He still hasn’t answered me.

….But then what can we expect from a guy who finds The People so repulsive that he spent millions of taxpayer dollars on a “Capital Visitor’s Center”  away from the Capital to keep the visitors to the Senate coralled,  so he wouldn’t have to “smell” the dirty disgusting commoners tourists who elect his self-important ass. Video here. Funny, but most of us can ‘literally smell” something coming from the Capital and it has nothing to do with tourists.

If the Paycheck Fairness Act,which Democrats have held over women’s heads for years (Harry Reid knows well how to mention it during re-election time-he did it again in 2010) ever really passed, what on earth would Harry be able to hold over women’s heads for votes during his re-election times?

‘Scuse me if I seem bitter, there, Harry. But you see I’ve been following this musty bill around for a long time and, frankly, I am really tired of watching you jerk women around and using them as political hockey pucks, pretending to want to pass it every damned year.  This is getting so old, it’s a wonder the bill hasn’t disintegrated. You keep bringing it up at the most opportune times and it’s beyond obvious now. If you had any heart at all, you would stop this nonsense and stop giving women Hope when you know damned well there is no Hope. It’s reaching the point of malcious now. Stop using us as hockey pucks. We don’t like it. You could at least have the heart to admit that you are having a cloture vote to avoid filibuster, and that there is NO hope of passage. You could be straight with us, but you NEVER are.

One more thing: For all the Mittens Mormon talk, it has not escaped many of us realistic women that Harry is one of the flock too. Since I experienced the wonders of male Mormons in charge of things for a brief period in my career,  I’ll just bet  he enjoys watching us wimminz beg him to “grant us”  the rights we are entitled to simply by being born in the USA. Also, I don’t know about you, but I personally DO remember when he put his arm around Nancy on camera and did the “You’re the little woman and I’m in charge” thing.  Any woman who has ever spent some time in Corporate America recognized Harry’s disgustingly condescending behavior, designed specifically to subjugate the little woman. Truly, much as she has pissed me off  for kicking that ladder out from under her so other women can’t get up to her level, I really regret  that Nancy didn’t punch Harry Reid in the face that day on national TV.

As a Democrat, I feel so very comforted to know that so many Democratic House members and Senators pay their female staff less than the males, while purporting to work on passing this bill year after year. After year. After year. See, there is one major difference between Republican and Democratic parties when it comes to wimminz: One pretends to give a shit and the other doesn’t even bother pretending it gives a shit.

That is all. Well, that and I am not surprised Harry never answered this “smelly” peon’s tweet.

P.S. The Paycheck Fairness Act, passed by the House, and sponsored by Senator Hillary Clinton (Jan 2009) died in  the Democratic Senate committee. Can’t be passing a Hillary bill!  This is just one more of many reasons why I give the Democratic party NO free passes and you shouldn’t either.

The truth is, we women have all watched our two branches of government use women as bargaining chips, ignoring the rights and the needs of 51% of the population, to make a deal — but we have YET to see them bargain away something to get a deal that benefits us lowly broads. So you go ahead and give Mr. “Public Option Is Off The Table” another chance to sucker punch you. I’ll pass. I’m personally tired of so-called “Progressives” telling me my rights as a human being will just have to wait because we have more important things to do. If women want their rights, they shouldn’t beg some dickheads for them, they should just TAKE them. If you ask me, women today need a hefty dose of Second Wave or they will spend the rest of their lives waiting for a bunch of dicks to belabor and decide whether or not to “renew” a  Domestic Violence bill that makes it illegal for them to beat the crap out of their wives and mistresses.

I’d like to congratulate the Republican and Democratic parties for converting me into a One-Issue Voter now. I am convinced that none of this will be fixed until the day we have a woman president and women comprise 51% of congress — and we all know that these two parties, which comprise One Big Patriarchy along with their complicit press, will never let that happen.

Now that this year’s fake Paycheck Fairness Kabuki Act has completed itself, you be sure to fall for this bullshit again next year, you hear? Better yet, prepare ye to see Paycheck Fairness come up just before the November election, to remind you to vote Democrat, even though the result will be the same: Nothing. You heard this here. I’m sure Harry won’t prove me wrong.

