Columbian Prostitute laughs at Secret Service: “They are Stupid Brutes”

What a bunch of embarrassing assholes. The Secret Service will never recover their respect. And these are just the ones who got caught.  How low have we gone when we have Columbian prostitutes poking fun at us.

What a disgrace.


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  1. Pigs- all pigs- and as far as I am concerned – they take their cue from teh one. Also a pig.

    On another note- kittehs are a week old today. So far so good lol.
    On yet another note- I FINALLY got a call for an interview! No lifting, running or other manual labor type stuff. Office type work, Interview is tomorrow! Woot! Only what? 6 months of resume sending and on line application filing! Wish me luck!

  2. Bring the kittehs with you in a basket. Everybody loves little kittehs.

  3. PMM: Good Luck Honey, you deserve this

    what happened to the pictures of the Kitteh’s?? or are they too small yet

  4. Awww:

    Fat cat uses up 9 lives

    Meow, the 39-pound cat who made appearances on “Today” and “Anderson Cooper” as he struggled to pare off the pounds, died over the weekend, the Santa Fe Animal Shelter & Humane Society announced yesterday.

    Meow meowed his last after suffering respiratory distress and then pulmonary failure Saturday, the shelter said.

    He was only two years old.

  5. Just a reminder, Ani will be on the john smart blogtalk radio show tonight. You can listen here. You can also call in of course. Let’s spike John’s numbers.

  6. Good luck PMM!

  7. Incredible … idgits! Did I also hear a slight dig about Obama’s lack of leadership?

    FYI — YOu can listen to John Smart’s show in the archives!!

  8. Michelina- I take horrible pics. Working on it. There will be pics- lol
    Hope I remember to listen to John’s show tonight- lol

  9. Hi PMM — can’t wait to see the pics! Congrats on being a cat- grandma!!

  10. She has every right to laugh at these guys after all she has seen them with their pants down. :lol; 😆

  11. mom, go get that job! Tell the interviewer you love to cook for people and let them know you won prizes for your food and that you have a ton of veggies from your garden to give away.

    If they’re anything like me I’d hire you on the spot – regardless of your office abilities!

  12. We have to pack the john smart show. Live. Not archives. Live hits to blogtalkradio. There’s a huge difference. Come on. Listen.

  13. I can’t believe those whores, both the humane society and the media put that poor cat through that stress of TV. Assholes. I alsready know Cooper is a whore for tune-in hits, but what’s up with the humane society. They should know better, heads right up their media addicted asses.

    And I truly hope his “Elderly owner” who “Dropped him off” dies a horrible death. Alone. And if there is a higher authority, she’s got some shit to answer for, for making that cat get that fat and for dumping him after she did it, you miserable old son of a bitch. You should be arrested for animal abuse.

  14. Congrats on the job interview Mom!

  15. You see, this secret service issue is indicative of a larger problem with government employees in power. They become porky, arrogant, snotty and threating to the people who pay their salaries. And they think they are invicible. So many of them are NOT public servants, but are public menaces. We see it at all levels with so many who carry a gun and are supposed to “protect and serve”. Some of them beat their wives, terrorized their kids, terrorize the public. rape women, and get away with it as their ‘brothers’ cover for me. If you’ve ever known an abused wife of a police officer, you have seen pain. They can’t go to the police because he IS the police. Some of thse wives have ended up dead in the past few years. We need to be more careful to whom we give this power and we are not. The prisons are meeting more and more of them, particularly the rotten lousy rapists.

    Some of them land in legislative slots, witness that piece of shit Hiram Monserrate of NY.
    I couldn’t believe how long women had to put pressure on the NY State senate to get rid of this piece of shit.

  16. ROFL! Shelby Fluffy is BAAAACCCKKKKK!

  17. Bah, I’m gonna have to give you detention for not being in class Mom. I played that shelby days ago. Also, Mormon.

  18. Sorry Uppity- I have been a little off my game here- I will have to do a make-up assignment lol Maybe have to call in to John’s show tonight.

