Dead Cockroach of the Week Award

There’s a dead cockroach in Texas.

Sheriff’s deputies in Texas won’t file charges against a father who they say beat an acquaintance to death after allegedly catching him sexually abusing the man’s 4-year-old daughter.

During a social gathering on Saturday, the girl went inside the family’s home in Shiner while other members of the family were tending to horses outside, CNN reported.

The father caught a 47-year-old man — with whom he was casually acquainted — attempting to molest his daughter, Lavaca County Sheriff Micah Harmon told the Victoria Advocate. The father then allegedly punched the man in the head until he died, Harmon reported.

The 4 year-old is unnamed, of course. The father who killed the cockroach by beating it in its head till it was dead, along with the dead cockroach, are  also unnamed pending notification of the cockroach’s family. I will update with a nice broadcast of the cockroach’s name as soon as I see it reported. To the next of kin ,may I say Boo Freaking Hoo. We’re playing the world’s smallest violin for your defective dead relative. I only hope he didn’t harm your children before he was removed from the gene pool.  If he did, then for them we are sorry. You can pick your friends, but you can’t pick your relatives.

Experts say that the killing of this unnamed cockroach will most likely be ruled Justifiable Homicide if it ever makes it to trial. I say it’s not only Justifiable Homicide, but they ought to give the child’s father an award for removing this cockroach from the gene pool.

It’s good to know that the father and daughter’s neighbors are supportive:

“He got what he deserved, big time,” said Sonny Jaehne, a Shiner native.

Got that right, Sonny.

“Everybody wants to know who it is,” Gloor said. “Everybody’s very curious about it.

I’ll bet they’ll be holding that cockroach’s funeral in a closet. Since I am sure there is at least one ambulance chaser within ten miles (there’s an ambulance chaser from a B-string law school within ten miles of everywhere), I’m sure someone will try to talk the family into a lawsuit. for loss of…um…affection. Okay, that was cruel. I apologize for that,  but  I have a strongly visceral reaction to perverts and can’t even feign sympathy of any kind for them. I do not regard them as human and am very glad  someone removed yet another child-molesting pervert from the planet. The only good child molester is a dead one.

Good work, Dad. I am sure many children will be saved from this piece of shit in the future,  thanks to you.


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  1. I dunno, upps – I’m thinking cockroaches are a step or two above this puss-oozing turd. It got stepped on and killed but I wish it had been given several hours of correctional pain before it died.

  2. If he was my next of kin I would leave his body unclaimed and let the state get rid of him. I damn sure wouldn’t fork over any money for a funeral.

    I’d be too ashamed to sue anyone. If anyone asked I would deny we were related.

    “Who? Never heard of him.”

  3. I wish it had been given several hours of correctional pain before it died.

    The cops will work with you but you have to make it look plausible. If the corpse is too messed up nobody will believe it when you claim it was an accident.

    “I only hit him a couple times. I don’t know how his arms and legs got broken.”

  4. I scheduled this wrong, it wasn’t spozed to post today. It’s sunday. And nobody commented on the sleepy kitteh below this post. meant to put it on top again.Ah well, so many cockroaches , they sometimes just show up by themselves.

  5. This is a good Fathers’ Day post.

  6. Good Sunday morning, Uppities. I have just finished catching up with the posts and comments I missed while I have been under the weather. Lorac’s happy post was so much fun to read and watch. The wimminz vagina story was priceless, and the JP Morgan story – what can I say? That cutie kitty being serenaded and trying to stay awake was soooo sweet. And, I just can’t blame that wonderful father for rescuing his daughter.

  7. Happy Fathers’ Day 🙂

  8. Like I said, it wasn’t supposed to post till the morrow.

    And I forgot father’s day. This is because my father is dead and I don’t like it one bit.. and I no longer recognize the day. I did mother’s day under duress but today I just plum forgot, which I regard as a blessing. But thanks for reminding me.

