I hope you get a new bunny too.

Animals and the simple joy they they feel. We could learn a lot from them, hey?

I hope you get your new bunny soon too – Whatever the equivalent is for you.

Of course, not all species appreciate the finer skills in each other, you know.

As in……”STFU will you? You look stupid and you’re giving me a headache. And if I thought I wouldn’t get my ass jacked,  they’d find nothing but your tail feathers left ten minutes from now.”.


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  1. The beauty of animals … truly overwhelming. Here’s “Unexpected Company” http://www.lifewithdogs.tv/2012/05/unexpected-company/

  2. Kittehs and birds. Dogs and kittehs. It’s fun to watch different species getting along.

  3. I kept waiting for the parrot to rip the bunny to shreds.

  4. Those birds wouldn’t last 5 seconds if my cat was that close. I forgot to put the cover back on the fish tank, and now I have a lovely underwater garden instead.

  5. ELLIE: Poor baby fishies,—-what can you do, it’s not the Kitteh’s fault

  6. We use to have a pet hamster in one of those plastic cages. When I would get up in the morning the cat would be wedged behind it, his face pressed against the clear plastic, staring at the hamster.

  7. We weren’t mad at Maxine. Once the grandkid was out of earshot, elliesdad and I had a really good laugh. But I refuse to buy her a bird to terrorize. All of those feathers to clean up. Someone’s parakeet got loose and flew into our house. I would have liked to try to find its owner, but I settled for getting it out before it became kitty food.

  8. pamela, on that life with dogs site is this amazing rescue:


  9. Ah my college hamster. Then come summer vacation and I brought him home with me. My mother was horrifed that I had a rat for a pet. I put the little guy’s cage on a ledge in a bathroom, for all to see. I often carried him around with me in my shirt pocket. My mother winced for a week, and the thing squeaked his wheel all night, every night. Then one morning I could have sworn I heard Mom taling to him. In spanish. Yes, yes, I distinctly heard her say Hola! every morning. She pretended she hated him but she really liked him a lot. She often fed him cheerios because she enjoyed watching him turn the cheerio around and munch. By mid-summer he had it pretty easy, Algernon did. And she never called him a rat to his face. He knew we liked him and he took full advantage of it. Then one day he got loose and disappeared. We were frantic. We kept calling him, as if a hamster comes when you call him. Evening fell and still we did not find him. By the second day, we were mourning his loss. Until about 3 AM the next morning, when I heard scratching in the floor vent. i unscrewed the vent and fished him out, slightly fearful that maybe it wasn’t a hamster in there. He was covered in dust and I ran to my parents’ bedroom to tell them I found him. They got up. We cleaned him off. We celebrated and gave him cheerios while we ate pie. We were so happy we found that boy. Next day he was sneezing like hell. I brought him to the vet. Yes, I brought a hamster to the vet. Alas, he was quite ill and I had to put him to sleep. Yes I put him to sleep. And it cost as much as for a dog or cat. We took him home and buried him under the Bartlett pear tree. We moped for two days. Over a hamster. I remember telling some friends I lost him and I am sure they were working very hard to stifle their laughs when I told them I felt badly that I had to put him down. So, now you understand where I got my love for animals.

  10. ellies, there is no way a bird would last long here either, much less finish it’s ‘song’. Sorry but it’s true. My dog would be fine, she can live with anything, but my cats would have it for lunch. Frankly i am shocked that cat in the video didn’t just pounce on that bird. That’s one laid back kitteh. But one day………well, you get the picture.

    I think dogs are far more tolerant of cats than cats are of birds and rodents. But then, cats aren’t tolerant of anything they requires humililty.

  11. OMG Pamela, that video was soooooooooo funny!

  12. See, a dog will take horrible treatment from their owner,and forgive and come back, even in fear. It’s very very sad. A cat that is not treated well will book out the door first chance it gets, take its chances on the street and never come back. The only cat that suffers horrible abuse is a cat that can’t get away and never come back. They are captive, else they would be Gone. Dogs have more trouble making it out on their own unless they can find a pack. A cat will go off and work alone, and do what it has to do to survive.

