I was just wondering how they could watch this and laugh.

Maybe I don’t have a sense of humor but I don’t think this is funny. The kid also looks like a zebra, which makes him doubly tempting, I would imagine.

Do feel free to tell me to lighten up if you think I am out of order. Embedded is disabled so you will have to watch at the youtube channel, presumably to turn this little wishful-lion prey as a viral video.


Here in part 2 they decided a closeup was in order.



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  1. The vid captures what parents do all the time. They set up their kids to take their pictures in interesting spots. Even more so now with pocket vids, phones and what have you available at whim. Jerky, maybe, but common. My “kid” is 35 and has no kids so I won’t get to film grandbabies.

  2. Make that – she needs to be komenized.

    To lower your blood pressure – swan and cygnets pic:


  3. They moved the swans. The link above is now hockey.

    Found the swan pic again… click “next” it should be picture 6.

  4. When you watch that video you realize that if house cats grew as big as lions we would be dinner.

    But they would miss us after we were gone.

  5. Embeddable version:

  6. I had intense reaction as most of the young aides here at rehab hell were laughing at it. Made me ill – next they’ll be showing a wild animal tearing a baby apart, thrill a minute, kiddo!

  7. twandx, it also seemed rather cruel for the lion as well. Like tempting him to do what he does in real life, if he weren’t caged in glass. I imagine these wild animals– beautiful as they are to see in these zoos, and I admit I love seeing them– must live the life of quiet captive desperation. I just thought that putting your own child there like that and not even feeling fright at what they are seeing is…..just very odd.

    There are also similar youtubes with various wild animals, where the kids are absolutely freaked out and people are laughing, and I don’t think that’s funny at all. It’s traumatic for a child.

  8. Damn myiq, there you go again, rummaging in my stash of cat videos I have on the bag burner.

  9. But they would miss us after we were gone

    .When they got hungry again.

  10. Karen, I could believe that she signed that bill that monitors women’s periods and declares them pregnant based on their periods, regardless of whether they have had sex or not. I can’t believe a WOMAN would sign that. These people will lose in court every time because you can’t cut off medical funding just because the provider also provides a LEGAL service that you don’t approve of. It’s just plain bullshit and mean-spirited to even try. Whittle Whittle Whittle. When you cut off PP, you cut off cancer screening and health care of all kinds for women who need it most.

    Komen cut off NUMEROUS breast cancer research hospitals too, like Johns Hopkins, there was a whole list that didn’t get the publicity. They cut them off because they do stem cell research. This is just raw bullshit and tantamount to gendercide.

  11. I read somewhere that every time a state does something like this, PP takes in another couple of million in donations. Komen is finished. They just haven’t stuck a fork in themselves yet. Another big shot left them earlier this week too. They have lost countless millions, rerouted directly to Planned Parenthood. Their walk is going to be a comparative bust this year, which is why the person in charge quit this week. As for their Buy Pink, I would bet bucks sales are in the crapper. This is one organization that deserves to have the baby tossed out with the bath water. They are so corrupted now and so obviously infiltrated with anti abortionists and anti stem cell people and other assorted woman-killers, there’s a stench. I don’t see them recovering.

  12. Anyone besides me disgusted with Obamacare’s “Julia” – a cradle to grave womb for all women as if they are obviously to stupid to manage own care.

  13. Uppity, in that report I kept waiting to hear how thick and safe the glass was. Heard little-to-none. Very unsettling for the sake of the human young, and for common sense.

    twandx – I guess we’ve not met but regarding Julia, she was not at all popular on Twitter; and shockingly, she did not pass muster at MSNBC’s Morning Joe either.

  14. Happy Derby Day! anyone watching? :mrgreen:

  15. I’m stopping by this morning to say THANK YOU to lorac and Uppity for the tofu noodle soup. I was exhausted when I returned home from my 12 hour work day last night and it was waiting at my front door. I was renewed. Well at least I was feeling less tired after my 1st day back at work from sick bay.

    I woke up humming music from “Camelot”. Don’t ask me why. I just love the music. I’d enter it here, but it seems inappropriate for this thread. . . Maybe tomorrow?

