Before the BBQ, remember the purpose of this day.

Memorial Day was never intended to be just another one of those Mondays off with pay. It was never created to just fill in the Month of May for that Day Off.

On this day, we honor our loved ones who have gone before us today. Mostly, we are to honor our family members and friends who died in service to the United States of America.

For those of you who have lost a family member or a friend at war, as I have (my tribute here) , you will always remember the purpose of this day. For those of you who have loved ones serving during these terrible times, you understand intinctively what this day is for.

Everyone should remember the purpose of this day before the BBQ.

May it never happen to you and your family.

A Standard Honors ceremony for a fallen Marine:


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  1. A lovely video. My fav uncle was a Marine. Other uncles served too, in army. WWII. Grandma had large professional portraits of them ascending the staircase. An SIL and 2 sons. All came home. Two came home able to continue their lives as they had been before being called up.
    Well, if all goes as planned, I’ll be out the rest of the day. Wishing all here a meaningful holiday. Special thanks to our magnificent Blogess Uppity.

  2. March 22, 2012. Daddy’s home!

  3. It ain’t just about the guys.

  4. Thank you Uppity for this Memorial Day post. I went back and reread your article about your uncle. It is wonderful that his memory is being kept alive.

    My Dad, a Marine serving in WWII died in 2006. The Marines came and did his proper burial with a 21 gun salute and the live bugle player played Taps. My Dad earned a Navy Cross, Silver Star, and Purple Heart. He taught me the importance of our soldiers.

    God Bless you, Uppity.

  5. You can hate war and still honor the warriors. Our soldiers and marines don’t start wars, politicians do. Those kids in uniform just fight in them.

  6. Agreed, myiq. We should never take their service for granted. I think it should be against the law for a politician to tell them that they’re fighting for our freedom when they’re fighting for something else. I think it’s a gross misuse of their talent, courage, and good will. But yes, every single one should be honored for serving.

  7. Yes, my, we still honor the warriors.

  8. Agree, they serve our country. They follow the orders of their commanders and the commander in chief who pronounces “Corps” as “Corpse”.

    If it weren’t for our military we may have all been yelling Seig Hail! or speaking Japanese. Or Chinese. Or Russian. The truth is, most Americans don’t realize that but for our military, our freedom would have been long gone. Our memories are far too short.

  9. Without the military our national anthem might have sounded like this. And characters like Prescott Bush and The Pope would have helped make it happen.

  10. To be honest I do not know why anyone joins the service anymore to fight for what ? A political agenda not freedom. Our country is anything but free now. God love and bless those who do serve I will always honor them . I just will no longer say they fight for our freedom because they do not. We now have to watch all we say for fear of offending or being charged with a crime. We no longer have freedom of choices, you name it. I watch our leaders make laws that clearly violate the Constitution and get away with it.
    I will always respect and honor those who serve and yes right down to the fire fighters, paramedics, and police but never again for any one who serves in Congress .
    I have to work today but as I do I will silently pay homage to the many men and women who gave so I could choose what job I work at. The men and women who gave all for a dream of being free.

  11. Many of them join the military, Utah, because they have nowhere else to go! They are the people we would be bitching about having to support if the didn’t join. Many of them join to get away from poverty. Others join because they, perish the thought, LOVE AMERICA enough to die for her.

    Be glad for both types because without them your own kids would have been drafted.

  12. My only Uncle was pure USMC and he worked construction – tough as nails but a big mush inside that he could never hide for long.

    Those dogs welcoming soldiers home vids get me everytime.

    I made a vat of mac salad for a retirement/memorial day party at work. Top shelf of fridge – door’s open – help yourselves.

    ** fixit fairy heard your call!

  13. hide not jide – fixit fairy

    desktop or laptop is easier than tiny kindle keyboard.

  14. Yes Upps there are those who still love this country. I think moderates do that is for sure. I live in hopes that the sane can reclaim this country.

  15. I think moderates do that is for sure. I live in hopes that the sane can reclaim this country.

    I worry that this is even possible. They have gotten rid of sane moderates in both parties as if THEY are the pariahas, instead of the other way around. I LONG for a moderate government again so that we may thrive and all this policial and social meddling bullshit can come to an end.

  16. Just checking in. Had a nice pulled pork sandwich.Burp.

  17. UW, thank for the beautiful tribute to your uncle. I am grateful to be reminded of those who came before, of their sacrificies and of all the things they taught me about the world and about myself. I also appreciate the pure displays of love from those fabulous pooches for our brave soldiers.

    And like you, I hope that the moderates in both parties reclaim our country from the “political and social meddling” extremists on both sides.

  18. Where’s Barack’s memorial day video? Oh that’s right. He didn’t even go to Arlington last year for the “Corpse”.

  19. Speaking of fighting for ‘freedom’ and the constitution.

  20. Beautiful post Uppity. And Best to all my fellow Uppityites!

  21. Just checking in. Had a nice pulled pork sandwich.Burp.

    I’m waiting until later for mine, but had to dig out a cheese biscuit to nosh on for now.