  9. Happy Father’s Day, Uppityites. Going off to spend the day with the family.

  10. I have no sympathy for a pos that is taken out in this manner. I guess they wouldn’t want me on the jury pool. Kudos to this man for being the father that I would want to take out the trash.

  11. I’m with myiq…great Father’s day post Upps (even if it was unintentional).

  12. Actually Uppity, living here in Texas (Houston to be exact) we’re following this a bit closer. The bad news is that the deputies reported that when they got to the body his underwear was down and his genitals were out (if I were the father they could have collected the genitals from the pig’s slop bucket). So evidently things went a bit further than first thought/reported; however there have been no reports of actual penetration, thank the Lord and Welcome to what fathers do.

  13. I agree with the others- good post for Father’s Day.

  14. If these animals thought the ultimate penalty would befall them for their horrid abuse, I wonder if they would think twice.

    On another note, Happy Father’s Day!

    and just in case you need a different angle…

    By the way, I always find comfort in finding you all here! 🙂

  15. Would love to read that imust, but apparently, the heraldsun think it’s special and should be allowed to follow me around the internet. When I clicked on the link they insist that I enable cookies to view their story. To hell with that crap. But I did read it at CNN, where they have the sense to know that nobody in their right mind would let THEM cookie them. Sounds like a few too many or something like that. Hopefully, nobody put him at the bottom of the pool. 47 very young.

  16. Sorry Uppity. There weren’t many covering the story when it first broke. Saw it on twitter with a TMZ link and couldn’t find a better link at the time!

  17. Good father.
    No jury would convict this guy.

  18. No problemo imust! Just to remind you, clear your cookies.

  19. Obama’s harvard professor wants him defeated. Countdown to how long it takes for him to….backtrack.

  20. Sandusky will probably get off so he can get off with little boys again.

    The judge allowed a defense of ‘Histrionic Personality Disorder”.

    What a crock of crap. I hope the jury is smart than this.

  21. mmarvel, that’s horrific. Glad he’s removed from the planet. Dad should get a medal.

  22. Will you check out this bullshit explanation of why Gallup, who have been tracking presidential polls since 1940, is ‘suddenly’ showing lower results for Obama’s popularity. Why it’s…’s……the Race Card again. With “Independent Analysis” conducted by………..Huffington post..

    Yes that’s right folks. Huffpo is an expert on Gallup polling more than Gallup is.

  23. Of course if Gallup had Obama polling higher then there would be no need for any analysis because Gallup would be the most accurate polling organization evah!

  24. LOL imust! Ain’t it da troot!

  25. I love this paragraph the best.

    Over the past few years, however, polling junkies have noticed something curious: Gallup’s polls have produced results that appear slightly but consistently more negative to President Obama than those produced by other firms

    “Curious”. ROFL.

  26. That article practicallly qualifies as satire.

  27. No way around it: Gallup is going to have to produce a ‘hostage’ video ‘repackaging’ it’s results to conform to da troot.

  28. Gallup needs to stop polling junkies, imho.

  29. The Gallup people are either madder than The Hatter or falling on the floor, laughing and holding their stomachs.

  30. Just because Monsanto corn is killing cows is no reason for you to worry. Just go ahead and enjoy your corn on the cob and burgers. Nothing to see here.

  31. I wonder if Gallup is “consistently” lower than Rasmussen today.
    Romney 47 Obama 45

    Something must be wrong with Rasmussen too.

  32. It will be the race card 24/7 through election day and beyond. Just run on your record, damnit! If you dare.

  33. I think AOL Huffpo have gone over the edge with illiteracy. How would you like to see this article title?

    “Range hosts controversially parties”

    Seriously, that was the “grabber” title about a gun range that has parties that I assume are “controversial”. Their stuff is simply a grammatical mess all the time. Words left out. The wrong tense used. No knowledge whatsover of the differences between Who and Whom, Or Effect and Affect. Horrid spelling errors. use of the wrong word. No difference between adverbs and adjectives. It just goes on and on. It’s pathetic.