  16. Never mind, I think this will be not so OT:

  17. Oh, and BTW: I had lots of feelings when I saw the video on teevee the other night. None were of the laugh-based nature. I wondered at the mother’s idiocy at leaving the child there for several reasons. It is not wise to pretend that danger does not exist. This child may not learn that he can be at risk is unhealthy and not smart. The mother’s laughter completely belies the danger that this child could – at some time – place himself in. I hope it doesn’t happen. Also there is no respect toward this beautiful animal.
    I know I’m a little debbie downer, but I think this mother is batty.

    Now i’m off for a good part of the day. bbl

  18. Trust me leslie, you didn’t get any tofu noodle soup from me. I hate that shit. If you got soup from me it would actually have real noodles in it, possibly home made.

  19. Pamela, I’m sure there are several panes of plate class melded together to hold those tortured animals back. The worst that can happen to double or triple plate glass is the side where it is hit shatters, but it will not come down. If you’ve ever tried to lift a piece of plate glass, even a small window piece, you would be shocked at how thick and heavy it is. I have a large double plate glass at the rear of my home, where all the trees and land lends itself to a shitbag attempting to enter and become either dinner for my dog or a strawberry barrel compliments of my Glock 19. It took three guys to put this double pane window in. Nobody’s getting in here through that setup. Plate glass is often used in armoured cars as well as storefronts. I saw a shatter on a plate glass at a local store and there was no break-in because the shitbags couldn’t even get close before the cops came and hauled the POS away. He had one more pane to get to and didn’t even bring down the first one. It’s really hard to permeate a bunch of panes of that stuff in tandem. But still……because something has never happened doesn’t mean it can never happen. But more importantly, I just think it’s not funny to laugh at a child sitting in front of a lion that is trying to devour his head, even with plate glass in the way. And I know in my heart we will be paying for the welfare of children who have been mortified by these incidents. This little kid isn’t one of them, because he’s far too young and depends on his laughing parents for his safety. And that kind of bothers me.

  20. Screw Julia. The last people I want managing my care are a bunch of dickheads. I’ll do it myself, thanks.

  21. **BREAKING** Obama says he’s going to focus on JOBS!! [again]

    But this time he really means it! He’s just about defeated Al Qaeda…now he’s dusting off his cape and will fix the economy!!! Yay!! We’re saved!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. I would not have wanted my child set up for bait like that. Would the parents have laughed if the child screamed from fear?

  23. Ten bucks says his Mom is busy sewing up his Antelope costume for the next visit….

    OT, but funny

  24. By the way, Uppity, what party is MKB running for president on?

  25. WLM, the New DemoCAT Party of course!

  26. imust! That picture is priceless! Has anyone been keeping track of how many times he has “pivoted” to jobs. I think this is the sixth public pivot but I’m not sure.

    Imust, please check your email!

  27. When I was in fourth grade, my parents volunteered me to be kissed by a killer whale. I stood by the tank and puckered; Kandu slapped half my face with her salty tongue. Not fun.

  28. Hahaha Cratergirl, well at least you didn’t say the incident explains a lot now.

  29. Beatcha to it on that video yesterday, Anthony.

    Hilarious. I sent that video everywhere I could think of.

  30. Hey where’s barack’s crotch sock, imust?

  31. Hey tomorrow is the day when people who risked their lives to leave a shithole celebrate the shithole and get all offended if somebody wears an American flag Tee Shirt instead of worshipping the flag of the shithole people risked their lives to escape from. Seems appropriate. You would think we were in America or something.

  32. By the way, my cousin Julia is having a shitfit over Obama’s Julia thing.

  33. New DemoCAT Party 😆 He has my vote 🙂

  34. My little salutations for the day http://www.lifewithcats.tv/ Love it..
    Enjoy the day..

  35. Re: Julia
    My first thought was that it was creepy–this faceless, soul-less caricature… I get what he was trying to do and I think it was an epic fail. As if any real woman was going to identify with Julia and feel grateful to Obama on top of that.

    He takes way too much credit for things that he did not do and inflates the value and effect of things that he did do (well, sort-of did, in a half-assed way). Clearly, the best things to happen for Julia were FDR and WJC.

