A message from MK Bill: We are everywhere.

Don’t you forget it.


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  1. CNN is down 51% in viewership since may 2011. They lost their objectivity formula when they dumped Aaron Brown for All Anderson All The Time. It’s been downhill for them ever since. Their worst moment was Haiti EQ, none of them wanted to work the weekend so they ran the same 3 stories in an endless loop all weekend. It was so obvious.

  2. Poor pup. He coulda had a heart attack!

  3. If PMM has her kittehs downstairs like she planned to do today, she’s got what that dog had times 6. She’lll need to be a bobblehead constantly counting. Prayers for PMM.

    CNN pissed me off way before EQ but I forget why.

  4. I remember why it was the election 08 👿

  5. They pissed you off because they stabbed Hillary every single day. And because their blogs wouldn’t allow you to post a rebuttal to pigs like Cafferty.

  6. I’m kind of gloating because as Obama crumbes so goes his sycophantic networks. Problem is, I wouldn’t want FOX to be the last network standing because they are no better, just in the other direction.

  7. I forget which primary it was when CNN was so stunned Hillary trounced Obama, it was all over and they STILL sat there stunned and waiting for the tide to turn, and couldn’t call it for hillary.

  8. It was MA.

  9. I stll remember Russert starting at the camera agape. He thought for sure with Kennedy, Kerry and Patrick endorsing O that would be the end of her. The people said different. I will never forgive them.

  10. I mean, i will never forgive the media thugs for what they did.

  11. Oh yes- we had the kittehs down this morning- until the sun came out- then everybody went back up so we could go outside and get some things done- not that I don’t trust Jack or anything………

    As for the networks- screw them all. I watch the local news and Greta. If it is a gloomy afternoon I might watch a bit of Megyn Kelly- other than those I have no use for the “news” anymore. IMO the results of American Idol, Dancing with the “stars” and the latest fashion faux pas of some movie star or musician IS NOT NEWS!
    Too bad for the networks that I am old enough to remember what a news broadcast is supposed to be about. Too bad for the newspapers and magazines as well- I remember real journalism and opinions were on the editorial/opinion pages.
    And yes, I do realize that Cronkite and Huntley Brinkley had their slant on issues as well. However, they did not run a 15 minute segment of news and devote the rest of the show to infotainment. I think the last newsman I had any respect for at all was Peter Jennings. And ABC was pushing their propaganda on him at the end too.
    I find most of my news on the net now. Usually BBC. Forget which big story it was- maybe Egypt- that we were getting our news from Al-Jazeera- I knew American journalism was well and truly dead and decomposed then.

  12. When I heard that Russert died, my first thought was, I wonder what his last thoughts about his own Person were, and, if such thing occurs, what his conversation with God was like.

    This was not a good and honest man. Sorry but it’s true.

  13. Mom, I’ve seen male adult cats make excellent kitten sitters. My RIP cat Rufie was the best at it I’ve ever seen. When the cat I re-rescued had her kittens, he sat outside the door the whole time. When they were about the age of your kittens, I turned them loose and he was right there watching their every move an rrrrrrrrting them if they were doing something wrong or dangerous. I saw him move them from dangerous spots, all with their mother watching besides. So Jack just might be like that.

  14. I quit watching cable news years and years ago.

  15. LOL Uppity- Jack hangs around outside the door of the kitteh room a lot. He does get a bit rough for my liking though- though none of the kittens has screeched yet. Maybe I am just a nervous Nellie.

  16. Mom, of course you are wise to watch him with them.

  17. As for why I ditched CNN – all of the above-mentioned reasons qualify. Upon further reflection (there is always something I’ve overlooked, forgotten….), I think they lost me during the 1990’s after the Repubs took to having Ken Starr harrass Big Dawg on a daily basis. tee vee back then seemed to have an infinite # of photos of Ken and his morning cup of coffee. Phunny how back then Republicans could do no wrong.

  18. Hmmm. There’ve been many times I could not afford CNN so perhaps I’ve accused them in error.Oh well. I think at this point all of the tee vee kingdom is quite irrelevant. That’s the one word I larned from GWB. Irrelevant.

