I am so sick of these two lying, manipulative parties and their lackeys. Enough is enough.

If the Movey-Oners aren’t manipulating everybody, the Drudgeys are. This photo is circulating the net, originating from one of the typical right wing propaganda machines. Both wings do it to you all the time. They give you a plate of sh!t to eat and hope enough of you eat it. Usually enough of you do.

As you can see, it’s a photo of Obama looking angry at Joe Biden, both in tuxedos, at a typical Ferdinand and Imelda-type party while the country falls apart. Obama  is looking like the out of touch snotty snob that he is. He’s probably not even angry. He’s just being snotty Barack.

This photo is being used as a manipulative tool, indirectly implying that it’s a photo of Obama all pissed off at Joe over his Gay Marriage remarks.

There is a sin of omission here. No, let me go further. To deliberately allow people to believe that this photo is recent is a baldfaced lie. When I saw it, an immediate bell went off in my head. I have seen this photo before. I saw it several YEARs ago.

The  Consolidated News photo was taken in 2009 and it’s entitled “Obama speaks with Biden”. You can see the origin page here.

Enough is enough. These two parties and their online conduits are the worst of the worst. They have been destroyed by hacks and hijackers and I am never going to vote for any of them until the Houses are Cleaned….because these two parties and their lackeys are never going to ever give you anything but bullcrap, manipulations and lies. Take everything you read on the internet at their pravda sites with a huge grain of salt.

The whole Biden thing was probably coordinated anyways. There isn’t an honest one among them on either side. Not one. It’s all about winning and then shoving it up your ass. It’s about pretending they care till they get elected and  then erasing all evidence. If they can’t erase all evidence, they just ignore what they said. It’s all about calling one vote whore’s turn-about a “flip-flop” and another vote whore’s turn-about a “dramatic shift,” depending on which one of them the lying, manipulative press is pimping that day.

We are on our own. Not an honest one among them. Not one. Bear that in mind when you hold your nose and vote. And for God Sakes, please think about the big networks and party-affiliated websites you read and ask yourself who they serve. You will find more often than not, it’s not you.

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  1. Brava, Uppity. Brava!

  2. Favorite line:

    These two parties and their online conduits are the worst of the worst. They have been destroyed by hacks and hijackers and I am never going to vote for any of them until the Houses are Cleaned

    A pox on both of their houses.

  3. I thought that was an old photo. Jaysus! A pox on both of their houses! :evil:

    Didn’t comment on the post below. Still just a bit too raw for me.

  4. I’m sulking with you Fredster. I called my mother Momster too. Did I tell you that?

  5. Why does any organization even have to publish the image, let alone come up with a contrived (?) storyline?

    Instead, they should have a “Caption This” contest and leave it to the readers.

    Now that would be fun!

  6. Yeah, you shared that with me. I ordered a silk arrangement to go on the marker but then called the florist back yesterday and told them if the wx was too bad, rainy, just to hold off on placing it for a day or two. Peg wouldn’t mind and I couldn’t see paying for the arrangment only to see it get drenched and look like crap.

  7. Sophie, I can’t believe we both said the same thing at the same time! :lol: Ah, great minds…

  8. Well what do you know? I finally updated to a newer version of F.F. and voila! I now have a cursor again in the comment field. Yay!

    Of course I had to doctor a bunch of crap with the appearance of it so i could have it look somewhat like the older version. :roll:

  9. Hell Fredster, I’m using a 3.x version of FF, refused to put up with upgrades after that. Horrible. But I have a curser…

  10. That’s what I had Upps, 3-something but got tired of seeing “your browser is out of date”, blah, blah. This ver. is 10.whatever. I *sometimes* had a curser with the old version. Depended on if I was signed in to w.p. or not (at least I think that’s what it was).

  11. Well, they’ve got to keep the meme alive that Joe made a “gaffe” and that it wasn’t really planned that way all along now don’t they? These people are worse than the “Boy Who Cried Wolf”, I won’t EVER believe a thing they print! (The BWCW I might give the benefit of the doubt)

  12. Great job figuring out whst pic the guy was talking about at the Amazon site. Also impressed you figured out the origin and that the reps were implying it was a recent pic.

    You guys are the best.

  13. Karen, calling out bullshit where I see it is my idea of a good time.

  14. Amen, Uppity. Brava. 2008 woke a lot of us up from drinking the koolaid. It is sometimes painful that I will never be able to go back. But I still prefer awake to asleep. I do have to say, every day is a new heartbreak with all of these fools. Just when you think they can’t go any lower…

  15. I wish for a government… of the grownups, by the grownups, for all the people….

    instead we gets crooks, womanizers, liars, narcissists….

  16. An important public service announcement for cat owners. Not that you can own a cat..

    If you have cat fur mucking up your keyboard, use sticky note paper. Fold it with the sticky part out and run the paper around the keys. You will get a boatload of fur and make your keyboard work better.

    This has been a public service announcement.

  17. Yup.

  18. Hmmm. All these helpful hints. Unfortunately, there is more kitty fur on me than my keyboard but I will keep this is mind!

  19. Ani I did the keyboard fur comment because FF tweeted that cat hair was making her keyboard cause her to do typos.

  20. Deadenders has made a couple of improvements to the Newsweek cover, LOL!

  21. Read this everybody.

  22. OMG DE, ROFL.

  23. Ms. Pie, you are too much!!! Just dropped back by and saw that. So amazing and sweet. Thank you. :)

    Looking forward to it.

  24. Uppity doing what she does best. Calling out the bullshitters on their bs. Perfect!

  25. I finally, FINALLY found a way to get rid of those damned zedco adverts that creep in on the side of a page. I had to modify my “hosts” file but it seems to work.

  26. I have adblock and a few other tools. I’m pretty much ad free, another reason I love FF 3.x

  27. Oh hell I went into all the permissions and everything else in FF and they *still* snuck through.

  28. I love a good rant.

  29. Your tax dollars at work:


  30. WTF is THAT stupidity?

  31. BP says it will ‘assist’ with the massive tar mat discovered under the sand at Orange Beach Alabama, IF they can prove the oil came from their spill. I guess they will need to produce a name tag or something.

  32. Welp Arizona has worked very hard to move to the head of the crackpot-state pile. Jan Brewer signed a bill that allows employers to interrogate women about their birth control usage.

  33. Governor Jan Brewer signed House Bill 2625 into law Friday. The legislation authorizes religiously-affiliated employers to deny contraceptive services from their employees’ health insurance plans.

    Despite opponents saying the bill would violate a woman’s right to privacy, proponents say it will apply exclusively to those entities whose religious beliefs are central to their operating principles, and for whom providing coverage for contraception could pose a moral conflict or religious objection.

    “In its final form, this bill is about nothing more than preserving the religious freedom to which we are all Constitutionally-entitled,” said Brewer. “Mandating that a religious institution provide a service in direct contradiction with its faith would represent an obvious encroachment upon the 1st Amendment.”

    Currently, state law allows a narrow scope of nonprofit, faith-based institutions to opt out of contraceptive coverage, provided that the institution primarily employs and serves individuals who share the religious tenets of the institution.

    According to the press release from Brewer’s office, HB 2625 moderately expands the definition of a “religiously-affiliated employer” to include any organization whose articles of incorporation explicitly state a religiously-motivated purpose, and whose religious beliefs play a fundamental role in its function. It is anticipated that there are few employers who will qualify for this exemption under the bill.


  34. I would not consider ABL to be the most reliable of sources.

  35. Who’s ABL myiq? I keep a list of places I ignore. I always want to know.

  36. Since when do you have to tell your employer what you are being treated for?

    In my experience the information would be provided to the health insurance company by the doctor to verify that it is a covered treatment. I’ve never heard of that information being directly given (or transferred) to an employer.

  37. Isn’t it actually against the law for an insurer to share patient information with an employer?

    They are going to lose teh challenge on this one and they know it. They’re just being mean-spirited is all.

  38. Unfortunately myiq2xu a third party administrator can tell your employer what you are being treated for. Companies who are self funded and use a third party administrator do not ever lose that right to know what they are paying for. When a person has a “medical necessity” issue and it is considered not medically necessary by the administrator’s guidelines, the employee is usually given the option of appealing. That appeal might be something that goes before a group comprised from the employer and an administrator rep. Yes, they are given all the details. Pics included as well.

