Your Kind of Flash Mobs

For all the talk of turning us into Europe, how come they never seem to pick the good parts. We have flash mobs of infants shaking their asses, unless they are flash mobs of looters. How about some European flash mobs for a change. The kind with real, you know, talent and culture.

To start off your week:

Copenhagen Metro. Peer Gynt. How would you like to start your ride to work like this?


And before you get TSA-probed and your children are felt up by some pervert they hired without investigating first, wouldn’t this be helpful?

Copenhagen Central Station, Copenhagen Phil, Ravel’s Bolero (not to be mistaken with the movie, “10”.


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  1. Ah!
    Yet I wonder how much planning and practice such complicated flashes require.

  2. Nice. And over in our sad side of the world, Sally Quinn is forced to dine with non-fake friends.

  3. Washington writer Sally Quinn told of a 1950s reception where: “My mother and I headed for the buffet table. As we were reaching for the shrimp, both of us jumped and let out a shriek. Senator Strom Thurmond, grinning from ear to ear, had one hand on my behind and the other on my mother’s. As I recall, we were both quite flattered, and thought it terribly funny and wicked of Ol’ Strom.”

    ……and we wonder why women still can’t get anywhere.

  4. From her WaPo piece your link is referring to, a comment:

    So Hillary Clinton doesn’t want to come to this woman’s parties and light up the room the way Kissinger used to. Too bad. The incestuous relationship between the press and the politicians in this country is just as bad as the incestuous relationship between Wall Street and the politicians – though for different reasons. Those of us living outside the beltway are sick of all three of these self-important entities.

    Just what we need. Another Kissinger. Like we need a room full of snakes.

  5. So far, President Obama has taken 61 vacation days after 31 months in office. At this point in their presidencies, George W. Bush had spent 180 days at his ranch where his staff often joined him for meetings. And Ronald Reagan had taken 112 vacation days at his ranch.

    Among recent presidents, Bill Clinton took the least time off — 28 days


    And at least Reagan and Bush didn’t cost the country millions in Spain. They went to their homes for vacations. And Bill Clinton..that speaks for itself.

  6. When will Reille get it that we are not interested in John Edwards’ hooker. Or John Edwards, for that matter.

  7. Checking in. We are fast approaching the Great Tiger Lily relay- Sophie has some time off next week in which we could do this- Karen are you out there? Who else can help out with this?
    I am in NW PA, I think Karen is over In NE PA and Sophie is in CT. I will be off and on- so probably would work best if those who can help would drop comments at my blog so they don’t get lost please.

  8. Morning Mom! Do you have any window treatments still left hanging, over at the Litter Ranch?

  9. Anybody claim the grey Bubba yet? Best lookin’ fella.

  10. I’ve been feeding my little feral girl regularly and she is tiny—-bought her some food yesterday—God I hope bubba finds someone———-

  11. Don’t worry Michelina. I’m sure Bubba will find a good home. I’m sure Mom will make sure of it.

  12. imust, I just think it’s so nice that he actually achieved a milestone in something.

  13. There has actually been a lot of milestones. 😯

  14. None of them good. 😡

  15. ROFL on the window treatments- They are actually so far being very good- they actually are only tearing up the upholstery- some of them actually use the scratching box believe it or not.

  16. Mom, it seems to be the general consensus that if a kitten is given a scratchng post, the cat will tend to use it throughout its life. I never used them till recently. This is because I made the horrific mistake of using that paintable wallpaper on a couple of walls and it was a scratch match made in heaven for cats. If you have cats, do not EVER use that product. My cats never scratched things (unless you include the horrific claw marks and poke holes in my Italian leather jacket, which I still cannot forget). Anyways, to stop them from scratching those walls, I gave them a post and, surprisingly, it stopped the problem. Sisal. It’s a GOOD thing.

  17. foxy, the only thing he can get done he gets done with executive orders. That included when both the senate and the house were democrat controlled. Unfortunately, his most recent exec order regarding amnesty is a huge end run around the constitution. Not to mention he just exec ordered a blessing of something that is illegal to begin with. I don’t think it will stand but he can let a lot of horseys out of the barn before the challenge happens. Besdies, he’s only doing it for votes. He couldn’t care less otherwise.

  18. Hilarious: the ObamaMedia starts laying the advance groundwork to excuse their idol’s probable failure to land a second term:

  19. Welp, Scientists have confirmed that plants communicate with and listen to each other. Wait till PETA hears this. Only thing left will be to make humans stop eating. Seems fair.

    And for those of us who still haven’t figured out that obesity is the new Smoking Hatefest, because zealots simply must have someone to hate that’s not Themselves — obesity is ‘draining the earth’s resources”.

