On Mother’s Day we should face it: America Needs A Mom For President.

Looking back I remember my mother always saying, when asked what she wanted for Mother’s Day,

 “I want some peace and quiet”.

I have  a cousin who asks every year, How Come Mother’s Day Always Costs ME Money?

The truth is,  if you like (or don’t like) Uppity, who she is, what she is, what she says, how she says it, how she is and how she makes you just a little crazy, you can thank her brilliant, driven, funny, savvy, lovable and  delightfully unorthodox late Mother for all of it. So much of who we are was given to us by our mothers.

If your Mother is still with you, you are one lucky puppy, at least from where I sit. Honor her. And if you are a Mother, I hope your children understand how lucky they are that you made the sacrifices to raise them and love them. Hopefully, this will be one day out of the year where you can have what you want, which, according to my Mother, would be “Some peace”.

If your Mother is not still with you, I know how you feel and will sulk with you today.

Truth is, every mother I know is smarter than any of the cretins in Congress or the White House. We need a Mom for President and here is why:

And here are some kids who obviously appreciate their mommies.


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  1. Very well done, Uppity. This post has everything. The first picture up inevitably leads to thoughts of PMM and all the motherhood there lol. I so hope the video goes viral that it resides in my FB status today. Not that I have much of a following there lolol.

  2. Happy Mother’s Day!

  3. Woman gets 20 years for firing warning shots against her abusive husband. Hell, there are pedophiles,rapists and killers who get less time than that. But they’re men. Next time the bitch will just have to learn to take a good whooping.

  4. She says they were warning shots. The jury convicted her of aggravated assault.

    I’d really like to hear the prosecution’s case.

  5. Yeah but the bottom line is, who do you know that got 20 years for aggravated assault? Husbands kick the shit out of wives and walk. Especially in Florida. Right there in Florida, one of them walked and then killed her and the kids. I mean, if you can kick the crap out of someone and/or threaten their lives and walk, how can she get 20 years for not hitting anythiing with a gun. Stand your ground apparently doesn’t count for this girl. Forget the prosecution, I want to hear from the kids.

    Not high profile enough for Al Sharpton I guess. Besides, it’s just a girl.

  6. Speaking of Florida, I wonder if that horror show Judge Moxley, who is responsibile for the death of a wife and kids, and other assorted complaints, is still sitting his disgusting ass on the bench.

  7. In California a guy got 50-life for shoplifting. SCOTUS said it wasn’t cruel or unusual.


  8. Remember when Poppy Bush gave a speech about crack cocaine and held up a bag of crack that had been seized? The defendant in that case was 18 years old and the feds who arranged an undercover buy told him to meet them at a school one evening when it was closed.

    Because of the weight and the enhancement for selling dope at a school the kid got 20 years. He would have got out in 2009.

  9. Happy Mother’s Day to all.

  10. Happy Mothers Day!!!!! 🙂 🙂

  11. @ Oswald

    Why don’t these people tape conversations anymore?

  12. Why don’t these people tape conversations anymore?

    Because it’s illegal.

  13. Jeremiah ran out of his 15 minutes of fame a long time ago. Personally I think he is even more odious than Obama. He is a despicable creature and needs him some publicity again. Really, I can’t even imagine why anybody would attend a church run by this demon.

  14. myiq, maybe that 18 year old kid would have been better off beating the shit out of his girlfriend. Would have been out on bail the next day and gotten 6 months probation.

  15. @ Oswald

    The laws differ in states. If the coversation is between two individuals, it’s legal in TX. We’re weird that way. 😉

  16. Oswald: I was reading the article you linked to and got peeved about this line:

    The Hillary Clinton campaign nearly derailed Obama’s nomination by digging up Wright’s incendiary and controversial sermons

    I was ready to say something in the comments, but someone else took care of it. 🙂

    Who said that Hillary’s campaign was responsible for bringing up Wright?
    myiq2xu on May 13, 2012 at 10:39 AM

  17. Great article for Mother’s Day. My mother was terrific! I miss her tremendously.

    I agree – A mom should be president.

  18. Hahahaha Sophie, we owe Myiq a big huge hug. I’d send him another penguin but you can never tell what Oswald will do to it.

