Happy Days Are Here Again.

(h/t) McNorman)

Boston law firm posts a job opening at Boston College for a “First Year Associate”.

Starting Salary: $10,000

That was not a typo.

However, the “winner” of this job will receive “Valuable Experience,” health care and a T-Pass. Whew! For a second there I thought this was a bad deal!

The “best” part: They received 32 applicants.

Minimum wage would calculate to $15,000 yearly.

*Boston College Law School tuition for year 2012-13: $43,170. Room and Board: $11,300.  Anticipated yearly total expenses including tuition, room and board: $62,871. 

Happy days are here again…


* Boston College Tuition and Financial Aid


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  1. CHEESE AND RICE! A crappy one bedroom apt in Boston can run upwards of 1500 a month- PLUS utilities.
    How the hell does one live on that?
    Oh, wait, parents basement.

  2. Full time work. 32 applied. That’s material for a Romney ad.
    Enjoyed hearing Mitch and song even tho it’s sarcasm.

  3. Ha Ha Ha!! Rick (Frothy) Santorum has a new career: motivational speaker!

  4. Well, considering we’re moving back to the 1950s…$10k is a pretty good salary!! Twice the national average!!! But that’s only if you’re a man….if youz a woominz……you only get $6k!

  5. It’s essentially an internship. Given that teachers spend their first semester in the classroom with no pay and have to pay a semester’s tuition for the privilege, I don’t have much sympathy. I would have appreciated $10,000 for doing my student teaching.

  6. @ PMM

    Yes, the basement dwelling.

  7. @ elliesmom

    It is an internship, but it is an unfair one. I’ve been following these law school glut stories for awhile. They lure them in with the promise of xxxx amount of dollars at the end of graduation. The problem is that they are working for free throughout the year already. Pro bono for some of these groups or others that are non profit. Then the summer comes and it’s usually another 12 weeks of free work at full time + hours after the the first year. The second year might garner an internship that pays, but according to the stats few are paying. They are working an average of 60+ per week. In Texas the glut is so bad that 10-15 interns maybe hired during that 2nd year summer internship. Only two will get an offer to work for the firm. Too many schools turning out too many people and no one is special…just like lorac said.

  8. It is too early for popcorn- but I have extra barf bags.
    Dear Reader is going to suck up some airtime around 10:15. Going to talk about “paid for blah blah blah” I go deaf about 30 seconds after the talking heads say his name.
    I would wager he is going to give a live televised campaign stump speech. Must need to get it on the teevee- I hear his “events” are no longer fainting room only.

  9. Not another stump speech…oh gag me with a spoon. 😦

  10. Yep. He needs the airtime:

    Obama will be “calling on Congress to pass the bipartisan, paid-for ideas that the President proposed last year to put construction workers back to work upgrading our roads and bridges, teachers back in the classroom educating our kids and police and firefighters back on the job keeping our communities safe,” said the White House.

    The announcement also said that Obama “will address the state of the economy, including the situation in Europe, which continues to pose headwinds to our recovery here at home.”

    The president may also take a few questions.

    The appearance caps a rather bad week for Obama and his re-election campaign.

    It has included a depressing jobs report, mixed messages from former president Bill Clinton, and apparent momentum for Republican challenger Mitt Romney.

    hahahahahahahahahahaha!!! Sowwy…couldn’t help myself….hahahahahahaha!

  11. Greta says speech is about economy. Then he’ll take questions.

  12. Excuse the Fox link- I picked this up at Crawdad’s- a commencement address that EVERY “special moonpie” should hear!

  13. imust – your rendition of THE announcement is everything!

  14. The “intern” scam is used by all sorts of different business and is essentially slavery– sorta like being a “part-time” employee who works 60 hours a week for minimum wage and no benefits, i.e. Republican heaven.

