Life Is TOO Short And YES It’s Far More Meaningful When There Is Less of It Left

I’m going to burst if I hear one more man tell another woman that they are in need of maintenance, less the world be a fuglier place. I could not agree more with our SOS Hillary Clinton via Shout it loud, we’re wrinkly and proud!

…‘life is too short’ gets more meaningful when there’s less of it left. As Hillary Clinton ably put it last week, when snapped without slap on: ‘At some point it’s just not something that deserves a lot of time and attention.’

Meet Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh who rules as an expert on women’s beauty and Botox? He makes a lot of $$$$ selling women maintenance products in order to make a less fugly world.

(Does he use the product to not make the world a fuglier place? You be the judge.)

Shout it loud, we're wrinkly and proud! A defiant jab at cosmetic surgeons who say women are ugly without Botox | Mail Online

He even hangs upon his wall a picture of Brigitte Bardot as a warning of how grotesque a woman becomes should she reject such procedures.

According to him, this could be you.

Maintenance is not a perk up for a tired face, it’s more of a “digging for gold” to the good ole bank account.

He banks not on self-respect; he banks — literally, at £400 a pop — on self-loathing.


For Sebagh and his ilk, the message is clear: the defining characteristic of ugliness is age and, by extension, the defining characteristic of an unworthy woman is one who shows any sign of it.


…here they are again: about to be judged, physically, by men — and here’s a man, a doctor no less, to tell them the rules.

In a related story about how women are supposed to look after having children comes this nasty review of the world’s most beautiful woman. She now has a double chin, the horror! I never thought having kids, and growing old was a bad thing.

The fun gifs were found at this other fun blog.


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  1. Yeah, Mac – more meaningful and sometimes more painful and difficult but bring it on! I’ve discovered, as an octo, that they were right – “Old age is not for sissies” – it takes courage, and a society that fosters youthful outsides covering up aged insides does little to help. Only when these people get there themselves will they realize how harmful it has been – to themselves and their parents and grandparents.

  2. twandx, if you are an octo, you are surely a marvelous one!

  3. In our society,there is a general lack of respect to the aging. Add “being female” and the lack of respect grows.

  4. Lockerbie Bomber is dead in Libya. Boo Freaking Hoo.

  5. Nothing like ignoring wisdom and experience. Look how successful that has made us.

  6. UW – I have never been called marvelous before, thanks, but the teenagers and 20’s that worked at the rehab I recently escaped from, called me “cool” – finding it weird, strange and exciting that I had a laptop with me and was on Facebook and spoke their language.

    In turn, I admired the artistry of their tats and their bravery in face of the pain of getting them, but the ones into Zombie [ism?] took all the tact I could muster to hold back a shudder. Harder still was relating to those with metal fixtures on lips, eyebrows and assorted other places they told me about but were covered by their clothing.

    However, they were there always with kindness and consideration whenever my body exibited some of its more unattractive, non voluntary eliminatory actions. Reminding me once again that one must not judge either a person, age or book by its cover.

  7. twandx, you go girl. Warms my heart. My mother had a laptop in 1999 when all her friends were still shrugging about all this technology. She chose a laptop so she could bring it with her back and forth from NY to FLA. I have some very fun memories of IMs with my mother, let me tell you. Briliant seniors. There are so many of them. What a waste our youth is to waste their brains. God forbid, they might actually learn something.

    Metal fixtures on lips. ROFL! That ought to get them a management job, hey?

  8. Twandx, it just dawned on me. You could be my Mommy. This means if you yell at me, I have to shut up. It’s over for me now. lol.

    However, in turn, you must inundate me with lavish gifts.

  9. My middle son has some very nice tats but he can cover them with sleeves. Now that he’s pushing 30 his face no longer looks like he fell in a tackle box.

  10. Right about this society not respecting elderly people. Sadly, this disregard seems to apply more to elderly women than men. Even elderly men often criticize the appearance of elderly women.

    It just galls me to hear some old guy saying a woman has lost her looks. Guess he doesn’t notice that he has lost his hair, has a beer gut the size of a Buick fender, and and an ass to match.

  11. Yeah freespirit, but he has a dick. You know you want it!

  12. When is the NYT gonna do a story about how Rev. Wright’s Trinity United shaped Barack Obama?

  13. Just as soon as Haley’s Comet rolls around again, Oswald.

  14. Aaugh! I’ve fallen in moderation and I can’t get up!

  15. Oh, yeah, Uppity! lmao! Those Viagra poster boys are hot!

  16. Do you know why they give old men Viagra?

    To keep them from rolling out of bed in their sleep.

  17. How about those rich old farts with the penile implants? They press the button and their neighbor’s garage door goes up.