    I do think it’s important to draw a distinction between what Democrats support and what Republicans do not (well how it used to be anyway), but I hardly think he’s the guy to do it.

  36. Uppity said:

    “Hey tomorrow is the day when people who risked their lives to leave a shithole celebrate the shithole and get all offended if somebody wears an American flag Tee Shirt instead of worshipping the flag of the shithole people risked their lives to escape from. Seems appropriate. You would think we were in America or something.”

    Upps, today is that day, cinco de maio. Tomorrow is May 6th, and it happens to be my birthday. The only thing we celebrate here that day is lots of cake for me.

  37. All day yesterday I kept remembering how Obama once called the day before Cinco de Mayo, “Cinco de quatro”. He wasn’t joking, either.

    I read once that Cinco de Mayo isn’t a real holiday. It’s not celebrated south of the border, it’s something someone made up here – someone who would make money. I can’t remember, but maybe the alcohol industry…..?

  38. TOMORROW is the holiday, Seis de Mayo, el dia de Karen lol El cumpleaños de Karen

  39. Well I weeded the peony bed- 90 damn feet long- and in places three rows wide. Not really- I only did about 3/4’s of it. Ugh
    Then I went to work on the asparagus bed. Got a HUGE basket full.

  40. PMM: Wow! Looks good. My cat Sneakers loved asparagus.

  41. Happy Birthday Karen!!!! Or as Barack would say, “Happy Cinco de Seis!”

  42. Sophie at 4:36, I agree.

  43. I don’t know where the video was take but I’m guessing the glass was safe. I found the video funny and nothing to get upset about.

  44. Here’s a story where a woman DID get mauled by a couple of large cats!

  45. helloe (uppity’s)-OH MY God–I just watched the movie “the Pelican Brief”-the last lines of the movie was

    SHE doesn’t exist-if the woman in the movie ‘DEEP THROAT” existed, which is too good to be true, then this woman doesn’t exist EITHER

  46. She was a law student and the gov was after her,,OH JESUS-that is HOW they ended this MOVIE———–ANI——GOD HElp us all

  47. Oooh, that asparagus looks amazing. Yum.

    Happy Bday Karen! What kind of cake?

    Upps, I also found that video disconcerting. Had the same thought about the zebra clothing. Just…odd, all of it.

    Leslie, I made avgolemono soup last nite. Wish I could send you some, but of course there is lots of it in Chicago. Of course, mine is best! I put minced carrots, celery, herbs, and chopped up chicken in mine in a lot of restaurants, you just get the egg/lemon/broth and rice. Yawn.

  48. What kind of cake? All, natch.

    imust, I was just over at NQ and they have a picture of bo as a super-obama-man too. Must be the time of year for him to be all things to all people again.


  49. Cinco de Mayo is just a day to get drunk and eat Mexican. Lakers band gets to play at local restaurant/tavern tonite, a couple of songs in between the main bands sets. The place will be jam packed, literally wall to wall people “celebrating” cinco de mayo. As soon as lakers songs are over with, we’re outta there!

  50. imust @ 5:45 “…as barack would say, Happy Cinco de Seis”


  51. Nice haul, PMM. You must be a little tired from the harvest.

    Any suggestions for how to serve ’em tasty?

  52. Karen’s bringing cake tomorrow! I couldn’t be more excited.

    (I was really excited over PMM’s asparagus, but the cake…)

  53. I trim off the bottom third, which is tough, and steam them. If I have the time, I will make a nice sauce like bearnaise or hollandaise, but usually do this quickie: melted butter with balsamic vinegar, and my all purpose herb mix, and salt and pepper. Delicious, even the leftovers reheated.

  54. I haven’t eaten cake for a long time. Watching sugar & gluten. Will have a piece at lakers graduation though.

  55. socal, you can have the whole tofu cake Lorac made for me.

    *ducks and runs*

  56. sophie, you’ll have to come to my house and take all the cakes out of my fridge to hand out here because I am pretty sure I will be tied up tomorrow with events all day.


    *a plate of whipped cream goes flying across Uppity’s great room*

  57. *sprinting off, hot on Karen’s tail!*

    (lol no pun intended!)