  19. CNN, MSNBC, FOX. They are all lucky you can’t buy cable ala carte. Otherwise, NOBODY would bother any longer.

  20. GWB sychophants had the media scared. They shut up that pig Maher. The French made a remark and they bashed the shit out of the country. Wouldn’t even allow french fries in Congress to be called anything but freedom fries. The Dixie Chicks got tortured. Ari told us all to watch what we say and watch what we do. Oh there is no question about it. There is LITTLE difference between the way these two parties operate. They are thugs. All of them.

  21. I am also reminded of how the press was punshed for trying to vet GWB. I just had a flash back.

  22. If you didn’t support GWB, you were ANTI AMERICAN. If you don’t support Barack Obama, you are a RACIST. Oh no, there is VERY little difference between these horrible people and their sycophants in their HORRIBLE parties.

    I rememeber when GWB scared the comedians so much they were afraid to make jokes about him.


  23. Absolutely correct Uppity- both sides owned lock stock and barrel by the same masters.
    Hence my coining the phrase Obromney months ago.

  24. Mom, your kittehs are so cute! I wish I have one. Liked that funny vid also.

  25. Cute video. The doggie could have choked when the cat-in-the-box popped up. But he/she was too smart. Just darted away to swallow elsewhere.

  26. As for the “journalists” of today, they are really more stewards of infotainment.

    Objectivity and facts reporting went out the window long ago.

  27. In keeping with the sentiment of the Obot generation that we should kill off old people because they take up too much room, too much health care, and they get that social security they were forced to invest in, Time Magazine is here to tell you with their report on an actually study…that “Old person smell” reallly does exist.

  28. What little respect (and it was pretty tiny) I had for CNN was the day they went to Spike Lee for political commentary, and then cut to some sort of entertainment blather after.

    The end. Never watched one single clip since.

  29. Time mag. The go-to-magrag for “real” news.

    Their content is sooooooooooo important, that they are as credible as Newsweek now.

  30. Spike Lee could do that to someone, Allie.

  31. The DOJ likes things as they are.

    Somehow, the DOJ has determined that purging illegal voters — felons, noncitizens, the deceased — from the rolls is a violation of the 1965 Voting Rights Act as well as the 1993 National Voter Registration Act.


  32. No ID? No welfare. No ID? No food stamps. No ID? No check cashed. No ID? No admission into the DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION.
    No ID? Go ahead and vote!

  33. Ironic that the Dems are usually the first to cry foul about requiring ID’s to vote. Yet they themselves are requiring pic ID to get into their MA state convention.


    On p. 14 of the Ma Dem delegate guide here.

  34. Yeah, funny, that. Apparentlly their convention is uber important compared to voting.

  35. In analyzing stats, it does appear that Lorac gets more traffic than I do. I should give her the keys right now.

  36. Sorry Upps. U win BEST OVERALL. Four years in a row!

  37. Lorac wins Wednesdays.

  38. I don’t think the media was as much afraid of George Bush as they were of Darth Cheney. Remember the Vice Presidential debate? Edwards looked–and sounded–like a scairt rabbit. Cheney looked like he was doing the Vader mind-fuck on him the whole time. That dude had a far reach.

  39. Upps, you’re irreplaceable.

  40. We went to see Glenn Frey from the Eagles last week. Great show. He did a bunch of Eagles hits, then some old standards (Route 66) and finished with a Buffalo Springfield song! We got to sit right up front, I got some great pix of him.

  41. Uppity Woman @1058: Oh shit! That was one of the things I wanted to put on the Lounge post tonight but forgot it:


    And apparently it’s not just the smell of mothballs or Noxzema.

    The poor Momster…she loved White Linen so I had her White Linen shower gel, powder and cologne. She would get her bath with the gel and then use the powder afterward, but the *last* thing that got done was to use the damned Noxzema all over her face. LOL!

  42. We went to see Glenn Frey from the Eagles last week

    Memo to self: Socal gets one slap for telling us about this.

  43. Haha! I couldn’t think of what to say, I’m so tired from Spring Cleaning and gardening. We went to see him last Saturday at the Wiltern, an old theater in L.A.

  44. Crier@11:23: No, it’s not like that. The FL repubs are trying to purge voter rolls like they did in 2000 and the county registrars are not having any of it this time.


  45. Look here at where they are trying to purge voters:

    It’s mainly the heavily Dem Atlantic side of the state. Not that many on the Gulf side and hardly any in the heavily Republican panhandle.

