Today’s the day: Will Walker Walk? And a Sneaky Paycheck Fairness Act Game


This is an open thread.

A very important open thread.

What do you think will happen in Wisconsin recall vote?

The Wisconsin Governor’s recall vote is not the same as when California recalled Gray Davis. In California, all the voters had to do was vote to Ditch Him or Not Ditch Him.

What the California voters didn’t have to do was ponder whether or not Davis was the lessor or greater of two evils by choosing between him and an opponent. That makes this Wisconsin race distinctly different from the California recall vote– in a huge way.

By these standards alone, I believe Walker will prevail. It’s not personal. You know me. I call em like I see em.

But hey, I could be wrong.

One thing is for sure: The outcome of this recall vote will be a major statement that will resonate throughout the country.

What do you think? And to be sure we will be here tonight to see the outcome.

Incidentally, buried in all of the recall publicity (of course!): The status of women.

There will be a Senate vote on the Paycheck Fairness Act today. The House passed the Paycheck Fairness Act in 2009 when Democrats had the majority, and  Harry Reid  let the bill DIE in the Senate.  The Paycheck Fairness Act would have been law today but for Harry Reid.

Let me repeat: The House passed the Paycheck Fairness Act in 2009 and Harry Reid let it languish and die from the Senate from the Senate. The Paycheck Fairness Act would have been law today but for Harry Reid and/or whichever Democrats didn’t want to vote on it. It was a Democratic Senate, so what’s up with that?

111th Congress, 2009–2010

To amend the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 to provide more effective remedies to victims of discrimination in the payment of wages on the basis of sex, and for other purposes.

Introduced: Jan 06, 2009
Sponsor:Rep. Rosa DeLauro [D-CT3]
Status:Died (Passed House)
See Instead:

This bill was re-introduced as H.R. 1519 on Apr 13, 2011. See H.R. 1519 for current action on this subject

Today,the House is blocking a vote, so Harry is just blowing smoke on this bill. He could have had a vote on the bill in 2009  but he let it DIE Then he brought it up  in his 2010 campaign for his re-election– as if he gave a shit. If this fails tomorrow, I blame Harry Reid, because I see nothing but a closet sexist when I watch him work.

While we are made to BEG for Paycheck Fairness, we note that  in 2011, 72% of all high school graduates were women.  Womenalso  outnumber men in college degrees by 20%. They also outnumber men in graduate and law diplomas. But of course, we are blocked like cattle from being 51% of Congress we are supposed to be, and you can bet the Paycheck Fairness Act will fail in the House, with Harry Reid pretending he tried. And of course, when it fails in the House, the Democrats can yell about War on Women, knowing fully well Harry Reid/Democrats blocked that bill from going to a vote in 2009. Our chances are gone now.

Update: Status of Paycheck Fairness Act in Senate:


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  1. I think that Scott Walker and Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch should be allowed to finish out their full terms.

    My opinion has nothing to do with the candidates or parties involved. It is based on democratic principles. An election was held in 2010 that resulted in Walker and Kleefisch winning fair and square. There needs to be finality and stability to the electoral process. We should not allow the disgruntled losers to keep trying to relitigate the results. Better luck next time.

    I thought it was wrong when they recalled Gray Davis back in 2003. The recall was intended act as a voter-led impeachment of corrupt leaders. It was not intended to be used for purely political purposes. If the voters of Wisconsin are unhappy with Walker and Kleefisch they can express their feelings in 2014 in a regular election.

    On some wingnut site I saw this comment:

    “If Barret beats Walker, how long before we can recall him?”

    Imagine the chaos if both sides started using recalls in between every election.

  2. Spent a bit of time yesterday “educating” some uninformed kool-aid addicts on the Paycheck Fairness Act. I heard it referred to as “his bill” (meaning dear reader’s bill) And just two weeks ago the bots were all about how great the once is because “he passed the paycheck fairness bill”
    Unfrigginbelievable! First he already signed the paycheck fairness bill as the very very firstest wonderfulest historical legislation evah! – now we have to call our senators and tell them to pass “Barry’s” Paycheck Fairness Act!
    And all this is coming from the same people! And we let them vote?

  3. Don’t it just make you so proud of the Democratic Party?! With the likes of Obama, Reid, and the young Obamanuts running things, the future is bright isn’t it ?!

    Reid is as sleazy as they come. Obama is like a glass Christmas ball – glittery on the outside, but not a damn thing on the inside. And those little dumb ass stoners who gifted us with Obama will look back at themselves with with such embarrassment and horror, some day in the near future – well, at least the ones who can read will.

  4. freespirit, I’ve been watching Harry punk women for decades.

  5. Oswald, the law is there so it can be used. Agree with them or not, they had only two alternatives. Lie down and take it or invoke the recall law. It takes a lot of work to get a recal vote going, it’s designed that way. So you have to figure there is lot of passion attached to it. Either way, this is a huge moment for many states.

  6. They had other options. None of them worked.

    They lost the election. Then they tried to prevent the WI legislature from having a quorum (flee-baggers) but that failed. Then they challenged the new laws in court, and lost (5-4). Then they tried to replace one of the justices in the majority of the decision. He was reelected. They held a recount. He still won.

    Then they tried recalling four members of the state senate. They were successful with two of them but the GOP held on to the majority. So then they decided to recall Walker and Kleefisch less than half-way thru their 4 year terms.

    These union members are government employees who even after the Walker reforms still make more than average and pay less for their health insurance and retirement than government workers in neighboring states. AND they have civil service protection.

  7. Oswald, the law is there so it can be used.

    Impeachment is in the Constitution so it can be used. Is lying about a BJ an impeachable offense?

    Technically, yes.

    Is it worthy of impeachment? No.

  8. Agreed on WI result and Reid’s bs.

    Don’t know, however, that the unions had no other choice. They could’ve waited 2 yrs and defeated him in a regular election. I don’t agree with recalls other than for criminal conduct in office.

