The Sickness That Is A Theocracy: Saudi Woman Defies Religion Police

You go girl! Tell those goatfuckers to take a hike!

I hope you are still alive, for this is the Mental Illness whose name is Theocracy.

Saudi Arabia. Our “friends”. Article here.


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  1. Ugh! The comments are sickening!

    “the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice” , can they be any more Orwellian?

  2. Edit: the comments following the article at the link you posted.

  3. This is a brave woman. She has had it with the persecution of women. Having men trailing after you – how ridiculous!

  4. Prayers for that brave brave woman. How much courage to stand up and say ENOUGH!
    Wish we could make every single woman in this country watch that video and pray it would sink in to their minds that the harassment and restrictions in that video are exactly what the fundiegelicals here in America have in mind for us.

  5. ps- Uppity- you’ve got mail

  6. She shouldn’t have gone to the mall dressed like a goat.

  7. OMG ROFL Oswald.

    But if she were dressed like a goat they probably would have put the lipstick on her. I understand that goatfuckers like their girls all gussied up. garters and things.

  8. Uppity we have work to do…check FLBarbara#10 at the PumaPAC site…I want to know what I can do…

  9. I just read her plea, bellecat. Could you find out of the woman in Australia has a web site about this travesty? We don’t have much power over Austrialian law, however. Here in the USA, this will NEVER fly. I didn’t look at the video because, as you know, this kind of video makes me physically sick and stays embedded in my brain for many days. I did see one last year though, where they were dragging animals through the streets. I forget which goatfuckistan it was. And of course we can’t stop that either. We can’t even stop them from killing woman and homosexuals. However, if this woman has some kind of organization, we can wave her flag a bit and call more attention to Australia’s complicity. If these savages can’t get the animals, they can’t do the horrific deeds.

    We also have a fair number of animal loving blogger friends and can get some help there as well.

  10. If you click here, you can read what bellecat is talking about, beginning at comment #10

  11. Cheese and Rice! I could not watch the vid either- the descriptions are bad enough.
    Just want to point out that the barbaric practices described are TOTALLY against both Jewish and Islamic dietary law. Kosher slaughter requires the animal be dispatched with ONE cut of the knife severing the esophagus and the arteries. Yes the animal does have to bleed out and Jewish law prohibits the use of stun guns or anesthetics- BUT requires the animal to be treated humanely during it’s life and with respect in the slaughtering.
    Friggin barbarians- they make a sin of what was supposed to be sacred.

    As a related aside- animals are even mentioned in the Ten Commandments- in the Keep Holy the Sabbath one. Every living creature is supposed to rest on the seventh day. You, your spouse, your children, your guests, your servants AND your animals. Yup- for real- it is in there.

  12. Mom what do they care about ten commandments. they have their own, including torture and kill animals, women, homoexuals. Have sex with children. Their list of commandments is endlessly disgusting.

  13. Having some really serious weather here. Major storms, possible tornado and all that good stuff.

  14. The barbarians are attacking school girls – AGAIN!
    But some of their “leaders” chalk it up to mass hysteria- guess they can still get away with that in goatfuckistan

  15. Yeah well killing girls who try to learn anyhing except how to lie still when they rape them is another one of their commandments.

  16. What really boggles my mind is mothers participate in the abuse of their daughters and help to enable their sons. What kind of mother does this? We see it here in the USA, with the honor killings people pretend aren’t honor killings. Like in Texas, the two sisters. The POS father disappeared, probably back to the ME, and his family, including his sons and WIFE helped him. If you don’t know which honor killing I am talking about…
    here’s the 911 call of him killing them.

  17. Nah why call them honor killings?

  18. It’s not all that recent in the USS either. These shitbags have been at it for awhile. 1997:

  19. Let us not forget this shitbag. the prosecutors were “warned” not to use the words, Honor Killing. Bullshit.

  20. 2012. Listen to the bullshitter anchor saying, “People wondering if it has reached our shores”. YOu started wondering now, you asshole?

