These are the same people you can’t get to coordinate taking out the trash

…. and the same people you can’t get to switch off the light when they leave the room.

….the same people who groan when you ask them to get off the couch and help you carry the groceries inside.

You fill in the blanks:

These are the same people who _________________________________.

Would George Orwell  and Aldous Huxley be proud or what??


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  1. Wow — I would be so claustrophobic, I absolutely could not do this! I was once in the middle of a mob at a parade on 25th street and Lexington in NYC and for a fwe minutes, I could not move. I was trapped by wall to wall people. Terrifying. Slowly, I maneuvered my way to a side street and got out of there.

    So sorry to have missed you all these past couple of days. Dealing with family illness. Getting back to even keel now.

  2. Just a normal day in Uppityville:

  3. I think that video is creepy. All of those people listening to a mechanical sounding voice on an electronic device and doing what it tells them to do. While it appears to be just for fun, there is an element of psychological conditioning to it.

  4. Now they are talking about a fat tax. Wait! if they really want to make trillions, tax everyone for putting their “dirty words on our clean bodies”.

    If the tax is enforced, it just may make some of those bozos think before they degrade more than half our population.

  5. Awesome! Oh man! Needlenose! Get cracking!!!

    If that dog has any border collie in him, I’m 100% Cherokee.

  6. Well isn’t that ‘fat tax’ just brilliant? Think of all the bakeries and other businesses that would go out of business, therefore contributing to the goal of zero unemployment. I just can’t believe how intrusive our government has gotten in just a few short years while we all slept. Once again you can thank the anti smoking lobby for starting this trend that is no longer a trend, but a way of life (and a way to get more money for governments to squander).

  7. Yes ellies, it certainly does have a 1984 tinge to it.

  8. These are the same people who can’t walk and chew gum

  9. All that time she spent training the dog paid off – she won £500,000

  10. 1984 indeed. Lots of things lately have been eery combinations of 1984 and Brave New World. It creeps me out.

    As for that fat tax, what idjits. That leaves the government to determine what is healthy and what is not. As if they know. They take helth advice from lobbyists.

    I’m screwed because I disagree adamantly with what they consider healthy and non-fattening. My diet goes against all of their “wisdom” and ironically, I’m not fat! (I’m not skinny either.)

  11. Yeah oswald, you better get cracking, you broken down penguin with a felony record!

  12. lol on chew gum. I hope I get tons of these in comments so I can post them.

    “These are the same people who_____________________________”
    Fill in the blanks.

  13. These are the same people who only open flip-top cans because they never learned how to use a can opener.

  14. Fat tax, hmm Uppity didn’t we get into a talk about this coming soon to your neighborhood once sometime back ? All the pro ban smokers were on our back sides saying it could not happen and spouting that banning smoking was a matter of health ?
    Don’t you find it interesting how fast the majority went on a full on witch hunt when it came to smokers but will stand in horror now when it comes after them ?
    I remember saying fine I concede I will not smoke in your air space but I will die laughing when they start charging extra for your seat on a plane or in a theater ect because you are over weight or when they go after your perfumes and potato chips and twinkies.
    Well honestly I do get a slight bit of satisfaction when I see them go after yet another group but that lasts a few seconds and then unlike the mob that came after me with pitch forks and torches , hell bent on making me pay for my crime of smoking , I do not support any of these things and stand with them to fight these attacks.
    Most smokers and ex smokers ( by way of the bans, prices and taxes) who were so horribly and still are horribly attacked by a large vigilante mob will not do the same to their attackers.
    Me ? Yes I think in many ways it is poetic justice to see the ones that came after me with hate and wanted to hang me up by the balls for being a smoker attacked by the same type of mob crap for something they enjoy but I still fight for freedom.
    Anyone really remember what the word freedom meant ?
    Mayhap you will when your world is turned upside down and crap forced on you to “live a better or some mobs idea of better lifestyle “.
    I hate what all these self righteous, anti this and that, or save the this and that , have done to our once beautiful country. I feel like I am living in some 3 rd world country ruled by a dictator and have to now worry about what I think, say, do , eat you name it. I really despise what the self righteous have done to this country and then sit back in utter amazement when they get up and complain about an intrusion into their life style.
    My thoughts are if you were one of the many who came after smokers then sit down and go on that long ride of bans and lifestyle change you started and stop bitching about what you started.
    I know I will never see the country I was used to as a child and enjoy the freedoms I had. I just hope I do not live to see it’s complete destruction.

  15. Oh and that dog video really took me. What a darling team they are. Simply wonderful to see dog and owner so in tune with each other. I watched it 4 times and will watch it many more.
    Being a devout dog lover, I have to say that the human being could and should learn many a thing from their canine counter parts. Like live and let live. Eat what you want and as much, color not a factor, bullies are out there deal with it, if you don’t like something piss on it ( literally) and go on your way, but most of all acceptance for things you can not or should not change and live your life according to what makes you happy.

  16. Yup Utah, you and I did indeed talk about this and see it coming years ago. Once a mob learns the process, it’s a train out of control. And this is just the tip of this iceberg.

  17. Is it Japan where they weigh you regularly and you run the risk of losing your job if you are overweight?

  18. yup, animals can teach us so much. I learn every day from my pets. From cats you learn to respect others, and you learn that, if you are in a really bad relationship or situation, escape it first chance you get. You learn to relax and how Tomorrow is another Day. You learn that if you do something that really brings you pain, don’t do it again, stupid. From my dog I learn that little things are soooooooo much fun when you look around and pay attention to them. I learn that what matters is not how you look right now but how you love. Pay atttention to those you love and how they are feeling and help out and lift their mood where you can.NEVER pass up and opportunity for fun. And from both dogs and cats I have learned that being a good judge of character is Golden.

  19. UW, check ur email.

  20. The difference between Japan’s method and this is that Japan is measuring the result, not some guess about the cause. I’m not for their system either, but it is better than what we are considering.

  21. Got it. Love it. Will put it up tomorrow. Thanks!

  22. Sophie, people who are overweight didn’t do it on purpose. That’s how I look at it. Food is just as comforting as any drug. Anybody who loves food knows this to be true. It’s rough enough worrying about it without eveybody else chiming in and making them feel like shit over something that’s not even their business. I liken what people do to overweight people to religious fanatics hounding everybody. They would be far better received if they led by example instead of brute force. The only time I get really fried is when someone deliberately tempts others to harm themselves. The most recent example is Paula Dean. You look at her recipes and you just want to eat that! YOu know it’s baaaaad and you want it! Hell, I want it. That’s why I never watched her. But truthfully, day to day, we all have our struggles. Some of our bad habits show and some of them don’t. So the Log in Your Own Eye applies and people need to leave overweight people the hell alone and lead by example instead of mean-ness. You want to help someone? Cook for them! Or shut the hell up. I’ve never been in that position so I can’t even imagine the struggle. But I have been a smoker and Utah is right. I never judge other smokers and treat them like shit. THey know it’s not good for them. They are also addicted and it’s a bitch trying to break it. There is nobody more irritating to a smoker than a self-righteous ex smoker.

    What really kills me about some of these nutrition pissants is how bubbly and smug they are. I did a few posts on them. The thing is they are all young pissants. When I see them acting all righteous and smart, I think to myself…yeah come back on the air when you are 50 and let’s see how much you weigh or how you look, snot.

  23. Here’s one of those snots. See me in 20 years, Mimi. Being in shape at your age is easy.

  24. Let’s just say when I was “Mimi”‘s age I could eat a pound of lard and still not gain an ounce.

  25. Ok I am going to step out here. When I hear how my smoking ruined others health there was never one bit of proof that it did. Seriously all I got were statistics and we all know about statistics right ?
    Now the second thing I got stuffed down my throat in an argument about smoking was how everyone who did not smoke were picking up the tab for the high health care costs of a smoker and that it was darn unfair.
    So here I go dishing a bit back. I am not over weight and I do not eat sweets. I watch very closely what I eat and I do walk daily sometimes several miles.
    I stopped smoking and knew I would most likely gain weight so I was hard ball against letting it happen. I just figured if I have the ability to stop smoking, ( and if you never have you do not know hell) I thought I could fight the weight gain too and did and won. It was hell too because you really do want to eat everything you can but you need even stronger will power. It was hard and trust me it was.
    So in keeping with the anti smoke mob why should I or anyone else have to suffer because someone can not quit eating ? Most of your morbidly obese people suffer numerous health issues and are a drain on tax payers. They need scooters bought for them, are on SSI, see doctors more often then a person who is not heavy, suffer strokes and need to be cared for you name it the list goes on.
    Let’s go with the ” how they affect my health and lifestyle thing. I pay X amount of $$ for a seat on the plane or ball park or theater etc. Same price they do so why do I have to share my seat with one of their cheeks ? Why do I have to be banged into and shoved around as they are trying to adjust their girth into their and my seat ? Why do I have to have them sweating on me because they have to touch me due to the fact they do not fit into their seat.
    Why do I have to dodge them coming down the isle in stores on the electric shopping carts ?
    In conclusion we all can find a cause that we can go after and support and use tons of logic to aid in banning something and feel we have every right to go after another and force them to live as we think they ought to live rather then put up for a bit of inconvenience and have a bit of tolerance. That is what made the USA different then other countries and why our fore fathers fought to give this country to us. We have taken freedom for granted and the end result will be that we too will all be governed to doing this and that and no longer be in charge of our own destiny’s.

