Facebook co-founder renounces USA citizenship to avoid taxes when Facebook goes public.

Facebook co-founder  Eduardo Saverin has renounced his USA citizenship as part of a financial strategy  just before Facebook goes public. He stands to make roughly $3.84 Billion in the IPO move and  will get himself a Whopping tax break by denouncing US citizenship.

Well that’s some slick timing. Eduardo Saverin, who is best known for co-founding Facebook with Mark Zuckerberg back in their college days at Harvard, has given up his United States citizenship.

His name appeared on a list published on April 30 by the United States Office of the Federal Register, which issues a quarterly list of people who have given up their U.S. citizenship. The news was first picked up by Bloomberg earlier today.

The switch will almost certainly decrease the number of American taxes he owes on the $3.84 billion or so he is reportedly in line to make once Facebook goes public, which is widely expected to happen next week. As Bloomberg reported: “Renouncing your citizenship well in advance of an IPO is ‘a very smart idea’ from a tax standpoint, said [University of Michigan international tax law professor Reuven] Avi-Yonah.”

Eduardo was born in Brazil and has been  a USA citizen since age 16.

To be sure, the “99%” won’t be Occupying this 1%-er’s door, demanding they “Pay their fair share,”  as Saverin helped give them their beloved Facebook, which they cannot live without, just as they cannot live without their ipods and ipads made by Apple, a company they worship which manufactures in China every single product they make. But that won’t stop our OWSers from adoring  Facebook and Apple, will it now?

I would venture to say that Facebook won’t suffer from any loss of USA users at all. They know their captive audience well.

There’s no irony here at all, is there?

As we continue working on “increasing taxes for the 1%” who look just like Eduardo Saverin — we will quickly see how well  they adapt to their “options” just like Eduardo just did.

What have we learned from this story? Take your time. I’ll wait.


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  1. As the kitten said, looking at the quarter= “I have a money–what will I do with it?
    Continuing the mega-comments lorac’s last post generated, this fit=

    Well gosh, when you’re even teached and coached about “wimmenly ways” like in Arizona, it’s hard to resist:

  2. I say let ’em go. And don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out. es, I agree with de-occupying FB and Apple products.But I also agree with taxing these guys. The middle class cannot be continuously taxed more and expected to pay more and more and suffer reduced services and quality just to keep these guys in bonuses.

  3. He IS taxed. He’s leaving because he doesn’t want to pay those taxes. To imagine we can keep him here by taxing him more is folly. He’s outta here. We’ve seen more and more of this both within and without the USA. MANY people have changed their state residencies to get away from higher taxed states. People have moved from one state to another and given themselves an instant disposible income increase. I have personal friends who packed up and left NY and are richer on basically the same income. It’s not just the very wealthy doing it. It’s survival now. The very rich have MANY options by which they can avoid taxes without tax writeoffs, and what this pig did is just one example. You cannot stop ANYBODY from changing their citizenship. It’s food for thought. Perhaps we need to stop sending barrels full of money to the very countries they move to and start keeping that money here.

  4. I get that he’s leaving because he doesn’t want to pay those taxes. And I do not imagine we can keep him here by taxing him more. I’m saying that if they don’t want to pay their fair share of taxes, they were never a real part of our community and we don’t need them. Buh-bye.

    I live in the expensive northeast because I think it’s worth it. If others don’t value this lifestyle and culture, they can go to a community that has the kind of cost/value ratio that they prefer.

  5. Uppity, I agree with keeping our money here for awhile. I thought it used to be that folks left their countries for the USA because of taxes. My, how times have changed.

    Oh, a comment based on Uppity’s comment in the last post (got that?), selfishly I don’t won’t the Uppity blog to take a long break. Sorry, I know that is selfish and since I don’t have a blog, I can’t possibly know the intense, hard work it takes. Uppity, you and your elves rock!