  9. I doubt Fredster’s comment was due to anything you said, Upps — more like what Oswald and I said. I’m always astonished when ppl loudly announce their departure from a blog because of some sense of wounded political feelings. As far as I know there’s only one political-religion here: Hillary.

  10. I think the huge drop in public employee union membership now that workers are no longer having their wages garnished for their dues is a harbinger of a win for Walker. Apparently, the members thought they could spend that money more wisely than the unions were. Why would they cast a vote to go back?

  11. Dick Cheney eh, Upps? Chit! — was hoping you’d say Karl Rove.

  12. Good point, elliesmom. Never did understand the forced dues part.

  13. I don’t think he was departing the blog, so much as departing this thread. Like you, he has his opinion on this and maybe also a personal reaction on something that is dear to his heart in one form or another. I call what I see, it doesn’t matter if I like it or not, I am obsessive that way. Or realistic. Or out of my mind. Don’t know which.
    I get in trouble a lot. One might even say I am incorrigbile.

    I’ll hop over there and cook him a nice meal.

    This kind of thing always happens here during elections that mean something to people spefically. It’s a blog occupational hazard. The truth is, this vote is huge. For both sides. The biggest part of this vote is not the outcome for Wis, but the outcome throughout the country. I would be money every governor in the USA, R or D, will be glued to the results tonight. Conversely I will bet every public employee in the country who is wide awake will be watching too. The worst part is, whichever side wins, there will be lots of spite and overreaching and dangerous “Highness” associated with the win and the ‘license’ they will imagine comes with it.

  14. If I throw a hissy fit, Upps, will you come cook a meal for me?

  15. I’ve thought for a long time that unions and management take chances apiece being assholes, depending upon where the power is that year. It’s sad but true.

    Unions were formed for a VERY important reason. Employers were treating workers like dog shit. It’s what they will do unchecked. There are a lot of very bad people out there in charge of things. So their formation was a natural course of things. Survival if you will. Literally. Many people realized this, and then time went on, and the leaders at the top of unions began to emulate the people they were once fighting to place in check. Since that time, I have seen them hurt many salvagable situaions. I’ve seen then rile up a company big enough to close plants and not blink And that’s what happened in the 90s. And when those plants closed, all the big boys in the union were nowhere to be found, leaving many very good, nice people, HIGHLY SKILLED PEOPLE left holding their own bags. I felt awful for them. Conversely, I’ve seen management get so porky that it was good for the worker to have SOMEBODY looking out for them. Always, it’s been a We-They thing.

    I don’t mean to toot a horn or carry a tale, but I’ve been on both sides. And my parents owned a union company. I never saw that We-They thing. We followed the rules and so did they. More often than not, there was a very good relationship. Some friendships even. We never sat around talking about the union. There were very few incidents. But I think this is because my parents would have treated their employees well with or without a union, and their employees knew it. However, we required highly specialized people and there was really nowhere you could find them in hese fields without that union. So it was a win-win. You don’t build an entire mall with a bunch of bums off the street playing with a bulldozer for the first time.

  16. Technically, yes.

    That’s the point. It’s there and can be used. These laws are broad and do not reign in the reasons someone can start a recall. They ARE made to be labor intensive though, meaning, if someone gets that far to the ballot, they are pretty serious, regardless of whether or not the electorate agrees. They had to get enough signatures to get there too.

    If states want that to change, they have to tighten the law. If recall was only meant for pulling psychos out of office, it would be narrow. Or maybe not, lol. The bottom line is, ENOUGH people agreed that he should be recalled. And enough people disagree, and that is why there is a vote tonight.

  17. This vote will come down to turnout. Ellies makes a point that may or may not turn out to be the turning point. We can’t read their minds, but it is probably nice to see more money in their paychecks with dues not removed. People respond to that. So there are many factors here. But mostly, turnout. Half the electorate probably couldn’t care less. They go to work, they pay rent, or they are unemployed, or they are on public assistance and don’t even pay attention. Or they are retired. It’s all a crap shoot with recalls.

  18. They had other options. None of them worked.

    Exactly. And this is their last legal option. But it IS a legal option. So they took advantage of it, much in the way people go all the way to the Supreme Court with a case after losing everywhere else. Some of the cases rouse our ire, but once in awhile we are grateful for the system. It’s our system and sometimes it comes in handy in a GOOD way, depending on our personal views. They think this is a good cause for their best interests. It’s what we all do in a way. Now it’s time to see how many people agree with them. In any event, it will not be the majority of Wisconsin voting. This is a fight between two widely different philosophies. I find it interesting and a major study in the split in this country.

  19. If I throw a hissy fit, Upps, will you come cook a meal for me?

    God knows you’ve tried everything else!

  20. I’m going to shut down the previous thread so we don’t end up responding to the wrong thread. Hope you all don’t mind.

  21. God knows you’ve tried everything else!

    Rofl. So true!

  22. Unions were formed for a VERY important reason.

    I agree. But those reasons do not apply to government employees with civil service protection. WI is not going to close their schools and send them to China. They are not greedy capitalists exploiting workers. The workers are paid from taxes, not profits.

  23. NES- indeed! And then there are those like myself who consider ourselves independent- but keep the D so we can mess with their minds and their primaries. I believe that I number is quite a bit higher than the polls indicate- lol…..

  24. there are a lot of people watching this recall election. 🙂

  25. oSWALD:

  26. Sorry Ossie: I hit send by mistake—-I don’t understand your point, are you saying because they are government workers they shoudn’t be doing this??

