Vivaldi. Solstice. Summer. Ahhhhh.

For those of you who never get to enjoy the four seasons, each for their unique beauty and celebration of nature, my sympathies.

This, of course, does not apply to people who live in areas where the four seasons consist of Winter, July 4th, Heavy Construction and Winter.


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  1. What Californians call “Winter” is what most people call “Fall” and “Spring.” Rain, fog, and occasional dips in temperature below freezing. Snow happens up in the mountains and you can go play in it on weekends.

  2. There are not words for the beauty of this. Thank you.

  3. AHHH is right! Summer- my favorite season. Fresh vegetables, berries coming in season, making jams and jellies, food cooked outdoors, fireworks (my birthday lol) the smell of fresh cut hay, summer blue skies…..
    I LOVE summertime!

  4. Good morning ((((UPPITY’S))))))—Happy First day of Summer to You all

  5. Anybody want to guess which kitten was the first to figure out how to climb up the stairs to the second floor? And which one was following right behind? I had gone upstairs a bit ago- and when I came out of the bathroom- there were two kittens waiting.
    My life is now in mortal danger, bad enough I have to watch my feet on the first floor- and I finally have Jack to the point where he gets how to walk down stairs with me, switching sides at the landing- now I have to watch for little bodies going up and down.

  6. Word of the day…
    Executive Privilege that is.

  7. Deja vu DE…..circa 1974? Add another prez he’s channeling…..Obamixon.

  8. Happy First day of Summer to all.and it is living up to it.s name.Thank
    Goodness for the AC. 🙂

  9. Love hearing the update Mom.Do be careful. 🙂

  10. DE- can tomorrow’s word please be impeachment? I am so sick of this kabuki theatre bs- do none of the committee have a ferret?

  11. Yes imust, he’s channeling Tricky Dick.

  12. Well…he’s not that tricky….

  13. Oh my, oh me, Baby Bawaaack is in hot water now. Executive privilege implies he discussed F&F with Holder or someone very high up at the Dept. of Justice. Fox’s news teams are wetting themselves with deeelight. I’m giddy with happiness too.

  14. PMM / UW: As you know my little girl feral has been eating regularly with me, I went outside to see her, and she ran away but no where near as quick as the last time–she kind of hung out for a minute or two—-should I try to trap her, or keep doing what I am doing

  15. Wow: impeachment could only be a dream come true—–with this admin——-

  16. Ok gang, thanks to Microsoft, I have some serious issues with my computer, which I am trying to rollback. I had my internet knocked out for acouple of hours, my FF is smashed to bits and I am about to get very aggressive, which means I could be offline for the day or for days if I am troubleshooting. I will check in but the point is, if I disappear, don’t make a big deal about it. I have to do something here.Should anyone fail to read this and start asking where I am if I’m gone, please explain.

    Over and out.

  17. Got it Uppity- we will keep watch here.

  18. Updates? My computer went down for half a day with that crap.

  19. When I lived in Oregon (where I was born and raised and spent most of my life) we proudly claimed that we had two seasons, the rainy season and August. Now living in Texas, I find down here we also have two seasons, summer and not-summer. 🙂

  20. mmmarvel–too funny. My parents live in the hinterlands of New Hampshire and they don’t have spring—they have mud season. (I am sure they would have spring if the roads were paved.)

  21. ANNE::here in God’s name are there no PAVED ROADS—-I never heard of such a thing

  22. that is WHERE in God’s Name

  23. Michelina- rofl- lots of places do not have paved roads- right here in NW PA- we have roads that are “oiled” after the spring rainy season to keep the dust down. Yup, good old dirt roads. We also have gravel topped roads.
    I grew up in MA- and trust me- there are many places in NH, ME and VT and come to think of it- on Cape Cod too- that have unpaved roads. The ones on the Cape can be particularly, uhm, challenging. Ever get buried up to the axles in sand? Without 4 wheel drive?

  24. All right, well at least I am online. lol.

    I knew I was talking to a pissant when he sent me instructions on “how to copy and paste”. So I went off on my own.. I restored my firewall and av, although that was touch and go.

    I had two choices and I wasn’t going to try either of them and end up with my machine in the crapper. So for starters, I had to upgrade firefox to version 12 and you know how much I wanted to do that. The thing is, I found they came a long way since everybody got fed up with them. 12 ain’t bad and all of my addons transferred this time. It automatically fixed my flash issue and was the easy way to live with this windows update while not disabling my ports again. And it beats using Chrome. IMO ANYTHING beats ANYTHING that POS Google puts out for more spying.

