Good to see Senate working on important things. Like naming a National Mammal

No kidding. You can’t make this shit up.  Move over, majestic, graceful, INDEPENDENT and FREE eagle!

The economy is in the crapper, millions are unemployed.  People are losing their homes. People are dying without health insurance. Nobody can afford gas for their vehicles.  What better time to work on an extremely critical issue like  the selection of a National Mammal?

AP) BILLINGS, Mont. – Western lawmakers want to elevate the Plains bison to a status similar to that of the iconic bald eagle with legislation to declare the burly beasts America’s “national mammal.”

Now here’s a good idea.

Bison advocates launched a “vote bison” public relations campaign Friday to coincide with the bill.

I am just so happy to know our Senate is working on important things and I know you are too. Perhaps we should all write-in ‘Bison’ in November. We might get a higher quality Senate that way.

I suppose we should be grateful they aren’t sticking their noses in everybody’s body parts and bedrooms (Republicans) or our kitchens (Democrats) right now. To think it cost another million dollars to run Congress this week…

Someone save us from these dull normals, please.

I was thinking that maybe we need a Congressional Mascot. But I’m having a difficult time choosing the appropriate creature. Help me out and take this poll.


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  1. Actually they could have started cashing them at 59 1/2 with no penalty. 10% penalty for that age.

    Not fair you did this reply and then closed comments.
    Anyway, well they didn’t cash ’em and now it’s *my* nest egg.

    Done now.

  2. Yup. It’s nice to have parents who think to leave their kids something. Means they had kids who didn’t suck down all their money during their parents’ lifetime. It doesn’t look good for his next generaion of I Want it Now. Too bad for them.

  3. Hey Catherine Crier just followed me on twitter.

  4. Wow! That’s great, UW. Re: Twitter. I’ve been blocking some weird kids who started following me. It must be Fozzie Bear’s photo. Maybe I should put “Over 50” in my description.

  5. Well I voted for clown but Kabuki dancer is pretty damned good, too!! In fact, they all are.

  6. lol lyn5, we all get squirrels. And lots of spam too. Won’t matter if you put 90 in your description.

  7. I am disappointed to see anti-clownite prejudice on display.

    Clowns are funny. Some are perverts. A few are serial killers. But no clown has ever sunk so low as to run for congress.

  8. Is it my imagination of is the tip of Bill’s ear shredded? He certainly doesn’t look pleased.

  9. I have a few suggestions for them when they get around to naming the national reptile.

  10. Haha oswald, I know I would hear from you.

  11. I guess photoshop attacked Bill’s ear.

  12. Imagine declaring a national animal that people kill and eat for dinner. Assholes.

  13. I voted “snake in the grass.” Talking out of two sides of their mouths is a good description too. Read that Wasserman was booted from speaking at a temple in Florida. Appears an influential Republican contributor and philanthropist quit the temple because there would be no opportunity for rebuttal.

    My sweet kitteh who had two teeth pulled Wednesday finally is not running from me. She has always been right by my side. She still is not sitting with me though.

  14. I was hoping for the Delta Smelt.

    What’s up gang?

  15. Waving at DE and FF! Long time no see! How the hell have you two been?

  16. Yea! My kitteh just jumped up on the couch and is sitting next to me!


    Deadender AND FF are here AND at the same time??????

    Oh, geez, STICK AROUND!!!! Let’s have a PARTY!!!!!

  18. Oswald, I have the backstory for you. Bill’s ear isn’t shredded,it’s clipped. Apparently an advocate for homeless cats came along and “fixed” Mr. MKBill, and then performed the requisite “ear clip”, signifying that he is now a nonreproducing cat.

    Awwwwwww sorry MKBill. Have you thought of any hobbies you can take up, instead? lol

  19. PMM – they’ve probably been hanging out with each other in Florida again, ostensibly working together on some huge project, but you know they were really playing in the sand and in the ocean!

  20. OMG. I’m breaking out the champagne!

    Delta Smelt. Isn’t that California’s state fish now?

