Fears of emasculation would disappear if men could just accept that they are not superior to women!

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e·mas·cu·lat·ed, e·mas·cu·lat·ing, adjective

verb (used with object)


to castrate.

to deprive of strength or vigor; weaken.

deprived of or lacking strength or vigor; effeminate.
1.  debilitate, undermine, devitalize, soften.

Related Words for : emasculate

cissy, effeminate, epicene, sissified, sissy

I was listening to Ani’s latest great blog talk radio interview today, and the subject of “emasculation” came up.  The common usage of this word has always blown me away.  Emasculation in the physical sense is really not something that men have to fear in our society.  Emasculation tends to always be used in the figurative sense.

And what IS the figurative sense of emasculation?  Basically, that a man will become less than a man, effeminate, a sissy.  Those poor men, if they fall one centimeter beneath the absolutely lowest level of “masculinity”, they become like a woman!  Because of course, women are BENEATH men, second class, inferior, “less than”.  This hierarchical ordering of the genders is certainly tied very strongly to patriarchy, but flowing from that is the long-indoctrinated belief in both genders that women and men are two totally different creatures.  If you were to imagine a Venn-type diagram, our circles just don’t meet!

And that’s just ridiculous.  We are more alike than we are different, but those differences have been exaggerated and blown up so that we’re taught and reinforced for viewing ourselves as very different – even opposite – and in a hierarchical arrangement!

We’re all born with the ability to show empathy, to be strong, to be courageous, to be nurturant, to be goal driven, to put a toilet seat down!  We can all learn to change diapers, to be the higher earner in the family, to be the person who stays home with the kids.  Yet all of these HUMAN abilities were long ago split up into gender categories – so that now if a man develops more of his HUMAN abilities, becomes more actualized as a HUMAN, he’s becoming like a woman and “losing rank” – and this is a terrible, terrible fate for the poor big strong man.  He’s so “strong”, he’s terrified of evolving past the little gender box he was raised to be in.  And remember again, we’re not talking about physical castration – we’re just talking about expanding their human abilities!

If a woman does something to a man, she is said to be “emasculating” the man.  She’s a ball-breaker!  Women LIVE just to emasculate men!  Mothers strive hard to emasculate their sons, and then when the sons get married, the wives take over!  It’s a PLOT!  You can TELL this guy is NO LONGER a man – he has an APRON on!!!!  Everyone knows god said men cannot wear aprons!!!  If he wears an apron, his penis and testicles FALL OFF and he grows breasts and ovaries!!!!  There has historically been SUCH a pushback from men from stepping outside of the MAN box, that these genital transitions must literally happen!

And just WHAT are these horrendous acts that women do that pull the poor big strong men down below the acceptable level of “manliness”?  Oh, let’s think of some examples:

Making more money than her boyfriend.

Asking her boyfriend to carry her purse for a block.

Expecting her husband to help change the baby’s diapers.

Sharing the dinner cooking responsibilities, even when both spouses work

Letting a woman drive the car while the man sits in the passenger seat (this one is going away, but still exists in the older crowd!  But it was a HUGE no-no for half of my life!)

Being better at a sport than the man is (even if he is better than the woman at others!  He must be best in ALL!)

Being a better plumber than her husband is.

So, apparently, when a woman is equal to a man, she is emasculating him and making him slip down into inferior feminine land!  He must be superior or he is not a man.  He can not be equal and be a real man.  If men could accept that they’re equal and not base their identity on some presumed sense of superiority to women, a lot of the rest of this crap would disappear.  And there would be no such thing as (figurative) “emasculation”.

Basically, I believe that the person closest to the door may hold the door for the person behind them.  I believe that a person’s nurturance should come out because there is a baby crying.  I believe that a person’s bravery should come out because a deaf dog is lying in the street and you have time to dash out and pull it out of the way of the oncoming car.  I didn’t have to mention gender in any of those examples!  In other words, our gender shouldn’t determine our reactions to events in our lives – the events themselves should determine our reactions!

If we could get to the SENSIBLE place where people exhibit their HUMAN emotions based on events in front of them (or internal), then men would be free to expand their horizons without feeling emasculated, and without thinking they have some superior perch to protect!  A man could be a really tough prosecuting attorney by day, but go home and be a sweet, loving caregiver to his child – and maybe even put on an apron and help his wife, who also just got home from work, get the dinner ready!!!

Otherwise, we’re stuck with this:

Likewise, there wouldn’t have been all the jabs at Hillary, the huge conundrum of how such a cold, too-strong woman could CRY!  In a better world, we would understand that Hillary is strong in situations that require it, reserved in situations that need it, and emotional in situations that evoke it.

