A Ray of Hope from the Younger Set…

Since writing about sexism in politics and the demeaning treatment of women seems to have become my raison d’etre, I have to share an exciting video that came to my attention courtesy of writer Mona Gable at BlogHer.  She reports that Vlogger Nineteen Percent takes issue with Beyonce’s new song Girl (Who Rule The Word)….

Not so fast! says this fabulous woman…

I was as blown away by her command of the subject as I was by the younger demographic she represents.  Particularly since so many young women seem to gloss over the need for any reform in this area.

This video also made me reflect on an experience I had recently, courtesy a lovely blogger friend (imust) who helped arrange for me to speak at the Women’s Leadership Forum at Pasadena City College as part of a panel of local women legislators and entrepreneurs.  The Forum held a mixer after the event and a number of students chatted me up, very knowledgeable about current events and a biased media more predisposed to infotainment and smear than real news.  One young man, probably nineteen who to me, looked fifteen, was so much in agreement with me regarding the tactics of the drive-by hit squad otherwise known as MSNBC, CNN, NBC et al, he could have been my twin!  I was also pleased to see a number of men in the Feminist Club.  And they didn’t look like they were there to ‘hit on the chicks.’

One young lady asked me, “How do we get the message out about the equality and fair treatment of women to girls who are addicted to the Kardashians?”

Exactly!  Her brilliant question brought to mind the late, great George Carlin, who said the media (and our government) does not want you to think critically.  They prefer we be distracted daily with bread and circuses, keeping up with the Joneses and something glamorous outside ourselves that keeps us in a perpetual state of want.

As blogger DWP was kind enough to share:

“I am exhausted that we are still making such faint progress.  In 1855 while speaking about the issues women face, Lucy Stone famously said”

“…In education, in marriage, in religion, in everything, disappointment is the lot of woman. It shall be the business of my life to deepen this disappointment in every woman’s heart until she bows down to it no longer.” Over 150 years later, women are still overwhelmingly spoils of war and chattel denied income, equal rights, education, safety, and justice.”

Other students with whom I spoke chimed in about the obsession over a woman’s appearance and were none too pleased at the chokehold they felt this demeaning construct has over female political candidates.

In search of more encouragement, have you found examples recently of young people who have wised up beyond the cult-worshipping culture of 2008?

I realized I did not have the greatest answer to the Kardashian’s question, beyond telling the young lady to make a stand on the issues — hoping that with enough passion and reason, some kernel of sense would penetrate her reality-tv addled target.  But I think, honestly, mine was a rather lame retort.  What would you have said?


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  1. Ani – I agree there are some great young women out there now, but they are not new, they have been there all along slogging along, fighting for us and dying for us.

    I’m a bit reticent at sticking my toe in the water here, but it seems a chance to put my case and explain better what I intended to convey in a recent post which some thought I was calling one blogger, a whore.

    Let me start at the very bottom because it is the same from there to the top. Our whole society has always classified all women as whores and the media continually plays to that to this day even though many women believe the great liberation happened and we are equal and free at last.

    So little, except cosmetic, has changed overall since the 50’s. Let me start at the top here. A woman will not be allowed to be president. All manner of excrement will be thrown at her to discourage all women to get back into their place.

    In the 50’s we could wear slacks at times men deemed “appropriate”, but any girl or woman who found this manner of dress helped her to do her work without becoming a sideshow every time she bent over was bloody well in for it. No internet then but one could be sure of hearing the term, “tomboy” aimed at girls and women would lose their jobs, be threatened or get roughed up for trying to be men [dressing like men].

    There is a supreme Commandment in this man’s world and that is “women must dress to please us”. You may think women run the fashion world and there are many women in it, but the ownership and direction keeps that commandment or would soon go out of business.

    What keeps this foul cycle turning is that so many women think they are free because they see free women on TV; they get brainwashed into the material things obtained only from supporting that commandment.

    Few may remember the tune below and even fewer who realize how completely brainwashed they are. We certainly wouldn’t think this lower species of humanity would qualify to run the free world, would we?

