Dressing for success – or do you want to be an idiot your WHOLE life?

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Okay, I know all you women out there are going to start emailing me enmasse to try to get me to give you the contact details of these “most eligible bachelors”!   And you know, these guys think they’re really HOT!

Stop drooling over these well dressed HOT men pictured above the Carly video, and instead, I want you to imagine that you are a business owner – maybe you actually are!   You’ve put out an ad for a new employee and these guys have responded.  How far into the application process do you imagine you would let it go?  Maybe you’d at least let them fill it out, so you’d have their name and address for the cops if they ever tried to rob your store!

(Oh, dear, if you have young daughters, I’ve just probably really depressed you about your daughters’ marriage prospects!)

Well, let’s look at it from the point of view of the subjects above.  Of course, these are just snapped photos; these people aren’t actually applying for a job at the time of the photo – although, I believe you have to apply for a few jobs a month in order to keep your unemployment, and if you don’t really want to get hired or have to work, these outfits may help you in your “goals”!  But there are people who apply for jobs like this, so we’ll pretend these particular people are, and we’ll pretend they really do want to get a job (their unemployment has totally, thoroughly, exhaustively run out!).

What I want to know is:  WHAT THE H*LL HAPPENED TO THE PARENTS’ INPUT?????  Wow, we learned early that when you apply for a job, you try to look responsible and grownup and clean – and dressed nicely!  Even if the job you’re applying for would require a different kind of clothing, at least at the interview you dress nicely!  For heaven’s sake, you’re selling yourself!  And I learned this from my parents at a young age!  While my father was now making a good living by the time I was old enough to work, he always said, “never forget you’re from the gutter”, and my parents both always emphasized the importance of work and how it gets you ahead (along with education).  So even though his children would  never have to work to support the family as he had needed to as a youth, my father always encouraged us to work. I heard the phrase “Puritan work ethic” more than once, I can tell you!   So when I was old enough (10???) I got a paper route!  And for a PAPER ROUTE I presented to the newspaper office dressed nicely, even though I would be working in tank top and shorts and sneakers, speeding along on my bicycle!  So, I want to know where the parents are of the boys up above!

Would you give these guys a higher probability of getting hired?


Now, c’mon, I’m SERIOUS!  I don’t have their contact information!!!  Of course, a man can look nice and not be wearing a suit.  The point is just that these guys put on good clothes, they’re clean (including their hair!), their pants are properly fitting – well, you know what I mean!

This idea of presenting yourself in the best light when you are applying for a job is not new.  Year in, year out, it’s pretty standard knowledge for most people.  But think about the job market right now.  Wouldn’t it be even MORE important right now to do everything you can to GET THAT JOB?

Well, that’s right, someone did a STUDY on it!  And the findings are a little dispiriting….

But many of them are failing to make the grade, according to the 2012 “Professionalism in the Workplace Study” from York College of Pennsylvania (via U.S. News & World Report).

 The study found:
  • Nearly half don’t dress appropriately for job interviews (40 percent).
  • Almost 1 out of 3 show up late for job interviews (29 percent).
  • More than 1 in 4 (26 percent) show up unprepared, failing to adequately research the company to which they were applying.
  • Nearly 1 in 4 exhibit “poor verbal skills,” including mangled grammar (23 percent).

The study of more than 600 human-resource professionals and employee supervisors also found younger workers fail to exhibit professionalism on the job. Among new hires, managers noted these four problems in particular:

  • Lack of urgency in getting a job done (reported by 32.6 percent of managers).
  • A sense of entitlement (27.2 percent).
  • Poor job performance coupled with a mediocre work ethic, which may include things such as failing to take initiative or being unreliable (23 percent).
  • Being tardy, leaving early or numerous absences (22.2 percent).

And these are adults, not ten year olds applying for a paper route!

Here’s some more info from the same study:

Wow, somehow young adults have totally missed some important lessons for life and success.  And of course now with advanced technology, tweeting and texting is an additional problem for the employer trying to get a fair day’s work out of an employee.  Who’s to blame?  Parents, schools, media, society in general, all of the above?

Is it all up in smoke?  Puritan work ethic, personal integrity and responsibility, pride in one’s work, pride in one’s appearance?  It’s like for so many youth now, it’s all about “looking hip” (or whatever the current “it” word is!), but is no longer about what you are INSIDE or what you can DO or what you KNOW.  Basing everything on “urban ghetto chic” (and don’t be fooled, it’s popular outside of the hood) is a good way to get nowhere fast.  What’s going to happen to these people up the road, with little knowledge, poor social skills, poor work ethic, less than acceptable appearance?

And if this trend continues, how will that interact with our precarious economy?  We need MORE workers, not more people living off the taxpayers!  I don’t WANT to learn Greek!  lol

Well, I did find the answer to one perplexing problem, anyway:

PS.  I was originally going to use good/bad examples of both women and men, but it turns out that whether you search for “well dressed woman” or “sloppy woman”, mostly you get photos of naked women in not very feminist positions.  Shoot, I probably could have just searched for “woman” and gotten the same thing.  Sad…..



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  1. I really wanted to find a photo of Oswald in his penguin prison finest, but alas, I was unsuccessful! 😦

  2. C’mon Holder, maybe YOU are the one too cowardly to have a conversation about race…

    In a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder on Monday, obtained exclusively by The Daily Caller, a family member of George Zimmerman asked the nation’s top law enforcement officer why he has chosen to not arrest members of the New Black Panther Party for their rhetoric — some of which may fit the federal government’s definition of a hate crime — throughout the Trayvon Martin case.