    And too bad whomEVER dug up that shitbag Wright didn’t succeed in derailing his prodigy.

  19. Obama gave a speech and the media declared the issue closed.

    That’s when granny became the first person thrown under his bus. He said he couldn’t disown Wright and then a month later he disowned him.

  20. Farther down:

    They only thing Shrillary’s campaign dug up was that picture of Barky in the arab garb

    The Freepers did that. Some low-level members of Hillary’s campaign found it there. They emailed to other campaign members and then Drudge picked it up somehow (I’m guessing a mole in her campaign.)

    myiq2xu on May 13, 2012 at 10:54 AM

  21. BTW – The freepers got it from Obama’s senate website. He posted it there after his trip.

  22. Obama gave a speech and the media declared the issue closed.

    That’s when granny became the first person thrown under his bus. He said he couldn’t disown Wright and then a month later he disowned him.

    Sounds like a regular week in Obama’s sleazy life.

  23. Mitt Flip Flops. Obama has “Dramatic shifts”.

  24. LOL love the video~ I am one of those crazies that go for the magazine farther back in the pile! Hate cards rammed into the shopping bag at the checkout….or the paper you just bought for the computer, thrown in a bag and everything else scraped down the side of it……My daughter firmly believes I’m crazy. Oh well…. 😉

    Happy Mother’s day to everyone at Uppities pad~

  25. Mitt changes his mind. Obama “Evolves”.

  26. Love the photos of animal moms and their babies.

  27. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms here.

  28. Happy Mother’s Day. Love the mommy animal pics. Truly devoted thankfulness in those baby faces.

    I spent 95 minutes with my kid on the phone today and it felt like 5 minutes. We could have gone on for hours but we both have things we must do. It was great just being a mom on that call. She needed advice – despite the fact that she’s 35 and an Ivy League engineer for a major company – she asks my advice and always gives me total respect. I LOVE my kid and it is a pleasure to be her mother… and we love to dish about what a pain in the ass her father is. he he he.

    anyways… back to obama bashing!

    I went to the Amazon site with the Klein expose book and there was a review on there talking about a nasty look obama gave joe biden over joe’s remarks about gay marriage. I was wondering if anyone knows what photo the commenter was talking about. He said it is all over the web and I was curious to see if it was true or not.

  29. @ NES

    Michelle apparently doesn’t care for fatties, Oprah included. The other nyp article.

  30. NES, yep, that bribe was obvious. The Wright side was all but broadcasting they had an offer. And yes, it was so clear that the Bo side wanted to duct tape his big mouth. He got louder and louder after that too.

    Defiant little demon that he is. (good word upps!)

  31. mcn, that too was obvious. Oprah was in their faces night and day and they were soaking it all up. Suddenly she was persona non grata.

  32. In the WTF department, Newsweek declares that Obama is our first gay president. His picture is on its cover with a gaylo.

  33. Obama is our first gay president

    People have been speculating about this all along. I doubt he is the first, but I’m certain he is the first bottom.

  34. Happy Mother’s Day to you all! Thanks, Uppity, for those fabulous pictures! Our furry children are nuzzling us as well. 🙂

  35. I don’t think Pr. Obama is going to be real happy about that Newsweek cover, the “gaylo” or being called “our first Gay president,” no matter what he just declared this week. How much you wanna bet apologies are forthcoming…

  36. okay, this is another mother’s day gift today from that book.

    Amateur indeed.

    His former doctor has some things to say about his personality and health care reform blunders:


  37. Anita, I would love to be a fly on the wall at the White House today. I think Time and Newsweek are battling to see which magazine can have the better shock cover.

  38. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B007X49B9C/ref=pd_lpo_k2_dp_sr_2?pf_rd_p=486539851&pf_rd_s=lpo-top-stripe-1&pf_rd_t=201&pf_rd_i=1455134775&pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_r=1TFQR5W75AZTCPJ0J86H

    From the first commenter “kait” on the amazon page for the book:

    “And great timing. Edward Klein’s book comes out just as the photo of Obama giving that angry, hateful look to Joe Biden over the gay marriage thing is hitting the Internet. ”

    Anybody have a link to that pic?

