Kitteh Update

Here we are four weeks from the May Day Madness. The kittehs are starting to become the little anarchists I knew they would be when they were born on May 1st. We had a big meet and greet with Jack this morning- and he taste tested but did not eat any. It really was quite touching watching him sniffing and licking each and every one. Smokey Bones did not rip his face off either so there’s a blessing.

You will recall there are six. We have five girls and Bubba.  Bubba is the largest- and eats like a pig. He was the first to figure out how to eat the kitten chow I leave out free choice for his Mom. Also the first to muscle his way into her wet food dish. I call him Bubba- but he might be Fatty Arbuckle.

Then we have the runt of the litter- Little Bit. At about two and half weeks in it seemed to me she was not growing at the same pace as the others. I started supplementing her with KMR twice a day and giving her two private nursing times with her Mom while I “entertained” the others lol. She was not doing so well with me taking her out of the room alone- so I picked the next smallest and brought her along. Things started going much better after that. Not sure what that friend’s  name is- maybe “Bette” (for that movie about the two friends?)

Then there is Tiger Lily- very brave little thing- she marches right along – as a matter of fact she marched right up to Jack this morning. No fear whatsoever. An altogether fearless and graceful little thing.

There is one very dark female- at a loss for words to describe her color- very very dark- but not charcoal or silver. And when she meows her mouth is dark cherry red. Quite stunning!

The last is another female- she is a lighter version of her Mom- gray tabby. She is the one that thinks I am a tree. I learned the hard way to put jeans on when I go in to deposit food and water lol.

So at this point three are eating both wet and dry food from the dishes and drinking water too. The other three are eating wet food from my fingers- and that is hysterical as I sit on the floor and try to feed three kittens with two hands. HAH! At least some are using the litter tray I improvised with a very low box.

Hard to believe they are four weeks old! Miss Smokey Bones will be going out in two or three weeks for her spay and shot job. The rescue will take the kittehs if I am unable to find homes……….. So…. here’s the deal.

I will be calling the Kitten Care and Rescue tomorrow to get on the schedule for Ms Smokey Bones to be spayed. I expect that to be in about two weeks. We could possibly do a kitteh relay? Let us know in the comments and maybe we can coordinate a kitteh convoy.

(sorry about the poor quality of the pics- I have some weird inability to take photos.)



This is the one I was hand feeding for a while- the runt of the litter





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  1. Hear hear. I propose a toast all around.To PMM, Jack, Smokey Bones, Bubba, all remaining kitteh girlz and tah dah to Mr. PMM too for nurturing such a lovely yet challenging family. I do hope all the newbies find Uppity homes so that updates can be given here. Alas, it won’t be me for I’ve not yet figured out if I’m done traveling on occasion.
    If there’s a fund/shelter somewhere I could donate that would help you, PMM, pls post.

  2. Thanks Pamela- they are the cutest things ever- I just went by the door and someone is playing with the ball I left in there- it has a bell in it-
    The kittehs were a gift from above- they came at a time I needed something to focus on.
    I will be bringing them down twice a day this weekend- husband will be off and can help keep an eye- hope to have them all transitioned to downstairs by next week so I can work on basic house manners. The better trained and socialized they are- the better their chances of adoption. And poor Smokey Bones is very lonely and stir crazy up there. Well I remember being all alone with a newborn and no escape in sight lol!

  3. I love little critters. Adorable. The response was a series of awwwwwwwwww look’it da kittey-cat.

    I can drive from mid Pa to Jersey area or south or north in the NEPA to Philly region.

    Precious, Mom. Great job.

    I took in a preggers stray and had 5 sweethearts for a few months. Found them all homes, had them all vet checked and gave them all eye drops daily. Kept them away from my calico and shepard-dobs the best I could but now and then it was bedlam. My lazy husband, my daughter, two huge dogs, two female cats who snarled and hissed at each other and 5 little balls of mush muffins. We lived in a small NYC apartment!

    Oh, and I had 4 fish tanks too.

    The last few weeks we had the kittens an out of work friend of my ex came to stay with us till he found a job and a place. It took 6 months and then one of my cousins moved in for a year.

    I too have the need to nurture…

  4. PMM: I want Bubba so bad——-I’m so afraid with Davey——-she’s so very loving, but I don’t know how she would be——-how much time till we have to make our decision——–

    They are so beautiful !!

  5. I can drive from mid Pa to Jersey area or south or north in the NEPA to Philly region.

    You’re volunteering for relay Karen! That is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD! Give this gal a penguin!