  15. mcnorman, if there’s such a glut of people graduating with law degrees, then maybe young people should think about a different career. It’s devastating to put that much effort into your education and then not be able to find a job, but the law firms wouldn’t be able to take advantage of young people if they were competing to hire them. The new lawyers do have the option of choosing not to participate. Young people today believe they have a “right” to be able to get a job in the field of their choice, but that has never been reality.

  16. Preview of teh presser
    Let me be clear. Not my fault. Uh Uh Ahh. Evil R’s won’t uh uh uh let me have my way. (foot stomp) I uh ah uh wanna spend uh ah ah more (LOTS MORE) of YOUR money and Congress won’t let me. BOOOSSSHHHH! I, me, mine.
    the end
    (had to come back and edit and put in the uh’s and ah’s

  17. Europe, less business for Pittsburgh and Cincinnati, European leaders, banks, Greece, elections, remain in EuroZone, better for everyone, Greek People need to recognize (small lecture to citizens of Greece)

  18. European growth agenda, solutions hard, Europe, Europe, Europe. Markets regain confidence.
    Weakness in world economy , Europe, Asia
    MY job plan sent to Congress, American people support it, Congress refused to pass job plan in full.
    Payroll tax cut was good. I put more money in your pocket

  19. More to be done. Private sector is hiring. State and Local govts laying off people. Congress pass bill right now to put the cops, teachers and firefighters back to work.
    Put construction workers back to work right now!

  20. Housing market is coming back.
    Pass bill, right now, to help underwater homeowners.
    Tax breaks to small business for hiring workers.
    Everybody agrees! No excuse for not passing these bills.

  21. I have already lost track of how many times he has said “Right Now”

  22. Situation in Europe is not simply a debt crisis- market is making it harder for those countries to borrow.

  23. Hello??? Where did you all go? Hair washing? Weed picking?

  24. Just got back.

  25. It’s sad elliesmom. I know a young man who is doing a clerkship for one of the appeal courts. He graduated top of top tier law school and has little prospect of finding a job that he will fit into. This guy has the right attitude. He will make himself fit into whatever comes.

  26. All I heard on the road was, “not my fault” and a hint of we need to take money from the private sector to insure that the public sector which has lost jobs is okay. If that boondoggle trillion $$$ (read it so you know what’s in it) stimulus had not inflated the public sector as much as it did, we wouldn’t have had to lay off (lose) those jobs.

  27. Perhaps places like France should not be dropping the retirement age to 60? I hear the Spanish banks are in severe trouble. I don’t want to bail any of these countries out, but it looks like that might be in play.

  28. I LOVE that commencement address. Because it’s so true All this coddling and giving out trophies just for playing has addled their brains. They really think they are ‘special’. They also don’t know the difference between the Right To Happiness and the Right to PURSUE Happiness.

    Pretty much every law school student seeks clerking jobs, that’s not new, but this is different. This is an actual HIRE and it’s ludicrous. I wonder if the firm isn’t just looking to see which graduates don’t have that “I’m special” attitude. A person with that attitude would never apply. It might be a strategy to automatically weed out applicants who think they are the cat’s ass.

  29. I’m not sure what they are looking for Upps. I do think it is a way of being able to be choosier about the new indentured servant. I know that some of the alumni were extremely peeved because the stats for which school gets new hires xxx amount of dollars upon graduation is complete bs. It has been that the top two tier names will garner something, but it has never been an indentured servant position. Boston sits in the top tier at #27.

  30. He needs the airtime:It adds to his global warming 😆

  31. Well that is one hellacious footprint foxy.

  32. McNorman, I could be deluded, but what I’m thinking is they have every intention to pay that hiree a decent salary but might see a trial-employment as important to them. These larger firms don’t like dead weight and their overhead is often large, so it’s way to see if there’s some compatibilty going on before the real salary kicks in. I have to figure they know labor law, because the salary mentioned is below minimum wage. So basically, it would be up to the selected candidate to spend the hours he/she needs to spend to win the one ‘trial’ case they will give him or her. Since they’ve made it pretty clear the candidate will be assigned a case to lead immediately, I guess it could be regarded as a piece-meal job.

