Michigan Wimminz Lawmakers Brown & Byrum silenced for saying “vagina” and attempting to regulate vasectomies.

(Update below)

Do you remember when Florida State Rep Scott Randolph (D-Uterus) said the obscene word “Uterus” in front of all of Florida’s God and Vagina-Fearing Republicans, and all hell broke lose when the leadership declared that this was an inappropriate and obscene word to say on the floor in front of young pages and visiting children? If you don’t remember that, then read That filthy, disgusting and obscene U-word.

Hell, that was nothing. Now women (you know, those creatures that own the vaginas all these legislators want to regulate) dare not mutter the word, “Vagina” on the same legislative floors where men try to regulate vaginas.

Yes that’s right folks. This is happening right here in the USA.

We have Congress and State legislators  and other jerkoffs discussing  and probing our vaginas practically day and night. We have to listen to them discussing our menstrual periods as well (See Arizona regarding a woman being considered pregnant on the first day of her period, even if she hasn’t had any sex and doesn’t plan to; Just in case!). We’ve watched that dickhead Daryl Issa  conduct panel discussions on what to do with women’s reproductive organs while declaring that women are not qualified to testify;  And we’ve put up with about all we can take from the Vatican and their obsession with making as many babies as possible to keep women in that kitchen, in between increasing the flock–whether they want to or not. All of this is happening without input from the actual owners of the vaginas being regulated . This doesn’t seem to appear out of place at all to these  women-hobbling psychos straight out of a Monty Python skit with actors on steroids.

However, don’t one of you wimminz DARE say Vagina yourselves, you hear? Men will decide what to do with your vagina, ovaries and womb and don’t you dare mention it. Your personal parts and processes belong to your government now. Furthermore don’t you dare discuss  Boyz’ body parts or try to make any legislation that regulates them. Regulations are for you subordinate wimminz not those boyz.

Mistakenly assumed her vagina is hers.

Well, Michigan House Rep  and obviously Uppity Bitch Lisa Brown got that all wrong. These damned bitches just are so hard to train, who let them in the chambers, dammit.

It seems that Brown…..sputter… referred to her ewwwwwy vagina on the floor and completely forgot that her vagina is not her own. To make matters worse, her co-conspirator, Rep. Barb Byrum, indirectly referred to men’s parts with Brown’s blessings, which is a definite bad thing because men’s body parts belong to men and women’s body parts belong to men. That was two strikes against this obviously audacious and aggressive woman.

As punishment for speaking out of turn and not submitting to their superiors, Reps Brown and Byrum were barred from speaking on the floor on any issue.

A Michigan lawmaker was blocked from speaking on the state House floor as punishment for referencing her private parts in an earlier speech.

In a Wednesday speech on a controversial bill that would further regulate abortions, Rep. Lisa Brown concluded, “Finally Mr. Speaker, I’m flattered that you’re all so interested in my vagina, but ‘no’ means ‘no,’” according to The Detroit News. A day later, House Republicans refused to allow Brown, a Democrat, to weigh in on a school employee retirement bill.

Uppity Woman dared to regulate the Sacrament of Vasectomy

This gets better.

Here you can see how Rep Brown created her own third strike against herself  by supporting  Byrum’s attempt at regulating the Sacrament of Vasectomy, which incidentally, has to do with men’s reproductive parts and therefore is neither wimminz’ business nor government business in the same way that vaginas are. So she and Rep Barb Byrum were barred from speaking, a punishment akin to Go Stand In The Corner because you displeased the Principal. (And just wait till your father gets home, bad girl! Now fetch me a beer!).

A spokesman for Michigan Speaker James Bolger released a statement explaining that Brown and fellow Democratic Rep. Barb Byrum “will not be recognized to speak on the House floor today after being gaveled down for their comments and actions yesterday that failed to maintain the decorum of the House of Representatives.” (Byrum had tried to introduce an amendment to ban vasectomies except when one’s required to save a man’s life.)

