Bee Gee Robin Gibb dead at 62


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  1. Who says twins aren’t simpatico. Didn’t his brother Maurice die of intestinal illness too? Don’t remember if it was cancer but he was in agony many times.

  2. Yes I think they had the same illness.

  3. I think it was something about his intestines being twisted or something like that. They had a another brother, solo performer, who die of heart failure at 30 yrs of age.

    Dang, listening to those vids and a good chunk of my life is flashing before my eyes.

    RIP Robin. Thank you for the music.

  4. UW, the brother’s death was due to hospital error. I remember some of the interview with the two brothers. These guys seem to be good people. Never hear about any bad incidents.

  5. Robin Gibb died in a London hospital after a battle with colon and liver cancer today. He was 62. Robin’s series of health crises began in August 2010 when he underwent emergency surgery to treat a blocked intestine. The same hereditary condition led to Robin’s twin brother Maurice Gibb’s death in January 2003 at age 53. He contracted pneumonia and slipped into a coma.

    Info from here:

  6. Barry’s the only one left now.

  7. It is a sad day. RIP Robin Gibb

  8. Maurice died of a twisted intestine.

  9. andy died from being a major drug addict. Massive heart attack at age 30.

    Talented bunch of guys, they were.

  10. Barry was the best looking one. Andy got better looking after he grew the facial hair. Maurice and Robin weren’t much to look at but they sure had talent.

  11. Waving to Beata.

  12. You see the help tab at the top of the main page. Check out “How to mend a broken heart” section.

    I always liked this song.

  13. imust, Barry’s the OLDEST isn’t he?

  14. Yes Hillbilly you are right. The Gibbs boys never got in that hollywood kind of trouble. They were just good guys. The young one, Andy, got into drugs and things and was kind of the lagger. His brothers spoiled him and he was too well taken care of to take his own talent seriously. He could have been much bigger if he didn’t take off for months at a time and binge. I think he was a serious depressive, kind of feeling in the shadow. But Barry did help him get off his feet and make some good stuff for awhile.

  15. Rest in peace, Robin. Thanks, Imust, for posting How Can You Mend a Broken Heart. Still my favorite Bee Gees song. Tragic how these three brothers were taken so young.

    Waving to Beata, too.

  16. Andy. What a waste he fizzled and died so young.

  17. Yes, I think Barry was the oldest. I’ll look it up.

  18. UW, I actually like their music pre-Saturday Night Fever. Speaking of which, Travolta has been a bad boy.:)

  19. Yep, you were right Uppity:

    Barry Alan Crompton Gibb, the oldest of the Bee Gees, was born in Douglas,
    Isle of Man on September 1, 1946 and is the second child of bandleader and drummer Hugh Gibb and his wife, Barbara Gibb. He has an older sister, Leslie, and three younger brothers, Robin, and deceased brothers Maurice and Andy.

  20. dwp that was andy gibb. I have some vids of him upthread.

  21. stayin alive. Kind of ironic.

  22. I always liked this one:

  23. Yes fredster, but I believe Maurice did not have intestinal cancer and Robin did, along with liver cancer. Maurice died from complications of the twisted intesting, which I might add, must have been horrifically painful.

  24. So sorry to hear this; thanks for letting us know, Uppity. I appreciate all the videos of their hits posted here.

    Rest in peace, Robin, and condolences to your family. Thanks for being part of the soundtrack of our lives. The Rock and Roll Heaven Band just added an exquisite harmony voice that can blend with the brothers who are already band members.

  25. I have to write this because it makes me somehow feel better. I have had this thing happen to me too damned many times in life. Today I decided to check on how Rbbin was doing and read that although he did come out of his coma he now couldn’t talk. But he was still alive. Next thing I know, less than an hour later I read he’s dead. I can’t tell you how many times people have popped into my head only to find out they just died. It really freaks me out. I once turned a corner on a road and said to someone that when the old woman who lived there passed I would like to buy that house. I get to my mother’s home about 2 minutes later and she tells me the old lady died. I had a friend in a company I worked for I hadn’t seen in years. I said to myself I wonder how she’s doing so I google her and find out she died that week. That’s only a few of MANY incidents like that which give me the creepys.

