Open thread and Darwin Award Of The Century Winner

According the the long-running Darwin Awards site:

The Darwin Awards honor Charles Darwin by commemorating those who yield to natural selection and “remove” themselves from the gene pool…thereby ensuring that the next generation is fathered by one less idiot.

“Safety Last!” Of necessity, the award is usually bestowed posthumously.

Is it any wonder this guy won the Award de tutti Awards?

Nothing symbolizes the downfall of the human race like an actual down fall.


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  1. He got shafted.

  2. His parents must be proud:

  3. A redneck’s last words:

    “Hold my beer and watch this.”

  4. Shaking head in disbelief here.

  5. good morning (((((UPPITY’S))))

    If it wasn’t so Pathetic, I would be laughing MY Arse off

  6. Word is that a new book has come out with former POTUS Bill calling Barack “incompetent and an amateur.” Heard it on the radio this morning. If someone had been sitting next to me at the light, they would have thought I was nuts because I was laughing so hard.

  7. On Bill’s convo with Hillary, unfortunately I see no source in those quotes other than the guy who is selling a book. No source means UW’s third eye flutters. I already have ten questions. When books such as this one, with these salacious tidbits, emerge just in time for election thinking, without solid references, I figure I’m about to read somebody who is taking literary license. You would think midiaite would put something solid to back up those quotes in their little blurb. But then it’s mediaite.

    Now I am piqued. And maybe that’s the idea. But I won’t be buying the book. I’ll wait for the bulldogs to read it first.

    You see Ani’s book? Her accounts have 18,000000 witnesses. Just saying.

  8. Ah I thought I recognized that author.He also wrote this.

    This is an author who writes what his audience wants to be true and discovered. Hillary last week. Barack this week. No Republicans though.

    Gawd I am so jaded.

  9. ProudMilitaryMom, on May 11, 2012 at 8:51 AM said:

    Shaking head in disbelief here.

    Me too Mom. 😯

  10. You should see some of the other contenders over the years at Darwin Awards. And they also have a list of “At Risk” people who survived.

  11. One guy pulled his 18 wheeler up to the pump, got atop the truck to check the gas tank, using a lighter. Set himself aflame.

  12. Redneck flambé

  13. Looks like everybody is enjoying the weather and not hanging out on the interwebs. Good weather is a good thing. I’ve been doing that myself. Wondering if it would be smart to just shut down for awhile so we can all enjoy the season. NOthing wrong with that.

  14. kudos to Bristol Palin for her observations about the President whom our children picked takes advice about policy from HIS children…there’s the makin’s of one uppity woman

  15. Was that video real? Did he die? Holy cow, that was creepy.

  16. socal, yes. And yes.

  17. new post for the ghost town.

  18. I was surprised that an elevator door couldn’t withstand a power chair. Then I saw, on the side of the elevator, there are symbols that look like chinese symbols. I guess they make cheap crap for themselves, as well as for us!

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