  58. Asparagus- steamed, sauteed, grilled, in soup, in omelets so many recipes, so short a season lol.
    I usually don’t have to trim much off if I get them harvested at 6 inches or so. It got ahead of me again- we had thunderstorms all day yesterday and that stuff will literally grow 6 inches a day. No worries though- I take the tough ends, peel them, pop them in a stock pot, cover with water and simmer slowly. Then I let it cool a bit, drop it in the blender and whir it around and strain it. It makes the best stock for cream of asparagus soup!

  59. God that asparagus looks so good.

  60. So let me tell you what I had for dinner tonight. As you all know I like to stuff calamari tubes. Well, each time i do it, I end up with the rest of the calamari, which I put in a container in the freezer till I get enough for some fra diablo sauce. I found some humungous fresh sea scallops and bought some shrimp and sauteed them all together with a piece of cod, in olive oil, garlic and basil. Then I put them all in sauce and let them sit there for awhile to get them good and flavored, added the red pepper of course. I served it over fettucini and pigged out. I was a little perturbed because we have this friend whom I swear has the house bugged, he knows exactly when we are serving something really good and ‘shows up” just in “time”. Then he swears he isn’t going to stay and then he stays.I made three of those huge scallops for each of us, for a total of six and had to give him two. Pissed me right off. They were SOOOOOOOOOOO good.


  61. Gato De Mayo

  62. I like my asparagus grilled. I toss them with some salt, pepper, and olive oil and either do them in the oven or on the grill outside. When they’re fresh like PMM’s, you don’t need anything else.

    My farmer plowed over her asparagus field this year to install raised beds for a pick your own herb garden. I am so jonesing.

    Uppity, your dinner sounded divine. I’m so glad I don’t live near you, lest people here think I was that inconsiderate neighbor!

  63. Gato de Mayo!!! LOL. Love it.

  64. I put asparagus in the oven with olive oil and salt, then add shaved parmesan and finish for another minute or so. You can use more of the asparagus if you roast them and peel the lower parts.

  65. Hey imust, did you notice in that link of the two cheetas that mauled the woman that they blamed a female cheeta who was in a cage nearby in heat?

  66. Asparagus is delicious in an omelet, I agree.

  67. Thanks a lot Karen! tofu cake!!!

    Yes, I grill asparagus when I’ve got the grill going. Also, I usually put half olive oil, half butter in my dressing, forgot to add the olive oil up above. I sprinkle a little romano on top of mine (or parmesan or asiago, but I usually have romano). Laker and I love asparagus. Hubbie likes it.

  68. Love veggies in an omelet or quiche.

  69. El Gato Pussicato is muy fabuloso!!!

    Yes, I know that is not Spanish!

  70. Mmmm–I like the shaved Parmesan idea.

    Still would prefer cake right now.

  71. Oh, and now we have GMO rice in Kansas with HUMAN genes:

  72. Oh, thats disgusting. A friend of mine, whose kid now has celiac thinks that all this frankenfood is one of the main causes of all the autoimmune diseases we have now. I agree.

  73. My first choice among the Republicans was Gary Johnson. He is libertarian but not out of his mind like Paul is. Well, a little strange but not too out there. Lots of common sense and I truly like the man from what I’ve seen of him over the years. If Mitt chooses a VP that I cannot stomach then instead of staying home I’d be glad to vote for Gary.


  74. Socalannie, I think much of our food is causing health problems too.
    I enjoyed reading all the recipes about Mom’s asparagus.

  75. Pussicato.

  76. socal, actually I use Romano but I say parmesan because people relate to it. Many Italians prefer Romano and i am one of them. It’s what I grew up using.

  77. Karen and my hubby have the same birthday. Separated at birth??

  78. Hey Happy Birthday Karen! I have some of that fra diablo left over. It’s yours.

  79. Happy birthday, Karen!!!

  80. I will be interviewed on The John Smart Show this Tuesday, May 8th, at 6PM Pacific Time.


    Listeners call in line: 877-653-8381

    Looking forward!! Hope you’ll be joining us!

    xo, Ani

  81. Woo Hoo! Ani on John Smart!

  82. Ani, thanks for the heads up on your Smart interview.

  83. I have to work the night of the 8th but am looking forward to hearing the recording the next day. John is wonderful. PMM did a great job on his show. We are sure you will nail it, Ani. Have fun!

