Hillary Clinton. Just saying.

Boy did the Democrats and American women ever blow it when they didn’t make this woman President.

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  1. Dems still seem hell bent to back a loser. We all should rub Hillaryism into them at every chance – the old, effective, time and tested salt in the wounds torture.

  2. And we will!

  3. When we will ever learn, when we will ever learn?
    It is a mystery to me, and I truly mean that. How did this animal called ‘human” go from worshiping a “goddess” as the mother of all life- to doing their utmost to suppress, degrade and abuse women? As long as I live I will never ever understand it.
    Uppity- I saw your note about my update- so here is the info.
    Some of you had asked if there was a place to which you could donate RE my kittehs and MS Smokey Bones. The organization that will be doing the spay and shots on Smokey and finding forever homes for the remaining kittens (and they did Jack’s shots as well) is run by a friend’s cousin. They do a spay and feral speuter clinic spring and fall and do spay and neuters twice a month. They are very very reasonable- it is going to cost $53 for Smokey to be spayed and have her shots- plus a large bag of cat chow- daughter has already paid those fees as well as the $5 per kitten charge for fostering. (Though ours should go quick as they are well socialized, litter trained and most of them even know to use the scratching box. They rarely scratch me anymore- they have learned to bat me with claws retracted. Hah- I have the brightest babies EVAH!)
    Anyhoo- here is the name and po box for anyone who feels inclined to make a donation.
    Kitten Care and Rescue
    PO Box 804,
    Andover Ohio, 44003.
    Two days to the Great Tiger Lily Relay!

  4. ROFLMAO! I just saw this on one of my military friend’s facebook posts. Her son is 5- this is PRICELESS!

    I usually try to stick to the rules and I don’t post my personal political viewsbecause I am currently still serving…….but xxx told xxx the funniest thing while I was TDY… He said “Daddy I know what omg means.. Obama Must Go!!!! And btw why does mom hate Obama so much?”…. xxx said son ur mom just doesn’t like everybody;)

    OMG = Obama Must Go! I LOVE IT! Out of the mouths of babes!.

  5. Great graphic. I’m taking note of the website on it. So many of HIllary’s statements are keepers, but this one’s in her top 10.

    Not certain that I kept her campaign T shirts, but I still the black one with pants suit silhouette which Chelsea offered to help pay off the debt. I have the HRC campaign baseball cap and definitely will be wearing that for the Great Tiger Lily Relay. It’s all coming together. Thanks to Karen for the info sheets.

    Probably a bit of a tough time ahead for PMM – post partum stuff. So we will need to be hearing lots about Smokey and Jack. Poor Jack. Thought he was going to be top and only cat lol.

  6. pamela: I have the ball cap, an “I’m your girl!” button, a coffee mug, a commemorative video, and the shirt that says For everyone who’s ever been counted out but refused to be knocked out and for everyone who works hard and never gives up, this one is for you

  7. ROFLMAO!! From here:

    Before joining a parade along Fifth Avenue, Mayor Michael Bloomberg declared, “New York is a place where you can do whatever you want to do.” He said his message for the rest of America is that “the government should get out of your personal life.”

    Does consuming a 16 oz (or larger) soda count as part of your personal life?

  8. Good morning (((((uppity’s))))))

    I have the same T-shirt—-and the button and the BEAUTIFUL poster of her, which I have put away Hoping some day she will get back in the race

  9. As usual, Hillary says it better than anybody. Brava!

  10. They focus on women because they can not control themselves. All of the traits they loathe in themselves, they attribute to women. I believe it is called “projection” in psycho-babble.

    I just wish these fundie idiots woud realize you don’t prove your connection to God by minding other people’s business.

  11. AnnE: Yes indeed!

    From the rationales at the Salem witch trials to honor killings because men who see an inch of skin cannot control themselves. It’s always her fault.

    Yup-religious freedom has come to mean that women must follow the restrictions that accompany the beliefs of men while men feel no obligation to follow the same. (Yes, I know there are religious women that inflict their beliefs onto others as well but my sense is that they do so out of something akin to Stockholm Syndrome.)

