Obama attempts to motivate the lazy, underachieving women at Barnard College


 Since its founding in 1889, Barnard has been a distinguished leader in higher education, offering a rigorous liberal arts foundation to young women whose curiosity, drive, and exuberance set them apart. Ours is a diverse intellectual community in a unique learning environment that provides the best of all worlds: small, intimate classes in a collaborative liberal arts setting dedicated to the advancement of women with the vast resources of Columbia University just steps away—in the heart of vibrant and electric New York City.

…Throughout our history, Barnard graduates have made their mark as leaders in the arts, business, government, and science, and as activists for causes too numerous to name.

Over one hundred and twenty years ago, Barnard was the first college in New York City—and one of the few in the world—where women could receive the same liberal arts education available to men. Today, we are the most sought-after liberal arts college for women in the United States. With our cosmopolitan setting and the strength of our academic programs, the broadening of our global perspective, and our ongoing commitment to diversity, we continue to do what we have done from the beginning with a keen eye to the future.

Barnard women change the world and the way we think about it.

I was thinking about how way back when (and still in some countries today), it was understood by the smart men that there was no point to educating women.  Then the smart men realized that a few – a FEW – years of education would help a woman become a better wife – oh, maybe she could later help her many children do their spelling homework, for example.  Fortunately,  women were eventually allowed to go further in education.

But some people who actually cared about women realized that women were socialized to not excel because it might hurt the boys’ feelings, so they often underachieved or else hid their good grades.  They were often afraid to speak up in class or volunteer for leadership opportunities, for the same reasons.  Research showed that teachers tended to call on boys more frequently, anyway.  So some all female schools sprung up, so that women who wanted to, could reach their potential in a more female-friendly environment.

From the description above, Barnard College appears to get in highly qualified young women and after commencement, they make valuable contributions to society.  Sounds like they’ve been doing it for awhile – over 122 years – wow, that’s ALMOST historic, that was even before Selma brought Obama’s parents together four years after he was born!

I remember reading last year that very few schools requested Obama to speak at their commencement – if my memory serves me right, it was only around ten schools.  Usually a ton of schools want a sitting president to speak at their commencement.  I don’t know how many schools may have requested him this year, but Barnard was NOT one of them.  (Maybe NO one requested him this year, as this is the only commencement speech he is giving!!!)  This year Barnard had arranged for Jill Abramson to speak.


Not having ANYthing to do with the upcoming election or the declining support of women for his reelection, of course, Obama called Barnard and invited himself to take Ms. Abramson’s place.  No biggie.  He was right when he told us that he has EXPERIENCE.  He has experience kicking other people “off the ballot” or taking their place.  So I’m sure the rudeness and tactlessness and arrogance of this move didn’t faze him one bit.

Here are Greta’s observations:

Here are the facts: Barnard College asks NY Times Executive Editor Jill Abramson to be its commencement speaker.  Giving a commencement speech is lots of work and means giving up a weekend – but Abramson graciously accepted.  Abramson is a big deal – she is the first woman Executive Editor of the New York Times – so this is a big deal for Barnard.  And yes, having a woman Executive Editor of the New York Times is a big deal for women of all ages.  She is blazing the trail.  Barnard was very lucky to get her as the speaker and my guess is that others wanted her but she turned them down to speak at Barnard’s commencement.

And something else about Abramson:

“We have so many reasons to value Ms. Abramson’s place in history as the first woman to appear at the top of The New York Times masthead,” Spar had said. “From her early days as a reporter to her current post as the paper’s executive editor, she has been unfailing in her convictions and a true inspiration. I am certain that our graduates will be energized by her words and personal story.”

So, look – it’s a lousy school, they got a loser to speak initially (OMG she started as a reporter and WORKED her way up, she’s a peon!).  They’re very lucky to have gotten Obama.  And let’s face it, how inspirational could it have been for all those female graduates to have to look up TO A WOMAN?  Certainly, Barack “This is What a Feminist Looks Like” Obama saved the day!