  20. Yes yes that’s it, NES! If he fails it’s because ANYBODY and EVERYBODY would fail.

  21. UW: I know she will find a good home for Bubba, but I worry anyway

    As far a his new exec order——–they are sickening, and John’s Post was GREAT!

  22. Ah I think the ” war on Obesity” if you will is going to be a piece of cake , pardon the pun. I mean think about it if Obumwad wins and gets another 4 years no one will be able to afford to eat so we will all be anorexic .
    I have to say I am sickened by anyone who goes after a group like they did smokers . But if you think about it someday it will be their turn to feel how it felt to have everyone gang up on you because they did not approve of what you were doing. It seems to be the trend these days to force others to live according to your rules. Just remember this, we all have vices and some day your vice will be the next target.

    The videos Uppity were so refreshing. Man I would love to see that here. Americas idea of flash mobs is a smash and grab and shoot and rape on your way out.

  23. Does not The One vacay 365/24/7? Or are they just counting the really really really expensive trips at the tax payers expense?

    I do not really think one can compare O with anyone. He has to be the laziest President in history (look anther first for him). I am surprised he plays so much golf, I would think he would be worried about breaking a finger nail. But then, off to the spa for manicure rehab!

    The ranches and other presidential personal homes were set up to function as off-site offices. Telecommuting so to speak. And, if I recall correctly, they often hosted more informal dinners for visiting heads of state without all the fuss and bother of DC.

    The Clinton’s used Camp David as their office away from DC.They had no home of their own to use at the time. I believe they frequently remarked how nice it was to have such an option.

    Camp David appears to only be good enough for the Obamas when they need to get out of town quick.They only seem to go to their supposed Chicago “home” when they need to get new orders from the machine.

    Come to think of it, maybe that is why the secret service got itself into so much trouble. They have not had the benefit of the president using Camp David on a regular basis and therefore have missed out on serious down time to party hardy as the military takes over security at Camp David.

  24. Interesting news from WPIX @ 5 pm today. No link.

    1. Remember the kindergarten grad ceremony where school principal would not allow “Proud to be an American” to be sung, but thought a Bieber song was OK? Well today those same kids, organized by their parents, assembled near that school and sang “Proud to be an American.” Great response, great lesson.

    2. In the opinon spot regularly done by Larry Mendte re programs such as Bloomberg’s war against big soda…turns out there’s going to be Federal bucks for cities who legislate health initiatives. Mendte says the money is coming from ObamaCare.

  25. Working on some computer issues. I’ll get back to you sometime in 2013. lol.

  26. Well Pamela, isn’t it nice to know that Obamacare money, otherwise known as stolen medicare money, to the tune of 500 BILLION, is going to be used for pet projects by crackpot politicans instead of for saving lives of all those “Drains on society” known as the elderly….many of whom have been told by their doctors that they will no longer accept medicare due to the ludicrous payouts for services.

    It’s for the good of public health!

  27. So far, President Obama has taken 61 vacation days after 31 months in office. At this point in their presidencies, George W. Bush had spent 180 days at his ranch where his staff often joined him for meetings. And Ronald Reagan had taken 112 vacation days at his ranch.

    Among recent presidents, Bill Clinton took the least time off — 28 days
    Does Obama’s 61 vacation days include the 100 days of golf outings where he is gone 6 hours at a time…??

  28. Ani, NOPE! that piece of kick to the curb slime ball BO does not include the Golf time, Basketball time, the Party time with celebrities and the DO NOTHING TIME… So, the way I see it…Maybe, he has spent 3 months attending meetings he really doesn’t want to be in and….perhaps, a few phone calls and reading the tele-prompt… 😡 👿 😡 😯 Really, sad for America…… I can’t believe I will be voting for a Rep again for the second time…. 😡 👿 On a lighter note if you are ever out this way (Riverside) would love to treat you to lunch…. 🙂 😆 😆 😆 🙂 have you had any success on Greta yet? Wishing you the best! 🙂 🙂 😎

  29. Vacationing and love fest speeches. That’s what Obama loves. Oh yes, also watching TV sports all day.

  30. Obama really is a lazzzzzy bugger. It’s astonishing that he doesn’t feel any of the pressure that a ‘first’ would feel. He has done tremendous damage to affirmative action. Can you imagine the first woman president being anything but super-duper diligent and painfully conscious, at all times, that she was holding up her gender’s image (or not)? No, you can’t.

  31. Utah- you’re a very wise woman.

  32. Thanks, CasperCat! No, nothing from Greta yet…

    The struggles of women — or the rife sexism in this country is not considered all that newsworthy at the moment. I am sure Greta would think it is, but getting this in front of her is another story. We are working on it!