    I once opened my front door to find this hugggge burmese mountain dog sitting in front of my door, staring. He was lost and here was this big chooch of a dog without a clue. He stayed right where I told him to stay. I fed him and called his owner. The dog was either very lost or looking to relocate. lol. They came and got him, said he had been gone for 24 hours, and you would have thought he had just escaped from prison after serving 15 years, he was that happy to be ‘found’. Aren’t those dogs supposed to be trackers or something? I mean his owners were only about a half mile away. Just saying. Cute bugger though.

  13. UW: I hope your right about the doggies loving the kitteh’s——-because I am seriously considering getting davey that Kitty-Her father will be leaving us soon – forever and I’m afraid she will be lonesome without someone—–UGH-it’s never easy!!

  14. Well Michelina, you already know how Davey reacts to small animals, I’m sure. That’s a tipoff. Does she want to play with them or eat them? Breed is also a consideration, not that all animal aggressive breeds can’t or don’t co-exist with cats. But you are the one who can best assess Davey as you know her. I am not sure I would bring a small kitten into the home for a test. More likey a young adult male.

    Dogs, besides having a lot in common with each other, also have breed-specific characteristics. For example, a herding dog will instinctively try to herd a cat, until the cat turns around and the dog learns this is probably not a great idea.

  15. Good post Upps.May the 4th be with you!!!! 🙂

  16. UW: Well I know she’s good with dogs, of all sizes——-but you wouldn’t know that when she’s at the window or on the leash—-she get aggressive——– but I bring her to a number of friends who have dogs, and they are smaller than her, and she’s great with them-I will take into consideration what you tell me before I do anything

  17. Ups, that’s a sweet story about your hamster. He did not deserve any less than a cat or dog. And you saw to that!

  18. Karen: amazing rescue
    Indeed. Maybe UW can translate what crowd chants?

  19. So sorry to hear about your loss, UW. Animals are like humans. Another creature on this earth that can be loved, and can love you back as much. Just in different ways, but no less. The pear tree shade is a comfy place.

  20. LORAC: just got your message about ANI’s book- sorry took so long to answer you——-(was catching up)

    Yes I do have a big library here in the downtown area, but I will have to find out about how do i get to donate it–do I just walk in and ask??

    any help with this is very much appreciated??

  21. Michelina — Lorac had a great post on this; helpful suggestions to get the book out!


  22. When we brought Maxine into our house, she was just a kitten. We had an elderly golden who I knew would be gentle with the cat, but Maxie didn’t know that. My vet told me to put the kitten in the dog’s crate and shut the door. Let her get the smell of the dog all over her, and let the dog sniff around her from the safety of being outside looking in. When the cat stopped hissing and spitting and started sniffing back at the dog, we should open the door of the crate. It took about 2 hours for the cat to feel comfortable enough to come out of the crate, but that night the dog and the cat shared it. The golden died, and we brought wriggly puppy Ellie home. We reversed the process. Puppy in the crate. Cat outside looking in. A couple of hisses and spits from the cat to put the puppy in her place, and we were good to go. The idea is to give them a safe way to get up close enough to check each other out without being able to inflict any physical harm. Ellie and Maxie are sharing the bathroom rug at the moment. They greet other by the cat sticking her head in the dog’s mouth.

  23. I sat up one night until 2am trying unsuccessfully to resuscitate a dying hamster. We buried Fluffy in a fancy metal box next to the rose bush in back. The headstone is gone now but I can show you the spot.

  24. This is massively OT but when did the words white and boy become a racial slur? They call even us octo women girls but Tucker Carlson made a fuss on FOX after a debate about Warren’s Indian heritage when a smart black woman bested the pants off him, then concluded that a white boy would not have had such problems. Now he is sulking and the black woman accused. WTF!

  25. Ellie, Yes I do have a cage and it was a thought about using it, but a kitty kitty would probably get through it easily, I will consider buying a bit more mature cat, not too old——god I’m so confused
    A true Libra, trying to make up her mind——

    ellie, it is a large crate——-I don’t think the kitten would be safe, SCARED maybe——-but if she gets out she could get hurt in the begining—–till they adjust –I have no doubt they would adjust but the first few days will be tough, on All of us,-of course I would take the time off work—–

    god help me,

  26. Fembots: I also believe I have a department here for empowering women——-that I know how to handle, but the Library I could use a little guidance—I would figure it out, but I need a start as to where or who I ask for-something like that——–

  27. Unfortunately I do not have ONE friend or family who really gives a darn about any of this——except my father, which I will be handing the book to him this week-end——-

  28. I’m sneaking this in at work…just to say thank you to everyone who offered soup yesterday – even the “tofu noodle” variety. I look forward to the delivery of such, lorac 😉
    I hope to get home tonight at a reasonable hour so I can watch the Bulls and have some fun here.