If you want to see the whole text of his speech, it’s here.  It’s worth it just to see all the personal references and the sickening way he was trying to ingratiate himself with women.  Yeah, it’s no coincidence he “pushed off the ballot” this female Jill Abramson at this college for women.  And in looking at articles of Obama the Savior of Women, I saw quite a few of those photos – from different angles – with the large white halo around his angelic head.  No kidding.  They’re still doing that.  Don’t believe me?

OMG, I think I’m going to swoon and faint…..

I don’t want any of you to miss out on Obama’s three main pieces of advice to women, which were especially needed for these loser women at this failing college.  So in closing, here they are (with my translations for any people wandering by who may not understand ObamaSpeak!).

1.  “Fight for your seat at the table.  Better yet, fight for a seat at the head of the table.”  (It makes the game more exciting for me when I later push you off the ballot or the lecturn, or cheat at caucuses, or steal your delegates.  ‘I got game!”  I like it exciting!  So you fight for a seat, you study and work hard, and I’ll be waiting to cheat and steal it all away from you!)

2.  “Never underestimate the power of your example.”  (You go right ahead, as this Jill Abramson did, and as that darn Hillary did, and think you have something to say to people, you go right ahead and think that what you have achieved is historic, you go right ahead and think that its important for 52% of the population to be inspired by one of their own, don’t underestimate yourself, you go for it!  Because I will swoop in and pull strings and cheat and convince people that it is only *I* who does historic things, and *I* am what a feminist looks like, because I am the ONE!)

3.  “Persevere.”  (Keep trying, because there will always be a big jerk like me to come along and steal it all away from you!)

3.5.  Oh, by the way, Michelle wants you all to know that women can be powerful AND stylish!  Just follow her example!  (good god, I worry about these all-women schools; they’re probably all a little MANNISH when they’re not dressed up for graduation!  They could all use a nice, stylish boob belt, if you ask me!)

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  1. I’m sure they were very grateful that barack Mansplained for them on this important day.

    I am sooooooo glad you covered this, lorac. My ice has been frying ever since I heard he threw Jill off the commencement stage at a woman’s college of all places. It so encapsulates who barack obama is and how much he respects women.

  2. From SYD, Stray Yeller Dawg and her animal rescue. This sweet baby has a bullet in his foot.

  3. Did he call anyone “Sweetie” this time?

  4. The gesture was more of a shove. Inner City “Community” is organized around keeping its distance from accomplished women making choices to respect themselves and become contributing members of society.

  5. Noticed last weekend’s Fashion Police featured Beyonce’ arriving to the Met Gala and, I swear, in her eyes I saw the flash of Jay-Z, as though he had inhabited her for the thrill of arriving fashionably “last” in an unlined lace dress so tight she was hobbled, unable to ascend the red carpet steps without assistance, to a resounding chorus of boos. Mrs. 99 problems has a daughter to raise: the only thing more sickening than her “most beautiful” cover was this week’s halo over the 1st gay pres Newsweek thing. The hob-knobbers so have it all they make their own social rules.

  6. Did the graduates have to “settle down” before he made his speech? Did he bring his “wing man”? Did he make more of those mother-in-law jokes?

  7. imust…and did he pretend again that his ledbetter exec order guarantees equal pay?

  8. Great Post Lorac–he is such a pathetic Fool——-and his PR guys are just as Pathetic—-

  9. 79% Egyptians have “Sharply” negative opinion of the USA. So why are we sending these goatfuckers money? Why don’t we just leave them to kill each other And why are we worrying about their women being treated one step down from goats when surely, plenty of women are in that statistic?

  10. If he were a musical scale, it would be a one note scale–mi.

  11. Excellent translation Lorac, thanks! I did keep expecting to see at least a few “sweeties” thrown in, LOL!

    Boob belt, LMAO, gotta have a boob belt!

    Uppity I believe if you combine the various types of foreign aid, Egypt is our top recipient…….Iraq or Afghanistan may have eclipsed them recently, but suffice it to say they get a LOT of US $$$. I’m with you if 79% of them don’t like us, we really shouldn’t force ourselves on them. Although there is the little issue of the Suez canal, which is of course why we’re so generous with Egypt.

  12. Once again you are on the nose, Somebody. It’s the canal. And really, I wonder if, given the takeover that is laughingly referred to as ‘freedom,’ will the brotherhood really open their canal hearts to us going forward, especially given it’s for Israel and to keep Iran in check?

