JBL headphones commercial and classless Tim McGraw. A new low.

“When you really got a good pair, you want to put your head between them. Hee Hee Haw Haw”.

Should you want to tell JBL how impressed you are with their commercial and how you just can’t wait to buy them for your 12 year-old daughter now that she’s seen how Tim McGraw wants to put his head ‘between a good pair,’  you can do that right here.

And to think if someone says ‘Shit’ on TV there is a fine. Your mother must be so proud, Tim.


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  1. Oh good Gawd. 🙄

  2. Well they seemed to think it’s a support question, had to fill out name/add/email. Let’s see if they write back. Here’s last part of 3rd screen:

    Thank you for your Inquiry!
    Your information has been sent and we should be in touch with you soon.
    You should expect a personal reply within one business day or
    even sooner – as we make every effort to answer most emails within a few hours

    can’t wait till someone reads it and let’s see if they answer.

  3. I keep waiting for Faith to dump his ass.

  4. I never did care for his so-called muzak & for the life of me can’t figure out why anybody would blow their hard earned $ on his crap

  5. Are you sure they’re not talking about balls?

  6. I,m shocked. ;SHOCK;

  7. Is it my imagination or are all of the ads going back to the “Mad Men” era in terms of their portrayal of women? Puerile. You know what would happen if the old racial sterotypes were dusted off and recycled. Double standard–racism is evil because it impacts men, sexism-who cares its only the chicks. Only a moral idiot would believe the two “isms” are not equally evil.

  8. Got the new glasses (to go absolutely totally OT) I can see again- they are three way transition lenses- they really improved the ability to actually see- except now the computer screen looks curved?
    Never having had prescription glasses not sure if that is normal or not. But this is a major improvement- I can see the ticker at the bottom of the tv- I can read the clock across the room- I can actually read the road signs from far away again! I’ll take a bit of curve if I have to lol.

  9. CHURL: that’s how I took it, and to put your head between them indicates that these stupid men could ONLY dream of it!! I thought it was snark also–I could be wrong, Im not too quick with these things

  10. PMM, having worn glazes since I was a teenager I’ve gotten accustomed to the distortion cause by them. It’s a pain in the ass when building and making sure things are plum and square because a straight line seems to bend. Contact are much better.

  11. AnneE said:

    Is it my imagination or are all of the ads going back to the “Mad Men” era in terms of their portrayal of women? Puerile. You know what would happen if the old racial sterotypes were dusted off and recycled. Double standard–racism is evil because it impacts men, sexism-who cares its only the chicks. Only a moral idiot would believe the two “isms” are not equally evil.

    BULLSEYE!!! I’m stealing your comment and using it everywhere I can (giving you and all Uppity-ites full credit as always).

  12. DE- thanks- I think this is going to take some getting used to for sure! I am not having any trouble with the long vision (top of lens) or the reading lens on the bottom- but the middle distance is weird- the curvy thing- It is a 100% improvement on what it was like before though! Amazing! I had not realized how bad it was- guess I had just gotten used to squinting- even with the cheaters on. The last straw was not being able to see the music at church- even with the cheaters on. I was ok with all the songs I know- but anything new? forget it!

  13. lrandese,

    I am sure that any Uppityite would be happy and proud to provide imflamatory rhetoric. And how about this…


    The uterus police are at it again! Think Romania. I heard on CNN a couple of weeks ago that there was a woman put off a plane by UW’s favorite goverment agency for wearing a T shirt that reportedly read ” If I wanted government in my body, I’d be bleeping a Senator.”

  14. Oh Fer C—- Sakes! This is just too much. PETA is as stupid as stupid can get.

  15. WTF PETA!

    They don’t like people much at all. And when was the last time you had a living fish on your countertop? Ever seen a deer suffering from starvation beccause the population is overrun? Worst way to die ever. I should dig up a photo of a human autopsy with all those synthetic supplement pills that never melted off in the stomach, used as substitutes for Omega three fatty acids in fish.

