Ask A Woman What She Thinks!

Men Rule Media Coverage on Women’s News,” Abigail Pesta’s recent Daily Beast article, makes clear that men still control the news narrative at all levels.  The data presented is taken from Silenced: Gender Gap in the 2012 Election Coverage, a six-month study detailing researchers’ troubling findings after tracking thousands of print articles and TV segments, logging almost 51,000 quotes. 

 Here’s what I think…

And a picture is worth a thousand words…

What do you think?


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18 Responses

  1. Thanks for staying in the fight, Ani. It is good to know there are some women involved still. The majority of women, however, would agree with the cultural and enforced belief that women don’t think, so why ask them?

    If they had an opinion, it would be what their husband or father thinks anyway. A thinking woman is an abomination – “just ask the man who [thinks he] ownes one”.

  2. Great video Anita. They don’t ask women for their opinion because they won’t like the answer. Women might want actual fair rights and that would be disruptive in a representative democracy. If women try to give their opinion, the best thing to do is to shut them up immediately and prevent them from saying anything else about anything else. It worked so well in Michigan–except for this response from the people of Michigan:

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  5. ANI: Great POST——–sad as it is

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  11. Great post, Anita.

    Shelli Yoder is running for Congress in Indiana’s 9th District. I am very excited about her candidacy. If she wins, Yoder will be the first woman ever to represent our district. Check out what she thinks!

  12. Beata, she can win if the WOMEN are SMART enough to rally around her, REGARDLESS of her party.

  13. Yay Anita! Great post and video! Remember when Hillary was in Africa I think, and that guy asked her a question, but it was translated wrong and she thought he asked what her HUSBAND thought about something? Hillary gave a curt and forceful response (which of course had everyone in a tizzy…ZOMG!! She lost it!!!). But that was because, among other reasons, she knew all too well that a woman’s opinion, especially in that country, was of no value.

  14. IMUST: I remember that all too well, plus everything else!!

  15. I have a post up Cockroach Award. It was timely, so sorry I did this Ani!


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