    The only addon I couldn’t still use was disable google sidebar. A check told me that ff says it WILL be an option once it is available. So I guess I can put up with that POS useless sidebar for now.

    Keep your fingers crossed. The best news is, I tap danced around an IE update. I’m still in 7 and I’m staying there. I don’t use IE anyways. Ever. If they piss me off enough I will delete it entirely.

  25. So you think they are done holding us down hey?
    “Sad white babies with mean feminist moms” or Atlantic’s cover entitled “Why women still can’t have it all”.


    PMM: I had no idea, been living in the city WAY TOO LONG -I always wantedto live in the country with Horses——-

  27. Oversight committee just voted on contempt 23 for 17 against, pretty much along party lines.

    Somebody pop the popcorn this is going to get interesting with POTUS envoking EP and now Issa’s committee pushing back with contempt.

    Although boo hoo Boehner will blink no doubt.

  28. Yeah well there was a time when Al Capone consorts pleaded the 5th. EP is the presidential version of pleading the 5th. In other words, it looks REALLY bad for both him and Holder. They are saying, in effect, I don’t want you to see what I did

  29. Upps: Check your tweets or rather, check mine 2 u.

  30. Funny you should mention bees Fredster. I have had a post on the back burner for weeks on that very subject. Roundup is not only killing them but taking away/killing milkweed, which monarch butterflies requre.

  31. Well that one and another regarding a comment u made.

  32. Summer ..beaches, watermelon, home grown tomatoes.. Blessed Solstice everyone

  33. PMM, I’m guessing Tiger Lily was the first upstairs and that Bubba was not far behind.

    Oh, and we have unpaved roads in CT as well.

  34. Sophie- BINGO! Tiger Lily led the way and Bubba came up right behind her. lol

  35. BWAHAHAHAHAHA! (said in evil horror movie voice) the blowhard’s campaign spent more last month than they took in. Boo Freaking hoo! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  36. Fredster, re: that comment.
    Shrug. Who gives a crap.
    Must have hit a note. When you hit a note, they call you names. ooooooo you called me names!
    You know it’s amazing how the same people who were horrified at seeing people fall for Obama crap, are doing the same thing and don’t recognize themselves.Bet if I said that a kossacks, I’d get the same reaction.

    Couldn’t find which MB comment you meant. I get flustered on scavenger hunts.

  37. PMM: I feel bad for B0. Maybe his church can take a second collection to help him out.

  38. I love summer, longer, warmer nights, cooking outside everyday, it feels like a party. Where I live it usually doesn’t get too hot. We have approx 1-2 weeks of really hot, at the most. We usually don’t use the air conditioner, use open windows and fans.

  39. I clicked on Fluffpo and the headline is that Mittens is expected to raise a billion bux this month. I think its obscene that so much money is wasted on these bullshit elections. That Citizens United ruling has really screwed this country. The Supremes should be ashamed. Honestly, I don’t know which branch of govt is the worst, the exec, congress or the supremes. They’re all corrupt.

  40. I know. socal. All these hundreds of millions and billions for their own gain, just a reminder of how out of touch they all really are. Still, I hope he outraises BO, that would drive Barack crazy.

  41. Whatever makes Barack twitch with seizures of unhappiness makes me very happy.

  42. Barky looks pretty miserable to me. He’s like half gray now, and even when he smiles or laughs, his eyes look stressed or scared. I think he’s found this job to be much more horrific than he ever expected.

  43. I’m taking the bratlets to Disneyland tomorrow for Grad Nite. My last job in the homeschool world! Gosh, its been a ton of work!

  44. I am carefully using my new desktop because my laptop has gone to the crapper. I can’t use firefox, IE makes me crazy and it now updates itself without warning so everything is sloooowed to less than a crawl. I don’t know the first thing about fixing my computer and I thought I’d have to get a new laptop. (cringe) Is there a way to take back the power on these machines?

    Upps, I’m happy that you don’t have to trash your computer. AND that you’re back today.

  45. I think he’s worried he’s going to lose. Narcissists don’t take that well. I’m sure they will pull out all the sleazy stops.

  46. Oswald, do you and your penguin MASTER myiq live up north? Down here by the MX border, I’d say say it kind of opposite than you. I’d say *summer* is spring, summer, and fall, then there is winter, which is basically a little less warm and maybe a few days of rain “spitting” (ie, not very strong).