  12. I’ve been waiting for this moment for four years now.

    I can’t wait to hear Donna Brazile’s version of a crushing defeat because the 18M voters she alienated in 08 haven’t returned to the fold.

    This is going to be better than Christmas!

  13. SCOTUS has struck down 3 of 4 provisions of the Arizona immigration law. They affirmed the “Show your papers” part if a person is detained (as in check their status). This could be a predictor of any challenge to Voter ID. It seems that proving who you are is not against the law. I remember having to show my voter registration card when I was a young voter.


  14. The court ruled that Arizona cannot make it a misdemeanor for immigrants to fail to carry identification that says whether they are in the United States legally; cannot make it a crime for undocumented immigrations to apply for a job; and cannot arrest someone based solely on the suspicion that the person is in this country illegally.

    However, the court upheld the part of the law that requires police to check the immigration status of anyone they detain, if there is “reasonable suspicion” that the person is unlawfully in the United States. Even there, though, the justices said the provision could be subject to additional legal challenges.

  15. Well geeze, Anthony, she did tell us to go away. So we did. I do think that if Obama loses this race, it should be shouted loud and clear that Donna should be held accountable for driving so many democrats away. We should harp and harp on it until she is the toast she deserves to be.

  16. OMG Bloomberg. Priceless.

  17. I see Google is up to its old tricks of pimping Obama’s official site at the top of the search page.

  18. Mom, can you shoot me an email just before you leave the house with the kitten and ETA? And Sophie, can you comment when the relay begins. Cause you will be so excited!

  19. SCOTUS has ruled that mandatory life sentences for juvenile demons who commit murder is ‘unconstitutional”, Translation: You have to let them out so they can do it again. I propose they live next door to a member of the court.

  20. Oh indeed Uppity- my plan is to shoot you an email just before I leave the house- and an approx of what time I expect to make the hand off. If there is wifi I can “borrow” at or near the drop off, I will send another or comment then as well. Trying to get a back up plan with the daughter going so I could text her and she can comment if no wifi available OR once I arrive at the drop off, I could call the next in line and she could update our progress? Hoping to grab some cell phone pics and have the daughter forward them to my email so I can send them on.

  21. the Court held that mandatory life without parole violates the Eighth Amendment. Such sentencing regimes, the court explained, “preclude a sentence from taking account of an offender’s age and the wealth of characteristics and circumstances attendant to it,” including “immaturity, impetuosity, and failure to appreciate risks and consequences,” as well as the juvenile’s “family and home environment,” and the circumstances of the offense, including “the extent of his participation in the conduct and the way familial and peer pressures may have affected him.” By eliding these key factors, mandatory life without parole “poses too great a risk of disproportionate punishment.” The Court did not reach the broader question of whether life without parole could ever be justified for a juvenile convicted of murder.

    Translation: It’s somebody else’s fault. I am wondering what is “disproportionate punishment” for a murderer. I worry about juveniles who kill. It takes a lifetime personalilty disorder for a child to do this unless there are real contributing factors…like say a parent who tortured them and they kill to stop it.

  22. UW: All of us have cells and at any given time, at least one of us (maybe two) will not be on the road and so can make a post comment with an update from the current kitty bearer.

  23. Although my cell phone is not at all smart, it does handle text messaging. FWIW

  24. @ Anthony…..Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year’s rolled into one!!!

  25. Am figuring I’ll be home on until 11. Plan to leave lots of time for road constructions.

  26. “Beautiful” posting Uppity. Always out-doing your greatness .
    Thanks a bunch.
    Luuve ya!

  27. bellecat! Good to see you!

  28. Oh good! I think the UWites will be enjoying hearing how the relay is going, and I’m sure there will be antics.

  29. I Think I will put up a live blog post.

  30. Mom, shoot me the best photo you can get of the cat. I will live blog and you guys can put your comments in that thread.

