Cockroach of The Week Award: Little Cockroaches on a bus in Greece, NY

I’m sure this week’s award is no surprise. After all, it isn’t often we see a video of miserable 12 year-old little bastards torturing an old person in preparation for their futures in prison.

A country that raises children to think it’s okay to abuse the elderly and anybody else they encounter during one of their miserable, malicious days walking the streets, is a country that is raising scum. Even third-world countries know this.

I would venture a guess that this woman needed some money to supplement her social security. You see, her ‘entitlement’ that she was forced to pay into just doesn’t go as far as, say, Alan Simpson’s  Taxpayer-Funded Senate Retirement Entitlement, but nevermind.

Tormented by snots.

Greece, NY is a suburb of Rochester, and, let’s face it, it’s not often a place that size becomes Known and The Talk Of The Country. Well I am here to tell you that they are now known country-wide for the production of malicious little snots who taunt old women. Cool! Youtube is riddled with responses to these little beasts. I have seen videos all the way from Australia. The parents (and grandparents!) must be so proud!

Klein told the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle that she “was just trying to ignore them, hoping they would go away.” But, she said, “it doesn’t work.”

The longtime bus monitor who’s in her late 60s and hard of hearing, said that it took “a lot of willpower” for her to sit there and not react, in an interview on “Today” this morning.

“I’m not usually that calm,” she said. “Ask my kids.”

Klein said the students had harassed her “more times than [she’d initially] thought.” They had mocked her hair and her hearing aid.

“They could be really nasty,” she said.

Klein didn’t report the incident on the bus, but school officials notified police when they learned of it. An investigation has been launched.

Oh Good! The school reported it. Youtube can be helpful that way!

I hope they drag these little snots through all the publicity and punishment they deserve. I see they are considering criminal charges. I think that is exactly what should be done. It is high time  little animals like these understand that the world isn’t going to put up with their their immediate nasty gratification bullshit indefinitely. I do hope their names are widely publicized so that What They Are can travel with them throughout their lives. I’m sure the stain will help them to secure the mediocre careers they so richly deserve. Gotta love the internet. What you are is so available for all to see these days. Your reputation NEVER goes away on the internet— and employers LOVE to surf the net. Good luck with that, you little defects.

These are children who have no conscience. This means they are a menace to society. A person with no conscience is a walking personality disorder.  On that note, I am pleased to say that the USA once again rallied and these little cretins and their parents who helped them become who they are – will get to see a big fat check handed over to the senior they tortured. But heck, that will probably hardly cover one of their future bail bonds. Way to go Indiegogo. They have raised more than $186,000 for Mrs. Klein at the time of this writing. If you want to contribute, click on their link.

Love this comment at the NY Post:

My kid would be working at her house all summer after I beat the living shiat out of them.

Unfortunately in this case, this sounds like a plan!

Bless your heart, Karen Klein.


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  1. UW: I was wondering when you were going to get around to this, it is one of the most HORRENDOUS acts I have ever seen in my life——thank god they were only in middle school-the little TURDS that they are-they probably would have injured or killed her if they were older

  2. Michelina, middle school and “junior high” kids these days are the nastiest of the lot. Spoiled little brats who get whatever they want from Mom and Dad and then think they can take whatever they want from everybody else, including their spirit.

  3. My sister drove a school bus, as did her husband, and they both maintain to this day that the middle school kids are the absolute worst. Though in their day that crap would never have been tolerated.
    I am with the one who commented about beating the crap out of her kid and making her work all summer for the woman. Sounds like a plan. But then I would be willing to bet her child would think fifteen or twenty times before trying that junk as she/he already knows the rules.
    The parents of these future murderers should be fined and do community service and take whatever parenting class is available in that area.

  4. I remember my first year of teaching before I got the high school slot. I taught 7th and 8th grades. I remember declaring that two of my students will end up in prison. I was right about both of them. Their parents also doted on them and got them out of anything and everything they did. It was always someone else’s fault of course. I’m sure the world is a safter place with both of them locked up.