  26. you’re welcome Liberty and it’s always good to see you.

  27. Okay. I just pasted in what I saw.

  28. Uppity, I don’t know why some people are prescient when it comes to folks passing. I’ve had a few episodes like that myself, and know others who seem to be “tapped in” even more often. Wonder if perhaps, in the grand scheme of things, it helps knowing others to know we are thinking of them, both before they go, and afterwards, on the other side. Metaphysical mysteries, indeed.

    Wanted to add to the previous post that your mom sounded terrific, too, and wished I’d met her. Sounds like what someone suggested about our mom – she had eyes in the back of her head (meant as a compliment). Bet we can truly say we know her through you. Thank you for making me feel welcome – hope to check in more often.

  29. Yeah! Nights on Broadway!!! Great song!

    Yeah Liberty I am one major chip off that block, so you do know her. Except she was smarter than I am. I cherish that I DID have the occasion in a very public forum to introduce her and say that but for the fact that she stopped to give birth to me, there would have been no stopping her. It made her beam. I will never forget that. Not that it stopped her anyways. lol.

  30. Ditto with “Nights on Broadway”; like their instrumentation on that one, and a lot of their hits, because it’s original, and fits. Goes without saying, but also because, the tunes “have a good beat, and you can dance to it”. (Bandstand’s “Rate-a-record” refrain). Recall an interview where they said they weren’t trying to create or imitate anyone, rather, just followed their own muse.

    Uppity, you were so blessed to have your mom, and vice versa. What a great memory for a public tribute! They say we get to pick our parents before we come here, for all the lessons they have to teach (or learn from) us.. We’re glad she took time out to have you, too.

  31. Make that “re-create or imitate anyone”.

  32. Interesting on the pick your parents thing.

  33. That nights on broadway video looks like the song was brand new when they played it. And did they have keyboards or what??

  34. Very sad. Sad for Barry to be the last sibling left. RIP Robin.

  35. Our loss is Heaven’s gain,
    condolences to the family.

  36. “Lamplight” is one of Robin Gibb’s lesser-known songs. It’s lovely.

  37. Waving to Upp, Ani, and all Uppityites!

  38. Oh Man, check out this gallery of photos of “A girl and her room” and then ask yourself if it’s hard to recognize what’s gone wrong with the third wave.

  39. Very sad gallery, Upp.

    I remember having a Chagall poster and a Matisse poster in my room as a teenager. I bought them myself with money from babysitting. Kudos to my artist mother for exposing us to the finer things in life.

  40. >blockquotesblockquotes< … Ms Uppity: promptings and moments of connection to the consciousness of a person about to cross)(over are important indicators that your evolved Over-Soul is helping them with their transition. Do they visit you and turn on your lights?

  41. Not sure what an Oversoul is but no, AnnA they leave my lights alone. Although I have a lovely music box I gave my Mother years ago, it’s made in germany, precision..and it has a music lock. Lock it always on but it has managed to turn it self on a number of times over the years. First time it freaked me out. after that, i just take it in stride. Because I have a particular thing with Hummingbirds (they fly up to me all the time) I talked to a Native American who told me that’s a connection between the two worlds or something. Being a digit head, I tend to shrug those things off because there is no scientific explanation. And because it’s easier, I guess.

  42. You are not alone on the premonition type stuff Uppity. Not fun. At all.
    That is all, just popped in so you all know I am lurking here in the background. Kittehs are doing well. Weeds and lawn are ahead of me again. sigh

  43. I’m not surprised the little buggers are doing well under your care, Mom. If I were kitten I would want to be born in your house.

    I did battle all morning with a woodchuck. Have no idea where he came from but I aim to send him back.

  44. The Hasidic crackpot nutbag clinically insanos are out again. I suppose we should be grateful they aren’t removing Hillary’s face from photos this week. This time they are protesting the internet because it’s perverted. They should know, they probably visit those sites all the time. The overly self-righteous woman-hating psycho religious always do. What an embarrassment these douches must be to Jews. Kind of like Pat Robertson evangelicals are to Christians.

