2012 Winners and Losers

I thought you might like to see a list of the Fortune 500 Top 20 revenue performers You can see the top 1000 here.

The top 20 Winners. But don’t get excited. The trend is less hiring = more profits. After all, if you can beat an employee to death right there in the plant, why hire others, and if you can just use employees in places like China, where you can treat them like dog crap till they jump to their deaths just to get $10k for their families, why change what works?

Please note that  revenues and profits ‘In Millions” equates to Billions. For example #1 Exxon Mobile raked in 41,060,000,000. I wanted you to see the zeros.

Don’t forget to say “You’re Welcome” to these companies for their bailouts and tax breaks. But don’t expect a Thank You letter.

…And isn’t it delightful that the one “company” on the list that you bailout daily is # 8 in revenues but lost -$16 Billion. I am thrilled about that and I know you are too. Especially since dumping bad mortgages onto them (meaning, you) helped several of the others make it to the Top 20. Just saying.

Now for the list of Top Losers.

1.     You.


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  1. My mom says I’m a winner.

  2. (She pronounces it “wee-ner”)

  3. You Mom knows you.

  4. OSSIE: YOU are a TRIP——

    DISGRACEFUL—–not a damned thing we can do about it–um lets see-Mr Obama, VS MR Romney——-one is a liar and a cheat and the other is so god##mned rich It has to scare you to death—— according to Politco Polls—they are neck and neck-

  5. I hate how tax money bailouts get to be counted as profits.


    Bill, your little girl is very SWEET—–not a tuxie though——what’s up with that

  7. It’s a tuxie wannabee holding a photo of her hero.

  8. Good Lord. Axelrod asked reporters not to ask “Compound Questions”. Too hard for Barack. Can only answer simple questions, I guess.

    Axe says it’s so they can take more questions. I say it’s because Barack can’t shut up and rambles like a fool.

  9. I say it’s just one more way to control infomation – keep us further in the blinding political crap generated in Foggy Bottom.

  10. Both Clintons put most people to shame in the extemporaneous speaking and expounding on subjects department. Barky can’t talk without a machine telling him what to say and a cadre of researchers looking up what answer he should give. He sucks at pressers and debates.

  11. twandx, are you saying Hillary is guilty of generating blinding political crap at the department that she heads?

  12. oswald, that chart is sobering. Even when we know it is true we forget. We are lulled into the 1%ers controlling all the marbles.

  13. Catching up after a hectic weekend.

    As to that questionable video with the lion, I vote not funny at all. That the child is dressed so oddly is the first tip off without even watching the video.

    I second an adult cat for a household wanting to add a kitty to the mix for the first time. Kittens work best with a home where the dog has already lived with cats. I would recommend looking into a rescue group that uses a foster system and find a cat that has already become accustomed to dogs.

    As to the corporate control chart, I always read packages but they can be misleading. I sometimes use the Peapod or Safeway grocery delivery service (it was really handy after my surgeries) and the corporate connections become very clear if you keep track of promotions and the combination are mind boggling. The story with Oswald’s link includes a second link that shows former small companies that were bought out by major corps but still pretend to be small companies (e.g., Berts Bees, Ben & Jerry’s). I knew some but not others. Very interesting.

  14. Not sure where all this is running but O’s empty suit campaign machine is already running adds against Romney. This says to me that they are running very scarred and intend ti kill of any opposition for the election, for all intents and purposes, before it actually starts or they are in big trouble.

    College students are evidently not lining up to support the One in droves like they did the last time. Neighbors and colleagues have commented that their kids say they are recruiting heavily for students to work for the campaign this summer and are getting very few to even come to the meetings. There is now a rumor that they will pay college students (they were trying for free labor from the peon and only paying those with connections) and get them course credit for working.

    A couple state reps I know in MD and VA have also said they are disappointed in the level of interest. They are expected to farm on behalf of O and come up with so many little obots a piece and coming up short.

    Donna Brazille has been meeting the the area legislators with her views on how to up recruitment. They forgot the O’s have aged and are having trouble selling them as part of the youth movement. And guess what, they are finding that the “girls” this time around are not nearly as enamored.

  15. And, remember – Donna Brazille doesn’t need us bitter Hillary supporters.

    Why do some men attach obscene body parts on their cars? I just don’t get it.

  16. Ups. I did notice Fannie Mae on that list.

  17. Why do some men attach obscene body parts on their cars?

    They are compensating.

  18. Barack can’t shut up and rambles like a fool.he talks for a half hour and still doesn’t answer the question. 😯

  19. What a list. Lookee who is #264 …. WHOLE FOODS MARKET … beating other big corps such as Discover, CarMax, Hertz, Family Dollar Stores, and get this …. Coca Cola !!


  20. Yeah WLM, fannie’s big bilkers who walk off with millions in bonuses and salaries don’t give a shit. It comes out of everybody else in Americ’s pockets.

    Remember Franklin Raines? Oh wait, let me updat this comment with some links. Hold on…

    Poor Franklin. He only walked out of Fannie with $90 million. But he was worth it. Right?


  21. Why do some men attach obscene body parts on their cars?

    They are compensating.


    Usually the car no longer starts.

  22. votermom, you can be pretty sure that the greatest credit for huge profit increases goes to layoffs. Employee salaries and benefits are huge slices of money in both private and public sectors. Generally well over 60%

  23. Compound questions pose a problem for the person who has to find a canned answer and get it up on the teleprompter quickly. We all know that without the teleprompter the answer is always the same, “uh, you know, uh…”

  24. fembots for Obama — thanks for posting the daily Beast article — here is the money quote, or one of them!