  26. Brutal, Utah. Brutal.

  27. I once had to take a fast business trip to Orlando and caught a plane with a bunch of snot nosed kids and their parents on their way to Mickey land. I was dressed for the meeting, it was that fast and kids where throwing up behind me, next to me, in front of me. They served burritos for lunch, so you get the drift. Given the choice, I prefer to have my own seat and not share it with another person, however……….as a tradoff to a screaming, puking kid, I’d go the route with the fat person.

  28. MeMe ran a private nutrition counseling business which has had it’s website taken down. She is a nut. She got some paper from an unaccredited school for “health” counseling after 8 months of part time study. Why is she given the time of day?

  29. No more brutal then going after a smoker or any group. What I am saying is Tolerance. If my smoking was so horrible then is not obesity ? See I too do feel bad for the obese. I know they too have an addiction and their addiction costs tons to tax payers and others that do not live as they. Would I support a fat tax ? Hell no! I was using a logic if you will as to how folks went after smokers. That same logic could and should apply to be fair all around. You have the numerous folks out there that like to bathe in perfume. Horrible to an allergy suffer and just as damaging to the health of ones who suffer asthma.
    Brutal ? We could go on forever and a day being brutal to each other for how we dislike another’s lifestyle or addiction etc. I took it for 20 + years. I was likened to Charles Manson for smoking and robbing a kid of their life or causing an early death to someone all because I smoked in the same city as they lived in.
    If I were to go along with a fat tax I would end up going against 75% of my own family. My kin are most all over weight. It is a struggle for me not to be honestly. Smoking was one way that helped.
    No I would never go for a ban or taxing a select group making them victims and suffering the same brutality dished out to a smoker.
    But if you think about it we all have to suffer because of someones addiction or lifestyle choice. WE ALL DO ! And yes I agree with you Upps 100% that rather then go after them or make fun of them , accept them and maybe when an over weight person is not outcast as my father was and hounded to death by my mother to lose weight they could be happy and when they are they might change their choices. Hounding and taxing does not work ask a smoker.

  30. Me too Uppity. You know me and kids. They ought to be in containers until they grow up and become human lmao.

  31. I know for a fact you never saw me liken Newt or Chris Christie to a pig or hog. I will not do that. I saw my father made miserable most of my life because he was obese. No one ever took the time to know him. I do not call people out for being fat nor do I use terms as hog and porker just because I do not agree with them. If I dislike them I will call them many a thing but nothing related to their weight .

  32. “There are people who would rather climb a greased flag pole than tell the truth. ”

    Compliments of my late grandfather–who was quite a character.

  33. Oswald, on May 19, 2012 at 10:03 AM said:

    These are the same people who can’t walk and chew gum
    😆 😆 tru dat

  34. Sophie, people who are overweight didn’t do it on purpose.

    I don’t see where I said that so I’ll add my actual opinion to the permanent record: some did and some didn’t.

    I come from a family of large people and by some gift of fate, I inherited the gift of a fabulous metabolism. Most of my life, I ate whatever I wanted and didn’t gain an ounce. I became a show-off. (I can still hear my aunt, “She eats so much, God bless her.”) It was great while it lasted. Along came menopause. My body changed, but my eating habits didn’t (right away). Then I was large (well, larger than I’d ever been but still small by my family’s standards).

    These days, I walk a fine line and I know that I own the results over the relationship between what I eat and how much I weigh. The same is true to a far lesser extent for my family members. When they watch what they consume, they can maintain a certain weight, but the fact is, they will never be skinny and they will never fit into the government/industry metric of their “ideal weight.” Ever. Some have made peace with their real number and others are tortured for life over it.

    The point I was trying to make (so I probably should have dropped more than two or three sentences on it) was that the government and industry do not know what’s healthy. They are in cahoots with each other to sell us whatever they can make cheaply, no matter what it does to our bodies. I firmly believe they are wrong about GMOs, HFCS, canola, and more. IMHO, BMI and cholesterol levels are stupid metrics. For the most part, I have adopted a more traditional diet (traditional meaning what people ate for the 10,000 years prior to the last 60 years) which includes full-fat whole milk, lard, butter (and lots of it), eggs, and other nutrient-dense foods that the current food police insist is bad for us. Amazing how we didn’t have heart disease and heart attacks in this country before Oleo and Crisco. I am adamantly opposed to a tax on “unhealthy foods” because TPTB have no clue.

    I did say I did not like either method (Japan’s being the other); I just thought it was better. Not good.

    I too suffered at the “good intentions” of the anti-smoking fervor. I thought it was fair that my rights ended where another’s rights began but that wasn’t enough for the “do-gooders.” I was astonished how fellow smokers were silent about defending their rights at all. For every objection I raised, I was told I was rationalizing (by non-smokers, ex-smokers, and even smokers!). It was like there was a kind of unconscious group belief that we were being bad and the jig was up. HR said that smokers raised their company’s health costs. The day they told us that, I’d realized that I hadn’t taken a (real) sick day in three years and had not used my health benefits (beyond the dentist and eye glasses) in two years. But people believed that statement because it had a ring of “truthiness.”

    To be clear, I do not support a tax on unhealthy food nor on overweight people. I do not support the government making any drug illegal that only affects the individual using it. If TPTB really wanted to decrease obesity and diabetes, the single most effective thing they could do would be to stop corn subsidies.

  35. They ought to be in containers until they grow up and become human

    LOL! Sounds like a plan!

  36. Sophie, honey, I didn’t mean to imply that you said that, I just used your name because i was responding to your comment. Then I did my tirade. Sorry!

  37. LOL on Mimi, McN. Figures. Wish someone would track her ass down in 20 years and take a photo.

    Hey if you want to blame, blame our USDA and the food pyramid they pimped on people for decades. Then they flipped it upside down. What a crock.

  38. Oh I’m sure that those that she began picking on long ago will be tracking her. They aren’t forgiving when it comes to MeMe.

  39. Many have dubbed MeMe a closet anorexic. I think she’s a nutbag. What credentials? Fat parents and a job as an “image” or “health” consultant makes an expert? According to MeMe she equates food with rape. A bit messed up.

    But chastisement is not the same as persuasion, and some of Roth’s formulations are of such questionable sanity that they can’t possibly help her cause. For instance, she tells me: “The defence has been made in the case of sex criminals that there is pleasure on the part of the victim. The same is true with what we’re doing with food. We may abuse our bodies with food, but it’s incredibly pleasurable. From a food marketer’s point of view, when your quote unquote victim is so willing and enjoying of the process, who’s fighting back?”


  40. These are the same people who __________

    — don’t take their responsibilities in life seriously.
    — don’t pay their bills.
    — are always late to their appointments/work/etc.
    — always hand in their paperwork/homework/etc. late and/or incomplete.
    — are always complaining about one thing or another.
    — always come up with an excuse for one thing or another.
    — are always and conveniently short of cash for the bill and/or tip when it comes up due for the meal at the restaurant, or for any other thing.
    — always forget to restock the toilet paper after they use it up.
    — always need a lift somewhere.
    — are on the 20 year college plan.
    — are always first in line at the keg party.
    — eat crackers and chips in bed.
    — leave clean towels with smudges after they wash their hands.
    — eat Cheetos all day and let the flecks accumulate in the keyboard, so the keys get stuck.
    — leave the clothes in the washing machine thinking they will wash themselves, without ever putting soap in and turning the thing on.
    — can always explain bad grades, but can never raise them past mediocre.
    — are always the first ones in line for the next wunder-tech gadget release, even if it means sleeping in a tent in sub-zero or triple digit temps.
    — are always the first ones shouting “Shotgun” on the road trip to Spring Break trip to the beach.
    — trek dirt and mud into the house that makes the dogs prints look microscopic.
    — always have the most beautiful manicured fancy nails, but bare cupboards at home.
    — drive around with shiny new chrome rims, while the car has a rusted out bottom carriage.