    “I feel pretty
    Oh so pretty
    I feel pretty and witty and bright
    And I pity
    Any girl who isn’t me tonight
    I feel charming
    Oh so charming
    It’s alarming how charming I feel
    And so pretty
    That I hardly can believe I’m real
    See the pretty girl in that mirror there?
    Who can that attractive girl be?
    Such a pretty face
    Such a pretty dress
    Such a pretty smile
    Such a pretty me!
    I feel stunning
    And entrancing
    Feel like running
    And dancing for joy
    For I’m loved
    By a pretty wonderful boy”

  2. There was some progress made but it has been lost. Young women are losing rights they already thought they had and were fought for. This is because of complacency and lack of vigilance. Taking what was fought for by somebody else for granted is a mistake for women. Personally, I think they are going to have to start all over, that is, if they have the intestinal fortitude to bother. It means breaking a nail sometimes and I am not so sure this is acceptable to the third wave. The other thing that has hurt them tremendously is all the free passes they give democratic men. The message is sexism and misogyny are okay if it’s done by someone you like. This is the path to their own destruction. The most glaring recent example is the attack on Rush while making excuses for Maher. This happens constantly. Free passes give these men free reign to reign you in, but they just won’t see it.

    Artists will give people what they want, it’s how they make profit. all the filth in magazines and TV ads are there and getting worse by day because the generation they are aimed at has shown it is acceptable and even desirable, and that includes young women. If they had any self respect, they wouldn’t be bouncing up and down to the filthy rap ‘music’ they so enjoy. They are doing themselves in and there’s really not much we can do for them because they enjoy the consolations of their bad decisions wtithout regard to the consequences. Once the media started turning the clock back, there was no stopping it.

    It is nice to see this young woman behave like a woman who Gets It. Unfortunately, she will probably pay the price because she is now the exception, not the rule.

  3. Incidentally, Drone Obama dropped one on Pakistan this morning, and killed 15 people, which he swears were all miltants. Never again can we complain that republicans are killers and war ‘presidents’. There is nothing GWB has done that Barack Obama hasn’t accelerated.

  4. For young women, there is HOPE without the need for a man to provide it for them. Hillary Clinton, role model and leader, showed an option: all-female colleges afford a competitive environment among like forces, but once a woman enters into the political arena, the “education” shifts gears. Face it, it’s tough to keep your skirt down in a street fight. Thus, a woman aspiring to the Presidency of the United States must work backwards from the goal, much as an electrician does, before going “hot” and hooking up to the “power source.” Work in goal setting and motivation teaches us to begin with the end in mind, choose accordingly, be flexible and plan for obstacles. Simultaneously, we the “Power Source,” must keep focus and transcend any impulse to be distracted by males who trade in gossip, disrespect and pettiness, no differently than we would if they were females. Young people who choose serious goals separate themselves from their peers. By choosing the goal of electing a Woman President, they set their course and discern, via choice, a better way. Those young males who opt to work WITH their sisters in the effort, like young men from India and other democracies who have already elected a female president, are “over it.” The guy thing holds no mystique once they discern the negative impact it has on them economically. They dismiss men who “must” and work elsewhere, undeterred.

  5. Males in the media who have protected Obama from the “Competition” have made their own bed. Bubba is having a field day re-inventing “Payback’s a Bitch.” (no disrespect to my sisters intended)

  6. Nancy Pelosi – Hillary 2016 – why weren’t you behind her in 2008 Nancy????


  7. The woman in this video is owner of FEMINISTING.COM. You should read her stuff. I’ve had her on my list for awhile.She gets it, but basically, she’s an island because so many women are so damned ignorant of reality. She’s also an outstanding writer. I’ll be she doesn’t belong to that phony watered down NOW either. She’s a second waver in a third waver’s body.


  8. Nancy isn’t fooling me. She’s a snake in the grass and a really big snake. So big she can’t hide in the grass well. Her job is to stroke us Hillary supporters into voting for Barack Obama, under the assumpion we are stupid, brain-dead broads. Unfortunately, some of us are.

  9. Hi Uppity – you are so right! Its all a ploy!!!! I should have known that!!!!

  10. Nan’s a heartless, unfeeling user, just like her protege, who will say whatever she thinks will ingratiate herself, for the moment. The Chronicle covers her district and probably filled her in on the SOS’s standing with the voters, a fact she appears incapable of discerning on her own.

  11. Monday AM Humor (1st link is a bust)

  12. cats, whenever Nancy Pelosi opens her mouth about Hillary, always remember what a POS she is. Remember all of them for the POS’s they are, even dead Ted.

  13. And how about what Dead Tedward said. We are going to punish Hillary for giving Barack an actual race.

  14. By the way, if you are registered on youtube, you should consider going to the video in the post and leaving a There is Hope comment. Just read some of the shit comments and you will know why it’s a good idea.

