Open thread and MK Bill’s best tweets

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(Mother’s Day)


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  1. Oh God, for just this moment, I want to be British.

  2. I follow MKBill’s tweets….but I also follow Gov. Jerry Brown’s dogs tweets….am I in trouble?

  3. Are you guys following…..#ObamaHorseNames
    Funny stuff!

    votermom ‏@votermom
    #ObamasHorsenames Past and Spurious
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    1h Chris Coon ‏@Coondawg68
    Guns and Bibles #ObamaHorseNames
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    1h DeniseVB ‏@blogho
    #ObamaHorseNames Shoulda Been Hillary
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    2h CajunDave ‏@CajunDave
    Blaming Saddles #ObamaHorseNames
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    1h DeniseVB ‏@blogho
    #ObamaHorseNames Pack Your Bags
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  4. imustconfess….I do not know how to put screen shots in comments. [hangs head in shame]

  5. imust: you don’t need to put a screen shot. You can put in a live Tweet. If you’re looking at the Tweet in a browser, right click the date/time (upper right corner of the Tweet) link and copy the link location/shortcut. Paste into your WP comment.

  6. Oh! Thanks Sophie!

  7. imust, the dog thing could be a real issue.

  8. Doh Uppity doesn’t get the British thing.

  9. Bu…but….Sutter’s a nice doggie……I think he’s named after “Sutter’s Mill”

  10. I’m also following this cat….who is running for Governor of Louisiana

  11. Doh Uppity doesn’t get the British thing.

    Sorry, I was watching the Queen’s Concert on 20/20 and at that very moment, they were doing the finale: a rousing rendition of Pomp and Circumstance with outstanding fireworks. I got caught up in the moment.

  12. Yeah Pomp and Circumstance. We used to have some of that. Now we have a bunch of beer pongers yelling YES WE CAN! Or Times Square on New Year’s Eve. I think the only thing close to any of it is the military when they do their routines.

    UK has the royal family and we’ve got Ferdinand and Imelda.

  13. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Change is harrrrrrrrrrd.

  14. I just don’t get all these glowing stories about health insurance. I never went without health insurance, and single pay for the past decade. Shortly before the health care bill kicked in my premium went up by 1/3. Then they raised it again, till my premium was nearly 50% more. I could not longer afford it, so to keep my insurance UNDER 1000 a MONTh, I now HAVE A LIFETIME LIMIT on my policy. I also now have NO prescription coverage. So whoopie shit, somebody else got insurance with all the correct bells and whistled at the expense of people like me, because they raised the rates of assholes like me so that we had to drop out. So this is just raw bullshit. People who already had insurance got bumped out of the market because they couldn’t afford it. And if they already had insurance, their insurance policy was “grandfathered” in, so that if they had a lifetime limit they STILL HAVE IT. The only difference is, now they can’t AFFORD the policy. How is this right?

  15. If a cat is running for LA governor, there is hope.

  16. Just to show you how truly dumb people are, this is a search term in my stats.

    “What does a suspicious package look like”

    Why…um….it looks suspicious.

  17. I just love open threads….

    Here’s some Pengy gossip that just hit the news:

    ‘Depraved’ sex acts by penguins shocked polar explorer

    Accounts of unusual sexual activities among penguins, observed a century ago by a member of Captain Scott’s polar team, are finally being made public.

    Details, including “sexual coercion”, recorded by Dr George Murray Levick were considered so shocking that they were removed from official accounts.

    However, scientists now understand the biological reasons behind the acts that Dr Levick considered “depraved”.

  18. Gasp! Penguin Rape!

  19. Interesting InfoGraphic on the Farm Bill.

    Amazing how ubiquitous the effects of this bill are and how few people have any interest in it. Take Iowa’s for example, a state that is 80% agricultural yet has to import 80% of its food.

  20. If you ask me, penguin discrimination is growing at an alarming rate. I have a link somewhere about how they separated two gay penguins. That sucks.

  21. Not only did they separate the two gay penguins but they gave them the Bachmann cure! Now, like Ted Haggard, they are claiming they are “Heterosexual with issues”

  22. Is there no justice for Pengys? I stand united with all Penguins and appeal for justice and equality!!

    When will they learn that you can’t just “pray the gay away!”?

  23. I tell you, I am going to have to do a post on this and start a movement! Who will speak for the penguins!!!?

  24. You know, if they tasted good I wouldn’t care…but..

  25. Power to the Penguins!

  26. Who will speak for the penguins!!!?

    Lorac? Or does her speaking for the trees prevent that?