In a reasonable world, Hillary’s tearing up would have meant exactly what it did – that she is someone who cares deeply about the country, and she was very worried that we were going to go backwards.  A deeply felt love, and a deeply felt concern.  A true, hardworking public servant would have these feelings.  But hey, it’s way more fun to be sexist and give her grief when she is strong and shows her “masculine” side, and give her grief when she shows her “feminine” side and gets teary.  Yes, way more fun to attack her from every angle, because she doesn’t neatly fit the little gender role box she was assigned.  What an Uppity Woman – what nerve she must have to develop her whole human potential!!!   Arrrgghhh!

I just get so tired of this whole “emasculating” thing.  Men, you are not superior to us, and you don’t “become” us, or less of a man, for meeting us in the middle.  You’ve had centuries and centuries.  Time to get over it!  Seriously, if men could accept the fact that they are equal to us, they wouldn’t be worried about losing ground and becoming like 2nd class citizens, because there would be NO second class citizens!

This completes my rant!   And now for something more uplifting!


If you haven’t had a chance to catch all of Ani’s great interviews for her new book Dirty Words on Clean Skin, I’ve listed the links below for your easy listening pleasure!  The first one listed is the most recent.


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  1. Women LIVE just to emasculate men! Mothers strive hard to emasculate their sons, and then when the sons get married, the wives take over! It’s a PLOT!

    I knew it!

  2. Great post lorac!!
    And hold on to your hats….what’s this? A positive article about Hillary??? [checks out window for flying pigs]

  3. Can’t believe the Huffington Post covered this!
    Lorac, I love the title of your post. This is a most excellent post!
    Seems like this man thing starts very young too.

  4. Lorac! Another excellent post!
    Often I wonder if it does not go back to some primal fear. Must have been very very mysterious for our ancient ancestors to understand that losing blood through a wound was often a death sentence, yet here were women bleeding every month and apparently cheating death. Somewhere in the distant past some bright woman noticed that by watching the moon she could fairly accurately predict the onset of her menses- and that in turn, most likely, led to study of the movement of the stars and planets. How horrifying for the male warriors to understand that all their brawn and bluster could not give them the power.
    How the heck did we go from a matriarchal goddess system (and a female deity responsible for “giving life” or bringing forth creation makes way more sense lol) to a patriarchal hierarchy of male gods? Makes no sense really. (Can you tell I am a catholic in rebellion? lol subversive thing I am)

  5. Lorac please check your mail.

  6. Good morning (((((UPPITY’S))))

    A wonderful Post Lorac——so pitiful and so true

  7. The world’s gone quite mad. Reading the news has become an excursion into the land of the absurd.

    Going now to listen to the JWS/Ani show for a reality check.

    Love you, Lorac! Happy Wednesday.

  8. Happy Wednesday. Lorac! Another great post! 🙂

  9. @tweetofgod

    I define marriage as the relationship between ANY two people and the enormous amount of shit they have to deal with on a daily basis.

  10. Listen up, Uppityites.


    A must-read for:

    –Way it openly appeals to Clintonites.
    –Way it deals with Obama’s childish and creepy Julia ad.

    This Romney guy is turning out to be quite a clever fella.

  11. From my link, Romney’s appeal to Clintonites:

    But the failures were not caused by others, they were caused by wrong choices, the President’s choices.

    President Obama chose to apply liberal ideas of the past to a 21st century America.  Liberal policies didn’t work then, they haven’t worked over the last four years, and they won’t work in the future. New Democrats had abandoned those policies, but President Obama resurrected them, with predictable results.

    President Clinton said the era of big government was over. President Obama brought it back with a vengeance. Government at all levels now constitutes 38% of the economy, and if Obamacare is installed, it will reach almost 50%.

    President Clinton made efforts to reform welfare as we knew it. President Obama is trying tirelessly to expand the welfare state to all Americans, with promises of more programs, more benefits, and more spending.

  12. Adding my two rolls of duct tape: This is why I love the game of golf. The best golfer on our campus plays for the girls team. The second best player is my number one on the boy’s team. I always drill into all my player’s heads that everyone is eaqul in the game, but it is the amount of time, and effort you put into it, that will make you better. I hope this lesson is something that my players will always remember. A real golfer applies the lessons learned in the game, to their lives.

  13. NES: A great speech, I hope he picks the right VP and keeps his god dmned Hands off Planned Parenthood——-then he has a chance at getting my vote—–god I hope he has LEARNED by his past mistakes, It’s the only Hope I have

  14. @ NES I heard a little bit of an interview where Mittens talks about former POTUS and the message is being driven hard to the moderates. Barack cannot claim to be a moderate.

    Hey lorac, of course we live to “emasculte.” I know my ex in laws were mortified when they saw me (two weeks from delivery) take that lawn mower and go to town. The ex was still snoring and in a REM 4 at 6 AM. How dare I!

  15. Lorac, this was really good.
    I know I certainly lived to emasculate my son. Now he changes diapers, takes the baby for the day while my DIL goes out w/friends, shares cooking/cleaning tasks w/his wife, etc. and life is good for them and the baby.