  19. I have to work tonight. Shelby is such a relief in the ugly mess that is obamaramadingdong land. Great to laugh at it all now and then. The “ate a dog” meme was so much fun. The snob was brought down a few pegs.

    Overall I am seeing a way different attitude coming from former devotees and that alone is encouraging. The sycophants are pausing and thinking for a change before they jump to defend the fraud.

  20. Ok call in exonerates you. But never let this happen again.


    Seriously, i hpoe a lot of people go to listen live and cram his chat room too.

  21. “If he thinks he’s gonna taste cat, I’m gonna rip his face off”.

  22. UW, the Compassionate-billy is at it again. somebody dumped off a kitty with a belly full of kitties and know she lives on my porch! I got her a box with a blanky. I am up the creek with near-beer when she goes welfare momma kitty on me though!:)

  23. What type of radio show is it you are talkin’ bout? Probably not my can of chew I take it?

  24. Get her fixed, Hillbilly. They go into heat not long after birthing. It’s a sad state of affairs. Don’t let her and future kittens die a horrible death. I’m sure your local humane society or animal sanctuary offers some kind of program, low or no cost. If she’s on your porch, she’s free to go get knocked up again in the middle of you figuring out how many babies her kittens will be making in six months.

    Also, she won’t have those kittens out in the open for predators to come by. She’ll probably move them if she does.

  25. LOL Hillbilly- HAH welcome to my world! The abandoned pregger kitteh I got a couple of weeks ago has six week old kittens now. She is in lockdown mode until the kittehs are old enough to go – then she will be spayed.
    Listen to Uppity- she is NOT KIDDING! That momma kitteh will come into heat really quick after the kittens are born- and if she is outside- it will become a never ending story.

  26. Where is that pic from Uppity? Is that cat really at the White House? Poor thing. It looks like he is telling the woman to get him away from the dog eater.

  27. I will get her fixed once she has the littler

  28. Ind. man arrested with 4 kids strapped to car hood

    The dog was safe in the back seat.

  29. Uppity foodies will appreciate this. How can they dictate what goodies are sold at bake sales for cripessakes? Guess what, even when you give organic eaters and others the choice to eat gooey sugary treats, they always go for it. So they don’t have to have it in their houses, they can pick it up in a cheap way. Although I agree with decreasing/eliminating vending machines from school. But bake sales? Aren’t the schools defunded enough? Idgits!

  30. Oh FCS! When the schools went to serving only reduced fat milk- I sent WHOLE milk in a thermos with my kids. Ridiculous. My kids would not drink that white colored flavorless water called skim or 1% or 2% if you threatened them with detention. That stuff is nasty. My oldest is closing in on 40 and still passes his military PT exams above 90%- his weight is excellent and waist size is excellent. My middle one is very slim (as I was before I hit my 40’s) all my kids grew up on whole milk.
    Young children especially need the fat calories for proper brain development.
    Eliminate bake sales? And this will accomplish what?
    Food Nazis.

  31. Here we go. Now we’re too broke to even file for bankruptcy!

  32. PMM – you are so right, they need the fat cals, it’s good for the brain and other development. Plus the less fat milk, the higher its milk sugar content. In grade school we used to have a choice which milk we wanted. Now the govt decides for you? Idgits!

  33. Fembots- often times people do not realize that when you get approval on your bankruptcy filing- the next year you get a hefty tax bill as all that “forgiven” debt is treated as income for IRS purposes.