  84. upps, no sea food or hot stuff for me. I’m still slurping down asparagus from Mom.

    Hey mom, how’s the litter and the mamma cat doing?

  85. Oh good. Then I will have something left in the fridge for a change.

  86. It is too cloudy here for me to see the super moon. (making booboo lip)

  87. Thanks, Karen , Sophie and WLM — looking forward to it!!

  88. Is anyone here following the Elizabeth Warren/Native American thing? Some folks are saying she’s toast. I don’t get it. Is 1/32 Cherokee not enough to claim Native American ancestry?

  89. Oh PMM, I am so jealous of that haul.

  90. She’s toast becuz of that? But its ok for him to pose nekkid. I’m 1/8 Cherokee btw, I’ll be careful never to mention it if I run for office!

    We just got home from watching lakers band play at a local tavern. They were great! The audience loved them!

  91. Just read an article about Hillary Clinton going to India to discuss their use of Iranian oil. Glanced at the comment section:

    0Joe • Ontario, California • 2 mins 51 secs ago Report Abuse
    Hillary is screaming around world to quit to rely on Iran since her pantyhose is too tight!!!

    0Gil • Visalia, California • 2 mins 16 secs ago Report Abuse
    Put this woman out looking for IEDs…

    Maestro Nice Guy • 7 mins ago Report Abuse
    Woman who look like Hillary should be wearing a Burqa.

    Hilary looks like a dork

    Way to go ya dumb b**ch. Make it so that India has to pay even more for it’s oil, thus driving up the price for the consumers who are already pretty much dirt poor. There has got to be something going on with this high price of oil. The rich have to be making a killing off it and something is in the works. Middle class, see ya. Pretty soon it’s only going to be the really rich and the really poor in America, just the way they want it.

  92. Bastards.

  93. Sickening isn’t it socal? BTW congrats on lakerwade!

  94. I’m voting for not funny. What would be funny would be to turn it into a scene for a movie, JackAsshats.

    Camera pulls back to reveal three more big cats who have simply walked around the glass and are now just a few feet behind mom licking their chops at mom as she keeps filming and giggling.

  95. I saw this on the local news, and I was appalled at how the news anchors were trying to sell it as funny. The home video has to be “sold” a certain way to justify it’s airing, and inevitably that way is “funny” whether it is or not.

    The weirdest part is the “win win” it represents for mom. If the glass doesn’t break, she wins as she has made a “funny” video. if the glass does break and her kid gets eaten, she gets to sue and make tens of millions of dollars while playing the victim role.

  96. Did someone mention cakes?

    I saw this on ABC News, the Made in America thing, with hunky David Muir. They look delicious but aren’t cheap!


  97. Well, I had a comment in here about some cakes that were show on ABC News’ Made in America and put in a website for them. Post never posted.

  98. To me, the tipoff is when you embed a video like this and it refuses to play unless you click over to youtube and give them a hit toward their viral goal. I’ve seen some of these where the kid is just old enough to freak out when he turns around. I’m sorry, but deliberately instilling fear like that into your child is just NOT funny. THis video to me was contrived. That child was left there alone on the ground in front of that lion, like prey, for the camera. It wasn’t an accident. I posted one awhile back of a little girl who was approached through glass by, I think, a shark, but she wasn’t a baby sitting there alone just waiting for the right scene. It was sudden and unexpected, and the child didn’t flinch. I thought she was mucho brave and deserved a kudo, but this video definitely was set up for something sensational, contrived with the kid dressed like a zebra, and the mother/parents, whatever laughing their asses off and keeping that camera in the right spot through the whole thing, in hopes of creating an almost guaranteed viral sensation on the youtubes, just gave me the creeps. The deliberate Part 2 closeup scene sealed the intent. And mom yelling, “Jack look behind you, hahahaha”. It reminds me of that father who videoed his kid in the back of the car after being given the gas by the dentist, all drunk and disoriented. I didn’t think that was funny either. Think, “my son went up in the balloon” guy.

    And Allesandro, there’s a guy back there too, making comments. Might not have just been “Mom” in on this. just saying.