    *achoo…coughing, coughing*

  29. Our crate is big enough to hold a 75+ lbs dog, but there is no way even the smallest kitten could get through it. The spaces are less an inch apart. And the dog wasn’t being aggressive toward the kitten in any way. She had lived with a cat before. It did work, and I trust that my vet wouldn’t have told me to do it if she thought it would cause the cat harm in any way. When it was the puppy in the crate, Maxine was nearly two and knew how to put a puppy in her place with one paw swipe. But she had also grown up with a dog in the house and knew how to stand up for herself without inflicting damage to the dog. If the “meeting” was between an adult cat and an adult dog, my worry would not be for the cat. It would be for the dog. I wouldn’t bring any adult cat into my house unless I was really sure that the cat had previously lived with a dog. I’ve seen what an angry, scared adult cat can do. I have a friend who has to keep her cat and her dog on separate floors of the house because of what the cat will do to her dog with just the slightest provocation. When I take care of her dog for her, he’s terrified of Maxine until he realizes that she’s going to ignore him. Which she does., but with attitude. I’ve had cats and dogs together all of my life, and the best combination for introducing a new pet for me has always been one that’s an adult and one that’s very young. But I usually have female animals so maybe there’s a maternal instinct that kicks in.

  30. I bring adult rescue cats here all the time and my dog is never in danger from them. You don’t just throw a cat with a dog you have to ease the introduction and supervise things till they are assimilated. My dog has never been scratched by a cat, nor have I ever had a cat harmed. I believe that an young adult or older kitten is better for Michelina because of the nature of her dog breed, which I understand is a rottie mix, unless that’s not the case. If the dog has never been near cats and we don’t know what her reaction will be, I would want to bring a cat in that could move a whole lot faster to get away than a small kitten could, if only because the dog is large and could accidentally harm even in friendly mode.

    Ideally, it’s always better to have a cat first and bring a dog in, but that’s just not the way it is in real life. I wouldn’t crate anybody, instead I would let them communcate through doors, french doors are best of course, but anything that lends itself to smells an paws will do. After that and a settle down period, supervised visits with conditions set up, increasing the length of time.

    I recommended a male cat because Davey is a female and generally, it’s easier that way, but that’s not a hard fast rule. My poor dog knows that cats Rule and that’s that. She’s good that way but she’s not an animal aggressive breed. Once a dog lives with a cat or a cat lives with a dog, the routine gets easier next time, as you know, Ellies.

  31. I remember when I brought my dog in the house. lolol

    She was all ready to herd them. She learned fast. To this day, she is ruled by my cat Joe and defers to him in all things, albeit she’s whiney about it. lol. I’ve seen joe keep her from entering a room. But it’s all a game they play and I can tell they both just love the whole act.

  32. Ellie: your right about the crate–I was at work and now I’m home and I see that it is too small for the cat to get through

    I would never bring a kitteh in the house unless I was here to supervise for at least 5 days—–my problem is which one baby or not


  33. UW: I believe my davey is as Loving as Needlenose—-she was with Meeka, but it’s a chance I will have to take no matter which way I go,
    once the father is gone, I will make my decision———–I know I’l do the right thing either way-thanks you guys for all your advice

    s: I may need a littlemore [ro[mting when the timeomes

  34. sorry I ran out of lines w/this wordpress——that was
    Ps: I may need a little more Prompting when the time comes

  35. where is everyone !!

  36. Michelina,

    where is everyone !!

    At work still.