  39. McN. If they are self-insured they are acting as an insurer. But if you have BX BS or something like that, I believe it’s a violation of law to share patient information without permission, isn’t it?

  40. If they are self insured and using BXBS, they never lose that option. The administrator can be Aetna, Cigna or any other large insurance company administering the policy. The changes that are being made are constantly changing. As for an insurer telling your boss what you have been doing, they have other ways to figure it out. At the end of the year, the insurer goes back to the table and tells them that X,Y and Z have now upped their premiums. Then the employer has the right to go back through all of the costs to see what’s up. It is indirect knowledge for now. It really depends on the company size. The Human Resource person at the top knows a lot.

    It’s not like the old days Upps. If someone wants to find something out, there is always a loophole somewhere. Electronic medical records will ensure that there is no more privacy. The only way that I see anything staying private is if everything is paid in cash and under an alias. It’s coming to that.

  41. Let’s face it, the pharmacy tech at CVS or Walgreens knows just as much as your doc about your condition via your prescriptions.

  42. Electronic medical records will be one of the most dangerous tools ever created. Employers WILL access them before hiring someone. I won’t even get into hackers.

  43. It’s already done. EMR and the gov provides the software free.

  44. I wonder what the stats are of people who worked for self-insured companies, got sick and got fired in that order.

  45. I wonder what the stats are of people who worked for self-insured companies, got sick and got fired in that order.

    I suspect more than we would care to know about. The problem is proving it. There are so many ways around this.

  46. Wait till some of these young puppies who aren’t paying attention to what’s going on get the interrogation treatment.

  47. Lucky for all these fundies that an employer can’t question them about adultery.

  48. What about treatment you pay cash for? Does an employer have the right to know you are using contraception if they are not being billed for it?

  49. Cash pay is still documented in some form. A script is now tied to a name in a database somewhere. The government now penalizes physicians who are not on electronic medical record keeping.

  50. Then the employer has the right to go back through all of the costs to see what’s up. It is indirect knowledge for now. It really depends on the company size. The Human Resource person at the top knows a lot.

    This is another reason why health care should be completely severed from employment.

  51. […] Uppity Woman, here is rabid Obot and Buffoon Juice alumni “Angry Black Lady” (aka Imani Gandy): […]

  52. ABL is Angry Black Lady, a Buffoon Juice alum.

  53. Cash pay is still documented in some form.

    But the AZ law would not affect that – if your boss can access all your medical records you have no privacy anyway.

  54. myiq, there is no privacy…the AZ law is just dotting the i’s and t’s. The dictates for healthcare are being re written on a daily basis. Everyday, I get a new bulletin about this or that. It used to be that when you went to the doc, the pink slip that you were handed walked to the cashier had some numbers on it. Visit for cold, whatever. Now, those codes have been re written to include minutia like, visit for cold when in contact with homeless person at park. What if that cold is not a cold and two days later you are in the hospital for whooping cough or some other nightmare? Everything will link to each other…that is the goal. It’s been in the works for years. I can honestly say that Obamacare will accelerate the government knowing everything about you. Those notes that you need signed by the physician to go to rehab or have more time off will link to those records.

  55. Make no mistake, we are a litigious society and that makes for a lot of nosey bodies wanting access to record keeping. It’s not just your employer that wants those records.

  56. UW, Love the public service announcement re: cats since I have a Maine Coon the size of a European nation that loves to lounge on my keyboard. Given he is so smart, I am sure he will find a way to turn the tables on me!

  57. Lucky for all these fundies that an employer can’t question them about adultery.

    You are so right, Uppity. And we know that these couples would want to use birth control.

  58. Hi gang. Day off here. Everyone might as well get used to the fact that you have no privacy rights in this world today.
    Back in the 90’s I warned everyone I knew who supported mandatory auto insurance laws, seat belt laws, helmet laws and the ban of smoking in business’ and places they were giving special interest groups the right to say what you do and when and where and that politicians would make a fortune selling out to them. Here we are today.
    I supported none of the above nor did I support a national health care bill but got all this rammed down my throat and realized that there was nothing I could do about it so I live with it. Don’t like it one darned bit but there is always someone out there that wants something and going to push for it and stuff it up others hind quarters.
    Long ago folks lost the ability to live and let live.
    I always found it quite humorous to have a 20 something 5 ft woman weighing well over 200 pounds waddle well out of her way to come up to me and fan her face then complain about what my smoking was doing to her health.
    Now we are all going to be forced to pay for health care and at what cost ? Do you really think folks without money for medical will be any better off because we have this Obama care or any other care ? Folks will still die due to inability to pay and the only winners are those who own the insurance companies or the idiots in DC. Actually my hat is off to these jerks. They ran for office because they saw a golden opportunity to make huge money off the backs of the folks forced to vote for one or the other. They are smarter then I for sure. I sit back and vote for them and wait for them to further ruin my life while they live the good life. I need to get into politics. It is the only sure bet out there that you will live comfortably for many years and you do not even have to work for it.
    When I sat and did some figuring I decided I needed to get back into the work force. No matter how well I had planned for retirement and saved and thought I had it made I figured out costs of living are rising faster and taxes for all this crap folks want etc means that at 79 I might need to ask for welfare . I have cut my living expenses to the bare bones. I do not live like I did a year ago even though I have a good income because it costs darn near twice as much.
    I tell you I live in fear of what the next thing is that will be forced upon me to pay for. I can not eat like I like to because the food is either tainted or costs to darn much, Can not travel because you need to take a loan out to fuel your car, can not afford to go to a doctor because I have to pay a house payment to the insurance co, can not afford a new car because I am already paying the insurance company and state what I would pay a month for a new one, have to spend my free time cutting firewood to stay warm in the winter because heating a home would mean making more sacrifices elsewhere.
    So no matter what I sacrificed to save and make good all these years so I could retire and live well did no good in the long run. I watched my retirement get chiseled away , had more and more things forced upon me to pay and at triple cost of what they were, watched my taxes rise to bail out this and that, and I just sit here now wondering what is next. What are we going to try to save next or change next that will cost me more and mean I need to look for yet another job. Lord knows I am not working for myself and things I want I work for all the bat sh** that others think I need to have so I can be a good citizen.
    God how I wish folks would go back to minding their own wallets and business and stop looking in mine and seeing I have a little bit more then they so I need to pay their share too.

  59. mcnorman, I see your point, but birth control pills are nothing special in that regard. If an employer self-insures, then that access to info could include who is being treated for HIV, who is being treated for prostate troubles, who has hemorrhoids, who gets Viagra, who takes a herpes drug, whose kid had scabies and head lice. There is nothing uniquely sacred about birth control pills, that they need to be ever so much more private than all the rest of your medical info.

    This bill basically does nothing but allow a tiny minority of religious employers to treat BCP’s as an elective medication when used for anything other than an actual medical diagnosis. Your doc would have to call the insurance company and get an approval if you are taking the pills for some medical reason, and want them covered.

    All the hair-on-fire crap floating around about this bill is just ridiculous.

  60. This bill basically does nothing but allow a tiny minority of religious employers to treat BCP’s as an elective medication when used for anything other than an actual medical diagnosis.

    Just the tip of the iceberg. Just think what the insurer’s mailroom gets to see.

  61. Why we love our pets:

    It’s a nice morning so I leave the patio door open so the cats can go in and out. My male cat decides he would rather go in the garage so I open the door for him. He promptly walks around and comes back in through the patio door.

    The doors are on opposite sides of the same room.

  62. OH!!! those Cats. :lol:

  63. foxy those cats will be at PM Mom’s house doing that in about 4 more weeks:)

    The bill allows any employer who decides he’s ‘religious’ to poke around into the birth control pill habits and needs of his employees. He doesn’t have to be a bishop. He doesn’t even have to go to church. That’s the danger of this argument. It’s a bill of “conscience”, specifically your boss’s person views as they will apply to you. That’s even more intrusive than one’s own parents would be doing to an adult child.

  64. It’s GROSS.

  65. It’s a bill of “conscience”, specifically your boss’s person views as they will apply to you.

    It’s a very bad idea. The Jim Bakers of this world should be very worried. Just as it can be used against an employee, who is to say that a board member cannot get into the pile? I wonder if they ever thought about how it could be used against themselves?