  27. I am personally pro recall elections. It is the only real way we as a people have recourse to unseat a bad performer. In business we can fire a person not doing the job properly so since these idiots work for us yes recall them and send them on their way.
    I think the Wisconsin recall is very important actually. I do not think it is one side as sore losers but rather middle class standing up.
    I wish we could have had recall elections in the Senate Congress and President. Impeaching on does not necessarily mean they get their pink slip. I think if it were legal to recall a president Obummer would have been gone in 6 months. Reid would have been booted as well if the nation could recall them. Since only a state can recall a Senator we are stuck with them. It was a horrible mistake to have enacted article 17 and I would love to see it repealed. When the government was set up there were checks and balances and when we enacted article 17 we screwed that up. JMO

  28. LOL. Uppity that is the question of the century. But smart women know the answer already. If they had passed it what would they use as leverage to get the largest part of the voting block to vote for them again ?

  29. Had to retweet that one Uppity! Reid is a hypocrite- could not pass it when they had their super majority? But holds it for election cycle?
    Like clockwork- every election cycle we can count on hearing about Roe v Wade and the ERA and Paychecks.
    In between?

  30. People should be posing that question whereever there is an #equalpay hashtag. Repeatedly.

    Gotta run. Barometer took a major hit and my head is preparing to go undergound.

  31. in the above I meant Amendment 17

  32. Live feed Paycheck Fairness Act in Senate.

  33. He deserved to be laughed at. Just listen to him. Translation: We have to go with politics of the big boys who contribute to us so we can’t “be on the right side of this issue”. Forget Mika, I know she’s an ass, but good God, listen to this argument!

  34. He’s lying. The congress has addressed this issue EVERY SINGLE YEAR. 2009 when Harry stiffed us, 2010, failed cloture, filibustered. 2011, not voted on. and now it’s 2012. Steele is a fucking liar this is not “just coming up” in an election year. Mika should have known this if she were actually a journalist. These losers are never prepared. Lazy Press and No Press, that’s all we ever get.

  35. And no, Harry hasn’t bothered to answer this peon’s tweet.

  36. Paycheck Fairness Act in Senate: FAIL.

  37. Oh for cripes sake. What the hell does it take to vote yes on being fair ?? Oh that’s right we passed fairness to every sect but female. Tell me again what we are fighting for over in the pigisstans. Women being treated fairly ?? My ass. Men knock up women daily and run off to stick their unit into another one and make another baby and fail to support the ones they have. Women are under paid and what has been the past logic for this ? Because men have to support families. Yea that is why we have D.A. s nationwide hunting down dead beat fathers. That is yet another story. The women who are owed the support rarely see it after the state collects. It goes to pay back the state and the women raising these kids are still screwed.
    Face it upps all we are is slaves and bargaining chips.
    Any woman who votes to re-elect these crack heads who will not pass what should have never needed to be a bill in the first place is a fool.
    Makes me pissy every time I read or hear something needing to be voted on that makes women human beings.

  38. Great tweet, Upps. We should all tweet your basic message whenever the Dems put out this tweet. Got Pelousy today.

  39. Utah please check your email.

  40. Anybody got any news on Wisconsin polling turnout?

  41. I will say that I just retired from State employment this past January. I never, never, agreed that tax funded jobs should be allowed to have unions.

  42. Turnout in Madison was 119% (not a typo). Can you say Dem fraud!

  43. WLM, please explain why.


    Hilarious!! Big Dawg bites O again. (Yesterday Bill was fundraising with O, thereby creating plausible deniability.) Big Dawg’s a genius at the double-game.

  45. Wow! My web page expired while I was answering NES. What was that about? Anyway. Since tax payers were paying my salary whether they wanted to or not, I just did not think it was fair to then be part of a union. By the way, in my state a union was not offered to us anyway. However, I would not have joined.

  46. “Bill Clinton does not want Obama to win”. Toe Sucker Morris weighs in but good. Also read this awesome link:

  47. NES Big Dawg is a five-year plan strategist. He has mastered the art of Timing. Timing. It’s everything.

  48. You get burned? You sit and you wait. You wait. You wait. And then, POOF! The opportunity comes to get the SOB back.

  49. Somebody find a live feed to recall results in real time. 1.5 hours away.

  50. Got a link to the 119%?

  51. Uppity Woman at 10:41 AM: Exactly!!

    I hope the peoples win in WI but $32 million against 4 million is a big long shot.

    Oswald, I don’t consider this a recall against a guy who won an election fair and square. I consider this a referendum on the Koch money that got him there in the first place and the Koch money that keeps him there and the Koch money that informs every one of his decisions.

  52. Totally agree on Big Dawg, Upps! Timing is all. He and I have been nursing our cold dishes for 4 long years.

  53. Thanks for the response, WLM. I’m inclined to that argument too; but, I also see the strong argument on the other side (as in, doesn’t that taxpayer-funded salary belong to each union member who earns it, and can’t he/she then spend it any way he/she wants [including, payment of union dues[). It’s complicated, I have to concede.

  54. SophieCT, I don’t know about that Koch Bros. argument; I think it’s a cop-out. It may explain the margin by which Walker won, but it doesn’t explain why he won. The Repubs won big in ’10 (and probably will win again in ’12) because people are sick and tired of the massive spending by govts., state and federal. It’s just a gigantic furball that the electorate coughed up. The Tea Party gave a name to that furball and provided the gag mechanism, but they didn’t create the furball. If you deny the basic appeal of the Tea Party — a call for fiscal discipline in a tanking economy — I respectfully submit you’re missing the political gestalt of the day. Just my two cents.

  55. I guess the koch’s are their Soros.

  56. Sophie, it’s not going to be decided on money. Turnout.

  57. tic toc. One hour. Somebody find a live feed please.

  58. Here’s CNN live blog. Hope they don’t pull a deer in the headlights thing ala Mass. Primary. Thanks for link, NES.

    Oops that’s not NES’s link.

  59. Will be sending you some links shortly Upps- check your mail in a few

  60. MOM, just post them!

  61. Uppity, I highly enjoyed reading the link you provided above!

  62. NES: I respectfully disagree. I don’t like it when rich corporate guys install their own leaders–either side of the aisle. No cop out. Just a supreme distaste for being a serf. If Walker would have won anyway, why the big contributions from the Kochs the first time, this time, and for the recalls in between?

