if you retire for 25 years.
    I knew I would get screwed out of retirement.
    But it is kind of neat being out in the working world again, I actually missed it a bit too.

  44. @utah

    Some places are doing well. Where there is oil. There is one small area in TX where the oil fields are kicking up again. The minimum wage for a burger flipper is $18 p/hr. They can’t find high school kids to take most of the minimum wage jobs.

    I hear & feel your pain…I am going to be working until the day I exit this planet at the rate that we are going.

  45. Yup. With you all on the work thing. The word retirement seems more and more foreign to me.

  46. I am going to be working until the day I exit this planet at the rate that we are going.
    You are fortunate if you have that option. I have had three friends get laid off from middle management IT jobs during the past six months. All in their mid-50s.

  47. Given the poor economy I’ve had to rethink my retirement plan.
    I’m now thinking if I take a really late retirement and an early death, I should be able to just squeak by. :-(

  48. @ SHV

    I did a cash surrender on my retirement. It was paltry to begin with. Luckily, I don’t have exhorbitant bills any longer. I know I am lucky to have a job. I still have benefits which I am very grateful for.

  49. I took the last ten years off to homeschool my kid. I’m hoping I can find a job again!

  50. Well, I hardly ever post, but Ups, this blog is great, this post was great and much appreciation flows from me to thee (all of the thee’s around here who contribute, in fact). I say, take it at your own pace. If people are impatient, it’s probably because what you do around here is so valued. Just one gal’s opinion, and thanks again for all your hard work. Just for the record, I won’t ever begrudge any of the writers here any well-deserved (or just for the heck of it) rest and relaxation!

  51. “I still have benefits ..”
    That is huge…Getting laid off at age 50+ means 10-15 years short of SS and Medicare. One friend delivered newspapers for 6 months; said it was cycle back to his high school days. He recently got another IT job but much at a much lower salary and no benefits. Unlike previous economic down turns, this time it’s a major restructuring and the “jobs” aren’t coming back.

  52. Yes, the only reason my husband stays with his sucky job is for the insurance.

  53. No question, imust, Obama’s book is a prize-winning fairy tale. The guy is a hologram.

  54. {{{{{{NES}}}}}

  55. Hey Ani. I’ve been away on a biz trip, ergo my spotty appearance.

  56. lorac’ers, a most brilliant post! ROFL.

  57. ROFL Ani – “Inspired by actual events” is so apropos.

  58. …blind dissident Chen Guangcheng says he’s been abandoned by American officials at a Chinese hospital and begs to leave the country on Hillary Clinton’s plane.


  59. Well Utah is rebounding very well right now however prices are still climbing. I mean heck this house I bought one year ago is alreay worth $ 40,000.00 more then I paid. I am watching the housing market very closely and if I see things here climbing too fast I am going to cash out on this place and live in our motor home until it crashes again. I mean I am not dumb enough to believe we have learned from our past lol. I made out extremely well dumping the two houses in Cali when I did now they are worth 1/2 of what I got for them.
    Anyway I figured it was safer to get back to work and have a bigger steady income coming in rather then chip away at my retirement savings. I could die tomorrow but then again longevity is in my family. Most of the women lived to 94 to 97. So if that is the case with me I would be on welfare lmao at this rate. And contrary to most peoples taste Hamburger helper is not my friend. I went to work at a dealership here in the finance department. So barring the dealership goes under I am good. I do have a back up plan though if that happens , I will go to work at a bank. They are safe, they get bailed out.

  60. Obama is a fierce advocate for a woman’s right to wear the hijab.

    Ding Ding Ding!

  61. Yes, NES, I heard you have been quite busy. As have we all, I’m sure.

  62. @utah

    I will go to work at a bank. They are safe, they get bailed out.

    The silver lining. lol

  63. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/05/02/elizabeth-edwards-john-edwards-trial_n_1472812.html

    Reading about all this Edwards’ trial stuff makes me want to shower. To think he functioned as spoiler. This article makes it clear just how far back all this was going on. How in the hell did he think he was going to pull off a candidacy — but of course, that was never really the plan, was it?

  64. From a journal kept by Barry’s girl:

    A few weeks into January 1984 they were seeing each other regularly on Thursday nights (when she would be up in his neighborhood, finishing one of her Bank Street classes) and on weekends. He was living then as a boarder in a fourth-floor walkup at 622 West 114th Street. It was a rent-controlled three-bedroom apartment. She remembered how on Sundays Obama would lounge around, drinking coffee and solving the New York Times crossword puzzle, bare-chested, wearing a blue and white sarong. His bedroom was closest to the front door, offering a sense of privacy and coziness. Genevieve described it in her journal this way: “I open the door, that Barack keeps closed, to his room, and enter into a warm, private space pervaded by a mixture of smells that so strongly speak of his presence, his liveliness, his habits—running sweat, Brut spray deodorant, smoking, eating raisins, sleeping, breathing.”