    I don’t live that far from the ocean. Right now (6:45 pm) it’s 67 degrees where I live. But the people who live (not very much) further east of me have REALLY hot summers. Those people further east have heat that is more similar to Phoenix! NOoooo – not for me!

  47. Upps agree with you, he looks worried, and yes it will be tragic for his ego!

    lorac, we live fairly close to the ocean also, and it is much cooler. When I drive to the San Fernando Valley, which is about 20 minutes from where I live, its like 10-15 degrees hotter.

  48. upps said over at TW

    To me, Sarah is the Republican version of Barack Obama. No there there. Their similarities are amazing. Both of them have rabid blind followers. Both of them know how to tweak their followers into a frenzy. Both of them are uncurious and know very little about any particular subject beyond the same old buzz lines. Both of them have no interestother than their own recognition. They both love the cameras and attention They are both very sarcastic and argue via childish barbs. And they both make my ears bleed when they open their mouths.

    to which a commenter said:

    @12. That was Palin quality analysis if I’ve ever seen it. What a load of bullshit!

    and when MB told him to kiss it:

    Anytime anyone equates any Republican with a Democrat on this blog, xxxxxx is there to have a fact-free aneurysm. I notice his response is especially strong when a woman dares to speak her mind on this topic.

    I do not appreciate that kind of nonsense on this blog. A reasoned disagreement would be fine, but you’ll notice there is no reasoning in xxxxx’s response, just a nasty insult.

    I am making the decision now to ban xxxx from the blog for trolling. I see no other alternative, since he contributes nothing else to this space.

    MB also had this say:

    I did leave the comment up – he insulted Uppity Woman…No one treats my blog wife that way! 😉

    Two women I will *never” cross: Madamab and Uppity Woman. I’m glad I stay on their good side!! 🙂

  49. Eeek! Upps or someone please take the name out of the comments above. Copying/pasting too fast and since I x’d it other places didn’t mean to leave it there. My bad, definitely.

  50. Fredster thats great! I saw that comment of Upps on TW and completely agree with her.

  51. Socal: Click over there and check out the one I just put up for the both of them

  52. Fredster – what in the world is “TW”?

  53. Lorac, TW is one of our neighbors: The Widdershins.

  54. I think Palin did work, though. Obama was *totally* all about how to get to the next higher level, but Palin did perform administrative duties as mayor, then the next thing, then the governorship. And she did go toe-to-toe with those oil industries, and one of the results was she got every resident of the town ongoing royalties from those oil companies. I give her that credit. Obama would have just made some deal that would have benefitted himself and the oil company! He probably would have bowed to them, too lol

  55. A ha! Thanks, SophieCT!

  56. Mitch McConnell and the rest of the GOP will know what to think about Obama’s preempting the DREAM Act once Romney (the other guy with no core beliefs) speaks.

  57. I just call em as I seem em. Whatever she may have done or not done, I am looking at her right now and that is what I see

    Fredster, I don’t know what name you want me to delete.

  58. lorac: Alaska residents have been getting “royalites” from the oil companies for some time because of the North Slope Pipeline and development of the oil fields.

    The Alaska Permanent Fund is a constitutionally established permanent fund, managed by a semi-independent corporation, established by Alaska in 1976, primarily by the efforts of then Governor Jay Hammond. Shortly after the oil from Alaska’s North Slope began flowing to market through the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System, the Permanent Fund was created by an amendment to the Alaska Constitution to be an investment for at least 25% of proceeds from some mineral (such as oil and gas) sales or royalties. This does not mean the fund is solely funded by oil revenue. The Fund does not include either property taxes on oil company property nor income tax from oil corporations, so the minimum 25% deposit is closer to 11% if those sources were also considered. The Alaska Permanent Fund sets aside a certain share of oil revenues to continue benefiting current and all future generations of Alaskans. Many citizens[who?] also believed that the legislature too quickly and too inefficiently spent the $900 million bonus the state got in 1969 after leasing out the oil fields. This belief spurred a desire to put some oil revenues out of direct political control.

    The Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation manages the assets of both the Permanent Fund and other state investments, but spending Fund income is up to the Legislature. The Corporation is to manage for maximum prudent return, and not—as some Alaskans at first wanted—as a development bank for in-state projects. The Fund grew from an initial investment of $734,000 in 1977 to approximately $38 billion as of October 2011. Some growth was due to good management, some to inflationary re-investment, and some via legislative decisions to deposit extra income during boom years. Each year, the fund’s realized earnings are split between inflation-proofing, operating expenses, and the annual Permanent Fund Dividend.