  34. PMM: the kitties are six weeks old, how can that be-weren’t they just born last week—check out your last couple comments—-

  35. OH PMM: WHOLE MILK ALL THE WAY-I also said what they have to do to destroy it, with all the chemicals they use to get rid of the “BAD” stuff-in the long run, your better off eating what you want——

  36. She makes the Secret Service guys, with their penchant to show off their rock hard abs, sound like these guys (but with guns):

  37. Looking forward to Ani’s interview!!!! While we are waiting – read this – one for our side!

  38. Did you see that story not too long ago when the kid’s turkey sandwich, brought from home, was confiscated because it was unhealthy? The kid went WITHOUT LUNCH! Are these people nuts? Who the hell ARE these people to TELL you what to feed your kids and get away with it? If I had a kid in school I would be making them crazy telling them to mind their own damned business and take me to court over turkey. Fuck you. Try teaching somebody to read and add for a change and stop minding parents’ business. These are reasons parents take their kids and put them in private schools. They want their kids to learn stuff that has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with making it in the world. And lunch is Mom and Dad’s business not yours.

    As for skim milk, i always loved it I confess, long before it was correct. Because it gets ReALLLLLLLLLLY cold. But did you ever see people put it in coffee? Who can enjoy a cup of coffee with watery milk in it? People DO this. You go to somebody’s house and they give you 1% milk for your coffee and I’m like, why give me coffee at all????

  39. Kids are obese because they don’t MOVE anymore. They don’t go outside. They sit in dungeon and play on computers. They don’t even talk to each other in person anymore. They get a bus to school instead of walking the damned mile. They live in urban sprawl areas with no goddamned sidewalks to walk on, and four lane roads to the mega mall where the people will run your ass over if you try to cross cause they gotta get to Targets for the sale. They walk NOWHERE. They never play outside. They get no air, they eat cheetos at the computer. Physical Education is no longer required to graduate. They are lumps. That’s why they are fat.


  41. Michelina- Uppity will be giving me even more homework now- bad Mom, bad bad bad. Terrible sentence composition. I should have written “The stray/abandoned cat that arrived pregnant had six kittens who are now a week old.”
    Mea Culpa

  42. Uppity –thanks for the promo about the John Smart show tonight — looking forward!

    And yes,the Secret Service has really done huge harm to their reputations, which, until now seemed pristeen.

  43. I see Drudge and other pukeaholics that follow his every dung-infested word, posted a photo of Hillary at a press conference wearing……gasp!!!!!!!!! glasses and…………gasp! Gasp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No…….sputter…….makeup.

    Not only was this BIG news when you are a fucking misogynist with a website that looks like a 9 year old designed it, but it is REALLLLLLLLLLLY Big news, else Drudge wouldn’t cover it. Right? After all, she’s a ….gag…woman!

  44. OH and here’s Hillary responding to the Infant Drudge, shoving it right up his ass, from whence he and his gaggle of second banana follower websites pull most all of their stories.

  45. When the schools went to serving only reduced fat milk- I sent WHOLE milk in a thermos with my kids.

    Good for you! While skim milk may have all the vitamins and nutrients that whole milk has, your body cannot absorb most of them without the fat!

    And good luck with that job–you deserve it!

  46. That Republicanss Get In My Vagina video would be a lot funnier if it weren’t true.

  47. Re:Bankruptcy. Joe Biden fucked dying people so he could “reform” bankruptcy laws, for The Children….make that for his Delaware Credit Card Company sponsors. Now a person who has lost everything to hiis cancer, can rest knowing that till he dies, he still owes those bills and so will his estate. Make no mistake, friends. It wasn’t just republicans that made that screw job happen.

  48. UW: Exactly about Biden, which is why I couldn’t understand why anybody liked the guy at all.

  49. Check this out with Hillary in an interview about hair, makeup, glasses.

  50. Better than just the video above, go to this site and then read the comments too. Assholes.

  51. LOL Fredster, love the one commenter talking about how Unprofessional Hillary looks. Her avatar is her in a F**k Me dress. Designed out of the 50s besides.

  52. Love the way shakesville described the Hillary hair/makeup story

    “This is your regular reminder that Hillary Clinton is a woman. And also that Conservatives hate her. Oh, and additionally that she is super awesome”.

