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  1. is it just me or did Myiq show some moon?

  2. Yeah sonrisa, that was definitely some MYIQ flesh.

  3. rofl 😀

  4. That was taken at Half Moon Bay.

  5. Was Taylor Swift on the beach watching myiq pull off this amazing feat? I bet she was so impressed.

  6. The moon shining over the ocean is always so picturesque

  7. Yeah and MyIQ’s moon makes the sun go down.

  8. I can hear MYIQ’s revenge wheels turning…

  9. Yes Beata I hear tell Taylor is going to do a song about it.

  10. Hilarious!

  11. Stop over to MyIQ’s place and invite his worshippers to see our dedication to him.

  12. Plucked this from myiq. Click fast. He’s right. It might go away.

  13. You can tell that animation is old. no tar balls in the sand.

  14. UW, thanks for asking about m.e. lou and the sub-Q. She gained almost half a pound in two weeks. We finished the first bag yesterday, and we have our routine down now for once a day. She still is a picky eater, but I feed her small meals around the clock. I plan to get her blood tested in a week to see if her BUN and Creatinine are down.

  15. That’s not MYIQ! He has orange hair and a red nose!

  16. Oh Good, Lyn! I kind of knew she would tolerate it well after your first report. Hope her numbers improve!

  17. That donation link was great, thanks Upps.

    I didn’t see Oswald in the gif.

  18. Oswald was taking the video.

  19. Ah, that makes sense!

    Did you see this story about the woman suing the little kid? She wants like half a mil for pain and suffering & 150 g for medical! She probably had facelifts or something. And the husband is also suing the kid for loss of companionship or something. People are just nuts now.

  20. Yes I saw a piece on that over at the GM blog. They tweeted that GM feed is killing cows too along with grass. When oh when are we going to FORCE our government to stop this Monsanto insanity. It’s maddening. They ReFUSE to label foods that contain GMOs. Thus my tweet:

    …so safe they don’t want you to know you are eating it.

  21. just clicked on the event link.the Romney victory party is still there. I’m surprised both of these are still up

  22. DE there is an old FOIA that Obama refuses to answer. Emails between him and Monsanto. We are Roundup Ready.

  23. We took hubbies ex wife out to lunch today and she told us about some creeptastic diet plan she tried, the kind where they send you the horrible pre made food, and she said it was all GMO food and made her sick as a dog. She stopped after two days. I hate that fucking monsanto. They won’t be happy til they’ve destroyed everything. Why can’t some lawyers get together and sue them for destroying our environment and health with their freaken franken food?

  24. Anyway, hubbies ex said the diet food was mfg to be higher in protein, like that freaky grass the cattle ate.

  25. They make big donations. They are in our government agencies and they lobby against our safety.

  26. Its sickening. So I guess if you eat grass fed beef, you may still be getting GMO in your system.

  27. How could ranchers and farmers be so stupid as to plant this shit anyway? What the hell is wrong with them?

  28. They have no choice if they want to survive.

  29. In the movies about monsanto you see accounts of monsanto sneaking on farmers’s land to check and see if their seeds were blown onto the land from another farm. Then they sue the farmer for illegally growing their ‘patented’ corn etc, and they bankrupt the farmer. They have them threatened into submission.

  30. They also make the farmers sign contracts, including a stipulation that Monsanto is not liable for any problems that result from the crops, the farmer gets sued. Also, the seeds cannot be carried over from year to year like seed always was. They have to buy new seed every year. One season.

  31. Monsanto to big Pharm – paving the road to our disaster one poison at a time. One with crops, the other with drugs that maim and kill.

    Both devoted to making us shovel ready.

  32. Good post. Funny too. Is MyIQ still laughing?

    OT Last nite I donated to Ohio Hound Rescue via Chip In. I did receive email confirmation for my transaction # 1aa7a4e16b7896c1,
    but also received email from Susan K. H. asking
    “Can you confirm what this donation is for? Chip in is acting up a bit” and then referring me to a link to state one of three causes..
    I’m wondering if this email is legit…. I do want the money to go to SYD’s picks.

  33. The Klown always laughs last.

  34. Why can’t some lawyers get together and sue them for destroying our environment and health with their freaken franken food?

    Socal, VT and CT both had mandatory labeling bills before their legislatures last session and both states buckled when Monsanto threatened to sue. Bernie Sanders included labeling language in the Senate’s version of the 2012 Farm Bill and Debbie Stabenow nixed it.

    So why? Because Monsanto is more powerful than everyone else.

  35. Pamela, please DM Syd and then tweet her to let her know you sent a DM to her. Tell her you want your donation to go to the cat rescue and any questions about chipin.


    And thank you for helping out those kittehs.

  36. To DM someone, you click on the menu upper left of your twitter screen, to the right of the little guy’s head, click on Direct Message, and type the recipient’s twitter @name and message, hit send.

  37. Dear MyIQ,

    The devil made me do it.

  38. Sue the US government? I think not. This has to happen at the federal level, and that is the level which monsanto doles out their lobby money. Europe has reigned them in. Even Africa is on to them and it putting the brakes on. There is something sinister and skunky going on here and it has to do with dollar signs. We have third world countries pulling these guys’ horns in.

    There is an amendment for labeling in the farm bill. Probably Kabuki unless it’s a Bernie Sanders bill. You know, the guy is presumably a socialist and I always reviled him for that, but in the past few years his activity has made me respect him. An awful lot. Way more than I respect the scum sitting in the congressional seats around him. He is not a dishonest man. And that is not only rare on Capitol hill, but he might just be standing completely alone in that arena.

