Open thread and shell game cat


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  1. Good morning, Uppities! What a hoot! It is so funny to watch this cat concentrate. What a cutie kitteh!

  2. Don’t you love how he was grinding his wheels and focusing in the last round?

  3. Surely our military would be well-advised to hire a bunch of kitteh’s as strategists. Is that MKBill’s Mom holding his portrait? HIs main squeeze holding his portrait? Why is she not on the campaign trail with him? And most importantly, when is he coming to Scranton?

  4. Are you “emailable”?

  5. “How to handle a woman…?” Prez sez, “promise her daddy-care for life is way to get her vote.” My Sophie cat would snarl at him and drop a dead mouse on his shoe.

  6. Happy Birthday Karen!!
    Good morning, Uppities! Love the Video. 🙂

  7. twandx, not sure a cat would waste a perfectly good snack like that on his shoe.

  8. Yeah WLM, he was really burning his brain cells, wasn’t he?

  9. FYI I got this video from McNorman awhle back, I think. Or was it Crier? Sorry I forget because i get so many cool things from you two.

  10. tnx, uw crier & mcn. I feel much safer now.

  11. I meant the video in the post.

  12. Animal Lovers, Animal Planet is showing the Genesis Awards recap right now, 8am to 9am. Last night they aired the entire three hour show.

    The Genesis Awards is the only nationally televised awards shows for programming, movies, docs, and articles that highlight evocative animal stories.

  13. Should add, 8am to 9am on Animal Planet, West Coast time.

  14. I just read an amusing bit about Obama’s “Life of Julia.”

    Apparently the Obama campaign left themselves wide open by not puchasing a domain with the same name. Someone else did – check out their version 🙂

  15. I love that cat. What patience. I found one of the baby ferals outside this morning playing with a bird that had come down to munch on some mulberries. All three sat about 12″ away from the little guy. I thought they were going to eat the little guy. Nope, they just wanted to watch. He flew away after a few minutes of munching.

  16. They should let that cat choose our presidents. Mr.or Ms. Kitteh would do a lot better than our MSM.

  17. This guy should make cockroach of the week Upps.

    Police investigating the death of a woman who feel to her death from a hang glider have seized a video card recording her final minutes – after it was apparently swallowed by her instructor.

    Lenami Godinez-Avila, 27, was celebrating an anniversary with her boyfriend with a hang-gliding excursion in the Canadian province of British Columbia.

  18. @ Ani
    I think that a lot of people have come to that same conclusion. They lie! 😦

  19. I stopped by to say “Happy Birthday, karen!”

    Hope this is the best so far with even better ones to follow. Enjoy the cake

  20. Happy Birthday Karen. I have unlocked teh fridge. You can open the door and just tip if forward and let all the food fall into your mouth. Me fridge es Su fridge.

  21. A fabulous day to you Karen…Happy Birthday! I am sad to say that my fridge is empty, and I don’t think you would want what’s in it anyway. 😀

  22. “Mice That Eat Yogurt Have Larger Testicles”

    Then the researchers spotted some­thing particular about the males: they projected their testes outward, which endowed them with a certain “mouse swagger,” Erdman says. On measuring the males, they found that the testicles of the yogurt consumers were about 5 percent heavier than those of mice fed typical diets alone and around 15 percent heavier than those of junk-eating males.

    I guess I had better load up the fridge with vanilla and blueberry.

  23. Happy Birthday, Karen! Hope your day has been fun.

  24. ROFL SHV. Big run on yougurt next week. You watch.


  26. Happy Birthday, Karen…..check out Uppity’s fridge. Yes, Uppity, even male mice consider themselves superior now….ie the swagger. (Eye roll)

  27. That is too funny about the yogurt. I grew up with it, we always had it in the fridge. Who knew yogurt made men macho?

  28. Thanks for all the wishes, uppityites. I had a great day hiking and birding all day and night. The super full moon lit the trail and the owls were hooting.

    What happens to us wimmenz when we eat yogurt?

  29. Alas UW, the military strategy cat finally made its way into a post!

    Great spot.

  30. Happy [belated] Birthday Karen!

  31. Military cat actually WAS a post quite awhile ago. Thought I would blow the dust off him.

  32. Potential wishes over the years while blowing out candles:

    07 – Hope Hill wins
    08 – Hope this fraud doesn’t win
    09 – Hope for some kind of change
    10 – Hope for some kind of change
    11 – Hope for some kind of change
    12 – Hope this fraud doesn’t win
    13 – ?
    14 – ?
    15 – Hope Hill wins
    16 – God Bless Prez Hilz

  33. From the headlines I see Hillary is in three days of talks with India to pressure them to curb use of Iranian oil.

    This article is filled with things to smile about:

    A thoughtful gift, a special scarf – not an unplayable dvd of herself….

  34. Joe being…..well, Joe…

  35. good morning ((((UPPITY’S))))))

    Happy birthday to KAREN !!

  36. imust, I was just coming here to post the Biden slip ups. President Romney and President Clinton.

    He also stated he was fine with same sex marriage which caused the White House to say that was his opinion and not their official stance – forcing them to remind the lebanese obama has the same position as Mitt.

    Don’t know if this site is kosher or not but it has 3 vids of gaffetastic Joe:

  37. Barack Obama is an Iran enabler. He has been since day One. Nothing proves it more than his deadly silence during their attempt at revolution. “Obama are you with us? Crickets. Now, Syria. Crickets.

  38. New exciting post up.

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