The obviously insubordinate and fractious Reps. Brown and Byrum got pretty sick and tired of this crap, so they had the audacity to hold a press conference of their own. It also appears that some other citizens showed up to support them. But, coincidentally, unless I missed something in this video, none of the Michigan Legislative boyz are very supportive of the concept that vaginas belong to women and men have no right to Regulate them. I don’t see what appears to be one  male State House Democrat in this video. Or maybe they just all had a “prior commitment’ and couldn’t make it to this press conference:

Imagine the nerve of these two broads, fighting back against regulation of their bodies!


I recommend the witch burnings proceed immediately. I suggest they tie bricks on these two wimminz feet, throw them in the river and check to see if they float. But first, let us preview a Committee On What To Do About Women In Our Chambers, led by Michigan House Speaker James Bolger.


Update: Silly me! Now we know the real reason these two little wimminz were barred from speaking. It was a “Temper Tantrum” they had.

Ari Adler, a spokesman for House Majority Leader Jase Bolger (R-Marshall), said the lawmakers were banned from speaking because of their behavior, not because of their word choice. “They behaved in a way that disrupted the decorum of the House,” Adler said. “For Brown, it was not the words she used, but the way she used them that resulted in her being gaveled down.” In Byrum’s case, Adler said, “I hate to put it this way, but she essentially had a temper tantrum on the House floor.”

Sure you “hate to put it that way,” pig. That about sums it up for these pigs. I’m surprised they didn’t say, “Calm down. You wimmins are too emotional and that’s why you shouldn’t be in these jobs”. Because when they lose their temper they are being ‘passionate’. When those little wimminz do it, it’s a  “temper tantrum”.


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  1. Most excelllent rant. Loved the photo captions too!

  2. My disgust with Obama’s swaning around fundraisers with bubbleheads and fashionistas is spit out in this tweet:

  3. It’s difficult to realize the audacity of these Peters. (Know you realize Peter is code for #enis). Thanks UW; I had no idea how bad it was out there.

  4. They just kill me- they are all fascinated with vaginas and uteri and breasts- yet they don’t want wimminz talking about them. Cheese and Rice! What the hell is their problem?
    The age old mystery- they want what they don’t have. If they don’t have it they will take it. If they can’t take it, they will try to control access to it. If none of that works, they will pretend none of it exists. And get pissed off if someone calls them on their delusions.
    PFFFFFTTTT. A pox on all their houses.

  5. Had that treatment most of my life. Now there is an added horror. Because of health system crapola, I had to get a “Primary” doc, His attitude toward me is, because of my age, “you are dying”, while my attitude is that I am living and doing it longer by not taking all the pills he thinks a woman my age must have.

  6. By way of clairity, I take only one pill – san 80 mg baby aspirin/day.

  7. Well! The nerve of these hussies! The two of them trying to proclaim Vagina Independence Day, and messin’ with those good ole boys. I’ll bet one or two of them got so overwrought, they had to pull their hands from the front of their pants to wave a curt dismissal to the two vaginistas. These women do us proud.

  8. twandx, lol. If you keep away from your doctor you just might continue to beat the odds.

    It isn’t just the seniors, a local doc prescribed 5 anti -depression meds to a young girl after a romance went bad because she was crying over him. He damn near killed the girl. I need to find a doctor who isn’t pushing pills to make kickbacks.

  9. twandx, my grandfather died just short of his 97th birthday. I knew of at least two of his doctors who died before he did. He never listened to any of them.

  10. I’ll bet one or two of them got so overwrought, they had to pull their hands from the front of their pants to wave a curt dismissal to the two vaginistas.

    I really believe this stuff is turning them on. Reminds me of how they couldn’t get enough of details from Anita Hill. For some of them, their hands were rarely showing in the hearings.

    Warning: Never participate in a government auction and consider buying any
    ‘used’ computers. spraying lysol on them can damage their components.

  11. Karen, yes, today if you are upset over something, you get a pill instead of working it through like real life would expect you to do. Who didn’t cry over a broken romance? You learn, you grow, you move on. All these pills are products of the I Want To Feel Good Now environment, the twin of I Want It Now.

