Open thread and I fix UR blindz fer U.

Why I prefer to adopt adult cats…


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  1. I’ve had them climb curtains but not blinds.

  2. Hey Uppity, how do we contact you by email?

  3. Sorry I don’t give out my email address. Nothing personal. It just takes up way too much time when you logon and find 50 emails from blog members, ranging from telling me what to write, to telling me their life story, to food fights over a topic. The blog takes up time and I don’t have anymore to spare that way without sacrificing my personal life, which is also very important to me. Besides, when I exchanged many emails in the past, occasionaly I found that some some people turned out to be crazy stalkers fixated on something. I finally had to shut down my last email address, to be honest. So I have this rule of no email contact except with established friends and moderators. I’m sure you understand.

  4. Sandy Dahl, wife of Flight 93 pilot, up front spokesperson for perpetuation of victims’memory, champion of the flight 93 memorial in Shanksville, dead at 52. Cause of death not revealed other than she passed away in her sleep.

    Really well done news video here.

  5. I do use my real name and have for several years so I’m not sure how that would qualify me as a potential stalker.

  6. OT – Uppity

    Thanks for the info in last thread. Health Ins. with all its ramifications will never be sorted out, IMO. But we were warned by Fancy Belicosi that it had to be passed before we could know what is in it. Now continues the age vs youth wars to supplement the war against women wars – all to further divide and confuse the electorate.

    I am going to pursue my quest re the meds that were scribed by the rehabs ctr and charged to me by the drug store. If nothing else, it may force those institutions to let the patient have informed consent regarding their medication. I nearly expired on the spot when I finally saw all the info on Lyrica – I would never have taken that poison had I been given the info and a choice.

    Oh, on your being Italian – I grew up in Barre, Vermont which was mostly populated by Italian and Scotish folk that were mining the granite quarries and creating the most fantastic art on grave stones and monuments. The Italian art flowed over into the schools and the community, giving me a musical background that I never would have had otherwise.

  7. Vermont. In keeping with our discussion over in the other thread. I once hitchiked to vermont wih a few friends, and slept in a cemtary where they had the picures of the dead people on the headstones. Creepyyyy. But then that was part of he fun. I guess. That was definitely the tame part of the trip.

  8. LOL- I have to run out to church- but that was a funny vid- I can relate- the kittehs are using me as a climbing totem every time I go in the room- and smokey bones is losing her mind- she is trying to claw her way out of the room-
    heh- I know what that is about and it is NOT happening. I am not going to close all the windows in the house so she can come out either. She has a whole room to herself and the kittehs- all the food and water and a litter box. She can just suck it up- it will pass lol.

  9. Mom just tell Mom cat that you understand how she feels and to trust you that it will pass. lol. Once they are fully weened and on food, whisk her off to the speuter program. Then bring her home and keep her because she is NEVER going to forget what you did for her and will make a GREAT pet. Disposition the little rugrats.

  10. Get some decent pics of the babies. Maybe we can coax some Uppityites to take a kitteh and do a transport relay. A nice project for our great members.

  11. Oh noes. If we transport the kittens my secret identity will be revealed.

    I just might be an 18 year old French man living in Iowa.

    Or a super model who dreams of luscious real food all day.

    Or a pierced and tatted biker dude with a grizzley beard.

    Or just a 55 year old typical white woman…

  12. Don’t be silly. No self respecting Frenchman would live in Iowa. At best, they would go to a cheese state.

    Or maybe you’re just a food thief.

  13. I found that some some people turned out to be crazy stalkers fixated on something.

    I said I was sorry.

  14. Yeah myiq, but the showing up nekkid in a beanie at the front door was still over the top.

  15. I think I know that cat. 😀

  16. Good Sunday morning all. 🙂

  17. Upps – The graphics are great in the old graveyards but many of the epitaphs are priceless. This one found in Hoosic Falls NY tickles the hell out of me because I have the same name of the person. I will substitute “Blank” for the name and change nothing else. The date was not clear, but the stone is very old, back in the time when graves were robbed by medical students.