“Until you do right by me, everything you touch is gonna crumble. Until you do right by me, everything you even think about is gonna fail.” -The Color Purple

Women, you are on your own.


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  1. Great post Upps, and love your tweet!

  2. I am going to bookmark this one so I have it close at hand when the bots start with the bs “but but but the evil refuglicans blocked the paycheck fairness act”
    Excellent as always Uppity!

  3. Mom, well they DID block it this year. Republicans love filibustering those damned bitches who belong home. The problem here is Harry makes us think he’s doing something that he’s not going to do. Everybody gets worked up with hope and it’s all bullshit. Truth be known, none of these guys want that passed because it’s a problem for their big contributors.

  4. I’m with you Upps… I went into the voting booth this year and in an absolute FIT of anger, just checked off all the women – no matter the party, no matter the office. If I’d had a woman to vote for in the presidential primary, I would have done that too…

    I was absolutely surprised at my own anger in that moment.

  5. I hear you, OldCoastie!

    It’s more often than not what the MEN do for each oher.

  6. I had a woman, a DEMOCRAT, tweet me and say she would never work for a woman who would promote a woman because women are WITCHES to work for. My response to her was, you whine about women not getting ahead and people like YOU are the reason. I am so done with you. Click.

    Her response was, well don’t go away just because we disagree on ‘something’. Good God, who would want to know this person a minute more?

  7. I can’t prove it, but given that Harry brings up paycheck fairness only at opportune moments, I think they had tha vote tuesday for one of two reasons:

    to keep half the country busy while the Democrats were about to get thier ass handed to them on a plate in Wisconsin. I am sure they saw the REAL polls, not the ones the infants on MSNBC and CNN were pimping.


    To remind women voters in Wisconsin how simply awful the Republicans are to them. Which is true. Very true.

    But once again, for whichever reason, Harry was practicing CRUELTY on women by PRETENDING there was hope, getting em all hepped up and tweeting. Look HERE, not there.

    I would be willing to bet money that Paycheck Fairness will come up again just before the November election. Write this down. You heard it here.

  8. Good morning ((((UPPITY’S))))

    PMM: any reports on BUBBA:):)

  9. let me try that again 🙂

  10. Good Morning, dear Michelina! At last email with Mom, I learned that Bubba is eating her into bankruptcy. He’s fine. I would say at 8 weeks we should figure out the hand off for age 9 weeks.

    Sophie, you might want to do the same if you are still interested in Lily.

  11. We will of course, do progress posts on Lily and Bubba in their new homes.

  12. UW: absolutely ———I have some ideas in the workings one of them are baby gates———I bought the water bottle yesterday———

    I am getting the car ready for the road trip———-any ideas you all come up with for helping with the transitions please Tell me

  13. Just had all the kittehs down for exercise and entertainment. They are at the absolute riot stage. Chasing each other, tackling, climbing everything!
    Maybe we should open a separate tab for kitteh progress? That way the threads don’t keep devolving into kitteh news- though goodness knows they are a lot more wholesome and better for our blood pressure and peace of mind that the stinking sewer rats in DC and their brothers all over the world!
    Oh and Smokey is working up to beating the living shit out of Jack- she finally started hissing and trying to fight back today. thanks be. He is going to get a good whalloping sooner or later. Sooner would be better- I am tired of being the referee.

  14. Sorry abut that PMM / UW—I haven’t checked in on him for a few days, and I don’t want you to think I don’t care

  15. Dunno Mom, if we tab these tabbies ( I made a pun!), people will forget to click and look. We don’t mind the threads having kitteh things in them. It’s almost a requirement on this blog. lol. Nobody here minds, in fact, they like it. Right gang??

  16. Per UW’s advice, we should begin planning the Great Tiger Lily Relay.

  17. Mom you can get michelina’s email address off her posts from the admin panel. You guys can firm up the details. But we WANT to know what’s going on because we are INTERESTED. Or at least I am, and I can do that. It’s my blog. Heh.