    So, which Uppityite (s) is/are looking to adopt an official UW kitteh!

  6. Mom, Koz sent all these rugrats to you!

  7. UW: read the comments, I said I want BUBBA——-I live about three hours from PA—–

    Karen: I am in upperstate NY-I believe you are the opposite way

    PMM: I will deal with Davey———I want BUBBA !!

  8. PMM you are awesome – what a grand idea. Hope it all goes well and all get forever homes.

    Beauty looks like she’s part Russian Blue; you’ll know if her eyes turn greenish. Very pretty.

    We did our duty and took in an abandoned tom (remember the rash of abandoned homes, therefore abandoned animals? A-holes) – came to our back door and never left. Poor Neek must have also been abused – I’ve had cats all my life and never seen his behaviors; he has the weirdest hangups and is paranoid about not having food – when the hopper in the auto feeder gets low he goes nuts.

    Our poor old brown cat has never forgiven us for letting in the usurper but tolerates the neurotic overeater. It’s never dull in our house.

  9. Loved me some Koz- and since the advent of the little anarchists- I wake up and Jack in all curled up in bed with me lol. And he has done the face tap thing you told me about a couple of times. AND Jack now plays the kitteh version of fetch.
    (drops ball on laptop) “Time to play with me Mom” I toss the ball he runs like a lunatic to get it and brings it back for me to toss again. And again. And again…….

  10. Michelina- how far from Erie PA? Buffalo is about three hours from me via I90.

  11. PMM: I am three hours from Erie-going the I-90——-I live in Buffalo

  12. Beauties, the lot of them! Congrats PMM…you’re one heck of a human. They are all gorgeous.

  13. Mom, you’ll know Jack is a fetch addict when you wake up and find all his toys on the bed, along with wadded up paper from the wastebasket. I think Jack is turning out well, and he’s being a real sport with the kittens too. You picked a good one. Methinks if smokey and he are doing all right together, she might be a good choice for your second cat. Just sayiing.

    So we have to figure out how to get Bubba to Michelina. She’s in western NY, Buffalo. So can anybody help? Of course Bubba can’t go anywhere till he’s 8 weeks. It is decreed.

  14. I could meet Michelina halfway. Just sayin…..
    I do believe Smokey is going to be our second kitty. Husband likes her- though he has not had time to really get to know her- which is why I am going to bring them down this weekend- frequently lol- once he gets to sit and pet her some it will be all over- Sabrina was “his” cat lol. And he does like to have a cat to warm up his bad hand and arm…..
    Yes, it’s a plot- but it is for his own good lol

  15. Those solid greys are always easy to place. Not as easy to find.

  16. Allie, what a sweet thing you did for that cat. He probably went hungry for a bit and is afraid of that feeling again. Usually they eventually get over it if their food supply is reliable. Give him time.

  17. I took in a wonderful cat who had been kept in the basement with another cat. She was six months old and pregnant and a cat I rescued so I took her back first chance I got. I decided to keep her. She was a sweet black thang. But for several YEARS, she freaked out if a door was closed on her and the basement door open sent her in a tizzy. She cried if I went down there. I had a young kitten in for foster and he tried to get down to the basement and she grabbed him by the neck and dragged him away. It was sad to see. But she got over it very nicely after time went by and she felt secure. They remember, but they put it aside so long as they realize you are on the up and up and won’t do to them what was done to them before. It took nearly two years for her to suddenly become very affectionate. She watched me from a distance all that time. She wasn’t harmed physically but her basement life really affected her. She turned out to be a wonderful cat and lived to age 19, and left this earth with nary a thought about that old basement in her former life.

  18. When Smokey arrived she was crazy hungry- three cans of wet food a day and the KMR twice a day AND free choice dry food. I could barely keep up- just in the last few days she has calmed down on the need for feed lol.
    She was giving up the wet food dish to the kittehs (ps Michelina- Bubba is a hog- good luck on the feed bill) So I got another dish and placed it out of reach of the kittens so she can eat in peace- lol. They are climbing everywhere they can- trying to get up on the big bed with her- nobody has figured out how to climb the afghan like a rope ladder – YET.

  19. Yes, PMM: we can meet halfway——-I will arrange some time off work——and 8 weeks is an absolute——–

  20. PMM: the bigger the better—–I think he can handle Davey if he’s a bigger Kitteh

  21. Michelina- I can work around your regular days off- I am still looking for work- no prospects just yet. So you really don’t need to take time off to accommodate me.