    I guess I should order the book, it would give me more catharsis.

    The fraud exposed is always so heartwarming.

  39. lyn5 — you are exactly right about what is going on at the WH today! And Tina Brown even admitted she was trying to out-shock TIME.

    Explains why we have the crap news coverage we have.

  40. That Gaylo pic on the cover of Snoozeweek is a riot.

    They kept doing the halo pics of him in 2008 – this takes it to the absurd level the man deserves.

    What a goofball we have running the country. It is clearly mockery even if they meant it to be serious. He is a cartoon character not a President.

    My how the buffoon is exposed for the charlatan he always was.

    This is what a candy necklace looks like on a president’s head!!!

  41. I definitely wish I could be a fly on the wall at the WH and/or DNC headquarters today! I’m certain the Newsweek cover is not the way they intended for it to come out. (Hee hee–I made pun…)

  42. karen I think the photo is an older photo of Obama in a tux with his arms doing the JFK pose and the superior look that he often has…..the photo was with the story on the internet even though it is unrelated.

  43. ROFL on the Newsweek Obama cover! He looks utterly RIDICULOUS. So loving it. As SophieCT noted, the Whitehouse/OFA must be shitting bricks.

  44. What Karen said!

  45. People have been speculating about this all along. I doubt he is the first, but I’m certain he is the first bottom.

    Yep! That be the beauty of it all. Rofl re “bottom”…that he is.

  46. Karen — More interesting than the revealation re the attempted (actual, I’m sure) bribe was the conversation with Bam that crazy uncle Wright recounted. Per Wright, Obama acknowledged that he (Wright) always spoke “the truth.” I’ve been tweeting to draw the tweeple’s attention to this juicy part of the interview: the real story is — as all Uppityites already knew — that Obama thought (still thinks) that RevWright spoke the truth about the KKK of Amerikkka…Goddamn America…chickens coming home to roost on Sept 9th….etc. If only America could see how BO punked people through his ‘Race’ speech, and punish him for his big lie. No one who dislikes America should be it’s president; period, end of story.

  47. A commenter elsewhere, in response to the gaylo, said:

    I will never forget where I was and what I was doing when Obama freed the gays!


  48. Hahahhahaha. Good one. Thanks for posting, SophieCT.

  49. I have a post about his JFK pose and his copy cat pose. also someone actually pAINTED him in that pose. Tacky tacky tacky. Is that what’s on newsweek? I haven’t seen it.

  50. I finally got SophieCT’s first bottom comment. {Blush}

  51. No the JFK pose isn’t on Newsweek, it was a photo that ran with the story about Joe Biden/gaffe/gay marriage/Obama supposedly mad. It was on the internet, Drudge I think.
    Sen. Gillibrand writes oped in huffpo for equal pay for women. Many of the comments are not “pro” equal pay law….color me shocked!! Progs not pro-women!!!?!!

  52. Here’s the photo that ran with the Biden gaffe story.

  53. I think that’s an old photo. I will check.

  54. That photo appeared here on Feb 1. I think it’s even older than that. Obama got rolled. Hahahaha too bad.


  55. Yup muh memory served me. That photo of him and biden is old. Here it is at the freeper clown squad site in 2010. Scroll down.

    Actually I think it’s even older than 2010.

  56. Yeah. Karen was asking about the photo showing Obo mad at Joe that was going around the net. I saw that one with a Drudge article, but didn’t want to post a Drude link here!

  57. Well it’s not real. Well, it’s REAL but it wasn’t taken recently at all. What it really is, is a photo of who barack really is. You know how you can learn a lot about somebody when someone snaps a photo of them when they don’t know the camera is on them. I remember seeing that photo in 2008. It may have been taken even before that, when he was a fake senator.

  58. Like I said, drudge is truly lying slime. I am not surprised he pimped that photo is current. He’s just a manipulative sack of crap. I believe nothing he shows and nothing he says.

    No secret I’m no Obama fan but enough is enough. Drudge rubs some shit on the wall and in ten minutes all the freepers have it up like it’s true. He’s the head of that snake. No doubt about it. Ditto for the Kossacks.

  59. Wow, UW–serious ferreting skills there!

  60. Thank my photographic memory.

    New post up. I blew a gasket.