  66. Look at pharmacists refusing to give out birth control. THEY aren’t owned by religious organizations. They fall under the “conscience” bullshit.

    I can’t believe after 50 years we are suddenly discussing whether birth control is okay or not. It’s ludicrous bullshit. You try discriminating against ANYBODY in your business and see what you get. yet these clowns can tell women (and it’s always women, isn’t it?) what to do with their own bodies. They would far rather that poor women have lots and lots of babies they can’t afford, so they can watch them starve to death. All this in the name of God, who wouldn’t be caught standing next to most of them for their nastiness and rudeness to others who don’t belong to their own personal cult, whichever cult it is. They all behave as if you don’t belong to their cult, you are not a believer. What a bunch of hogwash.

  67. Yes, the pharmacists started this crap with the morning after pill. I remember working in a pharmacy thirty+ years ago during my college days. Funny, but this crap would never have flown back then. They didn’t do this busy body crap that they do now.

  68. None of it flew back then McNorman. It’s recent. I had two friends who worked at Catholic Charities for YEARS. They both used birth control and nobody asked them about it, EVER. One of them had a tubal ligation for Chrissakes. I doubt she paid for it outside her health coverage. lol.

  69. This meddling is causing a lot of trouble for physicians.

  70. It’s GROSS.

    What’s gross?

  71. It’s gross.

    The behavior to control to control and manipulate.

  72. Europe doesn’t take this kind of crap from the vatican let me tell you. The vatican is not making laws there. It’s here that we pander to this silly manmade nonsense.

  73. Manmade, perfect descriptive.

  74. Well they ARE manmade rules. Our forefathers left thier homeland to get away from this crap.

  75. Italy to tax church property.

    If we did this here with all church properties of any religion, most ciies would have a lot larger tax base. Some of these churches own blocks and blocks of land, on which they enjoy full services from their cities. For free.

    Some cities in the US have gone to a fee for service system instead of taxes. That way, EVERYBODY pays. I am all for this. Only exemptions should be not for profit charities. Not schools and colleges or churches or even other governments’ properties.

  76. Hmm, I’ll be we’d see a lot of prime real estate come up for sale.

  77. Yeah Mcn all those bingo halls lol. and those so called churches of dubious consituency would pay too and they comprise a lot of exempt properties in most urban areas. You know, some con guy gets a pastor certificate and declares his home a church.

  78. some con guy gets a pastor certificate and declares his home a church.

    Yes, there are a few of those around here. They are particularly prominent in the rural areas of NM and TX.

  79. OT
    Apex Pet Foods has voluntarily recalled all of its dry dog food formulas manufactured on January 24, 2012 due to concerns with possible Salmonella contamination. This includes:

    Apex Chicken and Rice Dog, 40 lb. (ACD0101B32) Best by 24-Jan-2013
    Apex Chicken and Rice Dog, 20 lb. (ACD0101B32) Best by 24-Jan-2013

    This product was only distributed in South Carolina.

  80. A few years ago, Peekskill NY went to fee for service instead of property tax. The rule was if we have to plow in front of your land and pick up your garbage, you have to pay no matter what your land is used for.

  81. Hey did you all see where Obama lost 40% of the primary vote in WV to a guy who is in prison?

  82. Hey did you all see where Obama lost 40% of the primary vote in WV to a guy who is in prison?

    Made my heart sing with joy.

  83. I agree, mcnorman. But my point was that birth control pills are not special in that regard. If the mailroom gets to see stuff, then they get to see all kinds of potentially embarrassing medical info. There are arguments to be made that the entire system is screwy, but that has nothing to do with this bill.

    The only point of contention, really, is whether the pill can be considered an elective medicine, rather than always a medically necessary one. Fine. Make that argument, then, pro or con.

    Privacy is not a unique issue for BCP’s. If employers having access to medical info is true, then it is true of every medication and disorder. Why should birth control pills be especially deserving of privacy protections that no other medication or treatment gets?

  84. Why should birth control pills be especially deserving of privacy protections that no other medication or treatment gets?

    It shouldn’t wmcb. It will because it is an easy target.

  85. The only reason I bring up the mailroom is because greater damage has been done by those in medical records ie Farah Fawcett’s info. When UW talked about the hacker situation, I don’t think that anyone who has malicious intent needs to go that far.

  86. I remember someone telling me that they had a relative who had been classified as schizophrenic at some point in their medical history. Although patients can now access and send in information to request that a diagnosis like this be changed, good luck in getting anyone to change anything. I think that there is far too much intrusion into one’s life. I don’t care if it is the government, the employer or the lawyer. If it isn’t documented, it didn’t happen. If it’s documented and someone wants it, it can be had for whatever the reason. It’s sad.

  87. utah woman, totally awesome comment.
    God how I wish folks would go back to minding their own wallets and business and stop looking in mine and seeing I have a little bit more then they so I need to pay their share too.

  88. Uppity, the bill does not apply to any employer who decides he is personally religious. It is limited specifically to religious organizations, whose entire purpose is a religious one.

    the definition of a “religiously-affiliated employer” to include any organization whose articles of incorporation explicitly state a religiously-motivated purpose, and whose religious beliefs play a fundamental role in its function.

    And again, nothing in the bill gives even that kind of employer carte blanche to poke around in anything. The INSURANCE that employer purchases can require that pills be considered an elective medication, and thus not covered, unless your doctor gets it approved as a medical necessity. Nothing in that bill says anything about your boss inquiring about a darn thing, and nothing in that bill says that just any random boss can have “religious objections” in what insurance he provides. Only real, true, religious organizations whose function is to do religion-based activities qualify for the insurance exemption.

    Personally, I have to wonder about any woman who would voluntarily go to work for an openly religious organization, whose sole purpose is to promote their religious views, then bitch and moan about those beliefs. To me it’s like a Muslim going to work for a hog butcher, then having a hissy fit that he has to touch pork.

    Don’t want this crap to apply to you? Don’t go work for a Catholic charity organization.

  89. @ wcmb

    If one takes the exemption, others will follow.

    To me it’s like a Muslim going to work for a hog butcher, then having a hissy fit that he has to touch pork.


  90. I taught in a Catholic school for two years before I became a public school teacher and nobody EVER asked me ANY questions about my personal life. I did use birth control and was not married and I do believe my insurance paid for them. I simply do not understand what has happened in this country with religous people lording all over everybody, but I do know I do NOT like it one bit. They are free to practice their religion and I am free NOT to practice it, and frankly, I find punishing an employee for anything other than work-related performance both odious and unconstitutional.

    Furthermore, I don’t know a single catholic who doesn’t use birth control and believe me I know A LOT of Catholics. I am a recovering catholic myself. I’m not even sure how the fundies got to stick their noses in this either, since their doctrine isn’t anti birth control for the most part. This is recent crap and it is simply not acceptable anywhere except a theocracy.

  91. I taught in a Catholic school for two years before I became a public school teacher and nobody EVER asked me ANY questions about my personal life.

    When I was in high school back in the 70’s we had two teachers who were living together without benefit of wedlock. It was a minor scandal but completely unofficial. Despite complaints from some fuddy-duddies the administration ignored it.

    I went to church with some of those fuddy-duddies.

  92. What ??? You mean all I have to do is get an internet Reverend paper and claim my house is a church ? No taxes ??
    Reverend Utah says “praise the lord and have more money”
    Yea well Uppity knows where I stand on ” organized religion”. Not saying I do not believe but am saying I will be damned ( and maybe I just might) if I allow some weirdo to tell me I have to pop out a baby every nine months or be covered up or any other crap they can think of. I have yet to find any religion that does not treat women like dirt. That said since religions treat women like something the dog left in the yard and you stepped in it can only tell me they were not started by God but by man.
    I left the Catholic church when I was a mere 17 years old because I knew then I was not going to be a hypocrite and go to church and then go home and take my birth control. I knew at 10 I hated it and would one day get the heck out but was too young to tell my folks they were full of it.
    I do not and never will believe in baptizing babies or forcing your religious beliefs on others.
    I am still angry about being forced to be in a religion as a kid and spend all that time going to church , stand, kneel, sit , repeat after me and getting the crap beat out of me if I did not. Forced to eat mac and cheese on Friday because I hated the vile stuff. Forced to ” be confirmed ” meaning I accepted the church of my own free will at 12 ( yea right I sure did that because I wanted it)
    My kids grew up in a church free zone. They are good people and have their beliefs. I feel good that they were able to grow and form their own opinions.
    I strongly disagree with the religious trying to force me to live like they do and I also strongly disagree with the agnostics and atheists trying to remove anything religious from the planet too.
    Again live and let live. You live as you see fit I might not agree but I want to be free to live as I see fit without you or anyone telling me what I need to do.
    I am not talking anarchy here. Laws , laws that apply to all without forcing you to pay for others or buy something . Common sense laws. You know something like we used to have years ago.