    Here is one of my favorite parts of Mitt’s speech:

    Have you seen President Obama’s vision of the future? To help us see it, his campaign has even created a little fictional character, living an imaginary life filled with happy milestones for which she will spend the rest of her days thanking President Obama. It’s called “The Life of Julia.” And it is a cartoon.

    Julia progresses from cradle to grave, showing how government makes every good thing in her life possible. The weak economy, high unemployment, falling wages, rising gas prices, the national debt, the insolvency of entitlements – all these are fictionally assumed away in a cartoon that is produced by a president who wants us to forget about them.

    What does it say about a president’s policies when he has to use a cartoon character rather than real people to justify his record?

    Although I may not support Mitt completely, I must say that his thoughts about ‘Julia’ are similar to my own. But with MSM in TehOnce’s pocket, the rest of the country will likely never hear these words.

  16. NES, thanks for posting Romney’s speech. Romney has my vote. There is just no comparison with the loser Obama.

  17. Golf has interesting symbology in corporate America, Hillbilly. Plenty of promotions happen there on the links. I had a friend who was an awesome golfer and a woman and she learned that you have to let the Big Guy win if you want to win in the end. Lots of ego trips associated with golf. I think it’s the balls….

  18. I haven’t seen Julia yet since I refuse to click on his campaign website. It has received lots of derogatory remarks everywhere and they make me not even want to waste my time on it.

    Great Job to Ani and JWS. Of course it was well done – as expected.

    The Edwards trial is still so enjoyable to watch. Squirm you rat bastard election spoiling backstabbing pig. The speech writer testified that Edwards certainly knew about the money despite Edwards ludicrous claim to be unaware of Hunter’s shhhhhuuuuuushhhhh funding. Many legal types say Edwards will get off the hook because what he did could be deemed personal and not campaign related, but I fervently hope his ass is tossed into an orange jumpsuit and they put his perp walk to the clinker on billboards. And I hope Judas Richardson’s dick falls off.

    Is that too much to ask?

  19. I’m going to reserve my judgment on a vote for mittens till my third eye deduces his intentions regarding treating women’s rights as if they are privileges endowed by men.

  20. UW, us guys are subject to that also! Terminology? Clean your balls, stiff shafts, putters! But at the end of the day, all the equipment ends up in a “bag.” ! LOL!

  21. Just pulled a butternut squah out of the Nesco, stuffed and smothered with brown rice. apples, fresh strawberries, vidalia onion, scallion tips, walnuts, orange peel, butter and brown sugar. Bids?

  22. Ok, Uppity. Recipe! Recipe!

  23. UW: Squash & Brown Rice??———-doesn’t make sense

  24. Breaking news!

    Obama Blasts Obama’s Evasive Stance On Gay Marriage

    ‘The President Needs To Come Clean On His Views,’ Obama Says

    WASHINGTON—President Barack Obama lashed out at President Barack Obama’s seemingly evasive stance on gay marriage Tuesday, calling the head-of-state’s cagey position on the issue both “cowardly” and “an example of failed leadership.”

    Speaking to reporters from the White House East Room, Obama said that he has had enough of the president’s endless hedging on same-sex marriage and that, as president of the United States, he can’t just sit back and take a passive position on what he called the “most important civil rights issue of our time.”

    “President Obama’s inability to simply state whether he’s for or against gay marriage is unacceptable,” Obama said during a spirited 30-minute address in which he sharply criticized the president for failing time and again to articulate his beliefs. “This nonsense where he says his views are ‘evolving’ isn’t going to cut it anymore. It’s patronizing and it’s wrong.”

    “Mr. President,” the president continued, “I am waiting for your answer. We all are.”

  25. michelina, i LOVE rice with squash and with sweet potato too.

  26. WLM, honestly I just fudged it with what i had. I made a half cup of dry rice, using some veggie stock, chopped some green onion tips into it when it was nearly done. Sliced a vidalia onion really thin, Two large strawberries, sliced, a gala apple cut in pieces. Some orange peel I had hanging around (I always take the peel of oranges and lemons before I use them, they dry in a jar and are way better than the crap you buy).

    I cut the ends off the squash and put it whole in the microwave for about 3 minutes so it would be easier to cut in half lengthwise without losing a finger. Then I cleared out the seed hole and the strip of fibrous squash across the rest of the middle of the length, making another cavern. Salt and pepper. Then I put some butter, the apples and crushed walnuts, and some brown sugar of an eyeballed amount in there, salt and pepper and roasted the halves for about 40 minutes at 400. I removed the apples sometime in that time period, once I saw they were cooked but not mushy, and mixed them in with the cooked rice and kept it warm. I put the strawberry slices and thinly sliced onion on the squash halves and let them cook. When they were soft and the berries made some juice to soak in, I removed them and then put the rice and apples into the holes and across the top and put the onions and berries back on top, cooked it all again for about 20 min, until the squash was nice and soft and the skin was tender enough to be edible, because I actually like the skin of butternut squash. This made two halves but it’s enough to serve four people. I ate half of a half for lunch and and really full. I’l serve the rest tonight with pork chops.