  21. So how do we get such animals to stop dragging animals thru the streets, abusing them, torturing them and killing them painfully during their “high religious” ceremonial parade, when they have no problem torturing and killing their own families?

  22. How do we get them to stop?
    Call me evil- but turning the worst offending country into a parking lot would put the fear of God into the rest.

  23. “. . . worst offending country . . .”

    But there are so many to choose from.

  24. Yep, it pretty hard for these thugs to care about animals when they don’t even care about the females in their families. I can’t understand what goes on in a brain for someone to not be horrified in the killing.

  25. I would love to get my gun and passport, don some desert camo, and give this lady the kind of support she really needs. If that makes me should bat shit crazy, so be it. But, I ain’t seen much progress from peaceful means.

  26. Oswald, you choose the one with the most oil. Might as well reimburse ourselves.

  27. If these pithecanthropus erectus throwbacks didn’t have oil, they would have been one big parking lot long ago. Or maybe a pre-civilization exhibit for the Smithsonian.

    Kind of like a Jurassic Park.

  28. Michelle Obama Denies Rumors of Senate Run

    she said that there was “no chance at all” that she’d follow in the footsteps of Hillary Clinton.

    …. fill in your own snark

  29. Yeah like she could ever stand in one of hillary’s shoes. With or without her huge feet.

  30. I knew you could do better than I could. But of course, I’m bitter.

  31. Yes and you bitter people knit so well.

    Face it, besides not having an ounce of Hillary’s brains, you could float down a river in one of her shoes.

  32. Ok dog people. We keep trolling toward getting another dog, and decided that dog would be a male rescue. Now here’s a rescue group that has this collie ‘mix’ and I could be wrong but I do declare this dog looks like he’s mixed with Begium Tervuren? Anybody have an opinion? Utah? Terv?!/photo.php?fbid=10150871827132698&set=a.391805767697.169046.180771702697&type=1&theater

    Check out this merle-headed white. Whoa. Not easy to find, but I still like that boy above.

  33. Cat person here BUT between the two, I like the first link one, although they both look high strung to me. Then again, what do I know about dogs?

  34. I’ve been a dog person most of my life and either would be very tempting (esp dog #2)….if there was more certainty that I’d be there to care for it and Christine to care for me. She’s a doll.

  35. Nah, I think someone is just tossing out articles about Michelle Obama. Senator now? There was something else a couple of months ago. Neither she nor her husband have ever given me the idea that they’re all that interested in work or in producing something of value. IMO, they just wanted to go up, up, up. Even though Obama looks to be going out with a whimper, there are still enough idiots to pay big speaking bucks for him.

    Someone else may write the “autobiography 3” for the last ten years of his life and someone may buy it (he sure sold a lot of the other two books, but more and more it’s sounding like no one read it after they bought them!!! I’ve been seeing tv interviews and people are getting creeped out by what’s in those books lol NO ONE read the d*mn books! ROFL)

    So they’ll be relatively well off, into the sunset. I think they’ll be content to not work.

    ….except they’ve never been able to live within their means, so there may be a little problem there, once they can no longer steal out of the taxpayer cookie bin….

  36. dwp, not to worry. Collies are rarely high strung in the temperament.They’re very tolerant dogs, generally good with children and other pets. Actually, they do the couch potato thing really well too. They do need exercise though, but beyond that hey are pretty gentle dogs unless you cross them.

  37. Hal Dog number two would worry me unless he were tested for potential eye diseases. Could also be deaf. White collies are a rarity but that’s not always a good thing. The whites with the merle heads are very sought after though. #2 is a purebreed. Sstill, number 1 looks like my kinda guy.

  38. More power to the Muslim woman in the video. May her strength carry her above all the problems she faces in her country, May she be successful in her bid to overome the rampant cultural flaws so ingrained there.

  39. WHOA! What does NeedleNose think of all this dog-shopping? Isn’t a plural-dogs-household illegal or sumthin’?

  40. Hope the brave Saudi woman has plans for a great escape. Cue Steve McQueen on his bike….

  41. NES, Needlenose would love a companion. Besides, she is definitely MY dog and only MY dog. You get the picture.

  42. NES, Needlenose would love a companion. Besides, she is definitely MY dog and only MY dog. You get the picture.

    Aha, Mr. Uppity wants a dog.