  45. Mom, I wouldn’t call it a premonition. i mean I don’t think they are dead. They just pop into my head suddenly, and then I see them in obits. Or I go looking for them on the net and find out they just died.

  46. Ah, 1968 – Horizontal. One of my very first albums

    I liked those 1960s Bee Gees. Not much of a fan of the disco stuff in the 70s, but I have to give them credit .

    RIP Robin.

  47. Looks more like Ophah’s Oprah problem, not Obama’s. He doesn’t care that she tanked for him. It’s her own fault for being stupid and going all gooey over a phony black man. If she doesn’t have any regrets then she’s even more stupid than I thought. Because Barack couldn’t care less. He’ll just scratch her off.

    Obama says he is a Christian and then takes positions on matters such as gay marriage and abortion that most Christians can’t reconcile with their faith. And that confuses Christians and non-Christians alike

    This is a baldfaced lie. Most Christians have no problem with these things. The batshit right has a problem. But then the author is the batshit right — a radio show where he channels Dennis Prager and Bill The Gambler Bennet. I suspect this writer would skewer Hillary if she were the candidate. Or the President. He’s only complimenting her obvious competence because she’s not a threat and is a handy tool to infuriate her followers against barack…as if we need help. lol. That’s what bothers me about all these articles from the far left and the far right. They do what they do only for one reason: So their Sleaze can replace the other Sleaze. If we had a real press, these people wouldn’t have the insincere sincere forum they possess. But of couse we don’t have a real press.

  48. Agree on the bee gees, Cats. But it was Sat Nt Fever that catapulted them in the USA. Such as it was. lol.

  49. Uppity sayeth= “…Or I go looking for them on the Internet and find out they just died.”= Which is the way she found out about me in August, 2010. I had emergency surgery for blocked intestines and was in a coma.
    You must stop that, Uppity! 🙂

    Somehow, Uppity stumbled into my Caringbridge website. Freaky connection with the two Gibb brothers who have died of twisted or instestinal diseases. Mine, like me, was severely twisted. 🙂

    Just seconds ago, my wife said Dad called and Mom, nearly 94, has been hospitalized with heart attack Heading for home. Dad shouldn’t be alone.

  50. Sorry to hear that Hal- sending prayers for you and yours.

  51. OMG!!! Worst Parents of the Year!!!!! The dad puts baby in the washing machine and the door locks shut and water pours in and they can’t get him out at first!!!

  52. imust. I read the article but couldn’t watch the video. I can’t imagine parents that fricken stupid.

  53. You really can’t see much in the video Sophie except the parents running around with their hair on fire when they realize the door was locked and they can’t stop the machine.

  54. Yeah and nothing like a “Safe” washing machine! You can’t open the doors once the cycle starts. How many times do you find something you want to toss in a minute after the machine starts filling? You can’t do that with these moronic machines. Fracking stupid manufacturers designing idiotic “green” shit for moronic parents who put babies in washing mathines besides.

  55. … because there is no scientific explanation.

    Gotta chime in here even though I know I shouldn’t on a Monday after a soul sucking day at work.

    While science has enhanced our lives us immensely, I can’t help but think we rely on and accept it as ultimate truth, especially in terms of rejecting alternate realities, because it is part of the patriarchal paradigm that has been forced upon us as the only legitimate reality.
    All realities/phenomena can’t necessarily be replicated exactly, but being unable to scientifically test psychic occurrences doesn’t diminish their truth. I view science, and logic, as male based subjectivity.

    That women tend to be more open as channels for psychic occurrences may be part of the reason psychic phenomena is not encouraged, supported, or accepted, as readily it might if it were a male dominated experience. We all know that the decree was given the only people who could deliver babies were those who attended medical school. Then, when mid-wives applied they were denied admittance. So baby deliverin’ midwifery became a male occupation and women were denied admittance. (We see what they did there…).

    They break our legs then blame us for limping! (Hillary was an ice princess but when she teared up slightly she was weak and too emotional. She was criticized for the shape of her ankles and wore pantsuits, perhaps to cover them up so as not to be a campaign “issue”. Then she was too manly! She showed a bit of cleavage and it was a scandal. They broke her legs but she kept on a’coming… but that didn’t stop them for pointing out the limping.)