  53. So much for wild animals and plate glass.

  54. I just went to JWSmart’s blogtalk site via your link and they have changed it……what do I click to listen??? anyone?? I know it’s not on yet, but I don’t see where I click when it does come on. Do I hit the “play” arrow, like a video???? Helpppp!!

  55. imust- I see the same thing- I hope it just auto loads at nine- the chat room is not open yet either- but I am all logged in and ready to go!

  56. ppity Woman, on May 8, 2012 at 8:25 PM said: Edit Comment

    Love the way shakesville described the Hillary hair/makeup story

    “This is your regular reminder that Hillary Clinton is a woman. And also that Conservatives hate her. Oh, and additionally that she is super awesome”.
    Amen! That Melissa McEwan is another one who don’t take any sh*t!!

  57. Me too PMM! But didn’t it used to have a button that said “Listen Live” or something???

  58. imust — here is the link

    John Smart with Anita Finlay in half an hour.

  59. Plan to listen to Ani’s interview with John Smart.
    PMM, good luck on your job interview tomorrow.
    Re: the Secret Service, they will be the butt of many, many jokes to come.

  60. Thanks Anita! But I don’t see the Listen Button on that site??? What happened? Will it show up when the show starts???

  61. 4 min…..didn’t it come on with a British Lady’s voice “Block Talk Radio!”??? I haven’t heard that yet.

  62. Where’s the chat room??

  63. “This is your regular reminder that Hillary Clinton is a woman. And also that Conservatives hate her. Oh, and additionally that she is super awesome”.
    She is laughing her ass off at these asshats. Same shit that she got in the late 70s and early 80s about her appearance, “a governor’s wife needs to look/dress better than Hillary Rodham. She was using Rodham back in the day and that really pissed off the fundie/wacko/Rethugs. Post some pics of Hillary from that time; she has gone full circle with the glasses/no makeup/long hair. Maybe it’s Hill’s “fuck you” during the last 10 months of her time as SOS.

    Ani’s on now.

  65. Listening- no chat room

  66. Boy she’s good.

  67. Ani is doing mighty fine on John’s show!

  68. blogtalk is the hardest damned place to login to and when you try to use the chat room you have to login and you LOSE the show!! Stupidist setup I have EVER seen.

  69. Ani is terrific, however, I had to turn it off…the subject pisses me off too much and I don’t want to end up yelling at the kittehs.

    Also today, May 8 (1945) is VE Day…. zip squat on the news blogs…the big new is Lugar lost the primary…big f’ing deal!!!!

  70. Uppitiy, I agree totally. I got bumped out.

  71. Yeah like getting rid of an entrenched old congressional fart owned by his sponsors is a bad thing.

  72. Aw God, Oswald.

  73. That caller is very right about the Gabrielle/Gabby thing vs. Jim Brady not being “Jimmy” and his law was not “Jimmy’s Law,” but Brady’s Law.

    This is a very subtle way they put women in their places in corporate America and Polictics tends to mimic their habits. What I mean here (and saw) was men calling women by shortened names with a “Y” or “ie” on the end. Susie instead of Sue or Susan. I remember seeing them do it to a brilliant employee and one day I cured them by doing the same to them in front of her. I called Dave Davie and Sam Sammie and they got the point. Or rather, they were busted.

  74. Just heard the last 15 minutes of Ani’s blogtalk over at John’s. Gonna go back and listen to the first 45 minutes now!

  75. Ani was great as always!!! Great interview by John! He’s a natural.

  76. That was a great show- seemed like many were listening- sorry I did not get on- my phone kept cutting out- still stormy around here.
    Ani did a great job!
    Nite all!