    The family member believes the reason Holder hasn’t made those arrests is because he, like the members of the New Black Panther Party, is black.

    “I am writing you to ask you why, when the law of the land is crystal clear, is your office not arresting the New Black Panthers for hate crimes?” the family member wrote to Holder.

    “The Zimmerman family is in hiding because of the threats that have been made against us, yet the DOJ has maintained an eerie silence on this matter. These threats are very public. If you haven’t been paying attention just do a Google search and you will find plenty. Since when can a group of people in the United States put a bounty on someone’s head, circulate Wanted posters publicly, and still be walking the streets?”

    The New Black Panthers have issued ultimatums to the Sanford authorities, saying they want Zimmerman arrested “dead or alive.” They have placed a bounty on Zimmerman’s head, and have called for the building of an army of vigilantes to track him down and effect a citizen’s arrest.

    Most recently, the New Black Panther Party has called for violence.

    In a conference call recorded over the weekend, the militant group said it planned to “suit up and boot up” and prepare for the next stages of the “race war.”

    So far, however, no members of the New Black Panther Party have faced legal consequences.

    After citing the U.S. Department of Justice’s published definition of a “hate crime,” the Zimmerman family member wrote that there is “no other explanation” for Holder’s failure to authorize arrests of New Black Panther Party members, other than the fact that Holder himself is black.

    “I would surmise that, based on your own definition of a hate crime, you have chosen not to arrest these individuals based solely on your race,” the family member wrote to Holder, insisting too that the was “NO racial component” to the “tragedy” that occurred on the late February night when Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin.

    The Daily Caller has confirmed the identity of the Zimmerman family member but is withholding that person’s identity out of concern for the family’s safety.

    The family member also criticized members of Congress who have forcefully criticized police for failing to arrest Georgfe Zimmerman, as well as “the Congressional Black Caucus, the NAACP, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Spike Lee, [and] President Barack Obama,” adding that “many” who have commented on the case without having a complete understanding of the facts “no doubt understand the laws of our great nation.”

    Noting President Obama’s White House event last week celebrating the 1960 novel “To Kill a Mockingbird,” Zimmerman’s family member drew a novel comparison to the American literary classic.

    “Strangely enough this case has a lot of parallels to those of Harper Lee’s ‘To Kill a Mockingbird,’” the letter to Attorney General Holder read. “George Zimmerman has been treated much like Tom Robinson was, chastised for not being the right (or wrong) color and found guilty based on race factors.

    “You have the opportunity to act as Atticus [Finch] and do the right thing. Your boss would refer to this as a ‘teachable moment.’”

    DOJ spokeswoman Tracy Schmaler has not responded to The Daily Caller’s request for comment on why Holder hasn’t authorized the arrest of any New Black Panther Party members, nor has she answered whether that decision is related to Holder’s race.

    sorry it’s a daily caller link!

  3. You want sloppily dressed women? I’ll send Upps the latest “Walmartians” and she can send it to you. Prime examples of both genders in there!

  4. Lorac- another good one! I have been on both sides of the interview desk and can attest to the truth of your post (without a study lol)
    Seems I remember being taught by my parents AND in school proper attire for interviews. Then again, I am of the generation that had to live under the GASP! EXPECTATIONS of an older, more conservative generation- and those expectations included wearing a skirt or dress to school (until 8th grade when they changed and allowed us to wear slacks. We were not allowed jeans or t-shirts until 10th grade lol) Sneakers were for gym class as were t-shirts. When the dress code became more lenient there were still set rules- no tears, no see through, no open toed shoes- the list was quite long.
    I still recall the home-ec teacher having the girls kneel on the floor- if the skirt failed to touch the floor- you were sent home top change. At the time I thought it the height of insanity-then I look at how the youth dress in school today and realize the lunatics are now running the asylum.
    Wish I had a dollar for every applicant that showed up dressed like the slobs in your post- and you are correct- the young women do the same. I could grab a nice vacay on that money lol!
    Funny, but around here, the kids raised on a farm or involved in 4-H, FFA, Scouts- always show up prepared AND have good work ethic and communication skills. Hiring a farm raised child is almost always a good bet.

  5. OT: British High Court rules that Julian Assange can be extradited to Sweden for rape.

  6. You can always count on DC to help incite people and divide. They are the flip side of Al Sharpton.

    Lifetime Movie Network is riddled with stories of people arrested for trying to arrange the death of somebody. This goes all the way back to the billy clubs in front of the polls. But I’m personally sick of it being turned into a dog and pony show and a way to incite more division, which it seems is the entire purpose to this story as it unfolds on either side. Justice will only happen when a trial occurs, maybe. Because the truth is, we will NEVER know the truth. It’s all subjective on both sides. That leaves only one thing: The evidence. And neither Daily Caller nor Al Sharpton has all of it. That’s reserved now for court. Meanwhile, there isn’t one blabbering person out there who knows all the facts of that case.

    All these horrid inciteful behaviors will pass. As in This Too Will Pass. It will pass in either 5 months or it will pass in four years and five months. Unfortunately, there will be retaliation, just like what we are seeing around us now is retaliation. There always is retaliation. That is why this divide problems in this country will never end. The color divide. The status divide. The gender divide. The Sexuality Divide. The Religion Divide. The Lifestyle Divide. They all continue on. And let us close our eyes and think about just how much of a part these two HORRID political parties have played in it.