    Hmmmm. What else….

  41. On deciding what folks eat. First why have we allowed the death of one of if not the most fertile and climate perfect growing spots in our nation, California ?
    We save this and save that and the true cost is we are killing a species known as humans to save every other thing. California should never have been allowed to populate as it has and the proof is the lack of water where the most population is the south. If there is not enough water to take care of the amount of growth then growth should be slowed.
    Salt Lake did that many many years back. They only allowed X amount of houses to be built per year. Finding a home here to own or rent could be very hard to do but it stopped folks from coming in in droves too.
    Paying farmers to not farm is ridiculous. The fed could take the subsidies they pay a farmer or dairy rancher not to produce and buy up the excess and then give it to the poor.
    Imagine being poor and getting a crate of peaches for you and your family. Imagine getting several gallons of whole milk that otherwise you could not afford.
    Maybe if we offered the poor more in the way of veggies and fruits fresh instead of giving the food stamps that force them to buy for a month and most of it is starches because they are the cheapest way to feed a family we would see obesity drop.
    Maybe just maybe if we brought work back to this country and got folks back into the job market and active obesity would decline. Right now sitting and eating another bowl of hamburger helper is all they have they sure do not have a job.
    I do not know why folks become addicted to any one thing I don’t but I do sympathize.
    And Yes gaining weight is something that happens as you age, trust me I too never gained an ounce but now all I have to do is look at something and I have gained. It is another ongoing battle of life to remain at what I consider a good weight for me not what others think should be. I never was a barbie and have no dreams of being one but if I do want a piece of cake , and I do once in a great while damn it I do not want to pay 10 times as much for it because it is taxed like smokes are nor do I want a metered portion. I will eat the whole damn cake if I so feel like doing it and worry about it’s effects it has on me all by myself too.

  42. Maybe if we offered the poor more in the way of veggies and fruits fresh instead of giving the food stamps that force them to buy for a month and most of it is starches because they are the cheapest way to feed a family we would see obesity drop.

    Might be kind of hard to do that on a massive scale. Imagine apportioning food stamps based on the food pyramid. X amount for fuits, Y amount for meats, and so on. The carbs and meat amounts would be used up readily. The dairy and veggies/fruits, would be leftovers hardly used.

  43. I will go on record as saying that I think heavy folks trying to stop eating and lose weight is probably the hardest of all habits to break.
    Smokers, drinkers, druggers, adrenaline junkies you name it do not have to do their vice to live food junkies still have to be around their substance of abuse to survive.
    It is like breathing.
    ********* coming to your life soon, THE AIR TAX***********
    Meters will be surgically installed to meter how many CFPS you breathe. You will be taxed accordingly.

  44. I just meant crier that these extras could be given to those in need not one person paid to not produce extras. The food pyramid is a darn joke to anyone that is making under $100,000.00 a year and no tax write offs. You eat what you can afford and that isn’t much.

  45. Utah, and townecrier: I used to work with the food pantry with my church in NY. One year, the state decided that food pantries should provide some % of fresh vegetables to the clients. It sounded good. Lots of fresh veggies from some fine NYS farms descended upon our food pantry. Apart from the logistics nightmare (one month’s worth of fresh veggies cannot be dispensed 3x a week in a meaningful manner), the clients didn’t want them! They took them because they were forced to, but threw them out! Our dumpster was filled with fresh veggies. It turned out that either they didn’t like them or didn’t know how to prepare them or didn’t have facilities in which to prepare them. They liked ready-to-eat canned and boxed goods. The program was a bust.

  46. Meters will be surgically installed to meter how many CFPS you breathe. You will be taxed accordingly.


  47. You eat what you can afford and that isn’t much.


  48. Yes I suppose that you are right Sophie. Sad that is too. We have become a fast paced society and few bother to really try new foods or learn to prep them.
    Guess I am one of the old hold outs though. I hate boxed or canned meals. I prefer a hamburger made at home and on bread with my own version of a secret sauce and what ever I want on it. I think a hamburger on bread tops a burger on a bun any day maybe because that is what I grew up with and we never ate out except for a once in awhile treat.
    I would be crazy if I could not have my veggie garden and do my own canning. Farmers markets are my best friend and I used to belong to the gleaners when I lived in Cali. Darn tooting I went out and picked what was left in orchards and fields.
    I will spend my days off this year doing canning and freezing as well as going out to gather berries and fruits for jellies and freezing.

  49. Don’t laugh to hard Sophie because it just might actually happen. We are seeing tons of things taking hold we never thought could ever happen.

  50. They liked ready-to-eat canned and boxed goods.

    Figures. To some extent, you cannot fault anyone for taking the stuff that is easy to make. But no one should ever take fresh food, fruits, veggies, and throw them away, unless they are spoiled. Instead, they should just not take it at all.

  51. “No more brutal then going after a smoker or any group. What I am saying is Tolerance. If my smoking was so horrible then is not obesity?
    Read a recent health cost analysis of smoking and obesity. Over a life time, smokers have less of a health care cost impact than non smokers…they die early. Obesity, however, is going to utterly bankrupt an already sick health care system.

  52. Oh that meter installation will not be covered on your insurance either. You need an umbrella policy to cover that one lmao

  53. Whatever the vice and we all have them whether it is a cell phone strapped to our ear giving us enough radiation to run a fleet of submarines, driving like an idiot, base jumping, smoking, eating, drinking the human being is always in self destruct mode and no amount of laws and taxes will safe guard you from someone else. Life is a crap shoot. Learn to live and let live and be prepared to be annoyed at times. But stay off each others backs about how they choose to self destruct because you most likely are doing something at some time that might cause harm to another too.

  54. townecrier: it broke my heart, but it was forced upon us and them by the state because we were receiving grant money.

    Utah: It could happen. Change that to Nervous Laugh.

  55. The guv will hire meter maids to come check your meter.

  56. Ahhh, how we choose to self destruct. What an eerie concept.

  57. I think if other people want to kill themselves with cigarettes, I guess it’s their choice…I do however object to their poisoning my airspace with their smoke. I remember the days when you went to a restaurant and the person next to you was puffin’ away and all their smoke drifted in my direction. I hate the smell of smoke in the air and on my clothes. The “smoking sections” were a joke because the smoke would still drift over the entire room.

  58. Perfect example Sophie. FORCED UPON THEM. See force does not work. These things should have been made available to those who wanted them and could not afford them. Another prime example of force being used to get someone to live as you think they ought to. I am sure that many would have liked to get these fruits and veggies that maybe did not qualify for food stamps but were unable to financially get them otherwise.
    Maybe if our school system educated folks about money and saving and cooking again rather then the loggers are the worst people alive etc we would see folks eat better on their own.
    If parents had veggie gardens with their kids maybe kids would learn some pride in eating what they grew. I know my grand kids sure do.

    ROFLMAO on nervous laugh. I have perfected the nervous laugh.

  59. If we get GUV meter readers I want a hunk. Only a hunk will touch my junk to read my meter lmao

  60. I don’t see where this is “the school’s fault” or responsibility. I think the schools have enough to do teaching reading, writing and arithmetic. Last I checked, “Hating Loggers 101” was not in the curriculum.

  61. Maybe if our school system educated folks about money and saving and cooking again

    Educating kids in the practical aspects of life? What a grand idea. A little pride in tilling the soil and seeing the fruits of one’s labors come up out of the ground, and then prepared in the kitchen and served on the dinner plate. That is fun. It’s neat to see personal efforts of the most very basic human nature, metamorphosize into something tangible. Cooking is one of them. Sewing. Laying a new tile floor. Painting a room in the house. Refinishing the woodwork. Fun. Although quite tiring.

