I think I want to marry you!

Doesn’t it sometimes feel overwhelming, all the bad stuff going on out there?  The economy sucks, and some financial experts predict there will be another stock market collapse in the near future – but how do you protect your 401K?  And that’s if you’re lucky enough to HAVE a 401K.  Half the population is living off the taxes of the other half in one way or another, and one of Obama’s nicknames is “the food stamp president”.  So many people have lost their jobs, and those who still have a job are very cognizant that there is no guarantee that they won’t be next one on the cutting block. 

There are voices theatening race riots if the  system doesn’t go their way.  The news is full of people hurting each other, such as people assaulting strangers or drunk drivers killing innocent people (doesn’t it seem like there’s been a significant increase in violence lately?).  A problem-solving, hard-working public servant could have been out there doing all she could to make things right, but TPTB decided their opinions were more important than those of the majority of voters.  And now there’s another election coming up, and the best we can hope for is that ‘tolerable’ beats out ‘awful’.

Oy, it’s downright depressing!

All of these bad things are outside of our control, so besides being depressing, they can also make us feel a sense of powerlessness.  When the world outside starts feeling overwhelming, I think it’s very helpful to remind ourselves of the bigger picture.  For instance, there are a lot of idiots out there, but there are also a lot of very wise people.  There are vicious people committing terrible crimes against others, but there are also many caring, supportive people.  And although there is a lot of CRAP going on all around us, there are also beautiful experiences happening around us, and in our own lives.

And wow, do I have a WONDERFUL beautiful experience to show you.  You may not have seen it yet, because it’s just three weeks old.  Watching something like this just renews your faith in humankind.  Take a look:



Yeah, so just TRY to convince me your eyes didn’t get moist!  It’s worth watching again a second time to just focus on the bride-to-be’s ‘reaction video’ in the upper right corner.  I think this video is so heartwarming.  And how wonderful, how much support their relationship has in that large group of family and friends – even friends/family on skype were a part of it, holding up signs that appear to say, “just”, I guess for the line “just say ‘I Do'” in the song!   SUCH creativity – someone put a lot of energy and love into the planning of this video.  Did you notice that someone even thought to put a box of tissues on the bride-to-be’s right side?! 

I looked up the words to the song – eh, I don’t think they’re anything to write home about, but the music is very pretty, and it’s a catchy beat.  Did you notice the ‘dancing Jews’ prancing past the bride-to-be several times?  The line in the song is actually “dancing juice” (whatever THAT is!); perhaps the lyric change is a private joke, but it sure was cute!  Maybe the groom’s family is Jewish.  Anyway, those ‘dancing Jews’ certainly seemed to tickle her!  And someone really knows how to ‘build up’ the experience for the bride-to-be (and the viewer!).  It just starts with a few people, then builds to more and more.  Even the ‘dancing Jews’ going by started with just one, then increased.  It was so fun watching her reaction to more and more people becoming involved in the dance!  I suspect those were her parents in the beginning of the video, and his parents at the end.  What a team effort!  Don’t you just want to know these people?!  Did you notice anything I missed?

Yeah, we’re going to get through all the bad stuff.  We just have to keep the good stuff foremost in our minds – it’s out there.  And it’s us  🙂   May we all one day dance in a video for a celebration – oh, maybe in say – 4 years?!  In D.C.!  (hey, we’ll ALL be “dancing with pumas” then!!!)

Here are a couple more videos I find heartwarming – please feel free to add your own favorite feel-good videos!




Well, I have to go back and watch the “I think I want to marry you” proposal video again.  I love it!



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  1. Great musical picker-uppers for a rainy day. Thanks, lorac

  2. Nice post, Lorac.

    Here’s an oldie but a goodie:

  3. I thought this would fit for this post!

  4. What a sweet video lorac! You were right, wet eyes here!

  5. It made me feel better. 🙂

  6. How sweet! I hope they live happily ever after!

  7. WASHINGTON — A critical document from President Barack Obama’s free trade negotiations with eight Pacific nations was leaked online early Wednesday morning, revealing that the administration intends to bestow radical new political powers upon multinational corporations, contradicting prior promises.