  37. town: I don’t realize the time zones——I’m in the north east, eastern time, hopefully I’m awake for the night



    •Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul
    •Country Value
    •Diamond Naturals
    •Premium Edge
    •Taste of the Wild


  39. UW: thank you,—— although buffalo isn’t that small, we are more local than most of our Uppity’s and we’re slow—-

    someone just came into my comment and I deleted what they said——-has anyone else had this problem———–if not—- keep watch

  40. wordpress is having problems, seeing if I can post this

  41. Uppity, that is a very touching hamster story. Chewing the cheerio is my favorite part, of course.

  42. Since we seem to be talking about beloved pets this evening, I thought I would share this if you know anyone who might be interested…

    This is info about a fundraiser of sorts that I am doing…

    The Rose Brooks Center is a shelter that allows victims of domestic violence to keep their pets. Thoughout the month of May, and in honor of Mother’s Day, the profits from copies sold of my book, Dirty Words on Clean Skin, will be donated to this facility, which is the first of its kind in the country to sponsor such a pilot program.

    I was so moved by the story of a Great Dane who saved a woman’s life when her boyfriend attacked her with a hammer. Her dog covered her, sustaining the body blows and broken bones. Because of this exceptional circumstance, she was able to rescue her pet as she was rescued through the efforts of the Rose Brooks Center. Research shows that at least 40% of women, and often that number is much higher, remain in abusive relationships because of threats made upon the life of a beloved pet.

    When anyone purchases the book through Amazon, I will ensure their contribution is sent…

    Since so many of you have already done so (thank you very, very much!), I hope you will consider forwarding this information to friends who might be interested.



    I am grateful as always for your support above and beyond the call of duty and hope to find others who will also help in supporting this wonderful, innovative facility!

    Big, virtual hugs,

  43. ANI—–If I could tell you how many times he threanthed my Meeka, just to keep me, and he did it the last time with my davey, and that is why he is out of —unfortunately for me I have a family as bad as him, and that is why it has taken me so long to FINALLY get rid of him

  44. I am very glad to hear you are safe now.

  45. He’s out of Here—–it is what it’s supposed to say—I am depending on my brother to get him out of here-I hope he doesn’t let me down——-when he lives with you it’s not that easy to get rid of him——sorry for the typos

  46. I’m not safe yet, he is being evicted in two weeks

  47. Thank you Upps for the update on the food. We don’t have any in our state. I always check when you post these things because the rescue receives a food from people who do trials with their pets. If the pet doesn’t care for it, it goes to the rescue. We cannot adopt out sick animals.

    @michelina…I do hope it works out with the rottie. You will know best. Sorry, I have been going bonkers at work and never responded being worried about your doggie.

  48. No, I don’t smoke, but I’m sure you get my drift about going bonkers at work. lol

  49. He’s mean to her,(not always, but alot of the time)————– I LOVE HER, I take care Of her—–she’s my baby—she will live without him and love the Kitty I bring in–I may not seem stong on the blog,——- but I am——especially when it comes to my babies

  50. MCN: I understand, that’s why I still smoke

  51. smoking is not going to kill me——

  52. The key is a lot of patience. Remember, I live in that animal craziness. I remember one mini schnauzer who cared for the three small feral kittens when their mother was killed. Then there is Mollie, my crazy griffon that believes cats are for playing with no matter how badly the cat doesn’t want to play. Go figure.

  53. he knows he’s being evicted, he doesn;t know when

  54. Then there is Lola the cat that loves to irritate the dogs. It’s what she lives for.

  55. MCN: I understand, that’s why I still smoke


  56. I was at a friend’s house one day when someone left the front door open and the neighbor’s puppy ran in – all the way to where I was sitting inthe kitchen at the back of the house. This was a big puppy – maybe 30-40 lbs. It was a pit bull/lab mix I think. Big, dumb and friendly as hell.

    Under the kitchen table was a box containing a mama cat and some tiny kittens. Her name was “Psych” and she was petite and pretty feisty even before she had babies.

    Before anyone could move she attacked that puppy like a Tasmanian devil. He was trying to turn around and run but his feet couldn’t get traction on the tile floor. I swear to god she stopped and checked on her kittens and resumed the attack while he was frantically clawing at the floor. When he finally managed to turn around and flee she rode him out the door like a jockey.

    Then she came back in, fur still at half-mast, and checked on her babies then curled up in the box with them again.

    There were three of us in the kitchen and we just looked at each other in shock. It had all happened in a matter of seconds. We were all a little stoned so the whole thing was surreal.

    A few minutes later I was leaving and I heard the neighbor ask “Who f**ked up my dog?”

    The puppy had no serious injuries, just some scratches and a lot of emotional trauma. But I bet he was always afraid of cats after that.