  33. And thanks for all the smiles, casper cat. I needed them today!

  34. I honestly don’t know why they are picking on Laura Bush for winning that award for helping women this year. Just because she has an R after her name? I am so sick of this partisan pandering. Laura was not a bad person. Furthermore, she was pro choice and pro gay marriage. You would THINK democrats would appreciate that considering nobody even KNOWs what Michelle thinks. Laura bush went above in beyond for women in Afghanistan, and she didn’t have to. She was heavily involved with curing breast cancer before it was even fashinista. She was on Komen board long before Komen turned to far right assholes to steer them. I say leave Laura Bush alone for Chrissakes. She does many good things, for women and for others. She’s just not a blowass horn-tooter about it. She wasn’t any less out of the speakout loop than Michelle is. Who the hell even KNOWs what she thinks?

  35. Greta would be a perfect show for you to go on! Or that Neil Cauvo guy? Didn’t he interview Lady Lynn DeRothschild and get all giddy around her??

  36. No, Ani, to Obama, 100 days of golf was his rendition of work.

  37. I’ll bet he plays games on his computer in his shorts. Just like the basement dwellers who worship him.

  38. Uppity… 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 but, i think a correction should be made… He (BO) doesn’t were shorts…. Um, He wears panties…. you know the thong type…. 😆 😆 😆 😆 👿 😯 😯 😯 Did I just say that? 😯 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😉 😎 🙂 Just throwing in my two cents worth…. 🙄 🙄 😆 😆 😆 😆

  39. Wouldn’t put it past him casper, but I have to shut up because sometimes I hang out in Mr. U’s short boxers.

  40. Jon Stewart doing Vagina Ideologues right now…

  41. Ani, let me know if i can help….I have some connections and maybe pull some strings to get you on Greta…. 😉 😎 Glad you enjoy the smiles…. 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 Let me know… 🙂

  42. Maybe we should all descend upon greta’s blog and suggest she have Ani on her show.

  43. NES you are right about what Utah said. It’s just a matter of time before these crazy nutbags target every one of us for something THEY don’t like.

  44. If I were in a writing mood I would do a post for laura bush. I’m sorry but all of this partisan bullshit is just going too far. She couldn’t help it if she was married to a terrible president. And she wasn’t flambouyant, since when is that a crime? Oh yea that’s right. She has an R after her name.

  45. Ooooooo….I like it! Descend on Greta’s blog and suggest it….or email her?

  46. Whichever feels good

  47. Uppity….EXACTLY!!!! 😉 🙂 😆
    Just what I was thinking… and more…. 😉 🙂 Have a friend in Santa Barbara Ca who works in the industry and has tons of connections…just a thought…let’s see what ani thinks… but, YES hammering Greta with a Puma/Uppity Prowl would be great! 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😉 😎

  48. Hi Uppity! those flash mob scenes were exquis. Thanks for finding CULTURE out there. In Copenhagen. Did that ever look fab compared to well, here. Hugs.

  49. Hiya Valentine!

  50. About the Euro flash mobs. Possibly, because they haven’t reduced the “arts” in schools in most Euro countries they still have a decent cadre of good,decent, artists, musicians, dancers and the like. Here, not so much. Over there they can probably bring together a handful of locals and pull off Uppity’s beloved Eine kleine nachtmusik” with no problem. Here, you better have a boombox and an mp3 of whatever you want to use.

  51. Yeah but i want to see them flash mob it, Fredster! We have plenty of good musicians here, it’s just they are ignored by a bunch of Hip hopper sycophants.

  52. By the way, that video happens to be my FAVORITE rendition of Eine kleine. The best on youtube.

  53. We have plenty of good musicians here, it’s just they are ignored by a bunch of Hip hopper sycophants.

    Yes but we’re not feeding them in at younger ages because so many school systems have cut or slashed anything not “essential”. I hear this from a retired music teacher friend all the time. It was one of the reasons she took her retirement as soon as she was eligible; she was afraid she was gonna get cut when they started cutting departments.

    I like that version too. “collectif d’artistes Love it!

  54. Another sad thing about lack of musicians…you go to a military funeral nowdays (and I mean local) and you’re more than likely as not to see a couple of old VFW or Am Legion guys with a cassette player or mp3 to play “Taps”. Not that many buglers or even cornet or trumpet players around to do those anymore. Said teacher friend above was lucky to be able to have music ed “connections” to get a h.s. kid to play Taps at her dad’s funeral.

  55. Yeah Fredster, they need the money for the teams. Ooooooh Raaaaaaaaaahhh.

    You think Copenhagen puts football before music?