  27. O’s interview with ABC is going to be aired at noon PDT. It’s rumored that he came out in favor of gay marriage. I think that’s probably right, but I’m sure he tried to weasel out of the full impact of his statement by noting that it’s a “states’ rights” issue. If I’m correct, it’ll be the only time the weasel has supported the 10th Amdmt.’s curbs on federal power.

    Anyone else have a prediction?

  28. You’re welcome, WLM. Romster has my vote too.

  29. I bet he weaseled with “full marriage equality” which is NOT the same thing.

  30. UW: sounds interesting and alot of work, MUST BE WORTH IT !!

  31. I’m CRUSHED. My hero Thatcher died. RIP, beloved Iron Lady, who “bent a nation to her will.”

  32. Nope. He came out for it.
    But, let’s see if he said it was a Tenth Amdmt. states’ rights issue — the devil may be in that detail.

  33. @ NES yup, he left it to the states. WEASEL.

  34. That squash sounds sinful!

  35. Hate to be right on this, mnc. But, I saw the outcome with a loan from UW of her third eye.

  36. See, this is why we lose this game. Women demand equality, whereas men demand superiority.

    Clearly Lorac is showing us the way!

  37. Thanks for the recipe, Uppity! It just sounds so delicious!

  38. Does this mean that Obama will start showing up at gay pride events?

  39. “The president stressed that this is a personal position, and that he still supports the concept of states’ deciding the issue on their own.”

  40. Here’s what I tweeted appx. an hour ago:

    Tweeted by: @NoEmptySuits

    Dear Mr. @BarackObama, if a state banned #interracial marriage, would you say that’s a “states-rights” issue? No, of course you wouldn’t.

    May 09, 12:30 PM via web

  41. Lorac, fabulous rant. I do not understand why a political distinction should be “emasculating: either. We each have our own skill set. There is no rule book for the way a man or woman can or should be measured. It would be lovely if we could celebrate one another rather than assuming if a woman breaks the barrier, it is taking anything away from a man.

  42. Excellent tweet, NES!

  43. madamab, the even BIGGER problem is women don’t demand equality. They beg for it.

  44. lizzy, WLM, like I said, I ate a half of a half for lunch and I am STILL not hungry. Would be GReAT for a diet when you consider it’s all veggies and fruits and the only calories come from a little brown sugar and maybe a half cup of rice for carbs.

    You don’t have to add the exact same things every time. I’ve done it with oranges, raisins, whatever I have. It’s a Onsey recipe, that’s what I call it. I never remember what I used next time. lol.

  45. NES the coverage of Thatcher is not out there. I see big stuff on Vidal Sasoon though.

  46. NES that third eye thing comes in handy when it’s not driving you crazy.

  47. Sorry not to be around- we constructed the second raised bed this morning, have to load the soil in tomorrow and Friday. Then I had the interview! I think it went very well, they asked me to email or fax references ASAP. Should know one way or the other in the next two weeks.

  48. I have been saying the same thing at my place…look how Obama “evolved” on same-sex marriage once the LGBT megadonors threatened to take their money away. We wimminz should have done the same years ago. (Not that I’ve said this before….)

  49. Yes, Upps, relieved to hear Maggie’s still alive. One must not trust the frogs on anything at all.

  50. Thanks UPPS!

  51. We wimminz should have done the same years ago.


  52. Oh, it must be an election year if Barky’s a’courtin already.

  53. Eh you got the job, Mom. Tell them the Uppityites are watching. lol.

    How are the new rugrates. Two weeks ago you had no cat. Now you have 8. See how that works?

  54. Madamab, Obama is a coward. He punted like he always does.

  55. If Obama could be guaranteed a second term, he’d let them put us all in burquas. He has no principles whatsoever.

  56. I guess nobody in DC has noticed that there is a civil war going on in Mexico and we have our borders wide open for people who do things like hang 9 bodies from a border town bridge.

  57. STOP THE PRESSES! Even Andrew Sullivan has limits — here’s one piece you’ll agree with.

  58. Oh that happened several days ago UW. There are more hanging and decapitated that they haven’t yet decided to announce formally.

    BTW, Gawker just dumped on Barry…called his announcement a bs statement. I’m dying here NES. Did the fool really think that his deep thoughts on marriage and turfing would carry him anywhere?

  59. For up to the minute Mexican army cartel crap, nothing beats Borderland Beat. Warning, they don’t hold back, but unlike Narco news they are a bit (just a bit) more responsible when putting up the visuals.

  60. Creepy seems quite suitable for Sullivan.

  61. The United States on Wednesday opened its banking market to ICBC, China’s biggest bank, for the first time clearing a takeover of a US bank by a Chinese state-controlled company.

    Just days after high-level US-China economic talks in Beijing, the Federal Reserve approved an application from Industrial and Commercial Bank of China to buy a majority stake in the US subsidiary of Bank of East Asia.