    “Justice’s defenders point out that prosecuting financial crime is a complicated matter requiring the highly specialized expertise found in the white-collar defense bar. But some suggest there is also the potential for conflicting interest when the department’s top officials come from lucrative law practices representing the very financial institutions that Justice is supposed to be investigating.”

    Um. Yeah.

  25. Remember Franklin Raines? Oh wait, let me updat this comment with some links. Hold on…

    Ups, you are like a magician pulling out your old posts from a hat!

  26. What an interesting top 20 they are. Maybe they’ll have their own awards ceremony. Nah–would cut into profits.

    Looks like Apple is the most profitable.

  27. Photographic mind, WLM. Sometimes it comes in handy and sometimes it really hurts.

  28. I was in a shopping, kind of strip mall today and, as I was headed for my car, I saw a young man, maybe 19, with a very very VERY elderly woman. He helped her into the car next to mine. Hot as it was today, she was dressed in a trench coat with heavy socks and the whole Winter garb. She had a cane and walked holding onto his arm while he pushed a grocery cart. He very gently helped her into her seat in the car, hooked up her seat belt for her. Then he opened the trunk and was putting the groceries in the trunk as I backed up along side of him. I couldn’t help by sy to him, “What a really good young man you are”. I couldn’t help but wonder who on earth would do this for me when I reached that awful point in life. I was thinking, she was far too old to be his grandmother, so I said, is she a great aunt or great grandmother? He said, Oh No. She’s our neighbor and my family always does what we can for her. She made the best cookies for me when I was a child and I just try to help out where I can. My jaw was dropping, really. I said, you know what? You just gave me some hope for your generation and I do wish they could copy your mold. I made his day, and in a sense, he made mine too. And as I pulled away, he said he hoped I would have a great day. Just thought I’d tell you that story.

  29. Re: Apple. Funny how OWS rails against greedy corporations and they all have ipads, ipods and any do dad Apple cons them into ‘needing’.

  30. It’s stories like that – that give us hope. What a caring young man.

  31. Good one about the kid and the old lady, Uppity. We all should be so lucky, but there’s little hope of it happening. Just think, he was so grateful for those cookies she made for him as a boy!

    As of mid-January, Franklin Raines worked for the Obama Campaign as his Chief Economic Advisor and two former Fannie Mae execs were there under him. As you’ve often said: “We are so screwed!”

    Coff/hack/wheeze….got a bad ccccold. I never get colds. Send chicken soup?

  32. I liked that story, too! I like hearing the good stories, because it’s seems like mostly it seems we just hear the bad ones.

    Also, I think it showed – it takes a village to raise a senior citizen, too! It sure would be a lot easier if older, infirm seniors had friends and family around to help. Too often, it’s not the case.

  33. OT: I’m interviewing Anita Finlay live Tuesday night at 6pm pacific. Listen! Details here:

  34. Uppity Woman, on May 7, 2012 at 9:49 PM said:
    I was in a shopping, kind of strip mall today and…

    I am so glad you shared that. An actor buddy of mine — he can’t be more than 25 — likewise does all sorts of community outreach and fundraising. He is so outgoing, supportive and open to new ideas. Amazing. So, yeah, maybe we are not lost!!

  35. Lorac, I am also encouraged by the young people who help care for my mom where she lives now. They are so kind and supportive of her…

  36. Uppity, thanks for the hearwarming story. I used to worry about stuff like that too, we are in our 60’s and physically active. Yet when our children and grandchildren are around, we do not lift a finger. One daughter is so anal, she comes in and starts re-arranging the refrigerator and alphabetizing the spices, right after saying hello..They make us feel appreciated, and really, really, old. Be careful for what you wish..

  37. conner, trust me, this gal was wayyyyyyyyyy older than her 60s. 60s isn’t old anymore. Now having anyone show up and re-arrange my spices would make me go absolutely wild.

  38. 60s isn’t old anymore…
    As an old surgeon told me 40 years ago: “Age is not the time from the beginning but the proximity to the end”. He also said that if you think someone is a young 80, just operate on them and see how fast they age.

  39. Great post Upps, and great thread. So many good comments. Upps thanks for the story also. I bet that kid didn’t know that his kindness would end up being talked about by people all across the country! How cool is that?

  40. It was a great post, Upps. And the last line says it all, unfortunately.

  41. Hey I never thought of that socal.Very cool.

    And I’m thinking Conner: In a sense you’re lucky. Most of my friends’ kids are still sucking their blood and spending down their retirement money. Your kids at least DO something for you even if it’s annoying. hahahaha.

  42. #8 has the founding fathers rolling in their graves. Zero chance it will ever fail!

  43. #8 is a deliberate travesty perpetrated upon working Americans who pay taxes, John.

  44. I AGREE! Ya know what this means UW? Ya gotta start luvin yur guns, and thumpin yer Bible with me on my porch! And yes, you may bring a screw off top bottle of wine and a plastic wine glass with you. 🙂

  45. No, John, it means I call em how I see im, sometimes you like it and sometimes you don’t. But you can’t say I’m not fair and balanced in my disgust.

  46. UW, that is why I luv the stuffins out of ya. You are at least willing to take a gander at all sides of an issue. Well, you do protect that Bubba Clinton fellar like he was your blind, three legged puppy. 🙂

  47. Well, you do protect that Bubba Clinton fellar like he was your blind, three legged puppy.

    OMG this is so freaking funny!

  48. I would even have some beers with Bubba, and shoot a round of golf with him.

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