    As for Zimmerman-Martin. We have a system of justice and I for one an not going to waste my energy fighting over what happened when neither I or the person I fight with know for sure what happened.

    The last time I called Holder a coward back, I got the worst life threat ever on this blog. It wasn’t even slightly veiled either.

  7. But does anyone except me see the disparity in “presentable” gender attire or do most all women like to look as if they were adverisments for the local cat house. Whether it’s FOX, CNN or any of the other outlets on the world, men look just great, well dressed and competant while women mostly are all breasts and legs with a whisp of cloth between.

    There are exceptions, of course and I’m grateful for them but I still tend to trust the male who is not forced to scream for attention and keep their legs crossed all the way up to pelvisville.

    I’ve been seeing more young girls who give me hope like MOM has posted of. They have subscribed to CARE and will come to do odd jobs for people like me who are recovering or unable to function completely alone. They love to walk dogs,and care for other pets, clean up the chicken poop or go for groceries. They dress confortably for the task, just like the boys do.

  8. Now onto your post…

    ROFL. Those asscrack shots! Do they NOT know how fu*king STUPID they look? Little morons want to know why they can’t get jobs when they expect to fit work in around their social life besides? And oh yea, those nose piercings and tatoos are just the ticket to management!

  9. The hobbling of women in the workplace, as participated in by women themselves, can be shown in the chart on this post. See the girlz in those pointy heels. Slows em down, just like binding women’s feet in china always slowed them down. Symbolically, it’s a huge statement in that chart too.

    And what’s that plug in the back of the heads of the women in that chart? A bun? SO the only way we distinguish between men and women are their hair and heir shoes, because after all, we MUST distinguish.

  10. Another great post Lorac…I also went to get a paper route when I was old enough (13) but it wasn’t yet legal in NYS for girls to be paper carriers. This was my birth-of-an-activist-feminist issue wherein I wrote to my governor (Rockefeller) and picketed the paper and other fun stuff. At 14, I finally got my route. I certainly wasn’t going to baby sit to make money and besides, I was a huge Beverly Cleary fan.

  11. I honestly don’t know how you were able to cover this story, lorac. I took one look at it and was daunted by so much juicy data. You are good. You are really really good.

  12. Lorac. This post is excellent! The picture showing the explanation for drooping pants is a hoot! These people who dress so badly just either don’t care or don’t have any common sense.

    Fredster, I have seen some of those Walmart pictures and I just shake my head.

  13. Say no to crack.

  14. Good morning (((UPPITY’S)))))

    LORAC: at a particular function I attended over the week-end-there was a young man there, dressed just like this, needless to say I didn’t keep my mouth shut about it—-eventually he got the hint——-“WANNABE’S”—-exctacly like Who they want to be is the real ISSUE

  15. I confess I never had a paper route. never got a job till I was 15, which was the magic legal age for work. When I was in college, I worked summers though. I sold radio ads one year and was a playground direcor for several summers. The reason i mention this is, playground directors dressed in shorts and Tshirts, but I clearly remember going for an interview dressed well. It’s what you DO if you want the job. Why do these little fools not know this?

  16. Outstanding great post Lorac!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  17. but I clearly remember going for an interview dressed well. It’s what you DO if you want the job. Why do these little fools not know this?

    It’s truly mystifying. I failed to call a young recruit back for a second interview (even though he was fairly impressive) just because he was not wearing a suit. If he didn’t think wearing a suit was important for a first/screen interview, he didn’t get the basic point of advocacy, ie, fashion yourself to be the specific weapon required to hit the target.

  18. Rofl lorac…great post. Should be req’d fading for the young ‘uns.

  19. Good post Lorac and it’s true, kids today simply do not get the message to dress for success………or the other adage……”Dress for the job you want, not the one you have”.

    Uppity is correct about those tatoos and piercings, hideous! What the heck runs through their minds? Especially when they tatoo or pierce their face???

    An interesting aside, I ended up in a lengthy conversation with a group of “urban” young men/thugs from Detroit recently. Long story on how that happened and I shall choose hotels more carefully next time…..but I did find out some fascinating information. Apparently what labels you wear are very important these days in urban life. The young men above may well look slovenly, but they are probably wearing more expensive attire than you or I.

    It used to be in urban culture that you flew your colors, now you apparently fly your labels. My conversation continued and the urban men kept telling me how trapped they were. Trapped in the inner city and trapped into wearing very expensive attire so as to be acceptable even though they looked and acted like complete thugs. This situation is btw our (establishment’s) fault mostly in case you were wondering. Silly me I made suggestions about wearing the clothes they already owned, perhaps selling some at consignment shops and saving their money as a way out.

    I just thought I would share those little tidbits, because not only do these young men not look dressed for success……apparently they spend a fortune to look like that.

    Moral to the story for me…….smoking can be hazardous to your health in more than one way!!!!!

  20. Eggggsactly, NES. I have turned away applicants for the same reason. Are you planning on fitting in or not? It’s a simple question that your appearance answers all by itself. Can I send you anywhere to represent me or, even more importantly, the company? Do you really think a major company or customer is going to take you seriously with that g’damned earring? Will you be fitting in everywhere, other states, other countries, if need be? How alert are you, or do you plan to hang out with your feet on the desk or the meeting table? (like a certain unprofessional president does all the time). What are you doing me a favor fitting me in for this interview?