    Thank God the lovable vegetarians on this site aren’t PETA finger waggers. Man is ominivore, just look at his teeth to comprehend that. The only thing i really have a problem with is inhumane killing methods and I blame my government for that, but then they don’t even give a rat’s ass if people die must less how animals die. I’m all for people who want to be vegetarians. I believe in choice. Yours. And Mine.

  16. Mom I have tri glasses transition too. You’ll adapt and it will be just fine. Your eyes just have to adapt to the ‘transition’ from one prescription to another. It’s amazing the way they adapt. Just give it a little time. And don’t look DOWN on stairs or at a curb till your eyes adapt.

    The curvature may be the tilt. Look down at a flat surface, is it slanted? If it is, it’s tilt. Ditto for computer. Tilt the glasses while you are at the computer till the screen looks normal. Make note of the way you tilted them and call your optomitrist and they will tilt the lenses for you. Remember how I went thru this last year and they made my glasses three times, then I solved it with tilt?

  17. PMM: It took me a few weeks to get used to my progressives!

  18. sophie, after you get accustomed to your first pair and your eyes adapt, it’s easy every time after that with new presciptions, right?

    So just give it a bit, Mom and you will forget you’re wearing them.

  19. Have had progressive Bi focals for many
    years now. Uppity is right about tilt. Cripes for my first pair I thought someone raised all the sidewalks or shortened my legs lol. Don’t need shorter legs for darn sure. Can not fathom why anyone has the lines in lenses any more. You get used to them quite easily. Now these bi-focal contacts are another story. I am sure I will get used to them as well. Love the fact you can now wear them 30 days without taking them out. I started wearing the throw aways a few years ago and only use my glasses when my eyes were tired or I needed to do close up work. Now I really have no need for glasses and since I have worn them from the age of five trust me I am loving the freedom. I have considered lasix but I am a chicken when it comes to something going wrong with my eyes.

  20. Same here, Utah. I know people swear by contacts, but I could never get past the idea of sticking a piece of plastic in your eye.

  21. Lordy, I just saw photos of the guy who got his face eaten off by that psycho in Miami. It was truly horrific. I won’t post the link because it is ReALLY gory stuff.

  22. AnnE, I would love one of those T Shirts. I tell you, we are losing our rights daily to this government of despots.

  23. This sent me into a cussin’ tirade(tasering pregnant women): http://madinthemiddle.blogspot.com/2012/06/scoutus-pegs-outrage-meter.html

  24. That poor man has one eye left. He seems to be doing well, but I can only imagine that life on the street will be very unkind to him. He has a long recovery ahead of him. I had never heard of “bath salts” until that freak tried to eat him alive.
    This woman was about to kill her three year old son until she was tasered while running naked through the streets. She died. Went into cardiac arrest. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2159333/Bath-salts-mom-pictured-Pamela-McCarthy-35-dies-police-Taser-attacking-child-3.html

    This stuff was being sold in convenience stores in Louisiana. Really creepy stuff.

  25. Uppity it is not hard at all to wear contacts. I thought it would be until I got the nerve to try one. You do not even know they are there. Very unlike glasses. I got to say I only wish I had tried them so so many years ago. They are no longer hard so they are very easy to place in the eye. I only hope these new ones will keep me out of having to wear glasses again.

  26. Eh I actually look good in glasses so why change what works.

  27. When you really got a good pair, you want to put your head between them.

    Like between the two heads of a vice grip.

  28. Well I must have gone through tens of thousands of frames lol and finally found a frame that looks some what decent however I still hate wearing glasses lol.

  29. utahwoman, how about tortoise shell? Those can be spiffy.

  30. Feh churl, it’s just a woman, no big deal. If it harmed the baby, that’s her problem, so long as she makes sure she gives birth to it without health insurance to help pay for the damage.

  31. Yeah, you look pretty good in glasses, Upps.

  32. I’ve been wearing soft contacts since 1978. Practically a pioneer.

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