  62. IMUST most smokers did not disagree with banning it in buildings. What was wrong was to insist that business owners make their business ie a restaurant, bar etc a non smoking establishment. That business owner had and should have retained the right to have a smoking or non smoking establishment and if it was a smoking establishment non smokers should have stayed out. Compromise. Grocery stores, work places like factories, etc yes I totally agreed. Beaches parks, bars and restaurants I did not or at least not to some extent.
    Many businesses like bars went to a private type thing here in Utah once the smoking ban went in and charged customers one penny a year to belong. You could smoke in there. Non smokers were made well aware of it by huge signs and were told at the door this bar or restaurant allows smoking.
    It did not stop there. Then employees had to complain about second hand smoke and so did Joe Q public.
    As another poster here stated it is like a Muslim taking work at a pork packing plant and being pissed off because he had to handle pork.
    Employees that did not want to work in a smoking place should have gotten out and found another non smoking one to work in.
    So businesses that served food weather a bar or restaurant had to cease allowing smoking. It went on and on. Now the poor smoker here in Utah anyway can not even step outside to smoke but must be 50 feet from the entrance of a building so he goes and stands out in the rain or snow to puff. Many places here do not even allow you to smoke on the property. It just went way overboard.

  63. My Grand daughter came home from school just last week saying how she hated loggers. Why ? Because her teacher was telling them how the logging industry has destroyed our beautiful forests and are aiding in global warming. Imust it does get taught. She is in a Nevada school.

  64. It just went way overboard.

    As most things do when the guv gets involved.

  65. Crier they did teach these things in my day. Many schools taught by area too. If an area was largely an agricultural area it was taught. I remember growing up in Los Angeles and being taught all about the fishing trade in the third grade. How they went out in the boats, different types of fish caught, their use as food and the canneries and packing plants and their involvement.
    We had classes on managing a checking account in high school and it also tied in with math. Learning to figure what you paid per ounce etc.
    I now have 4 grand children that have graduated H.S. and one will next year. Two with honors and none of them ever learned to balance a checking account and the like but they sure did learn how we are leaving carbon foot prints etc.

  66. Employees that did not want to work in a smoking place should have gotten out and found another non smoking one to work in.

    Oh please. The prevalence of smokers back then would have made it impossible to find a job that was free from smoke.

  67. They don’t need to learn to balance a checking account. They have programs that do that for them! Again, unless you are CURRENTLY TEACHING in a public school, I really think you don’t know what’s ACTUALLY being taught. I’ll tell you. Standards. Look up the state’s standards, that’s what’s being taught. Oh and how to take a test so all the big wigs in their offices can analyze tests all day and hold teachers accountable.

  68. I must back when ? The year 2002 ? Come on. If we are talking the sixties yes I am talking now not then. When it first started was in the nineties to stop smoking. Many places like grocery stores etc had long ceased allowing you to smoke there. I am talking about the further push. All bars allowed smoking but when the ban started many opted to go smoke free and others did not. It was and always should have been a private business owners choice to operate that business to make money and accommodate the majority of customers. I see you have your mind set and it is not open to debate so we will agree to disagree. However when one group acts mobish and makes no concessions and wins it will come back to haunt.

  69. Agree, imust. Course content today is what some administrators and people outside the classroom have decided that is worthy. That is to say, worthy of keeping them employed, whilst kids are scratching their heads wondering why they have to learn whatever is being put upon them.

    Practical education is not sufficiently worthy for academia. Counting fish, ounces. Dividing parts. Sewing a button. Making a cake from scratch. Changing the air filter on the car. Making ice cream. Just not worthy of standardizd testing content.

  70. I guess having children or grand children in the schools does not count or it does not count when you sit in on their classes ? Is it just me you are out to attack or are you having a bad day ? We will agree to disagree.

  71. Yup, imust. Then there is spell check. No need for a dictionary. But some still don’t use spellcheck anyway.

    Teachers are told what they are going to teach. It’s in books/seminars they are forced to teach from. Wirtten by big wigs behind desks, that are not in front of actual students.

  72. No, having children/grandchildren make nice stories, but aren’t necessarily the gospel truth about what’s happening in the classrooms across America. Blanket statements that all schools teach anti-logging and that’s what’s wrong with America and to blame for _______[fill in the blank] problem should be challenged. Just because I challenge you rather than nod in agreement with something I absolutely disagree with doesn’t mean that I’m “having a bad day”, it means I disagree with your proclamations.

  73. Anyway gang it was fun. I have to get ready for work. Lucked out and drew the late shift again. Thank goodness I know how to balance accounts and dp payouts without computers because power goes down and I have to still keep the customer happy getting his loan on a car or fixing an issue.

  74. Imust yes we disagree. I do believe you have a right to your opinion and respect it although a blanket statement about loggers was directed at teaching in general about teaching things that ought not be taught. What I am pointing out or trying to is that ideals such as save this or that and political beliefs should not be taught to our children in schools and I still believe that taking a pencil and the ability to figure without the aid of a computer or calculator is a must. Things happen, power failures and the like. When businesses have to shut down because they can not run without them it is silly.
    I ran a small grocery store in Cali out in the desert. High winds often caused power failure. I did not close the doors I sold what folks came in for and did it on paper and figured the taxes out.
    Ever called a business with an accounting issue and can not get an answer because the computers are down ? I like having things on paper too. Computers are great but do fail. Kids need to be taught how to manage in such cases.

  75. Any have a good day all I am out of here. Got to go earn money to pay my taxes lmao

  76. Bye, utah. Have a fun day at the job!

  77. Kids ARE taught arithmetic and to suggest they aren’t is just plain FALSE. Checkbook balancing? Who even uses checkbooks anymore? Kids are also taught to problem solve which is the most important skill of all.

  78. Whoa. Aunt Uppity looks away for a few hours and her children fight!!!

  79. All I see is the last comment. Hey! I use a checkbook! Everybody I know writes checks!!! OMG. I’m a dinosaur!

  80. What’s anti logging?

  81. Okay spell check is worthless because a word can be an actual word but the wrong word or tense. Insure instead of Assure, etc. Or Has rather than Have. You know what I mean. Seriously, though, business is clammering for literate people these days. And without sentence structure it doesn’t even matter if everything is spelled right. Texting is killing everybody off for sure, U Know? K Thx Bai!

  82. Uppity, when you go shopping….how many people pay by check vs debit card or credit card? Checks are used mostly for bill paying by mail and many now do that online as well.
    Checks and checkbooks probably will go the way of the dinosaurs soon!

  83. Yes imust is right about standards. They are set by the state you live in. If you live in a sucky education state, you will get sucky education, unless some teacher sneaks something else in.

    Utah teaching by area just won’t work in today’s world. Kids may not want to work the farm, they might want to go into something else entirely and move from the area. in many cases, they have to.

  84. Uppity we’re moving to something called “Common Core Standards” now.

  85. One thing they did in ‘my’ day that I think they made a mistake in stopping, was tracking. Today everybody goes to college, even if they aren’t all that smart. SO we can’t find electricians or plumbers. Great fields that make great bucks, but parents want their kids to be brain surgeons even if they aren’t brain surgeon material. I think learning mechanics and trades is a very repsectable thing to do and far more practical than sending your kid to a mediocre college to get a degree in something that won’t get them a job. Just my opinion. Also, I think the habit of giving everybody a trophy (figurative) so as not to make anybody feel bad is not a prep. for the real world. In the real world there is competition and somebody wins while somebody else loses. Promotions are an example. The problem is not teachers, it’s the system. We’ve turned schools into psychologist’s offices, cafeterias, clinics. School is supposed to be for education. The OWSERS are a product of a system that coddled them, both at home and at school. Very sad, because the real world is going to be brutal to them.

  86. I write checks too!

  87. And finally, before I leave you to your corners, I used the anti smoking movement as an example of how things can get out of hand, kids being taken from parents who smoke in the house or car. Making it so you can’t even smoke outside a building. It went overboard and was truly the START of mob intevention upon the freedoms of others. It has now spread to food and light bulbs and so many other things that are just plain ludicrous. The methodology is called BULLYING and it’s exactly the same procedure as the forerunner…the anti smoking movement. I don’t smoke and don’t like hanging out in a smoky room either. But I see no reason somebody can’t smoke outside a building or in a smoking room at work. There was no reason why the anti’s had to intefere with that, but yup, they did.

    The global warming people are anti smokers who needed something else to do to control others. It’s just plain bullshit some of the crap they are demanding others do and don’t do. Nobody wants to live in a freaking cave. But it all started with smoking. And that’s an obvious chronology.

    And yes, I do believe that if somebody doesn’t stop this infringement on the rights of others, they WILL be monitoring our heat and electric usage and snap us off at our quota some day. And when that happens, democracy will have already been kissed goodbye.

  88. I agree with you @ 4:39pm above. There has been and still is a LOT of coddling of the students. But let me tell you, there’s NO coddling of teachers. It’s really hard to teach when you have no support from parents. Their child is “gifted” and can do no wrong!