  93. Oh crap. I just found a skin tumor on my male cat. It’s a small dark hairless lump about the size of an aspirin. It is dry and apparently painless because he let me touch it. He’s 17 years old and has been acting out of sorts lately.

    I know I have to take him to the vet but I’m dreading it.

  94. Oswald, about your kitty. Is the lump at a typical vaccination site?

  95. Judge permanantly blocks Oklahoma’s ban on medication abortions and treatment of Ectopic Pregnancies. yes that’s right, This crackpot state BANNED treatment for ectopic pregnances.

  96. You know, some con guy gets a pastor certificate and declares his home a church.

    I was gonna do that. I even got a certificate online from Universal Life Church. Then I remembered that I hate going to church.

  97. Oh no he didn’t!


  98. Taxing church property is long overdue, and I hope they tax the property the churches sit on themselves. I’ve never understood why churches are not taxed. I’m fine with them “being” and having whatever beliefs they want, but where did the whole tax free thing come from? I guess from centuries past when churches ran the govts. All that is passe, and while some churches do some good things for society, they don’t serve society at large, and each have their own flock. Churches own some of the most expensive real estate in the US (like scientology cult in L.A.). The Raj Mahal (giant church and grounds and mansions for Cardinal Roger Mahoney on Grand Ave in downtown L.A.) makes tons of dough and pays no tax. The Cardinal pushes past people in lines wherever he goes and pays for nothing. He pushed past hubbie last year when hubbie was on crutches and had a huge cast on his foot and leg. Hubbie was next in line at a popular downtown lunch eatery where you stand in line and order. Cardinal squeezed thru and jumped right in front of hubbie, knocking him off balance & another diner grabbed him. Cardinal didn’t even look at him & hubs said he was wearing a gigantic ruby ring. He ordered a bunch of food, didn’t pay a dime and went and sat down with his associates. I’m telling this becuz so no one thinks I’m just repeating rumors. It happened to hubbie & he hears all kinds of reports like this. My point is, why should non-Catholics have to foot the bill for everything they do and their luxurious digs as well. I think this about all religions btw.

  99. I agree with Utah on a lot of stuff, but I am totally for mandatory auto insurance, seat belt laws, helmet laws and always proud that Calif was the first non smoking state. I’ve been hit by uninsured motorists several times in my life, if you can’t afford insurance, take the damn bus. Also was scarred for life after seeing pix of a friend who died on a motorcycle without a helmet. Regarding smoking. If you don’t smoke, it smells gross and it fucks with your health, and makes your hair and clothes stink like cigs. Sorry if that offends, but its true. Smokers should not inflict their smoking on everyone else. At hubbies current office, both of the “office engineers” (this years politically correct jargon for secretary) smoke heavily. They rarely have time for any work, are constantly popping in & out of the office to smoke in the “smoking zone”, are paid about $35 per hour. In a brilliant and classy show of defiance, they light their cigs before they get out of the office and exhale their last long puff into it as they are walking back in. Meanwhile, I do half their work for hubbie for free at home at night. So life is unfair all around.

  100. Agree on Auto insurance too, socal. You get smashed into by some asshole and you expect not to have YOUR finances ruined because he has no insurance. BUT, Utah has a point. There is the Public Safety and then there is imposing on people’s rights to do what they want, even if you don’t approve. She is right about one thing for sure: The smoking lynchings were the beginning of something big. Something where groups who don’t approve of something you do can harass and harangue you until they make laws to force you to live your life the way THEY say. It was the forerunner of these anti choice movements, and now these anti-birth control movements. One of the wonderful things about a republic is your protections from mob-rule, that are slowly now being eroded. It was the forerunner that led a crackpot NY legislator to demand restaurants do use salt because his father had a stroke. It was the forerunner that led to the crackpot leglislator who actually thought he could make a LAW that forced you to give up your bodily organs without your signature, in short your body belongs to the government when you die without your permission. Instead of opting in, you would have to opt out…IF you knew about the law. And if you didn’t know, well fuck your body very much. He failed, of course, but the very fact that he had the audacity to even try to pass such an invasive bill is Telling. This wasn’t about if it was right or wrong to donate your organs. It was about the CREEPY intent to TAKE your organs by FORCE.

  101. utah, on board with you on the religion rant. I told my folks I wasn’t going to church anymore when I was 12. They said ok. I am also going to seriously look for work this Fall. I’ve had 10 years off, homeshcooling handsome boy. Ready to go back.

  102. This obsession with women’s reproductive issues by the government, religious organizations, and political parties is very creepy and voyeuristic in a dirty old man kind of way. The reason they are called privates is cause they are private!!!

    I used to go to a pharmacy near by and was always grilled by this pharmacy tech of middle eastern persusion –what is your name, verify your address, etc. One of the last times I went, I asked him why he kept asking me and he responded that he was just trying to do his job. He never seemed to do this to other customers who were not getting the Pill. I told him in a very loud voice that he was not my doctor, and the conditions that required me to take this medication were none of his business. And he could take his self-righeousness and blow it out his shorts.

    Told my husband about the man’s behavior–he is also of middle eastern persuasion and hubby marched directly into the pharmacist and told her what was going on and that the technican was not there to dispense his version of morality but medication. He also pointed out that if the technican was doing this to me, he was doing this to others and this was bad for business. I voted with my feet.

    Fortunately for me, I live in one of the most over retailed parts of the country so that I was able to do that.

  103. This obsession with women’s reproductive issues by the government, religious organizations, and political parties is very creepy and voyeuristic in a dirty old man kind of way. The reason they are called privates is cause they are private!!!

    Thank you! This sums it all up for me. It’s just none of their G’damned business.

    Reminds me of the Anita Hill hearings. Hoo Boy did those filthy pigs ever have fun asking THOSE questions. And it wasn’t just Let’s Set Her Up Simpson who enjoyed it. It was joe biden and tedward Kennedy too. Filthy voyeurisitc pigs, all of them.

  104. AnnE, good story. Yes, those creeps in congress, interviewing men about contraception w a s dirty old man-ish.

  105. Update on the AZ bill:
    NOTE: The bill was amended before Brewer signed it to remove the requirement that an employee who wants to use contraception for non-birth control purposes submit a claim to her employer. The bill now requires that the employee submit a claim directly to the insurer. Thus the “interrogation about contraception” no longer holds true, except to the extent that such disclosure might result (water-cooler gossip, and the like) despite the boilerplate “don’t violate HIPAA” language.

  106. Here’s a link about the Arizona bill:


  107. Socal….. I lived in Cali when they went after smokers and was pissed off. Why ? Because they had a right to stop smokers from doing so in public places and I would not have issue with that but they could not stop there. They went after how a business chose to operate. It is wrong to force a bar to become non smoking. Referring to above post about a Muslim working in a meat packing house and being irate because they have to handle pork. Don’t like it don’t go there. There were tons of non smoking bars already but they could not concede and give a smoker a break either. In this country it has become all or nothing. BTW I agree they stink etc but I disagree that a smoker should have to be the one to concede all the way and no I do not smoke.
    Helmet laws are falling to the way side thank heavens. Many states have given in and make you wear one if under the age of 18. Utah is one of those states.
    Mandatory insurance sucks because all it did is force folks to buy something and make it so insurance companies no longer vie for your business they know they will get it and now they no longer take care of you like they did when it was your choice to have it. They always offered uninsured motorist protection and in my opinion if you did not carry insurance and take that option too you deserved to lose. Still many motorists are driving without insurance trust me. The fine is much cheaper then the insurance and you have to get caught. Now getting hit by an uninsured motorist or under insured means you get the shaft still. My daughter was hit in her new car by a woman who carried only what was required by law. Daughters car was $ 1800.00 from a total and they fixed it and it ran like crap and over heated etc. She ended up after fighting 2 years with hers and the other womans insurance co. and finally traded the car in and had to carry a balance onto the new car of $10,000.00. Yea mandatory really helped out just like the mandatory health is. My premium is three times what I used to pay and I am going to drop it and run the risk.
    Giving power to business’ and control over how one lives is why we are today seeing birth control issues and men wanting to control our womb and getting away with it.