    Someone on ABC should have asked Bam about this during that important we interrupt your regular programming schedule to give you this unfortunate statement regarding gay marriage that no one but the kids believe (we hope).

  62. Brava lorac! Yeeeah! Great post! {standing and cheering} Will have laker read this when he gets home!

  63. Kittehs are fine. Ms Smokey Bones has relaxed on the eating thing. At first she was scarfing food so fast I thought she would make herself sick. She was going through three cans of food a day, plus about a cup of dry food. Now she is down to canned morning and evening and about a half cup of dry to carry her over between.
    I am a bit concerned – one kitten keeps getting out of the box- and I find it stashed in the cat carrier where they were born. (I left it right next to the box I have them in now) Not sure how it is getting out, or how it is getting in the carrier. Can’t catch them in the act. She/he/it is the largest of the kittens. Is she moving it over there do you think or is it escaping and crawling in there because of the scent? Worrisome, I do a head count half a dozen times a day now.
    They all seem to be growing at an appropriate rate. She is getting antsy and trying to sneak out past me when I open the door. HAH! Not happening! There will be no escaping to run wild for a repeat!

  64. Yes I expected her appetitie would level off once she realized food will be there for her daily and she doesn’t have to stock up, so to speak. It’s a good sign. Also means her nutrition is good and she isn’t craving to better it. That little one at that age can only get into that carrier one way: Mom. Question is why is she separating it? Watch to see if she feeds it. She may be rejecting a sick kitten. Or the weakest. If that’s what’s happening, you can bottle feed it.

    Unfortunately you can’t have mom fixed while she’s nursing so she’s going to try to book for her next romp. Clever, they are, so watch it.

  65. Hmmmmmmm if she’s the largest of the kittens, she’s not sick. Perhaps she’s/he’s a hog and Mom is trying to help out the others so they get more nutrition. Interesting.

  66. Re: The sullivan piece.

    Why the Ef would I want to wish Michelle a happy mother’s day? Isn’t that reserved for your mother? This homesy spunsy crap is just so phony and stupid, I’m glad I deleted the email address so none of them can send me this pukeworthy crap.

  67. I moved it back to the rest- and it is the biggest of them all. It moves well, and I have seen her nursing all of them. I will keep an eye on it. I still have the KMR and the bottle.
    And there is no way she is getting out of the house. Even if she escapes the room there are no doors open to the outside. I have not put the bottom screens in the storm doors yet- first because I did not want Jack to get any ideas- and now because I do not want her going through the screen if she does escape from her room. I have lost many the screen to cats wanting out lol. I do open the inner window in her room on warm days- but not enough that she can get to the screen and claw her way out. Just enough for some fresh air.

  68. Yeah I bet mom is giving it a diet. lol. And keeping it from hogging all the milk. Sure is interesting. They move them for a reason, always.

    Oh yeah I had a cat I went crazy trying to find in the house and found him sunning himself on the lower roof overhang outside an upstairs bedroom window. He took out the screen. lol.

  69. Another great post, Lorac! I LOVE the visual thesaurus.

    Mom’s don’t have to emasculate their sons any more since the corporate food complex is much better at it. Between the hormones in milk and the prevalence of soy in everything, we’re seeing lots more man boobs and shrunken testicles.

  70. ProudMillitaryMom…I completely agree with Uppity… this kitten must have some health issues…That has been my experience for over 30 years… Does it mean the kitten will die…NO! Just that MOM knows something is going on…. Or, like Uppity said she is moving this one away so the others can eat more… that has happened to me with a foster litter of 6 kittens…. I just removed the crate and put wet food on a flat plate (paper)… use ground wet food and smash it again with a fork so the kitten who is being ousted has a resource of food if he/she needs it… Also, remember, a ferals will come in heat (season) earlier and more often and their young will be advance by about 2 weeks ahead of a well fed and cared for domesticated cat…. that is how nature works. Just keep an eye on the one being transferred from the (Pack) and placed in the carrier…. OH, and lay blankets or towels down so if the little one is on its own for the night it has some way to keep warm….Remember, Kitten’s (little ones) do not generate body heat…. until they are at least 6 weeks old…. Just trying to help if I can…. Sounds like you are doing a heck of a job with the gang… We are here for you if you hit a bump or two…. 🙂 🙂 😆 😆 😆

  71. NES, the Gawker article was right on!

  72. I worry about putting wet food out, if the kitten is a hog and tries to eat it, it can choke. I think some kmr would be safer but you know how kits at that age only know how to suckle. I’m thinking the Mom is feeding it but not constantly so the others can catch up. So long as it doesn’t wither and indicate no feeding, it should be okay. But Mom…..Casper’s right about the warmth thing. I’d also check to see if the mother moves the big one back in the box now and then and is pushing some kind of schedule so the others get more feeding time.

  73. Another great post lorac! I might add that a schemer is typically a word applied to women. Men are brilliant tacticians. Oh yes, and Hillary tearing up is roundly degraded by the MSM as a weakness or ploy by MSM media and pundits, while Rush or Boner (love that typo) tearing up, gee, we should sympathize with them. Ani, as others here have said, the camera loves you!