  18. One suggestion I do have, Mom, if you have the time, lolol…..take Bubba for some car rides so he is introduced to the feeling and won’t be scared in the car. Michelina, you need a carrier.

  19. Oh and Smokey is working up to beating the living shit out of Jack- she finally started hissing and trying to fight back today. thanks be.

    Phase two. Right on schedule. Next phase is Jack figures out love is more fun.

  20. I am very happy with having kitty comments interspersed within the threads I find it therapeutic.

  21. M, baby gates are essentially futile with cats. It will keep Davey out but not the cat. But don’t worry, we will walk through how to assimilate the little guy safely.

  22. Hahah I had a flashback to when I brought my dog in. Had baby gates for her and the cats would perch on top of it and taunt her.

  23. UW: I will have the necessary equipment, carrier, litter box etc……..
    I usually spend an hour or more a day playing in the yard with Davey and her balls——and I was trying to figure out a way BUBBA can watch, (hence baby gates)——-but not go outside——he would be too little for a leash——-

  24. Oh, absolutely KITTEH Talk—–but we will limit it when possible

  25. Thanks, Uppity, for that reasoned position on Democrats. The male dominated Dems differ little from the male dominated Pubs, when it comes to women’s rights. They talk the talk a little better. After all, where would the Dem Party be without us women who, prior to 2008, had been steadfast, loyal, hard working supporters. They paraded out Roe v. Wade every election season, using it as a carrot and a stick to keep our support and our contributions comin’.

    They know how to spin the rhetoric to attract women, while the Pubs are more open about their antipathy to women’s rights. But, the men of both party’s have the same superior attitude about women and women’s rights. I’m damn tired of women having to beg and compromise to get the rights to which all of us are entitled.

    So, when people (especially women) talk about how the Dems are the lesser of the two evils, and the best political option available, I get a little tired. A rattle snake may be a little less poisonous than a cotton mouth moccasin, but they’re both snakes. They both are sneaky. They both can kill you.

    Neither party is working for women. And, we do women no favors when we vote for the party – rather than on the candidate. If a candidate doesn’t support gender equality and reproductive rights – whether that candidate’s a man, woman, Democrat or Republican, they do not get my support.

    I’m aware that some people think it’s throwing a vote away to vote for a Green Party (or another party – not one of the Big Two), or to write in a candidate. I understand that reasoning. But, for me, I’d rather throw my vote away than to vote for a snake.

  26. freespirit: I totally agree with you about voting third party. I don’t feel it’s throwing my vote away at all. I feel that voting for one of the two pretenders in throwing it away.

  27. A rattle snake may be a little less poisonous than a cotton mouth moccasin, but they’re both snakes. They both are sneaky. They both can kill you.

    Awesome! I will steal this often!

  28. M, I always get a kick of of people walking their cats with a harness. Cracks me up.

  29. Jumping in here to tell Uppity one better than seeing a harnessed cat walked. Picture this: Typical suburban neighborhood 10 miles from major city. Houses close together; everybody had a lawn, sidewalk. Many many dogs were walked by my house. But the best of the best was watching the family that walked its leashed dog (3 or 4 people in the family) and a cat, completely unfettered, who chose to follow behind the entire group!

    And that’s why we love cats so.

  30. I used to walk my Mickey (my soul/mate/kitteh) on a regular leash with my puppy Sarah—-the neighborhood used to get such a kick out of it

  31. My mother had a cat that used to follow her to church and wait for her to come out.

  32. ROFL on the kittehs- so we will continue to intersperse the threads with updates then.
    As for cats going for walks? Barn Kitty (Pixie) goes with husband and Aladdin on their groundhog hunting trips quite frequently. He gets the groundhogs- she gets the mice, chipmunks, and various other small vermin. AND she carries it all the way back to the house- just like Aladdin does.

  33. Upps, feel free! And, thanks Sophie.

  34. UW I have a quick question for you at DE’s.

  35. “Until you do right by me, everything you touch is gonna crumble. Until you do right by me, everything you even think about is gonna fail.” -The Color Purple

    Amen, Celie and UW!