  56. You think Copenhagen puts football before music?

    Oh hell no. BTW the first violinist in that vid is just scumptious! 😉

  57. Yeah there’s a LOT of eye candy in that video.

  58. Aw God and to think we have to put up with that rapper trash.

  59. Someone on the third mvtm minuet asked:

    Where have all you sexy musicians been hiding????

    I’d have to agree!!

  60. Okay, in the vid, the 4th mvmt will segue into the 4th.

  61. Oops! I thought it did.

  62. Watching the performers (esp. the first violinsit) you can see by their expressions, they just know when they are hitting it on all cylinders That was one of the neat things about this group, watching their faces as they play.

  63. Well heres your romance, without the eye candy.

  64. Don’t today’s kids’ parents even expose them to this wonderous music???? They just sit there and let them play that crack moosik and never ever give them this? WTF?

  65. Of course they all know the Pachelbel Canon and how come you don’t hear rap music when they walk down that aisle? Because they know it’s SHIT. You would think they would want to expand what they finally have to admit is beauty over the beast.

  66. Fredster you can see those musicians in sync by watching the bows and movements without even listening. Turn the volume off and watch them move and theirinstruments in sync.

  67. Thanks for your Greta suggestions, casper cat! Sorry I was working for a couple of hours and did not see your later comment til now! What I think would be great is to just leave comments as if you are talking to each other about how great the book is — but concentrate on the sexism/misogyny angle and that it still continues today and how the book attacks the subject from many angles. If it is just about 2008, news people don’t want it.

  68. Casper cat- in re your friend in Santa Barbara — all connections are very much appreciated. You can always write to me on the comment form on my website and the email will come to me if yuo want to run something by me…:)

    Many thanks!

  69. Fredster you can see those musicians in sync by watching the bows and movements without even listening.

    Upps, that’s because the concermeister, 1st violinst or someone like that gets with the other players to determine how the piece will be played, i.e. when/where to use upbows or downbows. Otherwise, it would look a mess and the “how” of the sound would be different. It’s different between upbows (pushing) and downbows(not exactly a glide but sorta like that). Shit, I haven’t dealt with this stuff since class strings in college!

  70. Ahhhhhh loved all the beautiful music. TY It really put me in a mellow mood.The wrecking crew love love love classical. I think I ought to train my crew to attack when they hear rap lmao. I swear to you all that is the most vile disgusting junk ever.
    When someone says I am old I just tell them ” Yea but I got all the cool bands in my teen years and got to go see them too” lol.
    I just can not fathom why any young girl would listen to 98% of that crap because it is so darn degrading to women if you can actually hear what they are saying…………( sheesh shades of my folks here lol)
    Rap is crap and it is not music.
    Thank you for the after work concert. I am so relaxed.

  71. utah said:

    Rap is crap and it is not music.

    Oh I soooo agree with you utahwoman. It’s cacophany.

  72. Beautiful vids. Agree with you all, hate rap.

  73. MI Rep Brown’s vagina still making news!
    Michigan Rep. Lisa Brown dares to utter the word ‘vagina’ –
    By Rex W. Huppke
    June 19, 2012,0,7528694.story

  74. Will we have Vivaldi tomorrow for the solstice? lol

  75. Fredster, I know the sounds are different. What I meant was their bows are moving with almost Military Precision. You expect all to be up or down at the same time, but it’s awesome when their bodies and their instruments are lined up nearly perfectly.

  76. 61 “official” vacations days +100 “official” golf days and counting. And that does not include the days where Obo was ready to go golfing but was rained out.

    Lest we forget, BO not only has a record for playing more golf, but in one of his earlier snubs to Poland he played golf instead of attending the funeral for their president (he sent his regrets):

    And under the everything I need to know I leaned from Uppity: Had no clue Bolero was part of the score used for 10 . I have never seen more that the ubiquitous poster of Bo (look another Bo) running with poor Dudley barely in the frame. I do know it was a Bake Edwards movie and that more the likely means the original part of the score was via Henry Mancini.

    Viva Vivaldi!!

  77. Had no clue Bolero was part of the score used for 10

    Yes, it was used in a sex scene where nothing goes right. I’m sure it was selected for it’s ‘length’, if you get my drift…leading to the rumor forever carved that Bolero is all about a woman during sex. That movie ruined it for that beautiful piece for many years.

  78. Unfortunately/Fortunately, Bolero fit perfectly into the scene.

  79. Penny, the neighbor on The Big Bang Theory, is wearing a Hillary 2008 shirt in this rerun I’m watching!

  80. Apologize for what I see as a pretty awful version of Bolero but the point is there. I found a really great version but it was in two parts and I figured nobody would finish it.

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