    Anyway, the great white (male) hope total reliance on their Science and Logic is, in a way, comparable to Eastern vs. Western medicine and its associated racism. The majority white male AMA has a gazillion names for diseases, Eastern medicine has only 26. 13 Yin and 13 Yang, each couplet associated with a human organ. A symptom occurring on any part of the body falls along one of the yin or yang meridians, and that organ is treated, beginning with the least invasive of a hierarchy of treatments. Each symptom is not given its own name and listed as an individual illness or disease, nor is each symptom treated as a disease in and of itself. It’s only been in the past 20 to 30 years that the AMA has included some of these holistic approaches to treatment. Maybe they saw the writing on the wall. That more people were choosing less expensive alternative treatments, as well treating themselves (Thank you, Barefoot Doctors Manual!) and the AMA wanted to get a hand in the pot.

    I guess I’m saying that sexism (and racism) run wide and deep in all things. ALL things. Trust your intuition. Accept your psychic abilities. Honor them. They are as valid as any science and logic, if not more so.

    Sheesh, I am so sorry. I can usually keep ahead of my rants but some of it seems to have caught up with me. Apologies.

  56. Sophie there are more stupid parents than we care to admit. And stupid manufacturers who enable them besides.

  57. Cute. Not that I would feed a cat of mine that shit. But still cute.

  58. Dont apologize Dances, FCS! That was very true and also very touching. Alas, I can’t help my annoyingly dominant left brain! I just can’t seem to go anywhere without taking the damned thing with me! However, I will embrace my powers inasmuch as they are powers and not just some piece of cheese I ate.

  59. But I will disagree that logic is male based subjectivity. If it weren’t for logic and boolean math, we wouldn’t be using our PCs and laptops right now because nobody could program one. And trust me, plenty of women use logic to program things that make our lives easier every single day. I just think it’s a way of looking at things.

    I might just be a guy who forgot to pick up his penis. I am so annoyingly logical when it comes to some things. I even annoy me.

  60. Thx, Uppity
    I think of your experiences as cosmic text messages to you from recently deceased, saying BB4N. (Bye bye for now). It’s sweet.

  61. Uppity,
    – I think male objectivity is subjectivity on their part.

    -And, imagine if psychic phenomena had been legitimized by the powers that be. We wouldn’t need any mechanical devices at all, nor would we rely on any power sources, or be billed for unlimited messaging! 😉

  62. Cosmic Text Messages. Cool!

  63. Hummmmmmmmmmm this is intriguing. Imagine if I could levitate some people right out the window. Of the fourth floor.

  64. Ok well but, I have one more question. I hate me when i do this, but…….how could they be bothered saying bye bye to me when, in many cases, I haven’t seen them in years? Wouldn’t they prefer to say bye to something who has been there with them? And let me tell you one SCARY one. I once went to a funeral wake and saw a relative of the diseased and shook his hand and I swear to you my only thought was he is going to die next. He did in fact die a few weeks later. But I just think it was because he LOOKED like rigor mortis to me, not the handshake thing. But then we do emit electrostatic discharge to everything we touch you know. It’s that discharge that reviles you or turns you on.

  65. You’re so funny. I’m thinking they probably say bye to all the people who have some significance or participated in their live. Maybe the message (energy) is lost on some but you are one of the lucky ones?
    Besides, time is not linear.

    [quote] Hummmmmmmmmmm this is intriguing. Imagine if I could levitate some people right out the window. Of the fourth floor [/quote]

    Use your powers for good, Grasshopper. Out. 🙂

  66. Wow! Just got off the roof. I have no idea how I got up there!!

  67. Well imust! I will assume you got my message!

  68. Now if I could only arrange that megaball drawing, I would actually buy a ticket.

  69. LOL!

  70. imust, be careful, UW may learn how to levitate pies, and then throw one at you when you say, “did someone mention pie?”!!!

  71. Hal, good luck at home with your folks.

  72. UW, be sure to include UW-ites when you capture the largesse of megaball from your newfound powers.

  73. Ups. It does appear that you have some sort of psychic ability. Let us know when you levitate. I hope Mr. Uppity has a strong heart when it happens.