    I’m sure these firms have seen more than their share of these new graduates with lots of attitude and no goods — and it may be their way of fighting back to avoid a bad employee. I’m just thinking out loud here.

  33. I put in another 16 hour day at work yesterday so didn’t get to answer the other thread till now.

    I couldn’t sleep well so I went out very early this morning to see what was in Wilkes Barre. I went to electronics depts in 4 stores and the best deals were at Staples. I checked out laptops and desktops and ended up with a desktop and a 20 inch monitor. (my old one was 12 inches! I can see clearly now…)

    My last computer lasted 9 years through moves and beatings and it was a HP. The one before that was also an HP and was fine after 5 years and then was lost to water damage from fire.

    I got a coupon for windows 8 for free when it comes out, too.

    The monitor, keyboard, mouse, cables, HP Pavillion, Norton and Office was total approx. $600.00 and for me that is top end.

    Maybe I should have waited till I checked with Uppity.

    I have a modem, NetGear wifi and an old HP printer and it all plugged in and started up without issues.

    When I have time I have to get DVDs and make recovery discs. I have to catch up on 9 years of technology, there are lots of new whistles and bells that I am not used to on this set up.

    It felt right so I grabbed it. If it lasts as long as my others then I will make out like a bandit for the next decade! Shiny and new toy.

    Now I just have to keep doing overtime – hey, I might have a fairly low income but compared to those lawyers I am RICH!!!!

    Thanks for the offer, Uppity. Hope you don’t HATE Hewlett Packard.

  34. I would think the same thing UW but the interns that they use when they recruit from the second year are usually what they will cull from. That is their initiation and it is a sink or swim situation. I know that their use of the research law sites can add up to thousands of dollars. The students are used to having those databases in school because it is already included in their tuition. I do know that the private firms keep tabs on all of that? I’m at a loss because I do see both sides of the issue. I just can’t imagine them courting the 2nd year students to do a summer internship and then dumping them? The schools tout their graduate hires, and I know that there has been a great deal of misleading which is causing the students to go nuts after they have acquired that much debt. On the other hand, I have also been told by various interns that even the Ivy kids are having a tough time. A C student from a top Ivy school will no longer have an automatic job when the degree is finished.

  35. Who knows what’s really up, McN. All I know is, whatever it is, it doesn’t LOOK good.

  36. Karen, just hope you got adequate processor speed and RAM.

    As for HP, I am definitely not crazy about their laptops but can’t comment on their desktops. HP does most of their mfg in Malaysia, I think, and that is a definite step up from Taiwan and China. Generally, desktops, unless you get a bad one, don’t usually have many problems so I’m sure you will be okay. I have no idea how good their warranty honoring in, but here’s hoping you don’t even need to find out.

    If you’re happy, I’m happy.

  37. It’s ugly Upps.

  38. Not On Topic but relevant to this last week’s happenings.

    Before Walker broke the forced-dues rule, Afsme had 62,218 dues-paying members in Wisconsin. Once the rule was broken, Afscme has 28, 785 dues paying members. As I guessed, people did not like to be forced to pay union dues and first chance they got, they booked. Now, some will argue its because they don’t like being in a union that squanders their money and spends it all on upper level trips, perks and contributions to politicians. I disagree. I think they wanted their net pay increased and they grew to enjoy the increased net amount in their paycheck. I would venture to say that every one of them voted for Walker in order to keep the voluntary rule in effect.

    I cannot speak for all union situations, but it was my experience that unions made a lot of noise during the 90s if anybody tried to mess with the slightest thing. However, they made so much noise that many companies started shutting down plants, and when consolidation and restructuring was in the works, the first plants to go were the ones with the most fractious unions. Afer that, the nationals packed up and left their members holding the bag. Many of these workers were great people with skills and they were bewilidered about the train that hit them. They would have preferred to give a little than see their entire workplace shuttered. I saw this happen more than I want to tell you.