  46. Thats interesting. I beginning to think you should have to not only show your picture id, but maybe a birth cert as well. You have to show your kids birth cert for a lot of community sports, like Little League. But they just let anyone vote? And that voter purging thing, the other stupid end of the spectrum. Why is it so impossible in this day and age to have honest elections?

  47. Socal: In LA, we had to show our voter’s registration card (which had no picture of any type), OR our LA drivers license. When I had to get a new license up here in AL, I had to write the Vital Stats Office in Richmond to order a copy of my b.cert. I had one in the safety deposit boxes which got flooded in LA but…. Anyway, what they sent me was one of those certified proofs of birth things, like what Obama’s looked like. I called Richmond and asked why I couldn’t have a copy of the actual document and was told they weren’t going to “disturb” the originals. I told the women, hell, I didn’t want a copy of the original Decl. of Independence and my b.cert wasn’t *that* old, but apparently rulez are rulez. 🙄

  48. (sigh) no one came to the Lounge tonight (sniff, sniff) so I commented to myself. I went out to eat and then saw the LSU regional game was on and beat it back to get in front of the tv. I put that in the post so folks would know, but still no one came. So, I’ve had to devise my own entertainment for the evening.

    LSU won by the way. yay

  49. Bizarre. I wonder if the originals were flooded. When we went on a cruise a few years ago, they wouldn’t accept lakers bc, and we had to get a certified one. The certified bc was a photocopy of the old one and with a new stamp.

  50. Sorry I didn’t make it over there. I’ve hardly been here the past couple weeks, been working a temp job, spring cleaning, taking care of lakers last minute High School stuff–he graduates on Monday. So I’ve been swamped and exhausted & going to bed earlier.

  51. I wouldn’t think so socal, at least they didn’t say that. My original b. cert was in Virginia; that’s where I was born. I wanted a copy of the original because since I was born on an Army Post, it was hand-written and then sent to Richmond where they did all the seals and stuff.

  52. Great pic! Hilarious! What game is LSU playing? Hubbie was watching the L.A. Kings play the Stanley Cup tonite. I’ve never seen him watch hockey before! The Kings are up 2-0. I used to get tix to see them all the time when I worked at the golf course, and we gave them away.

  53. Oh it’s okay. I tweeted that the lounge was open and I do have a few followers there and I had mentioned it the night before on TW.

    I had thought Saturdays would be better than Fridays for the Lounge because it seemed more people went out on Fri. evenings.

    Sounds like you have had your hands full! If you can, go over there for a sec and make a quick comment. I’ll grab your email and send Laker a graduation e-card to your address. It’s a milestone for the kids (was for me) and I loved getting cards or notes with congrats in them.

  54. LSU is in the ncaa baseball regionals and they’ve won two of their games. They beat Ore. State tonight. They have a play-off between the two losers tomorrow and then LSU plays the winner of that game. They are hoping if they win this, that they’ll get a super regional still at Alex Box and be able to play at home for that. They had a record
    10k + for the game tonight. The stadium is only 4 years old and is really nice looking.

  55. Ha! I just got back from there…already left a comment. Great minds think alike!

  56. Oh great! I got your email. I’ll find a nice card to send to Laker. He seems a really great kid socal. Be thankful you have one like that.

    In nola, they captured a 13yr old who had gone up to an old man on his front porch, said “give it up” and the guy was too slow in getting his wallet so the 13yr old shot him in the chest and he died. The little thug was wearing an ankle bracelet from another incident he’d been involved with so they were able to track him with that. All they could say in the news was that he had an “extensive criminal record” but couldn’t reveal any of it because he was a minor!!! ARRGGHHHH!!!
    They might as well put the little monster down now because there’s no way in hell he’ll ever be “rehabilitated”.

  57. I figured out that it was baseball from your comments. I thought that was it, but wasn’t sure. Knew that basketball was over and too early for football.

    I don’t know much about whiskey. Is Glenlivet the best? It must be very good if Upps likes it.

  58. Eww, what a sad story!

    Yes, laker is awesome if I say so myself. I can’t believe he hasn’t given us any real teen grief yet. My sibs & I were smart mouthed monsters by comparison. He will love the card. Our families all chipped in & we got him a beautiful new guitar for his grad prez. Its simply beautiful. An American made Fender Stratocaster in a beautiful dark ruby red. We picked it up yesterday & he has hardly had it out of his hands. I kept breaking off from my housework today to go look at it and touch it.