  12. Hey twandx, if you had listened to your doctors for the past 20 years, your life would in in danger right now for not taking in enough salt.

  13. Uppity,

    I contacted Rep. Brown’s office and spoke to Paul. I told him that you had written an excellent article about Reps. Brown and Byrum being silenced on your blog. I also told Paul that your blog is widely read and represented throughout the blogosphere. He was very inerested in speaking with you. He then asked that you contact him at: 517-373-1799 to discuss your article further.

    Paul is waiting for your call!

  14. FreeSpirit: ditto on the vaginistas comment. These Legislators need to be reminded that any attempt to suppress the participation of a colleague is an affront to her Constituents, typically half of whom are vagina owners. The Gay Agenda is being forced and the Evangelical Agenda is being forced. Don’t be intimidated by blowback calculated to test the resolve of the Women who have determined that they, too, will get behind and force their agenda. You had them at “Vagina.”

  15. Wynne, I do appreciate the plug. But I see no reason to speak to them in person. I’m not into that, having spent enough time in politics to know better. lol. Let’s just say I already gave at the office. I am not interested in becoming part of the show at all. I just call em as I see em. I do hope you understand. I’m glad they like the piece, though, and even happier that you do. It is what it is. But please thank Paul for asking!

  16. I get your point, Uppity and understand your reluctance to get directly involved.

    I just saw this as an opportunity to raise your blog’s excellent work to a larger audience via the state reps office. It seemd appropriate to utilize the force of your audience to help these courageous women put the pressure on their male counterparts and make this more than a moment of outrage but actually effect real change on the subject of a woman’s reproductive rights.

    I have so much respect for your ability to hit the nail on the head in every controversial issue, that I just had to tell Paul about it and he got as excited as I was!!

    After all, Uppity, you have to admit this story won’t be covered to any real degree by the MSM and I believe Paul knew that and was looking for a way to make this event more mainstream and to raise greater support for the two women.

  17. Yup, Vaginas and Voldemort. Two words that can not be spoken.

    I wonder what would happen if those trollops got on the floor and said “Penis?” Or is that forbidden too? Because they are sacred, unlike our parts which are simply unmentionable.

    We need to march on the mall with coathangers. Otherwise, we will be like the women in Iran, or Afghanistan…..

  18. Yeah, it’s kickbacks and statistics that run the medical profession. And now in this computer age each bastard has your entire history at the tip of his fingers like this doc did – sitting there like god telling me how I’d taken pills at the hospital and rehab, without mentioning that I puked them right back up and then refused to take anymore.

    He said I might have a stroke if I didn’t take the BP med because I had high BP when the numbers for the BP reading he had just taken were right in front of us! It was on the high side of normal range, yet he lied to try to scare me into letting him control me. Actually from sitting there listening to that shithead lie, I was surprised it wasn’t a lot higher. :-{ }

    He read reports of various care givers to me as if they were gospel and most of these reports came from very nice high school girls who were working at rehab for summer money.

    It is dangerous being old because docs force or try to force you to conform by suggesting you may have mental problems. Viva la nuts!

  19. Upps said
    twandx, my grandfather died just short of his 97th birthday. I knew of at least two of his doctors who died before he did. He never listened to any of them.
    smart man. 🙂

  20. I do understand and appreciate your intent Wynne and am most grateful for your vote of confidence. I never intended to get so big that I have to compromise myself in any way. Hell, I never intended to be here at all after 2008. And here I am. Needless to say I am very contented with my audience of very loyal particpants and super lurkers who sometimes come out to let me know they are here.

    A little story if I may. Here where I live there was once this shop that carried all kinds of wonderful things related to food and the preparation of food. It was in an old building and everything was crammed together. It was always crowded and people literally bumped into each other in there. You ran into all kinds of people you knew and you sometimes even met new people. It was an absolute kick to be in there, especially when you found that thing you had been looking for forever. The shop was very successful for many years, even bringing visitors there for that hard to find spice or tool.