  31. Yea! A live blog!!! When is this relay?

  32. imust: The relay is Wednesday. PMM to Karen for Clinton, Karen to Pamela of the Poconos, Pamela to SophieCT, Sophie to Home.

    500 miles, 4 Uppityites, 3 states, 1 little kitty.

  33. 500 miles, 4 Uppityites, 3 states, 1 little kitty.

    LOL! Love it!!!

  34. I should have added: 2 Subaru Outbacks.

    Wouldn’t it be cool if one of PMM’s prize-winning pies was part of the relay too.

  35. A p-p-p-p-PIE relay? 🙂

  36. ROFL! I was just out checking on the berries. The red raspberries are ripening- alas- there are NEVER enough for pie or jam. They are wild and the plants are thick- the berries are so small- tiny rubies hiding in the dappled shade of the edges of the fields. Black raspberries are just starting to turn red- they will be ready as usual (weather continuing of course) by the 4th of July. Looks like there should be enough of those for at least one batch of jam- if I get to them before the birds and the turkeys, and the deer, and the woodchucks, possums, etc etc etc.
    Once again it is going to be an absolute bumper crop of Blackberries- the canes are LOADED- bending with the weight already. I foresee pie, jam and jelly again with them. Am going to try a blackberry salsa this year- I did peach last year and have only ONE jar left lol. Blackberry salsa- might be a fair winner- as I have never seen one up there. All the usual ones with tomatoes and peppers- and peach salsa is popular around here- but have not seen blackberry. I may try a combo salsa- local strawberries are in right now- if I freeze some a blackberry strawberry salsa would be so pretty!

  37. Oh- and my beans are flowering! YAY! Wax beans, two kinds of greenbeans and a purple bean that is supposed to turn green when cooked. I will be picking the last of the sugar snap peas for dinner tonight- and will plant more carrots in that row. Tomatoes are flowering well too! I planted Brandywine and San Marzano from seed this year- and bought early girl, cherry and grape tomatoes from the local guy. Cukes are not doing so well- always seem to have trouble with those around here- not sure why- I thought they would do better in the raised beds.

  38. I want my Hillary!!! It’s like a love affair that ended too soon. Just when you think you’re over it, you realize you’re not.

    Yes to the Tiger Lily Relay Live Blog! We need some fun and happy news. Lots of comments and pics, please.

  39. Indeed Beata! And I think the relay team has a “uniform.” If I understand correctly, we all have Hillary T-shirts!

  40. All the growing things are dead in my neck of the woods. We haven’t had any rain since early May. Temps will be around 100 degrees this week. The wildlife are really stressed. I put out food and water for the birds and small animals every morning. It is gone in a few hours.

  41. “Just stay at home” Brazile and “They have nowhere else to go” Obama ……., just thinking about it makes my blood boil. I consider ending my long association with the Democratic Party, registering as an Independent and voting against that bastard to be one of the most revolutionary actions I have had the privilege to do. I can’t wait to do it again.

  42. Yes Mom, my tomatoes are full of flowers too. My spanish onions are standing up like soldiers and my lettuce is so prolific, I am giving it away. I planted a couple of brandywines too. It’s going to be a very good year for the garden, methinks.

    I bought these fantastic wide and high, square tomato baskets so they can grow even higher and denser. Even the slugs are staying away this year.

  43. Beata I know how you feel. I just will never get over it. If they thought we would, they were Wrong. Very Wrong.

    I think it’s wonderful that you are watering and leaving food for the animals. Bless your heart.

  44. Aud Hype, I am still registered D. I stay registered because I want to contribute to making them think their numbers are higher than they are. Heh.

  45. Uppity- see your media file for pics- as noted in the past- I take the world’s worst pictures. (but I make damn good jam, jelly, cookies and pie lol)

  46. 500 miles, 4 Uppityites, 3 states, 1 little kitty.

    LOL! Love it!!!

    Another live blogging first!

  47. My apologies in advance to Lorac for upstaging her Wednesday spot. I hope she forgives me.

  48. Just catching up.

    It seems Egyptian women may have had more rights when they were baking those ancient pies than they do now.