    Now i KNOW I am not known for my lack of humor, but I just smelled some really bad parenting here for the sake of publicity. They posted other videos of him sitting in front of other prey animals, I think one was an alligator. God knows how many wild animals they did this with that day. Let’s go over to the gator and plop Jack down again kind of thing.

  99. Oh Upps! Daisy Cakes is what I was talking about. Saw the woman on ABC News.


    I wish she had an Italian Cream Cake available.

  100. Okay, my comment disappeared again. ???

  101. Must have been your turn in spam, Fredster.

  102. (sigh) Who knows. Well I was about to turn in anyway. Catch y’all later. Check out the cakes.

  103. Women, you need to read this. This is why women are screwed and will always be screwed:

    Fredster, Shark Tank is one show someone who knows me well thought I would watch, and she was right. I like the show because it isn’t about the Big Giveaway, it’s about people working to succeed. I happened to see the one of the two women who design some very interesting jewelry and were making a big sale to a well known outlet whose name I forget right now, but they sold jewelry to stars as well, wanted to expand. These two women were asking for something like 80k for 50 percent of the business and the guys on the show rolled them for 71% of the business while Barbara protested to them not to take the deal till they heard HER offer. She was really pissed when the offer was made with the stipulation that if you “entertain” any other offers on this show, “I’m out”. Then a second guy offered to go halvsies after having bought a piece of their jewelry right on the spot. Barbara said that they would have NEVER made a 71% demand of a MALE designer and she was right. Then the guy razzle-dazzled and shut down any chance for Barbara’s offer and told the two suckers he would also let them have a ‘salary’. They were all excited over that and Barbara interjects they should ask “How much is the salary”. And he says, Well ‘designers usually get salaries from 50k to 250k, without EVER telling them what THEIR salary would be.

    The two women brushed off Barbara and took the VERY VAGUE deal and gave up 71% to bust their asses without even bothering to listen to her offer, as women are wont to DO when it comes to other women. They got fucked and they deserved it. Stupid move. I was like, ARE YOU TWO KIDDING ME? I can tell in the few shows I’ve seen that Barbara champions women and makes them successful and these two women were complete fools to take the screw job those two guys offered them, including your hunk, Fredster. They just got all gah gah over those boys–daddy and the man of their dreams.

    iAfter they left they said on camera how those two guys were their ‘favorites’ and they are thrilled to take the deal. Thrilled to be screwed, hey gals? They were positively GUSHY over those two boys ‘helping them out’. And we wonder why women get rolled….and the black guy got chastised by Barbara over the horrible screw job he did to those two women — and he just laughed his ass off. Those women are about to make a major killing, they were already on their way, their stuff is going to be a major hit, and they just needed some capital. Now they will both work for 50k and make those two sons of bitches rich, all because they “fell” for two charmers and caved under pressure with nary a ounce of killer instinct — and because they preferred to be swallowed up by a shark of a guy to the ‘problem’ of working with an aggressive woman who would have made their asses rich beyond their dreams. They “settled,” like beggars, when they could have had a V8, just like so many women do in real life.

    These two women are about to learn a costly lesson if you ask me.

  104. Fredster, on the Daisy cakes, I get the feeling that if Mom dies, it’s over. And what’s his name made sure he got Mom as the slave in the deal, so it won’t be long…

  105. Overall I like Shark Tank, but once again I agree that the “Take my Offer before you can even hear anyone else’s offer” is bunk. It’s not necessarily the men versus the woman however. It’s more so the men versus Kevin O’Leary.

    Mark Cuban and Daymond John tend to shut out O’Leary whenever possible. Barabara Corcoran tends to grab the smaller projects as well. Daymond John is totally connected in the fashion industry, and Mark Cuban portrays himself (and it is probably true), as a rags to riches story who owns the Dallas Mavericks.

    Clarification on Daisy Cakes. I think it was Barbara Corcoran who funded Daisy Cakes.

    Anyone to contact uppity woman by email?

  106. Happy B’day Karen. Just FedEx-Ed a banquet your way!

  107. Anti, looking forward to listening to the radio show.

  108. My first thought was that it was creepy–this faceless, soul-less caricature… I get what he was trying to do and I think it was an epic fail. As if any real woman was going to identify with Julia and feel grateful to Obama on top of that.