    The TRUTH is, you have less than 5 seconds to make a first impression before you even open your mouth. And if it’s a bad one you are going to have to work to change the perception. And one more thing, don’t wear scents. Your bonker might LOVE how you smell at midnight, but keep it home.

    One more thing for women, seriously. Don’t dress like it’s new year’s eve or you are heading for the club. Cool the bling. And guys, dress well but NEVER dress to outdress your interviewer, especially if it’s a guy.

    Competition has ALWAYS been tough for the better jobs. I cannot comprehend why so much of the recent college graduates think they are so great they don’t have to do anything but show up as their own perfect selves.

  21. lol who am I preaching to? The people who read this blog already KNOW these things.

  22. OMG. Polish death camps? Misspoke? Is Misspoke the new euphemism for He’s an Idiot and can’t string a sentence together without making a fool of himself? Or getting it wrong? He does these stupid things because his BRAIN is not attached to his mouth. He is NOT ENGAGED. He’s a robot. He reads what’s in front of him even if it’s idiocy. He uses inflection like an actor but he rarely knows what he’s saying when he reads a speech, and he is not brain engaged when he’s speaking impromptu.

  23. I would reallllyyyy like to know what was on his teleprompter.

  24. A newly-hired nurse who takes care of my mother at the nursing home has a huge skull tattooed on the back of her neck ( she wears her hair up so it is very visable ) .

    Need I say this does not inspire my confidence in her professionalism? Or her sanity?

  25. I confess I never had a paper route.

    Clearly, it was a Lebanese thing back then.

  26. The tattoo is on the nurse’s neck, not my mother’s.

  27. lorac, It is a great post! Some of those pics made me say, “OMG!”

    I am at work today (just like all the rest) but I arrived hours early to prepare for my performance eval. I dressed with care as I always do. When I left my office for the meeting, I checked with a colleague to make certain nothing was slipping, drooping, hanging, etc.
    I already have the job. I’ve been here 14 years. And I still make certain that I treat it and the person I am meeting with respect and attention.

    I can’t imagine doing anything less.

  28. I remember when I was applying for a summer job when I was just out of high school. It was for a stock room job. Still, I dressed in my professional best for the interview. I got a job, but not that one. They hired me for an office position.

  29. A nurse with a visible skull tat. Jayyyyyyyyyyyysusssssssssss.

  30. Yes, visible. Not visable. Sorry.

    Does this mean I don’t get the job?

  31. Beata, you don’t get the job because you don’t have a visible skull tat.

  32. When I was in college, I went to a local restaurant to apply for a job washing dishes. I was dressed so nicely that the girl taking my application said the manager would want to hire me to be a hostess instead. And he did. Paid a lot better.

    It was not a Hooters, btw. A very nice restaurant.

  33. What happened to parent’s imput you ask? Well, it’s like this lorac. The apples don’t fall far from the tree sometimes.

    I just wrote about a mother in AZ who was incensed at her daughter receiving the “Catastrophic” Award because the kid always has an excuse. I certainly don’t believe that any adult (particularly a teacher) should belittle a child at an awards ceremony in this fashion. I do think that the parent probably missed all of the parent teacher conferences. I do think that the child learned the behavior from the parent.

  34. I once watched a kid with his pants half off his arse run after his runaway dog. It was hilarious. Dog won the race.

  35. Beata – you give me pause. What is the difference between these crack shower/pants droppers males and the lure of better wages by dressing the part of an attractive, hostess with the mostess that will lure customers in and keep them ordering? Its like Working Girls tell us: Nowhere else and in no other job can I get paid as much as turning tricks.

    How much responsiblity do women have for the constant barrage of dirty words thrown on our clean skins? Is it the money? A woman will [is expected to] do anything for money? Self respect is a virture only allowed for men?

  36. POLISH DEATH CAMPS -WTF——I’ll tell you I read it just the way he spoke it (read it)—-this admin is totally a disgrace–I was reading the comments at the link (foxi left for us)——most of them say that Poland over-reacted——I would be damned PISSED OFF too !!-ignorance & incompetence sums it all UP !

  37. Right michelina…what an embarrassment. Does this administration think that all survivors of the Nazi death camps are dead? Truly a disgrace.

  38. MCN: they should certainly know better than anyone——a true ambarrassment

  39. You must wonder if the writer was groping another cardboard prop instead of fact checking.

  40. What makes you assume those idiots WANT jobs?

  41. I may not be following you right twandx but will comment based only on what I *think* you are saying. The difference is the crack/pant droppers won’t get hired, except maybe to wash the dishes. Too be honest, twandx, presentation of yourself has always been important in the workplace. If you can’t fit in, they won’t hire you and that’s the way it is and always was. NES gives the perfect example of a guy who could have gotten a job if he hadn’t treated the interview like the 19th hole in a serious law firm that doesn’t particularly value casual-lazy as a trait, particularly in the field of law where details count and so does the impression you make to the opponent, the judge, and a jury. Well, it’s like that in one way or another in every serious field. Yes even at a restaurant. I think beata was smart getting the hostess job by accident. If not, she would have spent her college days washing dishes in the back. Nobody wants to wash dishes in the back when they could be up front selling the product using their communication skills and a smile. You wash dishes with your crack hanging out. Like she said, it wasn’t Hooters, which is a whole nuther story.