  22. You did great Mom.And what a happy ending too. 🙂

  23. Love those little grey kittens! I adopted three solid grey boys in 2008, because no one wanted them. The three sisters with white mittens were adopted right away. My boys are the kittehs of mass destruction,and I love them.

  24. PMM: Well that helps (sorry about not hearing about the job you wanted——— I want to arrang time off so I can be Home for Bubba and Davey to get acquainted with——–

    We will figure out the schedule when we get closer to the the 8 weeks-

    Either the Sat before the July 4th holiday or it would have to be on the Fourth or the day after—-and that is where I am concerned about your schedule——–I have no plans on the 4th

  25. Isn’t Bubba the one you had to separate from the other kits so they could get some food? Hahahahaha.

  26. Yes Michelina, judging from Bubba’s eating prowess, I would say he’s gonna be a big tom just like my Joe. Of course they are always the best cats, except lapping CAN be painful. lolol. Seriously though, the bigger they are, the lighter they are on their feet for some odd reason. Joe could jump on a table and land in four coffee cups if he were so disposed.

  27. So Michelina, you and Mom can handle the hand off then, yes? We shall need to give Bubba a place here at UW. I’ll talk to Bill….shudder…

  28. Frigging WP won’t let me scale a photo. Jesus

  29. UW: god he is so Beautiful–Yeah, I figure the bigger he is the better-so ——–Davey will think he is another dog, hopefully, she gets along with other dogs——

    How much does Joe weigh?

  30. LOL- absolutely not the 4th of July lol- people tend to drink too much on my birthday- and then they hit the road, and other cars, and telephone poles, trees, deer- whatever is in their way. Any other weekend would be ok.

  31. Yes, Uppity- he was the one pushing all the others out of the way- little piggy that he is. It is hysterical listening to him hoovering up the wet food- he plants himself on the plate of food so as to “guard” it from all the others. Then he just vacuums it in. He was the first to try the dry food (even before I started giving them all the canned!) munch and crunch – he is quite the thing for sure!

  32. I’m not far from Wilkes Barre area. Near all the main highways of the region. Willing to drive a couple hundred miles.

    Near routes 80, 81, 476 (pa tpke NE ext), 280, 380 – upstate NY is doable in the Binghamton etc region.

    I can do a day trip 1/2 way to Mom’s one day then another day bring it 1/2 way to its new family.

  33. You know WP has some glitches that aren’t just minor incoveniences, but major TIME wasters. I just had to go somewhere else to scale a picture size and reload it into wp beccause their resizing “edit” DOES NOT WORK. Very annoying. What should take ten seconds just took ten minutes.

  34. Oh cool – my first pengy!

    Heading to Amazon for an Antarctic cookbook… marinade, salt pepper, 20 pengy filets…

  35. Joe as a kitten.

    Joe as a lardass slug commandeering my jeans.

  36. PMM~ Congrats on a sweet litter of little uns!!! Such adorable kittehs. If I lived near you I’d grab the little runt in a minute. Our first cat was a runt (a grey tabby) and he has turned into the most adorable cuddler, even still is after 12 years, loves sleeping under the covers and hanging out in the bathroom. Must be because we snuck him in the house (weren’t supposed to have pets) and kept him in the bathroom with a cuddly blanket, food and small litter box. Its the first place he heads too when he’s scared. People warned us about having a runt, but although he’s a bit scared around others, he trusts and loves us to death.

    BTW, what’s “KMR”?

  37. KMR is Kitten Milk Replacement. We use it to nurse orphans and sometimes we give it to mom when she’s nursing a big litter.

  38. Darn cute kitties. I am not in the market for a kitty yet but some day I will have one again. Hopefully I will find my dream cat at a shelter. I prefer cats to kittens myself. I know that sounds odd but I would rather take in a full grown cat any day over kittens. They are cute and playful for sure but it has always been a thing with me that full grow cats are more cool. Of course Uppity knows if I could I would steal Joe right away.
    I hope to find a nice domestic long hair black tom or a Blue boy some day and or my dream cat a Main Coon. But no matter it will come from the shelter and from my past experiences I never got the cat of my dreams as far as breed or color because each time I went to the shelter looking for that particular one another would reach their paw out and swat me and let me know they were choosing me.