    It is an age where the kids will worship you if you give them boundaries and relate to them. But there is always the bad seeds. These kids on that bus are bad seeds.

  5. PMM / UW: I come a relatively small community-no Paved roads though, and I never ever saw such young’ins treat their elders in this way——–and If that was You PMM who said about beating the shit out of them—I stand right BEHIND you-and I don’t like to hit ANYONE, but this is totally UNACCEPTABLE Behavior-they deserve the hightest of punishment

  6. Many suburbia parents approve of who their kids hang out with based on who their parents are. That’s a mistake because some of these spoiled brats are VERY bad kids.

  7. I come FROM——–

  8. sorry PMM: I’m so outraged I can’t type or speak—-I MEANT NO DIRT ROADS, even though we are a small community—-I screw up the best of my FUNNIES

  9. The disrespect to authority and the elderly was horrible, but really it’s about bullying in general. Kids do that every day to other kids. We had bullies in our day, but it seems like it’s become an epidemic now. Add to that cyber bullying and it’s even worse….bullying 24/7! Most schools have anti-bullying policies, but the bullying continues. It’s a problem that can’t be solved by the schools alone. Compassion, empathy and respect must be instilled from home.

  10. …middle school and “junior high” kids these days are the nastiest of the lot.

    I’d rather wash public toilets than to have to babysit these trolls. The parents should also be named. What have they taught their spawn?

  11. I never got hit in my life, but I never did anything like what these little pigs did either. For starters, I loved my parents and it was important to me not to ever disappoint them with my behavior. It was VERY important to ME. I wanted to do their name HONOR not DISGRACE. When did that idea go away? In addition, having not done anything as a child to cause me to find out, I never knew what exactly would happen if I did something like what these freaks did, but I knew it wouldn’t be good. And Third,my conscience would never let me do such a thing to an elderly person. And if you ask me that is what lacking in little shits like these kids. They have NO conscience. That makes them societal menaces. People with personality disorders, if you will.

  12. It’s also an example of “mob mentality” don’t you think? The kids literally ganged up on her. They fed off each other in their insults and comments.

  13. I can’t even imagine behaving in that way toward anyone at that age. I would have been skinned alive. If anything were left, my mother would have had the police pick my arse up and take me to the nearest juvenile detention home.

    BTW, the donations to give this lady a vacay have now reached $180,000.

  14. There are so many things I don’t get about this.

    What is a monitor for on this bus? To be sweet and nice, thinking to teach the kids by example? Without any clout or backup?

    Why doesn’t the driver stop the bus and call the police to take these little criminals home and their parents to jail?

    She says they do it often so why aren’t they punished – reform schools still exist, don’t they?

    And as usual, a vid brings in thousands after the fact for the elderly woman; gives the little monsters street cred and does nothing for a school system/community that allows and encourages this behavior.

    Does no one else see that these kids have learned society’s lesson – that it is OK to be violent toward women? The weak, helpless ones?

  15. twandx, I noticed in her video interview she said there as really no sense of reported it as nothing will come of it. And yes, between the media and the violent video games, they ARE learning some very awful things. They are desensitizes to the point of criminal.

  16. A monitor is basically your witness to the little asswipes beating each other or the bus driver up. Cams cannot see everything.

  17. Actually as of right now they have raised $206,587. I had to change it from 168 to 186 wHile i was editing. People are fed up with these little freaks out there. It’s a message.

  18. I disagree twandx. I don’t think that this gives them street creds. I do think they will suffer some consequences for their behavior. Hopefully, they will learn a lesson. I do wonder why she didn’t crack down more on them, but maybe she has tried before and been reprimanded by the school through parent complaints? Who knows? But this time, she had the proof with the video.