    Then someone made a suggestion to the owner, a delightful man (the owner not the suggester). It was recommended that the shop expand. You know, get more space. Get more modern space. Expand the inventory. Make it easier for people to get around instead of being all crowded. So he expanded. His new place had all the charm of a yak. It kind of looked like a combination of a small supermarket and a small department store. Everything was neatly arranged and there was room to dance in the aisles.Plenty of space and lots of space between people, who no longer chatted. You couldn’t find the delightful owner who knew so much about so many things and always knew what you needed. He was busy in the back, losing touch with his loyal customers, counting those beans that are so necessary when your overhead rate gets too high. Everyone came. Once. They didn’t return. The place went under.

    Sometimes getting bigger isn’t better. Yes?

  21. Agreed! Great story. Maybe Paull will visit your site and make a post. In any event, don’t change a thing, you’re wonderful just the way you are!!

  22. Dang twandx, you made that doctor have to work twice as hard for that free cruise!

  23. Thanks Wynne. That felt good.

    And tell paul he’s welcome to stop by any time.

  24. Males are ‘fertile” 24/7. Women are fertile only several days a month. This means males can impregnate 24/7.

    Since they are focussing on what they view as a problem, abortion, and one they deem is within their realm to solve, why are they not focussing on the source, and pitching preventive measures at that source rather than the after-the-fact reality of unwanted pregnancies?

    Why are they not legislating for mandatory vasectomies for males? Vasectomies are reversible, meaning, a male and his willing partner who want to conceive a child, could together apply to their surgeons for a reversal. This would solve the problem of unwanted pregnancies, abortions, taxpayers supporting unplanned for children, and deadbeat parents who will not support the children they’ve conceived, it would go a long way in terms of parents who actually want the children they conceive, which in turn would greatly enhance the quality of life of said children.


  25. A member of the 49% wishes the 51% good luck with that.

  26. dwp, great comments.

  27. DE we’re only 51% on paper. In Congress, we’re not even 15%. And I am sure they are planning to ensure that doesn’t change anytime soon. And part of the problem are their Stepford girls in congress, who know that if they don’t blow the patriarchy, they not only won’t get ahead, but they might not be re-elected besides. And of course, they reflect the stepfords in real life as well. I had a women tweet that she would never support a boss who would promote a woman, seriously. Then, before I clicked her, she said women are horrible people and should never be in charge of anybody. This was a woman. So the patriarchy is much bigger than 49%, due to the fact that the more women who are dependent, the easier it is to control the rest. “Where else are we going to go?” spans much further than just politics. It’s real life too. This is why so many are working so hard to remove birth control from the equation. They don’t give a rat’s ass about anybody’s baby. They don’t care if the child dies of malnutrition after it’s born, just so long as we keep their bitches pregnant and tied to the system that both parties have created for them–together.

  28. Oh, how about we just flood the electronic mailboxes of those twits with the “v’ word. Oh, that would probably criminal or something –violate obscenity laws or something.

    Love these folks who don’t want government interfering in their lives, but have no problem with the government denying you your God given rights.

  29. AnnE, these are people who believe in Indivdual Rights so long as they are rights they approve of. Otherwise, the deal is off.

  30. Still waiting for Harry Reid to answer my tweet.

  31. Yeah,UW, I bet if any of their teenage daughters wound up preggers, they’d be off for an “emergency appendectomy” so fast your head would spin. Do as I say, not as I do.

  32. You got THAT right AnnE. Or one of their mistresses.

  33. I asked a question about a month ago on a right wing message board………..still waiting for any one of those nuts to respond and guess I will wait forever.
    They scream about banning abortion yet also scream about killing all welfare and unemployment so I asked them a simple question. “If you ban abortion and kill all welfare just how do all these babies you want to save eat or get born “?
    Now me I am for lifetime limits on welfare and I am against abortion when it comes to myself but dare not tell another what they must do.
    It is their life and conscience and they and they alone have to make that choice and live with it. I see no right or wrong in the abortion issue other then how I feel about it as it concerns me.
    But see these right wing nuts are just as crazy as the left wing nuts. All they know is that they are for or against something without really thinking it out. Kind of like saving the Delta Smelt that can not feed a nation at the cost of ruining land that could.