  8. We must never forget about the little things because this other “stuff” is what nightmares are made of.


  9. I’m shocked UW…not.

  10. Okay so now I finally read the post and I have to admit that is clearly the world’s most AWESOME wedding proposal.

  11. ..hope they’re still together.lol.

  12. The leaks are all W.’s fault. UW.

  13. I can’t lie; I cried.

  14. No DE, they’re Hillary’s fault.

  15. For what I am told is an interesting assessment of what didn’t happen with dailypuma the other day on this blog, you should visit dailypuma at blogspot to read about feminist “churlishness”. I haven’t clicked on it yet as i don’t want to give this creepy guy my IP since he’s trolling here. Glad I didn’t give him that email address he kept asking for in two of his three different screen names. Those four hits I got in my stats really ruined my life too. You come here and recommend to feminists to watch a Louis CK episode (“who is apparently frowned upon by many feminists”), blame wimminz for Hillary’s loss instead of the fact that they stole delegates from her, and expect us to toss roses at you.

    Have fun!

    See what actually happened here while we were trying to have a nice conversation without him.

  16. Passive-Resistants are the very worst kind of people. They pretend they are innocent after they irritate you and then play the victim.

  17. Just was out in the garden- this is a very very bizarre season- the sugar snap peas are going gang busters- and all the squash are setting fruit. Now the zucchini I can understand- but the butternut and acorn have not even started running yet- and I see little tiny squashes.
    And Uppity- I will be needing the squash blossom recipe- looks like perhaps this weekend.
    Oh and thinned the carrots yesterday- small but oh so yummy! Grocery store carrots just do not cut it!
    And the ducks my husband brought home have not been released to wander yet- but we have them penned in between the strawberry barrel and the raised beds- they are slug eating super heroes!

  18. OMG. OMG! I am still crying! Thank you Uppity, I so needed that beautiful vid today.

  19. Whoa!
    “Goodfellas” mobster Henry Hill dies at 69.
    He was also in Field of Dreams, and other films.

  20. Don’t thank me Boston. Lorac put it up.

    And I agree. I have to admit that video got to me.

  21. Mom, re zucchini flowers. All you need is a couple of beaten eggs, flour, salt and pepper. And vegetable oil for frying. Do not cut the flowers. Do them whole. They flatten out in the pan as in wilt.

    I season the eggs. Some people season the flour. Whatever. Season both. lol. Some people mix the beaten egg with the flour over ice water and make a kind of batter. Tastes good both ways. Toss em in the hot pan let them get slightly golden on both sides. It all goes really fast. You have to salt them before eating too. They must be salted, it seriously enhances them.

  22. My eyes were already in full watering mode as the strong breeze is moving those pesky allergens about.

    Gives me the perfect out for weeping a bit over my lunch while watching that cute video.

  23. Great reminder, Lorac, that great things, great people are still out there. Going through a personally hard time and needed that. Uppity, I was going to post the same link about BarkO’s broken campaign promises, but from that link is this interesting tidbit=The one that is not contravened in the present document — regarding access to life-saving medication — is in conflict with a previously leaked document on intellectual property (IP) standards.

    “Bush was better than Obama on this,” said Judit Rius, U.S. manager of Doctors Without Borders Access to Medicines Campaign, referring to the medication rules. “It’s pathetic, but it is what it is. The world’s upside-down.”

    Touche’ Bozo…

  24. Awww…how sweet!

  25. Lorac, what a cool proposal. 60 people. (And yes, not a dry eye here either.) I’m so glad for him that she said yes.

  26. Ooooops…
    When I heard of Henry Hill’s death this afternoon, I had an immdiate image of Ray Liotta, the actor, not Henry Hill the gansta.
    Sorry for the misinformation.

  27. Hahahah dwp. Boink.

  28. How about the people dancing from the laptops. That was cool too. Couldn’t make it in person but included nonetheless.