    The “political gestalt of the day” is fricken propaganda. That “people are sick and tired of the massive spending by govts., state and federal” is the most misused excuse to abuse ordinary people ever conceived. Sure everyone claims they hate the spending, but NO ONE agrees what we should spend on. We’d be flush with money if we didn’t have two wars (and sourcing most of the supplies from foreign companies), bail out the corporate overlords, and continue tax cuts for the VERY wealthy (and pay for the DNC & RNC conventions). Every spending cut proposed by Tea Party hacks assaults regular citizens. None of it is ever against the puppeteers who installed them.

  63. LOL Upps- all I could find was NPR, NY Times, Huffpoop and one from the UK guardian- I’ll go get them
    UK Guradian- cuz I don’t trust American media lol

    If you want the NY Times and Huffpoop I can post those too.

  64. Sophie — I don’t disagree about what caused the problem in the first place, for the most part. But, now we have a massive deficit problem, and that’s what drove the 2010 election results. Do you really believe that the 2010 Repub. sweep was all due to the Koch’s (and their like’s) money?

  65. Chit — I was enjoying the credit (for the link) anyway.

  66. Chit!!
    Now if the Taliban take over in Pak., we’ll know why!

  67. OMG Sesame Street. It’s over!

  68. Yeah so one of the Koch’s is gay, proving once again that Republicans are willing to disobey God if the money is good. Heh heh.

    Anyways, I don’t see the difference between this Koch thing and George Soros, except maybe the Kochs might shower more often.

  69. Yes, Khudhafiz Big Bird (as one Pak. reporter tweeter put it).

  70. YES MOM. I’m going with the Guardian.

  71. Thanks WLM I got a kick out of it.

  72. (I do hope and pray that SophieCT’s love for me survives this election season….)

  73. I’m going to hop into the shower. If I’m not back by 9, start without me.

  74. Sophie- not sure about the Koch thing- the little I know, they are the right’s version of Soros.
    That being said- campaign finance reform is crucial- and never going to happen. Ever.
    After that- well we can talk until we are blue in the face about reforms and where cuts could be made- but who the hell listens to me, you or any of us? Back to square one and campaign finance reform.
    How many times have I laid out common sense plans for cutting waste and fraud in the food stamp program? (Having been there on the food stamp plantation and escaped through hard work and determination- I feel qualified to put out some common sense ideas lol) Same with Section 8 and the State housing assistance programs. And welfare reform- which would involve actually holding recipients accountable to progress toward self sufficiency. How many times have I reported my mother’s doctor for Medicare fraud? How many ideas have I mulled over regarding making foreign countries PAY US, UP FRONT, for any help they want? Stop outsourcing all military expenditures- including food service ( there is a special circle in hell for Halliburton) Back in the day, the military fed its own troops. They did not outsource the BX, PX, Food service, parts for planes and vehicles etc.
    Alas, nobody is listening to us. We are the little people.
    OOPS sorry- rant over

  75. Anglophiles!

  76. This is no time to wash your locks, Upps. Pop the corn, fill up the scotch glasses, s’il te plait.

  77. I’m listening, Mom. Good rant.

  78. “Koch” (as in the Koch brothers) should be pronounced “cock” for maximum entertainment; but the bros. pronounce it as “coke,” more or less like the German. (Definitely not pronounced “cotch,” as in the former mayor of NYC.)

  79. 8:25 pm The Guardian:

    Many polling locations here in the inner city of Milwaukee are running out of ballots and voter registration forms. Based on the anecdotes I’m hearing from the field, it’s safe to say that hundreds and hundreds of people have not voted as a result.

  80. Interesting dwp. Lotsa room for fraud. I’m afraid this may turn out to be a very litigated election. If that’s the case, let’s hope this election is not a preview of Nov. ’12 because it may well come down to WI (O has to win it or he’s finished).

  81. DWP- is wisconsin one of those idiot states with same day registration/voting? If so – well. you know/
    NES- thanks- I have lots of good ideas- common sense and all that- but the high muckety mucks don’t want no stinkin common sense from bitter clingers lol.
    Personal accountability and if you haven’t got it, don’t spend it. Within reason of course. After all, people do take mortgages and car loans – but we expect to pay those bills- we are not buying things exp[ecting our great grandchildren to foot the bill! Yes, a government is different than a personal household – but a budget is necessary to both.
    Billions of dollars to companies owned by campaign donors (can we all say Solyndra?) is NOT good policy!

  82. NES and PMM
    Yes and Yes.

  83. Do you really believe that the 2010 Repub. sweep was all due to the Koch’s (and their like’s) money?

    Idunno. WI for sure. And probably any other Tea Party race. Still 2010 was a referendum on the economy and “health care” and that B0 is a socialist.

    For the record, I don’t like when Soros does it either. But I am troubled that there is only one Soros and lots and lots of anti-Soros.

    And I do pronounce Koch as in Koch suckers.

    And NES, despite your wild antics in your ABO strategy, my love for you will endure.

  84. Lots of Tweets regarding form shortages: If you are on line, stay on line, forms are on their way. If you are on line when the polls close, they must let you vote, etc.

  85. So same day voting. UGH. How many buses came in from Illinois?

  86. PMM: Campaign Finance Reform is long overdue. I am so against military outsourcing and govt overdoing “privatizing.” Sad thing about common sense, as you know, it isn’t very common.

    By the way, how is Tiger Lily?

  87. I’m back and I’m Spring Fresh, albeit a bit wet.

  88. Flipping through channels- every one says dead heat. Well DUH! With same day registration and voting- all bets are off- what with the history of Acorn- even though they go by new names now.

  89. THe Guardian :
    9.04pm: The first exit poll from Wisconsin – according to CNN – shows a 50/50 split between Scott Walker and Tom Barrett.