    If we could just put a bullet proof wall around Israel, we could let all the savages in goatfuckistan just kill each other off and turn the place into a parking lot with lots of oil. Iran can bomb everybody and everybody who is left can bomb Iran. Wouldn’t cost us a dime. Would that we could offer asylum to the women.

  13. True Upps it is the women I feel sorry for. :(

  14. Well the tree that ate Brooklyn has started up again. This will be my third major incident, well this one COULD be a major incident but I have hired someone to cut the segment first. For thos of you who don’t know wht a Box Elder tree is, let me tell you that there is no better tree for shade. There is also no bigger pain in the ass tree. This is a massive tree with many bases and I have already lost two of them and am very fortunate one of them didn’t take out my garage last year. The first one fell behind my garage so I was lucky there too. This tree, if given the chance, could take down a house. I have learned now through experience that if a heavy branch (the size of a tree itself) is hanging low and you don’t have it cut, when the rain comes heavy the weight will uproot its soaked base and the thing WILL come down. I’m there again, so I had to hire a professional to come take it down since it is hanging dangerously low over the fence of the neigbhor behind it. Now, my arborist tells me that if this tree were to take down that fence, I am not liable so long as the tree is not a dead tree. This means that my tree could land on your house and my insurance and myself don’t owe you a thing. The problem to me is one of concscience. I like the old guy who owns that land. My dog LOVES him. In fact, she has jumped the fence on a number of occasions to visit him, after which he calls me on his cell and brings her home to me. He’s a nice guy.I don’t want my tree to kill his beautiful fence. Cutting down that segment is the right thing to do.

    I will post some photos of a box elder so you get an idea of what a beast this tree is.

  15. This is a shot of a lovely innocent box elder’s growth from about six feet up. As you can see, its ‘limbs’ are the size of a tree.

    This is a shot of a very cool dog hanging out on the many bases of his Box Elder Tree.

    And here is what my box elder looked like after a …how shall I say…. a “lift-off”? As you can see, if no one is dead, it’s been a good day.

    Cutting the entire tree down would cost a ransom. So I have decided that every year I am going to take a piece out of this tree as a normal course of things. Till it’s gone. I shall not miss it.

  16. WOW UW: so beautiful, but what a nightmare!!

  17. Michelina I have some great trees. I even have a dogwood, which of course is biblical, so even if I wanted to cut it down, I wouldn’t. The thing is, except for the smaller pine trees that bend in a storm and can hit your roof, I have no problems with any of my trees except this big SOB.

  18. Best estimate: $600. Somebody kill me now.

  19. UW: LOL———-I never liked trees, they cause too much damage, if they are not maintained, and then even after so many decades, they grow into the sewers, pipes etc……..

    What is a Dogwood?


  21. Woah, that is a tree. We have tumbleweeds. They are large enough to spray paint gold and hang ornaments on during Christmas.

    I am not sure that I could have sat and listened to that man during a commencement address. I honestly don’t think I could.

    BTW, the penguin has been found.

  22. That’s not for the whole tree mind you. Just the one segment. The whole tree would cost a small fortune.

  23. I have a huge REALLY tall pine that’s gotta go but I didn’t even ask!

  24. When you think about it, you can see why it costs so much. For starters they need boom equipment and climbers and then they have to use their geometry to cut so that it doesn’t fall in the wrong place. Then they have to chain saw it to pieces, lift a thousand pounds of pieces to a truck, haul it away and pay the thieving recycling people to dispose of it. Not to mention their own safety and the cost of the insurance associated with that kind of work. You want an insured person because if they get hurt on your land you are cooked. Or if they cut wrong and knock down a building by accident, you’re cooked again. If they screw up and knock down that old man’s fence or worse, their insurance will have to cover it.

  25. What happens when you do it yourself.

  26. I prolly coulda got him cheaper.

  27. Check out these idiots.

  28. I have to say now that the tumbleweeds are not so bad. My sister’s home had a neighbor’s tree fall onto the second story. What a mess! The neighbor knew that tree was half dead and didn’t do much. Well, that all changed when he heard the roof on my sister’s house go boom.