  18. Okay Oswald, that was funny.

    Twandx, you ARE marvelous. Octo? You could have fooled me.

  19. Got in here really late…router problems. Looks like I might have to buy a new one. sigh

  20. Yell at you, Upps? I wouldn’t dare. But it does bring up something about the way some people raise their voices and lean in when they speak to a person with white hair. They should know it hurts our ears because we are not all deaf. Better, they should slow down their speech and speak clearly without slurring words – works better than any raise in decibels.

    OK, lavish I shall. Today listen for birds singing just for your enjoyment if you stop long enough to listen.

  21. Did you hear about the 56 yr old (illegally here) from Peru? He’s a diabetic and had other problems. He shopped around until someone said yes and did the surgery. The guy is now testifying in a lawsuit against everyone because his pee pee fell off. It seems that he didn’t do the proper aftercare and got a nasty infection. It’s not his fault you know.

  22. Oh this one’s rich…Campbell Brown is now offering advice to Barack. Stop condescending to women.

  23. Yell at you, Upps? I wouldn’t dare. 😆
    No one does that and expects to live a long healthy life. 😆

  24. A hit piece on the Kennedy males. I never thought I would see the day.

    Let’s just call it what it is: the natural fallout when you’re a member of a family riddled with entitled, underachieving drunks, drug addicts and adulterers, whose treatment of women is historically deplorable.

  25. It’s so good to see Maude again. If I wanted to upgrade my cable service from basic, I believe I could watch her on Antenna TV (There’s some irony for you)
    As for Viagra there’s a new product advertising on tee vee “Longer, Stronger and More Often.” No Prescription needed.I cannot recall if there is a free trial offer. Look out wimminz. If it works….
    Which reminds me of a local sighting of 3 turkey hens some years back, running like crazy. Behind them, yet incredibly determined was the ready Tom. The mental picture still brings laughter.

  26. He must have been named Tom Kennedy pamela.

  27. twandx~ Just this morning, I found this in my old emailbox:

    I was in the restaurant yesterday when I suddenly realized I desperately needed to pass gas.
    The music was really,really loud, so I timed my gas with the beat of the music.
    After a couple of songs, I started to feel better. I finished my coffee, and noticed that everybody was staring at me….

    Then I suddenly remembered that I was listening to my iPod.


  28. mcn~ check out the comments to Campbell Brown. They are hateful.

  29. Yes leslie, they are really ugly.

  30. Leslie, do you wonder what it will be like in the Campbell home as the election nears?

  31. mcn~ good question.
    I’m still wondering what it will be like in my own family as the election nears! Last time I was the family r@cist. I wonder if I will be alone again. (I think my daughter will be joining me this time. Not sure about anyone else.)

  32. Ah leslie, you won’t be alone. I think that there are a lot of families where the obots haven’t been able to kick the habit. Horrifying, but atleast it will be over before Thanksgiving.

  33. mcn~ go back and read the comments again – newest comments first. They are getting more supportive.

  34. woah The obots are going to have to tweet and get lots of likes for this one.

  35. Clarification…”likes” for their Barack is everything to all. He’s not perfect although they said he was as close to it as was possible. I’ve heard it all. What really kills me is that I hear it more often from the women that I know.

  36. freespirit – I hear ya! It blows me away how often you see a balding, pot-bellied, middle-age or older, and yes! unattractive male passing judgment on a woman’s appearance. They know what they look like themselves! That’s how strong the double standard is, they can look like something a cat threw up, but they still have the right to unquestionably judge and ridicule a woman for normal aging.

  37. mcnorman, great job!

    And we need Maude to come back. We need lots of Maudes. We used to have a lot – where did they go? Maybe it was us, and we thought the gasp third-wavers would take over. Ha.

    I’ll bet twandx knew a lot of good Maudes.

  38. They know what they look like themselves! That’s how strong the double standard is, they can look like something a cat threw up, but they still have the right to unquestionably judge and ridicule a woman for normal aging.

    …and as a reward for their moronic behavior at that stage in life, nature plays a little fun trick on them and we generally get to look at them dead in their caskets first, while we go on and continue to enjoy life. That nature. She has such a sense of humor that way.

    I remember attending one of my reunions where I met up with a guy I recalled as being one of the biggest assholes I had ever met and he hadn’t improved one bit with age. One of the better looking young high school jocks with no brains, he now also looked like ten miles of bad road, nature is humorous that way. We were sitting and talking about his late mother, whom I adored and then he perused the room and said something like Wow, most men age better than most women, don’t they? To which I responded with great glee, That might or might not be so, but it’s definitely not so in your case, Dave. Then I asked him to point out who he thought aged badly, after which I said, I’ll bet you die before all of them, so the joke’s on you. My own cooking prowess needn’t be explained here.