    There’s another thing: there are some quarters and jobs where looks do matter as well. It’s unfortunate but it’s the truth. Generally they aren’t summa cum laude jobs though. That goes for women AND men.

    As for prostitutes, they sell their bodies for money. That’s a whole nuther ballgame. We could argue till we drop over why they do it, some do it because they feel they have no other choices, some just do it because it’s a quick hit for money and they have no self-respect. But I am hard pressed to compare a prostitute and how she got her job to an interviewee who went in to make a little money as a dishwasher, took some pride in herself and ended up with a better job because of it. Self respect is not a virtue only allowed men, for sure. But you’ve gotta figure if you are prostituting, you don’t have much of that. There is a correlation to the third wave here with respect to self-respect. They call each other bitches and giggle when somebody says the word cunt. They themselves are encouraging lack of respect because they are too ditzy to recognize that these little things aren’t so little and they grow into a big huge snowball of disrespect, until finally it’s a boulder of disrespect. So in this respect, YES, some women are responsible for the lack of respect they garner by allowing themselves or any other woman to be spoken to like garbage sex objects. They imagine this is the path to acceptance. They couldn’t be more wrong and they will learn this the very very VERY hard way.

  42. You must wonder if the writer was groping another cardboard prop instead of fact checking

    Or fresh off a round of beer pong.

    Detective believes fugitive Egyptian-born cab driver Yaser Said — suspected in the New Year’s Day 2008 ‘honor killing’ of his two daughters, Amina and Sarah, because they were dating non-Muslim boys — may be working at his old trade in New York City.

    The son of a bitch! I hope they drag his ass through the streets till he bleeds to death in agony. If this is true, this demon should be executed for his crime and made to be the example tha our PC system of justice has been dodging at the peril of more dead wives and daughters.

  43. So glad to be back and the min I open up the page I just couldnt stop laughing. The last image is priceless.LOL

  44. “There’s another thing: there are some quarters and jobs where looks do matter as well. It’s unfortunate but it’s the truth.”
    Some times you need to use all of your assets to survive. My “ex” ran away from an abusive home and ended up in HI. She worked as a cocktail waitress in Asian tourist bars. She said that she was always treated well and her blond “surfer girl” look got good tips. She put herself through college and med school.

  45. UW, just take a gander at some old baseball footage from the 50’s athat pan the crowd. Almost everyone is well dressed. Go to a game, or a mall for that matter, and take a look around. A lot of people don’t dress to impress, they dress to offend, or to fit a stereo type. Baggy pants and hoodies in the middle of the summer? 🙂

  46. UW:
    Maybe it’s the generation gap but you missed my point entirely. Or perhaps I made it poorly.

    I’ll retire and stop taking up space.

  47. Gee, I never thought of my hostess job in college as the equivalent to prostitution! I worked in a nice restaurant and was always modestly dressed. I checked reservations when people came in and made sure they were seated properly and in a timely manner. It was a place where people ( often families ) came to celebrate birthdays, graduations, and other special occasions. By dressing well for the interview, I helped show the manager that I was an responsible individual who took work seriously. I don’t see anything wrong with that. Then when he interviewed me, he found that I was intelligent and polite, too.

    Damned if you do and damned if you don’t, I guess.

  48. Never have gone to a job interview that went against me. I always have gotten the job. I pick who I want to work for really. It is about selling yourself and gues I should have been in sales lol. As an employer I always made my choice as soon as they walked in. Women need to can the long fake nails seriously. It always said to me you would be too concerned with breaking a nail or chipping the polish rather then work and ditto for bitten off nails, you were too nervous etc and dirty nails spelled major slob and lazy. Yes first thing I look at after the full package are nails.

  49. Hey you’re not taking up space, twandx! If I missed your point, tell me how. Like I said, I wasn’t sure I got it right. So I buckshot the whole thing.

    Beata, I am sure twandx didn’t mean to offend you. You know, the internet is a terrible place to express yourself because nobody can see your face or hear your inflection or get details till next comment! I’ve done it so many times myself.

  50. I’m making typos like crazy today. I’ll retire, too.

  51. Trust me Hillbilly there’s NOTHING from the 50s I want to see. Women were chattel then. But you know I spent the 80s and 90s in corp America and everybody dressed well too. I know I know, Hillbilly. It all started when those wimminz started wearing men’s pants!
    Just kidding. I think….
    It’s just that the 50s was a hobbling time for women with brains. They either got married, had babies and took care of the home and meals, or they got a secretary job, and pittance pay with no beneifts because their husband had benefits, and THEN they went home and took care of the house, the meals and the kids. If they weren’t married, they were obviously spinsters that nobody wants, even if they simply wised up and didn’t want to be married, and still they had no benefits. People would say, I wonder why she’s not married. Screw that shit.

    Tee Vee wasn’t the only thing in black and white in the 50s. I hate everthing about the 50s.

  52. Ok no more retiring here! Nobody has given you your retirement. Come back or I will get the hook.

  53. I always thought nail chewing was an oral fixation not a nervous thing.

  54. Hiyah chip slave!

  55. Whoa UW! I was only talking about folks attire.;) While I agree that women have it better today in the work force, and are free to pursue there dreams, the country is now morally in the crapper. I blame a lot of this on the federal government’s entitlement programs and the victimization of minorities.
    You know where I stand when it comes to men and women: The best person for the job, and equal pay regardless of gender.
    UW, you tellin’ me you don’t have a poodle skirt and a latent desire to wear a Bee-Hive hair-do? 🙂

  56. So SHV, those good looks didn’t get her a summa cum laude job but she got her shot at the summa cum laude by financing her education with it.So in the end, being a cocktail waitress wasn’t such a bad deal. It got her to a better place.