    Tingles will be sooooooooooo J.

  65. More from the ex:

    Saturday, February 25
    The sexual warmth is definitely there—but the rest of it has sharp edges and I’m finding it all unsettling and finding myself wanting to withdraw from it all. I have to admit that I am feeling anger at him for some reason, multi-stranded reasons. His warmth can be deceptive. Tho he speaks sweet words and can be open and trusting, there is also that coolness—and I begin to have an inkling of some things about him that could get to me.

  66. More from the ex-girlfriend:

    On Sunday Barack and I raced, and I won. I ran so fast my body transformed itself onto another plane. We ran, he started off behind me and I just said to myself stay ahead, stay ahead and my body became a flat thin box w/ my arms and legs coming each precisely from a corner. And I didn’t know how long I could keep it up, but I was going to try—my whole sight concentrated on the lamp post when I felt him slow and yell you beat me, at first I thought he was giving up, but then I realized he’d meant the lamp post on the left and I’d really won! The feel of the race was exhilarating, but I didn’t feel very victorious. Barack couldn’t really believe it and continued to feel a bit unsettled by it all weekend, I think. He was more startled to discover that I had expected to win than anything else. Anyway, later in the shower (before leaving to see The Bostonians) I told him I didn’t feel that good about winning, and he promptly replied probably cos of feelings of guilt about beating a man. In which case, no doubt, he’d already discovered the obverse feelings about being beaten by a woman. Nevertheless, it was a good metaphor for me, despite, as I confessed to Barack, that in some ways it would have appeased some aspect of my self-image to have tried and lost. But I didn’t; I won.

  67. Still more:

    Thursday, May 23, 1985
    Barack leaving my life—at least as far as being lovers goes. In the same way that the relationship was founded on calculated boundaries and carefully, rationally considered developments, it seems to be ending along coolly considered lines. I read back over the past year in my journals, and see and feel several themes in it all … how from the beginning what I have been most concerned with has been my sense of Barack’s withholding the kind of emotional involvement I was seeking. I guess I hoped time would change things and he’d let go and “fall in love” with me. Now, at this point, I’m left wondering if Barack’s reserve, etc. is not just the time in his life, but, after all, emotional scarring that will make it difficult for him to get involved even after he’s sorted his life through with age and experience.
    Hard to say, as obviously I was not the person that brought infatuation. (That lithe, bubbly, strong black lady is waiting somewhere!)

  68. Well how convenient lorac:-) I did a post here just today:


    The thing is, most of the damage is being done on the state level by the various state legislatures.

  69. Oh no! 8O

    Does Michelle have something comparable?


  70. Eww, that stuff by barks old gf is nauseating. Also the sordid Edwards trial. Disgusting. NES, why did they give the aide a free pass? Just for his testimony? He also sounds like a crook.

  71. fredster, that’s a weird looking shirt. Although I don’t know why the media cares so much about what these women wear.

  72. socal: I think they were more interested in the price. You know…we’re all so able to go out and buy a thousand dollar blouse or shirt.

  73. His warmth can be deceptive

    She’s summing him up pretty well.

    Women, as they say, can fake orgasms. Men can fake entire relationships.

    And I see they are doing the Wardrobe thing again, now where have I heard the press do that before?

  74. The thing is, most of the damage is being done on the state level by the various state legislatures

    They have been enabled. Think shitbags like Roy Blunt. Think RIck Santorum. And let me tell ou, if the GOP wawnted to stop the state level they would have done it by now. Shit rolls downhill.

  75. And by the way, the description of the smell of his room is disgusting. Why are they dancing around it. His room stank. It was permeated with the smell of sweat and the stuff he used to cover up the smell of sweat. Michelle also said he stinks in the morning. I’m gagging here.

    (That lithe, bubbly, strong black lady is waiting somewhere!)

    Oh give me a break. Unless this woman called the psychic hotline, this line was not written back then.

    I don’t buy any of this shit. No woman writes about how some other woman who is ‘lithe” and “bubbly” and shit like that is going to replace Me. This is contrived moose poop. Remember, they keep trying to sell Michelle as lithe and other crap, when she has a shoe you can float down a canal in.

  76. Dear Erica,
    Thank you. Very much. I needed that.

  77. That part about how Obama reacted to getting beat by a woman has the ring of truth to it.

  78. Didja see the part where Ms. Composite tells O “I love you” and he responds “Thank you”?

    Coincidentally, yesterday I was watching a Two and a Half Men episode where Charlie Sheen does the same thing. The woman in that one immediately recognized what a shallow, self-centered asshole he was.