  6. Even our wealthy elected officials are doing these things. Michelle Bachmann is now a duel citizen. You think she did that because she loves the Swiss? It’s a way to launder money legally. Okay, she’s anti tax. So what’s John Kerry’s excuse He resided his huge new yacht in another state to avoid Mass taxes.

  7. Sophie, I know a fair number of people who loved NY but still left. The exodus in NY in the past decade was so HUGE that we are about to lose congressional seats. They simply couldn’t afford to live here any longer. It’s as simple as that. They wanted more for themselves and knew they could get it by getting out from under NY’s habit of taking as much money as the can get away with at all levels of govt. It’s the same thing only on a lesser level. The thing is, if we have a cavalier attitude about them leaving the country the way we did about New Yorkers leaving by the MILLIONS, we are the Losers. We will lose MAJOR revenue because we told too many people they better give More and they said, I’ve had Enough.

  8. The other problem with NY is it’s a MAJOR welfare state and the middle class just can’t take being made poor any longer to pay for everybody else. So they hop over to another state and suddenly they have more of thei rown money and it feels good not to worry about those bills any longer.

    Also businesses started to drive right by NY. It was too expensive to do business here, so jobs went south too. Other states were happy to benefit from it. And young people never returned after college. Why should they when they can get a better job elsewhere. We spite ourselves by imagining we have control over what a business will do. We don’t. They leave. They leave a state and then they leave a country.

  9. Well, frankly, I am tired of the high tax rates and with everything being taxed. There has got to be a better way.

  10. I do not do facebook. It will hopefully drop members in record numbers due to this disgusting news story. How unpatriotic, how greedy. So wrong on so many levels. I think the site itself is just awful and bad for our world. Not just because of teens and bullying or kids preyed on by sex offenders but our whole culture is regressing and becoming juvenile. It is infantile to always need to brag to the world about every little thing you do and to put it on display for an ego boost. I only went on a few times with my daughter but found it to be a waste of time.

  11. Uppity, I left NY a decade ago for love and family so unfortunately I’m counted as part of that statistic. The folks in CT said I’d like the taxes here better. Well, they’re only marginally better and you get nothing. In NY, I had water coming to my house and effluent plumbing left the house without me having to think about it. I had street lights and a curb. I had garbage collected twice a week. When it snowed, the trucks rolled early and often (yes, I know they were getting double time and a half).

    In CT, I have a well with an electric pump and every time the power goes out (which is fairly often here), I don’t have water (not even to flush). Oh, I had gas in NY too so I still could cook, shower, warm my house, and run the dryer with no power. I have a septic tank here and I have to contract the garbage and the plow service to my not-town-owned semi-private drive (unimproved, not-a-town road, really). CT rolls plows ONCE per storm. They wait for the drivers to get rid of most of the snow! And they don’t plow to the asphalt either!

    P.S. It took me 5 years to find bread I would eat.

    I would gladly move back to NY but my home equity got sucked up by the vortex and I have to wait to sell my house.

  12. ROFL on the bread!

  13. To be fair, I’ll tell you what’s better about CT: the wineries and the proximity of farms and farmers markets to people. I can buy raw milk in retail stores and CT had same-sex marriage before NY.

    On the other hand, the bastages went for the Big Zero in 2008 and they don’t have a parade.

  14. I love NY. I lived there over 46 years. I couldn’t afford it after my divorce and moved out around 9 years ago. It was also getting squirrely after 9/11. Too many bad things going on everywhere. Way, way too expensive for every single thing I did there.

    I had to move into a studio that was the size of a roach motel and it has mice and bugs and was in bad shape and I had to put my furniture in a storage room since it didn’t fit. Books, couch, table and chairs etc. to store in a small storage unit was $400 a month. My rent alone was $1200 for a dump.

    When I first moved to PA I rented a whole house for as much as my NY storage unit cost! A 8 x 8 x 8 metal unheated storage unit (with bugs too) for the same as a lovely two story one bedroom house with porches and yard and garage and huge closets and all new appliances.