  77. That show needed another hour.

  78. Thanks for all your support, Lovely Uppities!!!!

    Wow am I talked out today — this is the second event I did — how many times can I say the book title during the show? Did anybody count? 🙂

  79. It went by fast didn’t it?

  80. Uppity — check your email!!!

  81. I really was a great show. I’m so glad I made it in time.

  82. I wonder if the first caller is someone we “know.”

  83. Just listened to Anita on iTunes… the site is difficult to connect to… 🙂 I heard the entire interview…. WAY TO GO ANITA!!!! OUTSTANDING!!! 🙂 A truly heartfelt and informative interview… One of the best I have heard…. Anita…. You, do hold your own…. 🙂 😉 🙂

  84. Response in your emails Ani.

  85. Correction…I am not sure it was on iTunes …But, I could not get connected to hear the interview… So, I went to the iTune on my Pro Mac Apple and there it was on live and that is where I listened to the interview…. What a great interview…. 🙂 😉 😆

  86. Just tuned in. Is the show over with????

  87. Upps and Ani, re: Hillary/makeup…whatever.

    That Melissa McEwan is another one who don’t take any sh*t!!

    Amen sister.
    And don’t you know that HRC *knew* what kinds of comments would be made and she’s still laughing her ass off at them!

  88. Incognito, eh?

  89. Tis true. Melissa has NO problem telling it like it is and ending it with telling the boys to shit in their hats.

  90. Fredster, Hillary is so above them, so over their heads, that she actually IS snorting at their abject stupididy and infantile behavior. She smacks them down like the comparatively insignifican gnats they are.

    It’s like, Who cares what THOSE gnats think.

  91. So WHEN did Camp Obama know about John Edward’s affair???

  92. Thanks, CasperCat!! I so enjoyed talking with John — he is superb and I thought, asked wonderful questions…

  93. Oh I have no DOUBT Obama knew what Sleazy Edwards was up to and that’s how he got him to back barack the day after HIllary whooped his ass in a primary. I would bet the farm the Elizabeth was for Hillary too. Edwards gave him his followers in exchange for keeping his sleaze quiet. But they did him in later anyways. That’s the Obama hallmark.

  94. Great show. thank you, Ani!

  95. More power to anyone who can run around carefree and wholeheartedly secure in their own skin au naturale.

  96. towncrier — you can still listen at the link if you are so inclined…:)

  97. That’s the Obama hallmark.

    *Somebody* tipped off the National Enquirer that lil’ Johnny was visiting his baby mama. They staked out the hotel and waited for him.

  98. Yes, Anita he did and your come back questions were great! YOU kept the interview alive and created the momentum to keep it going…. Thank You So Very Much!! Hey, I live in Riverside about 50 minutes east of LA… If you are ever out this way I love to treat you to Lunch at our wonderful Mission Inn…. 🙂 😉 I have been sharing your book with my friends and family…. And, I think it is true…. if you brain wash enough bullshit into ones head…Then it becomes true… You see. I truly think and feel the primary reason why sooooooo many Hillary supporters did not drink the kool aid is because…… DRUM ROLL……. WE HAVE A BRAIN AND SEE SHIT, WHERE SHIT IS… 😡 👿 Wishing you the very best!

  99. More power to anyone who can run around carefree and wholeheartedly secure in their own skin au naturale.

    I blog au naturale.

  100. Hell so do I oswald.

    And hey I go out without makeup all the time and get away with it, why can’t she.

    Speaking of makeup, Axerod puts his own in the clown tent. I mean the guy is COVERED with pan stick so think he eyes are sunken. How come nobody talks about his scheevy appearence with his, what was it NES called it on twitter, his Porn mustache?

    Look at John Boner. For Chrissakes the guy could win a contest at a state fair as the biggest carrot.

  101. I blog au naturale.

    But do you wear glasses at the same time?

    HRH would approve.

  102. what was it NES called it on twitter, his Porn mustache?

    Upps — It’s DavidAxelrod’s PORNSTACHE.

  103. Hey Ani — Great show. You’re a natural!

  104. Yeah that’s it. PORNSTACHE.

  105. Mom, I was hoping you’d get on the show and give us a commonsensegram. I’m always short on common sense.

  106. NES when you’re as hot as you are, you don’t need common sense.

  107. Thanks, NES! Damn, I can run off at the mouth!! 🙂

  108. A federal prisoner is getting 40% of the votes in the WV primary.

    That’s more than Obama got last time.