  21. Hey I got a woodchuck they can use if they want a mascot.

  22. I just check the poll numbers and, not surprisingly, Sewer Rat is ahead.

  23. lorac, Bill wishes to inform you that he is a perfectly functioning stud who has produced many black, white and black and white cats. He wishes to poin out that if you ever get a cat he is going to impregnate it constantly.

    Furhermore, a clipped ear loses its point. As you can clearly see, his perfect self has been a victim of photoshop.

  24. FF has been uber busy but yet takes the time to provide us with new headers when the old ones start to annoy her.

  25. Out here they clip the side of the cat’s ear – it’s a little triangle taken out of the ear. So, I need to fix the story!

    Someone absconded with Bill to CA, had him neutered, then put him back in the header with an ear that has a triangle taken off the side that *I* can see, but I guess Bill can’t. He’s gonna be surprised! lol

  26. Former GOP Congresswoman skewers her party and says they are anybody but a “Big Tent”. In fact, they aren’t even a “small tent”. But then the link is thinkprogress who who knows if it’s real.

  27. lorac, they nip the tip here. I’s just a bit rounded next to the other ear.

  28. Over her eight terms as a Congresswoman from Maryland’s Eight District, Connie Morella earned a reputation one of the strongest voices for women’s rights and reproductive choice in the Republican Party. A bipartisan-minded moderate, she worked with members of both parties to shepherd the 2000 re-authorization of the Violence Against Women Act through the House with a 415 to 3 majority. Like former Sen. John Danforth (R-MO), she hardly recognizes her party today.

    In an interview with ThinkProgress, Morella expressed disappointment with the anti-women voting record of the 24-member Republican Women’s Policy Committee and the lack of bipartisan House support for the Senate version of the Violence Against Women Act.

  29. Perhaps we should all write-in ‘Bison’ in November. We might get a higher quality Senate that way.

    The Senate has waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much time on their hands. They are like kids in school procrastinating, trying to run the clock out, so they don’t have to do their classroom assignments.

  30. Morella has the right attitude. It would be nice if she could get others to work with he for the greater good.

  31. Bison…It’s what’s for dinner.

  32. Exactly insanely. They are proposing we make a food animal our national mascot. How many assholes can you put in one room? Easy. However many are sitting in the senate at any given time.

  33. Bison. They are on nickels.

  34. Welcome back DE!

  35. FF, I gained a pound just looking at the header.

  36. Uppity says laptop.

    Utah says desktop.


    I voted for snake in the grass but was very tempted by sewer rat.

  37. Well Karen, they are both computers and work as such. lol.

    If you don’t mind your computer always being in one spot, if you don’t care to be able to take it anywhere in the house, then a desktop is a good deal for you.

    If you like the mobility and are wireless, and sitting on the deck chatting with Aunt Uppity turns you on more, then you should have a laptop. If a laptop breaks down, you can just carry it in for service. I also have recipe files in my laptop and bring it into the kitchen when I need to follow a recipe. Stuff like that is important to me. Not having a room dominated by a computer and peripherals attracts me too.

    You can usually get a desktop for a little less money as they aren’t as popular these days because of the abovementioned things. So if money is a consideration, get a deskop.

    Warning, once you start getting into laptops, you can never go back to a desktop. That is where I am at.

    In either event, if you would like me to configure your computer for you, just ask. I would like to see you get what you are going to need. Hal can testify to my configuring prowess if you want a reference.

  38. The thing is, we are the USA not a frigging sports team. WTF is the matter with these morons? We have an eagle and we’ve had it since back when Congress was made up of trustworthy and intelligent people who cared about America. This is just plain stupid. Our Eagle does not need the help of a game animal. Exactly what does a bison represent that makes it worthy of an official animal of a country, for chrissakes! It’s fat, fugly as hell, can charge and kill your ass, and gets hunted for its lowfat meat. And they stink. Why on earth would they want to run the eagle out of town by putting a bison beside it? An Eagle represents freedom and beauty and grace. A bison represents a meal. Jesus.