  36. Upps asked.
    Dunno Mom, if we tab these tabbies ( I made a pun!), people will forget to click and look. We don’t mind the threads having kitteh things in them. It’s almost a requirement on this blog. lol. Nobody here minds, in fact, they like it. Right gang??
    Right I love them. 🙂

  37. I love the kitteh comments here. Politics is so depressing these days and kittehs are fun!!!

    Mom and all, please keep us posted on Smokey Bones and her babies.

    Little personal story: The first kitteh my family ever had was a male long-haired tuxie stray kitten who appeared at our house not long after I was born. That kitteh grew up with me. When I started going to school, he would follow me to the top of the hill on our street ( two blocks ) and watch me as I walked away. He would be there to greet me in the afternoon when I came home. Wonderful kitteh. He began my life-long love of cats.

    One of my favorite photographs is a picture of my mother holding our orange tabby and me holding our tuxie. I was about four years old at the time and so was the tuxie.

  38. You all know about how Obama said at a fundraiser how Michelle ‘doesn’t go all the way down” right? If not, DE’s post is open for business.

    And like he said, So This Is What A Feminist Looks Like.

  39. Sophie do you want Mom to contact you re: Lily? If so, just say so here and she can get your email address off the admin panel.

  40. UW: Sure thing. And if she wants to send extra pictures of Ms. Lily, that’s cool too. 🙂

  41. The 2012 Obama crap is starting to show up here in koolaid land.

    The one I see most often is this:

    It looks even worse in person (in motion on a moving car). I cannot decide if they were trying for Gothic horror flick, the Borg* look, or an imitation (very bad imitation) of a Picasso in his red and blue period.

    I guess the good news is that those the buy this option do not have to worry about the Obama sticker removal kit. It’s magnetic.

    *The Borg

  42. Kitten bulletins and other fun tales of pets past, present and future are ALWAYS a treat!

  43. Here is a link to the Canadian Human Rights Commission on the topic of equal pay for work of equal value. It includes the adoption as a HR in 1978, the implementation in different provinces, and the minimal cost effect on employers.


  44. Oh my!

    Sorry for the frightful picture of Barky Borg. I was just expecting the link to the amazon page to show up; not the photo from the page. Either they have changed their coding – or this was a special request of this vendor (and they pay more to get that ghastly image to chase after people like a zombie).

  45. Mt. Laurel: It is Amazon’s default–not your fault!

  46. Any woman who has a twitter account who doesn’t visit this moron really doesn’t know how to kick ass.

  47. jackyt, here in the USA, I have the perfect answer to minimal cost impact: Pay the women more than the men and cut the men’s pay by 28%. No cost impact at all!

  48. or an imitation (very bad imitation) of a Picasso in his red and blue period.

    ROFL!!! This on-target assessment has my vote.

  49. Uppity, the reason I included the comment about minimal cost is to highlight the fact that there is NO EXCUSE WHATSOEVER to not pass this legislation (other than blatant misogyny, of course).

  50. Yes Jackyt, I did see that. You just gotta hand out with me a lot to get my humor.

  51. I’m so excited! Mr Uppity got me a scarecrow for the garden! His name is Dude. I’m gonna set him up near the Mulberry tree which is about to spring tons of berries. It will keep all those birds from crapping all over everything, the flying shithouses that they are.

    …….ducking and running from bird lovers.

  52. I’ll get a pic when I set Dude up.

  53. Hi Uppityites. Wanted to let you know we have a new member of The Widdershins whose first post is up today. Stop by and read the post if you have time.


  54. the Mulberry tree which is about to spring tons of berries. It will keep all those birds from crapping all over everything, the flying shithouses that they are.