  109. Axerod puts his own in the clown tent. I mean the guy is COVERED with pan stick so think he eyes are sunken.

    Hahahahahahaha! clown tent make-up? Or does he get it from the undertaker? That degree of caking it on is certainly most “non naturale.” Blocks the pores, ya know.

  110. Yup Ani. Had to click on the forward button. Dang. Non live though. Pfft.

    Better yet. Let’s DOWNLOAD!

  111. Hillary got 71% of the votes in WV in 2008.

    The day after the primary both senators (Byrd and Rockefeller) endorsed Obama.

  112. I can run off at the mouth!

    Passion speaks effortlessly. Kudos to you.

  113. Ani — Alas, the caller named “Incognito” missed an important point about that Apple ad ripped off by Obama. It’s this: it sought to turn women against women, and presaged the division of the female-voting-bloc between Hillary (older women) and Obama (younger women). The younger woman, through the use of VIOLENCE, destroys the image of Hillary on screen and silences her voice (ie, symbolically kills Hillary).

    For those of you who don’t recall that sinister/disgusting/violent ad, here it is:

  114. Mr. Carrot prob sleeps in his own tan bed nightly.

  115. Yes, NES. I talked about that in the book as well. It was a brilliant, if destrcutive and diabolical ad — and it achieved the desired result. It is so unfortunate that many women fell for it.

  116. Upps, XO XO

  117. yikes! sorry for the typo’s …. 🙄 trying to do too many things at the same time…. 😆 😆

  118. But your emoticons rule!! I do have a public appearance next week that is not too riduclously far from you — I will find out if I can invite more people…and thank you so much for your kind offer!

  119. “Diabolical.”


  120. Ani, Speaking from personal experience, CasperCat is definitely a woman you want to hook up with!

  121. Great tweet:

    North Carolina. Where you can marry your 1st cousin but not your same-sex partner.

  122. It is so unfortunate that many women fell for it.

    Yep, unfortunate it is. Whenever I feel optimistic about the lot of women in the near future I have to remind myself that, even with all the self-determination this country allows women, there are still American women who marry prisoners on deathrow (who were strangers to them in the outside world). Can you imagine any guy, however low-rent he may be, marrying a woman on deathrow? No, it’s unimaginable.

  123. Brilliant tweet about NC. Like something you would tweet, Upps.

  124. Yeah I hate that I didn’t think of it first!

  125. “blogtalk is the hardest damned place to login to and when you try to use the chat room you have to login and you LOSE the show!! Stupidist setup I have EVER seen.”

    Ani was great! What a good speaker! I missed the first 15 minutes because of this very same log-in issue. First I had to register. Then go to email and click a confirmation link. Then I lost the show so had to come back here to get the link back. Then I had to log in and had UW’s experience. Then after my first comment I lost the audio. PMW advised me to refresh. It took three refreshes to finally get settled back in. Then I lost the last 20 minutes because of an important phone call that I had to answer!!!

    But what I heard was really, really good!

    Will go back tomorrow and listen again.

  126. Oh boy, there’s a prison website, of all people who love people on death row. All women of course. And they get married to these dirtballs and post pics of their ceremonies thru bars and shit. I had this one story captured and it was so ludicrous I didn’t even know where to begin to post about it. It’s just some sick shit, is all I can say.

  127. Yeah! I vote for an Ani and Casper meet-up!

  128. ooops . PMW is PMM (ProudMilitaryMom). I don’t know how I typed the “M” upside down 🙂

  129. cats it’s what happens when you have four cats on you while you type.

  130. yes, the cats! blame the cats! 🙂

  131. Yes that’s it! The cats! The cats!

  132. Too funny- primary result:

    “Obama had his own problem.