  22. OMFG! I just heard a snip of Obama’s speech at the V.N. Memorial and he said something about how “most” of the vets that served there volunteered! Hell no! We still had a draft and then a lottery! I know because I was sweating out that lottery number. What an idiot!!

  23. Yep here it is:

    So many of you volunteered. Your country was at war, and you said, “send me.”

  24. This to me is one of the best pictures/articles about our fallen heroes and the loved ones they leave behind.

  25. Tony, good article. Thanks for the link.

  26. Yhank you all for all the reminders of what this day is for. I remember reading your tribute to you uncle last year, too, It is beautiful. And the comments then, as now, were tributes to those who did and do give their lives serving this country.
    I think my favorite song – I was reminded in the comments from last year – is ” America the Beautiful” I remember throwing my parents “for a loop” as they used to say, when I played it for them. At first they hated it. By the time they passed away, it becames on of their favorites, too.
    I hope you all had a meaningful Memorial Day today.

  27. Tony, thank you for the link to that article.

  28. OMFG! I just heard a snip of Obama’s speech at the V.N. Memorial and he said something about how “most” of the vets that served there volunteered! Hell no! We still had a draft and then a lottery!
    That was my reaction but, for a change, Barry’s speech writer got it right. 2,594,000 US military served in country; 648,000 (25%) were draftees. On the other hand, the common “fact” that AA’s were the cannon fodder in Vietnam is incorrect. 86.8% of KIAs were Caucasian and 12.1% Black.

  29. Memorial and he said something about how “most” of the vets that served there volunteered!

    What a completely unlearned ignoramus this guy is. Please do not even try to tell me he got into Harvard on academics. He’s just plain stupid.

  30. That beer-ponging, armpit-farting, cardboard cutout humping ignorant-of-history Millenium speech writer he keeps in his employ would easily find out pretty fast in an Obama second term what a draft lottery is, considering the Sharia mess Obama and his moronic infantile staff has carved out in Egypt and Libya. The floodgates of war haven’t even begun to open yet, particularly with our stupidly careless open border attitudes. These little morons will be the future Cheneys, never serving, calling the deaths definitely worth it. Arab Spring indeed.

  31. YOu guys can say what you want, but I remember well the draft lottery and how young men were crapping their pants over their ‘number’. As for ‘volunteering’ for viet nam, isn’t it ironic that Obam ahas created exactly the right economic conditions that will force the poor and disproportionately large numbers of blacks to have no option other than to join the wars he is about to get us in over in the middle east, which is about to explode with Iran-like governments, compliments of the brotherhood.

    And remember, war is good for the economy. It provides jobs to the cannon fodder we send to fight. The war machine or aerospace and other military contractors cranks up and jobs are everywhere. There’s no unemployment problem during wartime! Obama wants to be a war president. He loves him his drones! The scary part is, does he want to win?

    Incidentally, the preponderance of the statistics on enlistees vs. draft in Viet Nam were provided by Gen Westmorland in a speech during a reunion of viet nam helicoptor pilots in the late 80s. I know I seem jaded here, but I kind of question the source and never doubt for a minute that Generals say what they have to say for whatever the government’s purpose is. Sorry but that’s how I feel. History has been re-written too many times to suit me. I knew quite a few guys who went to nam (most all of them came back injured or screwed up), and I didn’t know one person who enlisted.

  32. Whoa Tony, that photo is a major tear-jerker.

  33. I know. Big lump in my throat when I saw it.

  34. Volunteers ?? I remember sitting glued to the TV when my brother, cousin and boyfriend were on the lottery list that year. Many a classmate got the unlucky numbers and had to go. Several returned in caskets and several returned not the same person that left.
    I hate war and fail to see why the heck we get involved in some. I know some just had to be but these we are in today ????
    I also worry weather or not Blamo will defend Israel.
    Yes Uppity I am hoping to see someday some good moderates get into both houses and tend things that need tended to and stop trying to cram more of their nut case agenda down my throat. I am so so sick of the far right whack jobs and the liberal wing nuts.
    Gosh just get some folks in there with some common sense and stay out of our grocery bags, bedrooms and a host of other things.
    Anyway home from work and sleepy tired and weary as the dickens. Of to beddy bye.

  35. Tony, read here the account of the night he arrived on the plane.
    Very touching. It was used by the pulitzer people.

  36. That photo from Tony and the related article from Upps have me in tears before breakfast. Each fallen soldier is a son, daughter, mother, father, friend, sister, brother – loved one. This story captures the tragic end of one young man but it makes us grieve for them all.

    I never got over Viet Nam since it was part of my daily world in my formative years and those losses went deep and the graphics are embedded in my mind as scars.

    My ex husband drew a lucky number and my brothet had a medical excuse – no close kin lost but it was painful just the same. My generation suffered PTSD – from TV News of the blood bath.

  37. Really sad account behind those pictures, Uppity.

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