  39. @ lorac
    Oh geez, do we need Maude to come back!

  40. Okay I’ll give on this one. Here’s the internet Wayback Machine showing how Barack’s literary agency listed him two months before he announced his run for president. Scroll down to the O’s of course. Sit down first–months-announcing-bid-U-S-presidency.html

  41. Upps~ I wonder how much longer that page will be available for public consumption.

  42. leslie, the internet archives are carved in stone. A testimony that no matter what you erase, you can still find it again. That’s the way it’s always been. Until now…..probably.

  43. That’s just a “clerical error” don’t you know Uppity! Why did Obama lie about being born in Kenya? Just to be “cool”? Or did he get some kind of financial aid because of it? Maybe it was all just a “boneheaded mistake.”
    Wait a minute! Silly me! It was a “composite” birthplace!

  44. I have often thought that if a DNC think tank was assigned the job of coming up with a “composite” presidential candidate and first family, that old Barky and Co would indeed fit the bill.

  45. OMG. Look how many people were shot at, just since yesterday in Chicago.

    Leslie, if you see this – this includes addresses – are these all in bad parts of the city, or could some be drive-by shootings in normally-not-so-dangerous parts of the city? This is crazy.

  46. The feisty 89year Mom in my house finds those little blue pills commercials particularly odd. She wanted to know why they say to call a doctor if the erection lasts longer than four hours. She thinks if it takes fours hours for a guy to figure out that such a reaction is way longer than the norm, that he is either too dumb or too sketchy to be given such medicine in the first place.

  47. mcnorman’s post reminded me that a few weeks ago, there were several references (positive ones!) of women not wearing make-up. One of course was Hillary, whom mcnorman references. But there were also a couple of younger famous people I don’t know, and can’t remember who they were. I thought it was cool. I personally wish more women would accept themselves without make-up.

  48. Lorac – the mostist Maudist Maud I knew was Leah – one of my dearest friends that I greatly miss. Here’s just one short story –

    It was in the late 50’s which most of you will not remember, but it was not a time that women put themselves out there without incurring the wrath of a male dominated world. Leah, another friend, Mary and I were angry at the way a local judge allowed a 3X drunken driver to skate once again even though he had nearly killed a group of school children waiting at a bus stop.

    We decided to go to the Capitol, Montipelier, to attend a session of his court and bring our concerns to the attention of any State Rep and Senate member [all males then] we could find at the State House next door to the court.

    After only a couple of hours in that courtroom listening to that Judge operate, we descended on the State House and began to talk to the lawmakers – the ones who could remove such a rotten judge. Soon the word got around and these so-called representatives started to run away as they saw us coming. One of them from our county, Addison, made a mad dash for the men’s room.

    Mary and I uttered a few chosen words concerning the guys lack of balz and/character then watched as Leah at her most Maudish followed the guy right into the men’s room and pinned him up against a urinal while telling him what we had seen in the court next door.

    When she finally let him go. he came out looking shaken with Leah right behind him still talking. From that day forward we were known as the Three Bitches of Bristol but it got us noticed by the press in the form of the now defunct, Addison Independent, and the jokes soon turned to serious coverage and subsequent replacement of that judge.

    Rock on! Leah Ruth Denton – one of the great, fearless women of our time. What a privilege to have known you.

  49. Leslie: ROFLMAO!!!!

    Great thread, great comments. Some woman author (I can’t recall, but it may have been Germaine Greer or Mary Daly) said that the world should be run by post-menopausal women, because of their wisdom and strength. I could go for that!

    lorac: I only wear makeup when one of my siblings gets married. That’s happened twice and there aren’t any more!

  50. It is sad that any man I find attractive is too young for me. The codgers my age are either brain dead or plain dead. If they don’t like the way we look, pox on ’em . Loved the Viagra jokes.

  51. Mt Laurel You’re mum is a treasure trove. Record her. Sheer genius.

  52. The codgers my age are either brain dead or plain dead.

    ROFL Lizzy

  53. I remember what my Mom said when I realized I was starting to get wrinkles, and wondered how it would effect people’s (particularly menfolks’) perception of me, as aging: “Tell them you earned them.”

    She had that figured out ahead of Maude, or about the same time, I believe.

  54. Twandx what a great story! A true “Maude” and an Uppity Woman for sure!

  55. My Mother was Maude on steroids. She ran a company with more than a hundred employees and it was a business that was strictly male dominated – and believe me, they respected her. When she died, you wouldn’t believe how many of her ex-employees came to see her, not to mention all the satellite speople who spawned from her business. If she hadn’t stopped to give birth to the likes of me she surely would have been Governor. How she managed to run that company with my father (he was a great field guy but sucked at the business end) and still raise two kids was beyond me. But she did it. She knew where we were every minute of the day and we had no cell phones either. She had two business phones extensioned to our home and there was a special double ring for my brother and I and we had better answer if we were expected to be there. Then she gave us instructions on how to start dinner. My brother died an outstanding cook. Nor the razor-humor I inherited directly from her.