  19. Uppity remember that post you did where the hs football players raped that 10 year old girl and the townspeople were soooo upset that it ruined the lives of……..the rapists!?!!

  20. Yes I must and the NY Times milked the sympathy for those ‘poor’ boys for all it was worth.

  21. imust the sense I got from her interview was that nothing is done when a complaint is lodged. I believe it too. You know how administrations sweep things under the rug to keep the peace, especially if the parents are ‘important’. You know how they fear law suits if they take deserved action on some of these kids.

  22. I can’t connect to twitter. it times out.

  23. Yes imust, they do everything in mobs now, it seems. That’s why they love them their flash mobs.

  24. Uppityites on older versions of Firefox….

    After using it for two days I am highly recommending FF 12. Apparently, FF 4 was so horrendous, it drove people away. So Mozilla listened. I was able to transfer virtually all of my addons that didn’t work with their other upgrades. Truth is, it’s fast and looks a LOT like the 3.x versions. Looks like they Got It Right after all those revisions.

  25. Ah I see Ann Curry is being bounced from Today. Interesting thing I’ve noted is Matt Lauer is the one stable job on that show, while the thing is, he’s balding and looking a bit long of tooth himself. I was thinking, if his woman partner started looking like that, she’d be Gone. Just an observation. I imagine he will be there till he drops, but always there will be a perky girl as his partner.

  26. Welp another crazy nutbag on Whatever took off all his clothing and bit a guy’s bicep off.

  27. imust- will she get the same BS Hillary got when she got teary eyed in NH?
    Probably not

  28. No PMM. I’m sure she will be hailed as “a wonderful mother!”

  29. “Calgon Take Me Away”
    In a straight jacket.

  30. Oh gag me with a spoon.

    There’s no end to what they can steal from Hillary. Not an original thought in their heads. They figure it got hillary the state of NH so it will work if michelle tries it.

  31. I can’t help but laugh looking at the people behind her. It reminds me of this..
    “Get me more white people! We need more white people!”

  32. These kids are little turds and sadly not one of them on that bus had the integrity to stand up to this little mob and say ENOUGH! I suppose maybe they were legitimately afraid, perhaps they’ve been bullied too. I know Little Somebody wouldn’t have kept her mouth shut, but she has a soft spot for stuff like this after having been taunted for being bald from chemo by kids AND asshole adults.

    You all are freaking me out with all your talk about middle school and this video isn’t helping either. Little Somebody is returning to public school next year……..7th grade……I’m going to go cry now.

    I’m not confident going forward with her being home schooled. Middle school is fine, but I don’t think I’ll be teaching her calculus, LOL! We decided to go ahead and transition her before high school……now I’m getting cold feet.

  33. Somebody it’s not a bad idea to transition her now. If you still wanted to home school and feel very tense about it, you could look into hiring a math teacher. But really, I would give public school a shot. Monitor the situation and see how it goes for her. I know she’s been ill so I can understand you concern. But you never know! Maybe her wings will spread in ways you never expected.

  34. By the by, Somebody, skip the U of Phoenix bs, but there are plenty of accredited universities that offer all kinds of courses, including, yup, calculus.

  35. Technically I could push for dual enrollment at the community college in lieu of many HS classes, but I don’t know. There are other values to the school experience, some good, some bad…..but all life lessons.

    We have a co-op, but it’s run by a local fundamental church…..I’m not sure how it is if you know what I mean. We figure we’ll try public school and if she’s miserable then we’ll deal with it. She may flourish, who knows.

    Good news her placement testing came back. Her vocabulary, spelling, grammar and reading were all on a college level!!! Her math placement was the end of 8th grade, but that’s a misnomer really. She’s ready for Algebra as she has completed pre-Algebra. I would expect her to be on an advanced track which would mean she’d take Algebra in the 8th grade, so she’s really only a year ahead in math. The placement assumes she’d take Algebra in the 9th grade.