  90. I don’t have any locks NES. Hair is straight. Without a blowdryer I am in deep shit.

  91. I love love love me my Tiger Lily! She is so adorable and a kissy kitteh. And my Little Bitz- who will always be my baby- she is turning into a feisty little bit! Tiger Lily is very very brave- first to figure out how to climb the afghan to get up on the bed- a feat which nobody else has even attempted to my knowledge- and she taught herself how to get back down too!

  92. I am highly interested in Ms. Lily. Has anyone else put dibs on her yet?

  93. Guardian:
    9.08pm: More from the exit poll – and it may be tight in the recall race, but Wisconsin voters still appear to be backing Barack Obama come November.

    The exit poll has Obama getting 54% to Mitt Romney’s 42% – and that’s a poll that should be more accurate than most state polls at this point, given the circumstances. That must be a disappointment for Republicans.


  94. And NES, despite your wild antics in your ABO strategy, my love for you will endure.

    Phewwwwww! xo

  95. Sophie- nobody has called dibs on any of them except Bubba- he is going to Michelina

  96. Give it time, dwp. Obama won the state by 14 points in ’08. That he only leads Romney by 5-8 points (I’ve seen that range reported) in July is not great news for O.

  97. I am highly interested in Ms. Lily. Has anyone else put dibs on her yet?

    Chit! Does lorac know? (She’ll be soooo J.)

  98. I would love to know the exact wording of the questions in those exit polls. Many ways to tilt the results to the desired outcome.

  99. I don’t have any locks NES. Hair is straight.

    Hmmph, like I don’t know, Upps.

    (P.S.: I was using “locks” as in hair…wasn’t aware it was limited to curls.)

  100. …except Bubba- he is going to Michelina.”

    Michelina’s going to have her hands full with Bubba. Look at all the trouble Obama’s having with him!

  101. NES
    Okie dokey then.
    Seriously, after 8 yrs of Bush, another 4 years of Obama would do me in. That would be 16 straight years of depression.

  102. So let me go on the record as the first to put dibs on Ms. Lily.

    NES: why will lorac be so J?

  103. Yes that’s right NES, it’s clear on skype.

  104. MOM basically exit polls just ask who you voted for.

  105. Sophie, far as I know, Ms Lily is available. She’s gonna be a knockout.

  106. Ok then Sophie- Tiger Lily to you! YAY! You will absolutely LOVE her!

  107. MOM, Lily is clearly college material.

  108. Oh and Tiger Lily knows her name too. When I have them all down here she comes when I call TIger LIlllleeee. lol (and don’t any of you disillusion me either lol)

  109. Typical CNN, piers morgan talking about the queen instead of the voting results.

  110. ROFL Uppity- she is very very brave- and usually the first to do anything- getting out of the nest box, trying kitten chow, playing with toys, walked right up to Jack- no fear at all. I do believe she has the makings of a good mouser- pounces quite elegantly.

  111. Yay! I have a thing for gray female kitties. Eldest is a gray tiger with brown undertones, youngest is pure gray (and HUGE). Both are brilliant. Lily will fit right in.

  112. IF these little updates are bothering anyone even in the slightest way, let me know. I’m not invested in posting them.

    The Guardian:
    9.25pm: The Huffington Post doesn’t just publish “side boob” microsites, it also has this fantastic Wisconsin voting chart that allows you to compare tonight’s voting to the 2010 results.

    9.16pm: Let’s dive into the exit poll data from Wisconsin:

    • Union households made up about a third of the electorate, and about two-thirds of them backed Tom Barrett, about the same level of support he received among the group in 2010

    • Barrett improved on his 2010 performance among African Americans, those with incomes below $50,000 and independents. Barrett won 95% of the African American vote, up from 87% in 2010

    • Both Walker and Barrett retained more than 9 in 10 of those who backed them in 2010. Walker marginally won independent voters by 50%-49%

    • About one in 10 voters said they did not vote in 2010 – and they broke heavily for Barrett

    • About 9 in 10 in early exit polling said they decided who to vote for before May. Those who did make up their minds in the final month of the campaign supported Barrett by nearly 30 points

  113. ‏@pourmecoffee

    Attention, @piersmorgan! This happened: We want to hear about our elections, not your Queen.

    (the link is to wiki Revolutionary War) ROFL.

  114. I’m going to hop into the shower. If I’m not back by 9, start without me.

    Shoot! *I* didn’t want YOU to start the shower without me! Especially since NES and SophieCT are gettin’ it on now! Oh, and now I see it’s a menage a trois (did I spell that right, NES?) with Tiger Lily! You know, these Lesbonese thespians are so wild and fickle!

  115. SophieCT – I’m female and I have gray… and I bet I could pay someone to say that I’m brilliant…. 🙂

  116. Remember how teh one was going to bridge the gap and close the divisions in the electorate? How there are no red states or blue states blah blah blah?

  117. lorac: PMM is in on it too, albeit in a platonic, straight-girl kind of way.

  118. NES: why will lorac be so J?

    She wants to be your Tiger Lily, bien sur!!

  119. now I see it’s a menage a trois (did I spell that right, NES?) with Tiger Lily!

    You definitely spelled that right, lorac!

  120. Like I said….

  121. lora: you are more than welcome to bring your brilliant grays here! Fair warning: we are all carnivores in this house.

  122. Ahhh…the path of true love.

  123. lorac: PMM is in on it too, albeit in a platonic, straight-girl kind of way.

    PMM wasn’t always straight. She’s definitely a has-bian. I read it in Shades of Grey.

  124. Walker 61%, Barrett 39%

  125. Whoa TC! With or without the dead ppl?

  126. PMM, the way I see it, that guy has spent his entire life navel gazing, self-absorbed, trying to figure out his own identity (and he’s still hasn’t figured it out). OH, gee, how does the white fit with the black, how do the anti-American parents fit with my personality, on and on. You know how they say he can never make his mind up about anything, he just goes on mulling it over indefinitely – same with his sense of self.