  74. Hey Casper, all I can say is I wouldn’t want to be the one buying that kitten his food when he grows up. lol.

  75. There are towels in the carrier and another on top to keep out drafts. I just went up, she had some dry food and is nursing them all now. They are all moving around well, trying to get their legs coordinated- they look like a pack of blind drunken sailors lol.
    Oh- For dry food I am feeding her kitten chow- she still looks like she needs the extra vitamins and nutrients- but once I started her on it was when she started calming down about food. Must be something in the kitten formula she was lacking.

  76. Casper also, I’m pretty sure that mother cat is not a bona fide feral. I think she was someobody’s house cat who either strayed or was kicked out, and she’s been on her own for awhile. The way she adapted to Mom’s overtures so quickly tells me she’s no born feral by any means. I have seen some pregnant ferals calm right down once they are captured, but they are not apt to purr that quickly to the touch like this cat does. I’m thinking this cat has deduced that she likes this hotel a lot and plans on staying. Wouldn’t be a bit surprised if she turns out to be PMMom’s second cat.

  77. Uppity you have a good point about the wet food… just water it down and if the kitten goes to it they will eat…. I have fostered 2week old kittens who did not do well on the KMR… So, I bought jars of Gerbers baby food and reduced it down with a little water to a almost liquid form so I could put it on a flat dish and of course they were a complete mess after meddling in the food… 😆 😆 😆 but, they did great! Oh, and the bottle, they did not like… 😯 and they did suckle on the flat plate with food… 🙂 😆 😆 And, you are soooo right the food bill for the SHAQ Kitten would be huge…. 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 wishing PMM the very best and what a great task she has taken on….. CATS!!! JUST LOVE THEM!!! 🙂 😆 😆 😆 🙂

  78. Casper, baby beef and baby turkey are absolute pantry staples for anybody who rescues cats of any age. It’s great for a mending cat, great for cats with low appetite when they are sick, and is all around something I am NEVER without. Never used it for kits that young but have filed that away in my head for posterity. I’ve had good luck with KMR, but think it’s GREAT for a pregnant rescue as a way to boost her nutrition in a hurry. I’ve fed it to nursing mothers too.

  79. The truth is, men are emasculated by other men. Our parents generation is a classic example, the Dads were often ridiculously hard on their sons, if you’ve ever seen That 70’s Show, the Dad, “Red” is what I’m talking about. I knew a lot of Dads like that. Also, look at the sports world, from school on up to the pros.

  80. Rush or Boner (love that typo)

    It wasn’t a typo. lol

  81. socal – great observation!

  82. Sweet Jebus, that privacy-hating nazi Robert Bork is advising Mitt Romney.

    See “Borking”. Read about how the senate Borked him as a SCOTUS nominee and how he doesn’t believe Privacy is part of the constitution, and that your privacy goes only as far as legislation lets it go. Get your vaginas ready, girlz.

  83. WHat a bunch of crap about emasculation. When a guy wants to be King of his Castle and a woman pushes back, she’s not emasculating him, she’s reminding him he’s NOT superior and she’s not there to be his reliable servant in life.

    Humans are the ONLY species where the female actually gives birth to their own oppressors, and if anything, they help train them to oppress.

  84. Emasculation is the word men use when they are forced to do those unpleasant tasks they would rather force women to do for them. Even professions are included. Men didn’t become teachers in great numbers until it started looking good to them, what with unions and summers off and all. Before that, men got to be the Principals, lording over the women teachers. Most nurses are women but you check with the military, every branch has a Head Nurse and that would be a man. Given the chance they would want the top Girl Scouts position, if it pays six figures.

  85. Favor Needed 🙂

    If you can, please go here and vote for “Dirty Words on Clean Skin”



  86. Can’t vote. I refuse to use Facebook.

  87. Its not Facebook. Its Good Reads. You can sign in with FB or you can register and do without FB 🙂

  88. I tried to vote and it tossed me into the facebook signup.

  89. Great post, lorac!

    You have such a way with words.

  90. Poor 911 operator. Must have lost their lunch with that call.

  91. Nobody home I guess.

  92. Hey Uppity. I’m around but deflated for some reason. And that is perhaps because I can just picture that POS dusting his shoulders off from the hard decision he had to get to and those dreadful primary results. And because the SEIU is paying board for Occupiers in DC
    and because the sun only teases. Mostly it is rainy, damp, and buggy. Ick.

    Don’t know that I’ll hang around, so if you and yours found something exciting to do, have at it.

  93. Please vote for “Dirty Words on Clean Skin” 🙂

  94. I hate how facebook is trying to take over the internet with their “Sign in with Facebook” – not everyone wants too!

    I just took a look without being signed in. Yes you get that big Sign in With FB thing in your face. If you look up in the right hand corner however, you can register on Good Reads and then log in without FB. Of course you have to register, get a verification email etc etc.