  43. Well let’s just say she’s lovable and cooperative enough but just prefers to keep her eye on me. Or better put, If God were calling her and I was calling her concurrently, she’s coming to me. I am her Alpha. All the way. But really, it’s more for a companion for her. So she can romp with somebody on four legs who is as fast as she is. That’s the real reason. In truth, Mr. U prefers cats. (but won’t admit it)

  44. Detective believes fugitive Egyptian-born cab driver Yaser Said — suspected in the New Year’s Day 2008 ‘honor killing’ of his two daughters, Amina and Sarah, because they were dating non-Muslim boys — may be working at his old trade in New York City.

  45. On the first Collie I have to say I agree it looks as if it has Belgian in his mix. Great looking dog to and if all they say about him is true I think he would be a good match for the Diva. You need a laid back guy because the diva or any fist and only dog does not like giving up Alpha spot be it male or female.
    I have found though dogs do not need a companion really. Whiskey became very jealous. They get along famously except when it comes down to one on one time Whiskey does not share me with anyone period !
    I like the name Berkley too ! Personally I think he is the best match for the darling Diva dog aka Needlenose. Look out you poor little ground hog. Uppity if you get this fine gentleman watch some real herding going on when they double team that little critter. Be aware though a Skunk might get the double team too. I love to watch my Heelers at work it is just something else. It is like a well choreographed dance really. Especially if they are left to go it on their own. Not a fan of the show herding I prefer the real deal. That is why I take the daring duo up in the hills or to Wyoming in September and let them run to bring in the rouge range cattle. I am going to have to get on a horse and video tape the wrecking crew at work doing what they were bred to do and loving every minute of it.
    Listen Upps I know you love the Belgian and the Collie as well as the ACD so given this guy most likely is a mix of two breeds you favor I say go for it. Also it is awesome to have a matched pair as well.

    About the woman in the airport wow what balls ! I mean men out to envy the set she has. God love her and I sure hope she is safe. All women need to take a lesson from her. Stand up and not back.

  46. Yeah I’m gonna email them and fill out their app, Utah. I’d like to know his story thought. Sounds like he was outside all the time or something.

    I wonder what moron gave up that white collie with blue merle head? That’s a $2000 dog. Gotta be a story there too.

  47. Did you see they had one 12 year old who couldn’t walk well, who was CHAINED TO A DOGHOUSE all the time. He was so cute and sweet, too. Bastards. Another one gave up THREE gorgeous dogs because they ‘got the mange’ and it was too expensive to treat them. Good God, some people should just be shot.

  48. Upps I have heard it all believe me. When you work rescue and especially breed rescue you hear every boo hoo poor me story as to why rover was abused or had to go.
    Me personally I think they have it all wrong when it comes to dog licensing I think it is the owner that ought to have to be inspected and licensed to own any animal including a goldfish !
    Oddly I did not really care for that Merle one. Usually I do but thought that one looks strange.

  49. actually tha merle’s confirmation is classic collie, Utah. What throws you off if the odd White body. It’s called a White Factored Merle. Sometimes they do have health issues. That one looked very healthy, but I do wonder why they let him go. I think the story was that the owners had a “Major lifestyle change” whatever the F that means. Maybe some guy came along and told her to ditch the dog. That’ll be the day I get rid of my dog for a guy. Maybe the dog didn’t like him, which would be o me, a major sign to RUN. lolol. Anyways, it was odd. My dog’s father was a sable headed white with sable spots. Mated with a blue merle. Litter was mixed tri colors, sables and blue merles. One sable merle, rare. Those whites are sought after though, which is why I wonder WTF made them give him up. I suspect the terv mix lived outside. Pisses me off.

  50. Cutest sable factored blue merle collie evah. His noises are SOOOOOOO collie.

  51. If the only way I could keep my pets was to live in the street, I’d do it. I never gave up an animal. Even if he animal had problems. Especially not then.

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