  39. Awwww lyn, you got the best of the lot. And I LOVE sibling adoptions. They get their life companions that way.

  40. Utah I’m with you. Prefer the adults. Joe can’t even take a trip to the vet without doing Number One, Number Two, AND Number Three. Hyperventilates himself into a frenzy. For a big chooch he sure is a wimp. So he’s not going anywhere. Besides, you know the Needlenose would die of a broken heart if her joe left. As it is, she still crams her big ass into RIP Roni’s bed and he’s been gone a year. He set the pet tone in the house and she just never got over him. Joe doesn’t eat till she gets home when she’s gon. It’s love. Oh I know what you’re gonna say. You’ll take them both. To hell with that shit.

    I have a maine coon in rescue this very moment. He’s bigger than a shed though. lol. We also have a domestic black longhair but he’s spoken for.

  41. PMM — what a great post after the anniversary yesterday. I really needed this uplifting post!!

  42. Personally I think there is no more beautiful cat than a domestic black longhair.

  43. That is what I want Upps a cat the size of Brooklyn !! I love the huge big cats. I just can not do it right now. I know when the time is right the cat that thinks he sees a true sucker ( me) will snatch me. It always works out that way. Most all of my cats have been feral and take only to me and try to kill anyone else who dares to try to pet them. I have found that a feral cat once he trusts you is your best friend for life. Not saying it does not take you having a great deal of bandaids and iodine before that trust is built lol.

  44. Utah when I picked up Joe he was a deadly mess. By the time he was all healed, ten people wanted him including the vet’s tech. Oh yea she wanted him after I spent the big bucks to save his life. I had people in the waiting room begging for him, he was that handsome. That pic of him you see was what I turned him into after he was dragging himself along, suffering from malnutrition and just about every parasite short of cockroaches. He came a long way and by then, he decided he was mine. I don’t regret it for a minute. He’s a wonderful boy, if he would just stop trying to hump his sister.

  45. WOW Karen, that will cut down everyone’s travel time big time!

  46. Me thinks Joe picked that stuff up from one dirty Collie dog lol. It is his way of getting back at the world for being violated and slimed with Collie spit lmao

  47. Michelina, I know Bubba is the biggest of the litter. He’s gonna be a big boy. I love big male cats. I wouldn’t worry about the dogs. We will do it right and I will personally help you.

  48. Uppity I was a mere 6 years old when I found a dehydrated domestic long hair black tom tied to a tree in an abandoned house. I brought it home and feared my folks would not allow me to keep it so I hid him in my playhouse outside and sneaked him canned Tuna from moms pantry and milk and water. I had him hidden for several days when I finally decided to approach pop who was a soft sell on animals. That was the greatest cat I ever owned. I had him for 14 years before we lost him. He got cancer and had to be put down. I still miss that sweet heart. I have had several domestic long hair blacks and all male and all turned out to be the love of my life. My Tommy got the ball rolling with my love of black domestic long hair male cats.
    I have had several female cats and find them to be quite temperamental and prefer males.

  49. Karen——–whatever way works for PMM, me and You is okay with me——-of course I will give you gas money if we go that route—-
    It’s 4 weeks away and a back up plan would be a good Idea

    PMM: / UW: do you agree

  50. Heading to Amazon for an Antarctic cookbook… marinade, salt pepper, 20 pengy filets…

    Dear Lord. The woman will eat anything.

  51. Yup. And if Mom will do it, it might be better to get an extra week on his age since he’s going where there is a dog. They get a lot smarter in that extra week. Michelina, this kitten has no bad history so he’s going to be an easy one. His life history up to the moment you get him will be known and we Know he’s in good hands. So he won’t have any preconceived ideas about dogs, which is good. We’ll just need to do the assimilation right and it will go very smoothly.

  52. I also prefer males Utah, and I can honestly say the black cats in my life were absolute sweeties. My mother’s soulcat was a black cat and that cat followed her around like a dog. When she died he slept in a box of her clothing and only lived six months. his heart was crushed. He loved me very much but I was not my mother and he had to leave his life’s home, and he just couldn’t adapt. Broke my heart.

  53. Proof that dog spit dries stiff on a cat. Note the look of disgust.

  54. Okay UW: with you helping me I’m not that scared doing this–

    and the ninth week it will be, I will pick him up on the 5th is that is Okay with PMM—-and we can use Karen as our back-up in case something happens in the next 5 weeks

  55. I’ll be in touch with you personally to make sure it all goes well. I will set aside the time for his arrival too, so I’m here for you. This won’t be hard at all. Basically you will first give Bub a room by himself so he can get acclimated without any anxiety. Then once he’s chomping to get out and explore, you will keep Davey in another room so they can sniff each other thru the door. Introductions will be short and supervised, increasing them over a few days. Also have to avoid Davey being jealous that Mom brought in another pet so you kind of have to let Davey think bubba is HER cat and give HER most of the attention when you are all together. Easy enough.