    And in NY I had lots of stress and issues to deal with all the time.

    Peaceful and simple in the country. I could never move back to a city.

  15. Let him leave. Then tax him every time he makes so much as a phone call to the USA.

  16. He’s been living in Singapore. I don’t even think he bothers coming here. Obviously he has no fealty to the USA, just hung around to get successful and take advantage of what other countries make more difficult.

  17. Hal, I read your article. Can you believe that????? Oooooh, we can’t play against a team which has one woman on it. They might BEAT us and then we’ll EMASCULATED!!!!! ROFL big tough guys, too afraid to play against a team with a woman!

  18. Karen, don’t forget, I’m moving out there with you one of these days! Save me a spot under a big tree! Hopefully one with a hammock!

  19. lorac, I love my house. There’s a place for you, roomie! Tons of critters and a gazillion trees. Get rope and start knotting. A lorac rest spot between every tree.


  20. OWS stickin’ it to the 99%. Thanks OWSies…..twinkle fingers down!

  21. lorac, you need TWO trees for a hammock, California girl.

  22. Obama wants people to “nag” congress

  23. lorac, exactamondo. They were afraid their little penises won’t grow up big if the lost to that team.

  24. OMG that marriage chart is hilariously awful.

  25. Apparently Obama sent out a mailer that says ledbetter guarantees equal pay. FUCKING LIAR!

  26. He doesn’t even have equal pay in his own office. Guys make more.

  27. True, that. He also paid the women on his 2008 campaign staff less. Pig. And yeah, I just happen to have a link.

  28. McCain hired more women, promoted more women and paid women more. He also chose a woman for a running mate.

    But Obama is a feminist.

  29. I quit facebook some time ago. Never used it, then noticed people I didn’t know were posting weird pix on it. I shut it down asap, which was actually somewhat complicated. I do have a mac desktop & mac laptop, but I am very Windows/pc challenged and had nothing but trouble with computers til I tried the mac 11 years ago. It changed my life, so easy, so intuitive. I’m very right brained & I think some of us just don’t get pc operations. We do not run out and buy everything mac though, don’t have the phones or other things. I do like their customer service btw, I have never paid for any tech time when they have worked on my stuff, they comp me free software (that they are selling in their store) all the time, appointments at their “genius bar” are free, and when laker fell and broke his ipod, they just gave me a new one. We were past the warranty, & laker broke it, but the guy just listened to my story and said don’t worry, I’m giving you a new one. It retailed for $299. I think most computers are made in china now, or japan or brazil. I am trying really hard to buy usa and especially not buy made in china, but its not easy. We’re getting laker a Made in USA guitar for grad. So many are made in China now. Its really sad.

  30. Upps, I agree people should move where its best for them, but still think this guy is sleazy…renouncing his citizenship to avoid taxes. How freaking rich to the super rich have to be fcs. Its obscene. Well, I hope he enjoys Singapore, where the rich people (especially white) are really despised by the “commoners”. I’ve been to Singapore, and I enjoyed my week there, but wouldn’t want to live there.

  31. Upps, I showed hubbie the vid on the last post and he says elevator doors are massively heavy and wouldn’t come apart like that. He loved your hilarious post though and was laughing hysterically.

  32. Ugh. This story makes me ill. What is even more irritating is for marketing reasons, I gather I have to stay with Facebook at the moment.

  33. It’s late, I just got back from taking my daughter to a hotel in the city. She runs a half-marathon tomorrow morning. (I’m so grateful that it is Mother’s Day weekend.) This is the first MD she has been here in at least 10 years.
    Because I won’t be around much this weekend, i wanted to say H

  34. Because I won’t be around much this weekend, I wanted to say Happy Mother’s Day to everyone here in Uppity’s world.

    (I have no idea what just happened to my comment. But I tried to keep it in context.) Microsoft Windows hates me. The feelings are mutual.