    Bad news she has processing speed issues due to years of chemo going directly into her central nervous system. The school should make accommodations for that by law, but I’m kind of concerned about how they’ll address it. She just needs to use a tape recorder for notes and some extra time on tests or maybe in some cases let her use a calculator. Giving her oral tests is even better. I don’t really have to make accommodations at home……but she’s my only student and we have all the time in the world.

    We’re not sure where the county is going to place her, or how they will accommodate her. We assume they’ll place her in the 7th grade because age wise that’s where she would be, but who knows. We won’t put in back in public school if they try and stick her in a class of drooling kids due to her processing issues. She’s clearly advanced, not based on an opinion but on test based fact.

  36. ****We won’t put HER back in public school if they try and stick her in a class of drooling kids*****

    Which is apparently where I need to be based on my original sentence, LOL!

    I don’t know why I type “in back in”……..doh!

  37. What a bunch of little cockroaches! This is why Athena had to respond, its in their mission statement:

    “Mission Statement

    The mission of the Athena Middle School community is to assure an environment in which all students can experience success as they strive toward academic excellence. Supporting Characteristics

    A supportive environment

    A variety of age appropriate social activities

    A challenging curriculum

    An environment that promotes the value of learning

    An atmosphere of respect for self and others

    A system of ongoing assessment and improvement”

  38. Look at the role models these kids are probably emulating i.e. Alec Baldwin, Mel Gibson, whats his name on 2 1/2 men, Rihanna’s former boyfriend, etc. etc. Plus all the crappy shows / movies.

  39. I definitely can see your concerns Somebody and I would be laboring over it too. I would avoid the Fundies like plague. They will fuck her up and we all know it. I would look into the advanced placement but I don’t know if they will accomodate her needs. I know a tape recording is not going to be a problem, though. Before I would consider public school I would want to know how they will be accomodating her first.

  40. This isn’t exactly a poor school either. They do Theater and sell program ads for up to 2 grand.

  41. Somebody,
    Have you considered asking your school district to write either an IEP or a 504 plan to address your daughter’s medical / processing issues. Here is a website with helpful information on various plans that could be beneficial.

  42. Athena producing Presidential Scholars, and there’s the CIA program. This school is not hurting. So I imagine the pearents run things. even if their kid sucks.

  43. VERY interesting Piper. Hope it helps you, Somebody.

  44. I’ve had these kind of nasty-foul mouthed little trolls in my shop. When I’ve told them to shut it, their parents were offended! Which is why they weren’t welcomed back. I’ll tell you what the problem is–these are kids who have been given unsupervised free reign on the Internet since a young age. The language is typical Troll Talk. I see it on my daughter’s FB page, which since she’s 19 (and out on her own being a responsible adult), I have no say over. But that’s how they talk. It’s ugly, and it gets worse every day. Those of us adults who take a stand are told to ‘mind our own business’–but it IS my business when it’s right there in front of me. Now I have a reputation as a B*tch, which is fine if I don’t have to deal with the Trolls. Or their weak-assed parents. This woman was smart. She let these creatures talk themselves into some big-time Viral Name and Shame.

  45. Oh man are you ever right about the ‘role models” Piper. All sh!tbums, horrible life examples I wouldn’t cross the street to see. And how about all these druggie and animal abuser sports figures getting themselves passes. surely it must be okay to abuse women, animals, whatever turns you on.

  46. Vick should be forever shunned, not playing for a team. What message is THIS?

    Vick. For the TEAM. Sandusky. For the TEAM.

  47. Irland, you would THINK their parents would be embarrassed for how their kids look insted of offended because somebody notices.

  48. UW, I’ve had kids calling each other ‘faggot’, talking about ‘fapping’, calling their parents ‘Stupid’ and ‘Dumbshit’, right there in my shop. It never goes over well with me. And I have to say, the vast majority of these parents identify themselves as ‘Liberal’. Which explains a lot of the nasty DudeBro mentality going on right now. It’s just gone too far. My kid USED to complain that her friends called me ‘hardcore’–meaning strict–but she’s not complaining anymore. She Gets It now. It’s almost hopeless.