    Yes they are. I could swear the car windshield was hit by a flying teradactyl. Glad my mulberry did it’s thing last month. 😀

  55. The second coming will come and Harry will still be pontificating. Not holding my breath when it comes to Harry answering you. 😉

  56. McNorman, the damned mulberry tree is there BECAUSE of the birds. I never planted it. It just kept springing out of the ground and I would cut it, thinking it was a stubborn weed. Well it wasn’t a weed but it WAS stubborn. I finally gave up and within two years or so it was higher than the garage. And the birds think they should come and reap what their crap sowed, because that’s how it got there. I bird crapped out the seed.

  57. Fredster!!!!

  58. Upps: I sent an email the other day. I know how busy you are, but it’s there whenever you get a chance to read it.

  59. Have you all seen this?

    So getting Blogger to shut down blogs, reporting twitter accounts as spam- and now this?
    Am I in Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union? Gestapo? SS? KGB?

  60. PMM: Many similar things happened duriing the 2008 election cycle. Just ask Upps. There were a number of people who were HRC supporters who got somewhat the same treatment.

  61. It matters not whether you would have chopped it down, they have already spread the seed far and wide Upps. I’m telling you that the size of that teradactyl dookie was large enough to sprout two more trees. I hope Dude works out. You keep us informed. I might have to make one myself. I refuse to drive a purple car.

  62. It’s pretty gross PMM. I am really stunned by the fact that the guy in LA is an assistant DA. The sheriff’s office went to town on him and his family.

  63. Fredster- Oh yes indeed- I remember what those thugs did to so many Pro-Hillary bloggers on Blogspot. And I remember our own Uppity leading the charge away from Blogger over to WordPress.
    So many bloggers were threatened, harassed, some had their real names and addresses outed and published.
    The bots are nothing better than jackbooted thugs- and their excuse when someone is seriously injured or killed will be “I was just following orders.”
    IMO there needs to be a very very public arrest, trial and the max punishment for these punks. And then an investigation into who gave them their marching orders- because I know- I KNOW- as soon as they are faced with a long long time in prison with Bubba for a cellmate- somebody is going to turn state’s witness. And throw their master under the bus.
    Which would be Karma at its finest lol.

  64. Mulberries- not something with which the birds have chosen to gift me (yet) My sis had a HUGE one in the backyard on Cape Cod. I believe they are supposed to be edible? Have never tasted them- but am always game to try new fruits.
    LOL on the scarecrow Uppity- the birds around here laugh at the damn things. We had to put netting over the strawberries today- the birds are at them- and even taking the unripe ones. Like there are not ten trillion weeds, wildflowers, slugs and bugs to eat. Bastages!
    A few years back I kept out the lids from tin cans and had husband drill holes- through which I poked recycled baling twine and hung those from trees and stakes. Worked for a while- til the birds got used to them lol.
    Good luck with Dude!

  65. My caption for this picture:

    “Jeez–he always wants to talk about important global and national stuff. Can’t we just play golf?”

  66. Uppity, maybe Harry will answer you in another life. Yes, for keeping kitteh info on the threads. I love hearing updates and seeing cute U Tubes of kittehs. I hope Bill does not realize that we have even questioned this.

  67. SopheCT: Oh Bill saying “Listen putz! I’m trying to ‘splain to you how it’s done!! Idiot!!”

  68. Fredster: Yes–works for me.

  69. “Now that this year’s fake Paycheck Fairness Kabuki Act has completed itself, you be sure to fall for this bullshit again next year, you hear? Better yet, prepare ye to see Paycheck Fairness come up just before the November election, to remind you to vote Democrat, even though the result will be the same: Nothing. You heard this here. I’m sure Harry won’t prove me wrong.”

    Bingo, Uppity. Do women suffer short term memory loss? How do they not remember that this sh*t gets dragged out and then put back in the closet every election cycle?

  70. Ani, as the Rock Man in the Land of Point once said, “You see what you want to see and you hear what you want to hear. You dig?”.

  71. Yeah. I dig. And I cannot tell you how many people are saying, “oh, I’m so disappointed but I’ll give him another chance. Hoepfully he’ll do better next time.” Oy! I’m trying to be optimistic but I don’t see how people will ever wake up.

  72. “You see what you want to see and you hear what you want to hear. You dig?”.