  29. Regarding Mcnorman’s link on the escaped penguin that was found. Looks to me like he didn’t like where he was at all. I wonder if he’s lonely though.

    In March, the penguin – known only as No 337 – escaped by scaling a rock wall and a barbed-wire fence, the Tokyo Sea Life Park believes.

    It says the penguin now most likely feeds on small fish in Tokyo Bay and returns to the shore to rest at night.

  30. I think you are right UW. The pengy didn’t like where he was. Freedom, I’m sure he’s delirious. He didn’t drop weight, so he must have become very happy.

  31. Excellent post, lorac!!! What a pig, displacing Jill Abramson. What a teeny tiny little man.

  32. Good luck with the tree UW. It looks like a beautiful tree, but I can certainly see how the size of it could overwhelm your yard in a hurry. Do the roots run close to the ground like a pine so you have to contend with that mess too?

    We have a leaning pine tree in the back here, BIG leaning pine tree. I don’t want to think about that it is going to cost to take out. Luckily it’s leaning into the woods behind our house so eventually that is where it will land, I’d just like to give it a push!

  33. No somebody, it’s not like with pines, and I know what you mean. I have a whole area of pines and the roots are everywhere. Ditto for maple trees. I have two HUMUNGOUS ones, one in front of the house and one out back. Huge trees and their roots are everywhere. I have to bring in a guy to examine the underground pipes every year or so to check and see if any roots are blocking flow of water. Anyways, I have a large run for my dog and it has pines and maple trees and, eventually even grass doesn’t grow because of the roots. Still, the aroma….well you know what I mean.

  34. somebody FYI you gotta watch those tall thin pines because when the wind whips up they will bend and snap and not always in the direction they are leaning. The ratio of height to width does it I guess. I took one down a few years ago that was leaning because it was right near the rear of the house and I was sure that under the ‘right’ storm circumstances, it would take out the kitchen.

  35. ” the roots are everywhere. Ditto for maple trees”
    Came home from a Home Depot run a few days ago and noticed water running down the yard into the street. Followed the stream through landscaping until I found it bubbling up through Maple roots. Chain saw, shovel, pick, ax, winch, six hours of work and I had the ruptured water pipe exposed, The roots had split the pipe for about 12 inches.

  36. Yup SHV those roots are deadly. Professionals use infrared or something and can look right through your pipes to the road and then they have these pincer things that go in on a snake and snap anything that is a potential danger or clog. Not sure exactly how they do it because I never really watched. All I know is it’s wise to do it, so I do it. The thing is, it takes care of from your house to the road but not the main pipes that are under the roads.

    with a split that big I’m surprised you didn’t hear some rushing water near there. Was that ruptured pipe YOUR responsibility or your city’s?

    Maple roots are so damned strong too. They are everywhere if you have a sizable tree.

  37. Looks like amateur tree cutters are going to start showing up in Darwin Award short lists!

  38. Oh man that sucks SHV

  39. Thank you for sharing the info about HOW Obama ended up in Morningside Height to make this campaign commencement speech. Follows his standard MO. (The header really ought to be entered in a “best header” contest. Brilliant!)

    Then the tree thread caught my attention. Yikes! How the mighty can fall. Here’s the thing – it really LOOKED strong. There’s obviously a metaphor here.

    Continue chewing away at Obama’s shallow roots. You are doing a great service, Uppity! Yes, the clean-up is going to be challenging, but after the fall we’ll get to it … little by little.

  40. RFK Jr.’s estranged wife found dead, hanged, they’re thinking suicide


  41. No curse lorac, it’s those Kennedy males.

  42. Now see, I hate the kind of home projects where you write a check and don’t get any enjoyment out of the project, when you have things you want to do with that money that your WOULD enjoy. It really pisses me off. Like, you’re getting ready to redo a room and your furnace goes. It’s just maddening.

  43. Whoa, good metaphor, S4H!

  44. Was that ruptured pipe YOUR responsibility or your city’s?
    My problem….I cut out 6′ of the damage pipe and replaced it; kinda like an interposition graft in blocked artery surgery. :>)

  45. They arrested six people in Scotland for hate speech against Jews on Facebook. The article doesn’t say anything about threats – it sounds like they were “just” making fun of Jews. Hate speech is bad, but wow, that’s scary that they can be arrested for it. They’re calling it a “hate crime”, but it’s apparently only speech, not threats or action…. That could be a slippery slope, I think….