  108. It’s on top of his right foreleg right above the paw.

  109. See I strongly disagree with mandatory insurance. I always had it because it was for my own protection. That is how it ought to still be and if you drive without it and get smashed into too bad tough crappola. A law like that I could agree to. You lose the right to sue or get your car fixed. If these insurance companies had to fight to win your business they would be far more willing to do right by you.
    There is a clause in many states that consumers know nothing about until they are in an accident. Even if you are 100% not at fault your insurance company or the one who hit you insurance says you are a set percent at fault like say 20% you get to pay that. Check it out many states have that clause. I only found out because a friend of mine was hit by a red light runner and can not afford to pay the 20% that the insurance company refuses to pay and legally does not have to pay. His car is still smashed up and not drivable and has to wait until he can afford it. But he is still paying insurance and payments on it.
    Because of the fight to ban smoking everywhere including your home and cars we are today stuck with the school food police, the ever growing H.O.A.s, the trash police checking what you toss into what can,the anti spanking league ready to pounce and take your child and it isn’t going to get any better. We opened the door and let the vermin in and run with a free hand it is going to be darned hard to stop what we started 20 years ago.
    I said it then and will maintain we asked for everything we are now getting by going after a select group and not willing to make a concession.

  110. What I was trying to say above is the insurance company said he was 20% responsible for the accident even though police cited the other driver and deemed he was 100% responsible.

  111. . I need to get into politics. It is the only sure bet out there that you will live comfortably for many years and you do not even have to work for it.

    Here, here, utahwoman! Well said. Whatever happened to working the old fashioned way? Nose to the grindstone….

  112. If you have strong integrity politics will give you a heart attack. Trust me on this. There is not an honest one among them, not one. Some go into office with the best of intentions, but the temptations are just too great. Those who can resist live under threat until they say I can’t do this anymore and leave.

  113. It seems like politics attracts for self gain. Whatever happened to doing it for civic service? Ahhhh, it is not a place for idealism.

  114. Beware of the entrenched elected official. That person is seasoned by the system and i don’t mean this as a good thing.

  115. Entrenched. Says it all.

    Does not want to budge, lest lose the goodies.

  116. Too bad that we are seeing this Uppity. I personally disagree with abortion. I see it as murder but just because I feel that way does not mean I support banning it. I just would not do it.
    I feel that is a personal choice and one left to the individual to have to live with. It is between her and her conscious as to how she chooses to live.
    I guess I am a rarity these days that feels people have a right to live their lives as they feel fit to live them without someone else forcing something on them. Laws are good so long as they are fair and balanced and not going after a select few .
    Laws used to be there to do good ie murder etc. I just do not feel laws needed to be in place to force us to live to a one size fits all code.

  117. utah

    that is a personal choice and one left to the individual

    Very well said.

  118. thetownecrier, on May 14, 2012 at 10:56 PM said:

    . I need to get into politics. It is the only sure bet out there that you will live comfortably for many years and you do not even have to work for it.

    Here, here, utahwoman! Well said. Whatever happened to working the old fashioned way? Nose to the grindstone….

    We still do………. That is those of us who want to be poor and work until they give us our death counseling and say good-bye it was nice of you to work hard all your life for our pleasure.

  119. Sitting here, nose still to the grindstone, the workday going on 16 hours. This is getting old.

    The headstone is just around the corner at this rate…

  120. I am too. Hubby is as well at 73. Welcome to the USA where we take care of everyone but those who worked hard, budgeted and planned for something that will never happen. RETIREMENT.

  121. Retirement? What’s that?

  122. LOL and there are still folks who believe they are voting someone in that will do the will of the people.

  123. Crier Retirement is a pipe dream. Something I will never see at the current rate of inflation and the increasing taxes and the stock market losses as well as the next batch of bailouts.

  124. Uh oh…. trouble ahead!

    myiq2xu, on May 14, 2012 at 6:20 pm said:
    Klein also said Wright told him he “made it comfortable” for Obama to accept Christianity without having renounce his “Islamic background,” which Klein said he has on tape.

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2012/05/14/book-reveals-obama-ally-who-bribed-jeremiah-wright-to-stay-quiet/#ixzz1utfzX0t5

  125. Utah, if you get hit by an uninsured motorist, they are highly unlikely to be able to pay for the damages they have caused, and are often unemployed or will change jobs if they get a judgement against them. So, that means the party who is not at fault has to have their damages covered by their own insurance company. Why should those of us who pay for our auto insurance have to also pay for those who do not? I’m sorry, I don’t get that, never have. How is that infringing on personal rights? After all you don’t have to drive to live, all cities and most suburbs have plenty of public transportation. Yes, I have always had uninsured motorists, from the time they offered it. There are a lot of uninsured motorists in Calif, I’ve been smacked by them twice and so has everyone else I know. Not making people buy something sounds great in principle–libertarian, but the fact is, it protects those who choose to be irresponsible and places the their burden on the majority who do the right thing.

    As far as the ban on smoking in public places goes (except for designated areas which there usually are), I view that as pro choice, or pro rights. It supports non-smokers rights to n o t have to breathe in unfiltered smoke. I don’t want to smoke. (I remember when you quit btw, & that was awesome!) Why should I be forced to suck it in. You guys know well about the many people that die from secondlhand smoke, like Dana Reeves, who never smoked but got it from working in clubs. I never suggested people shouldn’t be allowed to smoke at home btw, our next door neighbors smoke, and we love them and never complain, but when they smoke on their patio, we do close the slider and back windows.

    If people don’t want to wear seatbelts or wear helmets, I imagine they won’t, but its a pretty stupid risk to take. One I often took when I was a young pup myself, but I’m glad we have them now. btw, a 12 yo in our homeschool group died from striking his head on the concrete 4 years ago from falling off his skateboard. It was his birthday, he had a new skateboard. He was NOT wearing a helmet. You can imagine how horrible his parents feel. If only… Not all laws are bad. I know there are a lot of infuriating ones.

  126. Driving is not a right, it’s a privilege. You have to prove you can do it and do it satisfactorily and be licensed. Your license can be revoked. It is not a right. Driving uninsured should be illegal and that is why it is. It’s not about you hurting yourself. Hell you can go ahead and drive your ass over a cliff if you want, no skin off anybody else’s nose. Insurance IS about who else you might hurt or kill when your ass is drunk one night or when you are stupid enough to drive so long you fall asleep at the wheel or aren’t paying attention, or are texting. I think it SHOULD be the law to protect you and me from idiots on the road who have no regard for life, not even their own. We all know there are plenty of those on the road. Texting is beoming illegal in many states and should be. You have to be such a little asshole to be texting while you drive that you DESERVE government intervention or EVERYOBDY ELSE’s safety from your stupid dumb ass. Ditto for cell phones. I almost got killed myself by an asshole on her cell phone. If you want to drive, drive. If you want to jerk around, then pull over. Seriously.

    Or as the PSA’s go, these little assholes remove themselves from the gene pool but they take other innocent people with them too. Including parents and babies.

  127. The baby in that PSA just ripped my heart out. Not a mark on him. Dead. Just haunting. And little assholes like this driver are the reason people MUST have insurance.

  128. I always say I’m going to retire on the 1st of never.

    Signed up for overtime and I get tired. Push onward… or is it Forward… groan.

  129. Say, how do I put a photo in a comment box?

  130. http://www.theblaze.com/stories/new-obama-book-shocker-kennedys-and-obamas-at-war-caroline-considers-obama-a-liar/

    Klein then quotes a family member who notes the transformation:

    “Through these [spies that the Kennedy family has in the Obama administration] and other people, Caroline hard back that there was a lot of nasty shit being said about the Kennedys by the president and Michelle,” the family member continued. “There were catty remarks about how badly the Kennedy women dressed, and how their houses were shabby and threadbare. Caroline got the impression that most of this negativity was coming from Michelle, who didn’t want the Kennedys to be part of the administration for fear that they would have too much influence over the president.”