  79. Hey! Maybe that was Ms. Composite at that campaign rally!

  80. Yeah that must be her imust!

    If you ask me, this guy’s entire life is a “composite”. His existence is a composite. Nothing about him is real and very little can be confirmed, America is left with his own personal ‘story’ and that is just what it is: A story. When did we ever have a president we knew so little about, warts and all? The only Open Book about his life is the one he wrote.

  81. I remembered MO talking about Obama smelling too. But, I can’t remember who was interviewing her. It’s interesting, though, that the girlfriend mention the odors.

    Did any of you hear about the Lt. Governor of Wisconsin (who is being recalled) being accused of having oral sex with news/radio personalities. Here we go again. Women are fair game.

  82. Women, as they say, can fake orgasms. Men can fake entire relationships.

    I’ve had more than enough experience. Thanks for summing it up so well.

  83. I commend any of you who read the VF stuff. I can’t do it. I simply have had it with TehOnce. I feel about him even more strongly than I felt about W and anyone who knew me then knows there were days they had to restrain me from throwing the teevee and/or radio out the window.

  84. WLM Scott Brown posed naked in Cosmo and it was politely disregarded, even unto painting it as a poor student trying to earn some money. You think a woman candidate would have gotten away with that? In that case, earning money would have meant you were a hooker. It’s the same old shit every time.I just saw a person of, how shall I say, decidedly extreme reliosity blogging, follow this blog and on her blog is a post entitled “Hillary Clinton Boozed It Up At Havana Nightclub in Columbia”. If she had a couple of drinks and bore a penis, do you think you would have read that post? Or if the woman were of the same “policial party”? We have women doing women in, and men doing women in and there is just no hope for women in this backwards country. Hillary was right. She could run for president of Malta and win, but not the USA. These people make me sick. They are the same freaks who get upset over Maher but not Limbaugh, or Limbaugh and not Maher. Sexist assholes, all of them.

  85. remembered MO talking about Obama smelling too. :lol:

  86. At http://twitchy.com/2012/05/03/meet-julia-the-new-composite-woman-in-obamas-life/ there is this:

    “See, unlike uppity womenfolk, graphics know their place. There’s no hen-pecking, no asking for stuff, none of that irksome hurting their brains with the thinking. Just smile and look purdy, Julia!

    “Oops, sorry, Julia can’t smile. Sadly, she has no mouth. Just the way Democrats like their women.”


  87. New post up. Finally got the bank closings updated.

    It was grueling.

  88. “The other thing is, I have a life. And every time I try to take a little tiny piece of life out of this blog, and i don’t show up, everybody else books. I am kind of sick of having to be here every two minutes to keep people happy.
    If there isn’t a new post up every single day you would think somebody committed a felony and everybody takes off. There are blogs that post a couple of times a week and they don’t have this hanging over them.”

    Hey Upps, You so have the right to take off; you’ve been at this for over 3 years. My comment was meant to be snarky and not accusatory.

    Now that I’ve got WP figured out, I’ll be commenting more ;) BTW, these past week has been slow on all sites I’m visiting. Maybe its the stars?

  89. fembots I didn’t notice any comment from you personally that set me off, honest. It was just that the blog came to a near-halt. It’s been more than 4 years now but who’s counting…heheh.

    I do plan to enjoy this summer for a change of pace. So if the blog slows down because I’m not here, then so be it. I’m not going to fester over it. And there are contributors here who can write any time they feel the urge as well. But four years is a long time to give up as much of a life as I think I’ve done so I am not going to feel guilty about it one bit. The blog is here and I know you guys are more than capable of using it when you need to. That’s what it’s for. The fall will be hell before the election, so I might as well build some energy.

  90. Glad to hear that. The blog will live on! ooops 2012-2008= 4 years … bad math skills, bad ;D

  91. They have been enabled. Think shitbags like Roy Blunt. Think RIck Santorum. And let me tell ou, if the GOP wawnted to stop the state level they would have done it by now. Shit rolls downhill.

    Upps, you know as well as I do, that all this shit is being done at the state level in the hopes of having a court challenge when they can then take all the way to the Supremes, in the hopes of getting Roe overturned

  92. Fredster, you are right that the goal is overturning roe wade, and they are doing the creeping sharia thing to get there, if you know what I mean. Most of these laws would be overturned by even Clarence, they are clear violations of privacy and women’s bodies, both literally and figuratively.

    You can’t declare that a woman is pregnant every time she gets her period, even before sex, and not be laughed at in your face. You can’t declare that every one of her 50000 eggs is a baby either, unless you don’t mind her writing them off on her taxes.

    With some of these silly crackpot laws, just having a menstrual cycle and sloffing off an egg makes you a murderer every month if you don’t let some guy you just are LONGING for give you his sacred sperm first. Or I guess a rapist or Uncle joe will do in a pinch.

    And of course, birth control is murder too.

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