  49. I’ll tell you why it’s not hopeless Irland, these kids will learn the very hard way that this is not acceptable in the real world when mommy and daddy aren’t protecting them. Their workplace manners will clean up pretty fast when they find themselves reprimanded, skipped-over, or fired one too many times. First time they act like little assholes to the boss would be fun to see. Worhty of buying tickets.

  50. These kids are 12 year old versions of the crap we ALL were expected to take from obots in 2008. It was EVERYWHERE and the men of the democratic party just gave each other the “glad somebody else said that for me” look and let it go down.

  51. Yes pgh, they are little obot snots in training. Perhaps soon they will witness the meltdown of their big brothers when they taste revenge in November. “Where else are you gonna girl, girlz”? is rapidly turning intto “Any place where you aren’t”. They need our help a whole lot more than they did last time. They aren’t getting any of it from me. It’s a little harder to cheat when you don’t have caucuses and delegates to steal from someone else, hey? This time the race isn’t going to be run by a scaredy cat wimp.

  52. Incidentally, I predict Obama won’t be able to dance around this Messina thing and ignore it. He will ‘fire’ messina and just bring him back through the back door, like he does everything else. I find it amazing that the democratic gay and lesbian community isn’t carrying pitchforks right now.

  53. What Messina thing?

  54. There is only one notorious ad in the history of Congressional campaigns and that is Max Baucus’ gay-baiting, homophobic ad with some really chalky undertones suggesting his opponent is gay. As it turns out, Baucus had no problem telling everybody that Jim Messina was fully responsible of not only making the ad, but bringing it to Baucus’ hotel room to show it too him.

  55. Wonder if Karen Klein had a filmed heart attack from the bullying of these brats, would they have been charged with attempted or actual murder, even as juveniles? Probably not. YouTube is littered with videos of these kids “making the bus monitor cry” and some kids on that bus defend their indefensible torture, another one smiles throughout and defends “my generation.” Little shit. What if she had been one of their mothers or grandmothers? The kids will be forever young? At the rate SS is vanishing, it won’t be there for them and they’ll have to take menial jobs like bus monitors. Karma.

  56. “Jim is tough,” Baucus says. “I’ll never forget when he showed me that ad. We were in Bozeman in a motel. The curtains were drawn. He said, ‘Max, what do you think?’ They were afraid I wasn’t going to like it. I loved it!” Humiliated, Taylor quit the race, and Baucus sailed to victory. “I found out quickly from Messina that there was no honor in politics,” Taylor says in an e-mail.
    (Whole article worth a read)

  57. I have a niece who just finished middle school. She and her friends would NOT act like these little rat bastards because they have parents who taught them right from wrong. I would be deeply ashamed if any of the kids in my family acted like these kids. I’d feel as if I had failed in my role as part of their “village.”

  58. Would be a manslaughter charge probably, Hal. As in we didn’t mean to kill her just to torture her.

  59. Oh…I see. I’d never heard about that, thanks Uppity. So this is just coming out now? I’ll go check the intertubes, bbl!

  60. Out of touch?Nahhhhh.

    At the suggestion of another of Messina’s advisers, Obama-themed merchandise has become a lucrative revenue source. Early on, Messina met, and was dazzled by, Anna Wintour, the editor of Vogue and inspiration for The Devil Wears Prada, who created a spreadsheet to convince him that fashion could generate serious money for the campaign. “What is the one thing everyone has from ’08? A T-shirt,” Messina says.