  59. xxxxx

    If you’re happy….thank a pie! 🙂
    Did someone mention PIE?

  60. which I just put in again. LOL!!

  61. oooh, looks like imust helped you out Fredster. I don’t know about offering her a fake pie though!

  62. No moonpies aren’t really pies….they’re cookies! But since Fred is from NOLA….how ’bout a nice pecan PIE!!!!

  63. Did you guys see this video of an elderly lady, school bus monitor, who was taunted and harassed for 10 min. by a bunch of middle school….brats is too kind of a word for them….thugs is more like it. Very sad. They made her cry! One of the geniuses posted it on his facebook page and someone saw it and posted it on youtube and it went viral. Apparently school officials now are aware of it, know who the kids are and will….they say anyway….punish them.

  64. I saw that! Nasty little bastards! I think middle school can be as bad as high school, as far as young beastly students go.

  65. Ummmmm. Pecan pie!

  66. Take them to the pillories! Taunt them mercilessly! Put it on YOU Tube! Naaaah. Just take away their phones and computers. THAT will make them cry!

    Whatever happened to having respect for your elders?!?

  67. socal, I’ve always heard that middle school is the worst. I know when I drove a school bus a long time ago, that was my opinion as well. Most of the high schoolers had matured enough, or maybe gotten enough self-confidence, to not always need to be the center of attention in a non-constructive manner.

    Fredster – perhaps I’m not saying it right, but there’s something she did, something that was different, involving the residents getting money from the oil companies. It’s why one of her selling points was that she stood up to the oil companies – so whatever that was, that’s what I meant lol

  68. Lorac, a school bus driver? Hats off to you. You have lots of patience.

  69. lorac: Yeah, there was something she was involved with but I can’t remember exactly what.

    imust: Boston cream pie perhaps?

  70. imust: re the bus driver. She should have had one of these:

    Then just zap the little f*ckers and when they are writhing and sh*tting on themselves drive ’em to the sheriff’s or p.d. office.

  71. imust: I didn’t realize exactly what you were saying & that you fixed the comment…DOH! Sorry ’bout that. Hope the Boston Cream makes up for it! 😉

  72. towne – believe it or not, I actually started when I was 18 – did it while I was in college. Because of the different school start-times, you’d take the high schoolers to school, then the middle schoolers, then the primary kids. So, of course, on my high school route, I started out just being one year older than they were! But it was Iowa, many years ago – different time and place – kids were different. It was practically down the street from the Lake Wobegone kids lol

  73. No worries Fredster! And a Boston Cream PIE would be heaven!!! Yum!

  74. Dear God!! I had to stop watching that vid, but you can bet I’m sending the link to everyone I know..

    I wonder where the facebook sites are listed? I’d love to blast the parents of the little bastards. 👿

  75. The parents ought to be taken to task. It is not acceptable to have kids behave in this manner.

  76. When those delusional parents get finished with this story, it will be the old lady’s fault. When I taught school we had a saying: Follow an ugly kid home and ring the doorbell and an ugly parent will answer the door.

    We learn from our parents more than we know.

    Some genius must have gotten a brilliant idea to hire seniors to be “grandparents” to these little criminals. What they really needed was a retired police dog on that bus. See the teeth you little bastard? Now sit your ass down.

    A country that raises kids who don’t respect the elderly is raising raw scum. Even third world countries understand that.

  77. That’s nice. But what I want to know is what they are going to “give” those miserable useless little shits who were raised by wolves.

  78. The poor woman probably needed money and this is what we put her through. What a horrid country the USA has become.

  79. Should change the name of Greece NY to Grease NY.

  80. what they are going to “give” those miserable useless little shits who were raised by wolves.

    I thought about that and they should have to do some community service at a senior’s center. They can pick up dishes and cups after the seniors have had one of those weekly or monthly luncheons they have. Better yet, have the parents have to drive the brats around delivering meals-on-wheels to the needy elederly. That way the little cretins have to listen to their parents griping and bitching.

  81. Yes Fredster, I LOVE the meals on wheels idea. Their parernts should be made to suffer for spawning such horrid kids. You should tweet the meals on wheels idea. Will retweet.

  82. Okay, gotta get the orig link &then idea and keep the charac. count low!

  83. Tweeted!

  84. Well since I haven’t been to bed, might as well give it a try.

  85. Thanks for finding out the rest of the story on that video Fredster! The behavior of the boys didn’t surprise me that much. We see horrid comments every day in news threads and blogs. I’m glad there will be consequences for these kids.

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