    In West Virginia, a state that is expect to be a safe win for Romney in the fall, Obama received 63 percent of the Democratic vote. Making a surprising finish, Keith Judd, a federal inmate who still managed to get on the ballot, won 38 percent of the vote.”

  133. The FEC is still trying to get Obama Inc to straighten out, clarify, rectify its 2008 campaign donations!
    Rebecca Hough is on the case. Love the last paragraph of P. 2 on through the last page.

  134. I never have a problem listening to the blog talk radio. I just go to the page and click on the play arrow.

    So… that first female caller near the end of the show on John’s…. would you say that’s a Pakistani accent, or an Indian accent, or….?

  135. PS there are TEN pages of impermissible contributions to Obama listed after Ms Hough’s 5 page letter to Obama for America.

  136. The cats ate my homework.

  137. Neither. That’s a British accent.

  138. The Queen of England called in to John’s show?!! Wow!

  139. Dances, Obama doesn’t give a shit if he has illegal donations. He got away with contributions from three gaza strip brothers without so much as a slap on the hand.

  140. lorac, listening to blog radio is not the issue. It’s trying to enter the chat room. It’s trying to login, it’s being forced to login and losing the show in the process, only to find out you can’t login.

  141. A British accent by way of Pakistan then…..?

  142. I think it’s become abundantly clear that recent presidents get away with any old despicable thing. They are above the law. Nixon was a monk next to Obama and Bush.

  143. Hey, DWP, maybe Ani can come to our neck of the woods to speak, wouldn’t that be cool?

  144. Speaking of accents, how does one distinguish an Aussie one from a British one?

  145. how does one distinguish an Aussie one from a British one?

    You ask them if they can sing the song, Down Under.

    Seriously though, I think it’s easy to distinguish an Aussie from a brit.

  146. Uppity, agreed. BUT since OFA is publicizing Willard’s donors along with attendant character assassinations, what’s to stop Willard from highlighting obama’s illicit millions in illegitimate donations to include exceedances, donations from foreign nationals, and people with names like Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, etc.? McCain’s FEC case was cleared up in just a couple of months. Obama’s FEC case has been ongoing for almost three years.

  147. Oh what the hell.

  148. lorac, are we neighbors?? And, YES! That would be very cool!

  149. Dances, it’s only been three years because the investigators prefer not to wake up dead.

  150. Yes I believe you are in Hillcrest area, I’m just east!

    (you were offering free bumperstickers, people were to mail to a po box in that area)

  151. Lorac
    Dang!!! Why didn’t you tell me sooner?!
    We’ll have to get together!

  152. Yes, we will! But wouldn’t it be funny if we found out we’ve already met, like at a concert or something? lol

  153. Lorac, a regular laugh riot! Send a note to me at so I can give you the email address I regularly use.

  154. Great interview Ani. Now got to get to bed work in the early morning. I do however want to discuss a topic with you that was touched on in the show. It has gotten me a lot of heartburn with women in general but it has also made it abundantly clear to me that women are their own worst enemy when it comes right down to it. Any who go to run so will try to get to it tomorrow some time . Nite all.

  155. Can I have a vegemite sandwich now?

  156. Yes I believe you are in Hillcrest area, I’m just east!
    I live North-West of Hillcrest but likely in a different city.

  157. Can I have a vegemite sandwich now?

    Hahahahaha. Well done! I’ll raise you a Marmite sandwich. (lorac’ll be so J.)

  158. A British accent by way of Pakistan then…..?

    Whoa! Another Pak in the neighborhood! Say it ain’t so…. I’m sooooo J.

  159. SophieCT seems verrry suspicious, a la lorac’ers.
    (Must be a lez thang….)

  160. So, NES, does that mean that YOU are suspicious that the caller may have been….. YOU!? lol

  161. Perhaps it’s because they marry their first cousins that they are so effed up!

  162. Lorac’ers: I did not resemble that woman, Ms. Incognito!

  163. Ani, apologies for missing the show, too many issues on the home front, when I get a chance I will listen to it

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