  34. Nice lunch break now I have to get back to work .

  35. Passing by to drop this: @WPIX at 5 just aired a clip of the vagina-speaking lady. http://www.wpix.com is the site. Don’t know if the story is posted there yet but Yea!

  36. OT Emperor thin skin silences those with objections.

    Sheriff Joe warns that this is not a welcome invite and they will be arrested.


  37. Hello Uppities!

    A woman on my site attended the Planned Parenthood protests in V*g1na, I mean Virginia. They worked! The crazoid abortion regulation were nixed!


  38. That reminds me. I have to make an appointment for a PAP smear … “down there”.

  39. mcnorman, on June 15, 2012 at 5:25 PM said:
    OT Emperor thin skin silences those with objections.
    Sounds like Obama was arguing with the birds, or maybe they were

  40. Ah we have a much better Mansplanation of why they were barred from speaking. It was…what else could it be? why…why… a Temper Tantrum! Yes that’s it!

    Ari Adler, a spokesman for House Majority Leader Jase Bolger (R-Marshall), said the lawmakers were banned from speaking because of their behavior, not because of their word choice. “They behaved in a way that disrupted the decorum of the House,” Adler said. “For Brown, it was not the words she used, but the way she used them that resulted in her being gaveled down.” In Byrum’s case, Adler said, “I hate to put it this way, but she essentially had a temper tantrum on the House floor.”

  41. Oh look at the interesting asshole with the shriveled dick in spam! I bet he’s having a “temper tantrum” because his assinine remark didn’t make it to the forum!!!

    Calls himself “GMAN”. Ooooooooo Rahhhhh.
    Has an email address with “HUNG” in it. Ohhhhhhhh Rahhhh.
    As IF those two women would give him the time of day with his own watch.

  42. madamab the women in Oklahoma did the same thing. They crammed the chambers every day until these guys shriveled. They were prepared for pitchforks and torches and they weren’t backing down. It worked, just like we both always say.

    This is NOTHING 50,000 women marching on DC can’t fix. Just like the last time.

    Mob attention must be given to these states and capitol hill. Asking for rights is bullshit. You have to take them.

  43. Obama avoiding questions with faux outrage is nothing new. He did it in 2008 and nobody bothered plastering all over the news. I have a video of that somewhere. He walked out of the presser.

  44. Pameala pix is NY City. Good on them.

  45. This is NOTHING 50,000 women marching on DC can’t fix. Just like the last time.

    I paraphrased you over at TW.

  46. Note to the moron in spam.

    Dear GMAN, we already know you are HUNG…because you told us. Rather, you told the circular file.

    Your IP address is from Texas. Now I know that Texas likes to do everything Big, but I have a hard time imagining your dick is that big that you know all about Lisa Brown’s sexual attractiveness all the way in Michigan. Not that she would give you the time of day with your own watch. Jaysus, grow a brain.

  47. Upps: The good thing about the commenter on TW who particpated in the Virginia protest is she also took her daughter with her. A good way to get the younger ones involved in a significant way. I don’t believe there were any flash mobs involved. 😉

  48. for dwp @ 1:23 PM: At 1:28–just replace Jehovah with vagina.

  49. LOL Fredster, to be sure they didn’t dance for them.

  50. SophieCT, on June 15, 2012 at 6:59 PM said:
    for dwp @ 1:23 PM: At 1:28–just replace Jehovah with vagina.
    Perfect! Thank you.

  51. Gamg you really should go over to widdershins and thank and congratulate janicen for hauling some water for the cause.

    Her comment about the successful demonstration is here

  52. I often wonder the reason so-called progressive /feminist /conscious /supporters of girls’ and women’s rights don’t organize their own groups to protest and march on the capital buildings? I mean, aside from blogging and when their own dealios are threatened.

  53. dang! dang! dang! I gotta lay off the blockquoting.