  61. Upps, re your Walter Mitty piece: you had Barry’s number — and then some! — way back when. Incontrovertible evidence of your third eye. A ‘golden-oldy’ piece, for sure.

  62. Yes I remember discussing Walter Mitty with you NES. More photographic mind. lol.

  63. Is it just me or does the Newsweek cover make Obama look utterly R.I.D.I.C.U.L.O.U.S.?


  64. waving to Lyn5. Glad to see another lurker speaking up~

  65. Oh wait, lyn. I see you as someone else too. So you’re a regular. Sorry! Well, not sorry. Glad. xo.

  66. LOL NES. the halo! Reminds me of that bill frist photo with his halo. Yup he looks stupid and their subliminal halo cut makes THEM look even more stupid.

  67. I just read my own link to the jfk, walter mitty, obama piece and freaked out. It was accidentally prescient.

  68. Did anybody here empty the trash file? There were things in there I wanted to keep. CYA things. All earlier trash comments are gone. Trash is supposed to stay permenently unless they are deleted by the user. Anybody have any idea what happened there?

  69. The important message in this post is that you always keep in mind, these people are sleazeballs and will con you into thinking what they want you to think. It is not unique to one hijacked party, it’s more the NORM for both of them. Daily.

  70. It’s that time of the election cycle again, UW. Plug the airwaves and internet with whatever suits the agenda. If it is said, then it must be true. That is of course, unless people dig a little deeper. By that time, spinsters are onto their next story line.

  71. Totally prescient. Not “accidentally” either!

  72. NOT ME!

  73. Hey, NES, I should open a psychic hotline then.

    Not You, what?

  74. Ah the trash file, Not You. Okay. If somebody did do it, I am so screwed. Seriously. It’s all gone.

  75. Either that or wordpress lied. I had stuff in there for more than a year. Supposed to stay there. Was a great holding spot for CYA stuff.

  76. Waving back, Uppity Woman. I shed craterlakegirl yesterday. I wanted to change my avatar to a painting of my almost 20-year-old cat m.e. lou. She is hyperthyroid with renal failure, and her blood kidney values are increasing. Am starting her on sub-Q fluids this week, and I hope we both can handle it.

  77. Trash file gone? Does WP do an auto clean-up at a certain file size?

  78. Sorry to hear Ups, but not me either.

  79. I did NOT take out the trash.

  80. Hey, NES, I should open a psychic hotline then.

    Sign me up as your first client!

  81. No crier, they claimed that, unlike spam files, trash is there forever till you remove it.

  82. lyn5, your kitty avatar looks good on you. And I have been where you are with your 20-year old cat, so I know how you feel. The sub-Q should keep her going for awhile and believe me, most cats adapt to it. I have faith you CAN handle it. It’s okay to do so long as her quality of life is there. I feel for you. But you know what? At age 20, there is a testimony to your love, here. You must have done something right. xo.

  83. NES, the problem with my prescience is……..well…I recently made an election prediction and…

  84. Can it be recovered?

  85. Thanks for your encouragement, Uppity. m.e. lou is going strong. Her T4 is stable, but she is losing weight. She is 11.6 pounds; she was 13.5 pounds most of her life but she was overweight. Those extra pounds have buffered her weight decline. She is a gentle spirit, and I love her so much. xo.

  86. Beautiful post Uppity. I had a nice long visit with my Mom today. I’m hoping she will be with us for many more years, she has longevity genes and takes good care of herself. She took her little dog on a 3 1/2 mile walk around a small lake today.

    Happy belated Mothers Day to all Uppityites! Sorry I got here so late to say so! Laker took us out for a nice dinner!

  87. lyn5, best wishes for your kitteh. She must have lived well to live so long.

  88. Yeah that hyyperhthyroid is a real bitch, lyn5. I’ve had several cats on that tapazole and it should stablize. Good thing she had a few extra pounds. Also her appetite is probably not great with the CRF. I know you love her and I know she knows it. She didn’t get to 20 any other way. They love life when they have a Mom like you.

  89. Lyn, FWIW, renal problems are what cats who have lived a very long and healthy life generally experience in their old age. I’m sure both of you will do well with the sub Q.

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