  57. What makes you assume those idiots WANT jobs?

    Wait…….what am I laughing at. You’re probably right..

  58. “So in the end, being a cocktail waitress wasn’t such a bad deal..”
    Not sure what my point is other than the comment about “Hooters” made the think about my ex wearing her skimpy, pushed up boobs outfit for eight years and having a plan for the future. She went from Honolulu to Boston, where we met.

  59. I am often amazed at the way in which people present for an interview. It appears that they were either never taught, or they have a “My way or the highway attitude” Some people dress the way that they want to dress because they are highly defensive and oppositional. They reason, “If they don’t want me the way I like to dress, forget them.” Then they will blame the company for not giving them a chance. It is always someone else’s fault.

  60. Ah well at least you didn’t meet her in her pushed up boob outfit. lol.

  61. Poodle skirt and beehive. Somebody shoot me. Now.

  62. Ya know, there was NASCAR then too!!!!!

  63. So, what? No one downloaded the Americia app yet?

  64. Yeah even NASCAR was in black and white!

  65. “The best person for the job, and equal pay regardless of gender.”

    If a woman and a man are in an equal position in terms of experience, education, presentability, etc., then the woman should always be considered more qualified because, in most instances, while the man has been socialized to suceed, supported and encouraged in his endeavors, and often given the benefit of the doubt based on his gender, the woman has achieved that same level in spite of the lack of the same socialization, support, encouragement, not to mention sexism, misogyny.

    Therefore the woman is always the best person for the job. 🙂

  66. Kristin, wouldn’t you pay a lot just to hear more people admit that IT’S MY OWN FAULT! ?
    How about, “I need to work on that!”.

  67. Yeah dwp, if the guy gets the job, he was the best one for the job. If the woman gets the job it’s because she’s a woman and filled a quota.

  68. Hey Hillbilly! One thing hasn’t changed. Country music sucks as badly now as it did in the 50s.

  69. My dad was a gas station owner and mechanic for a career. Mechanic since 17. Hal was a grease monkey and pump jockey. One day, a disheveled kid showed up and asked for a job.

    Dad felt sorry for the guy at first. Then he pointed to a box of assorted bolts, nuts and washers that he had just overturned and rummaged through, looking for a bolt to fit what he was working on.

    He said to the aspiring jobseeker: “Okay…See those bolts and nuts there? Put them back in the box.”

    “With my HANDS??” the kid asked. (Gee, they were kind of dirty!)

    ROFL….do you think he got the job? Never question the first thing you’re asked to do!

  70. Ah heck I hope the guys keep right on walking around with their pants down like that. I want to get a pea shooter and have some quality entertainment.

  71. Hal – you just reminded me of something – I put up a photo of a clean construction worker (probably a supervisor or just starting his day, but I was pretending he was someone presenting for a job). But yeah, some people have to get dirty at work, and that’s okay! But I think they should probably wear clean clothes for an interview, that was my point. Although, I suppose the case could be made for clothes with lots of oil stains being a “badge” of how hard you work, and maybe in that situation it would help a person get hired to be a mechanic! lol

  72. twandx – have you ever seen Toddlers and Tiaras on tv? DON’T!!!! You’ll throw up. I know *I* do when I just see the commercial. Ugh that show makes me so angry. (it’s a beauty contest show for (mostly) tiny little girls) – I don’t want to offend anyone else, but IMO – it’s disgusting.

  73. hillbilly – I’ve noticed that different dress code with old movies from before the sixties. Although, I’ve also noticed that the group shots (when they show a restaurant of people, or a theatre of people, etc) – they also all seem to be middle aged or older. I think there really have been some shifts, including that now youngsters have way more freedom, money, even lives away from their family of origin (with whom they’re still living because they’re under 18!)

    Hillbilly, is that your photo in the icon? Because if so, I think you’re kinda cute 🙂

  74. SophieCT – I think you may be onto something with the paper routes lol Although I guess not always – my sister followed in my footsteps – but with the paper route, not the other lol

  75. I read something the other day, it said that at two different campaign stops, BO referred to his own “sons” instead of his daughters. My thought was that it must have been put in the teleprompter wrong, because I agree, he is not engaged and just reads. But was EVERYone spacing off? It didn’t get fixed for the next event! So weird.

  76. I can’t believe that cell phones are allowed in classrooms. From my outsider’s point of view, it seems like someone (parent, teacher, school) are not setting boundaries. What are they afraid of? The only reason a kid would need a cell phone is school would be for an emergency – if that rare event happens, they can go get it from their locker – if they need to call OUT. If the emergency call is coming IN, the person can just call the school office. It was sorta done that way for – oh – as long as the phone has existed, I imagine lol

    You hear all these stories of kids texting 400 times a day, you hear that kids aren’t paying attention in school, etc. Sure seems like one step towards solving the problem would be not allowing those phones in the classrooms.