    “Here lies Blank Blank, daughter of The Blanks, age 12 yr.4 m. She was stolen from the grave byRoderic R. Claw and dissected at PM Armstrongs office at Hoosic, N.Y. from which place her mutilated remains were obtained and deposited here. Her body dissected by fiendish men, her bones anatomized. Her soul we trust has risen to God where few physicians rise.”

    I especially like the last sentence. Also the fact that I spent years as student and teacher in an anatomy lab dissecting bodies that were willed to the med school. Not so strange when you think about the high cost of funerals these days.

  18. The problem, with donating your body to science, twandx, is your vagina might meet up with the likes of tha ‘scientist’ nutcase who, unable to actually get a date with a living woman, recently decided to use an 80-something year old woman’s body to “discover” the elusive G-spot in the way Columbus ‘discovered’ America. Apparently to most men, this is akin to finding the lockness monster. I’m not exactly certain how he was able to confirm that he discovered it, though, since I am more than fairly certain she made no sound.

    I have a post on that somewhere.

  19. Oops different one. Wonder if he won his time. That ANKY beats him all the time even when he’s better.

  20. Her soul we trust has risen to God where few physicians rise.”


    If only medical students/physicicans knew they will not be rising anywhere…

  21. dailypuma, on May 27, 2012 at 3:23 AM said:
    I do use my real name and have for several years so I’m not sure how that would qualify me as a potential stalker.
    Another perspective : It didn’t sound like UP was accusing you of anything. I think the point of her refusal is in the first half of her response. Quality of life.

  22. Somehow, it does not seem the ghetto hip hop songwriters ever envisioned their creations to be played out for horsey events.

    It’s soooooooo conflicting.

  23. Here’s one where he lost on this horse and you wonder why the famous ANKY won. I thought it was a no contest.
    Methinks there is plenty of politics in dressage.

    Listen to the announcers blow her.

  24. Crier, hip hop and rap crap are not suitable for Dressage. In fact it’s not suitable for much of anything. It’s not even music. It a collection of F words, and the award goes to the one who says Mothafucka the most times or something.

  25. You are exactly correct dwp. As a blogger yourself, you know bloggers don’t get that right unless they just up and take it–regardless of pushback.

  26. Crier, I suspect SOME of them will rise…

  27. UW, omg! No one has ever accused me of being a blogger! I’m really just the janitor who, by necessity, is self-consciously, awkwardly, involuntarily substituting for a snowed-in professor! I pray for a thaw almost every day.

  28. Well you coulda fooled me, Dances.

  29. Afghan women flee the country in fear of Taliban.

    You GO girls! Leave those goatfuckers with a whole new meaning to the words GO FUCK YOURSELF.

  30. I feel sorry for the goats.

  31. Sorry, Lyn. I found you in spam. Must be your turn. Did you piss Bill off?

  32. Must have been the link. Thanks for releaseing me. I am free at last!

  33. That blue mare is gorgeous and so talented.

    l think the 89 total for anky was for several displays accumulated score. THat last dance might have been scored higher for the blue girl but blue might have made mistakes earlier in other parts of the competition. If not then the judges are up to no good. The two 6:30 minute performances you linked to sure looks like blue won – even with the one misstep.

    Dressage is a passion of Ann Romney. Would like to see their horses perform.

    When I was 15 I saw the Lippizzaner stallions perform and they blew me away.

  34. Those are some smart Afghan women!

  35. Now I feel prepared for “Dressage” to be on the SATs! Thanks! 😉

  36. Yeah Oswald, now the goats will probably be stoned, acid thrown in faces, etc. Do the Afghans have an ASPCA?


    Ann sponsors this horse.

  38. ASPCA in Afghanistan. You gotta be kidding. They set girls’ schools on fire with the girls in them. They rape young girls and shoot women in the head and you are wondering if there’s an ASPCA. They do what any normal taliban would do with a goat. They screw them and then they slaughter and eat them.

  39. Karen, I think ANKY got sent down some pegs when the “Queen of the cur” was dogged for horse abuse. Apparently, she does some very unacceptable things to the horses in order to train them. Before that, she could do no wrong. She would win just by showing up.