  56. Mom, you can pluck Michelina’s email address from her comments as you have The Power, and you two can ‘talk’ via email too.

  57. All good by me- and I can start with exposure to dogs- Aladdin has done the baby kitteh thing. And baby chickens. And is currently guarding the 7 baby ducks husband brought home to treat the slug problem lol.
    I won’t get the babies too close as he has not had his bath yet- and has already killed three woodchucks this year. But i will take them out in mid June to see him and let him see them. Of course not putting them down on the ground.
    As for Bubba- he is already sticking up for himself- had them down this morning and Jack decided to bathe him. When Bubba had enough he politely tried to push Jack away- when that failed he, brave little thing, gave jack a swipe- Jack looked SOOO startled I about died laughing.
    (ps, Jack was spending an inordinate amount of time cleaning Bubbas nether region- which was what provoked the kitteh slap- Jack does not give that kind of attention to the females. Is that normal behavior for a non related male cat or does Jack belong to the special club?)

  58. No it’s NOT normal behavior for a neutered male, Mom. Joe is just a pig.

  59. Basically it’s a domination thing, even though he hasn’t got a clue what to do. lol. He tried that with my other female cat RIP, and she beat the crap out of him. This one takes it. Basically, she hangs out upstairs and if she’s coming down or if I call her (she RUNS down the stairs when I call her), he waits at the bottom of the stairs and jumps her. I think he enjoys watching me have a shit fit over it, so it’s part Fun for him. He doesn’t hurt her though, just spits up her neck. He’s the ONLY male I have had who did this. The rest of the time, he’s sleeping with her and all is well.

  60. HMMMM. The two gray kittehs are just about the color of your Joe. Of course there will be change in the shading when they outgrow the baby fur- but the color is close.

  61. Yeah it’s a solid medium grey that has lightened silvery highlights when you use a camera with a flash. Somewhere in Mom’s background or the father’s background, there was a solid grey cat.

  62. You have a Maine Coon????? I fell in love with the big galoot my son and dil brought back from Guam- they call him Frank the Tank. Black and silky and a totally laid back guy. When he wanted affection he would stand up on his hind legs and his head would be at almost waist level- and I am 5’5″- made it really easy to pet him lol. One day he elected to sit on my lap while I was on the sofa. I literally could not lift him to get him off and he was NOT leaving of his own accord. Fortunately the grandsons were home and they came and got him off me.

  63. They are cute as the dickens Mom! I love the look on the face of the kitten in the last picture in the series. And they still have their baby kitten blue eyes.

    Mom, I would say if Smokey is letting Jack near her litter, and near her, that you do indeed have your second cat. That is a very good sign.

    I too prefer adults, even thouhg I generally foster kittens. However, that has had to change with my mom here. Baby kitties and 89+ adults are not a good mix since the kiddies run about and get underfoot and CLIMB everything in sight.

    However, if anyone is interested, these would be great kittens. As it has been pointed out by others, you know they have been cared for and socialized (by both their great kitty mom and their fantastic foster PMM) and will already be acclimated to indoor living as well as being around other animals.

  64. The most intelligent president EVAH used “Thingamjigs” in a public speech today.

  65. Comments are acting up today – oh well.

    Yes, that piece is Solyndra Whoa!

  66. It’s a fantabulous ad, Upps. Romney gets better/more presidential every day. I grow more impressed with him everyday. He’s focused, like a laser, on the economy, and refuses to be distracted or baited by the Obama compaign’s many shenanigans.

  67. Congratulations PMM on your cute brood! My, what sweet little things you have on your hands!

    A kitty convoy, PMM? Look out! It may just stream from coast to coast.

  68. Thingamajig. Third grade.

  69. TC- coast to coast eh? Have kittehs will travel? lol
    On another note- the peonies are blooming and of course, as happens every year- they are flat on the ground from the drenching rains. And a HUGE branch fell off one of the trees next door- into our side of course. Fortunately Aladdin and I were not under it at the time due to the rain. It fell right at the end of the orchard where we pass through at the end of our walks. YIKES! The size of the limb that fell? Guesstimate its diameter as roughly that of my husband’s waist- so 35 or so inches around maybe. Very very long as well.
    Thanks Be!

  70. The most intelligent president EVAH used “Thingamjigs” in a public speech today.

    I suppose that’s a step up from “Stuff”.