    Yeas ago, I came across a theory, well in a couple places, that most religions once had two or more gods, at least one of whom female aspects of nature. Once monotheism took hold, it was hasta la vista baby!

  49. I see I am not the only person that has had to give up and upgrade Firefox . Evidently, the ability for web sites to be backward compatible is passe and horrid things happen to your computer if you are not using recent browser versions.

    I have been testing the newer versions of Firefox on a a couple of the computers at work and it had been fine. Load it on my Sony notebook and it is almost as much trouble as the old version and is hogging resources left and right. Using Opera until I get Mozilla to cooperate.

  50. Mt Laurel, it strikes me as odd that religious people demand that we believe in creationism, yet have deities with no feminine aspects.

  51. LOL on the monotheistic religions. So many Catholics (roman and otherwise) do not realize WHY the Blessed Mother has such an exalted position.
    They could not win over the pagan women without some concession to the feminine. And without the women? Good luck with getting very far without them. Many of the ancient Goddesses were absorbed and transformed into the saints.
    A little education is a terrible thing. But I no longer bother arguing with priests. If they choose not to educate themselves- well. Gods born of virgins, gods dying and being resurrected etc- all around for thousands of years before Christianity. Most of our Catholic high holy days(and most of the liturgy) come either right straight out of Judaism or were placed in the calendar to replace/suppress pagan feast days. Saturnalia/Christmas being the first example.
    If they for once would step back and actually examine what they are teaching and saying. If God is indeed all and everywhere, how can there not be a feminine aspect?
    And the first story of creation in Genesis clearly states- “male and female created he them”- in other words- both at the same time. The second story about the rib? That was a later add on.
    Rant over.

  52. Yes PMM: Agree entirely about the role of The BVM and yes, the Saints are there to satisfy the polytheists.

  53. Wow I learned some interesting things from your rant, Mom.

    Men. Never follow them. Walk along side, yes. But never follow. They will manipulate ANYTHING to manipulate you. They LOVE LOVE LOVE controlling religions.

  54. Mom, lorac has not been feeling well, some kind of bug I think, so I’m sure she will be fine with it. She’s a flexible soul for sure.

  55. Mom you might want to take a look at my draft post for Wed.

  56. I am ready for Another live blogging first! 🙂

  57. Yeah we love us our Live Blogging Firsts don’t we? Walmart. It will go down in history.

  58. I’m assuming everyone here knows the infamous Walmart on Black Friday post.

  59. It certainly would be more interesting if socal, lorac, or NES took a kitty. We could have scenes like from Little House on the Prairie when they crossed the river. Tiger Lily could play the part of Jack, the dog.

  60. I can’t wait.on pins and needles 🙂

  61. A cat crossing a river? Interesting.

  62. Can’t wait for the KiTTY relay———My little girl never showed up for her food last night ——–I hope she is OK———-God I miss Bubba and I never got him————

    PMM: are you keeping smokey??

  63. michelina- we would like to keep Smokey- but sadly- she remains very very thin- she is very talkative- like Koz was. I fear she is loaded with worms- though I have seen no signs in the litter box. I would hate to commit to taking her and then find out she needs a lot of vet care which I can not afford. I will know better when she goes to be spayed- they will be able to give me an idea. If it is regular worms- well that should not be a problem. If it something more complicated- like a thyroid condition- not sure I can afford that. 😦

  64. So cool about the kitteh relay! Can’t wait to read all about it.

  65. PMM: I do hope not, I understand that worry——-I canimagine her going thru al of this and not being OK< but when it comes to our animals, God knows better

  66. Helen, the pengy name I thought of first was Houdini.

  67. The cat gif with the passing of the fish is great, imust.

  68. Hillary is certainly going to continue to do good things after she leaves her office. Obama, not so much. He will continue to be a screw up as long as he lives. Her character and personality strives for true accomplishment and she is a natural role model for leadership skills.

    I hope she has some historic and meaningful accolade – an up note to end her SoS run. Not just “competence” and “well done” but something that stands out. We’ll see, she has till January. Maybe…

  69. lorac, feel better. There’s stuff going around here too. Be well.