    Well put, SophieCT.

  109. Twandx–Hated that whole Julia thing too. “Paternalistic” is a fitting word to describe the Dems’ attitude toward women.

    Julia got totally trashed in the Twitterverse. Most of these are funny: http://dailycaller.com/2012/05/03/top-ten-julia-tweets/

  110. Sorry Alessandro, I blog only. It already takes up enough of my life.

  111. Name we one person who appears on shark tank who was expected to give up 71% who isn’t a woman and I will take back what I said. That includes any future people who appear from now until the show is No More.

  112. Julia falls in with the common goal of the democratic sexist piggism. They want to control women just like the Republicans do. Julia is what they want to make them all become. Beholding to the big daddy. Unable to cut it without him. So concurrently grateful and afraid that she will provide years of willing domestic service.

  113. John W will do a good interview for you, Ani, and let you be you without any gotchas or strong urge to turn the segment into a testimony to his own agenda. You’ll enjoy this one.

  114. including your hunk, Fredster.

    You mean David Muir? He’s normally a news guy.
    I’ve never watched Shark Tank, thought it would be a Trump-Apprentice type of show or something.

    Well I do know those cakes look delicious, but it would have to be a very special occasion for me to to pay $40-50 dollars for one. Now if they had Italian cream, I might do it. 😉

  115. I have not seen the Julia thing from O and I’m glad I haven’t. It sounds too creepy.

  116. What bothers me also about “Julia” is that it is all about Obama. Thanks to OBAMA she has these opportunities, not the Democrats, not the policies, it’s thanks to HIM, personally. It’s also such an obvious ploy to appeal to the women’s vote, which he needs. Pandering that’s all he does.

  117. Ah fredster, since i don’t know the shark names, I assumed…incorrectly of course.

    That will be the day I pay that much for a cake.

  118. Julia has been made so equal under Obama that when she retires she can get to “Volunteer at a community garden” just like girls do

  119. Upps: Here’s David Muir.

  120. He’s decent Fredster. Except for the wideset eyes ala fetal alchohol syndrome.

  121. Any contributors want to write something for tomorrow?

  122. Cats I can tell the life of julia is written by a pissant. They blame their parents’ generation right off. While they suck down their retirement savings for themselves. And WTF does littly ledbetter have to do with finding a job? Lilly ledbetter just gives an EMPLOYED person more time to figure out she’s been screwed for 10 years. It’s not the FAir Pay Act. In fact, it’s not an ACT at all. It was a useless executive order. The author hasn’t got a clue. I’m still reading though! More extremist stupidity from the other side to come!

  123. Now don’t be ugly. 😉

  124. Well he does favor a wall-eyed pike, fredster.

  125. Hey, I’m not that choosy. LOL!

  126. Well harumph! I am not ugly. I am cute. Very cute. Just ask me. lolol.

  127. OMG, UW…too funny about the yogurt study with mice!!

  128. LOL Sophie. Big run on yogurt at whole foods this week. Get yours early.

  129. So Sarkozy is going down. The question was asked, can he keep Carla? Here’s her answer.

  130. SHV wins the laugh of the week contest. I don’t care. That mice ball story is the bomb.

  131. Big run on yogurt at whole foods this week. Get yours early.

    I often make my own.

    (I hope a whole bunch of guys with small testicles don’t interpret that as an invitation..of any size actually…)

  132. They’ll send their girlfriends to get the yogurt so nobody knows about their small cajones.

  133. Fools if they think their girlfriends are ever going back. 😉

  134. It will be like when they have to pick up tampons. lolol.

  135. Well gang I’m getting ready to call the Presidential race. You know me. I like to be accurate and early.

  136. Okay Uppity. What’s your pick?

  137. Yes, but you’re not a guy. 😦

  138. It’s not so much my pick as my call.

    I believe Barack Obama will be re-elected.