    Wintour drew conservatives’ scorn for appearing in an online video soliciting donors for a fundraising dinner for the first couple with Sarah Jessica Parker. Her influence actually runs much deeper. Last fall the campaign held a runway show in Manhattan to unveil a luxury clothing line by celebrity designers, including Vera Wang and Diane von Furstenberg. Messina, whose own fashion sense borders on the tragic, was introduced on the runway by Scarlett Johansson. Republicans gleefully mock Obama’s designer collection as an exercise in narcissism. (The Romney campaign also sells merchandise, mostly the standard T-shirts, hats, and buttons.) Messina sees only the influx of millions of dollars—although he won’t say how many millions. Sure, the $95 Thakoon Panichgul scarf and $75 Tory Burch tote bag are outlandish, but they net a lot more than $10 Hanes T-shirts. “Raise money, register voters, and persuade voters,” Messina says. “Everything has to feed into those three things.”

  61. Unfortunately, these are the kinds of kids that Mommy and Daddy DO protect–long after they should have been thrown out on their asses. They live at home or the parents maintain them. We all know some–those 2 Columbine killers come to mind. I’m really looking forward to seeing what happens when these kids and their parents have to face public scrutiny. I’m hoping they’ve already shit their pants a hundred times over. And you know, I think Karen Klein would not only accept an apology, she’d probably actually forgive them for acting like gotdamn Hitler Youth.

  62. …and speaking of examples, just when you think Alec Baldwin and David Letterman are as tacky as they can be, I just saw a ‘news’ clip where they both dropped their pants on letterman’s ludicrous show.

  63. Now up to $374,434.from almost 18,000 donors. …

  64. With that, Karen should just take a permanent trip” away from the torture.

  65. Yeah, she should give up that bus job for sure.

  66. Uppity….maybe they both had a “wardrobe malfunction?” Nah, both Baldwin and Letterman at once? I wonder how much, if anything, the FCC fines them?

  67. Do the huge bank downgrades mean husband can kiss goodbye what little is left of the 401k?

  68. Hal or maybe they are just too self-impressed assholes who think they look better than they do. Trust me, it wasn’t impressive to look at. Basically two broken down old guys who think they are still cool just because they have dicks and make the Who Looks Cool When They Are Old rules.

  69. Money for Karen still rolling in. Wouldn’t it be great if she got a million off of what those little shit defectives did. Ha! Take that you little fucks.

  70. PiperMN, on June 21, 2012 at 3:27 PM said:
    Look at the role models these kids are probably emulating i.e. Alec Baldwin, Mel Gibson, whats his name on 2 1/2 men, Rihanna’s former boyfriend, etc. etc. Plus all the crappy shows / movies.

    That is a brilliant point, PiperMN. When we see Baldwin and Maher and all these guys earn millions and get grateful audience for their horrid behavior, with so many calling them “cool,” this is not surprising.

    I would hope the little miscreants would have some decency on their own anyway – or that their parents would teach tehm to have some, but I guess not…

  71. What is the latest money count for Karen, anyone know?

  72. Priceless.

  73. $397,636. and donors are well over 18,000

  74. Thanks, Hal. Superb. Think about how many people are hurting out there but they still scraped together $20 bucks to show this Ms. Klein support.

  75. As of 8;55 CDT, the amount is nearly $400,000 from 18866 donors.

  76. hahaha….take that brats=sailed past $402,719. in minutes and noq 19000 donors. Best part is that there are 29 days left!!

  77. That tweet sums up Obama’s entire presidency.

  78. Ani, this is more than showing support. On so many different levels. Extreme anger, yes, sympathy, of course, then there’s the “what if this was one of my own relatives, my mother, etc?” It also shows these kids that it’s not nice to torture anyone. Gee, they might grow a conscience.
    Most of us, in one way or another, have had similar experiences and this is telling bullies ENOUGH!!!