  89. Mercy. Utah I have never hated or hated on a smoker in my life. I love me lotsa smokers. I just don’t wanna smoke myself or have someone smoke around my kid. How is that taking away your rights? I wonder why some smokers don’t see that a bunch of smokers all smoking around a non-smoker is taking the non-smokers rights. I really, r e a l l y, don’t get this “rights” thing at all. Why for the love of god, should a minority be able to inflict their will on everyone else? What else is smokers rights? You know what, forget about all the individuals whose health is negatively impacted by breathing in constant smoke (like the increase in asthma & allergies, esp in kids fcs), what about all the business (you love businesses) that had to go to extra expense and work to accommodate smoking in their establishments? Many restaurant owners and other business owners were thrilled about the non smoking law. There were many articles at the time saying so. Smoking has to be cleaned up after, smoking causes ventilation problems, what about burned holes in things; how many times have you seen cig burns in upholstery or tablecloths, etc, to say nothing about fires caused by smokers. A friend of mine has a scar on her face right next to her eye, when a smoker walked past her and accidentally burned her. This was in the 60s when she was really little. Had that scar her whole life. This is very common, I was burned by cigs accidentally myself by various relatives. I know the smokers are always sorry, & am NOT making them out to be villains, but its one of factors. My Dads friend, who owned a Greek restaurant that was very popular in the SF Valley was thrilled about the no smoking policy, cuz it benefited his business financially, in several ways, like lower insurance costs. He (a smoker) and his employees who smoked, smoked out back after that. I’m sure some of you will say that businesses didn’t have to allow smoking. I’m not sure about that, only know many businesses that did not think so and thought it was a good change for the business to have people smoke outside. The club we go to a lot, there are always people smoking and visiting outside. Everyone is fine with it, Utah. I stand out there myself visiting with my smoking friends all the time (like my hubbies ex).

    I remember once in the mid 70s we were in Hawaii, I was a teen & with my bro & younger sis & Mom. Anyway, we were on a tour of the Big Island and driving across it from Hilo to Kona in a big stretch limo. The four of us were right in the center and there were 8 others all around us. Every one of them smoked all through the entire several hour long trip. I will never forget this: one of them said to another, “Those kids are gonna be dead by the time we reach Kona” My mom turned around and snarked back in her soft, sweet voice, “Oh that’s ok, I can always get new kids right?” The limo driver kept stopping and urging everyone to get out (which dragged out the day) and kept apologizing about the smoke to my mom, but said there was nothing he could do. My mom was gracious about it as always, becuz in the world we grew up in (we traveled a lot, ate out a lot), we were always in places where people smoked. Now in this situation, the driver kept stopping to let us out for a breath of fresh air. Now they would make many stops to let the smokers out for a smoke. With the second scenario, everyones rights are preserved, smokers and non-smokers. I don’t get all the persecution phobia, and don’t get why you’re all upset about this again today. I’ve never been mean to a smoker in my life, and I know gazillions.

    (fredster, this is not in any way a criticism of you, I know you’re a sensitive guy and we love you for that. I’m just pointing out the other facts.) 🙂

  90. Going overboard is never good, no matter what the subject, but that doesn’t mean that limitations on smoking in certain areas was wrong. To compare Muslim pork packers to everyone and anyone with a job who doesn’t want smoke blasting in their face is going overboard. “Just find another job” is not a solution.

  91. Oh and one more thing about the obese. Poor people, given a choice between a bag of poatoes and a head of lettuce, are going to choose the potatoes. You can’t feed a family on a head of lettuce.

    Over and out.

    SHV I swear I think genetics play the biggest role in deaths. My granfather smoked two packs of camels a day and died just short of his 97th.

  92. Smokers, drinkers, druggers, adrenaline junkies you name it do not have to do their vice to live food junkies still have to be around their substance of abuse to survive.

    So true.

  93. Yes Uppity, and my mom died when she was 56 and I know it was because she had smoked for several decades.

  94. Very young for sure, imust. But you see both points are valid. Something’s going to getchu and you may be too young or very old. It’s a crap shoot. I know some very old smokers and some who died young. What separates them?

  95. Their child is “gifted” and can do no wrong!

    You forgot to add…and you think he’s brain surgeon material.

  96. I agree on the genetics. Cigarettes seem to kill in a sort of “predisposed” kind of way. My mom may not have lived to be 97, but if she hadn’t smoked, she would have lived long past 56.

  97. Maybe the child that made the logging remark was taught about the deforestation of the rain forest.

  98. And finally, before I leave you to your corners,

    Do they do that in school anymore??? Ha ha.

    Their child is “gifted” and can do no wrong!

    A sad commentary on many parents. All kids are bright. Some more so than others, and to various extents. Talent and brilliance is not universal for all subjects and all things. It can however be nurtured for some areas. Where some kids thrive, others struggle. So why are kids being encouraged to think college is the only option, and trade schools are not? The kid with the gifted hands may be better at making the project in construction, than he may be frustrated by designing it at a desk as an architecht. Assuming he gets that far in college.

    Coddling of teachers? Of course, not. They are just expected to magically make all students erudite in a flash, even though many kids are just not ready. Now, or ever.

  99. I don’t use checks anymore, I use my debit card*, but I still use a register so I can balance my account.

    * I think I’m going to move to mostly using credit, though, and paying it right away, because there’s no protection for the funds in your debit account (which is of course a checking account) if there is identity theft. With a credit card you’re only responsible for the first $100 (I think that’s the amount) is someone manages to steal your identity, but there’s not a protection for the debit card funds. You’re just out of luck.

  100. Sophie @ 12:31pm: Agree with you about food. I also think its all the fake food (crisco), convenience food and sugar and corn that are really bad for you. I think real fat is important for maintaining hormone and brain health. My Dad thought doctors were gods and slavishly followed that sick no fat diet from the 70s, used margarine and fake eggs fgs. I believe it destroyed his brain and he died from Alzheimers. I don’t think the medical field is properly educated about nutrition. At Kaiser, they gave me a list of stuff to avoid for my high blood sugar. It said to avoid all things coconut, and advised canola oil! Instead of listening to them, I put a heaping spoonful of coconut oil in our daily morning protein smoothies (whey) and we are all doing better than ever health wise, my blood sugar & bad cholesterol are all low and I feel fitter than I have in a long time.

    I wouldn’t mind a tax on junk food if it went to paying for single payer insurance, but of course the crooks would reroute it for their banking and war contractor buddies.

  101. lorac, Im thinking of doing that also; altho, we pay extra for protection so if someone does hack into our accounts, we supposed to be reimbursed right away. We use very few check anymore, 4 or 5 a month. I don’t bother with the register becuz I look at the one online, although Utah is right about being screwed if no power. There are a lot of things I miss about the good old days…things seem to change with warp speed.

  102. My Dad thought doctors were gods

    Doctors. What do they know anyway? Obviously not everything. Otherwise, we would have cures and solutions for every ill.

  103. crier, that’s a nice comment about kids. What I have enjoyed about homeschooling my kid is that in both private schools we used, I was able to tailor the curriculum to what lakers strengths are. We still did the state requirements: sex ed, drug & alcohol abuse ed, first aid, etc, and did the main subjects every year, but I was able to choose what books and learning methods. For instance, I didn’t have to use the freaky new math that my school district paid over a million bucks to convert to. Also, laker is a creative right brainer, so I pick math books with lots of visual aids. And lots of Khan Academy and other online aids.

  104. crier, so true. A doctor @ kaiser also tried to get me to use lipitor (a statin drug) becuz my cholesterol was a tiny bit high, just over. I told them I didn’t want to and that I thought it really wrecked my Dads health. They badgered me into trying it, so I took one and had all kinds of of weird neurological symptoms from it, dizzy spells, felt like i couldn’t lift my feet to walk. I can see how my Dads brain failed him in his later years. I tossed the rest (waste of $30) and got my numbers back in order with healthy eating and exercise. I’m really enjoying the coconut oil and MCT oil, and look better than I have in years.

  105. Looks like doctors are being managed just like teachers. Stick to the teaching/training/treatment curricuculum as is being dictated to them. Forget about straying off course that might help just as well. Betcha that Kaiser doctor did not approach your cholesterol issue with dietary changes as a first treatment. Doctors just know what has been taught to them in standarized medicine. Pills usually. Good for you socal.