    If anyone is so inclined, here is the link again to register to vote for Ani’s book. You can also rate and/or review it!


  95. 911 call to talk dirty – what a world we live in 🙂

  96. Worse than that cats.

    OT Policy adviser testifies Edwards wanted Supreme Court seat


    I’m dying here. The liar caught with his pants down around his ankles wanted a seat on SCOTUS. OMG, no one can make this up.

  97. That Edwards case has been pretty interesting. Slimy people. Can’t believe I used to like him, years ago.

  98. I’m stunned socal. I must still be naive because I just could not imagine thinking like JE. Slimy is a nice description for this creep.

  99. Edwards – Supreme Court seat????

    Totally delusional! Unbelievable!

  100. My thoughts exactly cats. What hooch kegger was he swilling in?

  101. Let’s face it, there are already unsavory scheeves on the SCOTUS without adding another one.

  102. The Chicago Way of politics is redefining ick. They knew all along about his gal pal. Elizabeth was right, he’s just another pretty boy that’s dumber than a box of rocks.

  103. Did she say that about him? I LOVE it!

  104. Whoa! This is a first! A NEGATIVE article about Obama in the Los Angeles Times!!!!!! It’s all about the Obama/Clooney Bash at Georgie’s pad in Studio City.

  105. I tell you, it’s just all so decadent, so tacky in the midst of the worst economic crises since the Great Depression. Do these people not see how very Imelda and Ferdinand this all looks?

    This is a Let Them Eat Cake President if ever there was one.

  106. I remember reading somewhere that she would belittle him. I don’t remember the exact words UW, but the word was either “stupid” or “dumb.”

  107. Do these people not see how very Imelda and Ferdinand this all looks?

    No, they don’t.

  108. The “dumber than a box of rocks” is mine.

    She would call him a “hick” in front of other people. She also made sure to tell them that she read books.

  109. Wow, it was quiet today!!!

    From the LA times article about Obama’s $40,000 a plate Hollywood fundraiser at which he is expected to raise 15 million: (bolding mine)

    Los Angeles is shutting school libraries, laying off teachers and shutting down fire houses. And VIPs are paying $40,000 for a Wolfgang Puck hors d’oeuvre and a silly photo with a president who only now has come to think it might be OK for gay people to have the same rights as straight people.

    (snip) If money buys victory and access, what about the masses who can’t afford a $40 fundraiser let alone a $40,000 party?

    When do they get the president’s ear?

    I suspect some of the self-congratulatory high-rollers at Clooney’s house are paying more for two hours with the President than they pay their nannies, housekeepers and gardeners in a year.

    I’m sure George Clooney and some of his pals are good people who want to save the world and even toss a crumb to a local charity now and again. But if they’re so desperate to celebrate their wonderful ways and important causes, why not a Hollywood fundraising party to save the libraries, rec centers or the parks. Or better yet, might Wolfgang Puck and all the beautiful people be available to stage a fundraiser for campaign finance reform?]

  110. mcnorman, are you talking about M. Obama or Edwards’ wife?

  111. Elizabeth lorac. Gosh, the label could go either. snicker

  112. I can’t believe the press is calling Obama’s remark that gays “Should” be “allowed” to be marriaged a ‘Major Decision”. How is this a major decision and what does what he said say about his actual knowledge of equal rights when we “should allow” those “others” to be equal? Judas Priest! This is ridiculous. All he wants is money from that community. He is just as much a bigot as any Republican decrying gay rights.

  113. http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/lanow/2012/05/steve-lopez-george-clooney-obama-fundraiser.html

    It’s about time! They are shutting down program after program; thousands are losing their jobs here in LA — and now this!

    Unbelievable. Limousine liberal is right.

    There was another article today quoting some powerful Hollywood types who said they no longer liked Pr. Obama and were very disappointed in him — the next comment I couldn’t even believe — a man said “I’ll probably write the check, but I won’t vote for him again.”

    Will someone please explain that logic to me?!

  114. Their ’causes’ are always monuments to themselves. They do it for publicity. It’s called “Doing well by doing good”. Real charity is done quietly.

  115. “I remember reading somewhere that she would belittle him. ”
    Probably Obama also. IIRC, one of the few things that the judge allowed about Obama in the Blago trial related to Obama not being able to act (accepting money) without first asking Michelle. IRRC, Blago and other high rollers were talking about how to split up bribes(?) kick backs(?). Someone asked whether Obama should be thrown a few dollars and Blogo laughed and basically said: don’t bother, Obama would have to go home and ask Michelle first.

  116. I thought the comment was from Elizabeth on John.

    Michelle most DEFINITELY belittles Barack.

  117. YOu don’t tell a small group these things, much less the entire country:

    He stinks in the morning.
    I thought at times he was raised by wolves.