  79. Piper thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

  80. Well, yes ,Hal. You are right. And it really does tell those brats off at the same time. You know who their behavior reminds me of..? Think back 2008…

  81. Yeah Somebody, Piper gave you the Magic Wand.

  82. Woot the ole’ gal is heading toward a half a mil. Hahaha, you little freaks. This is one time I would wholeheartedly endorse a nice civil suit against these little freaks and the parents that created them. Hope it costs them a half mil. lolol

  83. I don’t care what anybody says. For all our warts, this is what America Does. She rallies to a need and doesn’t stop until the need is met. America has decided that these brats are scum and Karen Klein deserves to be a millionaire just for putting up with the little pukes. And when America puts it’s mind to something,, America does it.

  84. Moody’s Investors Service downgraded the debt ratings of 15 international banks on Thursday, including five U.S. banks. Downgrades hit Bank of America, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, and Morgan Stanley. The downgrades mean that it will become more expensive for banks to raise money by selling debt. Moody’s also downgraded Royal Bank of Canada and nine European banks. Earlier this year, the ratings firm announced that it would review the ratings of 17 global investment banks, and already downgraded Macquarie and Nomura.

  85. Uppity Woman, on June 21, 2012 at 11:12 PM said: Edit Comment

    And that is why I get sick to my stomach whem somebody apologizes for us. At best, the leaders can apologize for themselves, not us.

  86. Statement by the school district on the video:

  87. Here’s a feel good story and shows how most people feel about the elderly:–abc-news-topstories.html

  88. LOL imust, administrator blah blah blahh statement of circular bullshit. If it weren’t for youtube those little bastards would be taunting her tomorrow again. I think this is going to be a watershed case for Americans. They have had it with these little savages. They cause each other to commit suicide they are so freaking vile. I think the parents should be made culpable in all four cases. I hope the woman sues their asses into a shack. It is time to set the example.

  89. As the corporate America saying goes, Hit them in their wallets and their hearts and minds will follow. Once parents see the ramifications of the actions of their special little brats, they will start to understand that teaching RESPECT starts in the home and do their job.

  90. Americans are making a statement. They will raise a million for that woman in protest against all the rotten little bully shits raised by parents who aren’t doing what parents before them did. All this Feel Good bullshit is ruining these kids and turning them all into personalilty disorders with no conscience. Give em a trophy for showing up. Give em a trophy for breathing. Parents forcing their kids in programs they don’t belong in. Forcing the coach to put their little Also Ran on the team. All this touchy feely, no red pens, self esteem for nothing has ruined an entire generation and it’s their parents’ responsibility to fix it.

  91. UW,

    It is high time little animals like these understand that the world isn’t going to put up with their their immediate nasty gratification bullshit indefinitely. I do hope their names are widely publicized so that What They Are can travel with them throughout their lives.

    If only people behaved knowing their antics could very well haunt them at every juncture in life.

    Some parents have failed to instill in their children the very simple concept of respecting their elders. It has been going on for a long time. That is probably why our country today has so many people with a sense of entitlement to behave as they please, with no regards for others around them.

  92. You made this little brat now YOU fix him.

  93. Looks like Amy Vanderbilt has been out of vogue for a long time now. Unfortunately.

  94. UW and NES at 942,
    Indeed. Adults in powerful positions travel the world to effect positive change, whereas kids hop up and down to go on teevee to talk about celebrities. Looks like someome is more interested in being a celebrity, than being a [s]elected leader.

  95. Here is a story on the young man who instigated the fund raising for Karen Klein:

  96. Rotten little vermin are lucky I was not the one they were taunting. I would have jumped up and grabbed the first little bastage near me and swung him by the ankles beating the other three with him !
    Holy crap what are people raising these days ? Ok so scratch school bus monitor off my SS supplemental income.
    An folks wonder why I go to the range several times a month to shoot. Hmmm you have face eating savages roaming the streets and kids devoid of feeling. Yup glad I have a CCW and glad I carry my twins at all times.
    More people need to learn to handle guns and arm themselves because this world is really getting ugly.
    I fear for this little lady. These horrid bastages know she is getting a lot of money as do others. She needs to learn to shoot !!!