    So why did anyone expect him to be post-ANYTHING, to be anything but divisive as h*ll!

    Of course, he likes to pit people against each other, so there’s THAT, too lol

  127. We shall never know, NES…

  128. Craig Gilbert @WisVoter latest exits adjustment now has it walker 52, barrett 48

  129. Interesting…that’s 20% reporting. Quite a bit. Could the exit polls be totally off-base/false. Never know with those darn MSM bastages.

  130. dwp do you know whose poll it is?

  131. Gawd the exit polls are all over the place. Morons.

  132. ROFL TC. So true.

  133. SophieCT – I’m female and I have gray… and I bet I could pay someone to say that I’m brilliant


  134. I wonder if there will be a “Gary, IN” holding up the results at the end….

  135. Yeah lorac, but at least I’m squeeky clean. But you’re a little late, I’m not dripping wet.

  136. Fox just called for Walker

  137. What is it with those solid grey cats? They are always huge. Like my own grey lardass.

  138. Updated 6:55 p.m. EST, Jun 5, 2012

    Walker318,986 — 61%


    Trivedi3,110 — 0%

    24% reporting

  139. Fox called Rebecca Kleefisch

  140. I think the exit-pollers may be embarrassed tonight.

  141. NES. Now you can exhale!

  142. RB ‏@RBPundit

    Raise your hand if you think 119% turnout in Madison, Wisconsin seems fishy. #wiunion #wirecall

  143. She’s the lieutenant-guv, right? Also a Repub. What’re the chances the voters dumped Walker but stuck with the lt.-guv.?

    Tom Barrett150,740 38.9% .Scott Walker234,668 60.5% .Hari Trivedi2,267 0.6%

  145. dwp do you know whose poll it is?
    No. I’m reading on twitter that several MSM are calling it for Walker.

  146. Why WLM? Did some network call it for Walker?

  147. I’m watching Greta now.

  148. Who the F is Trivedi?? Sounds like he’s of Indian ancestry.

  149. ABC projects walker win.

  150. CNN and FOX both calling it for Walker and his LT Gov. The map on Huffpoop is pretty red
    CNN says a local station in Wisconsin also called for Walker

  151. CNN calls it for Walker — projected winner. 60/40 (altho’ I’m sure that gap will narrow, we’re still talking about a massive blow-out).

  152. Oh, phewww. They’re not pre-empting the big bang theory for today’s election results! yay.

  153. FOX projects Walker win.

  154. We should have known when the ass licking media started pimping their exit polls showing support for Obama.
    Because after all, everything must always be about teh one.

    Tom Barrett185,706 38.2% .
    Scott Walker297,626 61.2% .
    Hari Trivedi2,857 0.6% .
    Precincts Reporting: 24.30%.
    Last Updated: 06/05/2012 – 8:53pm


  157. NES: You called it on Hari. Here’s his CV:

  158. It’s a wipeout. Some counties were 80/20

  159. Uppity- splain the “women walk” please. Did the women’s vote make the difference?

  160. CNN has it 59/40 with as much as 40% counted. It’s definitely a blow-out.

  161. PMM, the most excellent steward of some fine kittys.

  162. Thanks SophieCT. Sorry your guy lost (really I am). But, onward to Nov. and a Barry defeat.

  163. My prediction was 12%, gonna be close.

  164. Yes you did say 12%.

    Every governor in the USA is glued to this. This was huge. Simply huge.

  165. DE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Glad Walker walked you back here.
    Your prediction is close indeed. Well done.

  166. clinton up next at that cspan link.

  167. Hi DE! 🙂

  168. Ed Schultz and co are now on suicide watch DE. You are good.

  169. Aww Shucks- thanks TC! I am in the danger zone now- they are all getting personalities- and giving kisses- and climbing up my legs- and when they come down and play time has worn them out- they all climb up on me for naps. ALL of them. Together. They are just soooo damn cute!
    Need more adopters! Two spoken for- four to go!

  170. Hi DE!

    Gotta go wake the other half for work- I will have to catch up in the morning.

  171. Every governor in the USA is glued to this. This was huge. Simply huge

    And what will be the takeaway for the other 49 governors?

  172. Just shows that exit polls are crap.

  173. Sorry your guy lost (really I am).

    Thanks, but he’s not my guy. I don’t know much about him at all. I was just ABW and ABKB.

  174. FYI, Harry Reid never answered my peon tweet. Shitbag.

  175. Yeah hell, DE, let’s do exit polls for money. We can make the numbers up in the shower.

  176. And what will be the takeaway for the other 49 governors?

    Except for very blue states, I would say they are going to address public unions. These governors are under the gun with their budgets so a door just opened for them. That’s what I think. I think we will read about more states wrangling over this issue.

  177. Even in our blue state, Cuomo, a Democrat has done some reforms already. He will do more now.

    I also think that barack obama is carrying his “Where else are they gonna go” attitude too far and I think this time, he stepped in it by standing at a distance with the unions. He might get his ass surprised.

  178. The actions of the politicians and the coverage by the media regarding the paycheck bill showcases they all work together and it’s all scripted.

    No one in the media even FOX will ever mention that the Dems let the bill die in the senate three years ago.

  179. Idunno. Time will tell whether this was a good thing or a bad thing.

  180. So true, DE. They’ve never been that off though…shows how corrupt ‘reporters’ and ‘pollsters’ have become. An object lesson for Nov. — distrust them.

  181. Wow, Twitter is pah-tayyyyy-ing. At least in my crazeee TL.

  182. Reagan was the last Repub. to win WI.

  183. Well like I said, the danger here is the winning side gets really snotty and oversteps. And it’s not like the right hasn’t done it before, just like the left did it in 2008. These people just know no moderation or humility.