    Where I work, people do work very hard. But when they have a second, they like playing on their phones, they send games to each other, games like one where you have to draw a picture, and the person you send it to has to guess what it is. I don’t play because I don’t have that fancy kind of phone. But that kind of thing taken to extreme would be a real problem at work, not just at school.

    lol I can just see a youth of today showing up at the interview and texting the whole time, every once in a while looking up to answer some of the questions lol

  77. Oh, man! I came home from work, took off my dress clothes, and put on a tank top and shorts. That made everyone take off, because I’m not dressed spiffily enough!!!! My waistband is around my waist, doesn’t that count???? lol My earrings are in my ears, my ring is on my finger, and my bracelet is on my wrist, and if by any chance I might have a tiny tattoo, it’s not anywhere you’d ever see it! I’m presentable enough for blogging!! lol

  78. Sumbitch! My cat ate my yogurt while I was on the phone. He has a face full of it too. Lil bastage!

  79. lorac, that’s the number one benefit of being a blogger–the dress code is very relaxed.

  80. I almost covered a toddlers and tiaras story. There was this video of this little shit talking about how looks are everyhing. And to be honest, she wasn’t all that cute either. She sounded like a little snot you wanted to slap silly. I’ll see if I can find the link.

  81. Yup here it is, “Daisy Mae’s rant about ugly children and beauty”. Take a good look at this little shit. She is NOT going to grow up good looking. T’will serve her right too.

  82. lorac, great post, as usual. As it happens, laker & I were at Nordstrom today and I bought him a beautiful new shirt (long sleeve, oxford style, in a stunning blue that makes his eyes pop). Those pix in your post made me shudder.

    From socalhubbie: Uppity’s boyfriend has a great new video (and cd) out. Check it out, its amazing! We’re going to get the cd.

  83. Funny about the cat eating the yogurt!

  84. Fantastic post, lorac!

    Somehow, people do not seem to believe that presentation says quite a bit about a person. It does not matter the age or the situation. The more appropriate one is dressed for the situation, the more likely it will be a successful one.

    In the real world, presentation is everything. Always has been, always will be.

  85. Funny about the cat eating the yogurt!

    It was the last one!

  86. Ooooooooooo Lawson! Play for me!

  87. He uses inflection like an actor but he rarely knows what he’s saying when he reads a speech, and he is not brain engaged when he’s speaking impromptu.

    So TRUE, Upps. He’s seriously disconnected…in a scary way.

  88. ” But that kind of thing taken to extreme would be a real problem at work, not just at school.”
    A few days ago, my wife was walking by a patient’s bed in the surgical ICU. They guy was breathing 50 time a minute and looked like shit. The nurse was sitting in a chair texting on her I-Phone and was clueless as to what was going on. Doesn’t seem to be an uncommon problem and the usual response it to be irritated to be told to do their job.

  89. Wow! This soldier’s tweet and pic combo is as powerful as it’s heartbreaking. https://mobile.twitter.com/#!/buttsplc05

    Regrets? No Mr. President, none that I can think of” pic.twitter.com/DJoG2w0I

    It’s particularly infuriating to me because I, because my background, understand, more than the casual observer, how pointless his whole sacrifice was. (I’m assuming his injury was in Afghanistan, but the point still stands if it’s Iraq. FCS, if someone hurts us, let’s hit them back HARD and then get our people out of there. We can’t change Goatfuckistan; period, end of story. With costs like this to pay, NO ONE has the right to be ignorant about the costs vs. the ‘benefits.’

  90. SHV, wouldn’t want any of my family members to be taken care of by someone more intent on playing with their iphone than doing their job in direct patient care

    Especially in an ICU.

  91. NES, well said. I always appreciate your comments about this becuz of your experience there.

  92. His profile says he was active duty during Desert Storm. Papa Bush days.

  93. Great article, Lorac. What I have never understood is how these guys don’t trip over their pants in the street. I mean, aside from odd fashion statement, it looks like a dangerous choice…

    Aside from professionalism lacking these days, as you note, the other problem is a work ethic. When I was starting out we very much believed in apprenticeship. Now everybody wants to be a multi-millionaire at 23. The hell with work. And the idiocy of most reality tv, where people are famous for being famous, teaches them that they can.

  94. Plumbers and DJs are allowed to show butt crack. All other interviews require a belt on the waist.

  95. Ani, so true! laker commented to me today that he noticed that our generation (boomers) didn’t think they were too good to work at fast food restaurants, unlike the younger gens.

  96. That’s verrrrry odd, Upps. Judging by photo, no way he was old eno’ for Papa Bush days.

  97. Thanks socal.

  98. Could be an old photo NES.

    @buttsplc05 Blue collar, 21 yrs Military Retired,10 yrs active Army MLRS Desert Storm, 11 yrs USAFR OIF. Conservative, Tea Party, Constitutionalist,

    Lawton Oklahoma

  99. Yep, you’re right.

  100. This one is for lorac:

  101. fredster, omg that is so gross! Do they really let people in like that? Showing their butts and barefoot, and all?

  102. ok, after looking at that, I have to cleanse my eyes by watching the Lawson Rollins video again!

  103. Aside from all the babysitting, my first job job for a paycheck was at 16 years old, selling ice cream at Sbarro’s on 34th street in NYC. We were next to the Empire State Bldg., nearby Macy’s. We had businesspeople, buckets of tourists, sailors — lots of sailors — and shoppers. They wheeled my 12 flavor cart onto the street right in front of the pizza place. I had to schlep down the steps to the basement where the freezer was — and the stairs had big holes in them — to get carry the 12 flavors upstairs to the cart. This assistant pizza guy, Mimmo, was my friend and would help me. The 5 gallon drums of ice cream were heavy, damin it!