  71. CONGRATS on you feline babies, Mom!

  72. Attention Tweeters, if you want to engage CT Congresswoman @rosadelauro on how little the Dems did on #equalpay issues (she disagrees), join in please. If you follow me, you’ll see our exchg in your timeline. Upps, I also stuck you in in my last answer. I know it’s one of your grievances. Go for it, ladies!

  73. This post and the comments have been delightful to read! PMM, I love the pictures and the descriptions of the kittehs. And, you have a home for Bubba. Michelina stepped up to the plate. And, Uppity is supplying free advice when Bubba reaches Michelina. And, Karen has volunteered to drive. What neat folks you are.

    Also, in the last post I enjoyed the uTube of Hillary in Denmark. I watched them all. She is one smart, engaging woman.

  74. Yep, certainly has more syllables.

  75. Maybe Karen can drop me off at Mom’s. I want to taste her cooking and enjoy the fruits of her bountiful fields. (lorac will be so J.)

  76. NES see your mail and have fun.

  77. What a trickster the woman is. That bill died in the democratic senate. Close does NOT count in congress. The Democrats FAILED to pass the paycheck fairness act with Harry as senate majority leader.
    As of May 31 of this year, the House is refusing to vote on it again, of course. It’s a Republican house now. So blame the republicans that the democrats FAILED for TWO years to pass that bill.

    You’re tweeting with Nancy, why? She didn’t do shit for women when she was in charge.What’s she gonna do now.

  78. Why does the word Monsanto come up when I think of Delauro? And NES, please do not get me involved with these clowns. I do NOT have the patience to be polite with them. I do NOT want to tweet with Donna Brazille. I did what she told me. I left her and her miserable “New Democratic Party”. As for Delauro, pfffffft. There is only one congressperson I care to talke to and that’s Gillibrand. Beyond that, I am engaged as I want to be with these people. Which is not at all.

  79. Yes yes, now I remember.

    DeLauro introduced HR 875,[20] The Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009. This legislation is aimed at reforming the food safety responsibilities handled by the FDA. The introduction of this bill represents a potential conflict of interest, because of her husband’s, Stanley Greenberg, current relation to agricultural biotechnology corporation Monsanto.[21]

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  82. @AngieNC also has some brilliant entries.

  83. Uppity, your Joe is a Russian blue! He has the build and even has the greenish eyes. You sure he’s not beauty’s daddy? 😉 We had one, that’s how I know – they wind up sold at pet stores and whatnot because breeders will dump them if they have the slightest stripe or spot pattern. The only ones breeders will sell are those without any markings whatsoever (yeah, they’re a-holes – it’s not just dogs). That’s how we wound up with our cranky pain in the ass when I was a kid.

    Re Neek (a fat red and white tabby who I suspect had a calico for a mom), it’s been three years, and the behaviors have never lessened. We don’t think he was treated well at all wherever he was at. Certainly he’s spoiled and loved now. We refer to him as Boy’s Cat as Boy goes nutty over him. 🙂

  84. Nope, wasn’t tweeting with Nancy. Delauro stuck Nancy in there when she responded to me with the big lie.
    Apologies for seeking to get you involved. Got carried away with the thought of you ripping them on the lie.

  85. Oh I would love to. It’s almost Tourette’s with me now. I just do not plan to have another year like 2008, where they ruin my life till November because I am so mad.

  86. Allie, he’s a street cat that had an embedded collar on his neck. He might be russian and he might not. Sometimes I think so, sometimes I don’t. Hard to tell really. He looks like the old time Russian, not the new ones. They have fracked up the looks of so many breeds for showing. Siamese and most oriental cats’ confirmation changed, so did Blues. Personally, I think both old and new Blues have bigger ears than Joe does.

  87. The more I hear about the fraud and joe the drunk, the worse I feel for making fun of Nuke-u-ler. It is embarrassing to have people the world over think we are all idiots for electing these morons.
    I want a bumper sticker that says “Don’t blame me! The last Winner I voted for was a Rhodes Scholar”

  88. Hahahah love that bumper sticker, Mom.

  89. DancesWithPumas ‏@DancesWithPumas

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    David Burge ‏@iowahawkblog

    #replacequotewiththingamajig Look upon my thingamajig, O ye mighty, and despair

    Can’t remember who said this one but..

    “Ich bin ein Thingamajig”

  90. Uppity Woman ‏@UppityWomanBlog

    Do unto others’ thingamajigs as you would have others do unto your thingamajig. #replacequotewiththingamajig

  91. Googled “obama thingamajig”. One of the results:

    Thingamajig at Amazon
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  92. PMM, the kitties are adorable! Which one is Tiger Lily?

