Sittin’ on the dock of the bay wasting time or…come on coach, put me in!


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  1. Remember this next time you order frog’s legs.

  2. I don’t eat dogs, frogs, or cats!

  3. Plane missing since 1942 found in Sahara – still in amazingly good condition

  4. Good morning Uppityites. 🙂

  5. I was hungry yesterday, of course, and it was my day off so I experimented with cooking on my tiny charcoal grill ($10 made in china = crappy) I marinated portobello caps and chicken breasts in equal parts low salt soy, balsamic and olive oil and garlic. I roasted red and green bell peppers and peeled them then chopped them and put one in a blender with some oil and mayo for a mushroom sauce. The rest of the roasted pepper i tossed into a baby spinach leaf salad with some of the mushroom.

    The chicken, portabello, spinach, roast pepper feast was a great lunch, snack and supper! The left overs are all gone or i’d offer you all some…

    While I had the grill going I tossed a few hebrew national light dogs and some real beef home made burgers on the hot coals to reheat for lunch and to take to work for supper tonight. I have a watermelon all chopped up.

    The summer has officially begun when the relish goes on the dog in a bun.

  6. Upps, you mentioned the plane in the last thread and I thought you had begun drinking early today. Or that I was officially over the hill and blind as a bat and couldn’t find a plane link.

    Cool find. The planet still has wilderness untouched by man.

  7. I THOUGHT I noticed my package of Hebrew Franks and those Omaha steakburgers were missing from my freezer….

  8. Waving to foxy….

  9. Oh hahahahaha! I got this link from Crawdad’s. Obama is too “brainy” to be prez! Hahaha! I tell ya what…look up yonder at the video of the real “brainy” one that they wouldn’t LET be president b/c she is the wrong gender. Yes Obama….you’re too good for us!!/snark,0,2453306.column

  10. from the link:

    It’s hard not to come away from the Vanity Fair article without feeling, strangely enough, that the White House is holding Obama back. The gulf between the brilliant young man who wanted to change the world and the stymied president who can barely pass a piece of legislation, the cosmopolitan wearer of the sarong and the lock-step wearer of the flag pin, suggests he could have served the American people far more effectively if he weren’t bogged down being the leader of the free world.

    *cough-cough…yes…that’s it….he would have served the American people better if he hadn’t been the leader (and I use that term loosely) of the free world.

  11. karen, sounds delicious. Yes, I am dying for summer now. I need to get a new grill stat. Our cheap made-in-China is trashed. mmm, bbq hamburgers sound great.

    Yes, barkalounger is too brainy to be prez. Let him step down, Hillary step up, and he can change the world just by being his own special self!

  12. The article about the plane in the Sahara was very interesting. I love aviation, and its history. Sad about the poor young pilot.

  13. Barack’s approval rating is now -22.

    Given the choice, 68% would get rid of the entire congress and start over from scratch.

  14. LOL I’m exchanging tweets with some women and we all agree that being gay cannot possibly be a choice or we would be gay, because men are so damned much work!

    Sorry guys, you know I love yas. Therein lies my dilemma!

  15. Oh, great point Upps, yes, living with a man is tons of work. You don’t realize that when you first move in with or marry a guy. Someone at the next door site made a comment about polygamy should be legal if gay marriage is, and my reaction to that was strongly no, & I was wondering why & its cuz I knew subconsciously that polygamous marriages will always be one man, many wives. No woman wants to take care of multiple men. Hope that makes sense!

  16. I hate to burst your bubbles, but women are hardly the “easy” sex to be in relationships with! Not that there aren’t high points (and there are many), but it’s no walk in the park. Relationships are work no matter who.

  17. Personally, Sophie, I’ve never had to do another woman’s laundry, cooking, make their appts. for them, pick up their socks, or trail after them cleaning as I go. I hear so many women talking about their husbands/boyfriends, and it seriously seems like the men wanted a mom with sex. Obviously I haven’t dated everyone in the world, but I’ve never been with a woman who expected me to be their mom/slave. 🙂

  18. lorac, me neither–I was never expected to do those things. Just saying it isn’t fun and games every day and that the difficult moments can be intensely difficult in a way I don’t think they’d be with a man. Although at this point in my life, I suppose that if it were a choice, I’d choose women just the same!

  19. Although at this point in my life, I suppose that if it were a choice, I’d choose women just the same!

    You better, or I’ll have to come up there with a re-indoctrination team lol 🙂

    But I think I know what you’re saying. Women are able to be more emotionally expressive and vulnerable, that can lead to intense closeness. I’d still take that over being an emotionally expressive and open woman stuck with a man who has no idea how to relate on that more evolved level of interaction!

  20. Okay when BarkyO wants to speak at a commencement the school yanks the female speaker and puts Barky in her place no problemo. But when MO wants to speak at a commencement and they’ve already booked a male speaker (Mark Warner D-VA), the school says let them BOTH speak! (didn’t want to upset the man no doubt)

  21. Gorgeous calico of supreme markings, Syd (stray Yeller Dawg) has her available in Cincinnati. Just beautiful

    Check This guy out too! see second pic. First one does no justice.

    I see a sweet little siamese who lost her an eye. Very sad. They’ve got some great dogs too. Evan a Chi named, are you ready? Chico de mayo. lol.

  22. Good grief they have a turkish angora.

  23. Thanks Uppity! We’ll take any and all press we can get. Lots of kitties and pups in need of homes :~)

  24. I would like to buy Roy A. Barnes a drink or two for writing this:

    I came home for supper and there are a so many birds in my yard by the feeders. This is a very large migration year, the biggest I’ve seen here since I moved here 9 years ago to this region.

    I know uppity, they’re flying shit houses… and they’re adorable too.

  25. omg, syd, just get them in front of eyeballs and the hearts will follow.

    I want all three.

    Uppity can pick out my cats or my food anytime!

  26. Karen, the ones I picked will be placed in about ten minutes. I could place that calico in five i think.

    Syd, sister, “Pretender’s” upfront photo doesn’t do him justice. Could you switch out with one of the other two photos as the up front photo. He’s way beautiful.

  27. socal, on balance, Mr Uppity is more domesticated than I am, so I’m not really complaining. On a sliding scale of Men, he’s really not much work. But then I don’t think I am either — but then whenever we assess ourselves, we always do really well. lol.

  28. You better, or I’ll have to come up there with a re-indoctrination team

    Do I get another toaster oven?

  29. Mr socal is definitely not domestic, but he does work his ass off, so I never ask him to do anything. My bro and Dad could & did cook & clean, but still, they were work anyway!

    Sophie LOL! I love feeding birds also, love to look at them, they do make a mess though.

  30. k4C: At least the campaign is having to reimburse the govt at a higher rate now for using AF One.

  31. That was interesting fredster thanks!

  32. socal: They still don’t pay anything near what it costs to make these trips but at least it’s something a tad closer. It doesn’t mention the cost of the airplane that has to transport “The Beast” as they call the limo.

  33. chit! Was trying to get the tweet to embed. It was a pic of a band and the stage setup. Looked very cool.

    #wilco #jackson <a href=";

  34. chit again! Upps whenever you return you can delete those two comments.

  35. , the cosmopolitan wearer of the sarong and the lock-step wearer of the flag pin….

    I don’t want to see Obama in either a sarong or a flag pin. Ewwwww. In fact, I’d like not to see Obama at all.

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