  59. I’ve had a migraine all day, so excuse my funny backwards writing. I always go dyslexic when I have a migraine.

  60. yes, Glenlivet is a great single-malt scotch. I’ve got a friend who I bought a bottle for and got him a bottle of The Balvennie and he said “yeah it’s okay, kinda sweet, but I still like Johnnie Walker Black”. JW is a blended scotch but that’s what he likes so it save me some $$$s. LOL!

    I drink Maker’s Mark, which is a Kentucky Bourbon.


    I don’t drink that much anymore, not like my younger days so a drink or two will give me a very nice buzz. Any more than that and I’m not happy the next day. LOL!

  61. Me too. I could & did drink more when I was in my 20s. Now I rarely have more than one drink, never more than two or I get sick. Not drunk, just sick. Lately, I’ve been making sake margaritas and throwing in mango, or tonite, peach. We’re finally getting in real American summer fruit, although they practically charge its weight in gold, its so bloody expensive. Except for strawberries, that is.

  62. Socal: sadly there are large parts of nola (not where the visitors go) that are just full of shit like that. And people will *not* talk to the cops. They are afraid if they do and had to testify that they or someone in their family will get shot in retaliation. It is all black-on-black crime and almost all of it is drug related/turf war stuff.

    Well I’m going to go. You go get some rest for that headache and I’ll go check out some cards for Laker. The Fender sounds great and I know Laker will enjoy it.

  63. Pleasant dreams Fredster!

  64. So call I’ve had a migraine off and on all week. And auras from hell. The kind that make you wonder if you should be in the emergency room right now.

  65. If you’re wondering then, yes, you should be.

  66. Go take care of yourself, Upps! Now!!! If the ER is required, please by all means, go!

  67. Echoing the last two comments. Do I have to come over there and MAKE you go????

  68. Upps, laker & I get the weirdest auras also. I tried to describe mine to lakers neurologist & she looked at me like I was nuts. I’m just up from bed. Hubs had to keep bringing me icepacks.

    Thats sad about Richard Dawson. He was lakers favorite in Hogans Heroes.

  69. I feel for you Uppity. Had those miserable things for years and they truly kicked my ass. I mean felt like a bullet in the head would be merciful. I stopped drinking booze almost totally because it narrows the capillaries and learned to control my anger as well as put myself in a peaceful place in the head when I feel on coming. Fortunately I really have not had one in years. If I do feel a slight pounding in the head coming I take 4 aspirin and major strong coffee which seems to kick it before it goes into over drive. I feel bad for anyone that gets these. They are horrid. Someone walking in socks across a carpet screams in your head. Take care.

  70. Yes, aspirin & caffeine & ice packs. And get them in the beginning, when you first feel the aura. I have a lot of migraines and usually nip them in the bud, but if they get raging, like yesterday, it moves down the left side of my face into my teeth. I still have a mild one today. Oh, also, I’ve found rubbing progesterone cream on the side of my face with the migraine helps also. I use progesterone cream for two weeks out of every month & its greatly helped my migraines. I get it from a compounding pharmacy, its not the stuff made from the pregnant horses urine.

  71. As some of you may know, I have a brain tumor. Along with a variety of other fun neurological problems, I have daily headaches. Some days the pain is worse than others and I can’t even function.

    Utah’s suggestion about combining strong coffee with aspirin or Tylenol is a good one. Since I can’t take prescription painkillers, I do the coffee / Tylenol combo every morning. It usually helps

    A good way to decide whether to go to the ER because of a headache is to ask yourself – ” Is the this the worst headache I have ever had? Or is it different than any other headache I have ever had? ” If the answer is yes to one or both of those questions, then go to the ER. They will probably give you a shot of morphine to relieve the pain and order a CT scan or MRI to check for a more serious cause.

  72. Oh I am more than slightly aware of the benefits of caffeine. Auras, as horrid as they can be, are at least a warning that buys you some time to suck down that coffee. Except i usually take Tylenol 3, with codeine. That way, if I still have the pain, I just don’t care.

    Beata, just wanted to tell you, I love ya.