  35. Oh!!!!! I’m NOT a CA girl! I know you need two trees for a hammock! lol

    and anyway, maybe I’m really spry, and I was envisioning a huge tree, full of beatiful leaves, branches as large as the trunks on other less majestic trees, and I’d have a hammock strung up between two of those huge branches! lol

  36. Greta is opening up with, among other things, the new book in which Bill is said to have urged Hillary to run against O in 2012 because O is incompetent. She called it a “bombshell”.

  37. UW, I’ve heard O on many times conflate Lily Ledbetter with the benefits of the Fair Pay which they couldn’t bother to pass. Guess there were TWO reasons to pass the one with few teeth – they could pander to some low-info voters at that time (look what we’re doing for women!), and then also conflate the two acts and pretend like you’ve done some great thing anyway!

  38. lorac! Are you saying that CA girls don’t know that you need 2 trees to hang a hammock?!

  39. Hal, that baseball story was sickening. I think the team that forfeited displayed a revolting lack of sportsmanship. I would never let my kid participate in any group that pulled a stupid sexist stunt like that.

  40. imust, that would be our fearless leader, UW! lol

    I was saying that FOR SURE I know, because I grew up in a tree-rich environment – the midwest lol

  41. I read somewhere that Bubba denied the report in that book. If it was true, I bet he’s pissed at whomever was at his house and blabbed.

    California has a lot of the same problems as NY, that Uppity mentioned. Super expensive to live here. Still…its so great. I live in an area with natural beauty, beautiful neighborhoods, the best shopping, and not crowded. The city is a short distance away for fun stuff like concerts, plays and sports. The traffic to the city is horrendous most of the time. They are saying that the population in California is finally not increasing as a lot of people have moved away, and immigration has slowed…they say.

  42. ARDMORE, Pa. (AP) — Like many black Americans, Dorsey Jackson does not believe in gay marriage, but he wasn’t disillusioned when Barack Obama became the first president to support it. The windows of his suburban Philadelphia barbershop still display an “Obama 2012” placard and another that reads “We’ve Got His Back.”

    If Obama needs to endorse same-sex marriage to be re-elected, said Jackson, so be it: “Look, man — by any means necessary.”

    With that phrase popularized by the black radical Malcolm X, Jackson rebutted those who say Obama’s new stand will weaken the massive black support he needs to win re-election in November. Black voters and especially black churches have long opposed gay marriage. But the 40-year-old barber and other African-Americans interviewed in politically key states say their support for Obama remains unshaken.

    Some questioned whether he really believes what he says about gay marriage or merely took that stand to help defeat Republican Mitt Romney


  43. socal tell Mr. Socal that the video was a bona fide security tape. Darwin never issues an award without checking out the submission. You need to go to the Darwin link and read about it. I could tell you a local elevator story that would freak you out. shit happens. Especially to old unmaintained devices used by morons. If I recall the original submission last year when I covered it, it didn’t happen in the USA either.

  44. I swear, Obama could bite the head off a puppy on National TV and his die-hard base would still vote for him.

  45. How many Californians does it take to hang a hammock?

    ………ducking and running…

  46. Living in Upstate NY is the pits now. Incidentally, to NY City, any place an hour above them is “upstate”. The state is in for a world of disappointment they haven’t even seen yet. The mass exodus hit and what’s left has to pay for everything. Unemployed people trying to hang onto their homes see double digit property and school tax increases everywhere. It’s a losing scenario. Only thing that is cheaper now is housing since nobody wants to move to NY any longer and you can use the abandoned homes as planters. As for the City, you get to live like a poor person on an income that would keep you comfortable most anywhere else, so I can see why Karen booked.

  47. I gather I have to stay with Facebook at the moment

    Like I said, they know their captive users very well.