    That same family member continues in the book:

    “Gradually, Carline began to change her tune and side with Bobby and Kathleen [Kennedy Townsend] against the Obamas. Unlike Jackie, who was completely a-political, Carline is a liberal with a capital L. When Obama didn’t raise taxes to balance the budget, Caroline marked him down. In her eyes, he‘s a mess because he doesn’t follow the liberal bible on politics. More important, Caroline discovered that the Obamas didn’t give a damn about her support. […]

    Then comes the money quote:

    “It really annoyed Caroline when comparisons were made by the media between Michelle and Jackie. Caroline had a word for such comparisons; she called them ‘odious.’ She really got annoyed. And when she began to fall out of love with the Obamas, love was replaced by outright scorn. Now she says things about Obama like, ‘I can’t stand to hear his voice any more. He’s a liar and worse.’

  131. I do see people smoking outside everyday. The law may make it inconvenient for smokers, they may have to step outside, but most hotels have lots of smoking rooms, businesses with huge airspace, like warehouses, often have smoking areas & we still see people smoking at outdoor seating areas in restaurants, and always a crowd of people smoking outside of the clubs, so I don’t think its quite as draconian as it sounds. Although I think most Californians don’t smoke, there is a very high percentage of smokers in the entertainment industries. For all of my young life, people smoked everywhere around me, now its different. Smoking is so expensive, I don’t know how anyone affords it. They are going to raise the tax rates on cigs here again.

  132. Socal far as I know NYS isn’t that lenient. Many businesses ban smoking anywhere on their property, including outdoors. As a non self righteous ex smoker, I can honestly say I feel sorry for them. They get treated like pedophiles or something. Real paraiahs. And that’s wrong. It IS an addiction. Ask anybody who went through the pain of quitting.

  133. I read once that 1/3 of the population smokes, but that it’s just 1/4 in CA.

    UW, I put a cute comedy drawing (from myiq’s place) in the media library. I can’t figure out how to bring it down to a comment.

  134. lorac I’ll put your pic in a comment. Then you can look at my comment in the editor and see the code. Copy it. Can’t write the code here because it won’t show up ..because it’s. …well…….code.

  135. Spot on! (on the cartoon)

  136. So must have insurance means what the state says you must carry. $ 15,000.00 is all they have to have and is that going to make you whole ? My daughter has a lifetime injury and waited 3 years going to court etc. She got a whopping $3000.00 to help with surgery. Little do folks realize they have to take on their own company for damages up and above what the state requires one to carry.
    My agent explained it all very clearly to me after my daughters accident and I was furious about her car being a heap and she and her hubby not even cleared on medical bills. She sued the wrong company. She needed to sue her carrier which of course you already know will raise her rates.
    She was not at fault at all the woman hit her. All that woman had was PL and PD which is what law requires you to carry. It left them ( my kids ) in debt up to their asses.
    I am heavily insured for me and any passengers in my vehicle only. For anyone I hit it is bare minimum. My agent went over the entire thing in detail and laughed at the mandatory law because it does not make you whole !

  137. I’ve met people who have been in auto accidents. They assume that the other person’s car insurance will pay their medical bills, but the amount of medical that the average person’s car insurance covers is about 2 hours in the hospital! Their own medical insurance will have to pick up the tab, and if they don’t have that medical insurance, they’re screwed.

  138. lorac in NY the one whose insured pays if the other one isn’t. And if the insured person is not at fault it doesn’t matter. Besides that, they end up with increased insurance rates or in an insurance pool for something that wasn’t their fault. In NY you can’t get a registration sticker without insurance, if your insurance lapses, the DMV is notified and they will take your car right off the road. I like it. It makes me feel better. Besides, in NY if you have a great driving record and an impressive FICO score, your insurance rate drops dramatically. I pay a fraction for insurance of what most people pay and I am well covered. But if some clown were to smash into me and not be insured, that would cost me, even if I didn’t get hurt. My rate will jump dramatically. I don’t drive and text and I expect that if you do and you and I collide, you should bear the brunt, not me. Of course, all of this is contingent on a cop looking away from his donut long enough to notice your car’s registration is expired.

  139. Driving without a license is a big problem around here. Bosnians, etc just drive. They don’t think about licenses and play dumb when they get caught. But for the most part, a nice big fine cures them. Otherwise, they are very nice people, when they aren’t trying to roast a lamb in the garage. They like to learn by trial and error. lolol. Seriously though, Russians and Bosnians are the very best immigrants. They buy up old homes and are remarkably talened at restoring them. Rundown neighborhoods prosper when they buy homes that would otherwise be knocked down in a few years.

  140. Auto insurance. Great for the companies taking in premiums. A pittance for those seeking a claim.

  141. Also I know driving is a privilege not a right. And as such one would think that the price of their vehicle and or body worth something and take care to insure as they did years before it was a law. If you were insured and hit by a jerk your company took care of you and your injuries. Now you need to fight two companies and still end up owing money.
    My thoughts remain the same a responsible person bought a policy to insure themselves and it did not matter what the other did.
    Now we insure all and the only winners out of any accident are the insurance companies and lawyers who live to sue. They get 40% of what you are awarded and trust me if you are really hurt you will lose your ass before you see a dime and then once you see a dime you owe more then you will ever get once they get finished.
    My agent has been a dear friend of mine for many many years and sat and explained in detail what consumers do not know and why they get screwed.
    All the insurance companies are in bed with each other and your company pays the damage then goes after the at faults company. She told me to make sure you place your lawsuit on your own company or you will be sorry you did not.

  142. I don’t know, though, Utah. I know two people whose lives could have never carried on without those lawsuits to ensure they are cared for after some shitbag ruined their lives on the road. Sure, the lawyer got his third but they did well anyways. If you call being crippled for the rest of your life Doing Well.

  143. Right on Lorac. After my kids were sent to several doctors by the at faults company to prove injury they ended up paying all that cost too and came out with 3000. dollars which they owed to their medical insurance company and then some.
    Yea great idea mandatory insurance. Another way to bilk the working stiff by rate increases once they knew you had no choice and great way for companies to decide if you get your car fixed right or just fixed and forget about you and what your injuries will do the rest of your life. Ambulance chasers are the winners in a lawsuit. They drag it out forever and a day then tell you to settle because you are losing.

  144. Uppity I know far more losers to this mandatory system then I do winners. My friend can cite numbers of injured people who have lost everything waiting to be taken care of. Like I said , her advice is carry minimum for public and insure the shit out of yourself and your passengers. That said it takes us right back to before we had a law requiring you to carry insurance. I did but it was for me and my property not the other guys. If it was really meant to make you whole do you not think the states would require you carry more then 15/35 ?

  145. Utah I carry as much liability as I can because people are sue crazy anyways. I have an umbrella liability policy in addition to my auto and home owner. In order to get liability insurance you have to bump up your auto coverage so your auto insurer pays as much as possible before the umbrella policy kicks in. It’s not the law to have tha policy, it’s just good sense. Somebody trips in front of your house and next thing you know they act like their life is over.

  146. OT from the OT, lolol.

    I want shopping for groceries today and saw these beautiful artichokes and grabbed some. There was this little old lady there and she looked at me and started talking about artichokes and how do I make them, etc etc. Anyways, she was nostalgic for them and said, I’m too old and have arthritis so bad I couldn’t even get past cutting the leaves. She was all alone and kind of frail, and I wondered how she even got to the store. In keeping with our other topic, I do hope she took a taxi instead of driving. lol. She was just the sweetest old girl. Honestly I felt so sorry for her, you have no idea how close I was to asking her name and address so I could make them for her. Stuff like that just gets to me.

  147. She is probably wondering right now how such a lovely lady could take time to even talk to her in a grocery store in NY. She will be there again. You can offer then, UW.