  184. . Time will tell whether this was a good thing or a bad thing.

    You are SO right.

  185. True. But, tonight’s for celebrating if one’s in the ABO camp. And, the winning-side definitely is.

  186. Not only that DE but the bill failed cloture in 2010 and got ignored in 2011. This has been going on for YEARS. There IS no journalism any longer. They sit on their asses at their desks and research NOTHING. Useless. How many times have we seen stories come out that we covered two years before? You are right. The whole thing is coordinated and I can now say without no uncertainty that the Democrats do not want to pass that bill because they love hanging it over women’s heads.

  187. I saw where Shultz opened his show with “The biggest winner tonight will be Barack Obama”. Bzzzzzzzzzzz.

  188. I know NES. I mean I offered DE my body, my dog, my paltry half-dead 401k, and walker got him here.

  189. Oh wait. I know what to do…hold on.

  190. WTF? WP is out of its mind. Everything keeps changing.

  191. Shultz creeps me out.

  192. He has pink eyes.

    Reminds me of somebody who would hang out on playgrounds.

  193. Wrong Ed Shultzie…you know nothing…..the biggest winner tonight is Bill Clinton.

  194. Check your mail DE.

  195. Thanks UW.

  196. Ed Shultz’s twitter name is @wegoted kinda appropriate.

  197. winner winner chicken dinner

  198. wegoted? WTF?

  199. I just find him really scheevy. Glad it’s not just me.

  200. Wrong Ed Shultzie…you know nothing…..the biggest winner tonight is Bill Clinton.

    Bahahahaha! Served cold. VERY cold.

  201. He looks like one of those crying preachers in that pic.

  202. Jesse doesn’t look too healthy either.

    I’m going to scour around the interwebs for some juicy stuff.

  203. 3 tweets within an hour:

    Ed Schultz ‏@WeGotEd
    Like I said…its gonna be a long night…tough one but life goes on..
    Reply Retweet Favorite

    2h Ed Schultz ‏@WeGotEd
    It’s gonna be a very long night…
    Reply Retweet Favorite

    2h Ed Schultz ‏@WeGotEd
    It’s gonna be a long night…its a tight one..
    Reply Retweet Favorite

  204. wegoted
    we got ed…sounds contagious.

  205. maybe he meant, “We goated”?

  206. Yeah that’s it. There has to be a goat in there somewhere. There’s always a goat…

    AFL-CIO Richard Trumka says “It’s time to work together”. Lol good luck with that after this mess.

  207. we got ed…sounds contagious.

    yeah, you never no what you could catch from a goat…..or an Ed Schultz for that matter.

  208. we got ed = we got erectile dysfunction
    It takes a real man to admit that. 😉

  209. LOL dwp!

    Boy Chicago, Daleys etc, are probably MAJOR pissed off. Especially at casper in chief for doing nothing of worth on this vote.

    As for the exit polls, somebody tweeted that the MSM was consoling itself with cranked exit polls.

  210. Anybody check and see what the obama camp is tweeting? Jaysus, that messina kid looks 12 years old in his twitter pic. A little like Alfred E Neumann too.

  211. Yep. Clinton won — he now has the unions thinking, “At least that guy showed up for us, had our back, fought the good fight….”

  212. I just got “@barackobama hasn’t tweeted yet”. WTF? Is he locked?

  213. Obama tweet of the night:

    “Don’t cry for me, Wisconsin…. -bo”

  214. Bingo on Messina! I had a tweet on him… commenting on his childish appearance.

  215. Erectile disfunction.

  216. Jill Stein 48% — Roaseanne Barr 39%. 6% of precincts reporting in California – Green Party presidential primary.

  217. Palin points out that Union members should be mounting efforts to recall their corrupt leadership

  218. Jim Treacher ‏@jtLOL
    I wonder what they’re talking about right now on whatever the replacement for JournoList is called?

  219. Yes I saw that but not so sure it’s funny in too many ways.

  220. What I mean is we have a lot of seniors who Got Theirs and are basically in screw you mode. They don’t want to pay for the next generation to get what they got. And that is kind of….well…awful.

  221. I see this with many seniors with medicare too. They are very cavalier about using medicare and it doesn’t bother them a whit that just maybe their childrens’ input into the plan is being soaked up and they are in danger of No Medicare. These are nice people but their “Greatest Generation” attitude someimes borders on Uncaring. It’s true that many of them don’t have much, bless their hearts. But it’s also true that many of them have A LOT, and those seem to be the ones who couldn’t care less. Just my observation, mind you.

  222. Yay, DE is here!!!!!!

  223. Hey Lorac.

  224. Whoa, those tweets about Walker by the ones who are angry he won – it’s amazing – so much obscenity and violence, and of course, all kinds of “female insults” to him (c*nt, b*tch, wh*re, etc).

    1. I HATE the sexism inherent in insulting men by “lowering” them to be women by calling them swear words originally meant for women

    2. their violent misogynistic reactions make me think quite a few of them may be obots

  225. Yep. Clinton won — he now has the unions thinking, “At least that guy showed up for us, had our back, fought the good fight….”

    clever man.

  226. Those exit polls are done in the msnbc parking lot as employees are leaving.

  227. Debbie Wasseman’s comments re: WI-Walker:

  228. comic relief.

  229. Debbie Downer.

  230. HAHAHAH DE.

  231. imust,

    “We goated”?


  232. Funny stuff….oops, I meant to say, funny thingamajigs.

  233. I love Angie’s tweets. Wish she’d comment here more often.

  234. Does she comment here?

  235. She has — I believe as AngieNC. Please use the hook to bring her back.

  236. As I told NES on Twitter, even when I did comment here (at the height of the 2008 nightmare — note to WI Dems, democracy “died” May 31, 2008 — don’t get it twisted) it was infrequent. I haven’t been commenting a lot these past several years, but I read posts (and a good amount of comments) daily — keep up the good work keeping the flame alive, Uppity.