  27. from foxy’s link: “He will be left with a skimpy legacy except on foreign policy and that’s only because of Hillary,” said a strategist.

  28. Songs that remind us of Barack Obama.

  29. Songs that remind us of Barack Obama.

  30. How about Pengy Vesuvius or marinaded and slow cooked pengy baby back bbq ribs?

    Do the bots see that BoBo was a boo boo?

  31. Songs that remind us of Barack Obama.

  32. Songs that remind us of Barack Obama:
    “You’re so vain” — Carly Simon

  33. Synchronicity!

  34. No Lie! I just copied the url for “you’re so vain”!!!
    Oh well, maybe it’s a different version:

  35. Ivory and Ebony —

  36. “Hit the road , Jack…”

  37. Songs that remind us of barack Obama and infuriate us.

  38. “Fools Rush In”

  39. I am on wifi kindlefire (M) in the link…

    It is the beatles Fool on the Hill

  40. Mr. Nowhere Man– Beatles

  41. Your Lyin’ Eyes

  42. Send in the Clowns — Sondheim

  43. You Lie

  44. I’m a Loser

  45. Nice picks!

  46. Here ya go Dances.

  47. UW

    Now we have a bunch of beer pongers yelling YES WE CAN!

    We see how well that has been going on for the last 3.5 years.

    They should be soooooooooooo proud of themselves. Snip.

  48. Rubber Soul. VERY nice, UW.

  49. For the record. One of my selections was “Ebony and Ivory” because Obama’s race based divisiveness is the antithesis of the spirit of that song, and it pisses me off.

  50. Got all the vinyl, crier.

  51. Here’s yours Karen. HAHAHA perfect!

  52. Barack’s song to Wall Street and George Soros.

  53. “one who keeps tearing ’round (Hillary),
    one who can’t move (obama) “

  54. Dr. Jill Stein – 2012

  55. OMG dwp!! I LOVE that last one!

  56. Here’s one:

  57. Oh how cool and precious B0 was during the primaries, playing basketball while Hillary worked her ass off. And somehow, his playing basketball made him this phenomenal man, with superior judgment. As it happens, he sucked at basketball too.

  58. We went to a huge wooded park with a nice walking/running path, brought along the dog and found nice private spot for a little picnic. Nothing fancy, a cold roasted chicken, potato salad and some fruit. We thought we stroll for a while with the dog and give her a long lead so she could sniff the trees and swear at the squirrels. Well, after about ten imuntes, kids came out of nowhere. I mean seriously, somebody air dropped kids onto that path for her to herd. And herd she did. She got petted, hugged and kissed so much that she is passed out exhausted now. Oddly, she smells like BBQ sauce. We didn’t eat any BBQ sauce, but nevermind.

  59. UW: Keep her away from the prez. 😉

  60. ROFL Sophie.Dog. BBQ sauce. President. Rut Roh.

  61. Anyone watching the Tony’s?

  62. NES’s avatar loaded first and made think of this for BO:

  63. These are the bomb!! Yes I will follow! Because I know what’s good for me…:)

  64. My goodness, I enjoyed this thread. Going down memory lane at the expense of obumma.

  65. WLM, he’s gotta be good for something!

  66. Speaking of Obama, this is the 40th anniversary of Watergate!
    Seems like yesterday.

  67. This song doesn’t really remind me of Obama but I heard it in the grocery store today. One of my favs when I was growing up.

  68. I’m not watching the Tonys.

    I’m watching “Zen” on Masterpiece Mystery. Rufus Sewell is totally hot, imho.

  69. This is an open thread, right? 😆

  70. So shocked:

  71. Yes Beata. 🙂

  72. Greedy old cadaverous bastard Alan Simpson, who has enriched himself on the public teat most of his miserable life, like his father before him, is calling other seniors “greedy geezers”. Somebody pull the plug on this bastard and throw him in the middle of the shuffleboard court.

  73. And he should know about greedy geezers (and teat sucking for that matter). What a pig.

  74. Really, he is such a rude bastard and the epitome of government blood-sucking. He has a lot of nerve. Fortunately he is at the winter of his life and should pack with very light clothing considering where he is going. Just like his old man,miserable, cantankerous old fool of “Let’s set up Anita Hill” fame besides. He is a very vile creature. The average senior gets something like $13k on social security and on his full pay taxpayer-funded senatorial pension, he has the nerve to call THEM greedy. When he croaks from decrepitness, expect a Boo Effing Hoo post from me. Of course, all those years enriching himself with inside information and all, he doesn’t need medicare, but I bet he uses it. Or do these blood sucking senators get a more Golden policy?