  48. In yet another lying flip flop “Dramatic Shift,” Coal is now showing up in his energy plan.

  49. Californians hang ten

  50. UW: In yet another lying flip flop “Dramatic Shift,” Coal is now showing up in his energy plan.
    Amazing what an out-of-state inmate and motivated voters can accomplish. So lucky we are to have the internet. Tis the only way we’d know of this. BTW I saw a sobering tweet:. In paraphrase. Books, libraries etc. are disappearing. What WILL we do when/if the internet is gone? Dark ages, I guess.

    FB. tee vee recently told me there’s an experiment going on in Australia where users via a PayPal charge, can have their “status” highlighted. Maybe FB will “evolve” in a direction and price itself into less favorable popularity. However, I did want to point out a plus that I’ve found for it. Through a screwy scenario, one of my daughters and one of her daughters frequent the place. I joined as a way to know more about their lives, and I do. It also enabled me to reconcile with a stepson after a 15 year hiatus and more reconciliations are possible. There is also a wee bit of extra closeness to the relations in UK brought on by said daughter marrying a Brit.

    The FB weaknesses mentioned above of flaunting material things and “campaigning” to keep the group upbeat do exist.

    Uppity if you take a long hiatus which you absolutely have earned, I will have severe withdrawal issues. Just saying.

  51. Well Pamela that doesn’t mean you can’t come here and comment. Just means I won’t be stressing myself about the next major post I have to write or want to write, but I would rather be in the garden. Then you can come here whenever it’s convenient for your life and so can I! Truth is, I could write the sequel to Gone With The Wind in June, post it and nobody would be around to give a shit. Besides, we’re all going to be festering over the lies and bullshit and polls and…same as 2008, and it was a horrible summer for this blogger, let me tell you. Nothing real will happen till Septemeber, when the two boys in the band running against one another with the same sponsors start panicking.

  52. Just so you know, Uppity, people come around here as much for the socialization as the stellar writing. Look how many comment threads end up being discussions of pet care or food recipes.

    You would have to disappear for a long time before people would quit coming by to see what’s happening.

  53. myiq, I don’t care what they say about you (heh heh), I love ya.

    And Oswald, I am so glad we got you out of the penguin penal colony into an …ummm…suitable environment.

    I am counting on what you said. We do tend to go off on interesting non-related topics. I always hated blogs where the writer is so anal retentive they expect people to stick to a topic they chose. You never know where life or a blog post leads you, that’s what I say!

  54. And…………………… true to this blog, speaking of pet care..

    I saw a tweet of Melissa’s (shakespeare) and was intrigued, so I clicked on her blog and she had a video of her dogs crunching away. She freezes salt-free beef stock in ice cube trays and gives them some on a hot day. Those dogs were acting like they were given a femur. I definitely filed that away. In my freezer. Immediately. I gave my Chooch one yesterday and she voted it as her new favorite treat.

  55. Regarding Summer Hours: IMHO I think you could keep it to light fare and I don’t think you have to put up a post every day. I think folks here would be happy to keep bantering on “yesterday’s thread.” I would be sad if you shut down for the summer. When I’m working around the house or out in the yard, I take my refreshment breaks reading the comments.

  56. Okay, Sophie. Seems fair.

  57. You should go through your archives (in your endless spare time) and and take all your advice on raising and rescuing pets and put together a book. You could call it “Ask Uppity.”

  58. (I know you won’t do it but seriously – that would be a cool book.)

  59. I also see nothing wrong with “Summer Reruns”. The classics need to be read more than once!

  60. Imust: Absolutely! There are gems that bear repeating!

  61. I’ll put that on my list of things To Do before I die, Oswald.

    imust I don’t mind reruns if people request specific ones. We have over 3000 posts here. Ironically, some of them seem to apply again. Everything old is new again when it’s election time. lol.

  62. I’ll try not to get pregnant with all this free time.

  63. Holy Chit. Take a look at that plane video, gang.

  64. Perhaps we need to stop sending barrels full of money to the very countries they move to and start keeping that money here.

    These moves began more than a year ago. A relative of mine worked for a firm that takes care of large estates. They began shifting monies and moving out of the country two years ago. I don’t blame them.