  73. Re: Emergency room. If an aura sufferer could get to the emergency room (usually you can’t see), by the time you got there, the aura would be gone. I interited these little gifts from my father. They are barometer related and I could have been a meteorologist without taking a single course. I once knew a GM who used me for his golf game, as in, can I play golf today or will it rain? I never let him down. Actually, once you get used to auras you use them as a warning gift. You KNOW they are going to leave, as a matter of fact, you can SEE them leave. Hard to explain so I found a gif a long time ago that looks like I see them. The thing is, they start out in what in your perception is one side of your vision and then they steadily move to the other side, until, Poof! They walk right out of your view. Seriously. The problem I had last week was it wasn’t my regular aura. Instead it was a massive hit of blind dizziness, the kind where you get to the floor as fast as you can and then think you are going to fall off the floor. Fortunately both my dog and one of my cats provided me with something to hang onto so i didn’t fall off the floor. It’s all kind of crazy but after years of it, you can either whine about it or get on with life and learn to deal with it.

    Everybody’s aura is a little bit different, but they are all the same in that they are blinding, shimmering lights, often of a half moon jagged shape. look here for pics of auras, known as “Fortification auras”. Only imagine them as gifs not jpegs, because they shimmer and move. They also obscure your vision. Big time.

    Pee Ess. Beata, the actual headaches I had were pretty standard. It was the aura that threw me off. I have had it happen a few times over the years. Usually I get my regular shimmering jagged light. It was an MAV, migraine associated vertigo. No big deal because you KNOW it’s going away, just so long as you don’t crack your head.

  74. I don’t get it about the caffeine. Doesn’t caffeine constrict blood vessels? and, wouldn’t that add to a headache?

  75. Yes and no. lol.

    A classic migraine sufferer will tell you coffee is her best friend. If it works we dont quibble. The thing is, medical science doesn’t know SHIT about migraines. Doctors are a serious waste of time and money. They are the place to go to get your pain killers and to try the latest medication that doesn’t work. They just don’t know much about them, except that they ARE hereditary. They are too busy doing research to find the elusive G Spot and studies on how to cure erectile dysfunction to bother with a largely female problem.

  76. Remember when the TV reporter suffered aphasia and spoke gibberish? Everybody was saying she had a stroke or seizure or some such thing. I know the first time I saw it she was having a verbal pre-migraine episode. They are rare, most people get the visual one, but I knew about them as I did tons of research on them since medical science isn’t worth shit.

    Here’s a video of that episode. I winced when I saw it.

  77. Oh, okay. Thanks.

    ‘The thing is, medical science doesn’t know SHIT….”
    Amen to that!

  78. Sorry Beata about your brain tumor.

    Hope things get better for you.

  79. Hope all migraine sufferers have had their last migraine forever.

  80. Upps, the vid isn’t making sense.

  81. Of course it’s not. It’s a form of pre-migraine aphasia episode. “complicated migraine”. See second video.

  82. The 2nd vid looks like it is making fun of her. As if it was overdubbed.

  83. Hey here’s a great animation of a visual migraine aura. Scroll to the pic and click START

  84. Oh shit,thanks crier.I copied the wrong link on that second video. That was somebody poking fun of her some asshole on youtube. My copy/paste must have not worked right. I had copied that one till I realized it was an inhumane spoof. Then I thought i copied the RIGHT link. Right link follows.

  85. Ok here’s the right second video. Explanation of what happened to her. God there are so many cruel assholes on youtube.I really worry about this horridly no-empathy generation. Here’s the right explanation.
    And the explanation is:

  86. My migraine was so bad this weekend (brought on by spring cleaning I believe) that I have been drinking coffee all weekend. I tried a couple of migraine Rx & they made me worse. Now, I get the aura, I pop an excedrin migraine (tylenol, aspirin & caffeine) and have some tea or coffee and they are usually controllable. This one was bad cuz of the chemically floor cleaner I use.

  87. Fortunately I don’t get them from smells or sights, Just big barometer shifts. Don’t really know if that’s fortunate though, because you can’t control the barometer, so more of the same is guaraneteed. lol. I think the RXs for this are all raw bullshit. I don’t even waste my time any longer.

  88. Correct vid up now. Great explanation. What the neurosurgeon said is good, that the complex migraine captured fully unfolding on video can be used to teach people what happens.

    Too bad those people who mocked up that previous vid you took down, don’t realize what an injustice they do to those who suffer from these migraines. It would go a long way to have folks learn about them so that if they ever seen it happening to someone, they can have compassion and lend a hand. Not be sarcastic.