  118. Real charity is done quietly.

    Amen, Uppity. My hubby and I participated in a charity event here a few years ago and I would never do it again because they spent half the day congratulating us and themselves — Geez, just give me some helpful tips and send me on my way. I came here to help. Time’s a tickin’ and while these people were busy congratulating themselves, the kids they were supposed to be supporting were sweltering on stopped buses waiting for their benefactors’ benificence.

  119. cats is correct= if you don’t mind JOINING goodreads, jumpimg through hoops. etc, to become a member, you can without involving Facebook, Twitter or anything else at=

    Then just enter the book title and you’re there. With my vote, DWOCS has 5 five-star recommendations. C’mon gang, lets give Ani a boost!

  120. Thanks, Hal! And thanks, Cats for continuing to push this…

    I will be at speaking on a panel at Pasadena City College next Tuesday evening. Will offer up details as soon as I have them. If any of you are in the (truly) immediate area — don’t want anyone to do any big schlepping!

  121. How do you get free publicity and get to write off the cost on your taxes?

    Answer: “Doing well by doing good”.

  122. Political correctness, Ani. Splash the cash in public. Vote in privacy otherwise.

  123. You’re right, towncrier. It is so sad that someone would feel the need to do this just to curry favor — but what else is new.

  124. We ran into a movie industry acquaintance tonite and spent some time shooting the breeze. He says that bark made the gay marriage comment becuz his billionaire gay donors were leaning on him very heavily, that they felt he owed them (& Gays) more support than he has given thus far. That he made big promises to them in 08 and they felt this was a good time to press him. So he said what he did, but in the half assed way he did becuz he doesn’t want to turn off the middle America that is not for Gay marriage yet. Movie guy said everyone is talking about this in Hwood. This sounds like a more logical scenario than the melodramatic spy/politico/thriller idea someone posted on another site as the reason for the statement.

  125. socal – but are they happy? Satisfied?

    For me, while I understand it’s HISTORIC (lol) for a president to clearly state he thinks gays should be able to marry (before pushing it off as a state’s right) – I’m underwhelmed. First, the guy lies all the time, so I really don’t know what he thinks. I’ve never been convinced he has any strong principles on anything, anyway!

    2nd, the timing was suspicious. I had also heard, as you did, that big donors were putting on pressure, and of course an election is coming up.

    3rd – it just seems like more of the same. He passes the Lily ledbetter but ignores the Fair Pay Act (but when he talks about it, he conflates the two). No Fair Pay Act Legislation will follow, no change will come of it. Now he’s all over the place on gay marriage, but his latest proclamation is the strongest – of his *alleged* own personal beliefs. No legislation will come of it, no change will come of it.

    I’m different than the Hollywood types, though – I don’t have big bucks, and I didn’t vote for him the first time (and I’m not about to start now!). And actually, even if I TOTALLY believed him AND he was going to get a law passed NOW – I still wouldn’t vote for him. I’m way more concerned about the economy. I don’t have a little Laker or a wonderful hubbie – I’m totally focused on building retirement funds – so the economy is my number one priority. If he passed a law, I’d be happy – but it wouldn’t make me like him on either a personal or professional level. It wouldn’t make me donate or vote for him.

    I remember when gay marriage passed in CA and several people came up to me all excited, wanted to know if I was excited. I was nonplussed! I said, “yeah, it passed. Until they repeal it.”

    I liked NES’ response here or elsewhere, she tweeted to Obama and asked (not exact words) – if intraracial marriage were again outlawed in some states, you’d still stick to the “states’ rights” mantra? No, you wouldn’t!

    Anywaym does any of that make any sense?

    Oh, here’s the REAL anyway: Anyway, lol, the point was, will you tell us what the gay Hollywood types are thinking!

  126. Yes, NES’s tweet was great. I need to go retweet (?) it. I still haven’t gotten used to twitter yet, and have been really busy these past few weeks.

    Hmm, haven’t talked to any gays about it except you guys. Should text my sis-in-law. Was just reporting this to you guys as what we heard from someone who works for a very important movie co. The point is that barkalounger didn’t do it out of his own heartfelt beliefs but as a political payback. I’m glad that he said it, btw, but agree that the “states” caveat was horrible. He just fumbles along in his slip slidey fashion–Lily Ledbetter was a great example. And I can’t think of anything that would get me to vote for him either.

  127. I liked NES’ response here or elsewhere, she tweeted to Obama and asked (not exact words) – if intraracial marriage were again outlawed in some states, you’d still stick to the “states’ rights” mantra? No, you wouldn’t!

    Thanks dear lorac! In a fit of mischievousness, I also posed the same question to MichelleO, Axelrod, and James Messina.

  128. Thanks dear lorac! In a fit of mischievousness, I also posed the same question to MichelleO, Axelrod, and James Messina.


  129. Well gosh, when you’re even teached and coached about “wimmenly ways” like in Arizona, it’s hard to resist:

  130. Surely, the truth is that men and women are “equal but different”. I think we have to identify each other’s strengths and weakness and accept and take advantage of them for the betterment of all.

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