  39. I think they wanted their net pay increased and they grew to enjoy the increased net amount in their paycheck. I would venture to say that every one of them voted for Walker in order to keep the voluntary rule in effect.

    In this economy? Absolutely, they want every penny that they earn. One of the worse states with this situation is NM and IATSE (theatre movie union). The union got so out of control under Richardson that they aren’t seeing very many movies come in. It was boom for Hollywood under Richardson. The tax incentives were phenomenal. I was amazed at the breaks that the union doles out for the members. Of course all of this came at a price. Richardson and pals made off like bandits. Now, these people (bottom rung grunts) can’t get work to save their lives.
    But they also wouldn’t mind representation with less frill so that they could all work.
    Great info on who gets the breaks and how it works. Unfortunately, those tax incentives means that someone else gets shafted.

  40. Luckily, I live where the cost of living is not as high as it is in others which allows me to live comfortably within my means. I don’t like the trend that I have seen these last three years. Everyone is getting hit in some fashion or another. I really think that offer for an associate was over the top on the shock meter.

  41. What you say is very very true Uppity. We had a plant here that made parts for automobiles- doors and fenders and so forth. The owners asked the union/workers to chip in 10% for their health insurance. This was absolutely top of the line health insurance- covered everything with NO copays. (A woman I worked with had some pretty bad cancer and her husbands insurance from this company covered 100% of ALL of her treatment, hospital, doctors, drugs etc) They paid NOTHING into this insurance- it was an old old union deal. The employer covered it all.
    The union called a meeting for the workers to vote. And the workers voted NOT to concede and inch. Not to bargain at all.
    Shortly after, the plant closed up and the employees and their families had
    NO insurance. At all.
    And that was a huge employer here- so their selfishness also impacted the entire community and economy- and their neighbors- we their fellow citizens.

  42. For all the nonsense about the economy coming from both parties, neither one seems to have a clue about how to create jobs.

    If they ever discuss the matter (they are usually too busy salivating about privatizing Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid), both the Dems and the Repubs want to give money to private industry. Problem is, private industry has been shipping all our jobs overseas for decades. I guess since most of our CongressCritters have job security, lifetime health insurance and a high income which steadily increases every year, they haven’t noticed,

    At this point, our government is just a bunch of rich people handing out money to their richer friends. it is purely disgusting.

  43. It’s just one big happy party and every once in awhile, they put on a kabuki show. The results are usually a lot like elphant intercourse. Plenty of hooting and bellowing, lots of dirt kicked up, and then nothing happens for two years. seriously, America needs to clean up these two parties and start all over again. Somebody with the ground orginization skills should really put Term Limits on the ballot in all 57 states and force congress into finding something else to do for a living after two terms. It’s going to be the only way to put a dent in the oligarchy we are suffering under. They are literally strangling us and destroying democracy. They will never create term limits to themselves. Why should they? For all the talk about poor old people being on what that shameless lifetime government bilker Simpson called “the teat,” there is nobody in the USA on the teat that costs us more than these congress people. They get huge retirements even if they serve one term. They have all the best benfits and a blank check. Term Limits is their biggest fear, and they could be forced into it by referendum. These people are seasoned thieves with the audacity to call everybody else entitlement bilkers.

  44. New post up.

  45. Karyn,
    I have 4 HP desktops and they run fantastic ! The newest is 3 years old and as Upps says it is processor and ram that important. Mine are big boys. Mega mega fast. Never had a bit of issues with HP but Dell gave me fits. My small laptop is HP but big boy is a Toshiba. Far as I can see no difference between Toshiba and HP. Intel makes a 10 core processor I am wanting to get and put in but I do a lot of gaming. That is the only bad thing about the HP laptop I have it is a lousy 32 bit and I believe a 2 or three core processor. The Toshiba is much better but it cost a fortune too.
    Why I prefer a desktop is simple , I can make them lots bigger. I have yet to open a laptop and doubt I ever will.
    BTW I have my desktop hooked up to a 52 inch flat tv. Makes video games real fun and can I see these posts lmao.
    As for HPs warranty it is great. Yes I had to send it in but they paid both ways and I had it back from Texas in 4 days and good as new no hassle.