  39. Yeah Crier, and Nancy is proposing new rules for humane treatment of hens. But true to this useless congress, the bill gives producers up to 18 years to stop the horrible treatment of these birds. The purpose of the bill appears to be not concern for animals so much as a standardized law tha allows greedy BIg Agra to cross state lines with their eggs, so they can kill off more small farmers. It’s all about money and the hens be damned.

    By local. Farmers are everywhere, bless their hearts. I am getting better and better at eating local and I feel better for it because I am sick of ingesting Big Agras hormones and antibiotics. Hens aren’t crammed in cases and misreated. Chickens are free range and not abused beyond belief. Who wouldn’t prefer this and we already have it. It’s called Small Farms. Who wants eggs that traveled hundreds of miles when you can get them fresh right near you.

  40. I did a twofer on the vote and voted for horse’s ass and sewer rat.
    Perhaps we can get a demented scientist to clone the two together.

  41. Maybe they’re trying to send us a message.

    The bald eagle is majestic; it flies free and high.

    The bison is a creature who is hunted, who moves in herds, who (relative to the bald eagle) can be more easily corralled.

    We shouldn’t look up to the majestic bald eagle; we shouldn’t want to emulate her freedom. We should become comfortable with the bison, as she represents the kind of life they wish us to have. Not free, but controlled with regulations and laws and big brother, etc.

    I mean, what the h*ll is wrong with the bald eagle? Does it have too much white on its body?????? Sheesh.

  42. Perhaps we can also replace the Eagle wth a Loon.

  43. Now I’m getting invites to support O – care as if it is already in effect. So what is it? Others tell me it has not started yet but I think it must have. I got screwed out of nearly $300 in med insurance that I was intitled to under my medicare and Part 2 policy.

    Trying to figure out who to protest to – certainly would do no good now if the shovel is all ready for use on me. Does piss me off to feel like I’m hung out to dry.

  44. twandx, I’ll tell you what part of O care started right away. The more than 50% increase in my premium over a period of 14 months, starting with just before it ‘passed’. In ‘anticipation,’ of course.

    Considering all the crony ‘waivers’ handed out to the very people/sponsors who pimped this program, including major unions whose members are too good to be victimized by the program they pushed, even if this program were fully implemented, it wouldn’t be implemented. The list of waivers is endless.

    Entire insurance companies included.

  45. I’ll support him when someone puts a gun in my mouth and drags my ass to the polls. Judging from what I’ve seen from this bunch of despots, that could happen.

  46. Laptop…Desktop
    DE says “Craptop” because you can take them EVERYWHERE.

  47. “Perhaps we can also replace the Eagle wth a Loon.”
    Or perhaps a Dodo

  48. Uppity – Was Big and little Pharma included or did I miss them in the list. They are the culprits in my case. First, let me say that I paid for health ins. all through my working life and used it only for checkups. Same with Medicare, except now I used some of the benefits.

    While at the Rehab, it paid for everything including all meds and would have for 3 months. I used only 10 days. Before I left I was told that I would be provided with continued pain med and patches for a month under the insurance.

    The Rehab doc called it in to my local pharmacy who hit me with the huge bill – despite my argument that it was ordered under the Rehab coverage. I’m thinking now that both of these places claim payment from ‘bama care and Pharacy from me also.

    I tried to twitter this out to see if others had experienced anything like this but my ignorance in that communication form has blocked my progress – my tweet went nowhere. @twandx

  49. ….or a foo foo bird. It’s the meanest bird in the world. You know why? Because it has no asshole.

    …from a very old book entitled, The Rape of the Ape.

  50. Yes it’s true DE. You can drop a laptop anywhere. God knows, I have.

  51. WOW!!!I love the new header.Very nice, FF. 🙂

  52. twandx, big Pharma was identified meeting privately with Barack. They made SURE we still can’t get the same drugs from Canada that they charge us far more for. We help fund their research and they stick it up our asses. They and the president they sponsored, make sure to keep buying their drugs from Canada pharmacies is still illegal, pretending to ‘protect’ us. As if Canada is some third world country.