  65. @ Sophie

    I can buy raw milk in retail stores

    I’m so J.

  66. Those open borders work both ways. Can’t keep people here. I would just hate to see the entire country turn into New York, where the rich people all relocate or change their state residencies and the welfare stock grows, placing a huge burden on the middle class. Two workers leave, four welfare appplicants enter. It’s devasting to the cities and the counties and the cost is creating poor people out of people who once got by pretty well.

    I see the same pattern here only they are leaving the entire country.

    I don’t know what the answer is, but you can’t keep them here listening to how we need to raise their taxes further. It’s not a matter of whether they can afford to pay more. It’s a matter of whether they don’t want to and know they don’t have to if they book out of here. It doesn’t matter who thinks it’s fair or not. Fairness is not a legal requirement when it comes to someone’s personal money, even if others believe they got it off the backs of others. Most extremely wealthy people believe they earned their money. Even if they inherited it, they believe they are entitled to what belongs to their own family. Many of them actually HAVE earned it legitimately and sometimes at great risk. In any event, rich people didn’t get rich and stay rich voluntarily giving all their money away. It’s just not natural to expect them to say, Oh yeah, here ya go, take half my money. Not one of us would do that under those circumstances. Even at our own level of wealth, whatever it is. We look to protect our own interests. It’s human nature.

  67. I agree Upps. You know how I feel about the border. I welcome anyone who comes to work and become part of the USA. If they become millionaires, great. I do take offense to those who come to take though. Aunt Zeituni has now written a book about how the US “owes” her citizenship. Interesting, she has taken without contributing.

  68. And yet somehow we did better during the 90s. We had more people working and the wealthier were taxed at a higher rate than they are now. They didn’t seem to want to leave back then.

  69. 4. 2 to hang the hammock and the other 2 to say what a beautiful day it is AGAIN, and thank God we don’t live in New York!!!!

  70. Dear imust,
    Hahahahahahahaha. Well done.

    Can’t wait to getchu back.

  71. Sophie I was front and center there in the 90s and manufacturers were starting the outsourcing routine and it was brutal. Walmart had led its way and left its mark and companies were realizing they could make a whole lot more money outsourcing everything under the sun. There were tons of layoffs and plant closings and consolidations. And Swallow Up Buyouts. But no, the leaders of the packs didn’t leave. Now all we have to do is ask ourselves why they stayed then and are leaving now. There has to be an answer in there somewhere.

  72. The other thing about the 90s is, regulations were far more strict, deregulation of industries were starting up, and so nobody can say that more deregulation will keep them here. What deregulation we have done has done nothing but harm consumers. And investors.

    Personally, I think we have been royally screwed by the so-called “global economy”.

  73. I agree entirely about deregulation. I’m not saying tax the rich is a silver bullet. I’m saying it’s part of a set of policies that could be implemented that would make a workable system based on merit. Real live merit, not perceived merit.

    I just don’t want to give in to economic extortion or financial bullying from people who would be happy to see our society become a serfdom. I have had enough and I can no longer afford to support both the rich and the poor. As it happens, for me, supporting the poor is cheaper!

  74. I understand fully what you are saying Sophie. It’s just that…well…I don’t think we hold most of the cards, if you know what I mean. If they can just leave, then we lose what taxes they WERE paying. It’s a major crap shoot and I don’t think the odds are in our favor.

  75. *gulp* imustgirdmyloins then…..

  76. You’re right,UW. We shouldn’t let the screen door hit his ass on the way out. BTW, how much money has the job czar’s company paid in taxes?

    Obviously, I am of two minds on this–it is disgusting that Facebook dude thinks that citzenship is a matter of convenience–bet it the tax rate went down, he try to re-up. But also, shouldn’t corporations be demonized for their unwillingness to pay taxes? It seems as if rich indivduals are being demonized only because they are more accessible, unlike corporations that you can not put a face to. I know that before my husband became a citizen his tax rate was higher than a natives. but perhaps because his residence was here?