    Why oh why do we beat ourselves to death?

  73. Ani, do you think that they might just be saying the words with absolutely no intention of going through with it?

  74. Wait — I think I misunderstood your question — you mean what congress is doing or what the voters are saying re who they will vote for?

  75. Either of the two Ani. Honestly, I think that we are getting a lot of lip service. Those in congress are worried about their necks and the citizens are hoping that their vote won’t be missed. I do think that this might actually go the way of a landslide, or am I dreaming?

  76. The bottom line is this economy. This guy has gone to town on the debt and the youngin’s are going to inherit it all. Somewhere I read or heard someone talking about the college kids in particular. Those that were in the moment with Barack in 2008 are freaking out over the no job for you prospect. The reality check per se.

  77. I read about this law firm offering a $10,000 p/yr salary (yes, 10 grand for the year) to an incoming associate.


    This is ugly.

  78. Wow — I hadn’t heard that, McN. Well, I’ve got some boxes of mac n cheese in the cupboard. Better break em out to save a buck..

  79. I had read about the debt incurred vs the job market prospects. These young adults are going to be very unhappy when they graduate, particularly those in the lower tier schools.

  80. I’ve got some boxes of mac n cheese in the cupboard. Better break em out to save a buck..


  81. My desktop died finally. Caught up on reading here on the kindle and just wanted to say hi to everyone.

    uppity had a great rant on lorac’s thread. also great reading all around.

    and lorac – disco music and love story movies will be available only via wifi to the hammock. Not under my roof.

  82. Sorry about the desktop karen. It happens, glad you can use the kindle.

  83. Computers will eat my brain — particularly the p.o.s. laptop I am using right now. But I suppose I should be grateful to it — I workedthatthing pretty hard and wrote the whole book on it! I think it is tired now! 🙂

  84. VERY nice post, UW! Something to keep in mind when it comes up for the election loop cycle.

  85. Ani, if ya worked the laptop to shreds, did you work your fingertips to bones?

  86. If your computer doesn’t eat your brains, let me know and my cat will do it for you.

  87. Kitty control.

  88. I have been Taken.

  89. Up into another level?

  90. At first i didn’t think it was real. But then I got this sudden urge to jump up really high and lick myself all over…

  91. Karen, do you want me to contact you, re: what you should and shouldn’t purchase?

  92. Game over. Kitty penetrated through your eyes.

  93. It could be like a Ray Bradbury story.

  94. I also am obsessed with following the sun around the house and lying wherever it is. This is getting serious. And just yesterday, I swatted Mr. Uppity and hissed.

  95. Ray Bradbury. RIP.

  96. Mr. Uppity may be wondering how the kitty got into you.

  97. Interesting how cats and dogs follow the sunny spots in the house throughout the day. It is as though they get some sort of food or energy from sunshine.

  98. thetownecrier, on June 8, 2012 at 12:25 AM said: Edit Comment
    Ani, if ya worked the laptop to shreds, did you work your fingertips to bones?

    the fingers look about the same –although I plug the keys so much and my hands have touched so much paper, that I barely leave fingerprints!!

  99. Uppity — contact ME TOO and tell me what to purchase. Sooner or later, I will need another laptop — PC based — and I’d like something that lasts and is not as heavy as the behemoth I have now. The watchword is fastfasftfast.

  100. Uppity Woman, on June 8, 2012 at 12:27 AM said: Edit Comment
    If your computer doesn’t eat your brains, let me know and my cat will do it for you…
    Uppity I just saw that!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You’re freaking me out!

  101. Ooooo. Your fingers no longer have fingerprints, and your keyboard no longer has letter markings on the keys.

    Sign of a modern writer, indeed.

  102. Actually Crier, cats get Vitamin D by absorbing it thru their skin. Thus the lying in the window serves its purpose besides warmth, which cats love. Too much of a good thing on a black cat, and you will see those ‘rusty’ spots on their fur. Anyone who has ever had a black cat knows what I mean.

