Tax this soul-less bastard who dares to call himself a man of God.

File under “Why you must never follow Men”

This freak is a possessed demon.


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  1. Religions have moved so far away from spirituality and love for their fellow sisters and brothers of mankind. The ignorance factor is high everywhere you look.

    btw here is my absence note.

    Please excuse karen for taking most of this past week off. Blame obama for her need to work four extra shifts for some overtime pay so she will be able to have some extra spending money for some summer fun.

    karen’s boss

  2. Hey Karen, your absense allowed me to finally keep the fridge stocked for a few days.

  3. And they wonder why nobody wants to join.

  4. That is plain nuts. No one should be killing anyone. Period.

  5. Spreading crazy views like that really poisons people’s beliefs about religion. Passing off such warped personal views under the guise of religious sanctity is wrong.

  6. May he meet the flaming Schwanz of Satan when his time runs out.

  7. He says put lesbians in a fence on one side, and “queers and homosexuals” on the other. What, pray tell, is the difference between “queers and homosexuals….???

    (and I can’t type that word, without mentioning that I HATE the word “queer”. Not that fond of “homosexual”, either – too clinical for my taste. But queer was always a “bad” word – before it was even used for gays, it meant something different, something odd. They claim they’re reclaiming the word – but how can you reclaim something that never had a positive connotation? The young ones can reclaim it – I’m happy to stay stuck in my ways lol)

    He also says to have them in their separate fenced in spaces so they can’t reproduce, and gays will become extinct. Does he not know that gay people are almost always birthed by straight people? lol

    And I wonder what he would do with the bisexuals? They’re sick, too, right? So they’d have to go in the fence. I imagine this “pastor” is probably a republican. He’d lose a bunch of republican legislators if he put the toe-tappers in the fence! (probably a bunch of democratic ones, as well, if the truth were to be known)

  8. Thanks for catching that Upps and putting it here.

  9. Also, Upps, check email.

  10. Definition of a POS.

  11. help fixit please…didn;t copy all those extra lines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I am not going to fix that mess. I don’t have the time to be a secretary. Start over.

  13. This country is so corrupted by Big Everything, that there is no longer any hope.
    Two JP Morgan “Investigators” took money from JP Morgan

    Nobody will go to jail though.

  14. Muslims kill homos everyday and no one seems to have a problem with that fact.

  15. Muslims kill homos everyday and no one seems to have a problem with that fact.

    Who says no one has a problem with that? I have a problem with that and say so often. You’re on the wrong blog with THAT argument. I find all religious crackpots and obsessive psychos repugnant, without a free pass for anybody. To even imagine sticking up for this demon is unthinkable. And we don’t call people ‘homos’ here, so get lost. Go meddle in someone’s life elsewhere.

  16. My favorite uncle is gay. Great, caring guy, as is true of more GLBT’s than average people. Why? Because, for one thing, these people are loving, very sensitive individuals. Close gay friends exhibit the same qualities.

    This “get rid of them” pastor sure as hell gave a hate speech sermon, Hitleresque in tone. For anyone to defend it is unforgivable.

  17. Agreed, Hal, not to mention calling names besides. He was forgiven directly into the spam list.

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