  106. I avoid debit cards like plague. I have one but I find them too dangerous to use for everyday things. I prefer writing checks to using a credit card. I use a debit if they won’t take a check, which is rare. Today they have electronic check machines that withdraw on the spot. So no bouncing. To me, writing a check means you have the money to pay for what you are buying. It’s just too easy to put too many things on a credit card unnecessarily. Your FICO score gets harmed if you start charging groceries or gas, for example. Credit companies profile their users, no kidding. You can learn a lot by what someone charges and what you are “learning” might not be the correct assessment when you are profiling a card account. Someone may charge groceries because it’s just easier. Or someone might charge groceries because they don’t have the money to pay for them. See?

  107. Crier, I am not being snide here, just telling you what, as a former teacher, I know. No, not all kids are bright. Some kids are simply not very smart. But their parents insist that they are.

  108. socal your reaction to lipitor is the sign of a serious problem with muscles. If you didn’t stop you could have been in trouble. I had that problem with lipitor too. I opted to take a statin beccause I have a stubborn LDL HDL problem since I was young. My overall number is generally in the 160s, but it’s not just about the number. So I switched to pravachol and never had a reaction or symptom. Not all statins are for everybody I guess. But it’s kind of a falacy that you can always control that with diet. My doctor put it this way. She said I could probably run my ass off every day (which i was doing anyways) and go vegan and still have a bad ldl hdl ratio. So I take the generic pravachol and I’m fine. Incidentally, I think, coconut is very high in cholestoral, isn’t it? I could be wrong but I thought I remember reading that.

  109. Upps, agree wholeheartedly about the tracking in education. College is a waste for a lot of kids that could do better without it. One of the first kids in our homeschool group (started 15 yrs ago) graduated with honors from UCSD (lorac territory) 3 years ago! She is brilliant, a straight A student always, brilliant at math. She just got her first decent job, 3 years after graduating.

    Is it really bad to use a credit card for gas? Damn. I was using one for gas and paying if off right away. I was using it for the reason lorac mentioned above about debit cards getting breached. Gas stations (here is So Cal anyway) are one of the most dangerous places to use debit cards. Damn. Now I’ll have to make sure I always have cash.

  110. Canola oil! I did a whole speel here on that. My father would retch just thinking of it. He used it on his company’s heavy equipment. Canola nuts or beans are really Rapeseeds and they changed the name to be more pleasant. They are so unpalatable that even bugs won’t eat them. They process the shit out of them to make canola oil and somebody got reallly rich finding a use for rapeseeds.

  111. Really if our eating habits are so bad how come people are living longer than they used to?

    Socal you should see my brain dominance chart. It’s a riot. I’m majority upper left and the rest is upper right. Trully I am a strange person.

  112. And finally, before I leave you to your corners,

    Do they do that in school anymore??? Ha ha.

    No they declare them ADD and give them meds.

  113. I kind of agree. But everyone has niches of brightness. But of course. Not all shine the brightest. Some quite dim. But at least the light comes on. Dim… Ha ha.

  114. Yes, absolutely, some will always have high cholesterol or high sugar, even with diet & exercise. I think its just genetic. Coconut oil is very high in cholesterol, but it is very high in MCTs. Medium Chain Triglycerides. What body builders take to keep their fat low and muscles amped up. MCTs provide energy and help you lose fat. And now studies show its great for the brain, that MCTs are food for the brain. People are helping Alz now with coconut oil and MCT oil. i wish I’d known about it years ago and tried it on my Dad. Thanks for the info about the pravachol. I’ll keep that in mind.

  115. Upps, I’ve read that teachers are usually left brained. I would think you’d be center, becuz I read that people who use both sides well are leaders and managers, which is def you! Hubby came out center, laker and I are both quite right brained. A book I really liked is Right Brained Kids In A Left Brained World. It helped me to homeschool laker.

  116. No they declare them ADD and give them meds.

    Actually, they declare them ADHD and tell the teacher to make individual accommodations and modifications for the student(s), (there’s usually more than one) so they can access the curriculum and be successful.

  117. Do you not think ADD, ADHD, are overdiagnosed? I mean some kids are just a bit more active than others. Unless there is something in our diets or environment that has changed dramatically, it seems this diagnosis happens wayyyyyyyyy more than it used to.

  118. socal, the used to claim that most women are right brained and most men are left brained. Figures. Upper Left brains are generally technical people. There are four quadrants, so there’s a difference between upper left and lower left in what they mean.

  119. There’s lots of articles, books & youtubes about coconut oil. Of course the mainstream medical field hasn’t caught up yet (why are they always behind when it comes to nutrition?) and will still harp about the cholesterol. They’re only just coming around to fish oil and flaxseed btw. About 3 years ago, I insisted that my dad be given a fish oil supplement for his dry itchy skin and the kaiser dr said fine, if thats what you really want, but all it will do is coat his intestines?!?!? (His skin improved dramatically after a couple of weeks on the fish oil btw) Anyway, I recently read that coconut oil is a good supplement for dogs with itchy, rashy skin patches. Don’t remember where I read it though, & if it said to rub it on externally or have them eat it.

  120. True that, about the four quadrants. I would like to read more about that, are there any books or mags you would recommend?

  121. I don’t do fishoil but I eat plenty of omega fish. But I have always loved flaxseed. I love flaxseed breads too. Flaxsee is great stuff. I never understood why people would take all those supplements when they can get the real thing and it tastes sooooooo good.

    I use grisly salmon oil for my dog and cats…for coat and skin.

  122. My bro was diagnosed as hyperkinetic when we were young. I think that is now what is ADHD. Anyway, he had problems learning in school. Going back to the fats and brain thing I was talking about earlier, when bro was born & my Mom couldn’t breastfeed him for long, the pediatrician told her to give him skim milk! My brother has always had learning difficulties and my Mom has thought for decades that her giving him skim milk as a baby affected his brain development. With the studies now, it looks like she was right.

  123. I eat flaxseed. I grind it up in a coffee grinder I use only for flaxseed, and add it to various stuff.

  124. socal, I will check it out for you and see if I recognize anything good out there to read now. I was pretty heavily involved in the brain dominance thing as well as the Meyers Briggs Type Indicator programs. I was meyers briggs qualified. These both are pretty good tools so long as they aren’t taken too far into everything in life. They are kind of guidelines. The presumption here is if you know someone’s brain dominance and Type, you can adapt to them in communications and during team projects. They shouldn’t be used as judgment tools and sometimes companies do that.

  125. My Dad loved salmon, but rarely got it when he was living in the Assisted Living home, hence I thought he needed more good oils.

  126. Yes socal that would make sense. It’s kind of ironic that places that house Alsheimers patients wouldn’t be tuned into these things, isn’t it?

  127. Flaxseed. Great stuff. 1 TB flaxseed ground + 3 TB water = about 1 egg yolk thickening quality for recipes.

    Eating stuff in food is always better than taking a pill.

  128. Fish oil has lotsa omegas. Cod liver oil has similar omegas + more Vit A and Vit D.

  129. ground flaxseed is good in yogurt mixed with fresh fruit too.

  130. I’m laughing about flaxseed, I would say I’m a flaxeed OD’er. lol. I have flaxseed and oat bran pita bread, and flat bread for rollups, and there’s this bakery that makes great flax loaves, nice and crusty and the taste is kind of nutty. The bread is great toasted with some honey drizzled on it.

  131. Yes, I love it in yogurt with fruit. That is my summer lunch a lot of the time. Also put it in cottage cheese, and a bread spread I make for toast.

  132. Mmm. That bread sounds amazing.

  133. Seriously folks, if you want to know about flax, look at how great it is. Honestly I ate it in breads before it became famous. Who knew?

  134. Socal, what’s in that spread you make?

  135. Socal, this Brain Dominance test looks decent. Explanations of the four quadrants are kind of touchy-feely, but read them before you take the test.

  136. You can sprinkle ground flaxseed in your smoothie with yogurt to make it thicker instead of ice cream. Then add all the usual stuff like fruit, juice, milk, or whatever else you like.

    Flaxseed loses a lot of its nutritional benefits if it is overheated though. It gives bread a smoother quality. In a way, kind of like an egg does.

  137. Really if our eating habits are so bad how come people are living longer than they used to?

    We don’t die in child birth (mom and/or baby), we don’t die of appendicitis, and we have antibiotics. Some of us got small pox vaccinations and polio shots. But we don’t really live longer–just more of us live to old age. (Living longer would require lots of people to reach 120 and 130.)

    On the cholesterol thing, initially, they didn’t differentiate between dietary cholesterol and serum cholesterol. Just because a food is high in cholesterol, doesn’t mean it raises yours. (Like eggs.) In fact, foods with little to no cholesterol can raise yours because your body makes cholesterol to digest them. There are people who do have cholesterol problems, but not nearly like what is hyped.