  93. Which one is Tiger Lily?

    The one that looks like Eliz. Warren!

    (Sorry, I just couldn’t resist. Where’s the purple whip?)

  94. Somebody’s republican slip is showing.

  95. No, no, I do like her. Problem is she’s not going to make it: she completely mishandled the ancestry scandal. It could’ve been harmless squelched right at the beginning. Now it’s outta control. Brown will be re-elected.

  96. Sad that so many folks feel as you do, NES. I still like Warren. I think she’s one of the precious few that has sense about the economy. Sucks about the whole ancestry scandal. The sucky thing is that had she never put it on her resume, the scandal would be that she must be ashamed of her heritage.

  97. I think John Smart got it right about Warren. She’s an executive not a legislative type. She should have held out and ran for governor.

  98. CHICAGO — President Obama is back in his adopted hometown tonight for three campaign fundraisers and an overnight stay (sans family) in his private home on the city’s South Side.

    “It’s good to be back home. I’m sleeping in my bed tonight. I’m going to go to my kitchen and might cook something. Putter in my backyard,” Obama joked before a crowd of 350 donors at the Chicago Cultural Center. “The White House is nice, but I’m just leasing.”

    No, you are not leasing. You don’t pay a dime to live there. That’s not leasing. That’s squatting. But if you want to call it leasing, fine. Your lease is up.

  99. I thought as it turned out that she did put it in her record and that it’s not true.

  100. How adept the R’s are at targeting someone for something small and turning the entire campaign into that subject to destroy someone. But when Scottie turned up naked, well it was, “oh that old story!”.

  101. The thing is, no one can prove if it’s true of not. It is certainly not true to the extent that the University used it to inflate their diversity numbers. But her family did talk about it as if it were a fact. So, my theory is that if she never acknowledged it, the hecklers would be coming at her from the other angle.

  102. Hope & Change

    No, now Thingamajig & Stuff

  103. Brown will be re-elected.

    Yes NES…very badly handled. Now there is another goof about a reason for eloping. It’s getting messy.

  104. She’s being slammed because UPenn and Harvard used her as a recruitment stat precisely because she did list as a “woman of color”. Uhm, duh, isn’t POTUS and FLOTUS a thingamajiggy stat for the Ivys as well? And I’ll lay some $$$$ down (if his financial aid records are ever opened) that he claimed foreign student status.

  105. It’s the little things that they will get you on Upps, it never seems to be the biggies.

  106. McNorman, especially if you HAVE no biggies.

  107. PMM: Poor bubba does not look to thrilled about being held up by his neck! 😆

  108. ROFLMAO

    I do believe he was cold during that photo shoot. hahahahahahaha

  109. Uppity said:

    How adept the R’s are at targeting someone for something small and turning the entire campaign into that subject to destroy someone. But when Scottie turned up naked, well it was, “oh that old story!”.

    Isn’t that what they do best?

  110. for those who follow such things…U-Kentucky is playing Kent State in a baseball regional and the game is in the 21st inning! 😯

  111. Isn’t that what they do best?

    Yes. And what the D’s do best is deflect and detour. Dig up crap on the Messenger. These two parties are not nice people any longer. They are ruining America.

  112. Hey Fredster, Bubba filed that away. Mom doesn’t realize he’s gonna get her for that.

  113. Uppity said:

    Yes. And what the D’s do best is deflect and detour. Dig up crap on the Messenger. These two parties are not nice people any longer. They are ruining America.

    Won’t deny that. That’s why I’ve said before: A pox on both their houses. I cannot see that one is any better than the other.

  114. God this computer at home sucks-

    I’ve been telling davey I’m bringing him a kitteh home-I keep saying to her “where’s BUBBA” and he keeps bringing me her ball “BIG PINK” a definitely good sign—-I Imagine her dragging him by the scruff of the neck and bringing him to me LOL

  115. this computer Sucks——–is anyone here

  116. good nite till the A.M. —-I wasn’t sure how to spell tomorrow—–it doesn’t look right–is that the correct spelling

    ***It is Now. Love, Fixit Fairy***

  117. NES, stop trying to make me J!

    Well if you’re going to try PMM’s food before I do, at least do NOT go lay in my hammock at Karen’s place!

  118. I LOVE Bill Clinton for this:

    Obama will rue the day he tried to tar this guy as a racist. Only a narcissistic fool like Obama would underestimate WJC.