  29. Has anyobody ever seen or heard of this story of James Woods witnessing a 911 dry run that nobody paid attention to until AFTER 911?

  30. Yes! Apparently Woods’ father was retired SS or CIA or something, so Woods was sensitive to certain scenarios. The 4 men sitting together without uttering a word to each other on a 5 hour cross-country flight made Woods suspicious. He reported them when he de-boarded, but no one seemed to take him serious or something.

    Note: Woods has an IQ of 180. Not exactly a slouch.

  31. Lorac, thanks so much for posting this video. This has been HELL WEEK with me trying to outrun hell with the flames nipping at my heels! I so needed to see this beautiful video to be reminded of people’s better nature and their willingness to selflessly give of their time and love.

    Then again, the members of this blog have already taught me that, for which I once again express my deepest gratitude.

  32. Just watched the video. Good to hear Woods’ version. The dates are what I’m questioning. It seemed to me that I heard about the dry run flight withing a day or two of 9/11, and that teh dry-run / woods flight happened the Tuesday prior to Tuesday 11 Sept. Not that it really matters, but still…

  33. I just watched the proposal video again – it seems like there’s something else to notice each time!

    I think they did some kind of color coding – I don’t know if some of it signified family ties, or maybe different groups one or the other belongs to…

    Of course, the most obvious are the dancing jews (one of whom is groom’s dad) and the marching band members (one of whom is the groom’s mom).

    Then there are the two gay guys, wearing white shirts and blue jeans, and the red plastic necklaces.

    Then there is a group of 5 people wearing light blue oxford shirts, ivory pants, and flat hats (like car afficionados used to wear). One of them is wearing a smaller green shirt on top of this outfit.

    Then there are another 4-5 people wearing brown shirts and blue jeans. Also, the guy who was in the beginning and is often up front, with the long curly hair, he’s wearing that outfit, but he also has a larger unbuttoned shirt on top.

    lol very well planned

  34. I’m on my way to bed, and stopped by as I always do. That proposal video was just wonderful and exactly what I neede today. It is good to know that there are such amazing people and that they know one another and love one another makes it so much better. So much love in that one video.
    Thanks, lorac.

  35. Yeah the color coding! I just looked. Probably sections of the ‘family’ that belong together? Also, I think the woman in the red dress is definitely the choreographer and they are following her subtle signals.

  36. Oswald that cat is a Maine Coon. He’s small for a Maine Coon. lolol. These are large cats but also very gentle ones. We have one in rescue right now. he should be gone in about ten more minutes. They are very sought after cats for their bigness coupled with their lovable nature and good looks.

  37. After leaving its detachable penis to finish inseminating the female, the male orb-web spider fights to the death to protect the impregnated gal. Without the extra weight of its sexual organs, this spider can outlast its competition, new research has found.


  38. I bet his voice changes though.

  39. Wow, the proposal vid was terrrrrrific. Thanks lorac’ers.

  40. So that’s where that song comes from Oswald.

  41. OSS: love the BIG Kitty-oh, you are one funny / strange DOOD 🙂

  42. Uppity, re: James Woods. Haven’t heard his story before but know a nurse who was travelling to New York and saw Atta walking repeatedly up toward the cockpit and standing around up front in the plane. It was suspicious to her, especially as he never even went into the nearby bathroom but frequently got in the line of folks waiting, and then would drift back to the end of the line.

    She was very bothered by him, and called the FBI to make a report. She said no-one was very interested, she had to be very persistent to get through to an agent, but they did take her name and number. September 12th, she gets a call. Before you can say Terrorists Just Blew Up the Twin Towers, she’s picking out Atta from a book of bad guys and they want every single detail, 10 times over.

  43. Whoa Erica! That’s some scary sh!t!

  44. I know! If I hadn’t known her for years, I would’ve had a hard time believing it. She was so freaked out when it first happened, and when she saw the news on 9/11, she said she just knew instantly she’d been on the plane with someone who planned it. And she was right.

  45. Very good one, I was fairly impressed with this one too

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