  139. I am acutely aware of that, Fredster.

  140. Why do you think he’ll be re-SElected? Bad campaign by Romney? Romney a bad candidate? Or is Obama not bad enough?

  141. Well it’s a series of things. I think the state level republicans screwed the pooch for the presidential election with women. I don’t think Romney will recover from that. In spite of his past record as governor, where he actually increased funding for family planning, and he certainly was into health care changes, from which I am certain he learned some things we might benefit from. Past mistakes and all. The problem is, the man is not finished. I mean he is a very empty person, not unlike Obama, he just seems to have no feel for humans. The difference is, Obama is a bullshitter and he is already in office. This means he can pen another crumb of an executive order to placate women, or gays, or seniors.

    As it is, too many women are stupid enough to think the ledbetter crumb is a fair pay act. I mean, you don’t get any dumber than that. He’s done nothing for them and four more years he will really screw women, and gays and seniors and anybody else in the way of his plan to ‘transform’ America. We’re already broke. Now all he needs to do is make sure we are broken. He can do that. The problem is, Romney doesn’t inspire any belief that he intends to be any different to women, gays, seniors. Both parties have agendas to screw them. So people will vote for the one who will take them to hell at the slowest rate. That means Obama in their eyes, because although he hasn’t lifted a finger to help them in four years, they imagine, probably foolishly, that he will continue at the same pace, whereas Republicans in Congress have been horrifically nasty to those three demographics, making it quite clear they can fuck themselves very much.

    Then there is the younger vote. Let’s face it, folks.. Romney is VERY uncool. Alarmingly so. They won’t go for him in any way, shape or form.

    Also, corporations may be “people” but they can’t vote. People can vote and, in spite of the swift boating of the past, I think they will just do themselves in with super pacs. If the ads we’ve seen on the net are any indicator, they are going to turn Obama into a victim people will feel sorry for. That equates to more votes. Toss in Catholics and we all know their votes will be split, so they won’t be picking a president this time around. I think Israel will be screwed, mainly because half the Jews in the USA think Palestine is the cat’s ass. Don’t ask me why they work against their own best interests, but they do.

    That leaves Independents, and Independents, I think, are horrifed with the radical social issue intentions of the Republicans. If Romney can’t get the crazy asses in his party sitting in congress to cut the shit, he’s toast with the Indys too.

    Then there’s the real issue prominent on everyone’s mind while people fiddle about contraception and other things that are none of their g’damned business. That’s jobs. Frankly, I don’t think Romney exudes the abililty to create more jobs. What he does give off is the stench of more deregulation and help for wall street. This isn’t going to play well. HIs flipflops are going to get him into deep shit and he can thank his own fellow candidates like Newt and Rick for the sound bites Obama is going to use against him. And there are many. Very many. I don’t know a single republican who is actually excited about Mittens. They are cold about him. They dislike Obama but really don’t care for Romney either. They think he’s a robot.

    I think the romney campaign, specifically the super pacs, are going to rerun the stupidity that lost them an election in 2008. And then there are the far right loonies. They did themselves in in 2008 and they will do it again. They won’t help miittens one iota. Even his endorsers are cold about it, as in, I’ll campaign for him because we’re stuck with him.

    I think the very best we can hope for is that the Republicans hold one house and the Democrats hold the other, because of one of these two hijacked parties gets full control of both houses, America is toast. Doesn’t matter which. I wouldn’t be surpised if the USA suffers a major Depression in the clinical sense in the middle of this coming term. It’s unavoidable and very scary beacuse I believe our congress is seriously inept dealing with crises. And so is Obama.

  142. Yes, I agree with most of what you said. And of course, the MSM is still very much in the tank for Obama, that’ll help. [sigh]

  143. Believe me, I take no joy in what I wrote. I just see what I see. No wishful thinking.

  144. Well!!The Won did say everyone has to have Some skin in the game,
    personaly I think we all just got Skinned. 😯

  145. Drawn and Quartered. 😦

  146. Believe me, I take no joy in what I wrote. I just see what I see. No wishful thinking.

    Just this once, I hope you’re wrong, Upps. Wouldn’t bet against your prediction, tho’ (I’ve learned my lesson!). My only comfort is there’re 6 months to go — an eternity in politics.

  147. (I hope a whole bunch of guys with small testicles don’t interpret that as an invitation..of any size actually…)


  148. NES, i know you know I mean it when I say I want to be SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WRONG.

  149. I know that well, Upps.

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