    Bill Clinton was always the original PUMA. Now it’s payback time after 4 long years, and he’s leading the charge. Pass the popcorn.

  119. Lorac, I’ll save you a morsel of Mom’s food. Oh, and don’t worry, I won’t overuse the hammock.

  120. Upps, wanna bet? Five hundred dollars says Romney will win in Nov. You taking?

  121. NES@5:29:

    My goodness! The author of that article surely worked for some of the worst of the Repubs didn’t he?

    Ron Bonjean is a partner with Singer Bonjean Strategies and the owner of the The Bonjean Company, both full service public affairs firms. He was chief of staff for the Senate Republican Conference under <b.Sen. Jon Kyl of Arizona and the top spokesman for House Speaker Dennis Hastert of Illinois, Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott of Mississippi, U.S. Commerce Secretary Don Evans, and other House members.

    I’ll say this: He certainly can spin a tale.

  122. ROFL- for the record Fredster I was not holding him up by his neck- I was stretched out on the sofa and he was sitting on me- but would not look up- so I just put my hand around his neck to hold his head up lol. I can not take pics of motionless things- never mind squirmy kittehs.

    SophieCt- Tiger Lily is the top photo.

    Some of them are snuggling and tasting my face and neck- Kitteh Kisses!

  123. Hastert. Land Deal. Screw America. Cha Ching! He didn’t leave Congress for nothing.

  124. Hmmmmmmm. Five hundred. Yum. Very tempting. Especially since I have never lost a bet with you yet. But after this week? No.

    Like I said. I WANT to be wrong. Don’t make me want to be right.

  125. I want to write a post day after election entitled, I am Thrilled To Say I Was Wrong. I am doing a little sniff analysis in my head here. I’ll tell you about it when I gather all the grey bits.

  126. Verrrry interesting, Upps. Confirms my perception that something changed yesterday, perceptibly so. Romney is now the front-runner.

  127. Forget who the author is, Fredster. Do you disagree with his observation? If so, why? When I heard the CNN vid clip of WJC,I came to the same conclusion he did; ditto when I heard WJC was going to WI.

  128. Sad that so many folks feel as you do, NES. I still like Warren.

    SophieCT, don’t get me wrong, I’d vote for Warren if I were in MA. I don’t agree with her politically — she’s too nanny-state and left for my tastes — but I’d support her nonetheless because: 1) she’s a smart, competent woman, and 2) we need more women in Congress. That said, she may have seriously undermined her credibility for this cycle. Hope I’m wrong tho’.

  129. Copmpletely ott, but I was listening to Rush Limbaugh the other day, & he also owns a cat named pumpkin….so uppity & Rush have at least one thing in common.

  130. re: “Hastert. Land Deal. Screw America. Cha Ching! He didn’t leave Congress for nothing.”

    As the token Republican on your site, I hated Hastert & blame him partly for Obama being president. My understanding is that Hastert fragged the then incumbent Republican fiscal conservative senator from Illinois, Fitzgerald , because Hastert was angry that Fitgerald just didn’t rubber stamp all of Hastert’s pork projects. Boo hisss, evil RINO…

  131. LOL on Rush’s cat, Adagio. He’d better treat him well, or the cat will get him in his sleep, if one of his ex wives doesn’t

    Hastert hustled out of the senate. The reason came out later. I remember him most for his photo op with the little “green” cars. They had a press conference about their green cars in the parking lot and were standing there an I’m thinking, “get out of here! you ain’t NEVER gonna fit in that car!”. So after the press conf. was over, they strolled away and didn’t realize the photographer was watching. They walked a bit and then got into their big-assed UVs. It was a riot.

  132. NES: from what I read and have seen I figured the Big Dawg was going to WI to maybe help just push things over the finish line for the Dem candidate. Bill is still a big draw for a rally or whatever for the Dems.

  133. Bill is still a big draw for a rally or whatever for the Dems.

    Funny, that.

    Considering they talked about him like he was dog shit in 2008. This very minute, Bill clinton could beat barack Obama. Handily.

  134. Yeah, but I meant the *real* rank and file Dems. Not that group that currently has control of the party.
    (Don’t know if the reply took before), I’m over at TW and checking the little notifications thingie.

  135. Nah there’s nothing going on in the USA. Nothing at all.

  136. Follow up story. Very informative as to cause and reason, etc etc.

  137. he probably ate dog as a kid too. 😆 😆

  138. Someone should warn FLOTUS!! 😯

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