  103. Hmmm. Cats draw up Vit D through their skin. Just like humans. Interesting.

  104. Nighty, nighty folks.

  105. Ani things change rapidly with computers. And asking all the questions to figure out what you need is time consuming, so it’s better to just wait till you are absolutely ready for a purchase.

  106. Got it. I’m postponing the inevitable. Although whenever I am ready to buy, five minutes later, that will likely be osolete too!

  107. and lorac – disco music and love story movies will be available only via wifi to the hammock. Not under my roof.


  108. mcnorman – re: new attorney pay

    Maybe it’s partly the economy, but maybe something else, too….?

    I’ve heard for years that there were more people in law school each year than lawyers currrently practicing… perhaps the glut has finally caught up to them, ie, such a large supply pool that they can lower the pay and still get good people?

  109. Yes Crier, so you can see why they ‘follow the sun’ indoors. They are never outdoors to collect up the sun, so they compensate by lying in the windows wherever the sun is at that time of day. It’s easy for them to do because they also love warmth, as you know. I’ve had elderly cats and cats feeling punk where I would lie a small blanket wherever the sun was during the day so they could get the sun and have a soft spot for sure.

  110. But what are you supposed to do on $10K a year — pitch a tent in the park?

  111. Re: Letters worn off of keyboard. That’s me. I have yet to have a computer that I didn’t wear letters off of.

  112. Ani, if you want extreme processor speed, the best ones are always the gaming machines. They are also always the most expensive. You can get more speed than you have, I’m sure, but unless you want to fork over double, you aren’ going to get the fastest one. Processor speed and type is one of those things that bumps up the price, as does RAM, but not as much now.

  113. I will say I have had great luck with my sony laptop. In fact, this is the longest I have ever gone with a machine where I didn’t have something important crap out. But their customer service truly blows goats and I mean they are not only useless but they will F up your machine if you give them remote privileges to solve something. They also can’t speak English for shit and they are truly the worst ‘support’ I have ever known, and I have had many different machines. So when I buy again, and it’s coming, because I beat the crap out of my machines — I will go for Toshiba, I think. Besides a good reliabililty quotient, I’ve seen some good reports on their customer service.

    It’s also my guess that DELL will start pumping out good machines. The reason I say this is they have a LONG history of making good PCs and then getting porky. Then they start turning out crap, shipping them to you directly from Taiwan, and sticking it up your butt with service and warranty. The worst. Then their stock craps out and people stop buying from them and they clean up their act again. If you get one from them when they are in Act-Cleaning mode, you not only get a good deal but you get a good machine. The trick is When you buy a Dell not If you buy one. I have seen them run this pattern so many times, I can almost smell the blood.

  114. I’m going to post that job story tomorrow, it needs to be broadcasted for a whole host of reasons.

    And if this is a full time job, that company is paying well below minimum wage and you would think that they would know this before the dept of labor tells them so.

  115. Awww, Sophie & Michellina are getting kittehs from Mom? That is so adorable.

    I was at Kaiser today at the breast center to have my mamm, and I was really grouchy when I got there becuz of their horrendous parking sitch. Anyway, laker & I were sitting in the waiting area and in walk two elderly volunteers holding two large English Setters by the leash. The dogs had those training vests on & we thought first they were in training for the blind, but they were “therapy dogs”, which I don’t know anything about, but they were beautiful sweet dogs and of course wanted to be by laker, so I got to take pix of them with laker. They were so sweet, it got me out of my bad mood in a second! I guess they were taking them around the areas where people might have cancer or something? Anyway, it was fun. Beautiful creatures, I don’t see many English Setters here.

  116. One year law school at Boston College is over $43k, not including housing and food.

    The thing is many of these kids keep entering these expensive colleges and many of them major in things that yield low paying jobs to begin with. They are not brainiacs. And they have an attitude that precludes state colleges, so then they graduate and bitch and moan that they can’t get a good job and have 150k in loans they can’t pay. Then they join OWS and try to get the rest of us to pay for their stupid choices.

    But with law, for the next fair number of years in this economy, only the cream of the crop will get the good jobs.