  77. Anne, Corporations have been declared “people” by the scotus, yet they don’t have to pay taxes using the same system “people” use. Funny, that. Funny in a Ha Ha way for them.

    I really don’t know about tax rates for non citizens. I always thought they were the same rate here, whether you are a citizen or not. Depending of course on the income level and it’s rate.

  78. *gulp* imustgirdmyloins then…..

    This one’s mine.


  79. Oh lordy, Michelle is on the commencement address circuit again.

    If you recall, Mr. Feminist made sure a well-respected woman was bumped so he could take her place and do a commencement speech at a Woman’s University–and tell the broads at Barnard how equal and respected they are to him.

    Jill Abramson, whom he threw off the commencement platform is also an alumnus of Barnard. He is a despicable self-serving pig.

  80. Upps, I will tell hubbie. His job is about making things the safest & strongest they can be (like in earthquakes) so I’m sure he’s never seen anything to match that elevator. Although, his friends have emailed him pix of tall condo bldgs in China, newly built, and tipping over and crashing on their side. Its not just products they make that are shit, their bldg materials, steel, cement, etc. are horrible crap. We used to make the best in the world here, now so many plants are closed and we buy their crap. Unreal to me that we have to be so blatantly stupid. Yes agree about the “global” economy sucking for us in so many ways. Anyway, will tell hubster when he gets home. He will be mindblown.

    Thats a nice idea about recycling some oldies but goodies for the summer. Laker has started a series about the greatest guitar players if you’re interested in that. What makes this place super special is that we do just talk about anything and everything and not just drone on about the same topic, saying the same thing over and over. We’ve had some fun, hilarious Sat nites here over the years. I hope it doesn’t shut down, but understand the need for a break. It must be draining to have to write about such serious and/or disgusting topix. I have happy memories of a lot of the funny ones, like the rodent that poops out coffee beans for instance.

  81. LOL on the civet coffee socal.

  82. Here ya go, socal. lol

    Check the comments too. NES drank this shit. literally shit.

  83. If they can just leave, then we lose what taxes they WERE paying.

    Ahhh, I think see the root of our difference–you think their net value is positive. You think they give more than they take, however slight. I don’t. I think their net value is negative. I wonder where we could get real data.

    (The italics are a hat tip to article 125 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice.)

  84. Sophie, that’s not exactly what I meant. I meant if they are paying x in taxes now and we tell them to pay 2x and they say To Hell With That and leave, we have lost the original x in taxes and we Lose. It’s not a matter of whether they give more than they take or not, it’s that they are paying taxes. If they pay none, we lose. If they leave they pay none. We lose.

  85. UW: I got that. What I’m saying is that I think they cost our communities more than what they pay in taxes. That’s what I meant by net value.

  86. Oh, UW, you left out the part where the Chosen One didn’t notice that women and gays existed until he caught a whiff of the upcoming election. And he seems to have Kinsu (sic) elbows, this dude. In addition to Barnard alumns, he elbowed his human gaffee machine of a VP out of the way to proclaim his support for same sex marriage. I guess he must have stuck his finger in the wind that day, just to see which way it was blowing.

  87. Hey, that was some good coffee, Upps!

  88. QUOTE >>To be sure, the “99%” won’t be Occupying this 1%-er’s door, demanding they “Pay their fair share,”  as Saverin helped give them their beloved Facebook, which they cannot live without, just as they cannot live without their ipods and ipads made by Apple, a company they worship which manufactures in China every single product they make. <<UNQUOTE
    Well made point, Uppity. And what constantly amazes me is that we are forever being told we pay more tax in Europe than in the US, because of our socialised welfare and health policies. So it is somewhat ironic to find this guy giving up his citizenship because he wants to pay less tax.

  89. irene, he’s iving in Singapore, probably has no intention of living in the West.

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