    Click on ‘Youtube’ in lower right.

  15. Don’t forget about National Girlfriends Networking Day Anita!

  16. Upps said
    Nancy isn’t fooling me. She’s a snake in the grass and a really big snake. So big she can’t hide in the grass well. Her job is to stroke us Hillary supporters into voting for Barack Obama, under the assumpion we are stupid, brain-dead broads. Unfortunately, some of us are.
    But a lot of us are awake. ABO!!!!!! 🙂

  17. Hope you’re feeling better, Upps. Sorry to hear about your migraine.

  18. Ani, great piece. Thrilled to hear there’s hope notwithstanding the Kardashians.
    Imust, good on you for arranging that speaking engagement.

  19. When men network the last thing they call themselves is boyfriends.

    Networking to women has been around a long long time. It’s just that it’s by invitation only, causing division, of course. just like politics. Self-Foiling.

  20. She’s the Feminisiting blogger NES.

    And I’m feeling much better, thanks. It’s just part of life. It happens. And then it unhappens

  21. My third eye predicts Walker will prevail tomorrow. To be sure, we will have a thread.

  22. When they recalled Davis in California, they didn’t have a candidate to pick at. All the voter had to do was say Ditch Him or Don’t Ditch Him. They didn’t have to decide whether or not he was the lessor of two evil candidates. In Wis, the system requires an opponent to pick apart.

  23. I just entered a positive comment on this young woman’s U-Tube. She gets it.

  24. WTG WLM! read her blog now and then. It’s really on the mark and she’s an outstanding writer besides.

  25. imusthavepie, on June 4, 2012 at 9:49 AM said

    Yup — had fun hosting it!!

    Just doing a quick drive by – as I am running around all day — will stop back later to read all your wonderful comments and comment!

    FYI, of necessity in promoting my book, I have had to start a blog on my website. The plan is to launch it sometime tomorrow, but I hope I will always be welcome to post and continue to play in your wonderful sandbox!!!!

    Oy, Upps, what am I getting myself into!!!


  27. Except, the Republicans are saying that passing the Paycheck Fairness Act would be a redundancy since Obama has been conflating The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009 with Paycheck Fairness.

    You know what? I was a Democrat years before I was old enough to vote, (and a feminist before that, even though I didn’t have the word for it) although there have been a few time when I voted Green in California. BUT, in the 50+ years (yes, I’m old) that I’ve been a Democrat… the past several years have really taken the cake!
    I *almost* can’t believe how disgusted I am with this party and its cheerleaders. Seriously…!

  28. I saw some blurb on a news feed saying that they did not think they had enough votes for it to pass! So what is the point. So tired of all of this jockeying for position just for appearances sake. Either pass it or don’t talk about it. Did anyone else see this?

  29. The Lord Obama ‘phones it in’ to the poor Dem/union schleps in Wisconsin: https://twitter.com/BarackObama/status/209786052804743168
    What an effin’ jerk. Will they forgive him this massive dissing (zero visits) come GOTV time in Nov.? I’m guessing the pathetic fools will.

  30. They don’t want the law to pass. How would they use it as an election issue if it passed!!!!!!!

  31. Harry Reid is using us.

  32. Harry Reid is using us.

    Only if you let him.

  33. NoEmptySuits, on June 4, 2012 at 8:28 PM said: Edit Comment
    They don’t want the law to pass. How would they use it as an election issue if it passed!!!!!!!

    BINGO!!! Winner winner chicken dinner. Oh I am so tired of these hypocrites. Both sides do this crap all day. Throw them all out.

  34. Winner winner chicken dinner.

    When do I come over? (Lorac will be so J.)

  35. Chicken dinner! Geeze. Worth at least a leg of lamb!

  36. Great video by that wise young woman! Very heartening!

  37. I lurv lamb!! When do I get to come over???

    The Hug the cat avatar looks like a more ferocious version of Nicky…

  38. Ani, apparently you haven’t met Henri of Existential Fame.

  39. BINGO!!! Winner winner chicken dinner. Oh I am so tired of these hypocrites. Both sides do this crap all day. Throw them all out.

    From your mouth to God’s ears.

  40. So true, Upps. But, chicken in a storm.

  41. That’s brilliant, Oswald. Thanks for the laugh. I tweeted it as a karma story.

  42. From your mouth to God’s ears.

    The chicken?…in God’s ear???? Blasphemy!