  117. Were the dogs wearing TDI vests, socal? And since when does a person have TWO?


    These days many people declare that their dogs are therapy dogs when they are not trained as one. Great way to get to take your dog everywhere though.

    Dogs that go to nursing homes for visits, etc generally are required to be GGC and TDI dogs.

  118. CGC test demo

    TDI is much harder, will try to find demo.

    Service dogs are CGC, TDI and specialty trained by professionals for specific needs, blindness, wheel chair, etc.

  119. There were two people, each had one dog. They gave laker the dogs cards, like business cards. The cards have pix of the dogs and a bunch of info about them. The cards say they are registered with the Natl Therapy Dog Reg, and Paws of Love, and some So Cal Dog Show Assoc & some Natl English Setter Assoc. Kaiser is trying to be hip now, and into various health conscious themes, although I still their dietary suggestions are stupid.

    laker said the vests were blue and said therapy dogs.

    Oh, another funny tidbit about kaiser. They have a grand piano in their lobby and they usually have a piano player playing classical, jazz or show tunes! Ah, California! Dogs & live music at the Medical facility. We truly do march to the beat of our own drummer.

  120. see a service dog gets CGC, TDI and then he learns things like hand signals along with verbal signals. Then they move on to specialty training. Takes a long time for specialty.
    This dog is learning hand signals along with the verbal.

  121. I just watched the CGC vid. These dogs were definitely like that. Very calm & very well behaved. I think they are legit and part of some kaiser program. One thing thats nice is that wherever we go there are senior volunteers. They are docents everywhere, or ushers at the concert places, volunteering everywhere at Kaiser. Its nice. I wish I could’ve got my Dad to do that in his last years. He did plenty of community service work when he was middle aged, for childrens charitys, and homeless.

  122. Check out this guy who knows how to help stabilize his person and has episodic medic alert skills.

  123. WOW look at the shit this dog does.

  124. Poor woman! That dog is amazing.

  125. Really they are amazing, dogs. look at the last one I posted. Amazing dog.
    And here’s a shopping dog.

  126. They special trained this dog to move the wheelchair bound kid’s legs several times a day.

  127. Nite socal. Glad I got to goof around with ya, finally. lol. It’s late.

  128. Beautiful vids Upps. Tear jerkers!

  129. @ lorac I think that the glut has finally hit the wall. Too many in the field being placed where there are no jobs.

  130. @Ani pitching a tent in the park is about all that will be had under that amount p/yr. The firm stated that they felt that they would be offering valuable training. The salary represents what they feel would be what the associate would bring in billable hours. I don’t buy that.

  131. Here’s a genuine service dog now pressed into PR duty for the coal industry.
    Ginny, the first dog in canine SAR history to be trained in both surface and underground coal mine rescues, has been added to Alpha’s Running Right safety program
    Read more:

  132. Amazing therapy and guide dogs. I have been up close and personal with them a few times in my life, from working with the bed-ridden to give cheerful companionship to police dogs it is always a pleasure to interact with that kind of well taught professional animal.

    Will comment on computer on the latest thread.

  133. Karen, I am remembering the first time I tested my dog for CGC. She was fantastic throughout the entire test..until…..

    Until the part where I had to leave her with someone and disappear. She was fine till I disappeared and then you could hear her barking in the next town. I didn’t know whether to say GOOD DOG or kill her.

    While it was great to know she wanted to watch me at all times, and good to know nobody was going to steal her from my property without a fight, it’s a double edged sword, because if you are ever on the ground in trouble, your dog is probably not going to let paramedics near you. I learned this the hard way when I took a fall on ice when we were running. We were at a familiar path and when I dived, several people stopped and ran to me, but she wouldn’t let them near me. I finally had to get up using her to help and get my own ass to the emergency room. While funny in retrospect, if it had been a heart attack, I shudder to think that police might have had to harm her.

    So…..we practiced and practiced and she did pass with flying colors the second time. So now, I depend on her briliance to know the Difference if she is ever faced with a decision as to whether or not to allow someone else handle her.

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