  46. Lorac, well done! And as Greta wrote in the title to her post, Abramson did get “bigfooted” off — that is so rude! That action alone is wholly indicative of the President’s character — it is all about him. Your list says it all.

  47. SHV, pipe surgeon by day, UW commenter by night. :)

  48. SHV, pipe surgeon by day, UW commenter by night.


  49. Very nice post, lorac. Looks like Barry still wants to relive the days being at Columbia. Looks like he never received enough adulation from the ladies at Barnard though. Time to get back at ’em and steal their show at Barnard instead. Still looking quite the loser. Abramson must be snickering. Barnard must be cowering after this debacle.

  50. That box elder could be a great swing tree.

    Dog woods sure are beautiful in the spring.

  51. Crier, I wouldn’t swing from a box elder after heavy rains. They uproot out of nowhere. I am living proof. Three times. Each segment is considered a tree all by itself, so you can imagine how huge they can get. The guy is coming tomorrow morning to dispatch the one in danger of coming down.

  52. Anybody know anything about asbestos ceiling tiles, specificially if they are asbestos ceiling tiles? Have a friend who bought a property and the ‘den’ has those acoustical tiles, not the frop/grid type, the nailed type on furring strips. They want to take them down. I looked up asbestos tiles and all of them from that period that had asbestos are either 12 x 12 or 9 x 9. These are 12 x 24, paintable. I didn’t thik they made 12 x 24 ceiling tiles back in the asbestos days.The backing on them is brown, like the color of a paper bag or cork. In fact, they actually look like pressed paper of some sort, or pressed wood particle. Anybody?

  53. And not to belabor the obvious but how ridiculous to tell women to fight for a seat at the table — and as he stands up there, every woman in the room is probably thinking, “Gee, I guess Ms. Abramson didn’t win the fight with you” for a seat at the table.

    The tone deafness is mind bending.

  54. Such a wonderful post. Thank you all.

  55. I have a mulberry tree grwing by the side of my house. Tried cutting it down, but a new tree sprang from the stump. So now I just prune it.

  56. sonrisa, I have a huge mulberry tree that sprung up by itself too. Methinks a bird did his thing and left the seed. At first, i had no idea what was popping up so I kept cutting it. I couldn’t get rid of it by cutting. Finally it grew and grew and grew and in a couple of years I had this tree much taller than my garage and a crapload of mulberrys every year. I gave up and left it there since it’s not bothering anything where it is. Like you, I just prune it. The berries aren’t bad either!

  57. No wonder Upps gets lots of beer drinking slugs, she has giant Hosta, aka – slug salad bar lettuce. They love the big shady damp leaves.

    Lorac, boob belts are needed for Mechelle. bo is and empty suit and she is an empty designer dress. Without the cinch holding it up it would fall to the floor for lack of substance.

    They would have mailed me my diploma. I would have protested.

  58. upps – she can take a small sample to home depot and ask. they have many ex contractors who have seen it all and now need to work indoors at a less physical job.

  59. Lorac, thank you for this riveting article ’cause we know those wimmez need Obama to get them off their behinds and be useful citizens. What a crock! I don’t know how these women could sit there and listen to this loser who bumped Abramson as the guest speaker. And, shame on Barnard for throwin’ Abramson under the bus.

    Uppity, can you post pictures of your branch tree removal? I thoroughly enjoyed the tree removal u-tubes.

  60. Good morning ((((UPPITY’S))))))

    such a quiet nite her last night

  61. I believe it foxy and you probably got a deal.

    That’s not my tree Karen. I took the shot off the interwebs.

    Not sure I can take shots worth anything during the takedown as they were very explicit that I am not to be in the area when they do the takedown. It’s an insurance issue with them. I have no window from which I can take them as the garage is in the way of that area of the land and the house is too far away anyways. It would be a dot with my little nikkon for idiots.