    Does look like your complaint is with your insurer, not big pharma, though. Pharma would LOVE to sell you their drugs. I would file a complaint in their system and mention that you plan to go to your state insurance commission. I did that once and I got an email from them the same day saying Oh Yea, we will cover it.

  53. Did I ever tell you about a BX BS insurance I had that charged $20 copay for pravachol once it went generic, for 90 day supply, only to find out when my pharmacist pulled me aside, that I could get 90 days of the pills outside of he insurance program forabout 12 bucks.

  54. I prefer desktops because if you spill your beer in the keyboard of a laptop you have a paperweight.

  55. Hi DE! Looks like a one-way food fight in the header, with naughty Pengy throwing it at Bill, who is ducking and maybe running.

  56. Obviously, unequal pay is women’s fault so congress is going to give us dumb broads grant money to learn to negotiate our salaries instead of what we really need, which is the PAYCHECK FAIRNESS ACT.

  57. I chose Horse’s Ass, though any of the last 4 would work, IMHO. 😈

    Meanwhile, off topic, I’m still stealth-banned from the Hullabazoo, AFAIK. I still read it, though, since it’s fun watching Spoony, Graham Firchlis, “Conservativeslayer” :lol:, and the rest of the Oborg drones trying to herd the liberal cats into obediently voting for The Once. As if it matters! I figure a preponderance of the Malefactors Of Great Wealth have already decided who will be Prez in the next term. Whoever they have chosen, their control of the unaccountable computerized voting machines will ensure that they get whom they want, and their Corporate Media will explain it away as the True Choice of the Murrkan People. 🙄

    I did still vote on May 22, and I still plan to vote in November, since I figure the lower-level races are not so rigged, and some may even be honest.

    I didn’t even know that Wolfe guy was on the ballot, but I voted for him because he wasn’t The Once. 😈

  58. I voted horses ass. seems the most appropriate

  59. If we must have a second national mascot, how about the pegasus pony? :mrgreen:

  60. The goal of every American should be retire the Wonce.And the horse he rode in on. 🙂

  61. The horses who pulled his triumphal chariot were the Dinocratic Establishment and the Corporate Media, both of which should be shipped to the glue factory ASAP. 😈

  62. I begin to suspect that the Malefactors Of Great Wealth actually want Roof Doggy Dogg as Prez–he’s one of their own, after all, whereas the Once is merely a well-paid, high-ranking servant. The MOGW only backed Obummer last time because after the miserable performance of the Chimperor and Darth Cheney, the MOGW could not install another Reptilian Prez without rigging the election beyond the limits of plausible deniability, with unpredictable results. So, the MOGW settled for a sufficiently pliable and corrupt Dinocrat.

    BTW, if Hillary were truly the corrupt stealth right-winger the Oborg drones believe she is, why didn’t the MOGW just pick her, an already established contender, instead of bringing The Once out of nowhere?

  63. My tweet to these clowns.

    <blockquote @uppitywomanblog

    @viannahlee @SenBobCasey @SenToomey @TomSmithForPA @RepTomMarino @WNEP @dcexaminer @thehill Thanks for helping us dumb broads.

  64. And to think a certain blogger suggested I should get help.

  65. Been in the garden most of the day since early AM. Good thing I’m Italian. No burn, just yet another shade darker.

  66. Last week the chief of the vatican bank was fired after it was discovered he was into money laundering.
    This week the pope’s personal butler was arrested after they found confidential leaked documents in his apartment.

    The butler did it.

  67. No burn, just yet another shade darker.

    Well aren’t you lucky. Charred and burnt toast would have been the result in the lands down in these parts. Sunburn really hurts. Sunscreen or occlusion is the rule if one is to be outside for more than 30 minutes.

    You do wear sunscreen, right UW? No skin cancer for you.

  68. It’s fat, fugly as hell, can charge and kill your ass,

    Actually, they are rather majestic in real life. Huge goliath of an animal. Their sheer massiveness is a reminder of how easily you could be trampled if they felt like taking you down.


    For the most part, they don’t really care about humans. They are more interested in protecting themselves and their own, and grazing. But if they feel like it, they will charge and mow you down. YIKES!