    This kind of dressage is for the VERY idle rich. It’s VERY expensive.

  40. BTW, we have mini-blinds and our mini-kittehs did that number in the opening video all the time. Got stuck when they became not so mini. Bent and tore the hell out of the blinds as we had to free them.

  41. Read description.

  42. FF, you’re a genius of header design.

  43. Karen that link threw me into that horrible real player spyware, demanding i register and it took me a forever to get rid of their badgering screens. It doesn’t take you to youtube when you click on the video. Not sure what “” is(mobile?) but when real player shows up i get nervous.

    Here’s a youtube link that isn’t Real Player mobile.

  44. It’s VERY expensive.

    I’ll bet you lunch that the Romneys spent less on horses than John Kerry spent on his yacht.

  45. Well I probably wouldn’t take that bet. I’m talking about owning, training, equipment, housing and and all the staff needed to ready a horse for that level of competition.

  46. Was wondering why the majority of those riders always seem to be Swedes too. I mean you never see “Joe Marinara” on that board.

  47. Oh, I have no doubt it’s expensive. I was just pointing out that the Romneys aren’t the only ones with expensive hobbies.

  48. The idle rich on yachts don’t have much to show for it,(regattas aside) they hang out and booze it. At least dressage awes people with its charm and beauty. There’s a totally different ego going on here.

    One thing’s for sure. Both of them are a blatent display of staus.

  49. I should add polo to this analysis as well.

  50. No they are not the only ones with expensive hobbies, but they are just one more of too many examples of how out of touch and royal our government has become, riddled with these elitist status people who couldn’t care less about the people they are supposed to be representing. Kerry is not not withstanding here. It’s all the same old same old.

  51. We might as well just get a Queen and get it over with.

  52. Heck yeah! I’d vote for Elton John in a NYC minute!

  53. There’s a fly in here. I am chewing my nails and just praying the cats don’t break something valuable during this hunt.

  54. DWP at 1044, on SAT prep. Yes. Come to UW site and get schooled on all those fancy SAT words. Dressage…Regatta…Polo…

    As for the Afghan women fleeing the Taliban, more power to them. Now maybe the Taliban will self destruct.

  55. Ya better get the fly swatter, UW. And get it before the hunters do your place in.

  56. I’m waiting it out Crier. It appears that they are working on the fly suicide thing. You know. that’s where they follow the fly and won’t let him rest or hide, so that eventually he drops to the floor from exhaustion and then the dog strolls up and eats him.

  57. Ah his buzz is slowing down. Soon he will be on the floor getting pawed. Why oh why would a self-respecting fly enter here? If he had only stayed away he would have had the opportunity to enjoy his One Day of life.

  58. NES at the neighbor’s blog: (bolding mine)

    It’d sadden me to vote against a ticket that includes Hillary….but I’d do it. I want my women on top.

    NES, I can’t help it, I broke into laughter. Thanks for the laugh! 🙂

  59. That IS funny. Even if nes has relocated.

    If Obama pulls the Hillary thing, I am saddened to say he will still not get my vote. VP isn’t worth a bucket of warm spit. A second term with this creature would be devastating to our country as we have known it. It is very clear the he does not like America very much. This is a dangerous recipe. I will not play. Besides, I’m a top dweller myself.

  60. lol

    Besides all the other reasons for why BO must go – I want the (real) protest groups to show up again. Everyone who was protesting Bush suddenly disappeared when BO continued Bush’s policies. Disgraceful.

  61. Yes they are shocked that republicans don’t ‘respect’ obama for the same reasons and in the same way democrats didn’t respect Bush, except bush was white so it couldn’t be racist.

  62. The link to the you tube with the “m” is for mobile and goes straight to youtube on my kindlefire. Sorry it brought up real player for you. The kindle doesn’t use that program so it must be a default of some kind when a computer doesn’t recognize the silk Amazon player.

    Oh and about Obama – I’d vote for a disinterred Nixon before him.

  63. It is so karmic to see bo having to deal with reality. His fairy tale world is not working this time. The race card and every other card he plays come up as a boomerang joker card on him.

    Better late than never but wish it was so in 08.

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