  43. NES – *me*, J? You leave now, and I’ll leave now, and I’ll get to Ani’s before you! You would need hours and hours head start!

    (but I’ll save you the chicken dinner lol)

  44. The thought of tomorrow’s thumping defeat of Obama-forces in WI is making me giddy. I know, I know…it’s wrong to dump on unions and Walker’s nothing to write home about. But, a Walker victory in WI is an apocalyptic sign for Obama’s chances in Nov. (Yes, I am that tunnel-visioned.) All his potential victory paths run through WI in Nov. — if it goes purple, buh-bye Mr. O.

  45. Chicken in a storm, baloney, NES. I’m talking roasted leg with garlic and rosemary here.

  46. He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge

  47. Um, Upps, that is how I like my lamb prepared….so whenever…waiting…

  48. With a balsamic drizzle.

  49. The young woman in the video – is SHE feministing, or is she just referring people there?

    That was a good video. I’m glad she gets it.

    You know, it seems like so many younger people are clueless and without direction now – of both genders – that if young women got their act together, they could really make some progress now. Fill up those schools, higher level jobs, etc. They could take advantage of the seeming malaise of so many now, and zoom ahead of the guys!

  50. Head of AIG and Bailout Queen suggests we raise retirement age to 80 so we can get to bail his ass out again before we die.

  51. I read an article the other day that now that union membership is voluntary in WI now, their numbers are WAY down – like under half, close to a quarter I think.

  52. NES: that’s it–no more right-wing Twitter for you! Obama isn’t even involved in the WI race. One Tweet does not equal rousing support. On the other hand, Big Dawg is involved in WI. I see a Barrett win in WI as a win for the people, a kick in the Koch brothers’ um, privates, and a win for the Big Dawg.

  53. I belong to three unions (well, now two that SAG and AFTRA have merged), and the thought that my dues are going to do anything political that I have not consented to really frosts my bananas!

  54. Sophie, I read somewhere (I think H is44) that Bill going to campaign for Barrett is a win win — lays the groundwork with unions for the future (hint hint) and even if Barrett loses, it is not deemed as Bill’s fault but he get kudos for trying.

  55. nah, it’s a win win win – no matter what, he’s making Obama look bad by showing up lol

  56. From that video –

    what does “freak” mean?

    (I wonder if I ever made MY parents feel like I was speaking a foreign language!)

  57. I believe she is the blogger.

  58. lorac did you check out the spam file yet?

  59. lorac: I still make my parents feel like I’m speaking a foreign language!

  60. Feministing still seems to think there’s a difference between dems and repubs anymore on women – but she’s sharp, she’ll catch on that both sides just play us….

    Women’s issues are one of the areas where the difference between Republicans and Democrats and Obama and Romney are undeniable. Obama is pushing for the Senate to pass the bill and the White House has made some e-cards demonstrating some disturbing statistics on the way we pay men and women. Check them out.

  61. Walker took in over $30 million in contributions, mostly from out-of-state. Barret got $4 million. I think that doesn’t count any of the “Citizens United” money. So I think it says a lot more if Barrett wins this thing.

  62. Lorac — right you are on all counts.

  63. NY has gotten so cruel since I left. Where else can you legally carry almost an ounce of pot but get busted for getting a snack and a Big Gulp to go with it?

  64. I disagree on principle with recalling Walker. We shouldn’t keep relitigating elections. Walker won fair and square. He should be allowed to complete his full term. I didn’t like it when they did to Gray Davis either.

    The purpose of sending the DOJ to WI is not to ensure a clean election, it is to cast doubt on the legitimacy of the result.

  65. Listen, this is what NY gets for allowing Bloomers to circumvent the term limits system. When this happened they made him Dictator. So he’s just doing what he’s supposed to do, now. Dictating.

  66. Oh let’s face it. Our parents thought we were whacked too.

  67. Obama always sends a clinton to do the hard stuff, and lots of things are hard for Obama. He can’t stand confrontation, he’s a coward and a wimp, and has a fence post embedded in his ass.

  68. To be fair, Obama’s endorsement is a kiss of death.

  69. Our parents thought we were whacked too.

    Turns out they were smarter than we thought.

  70. UW at 728

    The message is sexism and misogyny are okay if it’s done by someone you like.

    Right you are! That was exactly what Barry did, and continues to do. And there we see all the non-thinkers continuing to support him for a variety of frivolous reasons, without understanding he is using their support to jockey his own stance and position, for his own benefit. A viscious cycle.