  148. socal on that senior, she was just a sweet lady. I’ve also had runins with nasty seniors who think you owe them something and it wasn’t pretty. I had one poke me right in the kidney one time in the checkout line. She told me, not asked, told me she should get ahead of me because she only had this one thing. Now, I have to tell you she was tanned, in great shape and looked like she just got off the tennis court. She may have been a senior by number but she wasn’t old. I told her she would just have to wait. She really hit my kidney and it hurt. Anyways, she was major pissed, stormed thru the people behind her, and went to another aisle, the aisle where you only have a few things. On her way by after her purchase she walks up to me from the exit end of the aisle and thought she was going to rip me a new one. Made a crack about she hopes somebody does that to me when I’m a senior. Well I let her have it. I said next time you might not want to be an asshole and poke people in the kidney because you might get poked back. My back still hurts. What’s your name and address. The people behind me were cracking up. Then I said, you look like you just got off the g’damned golf course and it’s too damned bad I am keeping you from your martini for five minutes more, now get out of my face before I sue your ass for poking my kidney and if you’re a senior you are just barely there so cut the crap. There are seniors who need that disabled parking spot I’ll bet you park in just because you turned 65. I wouldn’t let her get a word in and even the checkout girl was cracking up. She stormed out and the checkout girl said good for you. She comes in all the time and is a real bitch. I despise seniors who act like the world owes them. I’ve seen them take up disabled parking spots because around here if you turn 65 your doctor gives you a note for parking. It’s like a right of passage, you don’t have to be sick or disabled. just turn 65. Lazy bastards. I’ve seen real disabled people trying to get their wheel chairs thru snow and slush because the ‘seniors’ took all the slots.

  149. I probably should have said “health insurance” rather than “medical insurance”. What I meant was that (here anyway) if someone hits you, assuming they even have car insurance, the medical on that car insurance will just cover a teeny fraction of your hospital bill. So your own health insurance will have to pay for your hospital stay and anything you need going forward. Sometimes people who don’t have health insurance get hit by someone and that other person’s car medical insurance pays virtually nothing for the medical needs – and they don’t have their own health insurance to pay the bills.

  150. Yes lorac, car insurance medical payouts are something like 5k max. Hell I just spent more than that at the denstist.

    No Utah, I don’t recall drivers who smoked being tagged. Could have been a thing in your state. That’s too bad about your daughter, she’s such a cool person. It’s why I think people should be hounded for life to pay when they do something stupid that ruins someone else’s health or life.

  151. Driving with a cell in Utah will get you the same as a DUI. If you are a commercial driver you will lose your license. I do not disagree with this law one darn bit but then you are talking to a person that hates cell phones period.
    Remember Uppity when the insurance companies themselves singled out a driver for being a smoker ? They said that lighting a smoke was distracting your driving ? Talk about going after one group lol. You paid a higher rate for being a smoker so why is it we do not see a huge rate increase if you own a cell ?
    Anyway my kid is already having a lifestyle change and inability to do things she could do before her accident and will continue to deteriorate. Mandatory insurance did her no good what so ever and had she been made aware of the fact she needed to carry more on herself and go after her own company she might have had the money to get it some what fixed. Now she is 40 and in pain all the time and will need to have a knee replacement soon. At her expense !!

  152. Sorry to hear about your daughter utah. Best wishes on navigating the recovery road. If you can call it that.

  153. Oh, wow, UW, I’d love to have that diversity around here.

  154. I just downloaded the audio version of the Klein book to my itunes. But a couple of weeks ago my computer stopped recognizing my ipod. I forgot. :( Well, I can listen to it on the computer, anyway lol

  155. You know I am a sucker for helping people and animals. Sometimes it turns out real well but sadly more often then not it goes bad. I would have most likely bought a pair of snips and a couple of artichokes and fixed them there for her so she could take them home and cook them lol.

  156. Upps, you’re so funny! Roasting a lamb in the garage! I know you’re a former smoker & wasn’t trying to guilt anyone or be rude. I have a sensitive system physically (allergies, low immune etc). I take really good care of myself, but born early & sickly. My mom smoked, drank & had hepatitus when she was preggers with me. My mom didn’t quit til she got pregnant with my bro, and my Dad quit when I was 8. After that, bro & I really thrived. I do feel sorry for smokers also and wish them the best. I know a lot of former smokers and none of them have ever said they wished they could smoke, but can’t becuz of the laws; but, I also know a lot of smokers who don’t even want to quit becuz they’re afraid of the weight gain. One of my neighbors.

    Calif is similar about auto insurance I think. You have to show proof of ins if pulled over or they will have your car towed. Also, you must show proof of insurance to buy your reg tags. Still, lotsa people drive without a license or insurance. Agree with you also about texting and people talking on cell phones. Its illegal here now, but still drive past people weaving all over the freeway looking at their smart phones. Hubbie got rearended twice in one year on the 405 by people on their phones. I can’t watch the accident vid. Thanks for the warning!

  157. lorac, don’t get the cartoon? Also, do tell about the book when you’ve read it!

  158. Well, I can’t argue with that!

  159. Aww, what a nice thing to say to Upps! Well done crier!

  160. Ah socal, ya know you would do the same.

    Pull out your artichoke recipes and fly over to UW’s grocery store and find the ‘lil ol’ lady. :)

  161. socal, I think it’s Obama being a prostitute, the john pulled over is the “Elite”, and Obama is bargaining with them for the cost. He’s saying he’d take 15 million from them in order for him to “put out”, ie, say he believes in gay marriage.

  162. Well I was still living in CA. when they upped my auto insurance rate for being a smoker. Go figure lol.
    Yes folks ought to be made to pay for damages but how can you do that to a minimum wage earner who needs a car and makes a bad move. They call them accidents for a reason. If they were all caused by people doing the wrong thing they would be called on purposes.
    That is why I will stand by my beliefs that mandatory insurance does no darn good except to make the insurance companies more rich then they already are.
    I stand by my belief by what you are saying about carrying uninsured and a blanket policy as well. If making everyone carry insurance is so good why do we need to insure ourselves for far more ?
    If having everyone carry insurance is working we all ought to be carrying the 15/35 and not worry right ?
    Anyway I guess we agree to disagree on this one.

  163. Yes I will agree respectfully with you Utah. But that’s only because I know your dogs could rip my throat out in under five seconds.

  164. Ahh, ok! Thanks lorac. Yes, that goes perfectly with what we heard last week.

  165. “Anyway I guess we agree to disagree on this one.” Yes, we’re all tough here, we can take it; besides, we usually agree and it adds a little zest if we dont once in a while. Utah, you’re up late aren’t you? Is it an hour later there?

    Also, send best wishes for your daughter!

  166. Yup I am and lol trying to force myself to stay up so my next two days at the office I can function. I drew the late shift. Work until midnight. Normally I am asleep at 10 lol.
    Ty for the well wishes for daughter but her knee is permanently screwed up. It will only get worse. Climbing a couple of stairs kills her. Only way out is a total knee replacement and only hope it will work. She can no longer run and play with her kids and numerous things she could do a few years ago. I guess that is life though. I always taught my kids life was a crap shoot. Guess you are lucky if you are born then make it through. Ever thought what the odds were that certain sperm hit that egg at that time and you were made ? Wonder what the odds were on that ? The rest is just icing.

  167. ROF UPPS my wrecking crew would smother you with kisses.

  168. Yeah Utah, they would be basting me.

  169. My hubbie is overdue for a knee replacement. The poor man hobbles along. When he’s home I do as much walking for him as I can, run to get whatever he needs. We have lakers grad and various assorted things next month, then I am really going to push for the operation. As it is, when we are the chaperones for the graduating seniors next month at Disneyland, I will be pushing him around in a wheelchair! I told him he could be off the Disneyland thing, that I would find someone else or go alone, but he insists. We signed up to do it a year ago, & thought his knee surgery would be long over.

    Anyway, Utah, we have heard very positive things from people who have had it done in the past couple of years.

  170. Damn Uppity I am still cracking up over the basting.

  171. Okay, I am a smoker and some of this stuff is getting ridiculous. What really gets me is states changing more and more laws about where you can still smoke. Okay, fine..you legislate where I can smoke, but then don’t ask me to pay your state taxes as you further and further reduce the places where I can light up. Don’t keep increasing the taxes on them yet reduce the places I can light up. I understand about not smoking indoors, in restaurants and such. I’m reminded of when I worked in a bldg in downtown nola. We had a fire drill so everyone leaves the bldg and goes down the stairs and across the street. We’re outside so I proceed to light up. I head a voice behind me say “I guess this is the smoking area”. :evil: I turned around to the woman who said it and said “Lady, the area between Baton Rouge and New Orleans is referred to as ‘cancer alley’ *not* because of cigarettes but because of all the petrochemical plants in the area. Take a good whiff of that air, it’s far more dangerous than my cigarette.”