  54. LOL Fredster, to be sure they didn’t dance for them.

    Oh hell no! I’m willing to bet there was *no* dancing involved.

  55. dang! dang! dang! I gotta lay off the blockquoting.

    Or the scotch!

  56. OMG that video of the petulant lecturer is priceless.

    Well at least he didn’t send him to the Principal’s office.

  57. OT: Gay Pride Month, half time status report.

    Here’s Hillary delivering a video message for Pride Month:

    For some Pride Month Fun: Google gay or Lesbian or lgbt or similar word and see what happens.

  58. Did Obama make a gay pride video yet?

    Warning: Do not hang from your thumbs waiting…

  59. iOS 6 Includes Gay And Lesbian Couple Emoji


  60. Seems the author of the io6 emoji article needs to circulate more:

    “Apple has updated their Emoji collection to reflect reality. They’ve added a lesbian and homosexual couple to the usual collection of goofy faces, monkeys, and weird skulls.

    Unclear on concept.

  61. Apparently, Obama hosted a reception at the White House today to observe Gay Pride Month. It looked more like a drive by press op.

  62. @dwp
    I think that TOTUS might have a reflection which as we all know…he loves himself so he was probably arguing with himself. I mean no one would dare to interrupt him, right?

  63. @ UW

    Yes, I remember that. I think it’s interesting that the guy who was questioning the one is actually an immigrant. I think his is legal status.

  64. Unlike Obama, Hillary has never been afraid to get Teh Gey on her.

  65. LOL on the happy pills- at this point I am very grateful such things exist- after going from a Thursday to Sunday crying non stop and wishing I was dead- at least now I can start to think about what the underlying crap is that brought it on. Though I can say I definitely will not stay on pills forever. Not a pill popping kind of person. (I took all the leftover pain meds from the back surgery to one of those turn in your unwanted, unused medication events at the local PD.) Pills have their place in some situations. Reliance on them to avoid dealing with problems? Not!

  66. Sorry, banning these women for uttering anatomical terms is simply ridiculous.

    It’s not like anyone’s ears spontanoeusly ignited or their eardrums were pierced and they suddenly went deaf, or anything of the like. Such exaggerated responses to such insignificant “offenses,” make these fellas seem sooooooooooo tiny brained.

  67. Oh – I meant to say
    Vagina! Uterus! Breast! Menstruation! Ovulation!
    Shall I make them really really crazy and say something like “tampon”?

  68. The Repubs in MI when the word vagina is used.

  69. How about “Vagina” mentioned in Michigan.

  70. ROTFLMAO!! 😆

  71. Just for you, Fredster

  72. I really hope these idiots keep having conniptions over the words to describe scary ladyparts. It just unites women against them and makes it clear that they must be stopped! There’s no reasoning with the religiously insane.

  73. P.S. Hillary rocks. As usual.

  74. Not sure it’s just the Religious, madamab. I think it’s an excuse, but for the most part it’s about Control.

    Is the lounge open tonight. I need my single malt and can get it free over there.

  75. We love us our PM Mom. And all the great things she does for animals. You had reason to be sad Mom. And you lost your Koz besides and I know what a blow that was for you. You’ll work it out. I have no doubt. Besides, who can be depressed with a wild litter of kittens around..

  76. The Lounge is always open for you, Upps. Come on over!

  77. You can tweet about vaginas to Michigan House speaker here

    You can email this idiot here

  78. First time commenting here, I think. I just wanted to say thanks for the kind words over at Widdershins. Attending the protest against the abortion clinic restrictions in Virginia was not a big deal in the scheme of things. That’s not false modesty but just my attempt to encourage others to do the same. I wasn’t one of the organizers, they worked their butts off, my daughter and I just showed up. I tried to get a few more people to attend, but that was the extent of my effort other than being a warm body and holding a sign. If anyone gets the chance, and sadly that’s actually quite likely since the crazies are not finished taking away our rights, do it. Show up and be counted. It feels better than just about anything.

  79. janicen, what you did is what most are not willing to do. Imagine 20,000 “warm bodies with signs” descending upon the Capitol steps!

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