  89. Crier, compassion is not a quality in great supply any longer. These are people who walk past girls being raped and right by people who are hit by cars. They have no feeling. There are a lot of them, they are desensitized by TV and compassion is not in their vocabulary. Unfortunately, one day this is the generation who will be talking ‘care’ of us in nursing homes.

    And yes, tha video of her in complex mode will be a HUGELY valuable tool for doctors in the future. It contains more information than most of them have right now. Doctors are woefullly unhelpful with this condition, including neurologists.

  90. See?
    Elderly man hit by car and no one helps.

  91. Good samaritan tries to protect woman and gets stabbed. 25 people walk right by him. One guy lifts him, sees blood and leaves.

  92. Experiment. People ignore crying baby left in car in heat, ignore the cries.

  93. Priceless. Stupid Obama releases a tacky excess video inviting, as Williams says, “Peasants to the table” …..on the very day the horrid jobs report comes out. This is too precious.

  94. People can be so inhumane. Not wanting to get involved because of some perceived threat of retaliation or something along those lines is a common excuse. But letting people continue to suffer is just unconscionable.

  95. Wagyu beef for them. Crumbs for thr rest..

  96. If anyone cares to participate, Obama is soliciting our thoughts (bwahahahaa):


  97. bleck. I’m not even gonna click because I am SURE these creepy crawlies love them their web bugs. I’m sure they track every visitor and where they came from too.

  98. Crier I don’t think it’s anything that deep. I just think people don’t care. It’s all just a tv show to them.

  99. People walked and drove right by that guy eating the other guy’s face too. Things didn’t used to be like this. Of course, people didn’t used to get sued, shot, or mugged for being good samaritans. Doesn’t say much about us as a society.

  100. I feel really bad for people with migraines. I never had one. I get sinus headaches when the weather changes and those are bad enough. I don’t think I could deal with a migraine.

  101. Yes Sophie, and I saw a recent link where a rapist was suing his victim.

  102. Good point, Uppity. Too late for me. I did have fun blasting him though. 🙂

  103. I saw a recent link where a rapist was suing his victim.

    No Effin Way!! Seriously?! On what grounds?

  104. I can’t even remember sophie, I was freaked out when I saw it and didn’t even read the whole thing.

  105. There was a case in 2009:

    Helsingborgs Dagblad, a Swedish newspaper, reported Monday that a man who has been arrested for sexual assault, has now pressed charges against the woman, whom he allegedly attacked, for not disclosing that she had HIV.


  106. Bahahahaha! I hope he’s dead.

  107. Karma Baby! This is from 2010:

    Evidently, the scent that Fuctwidder sprayed on Marzetti (the rapist)set off some pretty strong sexual feelings in Marzetti’s fellow cellmates and by the time he was able to fight them off, he had suffered horrible pain not to mention incredible embarrassment.

    “Jesus,” he said. I was brought into the station smelling like a French whore and the damned police threw me into the cell thinking what? That the smell would be offensive to my fellow inmates? Right, it set off a fuc*ing midnight rendezvous is what it did.”

  108. BoBo wants to know what people think??? The 2008 primaries, the DNC showdown May 31, 2008, All the townhall meetings, protests, etc. weren’t enough back then or now?

    Oh my. Looks like M Dowd/NYT is having a hard time supporting her candidate now. http://tinyurl.com/7dho7gq

  109. I never got Auras so to speak. Just before the excruciating pain hit I had bright white exploding stars in my eyes then a second of being completely blind then vision slowly comes back . No slurred speech I don’t think but never really tried to talk I was afraid I was going to run into something or hit the floor. As I read it Alcohol narrows the capillaries and caffeine opens them wide. I kept a bottle of Nodoz on hand because of it’s mega caffeine. Several of them and strong coffee right away before the onset of the horrendous vomiting spells. Other then the gosh awful pain I knew it was a three day event when the violent vomiting started.
    Once I got over the migraine I was oh so careful living in fear of it’s return. When I was in my twenties and thirties I got them once a week. Tylenol never worked for me not even when laced with codine. Codine has little to no effect on me. Heck I can take Morphine and no one would ever catch on. Drugs do not work on me like they do most folks. My dentist hates working on me because he gives me max dose of Novocain ( 15 shots) and has 15 minutes or less to work on me before I am no longer numb. I hate going to get dental work because I always feel it. Getting a tooth pulled about made me pass out believe me.

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