    I would kill myself to sell 40 cent cones. I spun around like a whirling dervish for ten hours a day, we were so busy. You could break a cone but you had better have kept the vortex of it because the boss counted them at night. He wanted to make sure I didn’t sneak any free ice cream to my friends. The ice cream was homemade in Staten Island. To this day it is the best Mint Chocolate Chip I have ever had. I was making $2.50 an hour — I was paid better than any of my friends!!

    As that old saw goes, “…and I was happy to get it!”

  104. Socal: Yes apparently they let them in like that. I don’t go shopping at Wally World until after 11p.m. and midnight on Sat. nights so I’ve neve seen anything as bad as what the pictures show and if I did I don’t know that I’d have the nerve to pull out the cell phone for a snap!

  105. I did tons of babysitting starting at 13, my Dad made me a flyer to advertise myself & I walked all over putting them in mailboxes (didn’t know it was illegal!), then I got my first real job bagging groceries at Ralphs at age 15 (the manager owed Dad money, so I got hired earlier), then one of my babysitting customers hired me to work at a New Years Eve party helping out in the kitchen and serving hordourves and stuff & then I got a lot of jobs like that, plus worked at two McDonalds. We were fairly spoiled in that we lived in a nice house and went on a lot of vacations and ate well, but we all had to work for what we wanted…clothes, makeup, cars, etc.

  106. I’ve been in a walmart exactly once.

    I refuse to shop there. I refuse to support a company that single-handedly led the way to the demise of the American standard of living. Whererever walmart goes, the grass dies.

  107. I’m a very middle-aged male heading towards being an older-aged male, so I know my opinion doesn’t count for much but here is my story. My first job was picking berries and beans in the fields, we learned things like getting up and getting to the bus, cause if you didn’t mom and then dad would tan your hide for missing (I remember frozen can-o-pop that hadn’t unfroze by lunch time and you were so hot that you loved it). I learned that the more you pick, the more you make, if you want to mess around all day, it was your choice, but you sure didn’t have much to show for it at the end of the day. My next job was delivering papers, during the school year I only delivered the morning paper before school (on my bike) during the summer I delivered the morning AND afternoon papers. The more you work, the more money you make, during the summer I also pushed my lawnmower (dad’s actually) around the neighborhood trying to grab a lawn job here and there. My first job once I turned 16 and could drive was a busboy at a nice restaurant. I worked my way UP to dishwasher and from there pantry cook and assistant cook. From there at 18 it was a large chain grocery store as a checker and then stocker, what I learned there was that I didn’t want to do THAT for the rest of my life (although there were people there that had been and were doing it for 20 – 30 – 40 years). To sum it up, I’ve worked in some capacity since I was about 7 years old and it did me good. I’ve ALWAYS worn a suit to an interview, regardless of the position. Even now, when I interview for a position within the company that I work for, I’ll take a suit with me to change into (I work construction) before going for the actual interview. I’ve seen these ‘you’ll take me or leave me’ pinheads come ask for jobs, the application goes in the round file seconds after they hit the door. The other two items that the youth mess up on are 1) Dang, getting up in the morning and getting to work on time every day, is just too hard and 2) “What do you mean I didn’t pass the drug test?” – I’m painfully conservative and the older I get the more conservative I get. I’m actually looking forward to leaving this earth as I’m not impressed with the direction it’s going – but I’m just saying.

  108. mmmarvel, who says what you say doesn’t count here? I would wager there isn’t one person on this blog who is going to disagree with you. You might be “very middle aged” but dammit you’re OURs! Not only that, but your age is a testimony to the fact that youth is wasted on the young, and only with age comes any wisdom. Truth is, they are all sitting around waiting for some CEO to tap their perfect selves on the shoulder and ask them to be Lord of the Company. They are so ridiculous in their narcissm that it’s hardly worth even trying to tell them so. They will learn. The hard way. The VERY hard way. It has already begun. Eventually they will be forced to see themselves as others see them. The world is NOT going to adapt to them, they will have to adapt to the world, like it or not.

    When I graduated from college the first time, there also were no jobs. I got one working in a department store stockroom. They layed me off after Christmas. It didn’t kill me.

  109. Uppity –
    Didn’t say my opinion doesn’t count here (many thanks), but in the world of the youth, it doesn’t seem to count much. My oldest daughter did 2 years in the Army, met her husband, got pregnant and left with an honorable discharge. Her husband is still in (2nd tour of duty) and she has the honor of being a stay-at-home mom with her soon to be 2 year old. My younger daughter got done with her 4 year hitch in the Army back in October. She kicked around a bit, dabbled in school, but just got hired by the Social Security office starting at $14 an hour with excellent Federal Employee benefits. Turns out they were ONLY interviewing veterans for the job. Meanwhile she has 3 cousins who graduated from college, each with well over $60K of debt and the BEST that they’ve found is a full time job with benefits for $12 an hour (the other two are making less and don’t have benefits).

    I did counsel the youngest prior to her getting interviewed. It’s much easier when you can say to them, dress at the same level as a Class A uniform and conduct yourself in the exact same manner as you did when you were meeting your new NCO. She didn’t get ALL that I had hoped for out of the Army, but it did bring her a long ways from the kid who had had it with high school. Oh and most of her high school friends either live with mom and dad (still) and/or are racking up debt going to school getting degrees that are going to be tough getting jobs in. Not happy about the way our society is heading.

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