  46. mcnorman,

    Too many schools turning out too many people

    That is exactly right. Law schools need students. Those big tuitions go part way to paying for lots of salaries. Law schools do not care what happens to students after they graduate. Students do get lured in for whatever reason. They probably are not thinking or seeing clearly to the time after they graduate, to know if they will actually have work. They will defnitiely have debt. But a job, that is another issue altogether.

  47. It’s not a law school’s responsibilty to get these kids a job. It’s THEIR responsibility. A law school, ANY school is not an extension of mommy and daddy. It’s the responsibility of that student to choose the school and career path wisely and to assess themselves a little more accurately than I AM SPECIAL. Frankly, if a student wants to pay 40k plus for tuition into a school that is sending him out in a glutted workfield then he had better be Outstanding. If there is one job for, say, every 100 graduates, then a student enters already knowing the competition is stiff. If he decides to pursue, then the end result will be his own responsibility. Every degree I pursued I pursued on my own. I NEVER remember expecting that school to go find a job for me. It was never the job of a university to do that.

    What we are seeing is an expectation that is an extension of the coddling through childhood and schools. Exactly at what point does someone enter the real world on their own? This is simply not a college’s job. And it’s not a government’s job either. There’s a lack of maturity going on here that simply cannot carry over forever. A degree in ANYTHING is not a pass to the finish line. It’s a ticket to the starting line. The race is yours.

  48. @TC
    It doesn’t help that they lure them in by using false stats. I know that someone was suing the group that does rankings.

  49. But you’ve gotta figure that when there is a glut of offices related to that profession and that these offices are as common as gas stations, i would say the hint is there. Who needs college stats when all we need to do is look in the yellow pages to see pages upon pages upon pages of people in that profession. That’s all I’m saying. Law is one of those fields where there ARE great opportunities but not for every law graduate. Some people are just MEANT to be great attorneys. But not everybody in that law school falls into that category. I do think many people today pick professions for the wrong reasons. I think money is a huge driving force, trumping passion and a “calling”. That’s where the disappointment comes in, because it costs a lot of money to get to the point where you are an attorney, only to find that maybe you aren’t the cream of the crop and those opportunities are not yours. It’s almost as if th enumber of admired professions have been shaved down to a small handful and everyone flocks in that direction even if they will not be rich. Or happy. Or maybe they will be rich and unhappy. Imagine if everyone saw being an author as the most admired profession and everyone started writing a book. The whole dang country would be writing books and doing not much else. It just seems the focus on ‘professions’ has been narrowed and that’s kind of sad. But I do think that many students want to go into certain fields for prestige and money. Nobody wants to be an actuary, when in fact, actuaries are some of the highest paid people in America. I think if I were young and entering school now I would be looking at those fields that aren’t glutted if I were really interested in success.

    Basically, I’m not even sure I know what the hell I’m talking abou at this time. But it does no good to blame somebody else for choosing a glutted field. Sooner or later, we all have to take responsibility for our own decisions. I just don’t know at what point that is expected for this generation. “Never” comes to mind. lol.

  50. I wish NES would weigh in on all of this, as she has reached success, and just maybe she sees some things that none of us see. She was the person who sent me the article on this post and I went and found the youtube. So I know she has some input here.