  56. lorac ~ sorry. . . I just returned from a very long day.
    About the SunTimes story you linked to: I’m not certain about all the areas mentioned. The 14 y/o was the son of a woman who had just started to work where I get my hai rcut. I heard about her son’s death yesterday. So sad.She was trying to move out of the neighborhood.

    From some of the other addresses, they seem to be in questionable areas. Someone I work with lives near one of the areas and says it is getting so bad that people are moving without even waiting for their houses to sell.

  57. Lorac: Just for you: Vegan Witches.

  58. UW, Maude On Steriods sounds like such a great read. To be sure, I think your mum would have fit that title. I miss Maude’s character. I think all of us knew a Maude at some point in our lives.

    I remember the rules about the phone ringing. LOL

  59. Someone made mention of the lack of respect for the aged. I am a firm believer that just because a person gets long in the tooth, does not mean they are good people. Two of the idiots that have been harassing me over the last few years, via the internet, are in their late 50’s, and mid 60’s. I would have no problem with crackin’ their Poly-dent seal. .

  60. UnDear Sir Almroth Wright,
    Regarding your consideration of abolishing women altogether: Please be advised that while you are burning in hell, we are still very much here on earth. Fuck you very much.

  61. Robin Gibb of the BeeGees died today (age 62).

  62. Post up on gibb.

  63. I thought her comeback was fabulous and folks didn’t know until much later it was Mrs. Churchill.

  64. hillbilly – you must be a youngun’! People in their fifties and sixties aren’t very old, and most of them wouldn’t have dentures already! 🙂

  65. yeah Hillbilly what lorac said. I have all my teeth and I might add they look pretty damned good. Up until I hairlined my foot I was running every day and could outrun you. Probably still could.

  66. twandx, loved the story! Yes, we need more Maudes and Uppity Womenz! Isn’t that Sebagh creep in the post the one who makes that horrible skin care line that Cindy Crawford hawks (and does NOT use, I guarantee you). Someone gave me a sample of his eye cream, years ago, and it practically burned my eye area skin, total crap.

  67. Upps, I have to get a crown. I was praying it wouldn’t cost me over 500 bux. I finally found an honest dentist, who didn’t try to bs me about what my insurance covers and he is charging me $450.

  68. That is seriously cheap for a crown, socal. I hope he knows what he’s doing and you get a good crown. Seriously. That’s less than half the cost of a good crown. Consider yourself VERY lucky you have dental insurance too. I just laid out 6k in crowns.

  69. Upps, he said it was for porcelain with the gold interior. I had one 3 yrs ago with another dentist who charged us double for the same type of crown (and we had the same insurance then). I’m hoping this guy will be good. I will make him show me the crown before he puts it in. We have Met Life DPPO, and they are supposed to pay for half the cost of the crown.

  70. I remember you were talking about it last week. I hope you’re all done!

  71. Nice to see people comfortable in their own skin, and defying the opinions of others on their appearance.

    Shame on a physician passing judgment about appearance on a person. Double shame if $$$ is the motivation and net effect.

  72. Socal usually they make a temporary to the mold to see how it feels and sits at the gum. Then from there they modify what’s necessary and have the final crown made. Is it a front crown, one that can be seen? If so, will he be bleaching surrounding teeth for a perfect match? Nothing better looking that some new crowns, that’s what I say.

  73. I’m nearly done. He didn’t like the temporary so had to have them made again. Then I had to wear them for a couple of weeks, let the gums heal and see how they felt. Had some little complaints on convex and concave and the way one sit t the gum irritating me. He grinded some and it looks like I’m home free, feels good, looks good. Then he bleached me and so I’m still with the temp and he has made a mold of it with the adaptations and they should be done in a few weeks. He’s a real picky dentist, which is one reason I love him. He doesn’t settle for anything. Nearing the end of the process now. I wanted to take my time with this because I have to live with it. Personally i think the temps look great so the permanent crowns will have to be even better.

  74. Mines a molar. The ancient filling came out & then I broke off a corner. Yes, a nice new crown is actually quite beautiful. The dentist showed me the last one and the gold piece inside.

  75. If it’s a molar, you won’t have to put much time into it since it’s not up front for all to see. so basically form, fit and function.

  76. When the Mighty Fall. I wonder if Oprah has any regrets?

  77. Howdy, Uppity…

    Ayup! Oprah is paying the price alright-
    Obama is willing, as he always is, for throwing Opry under the bus-

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