    Hal, so sorry about your Mom. Hope she is much better.

  74. Hey I wonder if i can just levitate body parts.


  75. My guess is you already have that ability, UW lol

  76. Black guy calling out the hypocrisy of getting all up in arms when a non-black kills a black, but no outrage for the majority of black victims who are injured or killed by other blacks

  77. Oh LOL, you actually managed to embarrass me. This is a very special day for you.

  78. G’nite. And thanks for the vote of confidence….

  79. hehehe

  80. Thanks for your support……….

  81. From:

    The sophistication of federal lawmakers’ speech patterns is on the decline, with members of Congress now talking, on average, at the level of high school sophomores. According to a new report by the Sunlight Foundation, Congress has fallen by almost a full grade-level since 2005.

    The members speaking at the lowest grade levels tend to be freshmen Republicans.

  82. Uppity Woman ‏@UppityWomanBlog

    A person who is unafraid of a burning building is made afraid of a political machine. Scary Food For Thought about Power….

  83. A birdie told me lorac will be dealing with the lower Congressional IQ tomorrow on Lorac Wednesday!!!! Bring popcorn!

  84. Remember the BS about the gov saying we wimminz didn’t need no stinking yearly mammy grams?
    Hope the boyz have their own damn bus! Sorry but I am ROFLMAO! Now they know how we feel when big brother and not our doctors decide what tests we should or should not have. Expect no howling from the big boyz though- they will quietly rectumfy it.
    “PSA screening for prostate cancer gets thumbs-down from federal panel”

    Suck it up boyz, obama and sebelius know best- right? right?

  85. LOL! Karma. It’s a bitch.

  86. , the lifesaving benefits of screening were “at best very small” and were offset by overdiagnosis and overtreatment of non-lethal cancers.

    Yeah. Why treat a non-lethal cancer when you can wait till it’s lethal?

  87. Dayum, imust, the volume on that B and J vid is so low I can’ hear it.

  88. imusthavepie, on May 21, 2012 at 8:53 PM said:

    You really can’t see much in the video Sophie except the parents running around with their hair on fire when they realize the door was locked and they can’t stop the machine.
    Even if they unplugged it? 😯

  89. Catholic Church excommunicates mother and doctors of NINE YEAR OLD RAPE VICTIM who had an abortion.

  90. On second thought, maybe we will hear some hollering about the PSA thing. From the makers of Viagra etc. Being as how one of the major side effects of the prostrate surgery is impotence.
    Just sayin….

  91. PMM @ 10:29
    Here’s a connection of the group recommending fewer mam’s and Obama’s recovery act. Sorry that I’m pretty much just dropping the link with a few words of text from there. [I should really have been off this machine an hour ago; still here tho, trying like the rest of us to think of a way to save the Republic. And you with a basketload of kittehs too.]
    AHRQ and the Recovery Act

    The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) has opportunities under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (Recovery Act) to provide patients, clinicians, and others evidence-based information to make informed decisions about health care. The Recovery Act contains $1.1 billion for comparative effectiveness research. Of the total, $300 million is for AHRQ to build on its existing collaborative and transparent Effective Health Care program.

    These pages provide links to an overview of the Recovery Act, links to funding opportunities, information on reporting requirements, and key announcements.

    UW @ 11:04. Damn. Dems are determined to stick to their unprinciples..

  92. ASSHATS! Stupid stupid stupid “church leaders” From Uppity’s link-

    Declaring that “life must always be protected”, a senior Vatican cleric has defended the Catholic Church’s decision to excommunicate the mother and doctors of a nine-year-old rape victim who had a life-saving abortion in Brazil.

    They should amend that to read “life must always be protected, unless it is a pregnant woman, in which case, screw her, save the potential life- the life that is already living and breathing is only female- ”
    Idiots. Do people not remember and realize that the church (lower case referring to the administrators- not the people, who are The Church) anyway- the churches attitude, law, rules has always been- save the “child” (even if it is spawn of rapist devil)- let the mother die- supposedly this is “the will of God”
    What does it say in the Creation story? Ah yes.
    “And the Lord God, BREATHED LIFE into them.”