  51. As fun as this discussion is, having worked as an associate attorney in a firm that was “eat what you kill” (that’s what we call it) rather than for the traditional set salary, that posting is being read incorrectly at $10,000 a year salary. The associate is going to earn a percentage of actual fees billed & collected, which means the associate could earn nothing (if don’t do a lot of work & clients don’t pay — and yes, clients sometimes don’t pay) to way, way more than $10,000 if he/she is especially productive & bills a lot (and clients pay). The $10,000 figure is an estimate based on what a new associate can expect to earn if he/she brings in no clients (when you bring in a client, you get a higher cut of the fees billed compared to the cut you get for doing work for another attorney’s client). So, the potential, as you get more experience, bill more, bring in your own clients is without limit. It’s similar to a sales person who works on commission only — the firm is going to get the higher % of fees billed & collected, regardless of whether you do work for your client or for another attorney’s client, because the firm is paying overhead/support staff salaries/insurance/etc, but your salary is only limited by you.
    Now, the fact that more & more firms are becoming “eat what you kill” rather than the tradition X amount set salary for new associates, yes, that goes along with the “Happy Days Are Here Again” theme of this post. 🙂

  52. Well Angie, I hope the job doesn’t have any of the “fringes” that the job *this* female associate dealt with:


  53. “eat what you kill”


  54. I do think many people today pick professions for the wrong reasons. I think money is a huge driving force, trumping passion and a “calling”.

    Precisely. The money which is a big draw. I also wanted NES to give us an op on all of this goofiness. I remember reading the school stats which I think are misleading in many ways. This young man that I was talking about was incredible in law school…law review top tier school. Got a job after second year at a Big Law firm. Ended up doing a clerkship after because he didn’t get an offer extended. I suspect (kid is awful nice) that coming from the small pond as big fish got him into that “attitude.” He has the ability and propensity to make one feel very stupid. Smarts? He has them, but I do believe that he rubbed someone the wrong way. Life’s lessons. I’m sure that in time he will find circle where he fits.

  55. Good morning everyone here at Upps place. 🙂

  56. Agree with you, Angie. Still the 10K is shockingly low, and the eat-what-you-kill arrangement is unusual for young attorneys. It takes a while to build up the credibility and gravitas that yields a sizeable client-base.

    It’s hard times for law students right now, and I feel for them. When I graduated I had a bushel of job offers. But, that was in the go-go late-80s.

  57. I might have known Angie was an attorney, considering some of the one-liners she slings on Twitter make my coffee come out of my nose.

  58. o/t but have you seen this??I am very uncomfortable about obama knowing so much about my privacy. 😯

  59. NES — yes, eat what you kill applying to new attorneys is the shocking thing here — I never heard of that before. When I began at the firm where I work now (on an eat what you kill basis), I already had 10+ years in the biz. In fact, the reason I *went* to this firm is because the “traditional” salary I as making at the other firm was actually less than what I could make if I got a % of my fees billed (and paid), but I wasn’t ready to make the leap to open my own office. A few more years here (making more money by getting my cut of fees) and I will open my own firm.

  60. Thanks Uppity — btw my account @TheAngienNC2 was suspended last night (ha, 2 suspensions in 2 months on twitter!) so I’m using my “back up” (original) @TheAngieNC account (good thing I kept both after the original account was suspended last month). Too many one-liners being slung because I’m not doing aggressive following or violating the Twitter TOS. {shrug} Like I said, I can open new Twitter accounts all day if I need too — I’m not going to run out of numbers to add on to “TheAngieNC.”

  61. Well I’m glad you posted that here Angie so that your followers from here can correct their follow lists accordingly.

  62. foxy as I continue to warn you all, do not go to Obama’s web sites where they will pound you with cookies and web bugs and follow your ass around.

    Stay away from Obama’s BFF Google. Do you really think they aren’t mining your emails? They already admit they scan incoming and outgoing mails for “key words”.

    And if you shop online at a regular place, do not register if you can buy as a “Guest”. That way they can’t keep records on you that easily. Remember that today, EVERYBODY sells information for profit.

    I would even get into how they are mining facebook. That plave should have a huge sign every time you login, that says, THANKS FOR LETTING US PEEK IN YOUR WINDOWS.