  237. Hey, Angie. Good ta see ya. Keep on tweeting those laughs.

  238. Those exit polls are done in the msnbc parking lot as employees are leaving.


  239. Hey, I predicted a Walker win by 7-8 points. The final score: Walker by 7. I won!!

  240. Hahaha so that’s YOU! You’re a freaking RIOT on Twitter. didn’t you get suspended or something when the obots were doing the spam thing?

    note to WI Dems, democracy “died” May 31, 2008

    I thought of that when I saw that written. As in how does it FEEL.

  241. From dwp’s link to Debbie W S’s tweets about Walker –

    if Mitt Romney thinks he’s going to be the first Republican to win Wisconsin since Ronald Reagan he’s got another thing coming.”

    It’s THINK!!!! You have another THINK coming, not another (where was the FIRST?) THING!!!!

    Unless of course, she meant thingamajabbit in Ospeak….

  242. That’s standard, lorac. Tonight someone called me a Whinger. I was needling Piers morgan for talking about the Queen on an important voting night and somebody posted that tweet up above about who gives a rat’s butt about your queen right now. So somebody piped in about you WHINGERs. lolol. So I answered, Speeel much?

  243. Hahahaha.

    I’m predicting, here and now, that #MittRomney will be the first Repub to win #WI since #Raygun. So let it be said, so let it be done.

  244. Whinger is a good word. But, you’re no whinger, Upps. Now, Debbie Wasser-Schultz…there’s a whinger-and-a-half.

  245. Hey Upps, I know you’re thinking Romney may well win this. That’s why you won’t take my bet (even tho’ I’ve always lost to you)…. Your ‘third eye’ is twitching, ain’t it?

  246. Yes it is.

  247. Fredster isn’t around. Damn.

  248. I actually answered you in the other thread on the $500 bet. Like I said I would love to be wrong. But not for $500. That would make me want to be right.

  249. Obama campaign is really F’ing up big time. Methinks Axelrod isn’t accustomed to running anything but the Touchy Feely campaigns of Hopey Changey. It’s not going to cut it this time. Look how he got blindsided when he got heckled. He didn’t have a clue what to do. He expecting the Faint On Cue thing.

    Even his most passionate supporters now only see him as lesser of two evils. “The Where Else we Gonna Go crowd”.

  250. Yes it is.

    Hah! I knew it. Yippeeee.

  251. Yes, Axelrove is a one-note tuba, and his tune is so yesterday. I feel we’ve turned a corner…and the skidmarks are on OFA’s back.

  252. Thank you, Uppity & NES. Yes, I did get suspended for mocking Obama on Twitter. That’s why I’m @TheAngieNC2 now; my original account @TheAngieNC is now out of suspension & I’m keeping it as my back up account, as I’ll probably get suspended again. I don’t know why the Obots bothered getting me suspended, I can get free emails on gmail & create new Twitter accounts all day. 🙂

  253. Methinks Axelrod isn’t accustomed to running anything but the Touchy Feely campaigns of Hopey Changey.

    Speaking of the evil mustache, my daily tweet @davidaxlerod yesterday was “Defending the establishment isn’t as much fun, is it?”

    For some strange reason he never tweets me back. 😦

  254. Yeah, I know the feeling on the pornstache. My almost-daily insult-tweet to Axelrod doesn’t get any response from him either. Rofl…can you imagine the hate mail the guy gets every hour.

  255. Hitler finds out about the results of the Wisconsin recall.

  256. Republicans crack me up. Every time things go bad for Obama, they pull out that hitler video and change the title. Truly they are an unimaginative lot. lol.

    Angie, do you remember in 2008 when I had to leave Blogspot (and took a bunch of people with me) because the obots were flagging our blogs as spam and turning us in, which resulted in automatic freezes and we couldn’t post? I kept filling out their form to get released and the little google pissants ignored it, Google always was in the tank. So we all ditched them and came here to WP, which if someone complains, a REAL human investigates and doesn’t automatically slam the door on you like the pissants at google do. Google support is really a bot just like their little pissants who work for them. One day their day will come as they can’t even keep up with the investigatioons and groups that are watching them like hawks.

    So what happened to you on twitter is something I can relate to. Having a backup is VERY smart. It’s that Time again and these pissants just can’t stop shitting where they eat.

  257. It’s that Time again and these pissants just can’t stop shitting where they eat.

    LOL …. It’s in their nature!

  258. Yes Audacity, it is also their nature to eat their own shit. And that’s coming.

  259. Rep. Bill Pascrell prevailed over Rep. Steve Rothman on Tuesday in the New Jersey Democratic primary, one of the year’s most bitter incumbent-versus-incumbent contests, which served as a proxy battle between President Obama and former President Bill Clinton.

  260. Bill Clinton, of all people, provided the best explanation for why his fellow Democrats failed so miserably in their epic effort to recall Gov. Scott Walker from the office he won just 19 months ago. “They see cooperation works,” the former president declared of Wisconsin voters. “Constant conflict is a dead-bang loser.”

    I’d ask, What’s with the “Of all people,” question, but it’d Daily Beast and they are very bad at hiding their CDS. Always have been.

  261. In the CA ballot, there was an option to write in a different candidate if you didn’t want to choose Obama, who was running unopposed. I of course wrote HRC in. So far, the newspapers in CA like the LA Times are refusing to report the results.

  262. lol Tony, they always ‘forget’ the hillary writeins. Our media is so corrupt and rotted, you can smell them on the next continent.

  263. votermom ‏@votermom

    Love how helpful Bill Clinton keeps tossing drowning Obama all these anchors

  264. […] post and comments about the Wisconsin Recall Today’s the day: Will Walker Walk? And a Sneaky Paycheck Fairness Act Game This is an open thread. A very important open thread. What do you think will happen in Wisconsin […]

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