    I know they can have that tile tested but I don’t think they want to know. It’s something about the law and if you don’t know it’s asbestos you can say I Don’t Know on disclosures or some such crap. I’ve got a couple of contractor friends who would probably know but if I know them, the tiles are down already. lol. Seriously though, i am pretty sure they didn’t make 12 x 24 pieces back then. They look like 12″ but are really two tiles on one board. I think that came later when people realized if you could buy boards with 2 tiles it would take half the time to put them up. If they were drop-in tiles on the grid that size then I would worry, because they came in 12 x 24/ They were the ones with the pinholes in them, really fugly shit. These look a lot like todays tiles except hey are old and so it makes you wonder. Besides I don’t think anybody’s going to die removing one small room of these tiles, but maybe that’s me living on the edge. I always thought the asbestos thing was a bit overplayed, kind of like the latest bomb shelter scare. I worry more about CFL lightbulbs they are going to force on us.

  62. Best estimate: $600. Somebody kill me now.
    Actually I paid almost a grand last year to have a fugly old ash took down ;)

  63. This is a shot of a very cool dog hanging out on the many bases of his Box Elder Tree
    YES!!! She is beautiful. :)

  64. Well gotta run. I’m in the middle of a painting project. Lots fo things for everyone to get done this summer, not to mention fun. That’s why the place slows down.

  65. foxy she/he’s not my dawg. I’m strictly a herding dog gal.

  66. I worry more about CFL lightbulbs they are going to force on us.

    No worries, I’ll send out the care packs. We don’t have to do that here.

  67. Horse rescue 2 miles out to sea


  68. Mary Kennedy hung herself. Those kennedy boys sure know how to fuck up a woman.

    She left a note but they are not revealing its contents. They are “analyizing” it.

  69. Yeah like they “analyzed” the evidence in Mary Jo’s case

  70. Yeah they are saying Mary “acted alone”.

    In fact, nobody caused her to freaking HANG herself. That must be why they are withholding what her NOTE says.

  71. She was in trouble with booze and drugs. Nobody gets that tanked for no reason at all.

  72. When it comes to women, there are no worse diss’ers than the Kennedys. They all stick together too, regardless of whether it’s rape or murder. This is one major reason I always thought Tedward was the quintessential hypocrite. He was a pig. He loved the poor so long as they didn’t live too close to him. He loved alternative energy and windmills so long as he couldn’t see them from his estate. He championed women and never met one he wouldn’t happily pork.

  73. Sorry it’s the turk but he gives a pretty clear explanation of the “Trespass Bill” that just passed the senate AND the house. And I bet Barack signs it. Say goodbye to the first amendment, lock, stock and barrel.

  74. Man, I’m having a hard time commenting here lately! Posts linger in limbo and then disappear. They don’t go in spam….not sure where they go!

  75. imust, did you piss Bill off?

  76. Well the last one worked okay….

  77. Does anyone know what “mixed martial arts” style means when referring to punching? I’ve heard the term before, and just imagined it meant punching and kicking together. But what if it’s just being used to describe punching? Does it mean including “karate chops” or something….?

  78. Yes, that’s a troublesome law.

    I had to laugh, though, when he said that it’s the most American thing, to be able to protest the president. I definitely agree with that. But I guess he forgot it’s now racist, too.

  79. Lorac, so well put. When I heard about Obama shoving aside the accomplished woman and then read him saying about fighting for the seat at the table. I nearly spit out the java. I mean here is a POTUS who women of high-ranking caliber complained that they were not allowed a voice at the table during meetings with him, telling women to fight for it. For what end, to get the POTUS’s lackey to arrange all female luncheons when you complain about your lack of deserved access??? I can’t wait to see the ad the repubs will create for this one. It will be pure gold, I’m sure.

  80. Barnard is my alma mater and back in the day we thought we were just a bunch of smart gutsy women who were going to go out and right the wrongs done to women. Some of us are still at it, but watching Barnard allow itself to be used as a political prop was shocking. I guess I shouldn’t get shocked by anything concerning women’s rights, but this one made me beyond ill.

  81. Truly Cynthia, nothing, and I mean NOTHING, shocks me about this guy when it comes for his disdain and disrespect for women as anything other than faces he can step on to get what he wants.

  82. […] Continues here […]

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