  63. The data mining is incredible. I read a few weeks ago about a woman who had some work done (think it was reconstructive) and she was very happy. When asked if she would allow permission to have her work (pics) posted on a site, she said absolutely as long as there was no way to find out who the pics were attached to. Her name was removed off the pic, but not off the file where the data mining picked it up. She googled herself and found her “work” on the web.

  64. Upps said:

    I might have known Angie was an attorney, considering some of the one-liners she slings on Twitter make my coffee come out of my nose.

    And a former NOLA gal too and a proud graduate of Tulane Law! YAY!

  65. And so it begins…10 law schools will be cutting their admissions for incoming classes.


  66. Well that’s GOOD, don’t you agree, McNorman?

    To be honest I know some lawyers I wouldn’t hire to wash my car. I could beat them in court, in fact I actually did beat one of them in court of claims. This is a profession where only people who excel should be allowed to study. Literacy is a plus! The country has lowered its educational standards in a horrendous way, and that includes colleges…for money. Then these students get out of law school and can’t compete with the top of the class for the jobs. This results in all those ambulance chasers we all know. It’s not just law either. It’s other professions as well.

    Maybe in the future we will be able to find plumbers and electricians again. That would be nice, especially considering my plumber makes more money than those lawyers I mentioned above whom I wouldn’t hire to wash my car.

    And not everybody should be going to college. It cheapens the value of the degree. It’s already reached the point where a BA is what a High School diploma once was. Seriously, nobody cares, employers aren’t always exploiting people, it’s just that everybody and his brother has a degree now. They shrug. I never understood Barack’s obsession with everybody going to college. It’s just not realistic. Or practical. Nor is it always in the best interest of the poor kid who has that loan and can’t find a job that he thinks is commensurate with his education.

    It’s time people got realisitc. We do not need a lawyer on every corner. What we need are good lawyers whom we can entrust with our legal issues. Usually that starts with higher achievement levels to begin with. I’m sorry but given the USA’s ranking in education, I’m hard pressed to buy that America is just full of nothing but Exceptional Kids. Oh Please. LOL.

    I don’t know. Maybe I’m wrong but college attendance is out of control in the USA. In other countries that far passed us on the educational chart, people are considered according to their capabilities and potential.

    Go ahead. Beat me up.

  67. Only 65% of last year’s graduating law students have jobs that require Bar passage. An alltime low.

  68. I am in complete agreement with you. Many years ago, a young woman was staying with a neighbor. One night, I could hear this creep abusing this young woman who had lost her job and was working as a server to make enough money to go back home to California. This guy was the creepiest sob on the planet. He was a writer for the local paper. She left the following morning. I moved out. A few years later, this creep is a bona fide lawyer. He will get his someday because all he represents are the dealers and corruption creeps. It’s only a matter of time. He is one of the most immoral, crude sobs I have ever come across. He sucks as a lawyer as well. (He only has work because no one else will take the rejects.) Is that mean? Nah.

    I wish that we had never gotten rid of tracking and trade schools. A good electrician or plumber is priceless in my book. College attendance is out of control because the federal grant money is a moneymaker for these institutions. I can’t think of anything more deviant than to bait kids with 126 hours of grant money to pay for English As A Second Language class for four years at which point they are masters of nothing. Our local community college is such a place.

  69. I don’t understand why everyone should go to college either. Especially when they are not mature enough. Oh yeah, our kids are special…special ed by choice. I wrote curriculum and I know the bs that was allowed to be used as educational degree material. Total and utter garbage. My town is a village with five colleges (most have extra satellite facilities as well). How impressive to have all of these colleges with libraries closed on weekends and no late hours. I’m not into Barack’s way of thinking. I’m all for getting rid of teaching tests and getting back to basics. What is going to happen to these kids when that McDonald’s cash register goes down? Do you realize that some of the college kids that I take registration forms from don’t even know what their work address is? These are life skills and they are clueless. Okay, your turn…you beat me up!

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