  69. Imagine trying to hunt them critters with stone age weapons.

  70. On foot.

  71. Those stone age guys had to be precise in slaying their catch.

  72. Check it out:

    Lean, high in protein and low in cholesterol, our 100% bison steaks, bison burgers and chili offer a great alternative to beef. Try this low fat meat for their tenderness, sweet flavor and pure juiciness. The low calories are an added bonus.

  73. Obama’s h.s. weed history:

    Obama “also had a knack for interceptions. When a joint was making the rounds, he often elbowed his way in, out of turn, shouted ‘Intercepted’ and took an extra hit. No one seemed to mind,” according to the text.

  74. Out on the Great Plains where the Bison lived there weren’t many trees to make bows, arrows and/or spears from. The Native Americans didn’t have horses until The Spaniards arrived.

    I’m guessing that hunting bison wasn’t a frequent past time back then.

  75. I think we would all be better off if Congress stuck to picking lint off electric blankets! What was it that Twain said about Congress–“suppose I was an idiot, suppose I was a member of Congress. Ah, but I repeat myself.” Didn’t he also claim that Congress was the only legitmate criminal class? Guess the old mustachioed guy got it right!

  76. Thanks for the feedback. I am going to keep this old desktop going as long as it lasts.

    Laptop – can they be read easily outdoors? My sister’s IPAD does not work well in sunlight and neither does my kindlefire. The glare makes it impossible to see unless you make a tent over your head with a blanket to darken it. I worry about dropping it or leaving it on the deck while I grab an iced tea and come back to water damage. But it would be wonderful to not be tied down. I love the kindlefire for that but it is so tiny.

    I know Uppity is a super fast typist. I wonder how I would like the less than standard size keyboard. Would my hands possibly cramp? I have large hands.

    Uppity, by configuring the computer do you mean you will help me pick what software and hardware I get? When I bought this one many years ago (it is a cheap HP) I went to Best Buy and got one out of the box off the shelf as is.

    Configuring it after it is bought? I don’t understand tech talk… lol. I feel like lorac right now!

    Thanks for the help and the offers to help.

  77. Early weapons and also death rituals.

  78. I had a day off from hell today. I need to have a chamomile tea and a relax for the rest of the night.

    The price of gas is coming down. It is $3.49 at the local guy today and the national average is falling. Obama will gain ground due to this so it is welcome but it is a bitter pill to swallow nevertheless…

  79. No surprise fredster. Bo Bo snaking in on every toke he could get. Kind of like the way he snakes his way in on every opportunity he deems fit for himself.

    Patterns and trends. Still the same after all these years.

  80. HILARIOUS, fredster!

  81. No one seemed to mind,” according to the text.

    That means it was his weed.

  82. That means it was his weed.

    I disagree. If it had been his weed he would have never offered it up to the group. 😆

  83. Okay. If the Times-Picayune is going to end a 175 years of publishing a newspaper, only printing 3 days a week and becoming more of an online entity, they better be able to come up with better “headlines” than this:

    All things Greek are on tap at the 39th annual Greek Festival

  84. When you’re stoned there aren’t many things that annoy, save, maybe, having the munchies at one o’clock in the morning coupled with an empty pantry.

  85. @dwp: LOL!

  86. Yes that’s what I mean about configuring. Making sure you have the right things in your system, such as your RAM, your processor speed, etc. I do it for people all the time, so it’s duck soup for me. Also, if you buy direct from the company site, heree are ofen huge savings coupons online. And you can ge more than a year’s warranty. Or if you want to buy from somewhere physical, I can make sure you know what to look for in the machine.

    As for he keyboard, that’s the rub. After a few days on the laptop I was right into it. Took a few days. The irony is I cannot type AT ALL on a desktop now. The keyboard is way too cumbersome. I type even faster now that I have a laptop.