    People used to think Dennis K was honest. I thought he was a squirrel but not dishonest. Till one plane ride on AF1 and he caved in to that horrific health care bill. He’s zero as far as I’m concerned. I would like to find one more honest person in congress. There aren’t any. Their rationale for killing bills that actually help people or are useful have become laughingly obvious. They are all nothing but bullshitters On The Take.

  39. I just ditched Jake tapper on twitter. My god the man is simply blowing obama and I cannot stand it any longer.

  40. UW, I’m with you re: Tapper. I know they are Obama’s lap dogs, but I crudely refer to them as Obama leg humpers. Sorry.

  41. Learn how the USDA has approved the processing of sinew and other inedible parts of the cow into “Pink Slime”, processed with ammonia and put into your ground beef. Only used for dog food previously, you are now being made to eat this when you buy Big Agra meat.

  42. You should never be sorry for being wise, Lyn.

  43. Uppity re SYD: thanks. I could not do exactly as you suggested, but what I could do should be sufficient.

  44. I have a very tricky tummy; their pink slime while being kept secret did me great harm. Thought I was crazy for quite a number of years trying to convince Wendy’s and the local premiere meat provider here that there was something different. Wendy’s customer service really did believe what she read to me when I checked. The meat manager of the other place knew what I was talking about but did not let on.

    As you mention we still have to deal with it but at least we know what “it” is. Am certain you saw awhile back when a big politician from TX and some others ate pink slime in public to assure us of its safety. They were of course terribly concerned because a number of pink slime processing places closed due to decreasing demand.

  45. Don’t know, maybe we can only DM people we follow or something? I’m sure Syd will acknowledge though. She’s a saint.

  46. Pamela, they should be forced to label meat containing pink slime. There is no reason any sane legislator and president would look away other than money.

  47. UW: The Bernie Sanders labeling amendment is dead thanks to Stabenow drinking the Monsanto koolaid:

    (Although, in other areas, the Farm Bill is better than expected.)

  48. Monsanto Threatens to Sue Vermont if Legislators Pass a Bill Requiring GMO Food to Be Labeled

    What it really comes down to this: Elected officials are abandoning the public interest and public will in the face of corporate intimidation.

  49. Here’s the roll call votes on the Sanders amendment to label GM products:

    Surprise votes against labeling: Franken, Shumer, and Gillebrand.

  50. This is infuriating. I must cover this.

  51. Both my Oregon senators voted for the Sanders amendment.

  52. Want a bombay cat but could never afford one? Here’s your chance.

  53. Disgusting news. New post up.

  54. myiq2xu, on June 24, 2012 at 12:00 AM said:

    That was taken at Half Moon Bay.

  55. The Devil you say Upps. 😆

  56. More news on the GM front: GM grass makes cyanide after 15 years and kills cattle:


  57. have a post going up on that djmm.

  58. Thanks for the tutorial on pink slime. How can they get away with contaminating meat with by products. I thought this was resolved by the muckraking novelists of the early-mid1900s.

  59. Just scarfed down a most tasty pot meal. I wanted to make Paella without the muss and fuss of the special pan and watching everything. And I wanted more rice. So I decided to make a pot paella. There is no end to my cleverness is there? It was scrumptious and we have enough left to sink the Queen Mary. It will be just as good leftover I’m sure. Still, i sent a big dish over to my elderly neighbors’ house. For this I will get a most delectable pie or cake I am sure. I’d give you the recipe but then I would have to kill you.

  60. That GIF is priceless.

  61. Just catching up. Oh Lord that was funny, but I think iq’s hide is tough enough to take it.

  62. Uppity you are the best. Now, hand over that Paella recipe, pretty please?
    Thanks for posting the GM info. You are my source for all things GMO.

  63. SOPHIE!! BRILLIANT retort over at Our Neighbor’s place, as the veteran woman-despiser (she left me and everybody knows why except me!) and homophobe moves on to try his very obvious hand over at the next blog before eventually being invited to leave. Again. Making the rounds,Making the rounds. Never understanding the concept of the Small World of Friends. So predictable. What a dickhead. Just like I was told. Would love to give him to DE for the day. If he lives. Soon we will have a contest to guess how many times this jerk mentions the words “Militant Feminists” (women hate me because I’m an insensitive woman-hating asshole, so they must be militant feminists) on PUMA blogs within a specific time frame. So far he’s clocked at 4 in the past week. Not including circling the drain over at our friend H44’s place.

    Just Brilliant, Sophie.

  64. LiVo, LiVo, if I tell you I will have to kill you!

    Let me get my thoughts together on what I did and I shall write it down for you.

  65. dwp, my apologies for not mentioning the jerk In Mention becoming recently personna non grata at pumapac.

  66. Just saw over at H44 that Obama has instructed Immigration not to take any calls from Arizona. Apparently he’s not too pleased with the ruling today that says they can detain people they suspect of being here illegally, so he’s going to punish them by ignoring their calls. He’s such a sweet man that way. And not a sore loser at all!

  67. Upps, re Obama’s instructions to immigration workers, it’s even worse. He’s not even the loser in the decision — I mean, he won 3 of the 4 points. So, he can’t even be a gracious winner.

  68. Well NES he didn’t get the pony he picked out. So he is having a tantrum.

  69. Yep. He defines petulant child.

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