    Breath = Life.

  93. Dear Mom,
    Your excommunication papers are in the mail.
    Il Vaticano

  94. A birdie told me lorac will be dealing with the lower Congressional IQ tomorrow on Lorac Wednesday!!!! Bring popcorn!

    I thought you had the popcorn concession, Upps.


  96. Assholes like this are the reason women will NEVER garner any respect.

  97. Melissa, the awesome Shakesville blogger submitted her cat rescue story to Cat Fancy and her cat won second prize!
    I do hpe Bill doesn’t see this

  98. I do have the concession NES, that’s why I encouraged everyone to bring some. You know they won’t so they will have to buy it from me.

  99. ProudMilitaryMom, on May 22, 2012 at 11:29 AM said:
    ASSHATS! Stupid stupid stupid “church leaders” From Uppity’s link-

    Declaring that “life must always be protected”, a senior Vatican cleric has defended the Catholic Church’s decision to excommunicate the mother and doctors of a nine-year-old rape victim who had a life-saving abortion in Brazil.

    They should amend that to read “life must always be protected, unless it is a pregnant woman, in which case, screw her, save the potential life- the life that is already living and breathing is only female- ”
    Idiots. Do people not remember and realize that the church (lower case referring to the administrators- not the people, who are The Church) anyway- the churches attitude, law, rules has always been- save the “child” (even if it is spawn of rapist devil)- let the mother die- supposedly this is “the will of God”
    Meanwhile, I’m willing to bet the rapist was told to say two Hail Marys and one Our Father.

  100. NES- ROFL! If they ever try to excommunicate me I will open a new church- and use the words of the ultimate misogynist, St Paul, in the charter
    “Neither slave nor free, Greek nor Jew, Woman or Man- but all ONE, the Body of Christ” That would be right after the quotation from the Gospel stating unequivocally that it was a WOMAN to whom He appeared after the Resurrection. A woman to whom He said- “Go and Tell the good news to the others.” Mary Magdalene received the great commission well before the cowards hiding in fear.
    And that lovely bit about ALL the gifts of the Spirit given as the Creator wills and all the gifts are equal and equally necessary, as the feet are just as necessary to the body as the arm or the eye or the brain.

    The bastages need to be sent back to first grade and study what Jesus said and did. Their role is to be servants and shepherds, not dictators and inquisitors.

    DWP- lol on the penance- sounda about right!

  101. Crafty on the popcorn, Upps.

  102. Upps, if you read my obit, let me know; ok?

  103. Hey Upps, I sure hope you’re not considered a New York based Web site.
    New York Legislation Would Ban Anonymous Online Speech

  104. Uppity, please check your email!

  105. NES if you die, I will kill you.

    But I think this thing I have is part of my Third Eye thing. So we’ll have to keep it.

  106. Feh Sophie, don’t worry about it. There are a couple of truly crazy assed nutbags in NY State legislative branches who think laws are for their own personal needs and issues. This one will go the same path of the one where some crazy SOB decided that, since his daughter had a transplant, that all New Yorkers should donate any and all organs upon death WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION. yes, that’s right. This guy wanted a law that made your corpse property of the state the second you died. Think about that one. I’ll wait. it didn’t even get past the door when the Constitution got in his way. Then there was the nutcase whose father had a stroke or heart attack, I forget which. He decided that no restaurant should be allowed to use salt in anything. Ever. So I’m sure there is a NY legislator out there who wants to know the names of commenters who called him a piece of shit, which he probably is. This will go nowhere. But these cretins are the reason NY is going into the crapper.

    I give you Al D’Amato, the quintessential scheeve we were stuck with as a US Senator. He got engaged and because he got engaged, New Yorkers can thank him for changing the state to a Non Community Property state. He didn’t want to lose any of his money once she found out what a shitbag he was. Unfortunately for him, she found out what a shitbag he was BEFORE she married him.

  107. Hey Upps, I sure hope you’re not considered a New York based Web site.
    New York Legislation Would Ban Anonymous Online Speech
    Maybe they should start with the press and their “anonymous sources”.