  71. Our parents thought we were whacked too

    Until they saw how we grew up and took the bull by the horns and wrestled him down. Plus, bringing home the big fat sweet bacon.

  72. Ani,
    Fantastic post and video! So many topics in the vid are so true. Those who have borne witness to it will all agree.

    Refreshing to see a younger generation can see things clearly, without all the hype and obfuscation many usually succumb to instead.

  73. Oswald, casting doubt on the results will be exactly what the net effect of having the DOJ hanging around WI will do.

  74. Crier, it doesn’t matter. I think Walker will win handily and they can probe all they want. I could be way off, but the entire nature of how WI’s recall system works favors the encumbent. If it were just a No or Yes recall, then he might have had to worry more. But he’s got an opponent, and that opponent changes how the recall works. Now the voters have to not only decide if they want to ditch Walker or not, but whether or not he’s a bigger evil than the opponent.

  75. MyIQ, Crier, Was it twain who said that when he was 14 he realized that his parents were the two dumbest people on the planet and when he was 21 he was amazed at how much they had learned in seven years.

  76. I’m going to check some WI polls.

  77. PPP Walker 50-47
    Angus Reid Walker 53-47 Who the F is angus reid?

    These are the only two I could find that are recent as in the last 24 hours.

  78. Hahahahahahahaha! They certainly learned a lot in 7 years.

  79. NES: that’s it–no more right-wing Twitter for you!

    I know I’ve been baaaad.

  80. Angus Reid polling had Walker ahead 53 percent to 47 percent.

    Looks like Angus Reid is doing the polling.

  81. But seriously, SophieCT, O’s forces have been behind the scenes for well over a year now. His lapdog Debbie W-S has been all over the recall. If Walker were on the verge of defeat, O would be in WI tonight — he’s staying faaaar away from a certain defeat at this time. Even the MSM are reluctantly admitting that a Walker win in WI tomorrow bodes ill for
    WI staying blue in Nov.

  82. UW, what am I doing to attract all those spammers??!!!! Yikes!

  83. I read that a Spanish company is going to be counting the 2012 votes in Spain. Has anyone else read that? Should I be as shocked as I am, or is that maybe some winger conspiracy misdirection?

  84. Lay out the predictions: I say Walker by 7-8.

  85. The thought of tomorrow’s thumping defeat of Obama-forces in WI is making me giddy. I know, I know…it’s wrong to dump on unions and Walker’s nothing to write home about. But, a Walker victory in WI is an apocalyptic sign for Obama’s chances in Nov. (Yes, I am that tunnel-visioned.) All his potential victory paths run through WI in Nov. — if it goes purple, buh-bye Mr. O.

    I pity the poor folks of WI if Koch Bros uh Walker wins.

  86. I pity the poor folks of WI if Koch Bros uh Walker wins.

    Then they shouldn’t have elected him in the first place.

  87. BTW – If Walker wins today he’ll be nearly unbeatable in 2014

    They should have thought of that before they started this recall.

  88. Yeah, I guess you’d know about recalls, Cali and all.

  89. See y’all around. Getting a little too much for me around here.

  90. UW, what am I doing to attract all those spammers??!!!! Yikes!

    It could be your hot body. Barring that, read the email I sent you with One Time Photo loading instructions. Suspect it’s in your spam folder.

  91. That’s it, NES! You’re really Dick Cheney!

  92. Well, the thing is, agree with them or not, the unions had two choices. Lie down and take it or fight back. The recall was their only viable option at this point so they took the shot. It’s definitely a winner take all thing now. The results will affect the entire country. Governors in many states are watching. This is a very important vote whichever way it turns out.

  93. Fredster what’s up with that? I was only comparing the differences of the two recalls, and they are big ones that can affect the outcome. Nobody knows a lot about recalls except what has already been recorded yield information and lessons.

  94. They had other options. None of them worked.

    They lost the election. Then they tried to prevent the WI legislature from having a quorum (flee-baggers) but that failed. Then they challenged the new laws in court, and lost (5-4). Then they tried to replace one of the justices in the majority of the decision. He was reelected. They held a recount. He still won.

    Then they tried recalling four members of the state senate. They were successful with two of them but the GOP held on to the majority. So then they decided to recall Walker and Kleefisch less than half-way thru their 4 year terms.

    These union members are government employees who even after the Walker reforms still make more than average and pay less for their health insurance and retirement than government workers in neighboring states. AND they have civil service protection.

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