  87. Hell gang, I have a weed history too. Who doesn’t. lol.

  88. Crier I got sunburned once in my life, when I was in college and went from the spring break airplane directly to the beach. It was horrific. I am not much of a sun person, that is, I don’t enjoy lying in the sun just for the hell of it. Also I note that all of my friends who worshipped he sun have skin like leather now and are VERY wrinkled. I tan very easily though, so a day in the garden is a tan day.No to be honest, I didn’t wear any sunscreen. It was under 80 degrees today. We don’t get that sweltering 100 degree heat you guys get. It even rained a nice sunshower on me for awhile.

  89. Dances, I once ate a whole head of lettuce stoned. And it was really really good.

    But alas, I gave all those childish things up when I became a responsible working adult.

  90. Dances, I once ate a whole head of lettuce stoned.

    Oh FCS, you would! Everyone else was eating peanut butter and hershey’s syrup on what thins.

  91. LOL Sophie!

  92. “I’m guessing that hunting bison wasn’t a frequent past time back then.
    Prior to the re-introduction of the horse to North America, Plains Indians built chutes out of rocks and tree branches. The Indians then stampeded the Bison into the chutes which led to a cliff edge. The much larger steppe bison which lived in NA prior to 10k years ago may have been hunted to extinction by the Indians.

  93. Wow SHV, clever hunters.

  94. Who says you can’t find simply everything on youtube. I actually found a video of a bison crapping and didn’t put it up but trust me, I was tempted.

    I am such an evil tart.

  95. Ever been to the Great Plains? There aren’t many cliffs or trees.

    Humans have been figuring out ways to kill bigger/faster animals since the beginning of our history. Neanderthals used to chase animals into the mud flats surrounding lakes then waded out and beat them over the head with clubs.

    But hunting something bigger and faster than you is risky business.

  96. If he didn’t have weed to share he wouldn’t have had any friends at all.


  97. Eh, he was probably running he stuff and was giving them all a sample.

  98. Dances, I once ate a whole head of lettuce stoned.

    SophieCT, on May 26, 2012 at 10:28 PM said:
    Oh FCS, you would! Everyone else was eating peanut butter and hershey’s syrup on wheat thins.
    Exactly! 1 AM, at the supermarket, wearing shades, asking for 50 Hersey bars!!

  99. Disclaimer: I’ve been clean and sober for 34 years (May 9, 2012)

  100. Hell gang, I have a weed history too. Who doesn’t. lol.

    But did you cut in line when the jay was being passed?

  101. Damnit, I’m trying to prove a point here about the fact he’s been a selfish, me-only jerk since at least h.s. days and you all are making excuses!! Grrrr….

  102. But did you cut in line when the jay was being passed?

    Trust me, I don’t remember. lol.

    We’re not making excuses for him, we’re discussing what a joke he really is. As for the mary jane, we might be hard pressed to find many people these days who didn’t take a toke or two. or ten. Or…

  103. fredster, It may well be the TP is going print 3 days a week becasue of headers just like the one on the greek festival. 😦

  104. Well the lettuce seemed like a good idea at the time! It was in the fridge and I was too lazy to leave.

    I did once go to McDonalds barefoot. In winter.

  105. But did you cut in line when…

    the DNC offered to give you all of Hillary’s votes anyway?

  106. Hopefully no frostbitten toes UW.

  107. I just counted and all ten are there, Crier. So it’s all good.

  108. Crier: Sadly they cut back on editors and proofers in the last cutback. I liked Charles Pierce’s piece on it:

    and yes, the T.P. did publish electronically during the middle of the Katrina disaster. Within a few days they were back to a print edition using printers in Baton Rouge I believe. And they had these t-shirts made:

    We publish, come hell or high water.

    This is about nothing but the money and a little set of Newhouse heirs who want more. They are doing the same to the Birmingham News, Huntsville Times and the Mobile Press-Register.

  109. Montana has many buffalo jumps. Havre (where I lived for five years) has one near its outskirts called Wahkpa Chu’gn. Here’s a link:
    I love this line: “This is NOT a sterile museum or tourist trap. Wahkpa Chu’gn is a real historical site.” I went into one of the dig shacks, and just seeing the layers of earth from the different time periods was amazing.

  110. Ted Turner raises bison in Montana.

  111. Here is a better link for Wahkpa Chu’gn:
    You can take a virtual tour.

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