  97. Finally an apology from one of the cockroaches.

    ‘I’ am so sorry for the way I treated you. When I saw the video, I was disgusted and could not believe I did that.’
    -Josh, one of the students on bus #784

    Sounds like mom or dad heard mini me spewing vile and nasty hate.

  98. Barf alert.
    Mafia-style Bribery Charges for Ultra-Orthodox Williamsburg Jews
    …Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes partnered with the NYPD in 2009 to get the usually quiet and insular Jewish community to give up their pedophiles and rapists–without fear from the victims of being harassed and intimidated. Since then, they’ve prosecuted 139 bad guys. Add a few more to the list….,0,1996497.story

  99. I do hope Karen Klein’s lawyer responds to Josh. And his parents too!

  100. I bet if Karen had one of these palm pistols nobody would ever bother her again, anywhere. I think all seniors should have one. All women for that matter. It’s come to this.

  101. Pamela is it that scheevy Hasidic community? Really sick bunch. Perfect example of how too much religion makes men insane degenerates.

  102. Josh. Is one of them named Skippy or Jeffery too?

  103. Josh is sorry. I’m sure all four of them are sorry. Sorry they got caught. Otherwise they would be high fiving themselves passing that video around if they could. Sick little bastards.

  104. I hope so UW. She is a nice lady, and she certainly doesn’t deserve that nastiness.

  105. When I had laker, I decided I was going to pull him out of school when he finished middle school, due to my own horrific high school experiences. Then after seeing his brother go through some horrible bullying in middle school, I realized that middle school was even worse. I ended up pulling laker out 3 weeks into 2nd grade, partly due to a vicious little bully that tormented him and others all during 1st grade, but also the fact that his teacher was mean, nasty, and a total lunatic. I’ve always hoped I would see her again someday, so I could thank her for being such a bitch to us (she had us both in tears 3 times during the first 3 weeks). Getting my kid out of there and into a loving, but strict and respectful homeschool community was the best thing that could have happened to us. We have made friends for life and had the most amazing, wonderful experiences with these people. We got home at 5 in the morning today after taking 11 H.S. grads to Disneyland for Grad Nite and my email box has been overflowing with thank yous all day. I responded back with my own thank yous, but also to say that the teens were so respectful, courteous and responsible that they did our whole community proud. They had an absolute blast, and did it without breaking any rules, showing any discourtesy to me or the other chaps, or being unkind to any of their own. I would take these kids anywhere. It just sickens me that we have so many irresponsible parents who are too lazy or self absorbed to teach their own kids manners and values. I think it gets worse with every generation.

  106. I’m so glad that so much money has been raised for that poor woman. When I listened to them, it reminded me of those cyberbullying cases where kids ended up committing suicide. Someone up above also mentioned how these kids have grown up their whole life being able to make out-of-control statements with no accountability on the internet – good point!

    Having said that, a long, long time ago I drove a school bus. Unless things have changed, monitors are not on every bus. They’re either on a special ed bus to physically help the disabled kids get on and off and make sure they’re safe during the trip – or they’re on a bus with problem children. Their very job as monitor is to keep the kids under control so the driver can focus on their driving.

    Obviously these kids *need* a monitor, because their self-control skills are lacking. But I’m not sure she was the right fit for this bus – she obviously couldn’t control them. Generally, there are only two ways to control problem children – one is to have a very responsive school system which takes you seriously and imparts real discipline on problem children, so that they learn not to push the limits of the monitor or driver. It sounds like her school system didn’t back up their bus employees, which renders you rather powerless in the bus. The other way is to have a strong, commanding presence that intimidates them and makes them not *quite* sure that someone isn’t going to put a hand on them, so they behave just in case lol

  107. Too bad Justice Roberts didn’t have the fortitude of this grandma & couldn’t stand up to liberal bullies & stick to his vote as per Jan Crawford’s CBS report.

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