    At a recent visit to my doctor, she said my cholesterol numbers were a little high. She said I was okay overall because even though my “bad” cholesterol was high, my “good” cholesterol was also high. She said it was something for us to watch. I looked her straight in the eyes and said, “I don’t believe cholesterol levels are a valid metric.” I explained that I eat well (mostly), that I cook from scratch, and don’t eat food from a box that has more than three ingredients (except ice cream). I told her I render my own lard and tallow. I told her my cholesterol numbers have been the way the are since I first started getting tested for them, no matter what I ate or didn’t, and so they must be normal for me. She said, “Okay.”

    Socal: I am with you on the coconut oil! I use that to make my granola.

    UW: Yes, you did do a post on canola which I appreciated very much!

  138. crier, this flax bread also has the seeds visible. It’s really heavenly.

  139. We’ve got an offical McNorman rant on board for tomorrow gang.

  140. Ummmmm. Need to make bread. Right now! With flaxseeds…

  141. I use a banana to thicken my smoothies, crier. Just a habit i guess.

  142. Yes, flaxseed is all around fabulous for everything and especially good for women and their hormones. That link you posted mentioned lupus. When I was diagnosed with lupus 15 years ago, one of the things I did to fight it was to start on flaxseed. You can also grind it and eat it in warmed milk, like a porridge, if you have bad diarrhea. I also got off of all aspartame (Equal) products and in a few months, the high lupus antibodies disappeared, and I was much better and eventually regained my health.

    The spread I make for bread, biscuits and pancakes & waffles is 1/2 lb butter, 1/2 cup healthy oil (I am making mine today with MCT oil & flaxseed oil), 2 Tblsp of lecithin granules, 1 Tbsp of fresh ground flaxseed, a couple of vitamin E capsules poked open and squirted in. Blend with some kind of mixer so it will mix well and refrigerate. Its great for spreading, but not great for frying or sauteing as the lecithin burns.

    That is the basic recipe. We often add various flavorings. We add a few drops of natural orange extract. Yummy orange butter. Today I am thinking of adding a little pomegrante juice as well. Whole Foods sells a pomegranate/orange butter that is really delicious, but quite pricey.

    Or you can add garlic for garlic bread. My Mom adds fresh pressed garlic, either a little lemon or lime, and some zest, and some chopped chives. Great for bread or potatoes or whatever.

    We have been making this butter, my mom, siblings and I, since I was in my 20s!

    I just called my Mom to ask her about flavorings. She had some of her bratty grandchildren there and one was sitting on her lap and her dog was jealous and trying to push the kid off!! So funny! Her dog is a hoot. My mom was laughing away.

  143. I’m telling you Crier, flaxseed in bread, pitas, flatbread is outrageously good. You know how wheat bread is just so bleck sometimes? You mix flaxseed in and you have a whole new feeling about it.

  144. Never thought of orange butter. Usually I do savory mixes with it. Or lemon. The orange sounds intriguing.

  145. Hey socal did you try the grilled pineapple yet?

  146. I usually use a banana to thicken my smoothies also. Plus, frozen strawberries & blueberries, the thinned out pomegranate juice (lite), some plain yogurt, whey protein oowder, the coconut oil, MCT oil, and some greens powder, the kind with the berry flavorings. Barleans makes a good one and also Garden of Life. And whatever other liquid supplements I may have in the fridge, like silica gel, or liquid calcium/Vit D, or a liquid vitamin. Whatever, I add a spoonful in. And a few drops of stevia. They taste great. I make them about 6 days out of every 7.

  147. The orange is really good, trust. We haven’t done the pineapple yet but I just took out some chicken, so we are going to tomorrow. Hubbie can’t wait, he loves pineapple with chicken.

  148. socal, you are making us all hungry.

  149. socal: silica gel??!!

  150. Yes, banana is good. If you let the smoothie sit for awhile with the flaxseed ground, it will thicken depending upon how much flaxseed and how much time. It’s facinating as a thickening agent. Arrowroot is also a neat thickener. But arrowroot thickening sometimes does not last after a remix.

  151. Yeah did you notice the frozen berries are always best in a smoothie for some reason. There are some great frozen bagged berries out there now, which is a good thing for me, because here, berries are seasonal and winter brings really bad stuff shipped from places where “Sour” should be in their company name. So I go wih the frozen. Now they have such great frozen stuff I still buy it even in summer for backup in a pinch.

  152. I have a good pineapple chicken recipe I haven’t done in a long time. You reminded me. I have to dig it up. I love summer fruits. Mostly I love the freestone peaches. People go all gah gah over strawberry shortcake. Me, I like peach shortcake better. I had peaches all winter, very proud of myself. I put up some fresh peaches with some grape juice and froze them.

  153. I have some berries in the freezer from last summer…all this smoothie talk is giving me an oooly. Thnik I’ll go make a creative concoction. Lots of good ideas upthread.

  154. An Oooly. LOLOL.

  155. I like smoothies in the morning sometimes. Especially if it’s summer and it’s already warm out. You kind of reconnoiter in your garden, look around and drink your brekky.

  156. What’s really good is when you cut up a boatload of fruits and toss in berries in some yogurt, with some walnuts and some flaxseed and mix it all up in a huge bowl and keep it in fridge for the munchies. We usually eat it at night. You know when that night hunger hits and you know if you don’t have something healthy and good all ready, you are going to do some major bodily damage at the fridge. lol.

  157. Ha! Sophie, you’re sharp to notice that! Silica gel is a liquid-gel mineral supplement, made from quartz crystals. Its been around for a long time, its very popular in Europe. We use it off and on. Hubbie swears that it helps his joints. Its good for hair skin & nails also:

  158. funky! I thought I was just posting a link to it and the pic popped up!

  159. isn’t silica gel the stuff they put in the little packets in boxes with things they don’t want to dry out?

  160. Yes, so many good ideas! I like using frozen peaches and mango in my smoothies on occasion, just usually use strawberries & blueberries cuz they’re low in sugar. I buy the Dole frozen blueberries in a large bag–they’re from the USA (a lot of frozen fruit is from Mexico & SA now). Strawberries are grown near here so I get a half case every two weeks from the local truck guy. We eat two boxes fresh, and I clean & freeze four. We probably have fresh strawberries 7 or 8 months.

    Peach shortcake is our fav also. Love peaches and nectarines.

  161. Yes, they do use that to absorb moisture. This silica is different, and made differently. We don’t take it all the time cuz its expensive. My mom has been taking it for over 20 years and is in good health. She goes on long walks everyday and works out with weights! One of her fav walks is 3 1/2 miles around a tiny lake.

  162. Theres another silica supplement called BioSil, and that one is concentrated and you only take a few drops. It tastes like fish though, so you wouldn’t want it in a smoothie! The one I posted tastes bland, like nothing.

  163. Yeah if the smoothie is purple, you know it’s gonna be good. That’s my rule of thumb. lol. Oh and Sophie, try honey as a sweetener in the smoothie.

  164. Horsetail supplements are often used by people who want to take more silica. Horsetail is high in silica. People used to get more silica in the olden days when cattle fed on grass, and food wasn’t so overly processed. Also, the soil is now mostly silica depleted in many areas.

  165. This is a public service announcement about flaxseed.

    If you decide to ingest it, fall in love with it, and take a lot of it, remember it’s a HUGE source of fiber. So you had best make sure you take in lots of water or equivalent during the day or you are going to be one mean person looking for an M80 to unbind yourself. lolol. Flaxseed is such a great source of fiber that they are experimenting with it in weight loss. You take enough flax and you aren’t hungry because it blows up inside you or something.

  166. socal. you bite into a good peach. It drips down your arm. There just IS no beter fruit than a really good peach. I feel the same way about fresh garden tomatoes. When I was a kid I used to go out into my grandfather’s garden wih one of those little baby Morton salt boxes and pick tomatoes, wipe them on my shirt, dump salt on them and eat them. They would drip down your arm when you bit into them, they would explode with flavor. To this day, I don’t like cold tomatoes.

  167. Ha! Upps I swear we had similar inverted childhoods, east coast & west coast versions. Tomatoes are one of my very favorite foods and have been all my life. I used to pick them at my Grandmothers (also peaches, she had a peach tree) and eat them like you did. Also, I do not refrigerate them.