  57. MCN: she is half rottie, half shepard————-the day I had her spayed————–he was bored he had to leave, I layed with her all night while she shook the whole night ——- the Whole night,—- my poor baby girl————He was BORED———-I hope baby remembers these things

  58. Well, you know best michelina.

    I wish you had had a camera when the neighbor inquired about who did what. Priceless expression I am sure.

  59. michelina, they always remember when a human cares for them in that way…always.

  60. MYQ: OSWALD: that’s the FEMALE in us

  61. mcn: I HOPE SO, SHE ACTS LIKE he’s her god- he abuses her( at times) and you know what they say about babies and abuse-

    I have to work every day and he’s on social security so he has been with her during the day—–I should be her god,—- I take care of her I pay for the vet, the food i pay it—I LOVE HER—————I’m the Alpha dog

    my heart tells me you are-

  62. my heart tells me you are-

    most definately yes

    When I leave town, they settle for whomever I leave in charge. I have a wonderful sitter that loves cats and dogs. Her manner is one of a whisperer. I don’t know what I will do if she ever cannot house sit for me.

    Your girl sounds delightful.

  63. Michelina – be very careful. When women leave domestic violence partners, that’s when the violence can become the greatest. I realize that you are staying put and HE is the one who will be leaving, and I don’t know any stats about that “switched around” situation – but please, please be very careful. If YOU know when he is going to be evicted, it may be best to hole up with your pets in a hotel for a few days, keep yourself safe….

    You may also want to let the security guard at your job know a bit about the situation, maybe give him a photo of your man, just in case he comes after you at your job. And consider a restraining order for when he is evicted – they don’t stop the men who refuse to be stopped, but at least you can show that you did everything you could to protect yourself.

  64. Michelina…lorac has some very good tips.

  65. LORAC: I have arrangements with a friend for me and davey when the time comes, unfortunately I am only a tenant also, so as far as the restraining order, it’s my brothers call-he is the landlord——I just have to get him out of here-I’ve called the cops 12 times–the last few months, I had to go to my family to do this-that was not easy for me

  66. I’m not kidding at least a dozen times I have called them-that should be enough to evict HIM

  67. Michelina, glad you have made arrangements, because Lorac’s points are very well taken. In a situation like that, anything and everything you can do to make sure you are protected and that others know what is going on is crucial.

  68. My davey is siting at the window right now, and sleeping, she is
    usuaully pineing for him but he’s been acting like HIM the last week, she;s not waiting for hm-she is actually chilling-she will love anything I love when I bring her in(Kitteh)———-she is MY DOG

  69. She is me and michelina combined, my lord how she protects me,
    even when she doesn’t have to

  70. ANI: if things go down they way they should -I’m protectecd for now

  71. UPPITY’S——–I actually believe she doesn’t LIKE him anymore, she may still love him cuz he’s the only one she knows——-I HOPE I’m enough for her, ———-DOG knows I DON’T LIKE HIM

  72. sorry guys———–i’m blog hogging

  73. She most certainly knows what is happening. They are sensitvie to what is happening around them. I had a small Scottie many years ago that came between myself and a would be attacker. As the confrontation became heated, he alerted my spouse upstairs. Had I given him any signal that I was in distress, that loon would have had serious dog bites. I say this because that scottie was known to all in the neighborhood as the apartment protector. He would jump from our balcony, drop to the picnic table 14 ft below and attack the streetcleaner without hesitation. He finally stopped after he broke his leg. The mailman loved this dog. He would jump to the ground floor and follow him on his route for a few blocks EVERYDAY. It didn’t go on for longer than a week. We tried everything to keep him contained, but he finally broke his leg and that cast kept him under wraps from then on. There will never be another like him.

  74. MCN: yes she does know, I know it, but when he’s around she does the puppy thing, which he can not handle-

    she grabs the ball and he tells her (I don’t want to play)——most of the the time———-mistake———-I actually feel Like I had to fight for my dog———-MY DOG-isn’t that ridiculous-when I know I’m her MAIN STAY—MOMMA is going nowhere——

  75. MCN: What was HER name, was she a girl??

  76. The header is cute.

    I am off this Sat and Sun for a change. Weather is cooperating too.

    Going birding and hiking after getting some chores done.

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