  34. Yeah and anytime I submitted pieces there for publication, I couldn’t even get a response. Go figure.

  35. That’s because you didn’t say the magic words: Obama, Yum, Yum!

  36. If we’re lucky maybe they’ll have Huff and Cheatos count the votes in November?

  37. They already gave the vote-counting contract to a Spanish company, from what I’ve read. I hope it’s not true, because that doesn’t feel right to me.

  38. Did Michelle & Co. vacation in Spain to support their economy and give them a taste of “more to come” quid pro quo?

  39. Uppity Woman, on June 17, 2012 at 6:53 PM said: Edit Comment

    That’s because you didn’t say the magic words: Obama, Yum, Yum!

    Or Obama, mmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm! Right you are. Well, we all remember 2008 — when if you did not toe the correct line, your blog comments just disappeared into the ether.

    Btw, I’m sure you are all way ahead of me, but if you haven’t read John Smart’s post today, you must. It is nothing short of inspired.

    He should submit it for publication…

  40. Ani’s right. Read Smart.

  41. Something must be wrong with Rasmussen too.

    Yeah, they’ve always given the Repubs an unfair advantage. They are Republican tools.

  42. Congrats to the dad who offed the cockroach. Same thing happened in Loozeanna too and they got it on film.

  43. me@823: should have added (snark)

  44. But Fredster, when it comes to the numbers, pollsters SURVIVE by being accurate. If you go too far over the line, you screw the pooch with your numbers and end up in a ditch. Just ask Zogby. He blew Obama all through 2008, his ties to the middle east via his brother was In Your Face and he is Where now in the area of political polling? He’s out of the loop, nobody even mentions him any longer.

  45. He sold out to some goatf*cker and even his website is a joke now. Check out the coding error messages and the plain vanilla page.

  46. Yay to the LA father who offed a POS.

  47. I had forgotten about Zogby. 😉

  48. Uppity, I love that Plauche’ only got probation. He should have walked, but…

  49. I had forgotten about Zogby

    I rest my case.

    He was internationally famous before his 2008 Obama Love Affair.

  50. Fredster, he wiped that smirk right off that POS’ face

  51. Fredster, on June 17, 2012 at 8:29 PM said:
    Congrats to the dad who offed the cockroach. Same thing happened in Loozeanna too and they got it on film.
    Whoa! That’s an oldie but goodie. I remember when that was a current event. Judo instructor or something took a group of boys to New Orleans…or somewhere in LA. Son called to tell Dad the instructor was a molester. Arrested. Brought back. The rest is history!
    Daddy was a perfect shot!

  52. Okay. Just watched it again with the sound on. Sloppy on the details.
    Somehow the part where ‘the instructor took a group to a judo tournament” still sticks.

  53. dwp: I was in La. when it happened. They were bringing Doucet back to B.R. and dummies, they had made it public knowledge. All Plauche’ had to do was find out the flight time and this being back in the 80s it was no problem to be down in the boarding area just waiting by the phones (no pay phones today!). Then, just be ready and shoot.

  54. Oooh. What a great post for Fathers Day! Sorry I got here so late in the day to say Hi to everyone!

  55. Cockroaches. No shortage of the human kind either. New this morning:
    Off-duty NJ officer shoots at police in Doylestown standoff

    Duration of standoff: 10 hours. “Trigger” in ugly divorce. Neighborhood residents took to their cellars. Neighbors wishing to return to their homes after having been elsewhere :prohibited.

  56. That rat had a green card. If the father hadn’t taken this pos out, he would have fled back to Mexico. Good news: the father will not be charged. I love good endings.

  57. Ha, sent back to Mexico so he could cross again and do it again. Glad he killed the POS. Solves problems for man future children before they even begin. Pervert.

  58. Exactly Upps. That is what they do. The families know and they sit back and allow this shit to go on and on. I’ve seen it so often that it no longer surprises me. It’s beyond gross. Remember the dance teacher that had cameras in the dressing room? He was moving over 200 kiddie abuse tapes via the internet. No excuse, but he came from a family where this was common. It was kept quiet until he got caught and it all came out in court.

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