    And socal: No it’s not that easy to find smoking rooms in a hotel. More and more are becoming totally smoke free. What’s also difficult is trying to find pet friendly hotels. Then try to find a combo of both. I try to keep a list of hotels bookmarked for hurricane evacuation. When i tried finding smoking and pet friendly it reduced my search results tremendously, although some hotels do ease their pet rules when it comes to hurricane evacuations. Some, but not all.

  172. Fredster,

    ‘cancer alley’ *not* because of cigarettes but because of all the petrochemical plants in the area…

    NOLA. Gotta love it. Snicker. A mish mash of opinions there, sometimes without keeping the larger picture in mind.

    Hopefully that yummy crawfish and food stayed out of those petrochenical infested waters… Ha ha. Yeah right.

  173. She comes in all the time and is a real bitch.

    Get a boxcutter and slice her tires.

  174. LOL Fredster. I once heard a guy who was hanging out at the deli in the supermarket telling someone, I’m 84! Then he does this whole tirade about how his “kids” are too busy to take care of him. Guess what they were busy at? Busy at work! Yes that’s right. This old bastard thought his “kids” should cater to him and forget working. He was talkinga bout how they ‘bring’ me food and ‘she’ hardly ever cleans his house. man I wanted to punch the guy in the face. He looked like a million bucks and you could just tell he was so self-absorbed he was probably going to kill his ‘kids’ first.

    I had a friend whose mother ended up in skilled care after she broke a hip and the old man was so hopeless he ended up in the home with her, but on a different floor. She told me he found her and wanted to know how come she wasn’t taking care of him. My friend was so upset. he didn’t even ackknowledge that his wife needed help herself. Just all about Him Him Him. Some of these seniors are truly selfish creatures.

  175. when my father died, we used to laugh at all the guys my mother’s age. We used to say how he’s “putting in his application”. They were all over her. She would say, yeah they probably ran out of clean underwear and want a servant. It was a big joke. How quick these guys go find another wife as fast as they can. What I noticed about the people my mother’s age who were widowed was, the guys were spooking for their next wife, and the women were saying, to hell with this.

  176. TC: I always cracked up because in any drill, fire, bomb, whatever, we were supposed to go right across the street. The bldg. was 14 stories tall. If it caught fire and the windows blew out or if, God forbid there was a bomb, same thing, we’be sitting ducks for flying glass. The bldg. housed a number of federal agencies including State, INS, Border Patrol and the like.

  177. Hopefully that yummy crawfish and food stayed out of those petrochenical infested waters

    They throw out the crawfish with three eyes or extra claws before putting ’em in the pot to boil. :lol:

  178. Three eyed crawfish. Yum. How come I never get a lobster with an extra claw?

  179. UW, ya sure ya want one of them from NO? Or would you rathe one of those beauties from Nantucket right now?

  180. Upps: At one time I was dealing with my dad having pneumonia and having to be hospitalzied. Got him better and home and then mom got it and went in the hospital and I had dad at home mending. Then he relapsed and had to go back in and then I had her home. Then *she* relapsed and had to go back in. I asked them in the e.r. if I could get them both in the same room. Well, the doc in the e.r. kinda scratched his head, had to call the front office and they decided since they were husband and wife what the hell. Sure made my life easier. And when I went to visit and they started fussing with each other, that was my clue to leave! LOL!

  181. Fredster, LOL on your parents. Cracking up here.

  182. Fredster, The folks in NO can be sooo accommodating.

  183. Fredster I totally agree with you. As a heavy smoker a few years ago I was and for that matter still am angered at what the anti smoker group is doing to smokers. I never smoked in my vehicle because I paid to darn much for it to muck it up with nicotine lol. Sounds silly I know because of me mucking up my lungs lmao but it is what I did. When you are addicted to something many things you do don’t make a bunch of sense but anyway I still think smokers have as much right to enjoy their habit as does anyone else.
    I can understand that smoking in a closed building can be and is an issue but for crying out loud is it so bad we had to be banned in a park or the beaches ? Is a smoker the only means to pay for all the crap out there while being forced to not use the crap they are supporting ?
    Taxes have gone up on smokes so high it is ridiculous. They are $ 7.60 a pack here now and they are again planning to add another dollar a pack this next few months.
    If folks think that will make an addict stop you could not be more wrong it will just mean more stealing or less spent on kids or something else.
    You can not and will not ever succeed in forcing someone to quit and the booming drug cartel should teach you that. You will quit when you and you alone decide to do it.
    I could be out in the farthest reaches of a parking lot alone and because I did not smoke in my truck I always lit up before going the long walk to the building. Be darned if some goody two shoes did not go out of their way to walk by me and make an issue.
    It is darn unfair and anti smokers need to back off and make some concessions and if they don’t and smoking is banned entirely watch the drug lord become cigarette lords and the $$ flow.

  184. Utah I think cigarettes are like a hundred bucks a carton here now. no kidding. Talk about screwing people who don’t have a lot of money. The big boys can afford their Don Tomas cigars though. Hypocrites. They don’t ever raise liquor taxes because they are all drunks.

  185. Reblogged this on theconservativehillbilly.

  186. utah: I *know* in my heart of hearts it’s not the best thing for me, but it’s odd how some people have health problems and others don’t. (another issue always raised) My mom passed at 84. When she died, the heart arteries were clear, no lung issues, nothing like that.

    Whenever I got a new vehicle I was always really good about not smoking in them for awhile but then caved in. But, I always had 2 windows open when I was smoking.

    if they don’t and smoking is banned entirely watch the drug lord become cigarette lords and the $$ flow.

    I’ve already read of cigarette shops being broken into and the cigs stolen, cash register not touched. Robbers probably figured they’d get more by stealing the smokes!

  187. TC and upps: I was going nuts there for awhile, trying to work, go by the hospital to see whichever one it was there and then get back to the one out of the hospital. I asked the doc about why they were released from the hospital and both ended up back, having gotten discharged too soon. The doc said it didn’t matter because medicare only paid for so many days for pneumonia, once the lungs started clearing up. Of course I hate to think about what it cost medicare when they each had to go through the e.r. and get readmitted. Plus when they were discharged the first time each one had home health coming to check on them. It would have been cheaper to keep them both an extra 3 days or so the first time in.

  188. Fredster,
    At least the folks were able to spend some interesting special time together in the hosp, side by side, commisserating. Prob wondering when Frester was going to show up after work. For the next round of parent-directed errands and such.

  189. If you go to Disneyland with a wheelchair you get to go right to the front of the line. You get to bring people with you too.

    You can rent one there if you didn’t bring one..

  190. myiq2xu,
    Do the WC come with cigs?

  191. Okay y’all, I’ve got to call it a night. See y’all tomorrow.

  192. Amen Uppity Amen. And lol drinking never hurt anyone right ?
    I know more drinkers in a year then I have smokers in a lifetime and I might point out many many innocents are killed daily by a drinker then are a smoker. Drinking can make the nicest person an enraged ass .
    Oh well and I still am not buying the second hand smoke killing anyone. All the chemicals and tar etc is already absorbed into the smokers lungs. I am more willing to bet that non smokers lung cancer is caused by all the chemical sprays they buy to freshen the air and clean a house. I personally use vinegar to clean because I did not get a degree in science and chemistry and do not think it wise to clean this with that chemical and that with this one in the same room. Anyway I just heard that lung cancer is now ahead of heart ailment in cause of death and smoking has been on the decline for the last 20 years. When they can no longer kick a smoker around who gets it next ?

    With that I bid you all ado and I am off to get in touch with my sleepy side.

  193. fredster was a good son! And an all around good guy.

    My hubbie has a fold up wheelchair, but I knew about Disneyland. With wheelchairs, you usually go in the rides thru the exit, and then they make you wait a few minutes there & then let you on. We took laker once during the year he was in a chair. Of course, there are scammers, who rent the wheelchairs to beat the lines. I hate going to Dland during the summer or on a weekend. Can’t believe I got us into this.

  194. Upps funny story about the senior. There are lots of seniors near us, and some of them are a real hoot. btw, I don’t want my mom to remarry either, want her to enjoy her last years with her dog and kids and grandkids.

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