  75. Exactly. Since government pensions are such a problem and every governor in America had their eyes on the WI recall, these guys should set an example and vote away their own pensions). It’s not that I don’t appreciate their service, because I do. It just seems excessive since the private sector is in such dire straits (much of it do to their own handiwork!).

  76. Yuck! Alan Simpson! He reminds me of this guy:

  77. DWP — why does “being green” always make me cry…yep, I’m mushy.

  78. Ani, wow, there’s a question I could seriously lose sleep over (on a “school night”, no less!) Thanks. 😉

    I posted that vid as a pitch for Jill Stein-2012 – Green Party, but I got distracted by Kermit and listed it him twice before posting the link.
    I LOVE Kermit.

    I remember one year an old friend’s husband had Kermit as the commencement speaker at the university where he was chancellor.
    Brilliant PR but an even better commencement speech/event, most especially for Kermit fans.

    I’m off to bed now and will ponder your question, no doubt.

  79. For a great example of how policially correct our law enforcement system has become, Secy of Commerce smashed into a ‘stationary’ vehicle with 3 people sitting in it, and they are saying that a “preliminary” investigation “indicates” he caused the accident. I guess the other option is the parked car attacked him, right? Anyways, he hit another car a few minutes later. I guess that car was after him too. The “probe” is continuing on. I guess this is a hard one to solve.

  80. Obama sycophant confronted for conducting “non partisan” voter registration as a high school graduation. Note how Double-Plus-Good-trained he is in the art of robotic response.

  81. Obama For America “non-partisan” voter registration at Broward high school graduation ceremony. Vice President Joe Biden gave the commencement address. Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the DNC Chair, gave out diplomas with Biden

    We now have USA Vice Presidents giving high school commencement speeches. Overall I would say this campaign is really scraping for votes.

  82. Biden is judging the next episode of Toddlers & Tiaras too. Never too young to vote early and vote often.

  83. Yes the toddlers are a target demographic of OFA….especially ones in tiaras.

  84. Kids are only ones really impressed. Sadly OFA does not mind political perversion of them. Unpleasant reminder at Youtube date September 2008 “Obama Kids Music Video : Cute or Creepy ?”

    This is why you, I & hopefully many others cringe when he gives annual speech to school kids. I try to convince the daughter but the grands who hear him are pretty much unreachable . Although 13 yr old is now aware of my disdain. Between him and Michelle, they’re a frightening influence. Forget which of her activities it was but she assembled something like 14,000 school kids for it. Don’t think I can find the link. Was in Iowa?

    Anyway, whole point is they are beyond outrageous.

    At least a good deal of karma coming way of Commerce Secy with some to rub off on WH. Hoping for a large cumulative effect.

  85. eh please change “grands are pretty much unreasonable” to “pretty much unreachable”.

  86. LOLz. A musical number for the internet trolls.

  87. Did someone mention PIE?

  88. Looks like fixit fairy2 got here before me. yay!

  89. I think that graduation video is VERY creepy. And now Toddlers and Tiaras too?

    VERY creepy.

  90. Pamela I think you posted that graduation video on the twit place. If I stole it from you, H/T to you.

  91. Jeb Bush said there would be no place for his father or Reagan in today’s GOP. He called it dysfunctional. He is remarkably silent regarding his brother.

    Bush called the present partisan climate “disturbing.”
    “It’s just a different environment left and right,” he said of “this dysfunction.”
    And Bush also blamed President Obama for much of the conflict.

    While I love an opportunity to slam the the Pretender, Jeb fails to acknowledge the role his brother (& Co.) had on the current dysfunction. Perhaps Jeb forgets, “You’re either with us or agin us.” Perhaps Jeb forgets how they suppressed dissent by calling people unpatriotic (which was replaced by suppressing dissent by calling people raycist). Perhaps Jeb forgets the whole miserable 8 years of his brother’s reign–God knows I wish I could.

  92. I gotta put that internet troll vid.

    Wish the hell I could understand half of what she’s saying though. Jaysys.

  93. Uppity, thanks for the mention but I’m happy as a pig in mud to assist with getting the word out any which way it can be done

  94. I always go look for the youtube since I can’t embed anything on WP without saying swear words I generally don’t use. It’s a real uphill battle.

    I’m in passive-resistant mode on twitter in case you haven’t noticed. Lots of work for me to do.

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