  108. Meanwhile, I’m willing to bet the rapist was told to say two Hail Marys and one Our Father.

    …Or less is he molested a prepubescent little boy. That’s just All Around Okay.

  109. UW, hilarious response. And given that these guys have nothing better to do than come up with this inane legislation, is it any wonder that our country is in the sh*tter! I mean, really, that’s the best they’ve got?!

  110. Imagine how much lower the taxes would be in NY if these guys would call in sick to work more often.

  111. Ani, it’s not that these creatures are the best we’ve got, they aren’t by a long shot. But they’re all these two parties give us.

  112. Republican Assemblyman (I better not mention him, lolol) said the legislation would cut down on “mean-spirited and baseless political attacks” and “turns the spotlight on cyberbullies by forcing them to reveal their identity.”

    Oh Boo Freaking Hoo, dude. Welcome to the world of public figures. Suck it up, you wimp. And stop trying to BULLY private citizens to bow to your perfectness. Furthermore, you couldn’t care less about “cyberbullies”. Real Cyberbullies will have their identify revealed if their victims hire a lawyer and a subpeona is issued to their ISP. This is not about cyberbullies. This is all about your poor little feelings and how you want to bully others to walk on eggs over you. If you can’t stand the heat, get the hell out of the kitchen. Anybody who has ever held office at any level of government has to eat this shit and that’s called the first amendment. If you want to be the exception then feel free to leave the public spotlight and become a private citizen. And while you’re at it, read the damned Constitution. You’re a state legislator FCS, you ought to know better.

  113. LOL I forgot to mention the attempted legislation to license ALL BICYCLES. lolol. For safety, of course. Cha Ching. Like they care who smokes and that’s why that tax smokers up the ass. Cha Ching.

  114. Kentucky is turning out to be a real squeaker for Obama. Undecided likely ran a kick-a$$ campaign.

    In a closed primary, it’s Obama at 59-41% with 109 of 120 Counties Reporting.

  115. Yeah and WV gave 40% of the primary vote to a guy who’s in prison. lol.

  116. NY State legislative bodies were declared Most Dysfunctional in the Nation for many years running. Don’t know if they still own that honor. Probably do.

  117. A real Kentucky Derby eh Sophie! Undecided was no doubt helped by his/her running mate, “ABO”.

  118. Uppity, the NY legislature was dysfunctional in 1776!

  119. Uppity Woman, on May 22, 2012 at 9:12 PM said: Edit Comment

    Ani, it’s not that these creatures are the best we’ve got, they aren’t by a long shot. But they’re all these two parties give us.
    Give us is right. Anyone who does not toe the crooked line is forced out, primary challenged or slienced.

  120. I wonder if the Former entrenched-for-decades Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno is still in jail. Oh yeah, New York, New York.

    Oh that’s right. It’s New York.

  121. Probably so, Sophie. But you’re much older than me so you would know. Heh.

  122. Someone had to keep Abigail company…

  123. Can’t think of a better person to do it, then.

  124. UW: Watch from about 1:00 to 1:15:

  125. ROFL that’s NY for ya, Sophie! But what’s up with PA and Ben?

  126. All men making decisions. So what’s changed?

  127. Thank you to all for the good words and prayers for my folks. We just got home. Mom will be in hospital for at least two more days and my Dad has heart trouble, too. Lucky to have them both with us in their mid-90s.

  128. Nah, Uppity, I’m past making decisons, except for picking out my own nursing home when the time comes.

  129. “Uncommitted” in KY challenges Obama and gets 42% of the vote. What a riot.

  130. This soul-less bastard should be taxed starting yesterday. So-called pastor recommends an electric fence around “Queers and Homosexuals”.

  131. UW: On PA: we almost didn’t have a country! I don’t think most people realize how the fate of this fledgling nation was hanging by a thread. Even the years after the war.

  132. LOL….the pic of the frowning BarkO beside thw word OUCH says it well in the KY primary story from the Daily Beast.

  133. Sophie, ironically, we barely have a country now…

  134. Hal, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your parents.

  135. Keep up the good work, Hal. Lots of love and support for your folks. xoxoxo

  136. Ani,
    or strong arm whoever they please to get what they want.

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