  168. I NEVER put a perfectly good tomato in the fridge. Blasphemy!

  169. Forgot to mention the flash mob vid. Holy cow. It looked like it would induce seizures.

  170. Hey socal, if you ingest too much horsetail, do you become a horse’s ass?

  171. OT: This is so sad. A bomb went off near an all-girls high school in Rome killing a 16 year old girl and injuring 7 others.

  172. Well let’s see. A girl’s school. Girls being edjucamated. Now if I were a betting women I would say this is the work of a goatfucker. Anybody want the wager?

  173. LOL we have a post about a crazy zombie flash mob and are talking about smoothies and imust says SHE’s “OT”. Hahaha.

  174. I guess I was OT on the OT!

  175. LOL UW: My smoothie turned out to be quite simple: frozen strawberries, yogurt, and honey. I always try to use honey or maple syrup as sweeteners whenever it works. Somehow I feel it makes it healthy!

    socal: Whaddya mean “the olden days when cattle fed on grass?” I have that in these days! Yes, it’s a bit more expensive, but I eat a much smaller portion and get way more nutrients still. I also make bone broths to get more glucosamine, condroitin, and calcium.

  176. So any recommendations on a “healthy” yogurt?

  177. Me too on the honey or maple syrup. Especially that really good Grade A maple syrup. I somtimes drizzle it on toast. Yum.

  178. I guess I was OT on the OT!

    Okay the rule is, we can always be OT here. But being OT from the current OT just cannot abide! This makes the original OT an OT from your OT from the OT.

  179. How do you make the broth, what bones do you use?

    Any natural yogurt is good WLM, buy one thats doesn’t have rbst (bovine growth hormone) and organic if possible. Greek yogurt is thicker, becuz they get more water out. I like to buy plain and add my own sweetners, like honey, maple syrup or stevia, and fruit, and a little flax seed and nuts are also good as Upps mentioned upthread.

  180. I don’t buy yogurt that has sugar or corn syrup or other additives.

  181. You can make Greek yogurt by straining any yogurt through cheesecloth. Next day, poof! Greek yogurt. WLM I buy any yogurt, to be honest. I stay away from that shit Jamie Lee pimps on Tee Vee and all the other probiotic ones. They taste like crap. I buy whatever plain or vanilla yogurt I see. You are going to “defile” it with things that are even better for you than yogurt in the end anyways.

  182. I would think if you added flax to greek yogurt, you would be cutting it with a knife. lol.

  183. Seriously, Uppity? Is food ever OT here?

    I look for yogurt that doesn’t have anything in it but milk and cultures. I don’t go for any of those with thickening agents like pectin or guar gum or carrageen (even though there isn’t anything technically wrong with them–I just don’t want them). Of course, what socal said too: no growth hormones or antibiotics either.

  184. Sophie, food IS the topic here. And pets. Everything ELSE is kind of OT. lolol.

  185. Oh, and I buy plain yogurt and add my own raspberry jam. There are yogurts out there with fruit on the bottom that are low fat that contain high fructose corn syrup! Ironic. I also go for whole milk, not skim milk yogurt.

  186. The only OT rule here is everything goes. I never could hang out at a blog where the owner is so anal retentive as to pull people on topic constantly. Borrrrrrrrrrrrringggggggg.

  187. Whew! I couldn’t imagine an Uppity thread without a side conversation on food. I’m begging you–if you ever do a meet-up, please make it a pot luck.

  188. Speaking of food, where’s the PA delegation?

  189. It’s a deal. What a food bash, holy chit.

  190. PA delegation is busy raising a shitload of kittens and cultivating the garden that ate brooklyn.

  191. I suffer from Mom-asparagus envy. It’s very painful.

  192. She probably needs help with the harvest. 🙂

  193. Speaking of OT, OWSERS ARE AT IT AGAIN. Chicago, I think

  194. LOL Whose street. Our street. yeah sure, whatever. I still don’t know what these people want, do you?

  195. Yeah Sophie we were goint to send Karen over to help with the harvest, but she would eat everything she picks.

  196. Check out the clown with his face covered with a scarf and his dog walking with him. Hope the dog doesn’t end up shot because his owner was dumb enough to bring him. Are you guys watching this? Give a peek.

  197. Interesting link…Al and I had hotel reservations for downtown Chicago on Monday….now cancelled. I suspect that Chicago business is taking a major financial hit this weekend.

  198. Sorry about that SHV. They achieve nothing. You should read the chat at that link. I mean, one of the next brain farts is everybody stops their car in traffic on a given day and minute. I mean where the hell are their heads. Who of any importance will give a shit. All they will do is inconvenience regular people.

  199. Sophie, imagine plain yogurt with mango all blended up, and sweetened to your taste.

  200. They’re really slamming Obama though. It’s probably why they aren’t getting any press and are getting arrested. OWS is his experiment gone bad.

  201. I believe cholesterol is only found in animal products. This link has a list of the top 100 foods that have cholesterol in them. But I think there are some other foods which don’t have cholesterol, but somehow can make cholesterol rise.

    Cholesterol is a constituent of all animal tissues, therefore, foods of animal origin contain dietary cholesterol. Cholesterol content varies not only depeding on the animal type but also on the body part of the animal. Forexample, brain contains the highest cholesterol content of all meat-products. In the following tables are lists of cholesterol food sources and their corresponding cholesterol content (in mg per 100 g of edible food portion). The lists represent the top 100 foods highest in cholesterol content from among approximately 7500 food items common in North American diet. The high cholesterol foods list is extracted from the USDA Nutrient Data Laboratory.

    Table 1: List of top 100 common foods with the highest cholesterol content.

  202. lorac judging from how they reverse their claims about something every few years, how do we know that one day we won’t all be suffering from cholesteral deficiency. I mean, do they REALLY know why our body makes it? I mean if they can flip on the pyramid, they can flip on anything. Eggs were bad now they aren’t so bad. It’s the same old shit from these people all the time. Don’t do this. Okay do it. Coffee bad. Coffee good. Alcohol bad, no wait…wine is good. SSDD from them.

  203. Nothing like a nice long banner with “FUCK” written on it. Idiots.

  204. Gotta go to bed. Nite. xo.

  205. ‘night, UW.

    I bought a blender a while back but only used it once, right when I got it. You guys have me wanting to make a smoothie! Hmm, that would be a good use for when I have bought more fruit than I was able to eat in the week…. I could have smoothie weekends lol

  206. Yes lorac, do pull out the blender, as well as your fruit for a concoction any time. Mix as you please.

    Banana split smoothie with banana, choco, cherry, pineapple, vanilla ice cream, milk or yogurt.

  207. Remember when Lady Lynn DeRothschild was interviewed by Campbell Brown?

  208. lorac, yes, make some smoothies! So many vegan things to put in them! Rice protein powder, soy protein powder, almond, soy or coconut milk. Of course fruit! Soy or coconut ice cream or yogurt. You could really go to town & stay vegan.

  209. This was a great Saturday thread, like many we’ve had in the past. Thanks Upps & Everyone!

  210. Re: Chicago OWS. They arrested 3 guys as terrorists? They say they were going to make molotov cocktails. The guys say they had “beer making” equipment. 1.5 million bail for each!

  211. But the promise of his campaign four years ago has given way to something else — a failure to connect with tens of millions of Americans, many of them women, who feel economic opportunity is gone and are losing hope. In an effort to win them back, Mr. Obama is trying too hard. He’s employing a tone that can come across as grating and even condescending. He really ought to drop it. Most women don’t want to be patted on the head or treated as wards of the state. They simply want to be given a chance to succeed based on their talent and skills. To borrow a phrase from our president’s favorite president, Abraham Lincoln, they want “an open field and a fair chance.”

    CB is an annoying and disrespectful interviewer. Journalist does not fit her job description at all. She is confrontational and does not give fair chance for the interviewee to speak. She tries too hard to put her own spin on the the other person’s responses. LFdR, on the other hand, demonstrates class and tact. She knows her facts and sticks to her guns. CB chipped away at her favorite, condescending elitist with her NYT blurb. She would have done well to listen to LFdR and take lesson back in 2008.

  212. Right on crier, right on!

  213. The guys say they had “beer making” equipment.

    That’s silly. Beer isn’t a cocktail.

  214. Oh yes, imust, I remember that interview well.
    Campbell seems to be getting up from her knees.

  215. ::Snort::

    Interesting how the video in this post ‘has been removed’. She beat the crap out of Hillary.

  216. Lynn was a wealthy woman in her OWN right before she “Married the billionaire” Campbell. You loser.

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