    Go lay in the hammock and take a long power nap!

  70. No wonder Obama congratulated Morsi! They’re both “What a Feminist Looks Like” eh Naiomi Wolf and third wavers????

    Five years ago, when the Brotherhood adopted a draft party platform that called for barring women and non-Muslims from the presidency, Mr. Morsi was a chief defender of the controversial planks, inside and outside the group. He argued that Islam required the president to be a male Muslim, in part because the head of state should promote the faith.

    Since Mr. Mubarak’s ouster, the Brotherhood has jettisoned those proposed restrictions from its platform, but during the campaign Mr. Morsi said that he personally still thought that only a male Muslim should hold the office.

  71. Shoutout to ProudMilitaryMom — just had my agent send a payment to the Kittie rescue people instead of posting it to me. Hope that helps. My 2 rescue cats are playing insane chasings through the house as I type. Bless you.

  72. imust: and yet in his speech upon winning, he talked mostly about brothers and sons, barely mentioning women.

    Egyptian people, you who today are rejoicing and celebrating the feast of democracy in Egypt, you who are standing in squares, in the Tahrir Square and in all the squares of Egypt, my beloved ones, my family and people, my brethren and my sons

    I would not have been here but for God’s help and these sacrifices, the precious blood of our honourable martyrs and our great injured men.

    And for the honourable policemen, the policemen who are my brothers and sons,

    This is not the speech of a feminist.

  73. \”LOL on the monotheistic religions. So many Catholics (roman and otherwise) do not realize WHY the Blessed Mother has such an exalted position.
    They could not win over the pagan women without some concession to the feminine. \”
    It\’s not a coincidence that in the implementation of the business model to convert the life of a strange Jewish guy, Joshua ben Joseph, into a religion, the existing religions were co-opted. At that time, for religion at least…, old was valid, new was suspect. One result is the story that, following the death of Jesus, John took Mary to Ephesus where she lived until the assumption. Ephesus was also the location of the major temple of Artemis (Diana) a very popular Goddess of the Roman solders who live at the edges of the Roman Empire, where the \”new\” religion became popular. Mary became the new Artemis.

    It was reported at the time, that Pope John Paul II wanted to elevate the status of Mary to that of \”Goddess\” but the potential for split between the Western Europe/North America church and the Polish/Latin America church was too great. (At least that is how I remember it)

  74. Jimmeh Carter is speaking like an old time democrat again now that the kool-aid has worn off.


    The Bill Clinton quotes from a few weeks ago denouncing BoDiddlySquat were right on the mark, and so is this piece.

    And *shudder* heaven’s for murgatroid, it is in the Grey Lady to boot.

  75. Hell imust, that gif is great. I might steal it for the post. lol.

  76. Yeah, karen, imagine that! Who could have predicted?

  77. SHV! I missed you!. How you landed in spam is beyond me!

  78. It was reported at the time, that Pope John Paul II wanted to elevate the status of Mary to that of \”Goddess\” but the potential for split between the Western Europe/North America church and the Polish/Latin America church was too great

    No worries that Benedict will try that. He thinks women are dog shit.

  79. LOL on the Jimmeh Carter op-ed! He says we must persuade “Washington” to change course…..notice he does not blame Obama!

    as concerned citizens, we must persuade Washington to reverse course and regain moral leadership according to international human rights norms that we had officially adopted as our own and cherished throughout the years


  80. Use the gif Uppity! I just don’t want you to get in trouble if….make that I don’t want to get in trouble if the owner gets mad! 😉

  81. Notice her status changes when she is not with Prince William.

  82. No i can’t use it imust. It’s the only instance of it on the net, except for here. And you did the right thing by loading it from the site, but I expect we will get a takedown notice if I don’t remove it from here, unfortunately. But I can relate. I have had entire articles stolen and it infuriated me. SO alas, I shalll have to take it down before they tell WP to do it.

  83. Well the joke’s on the ‘status’ people, because she will be Queen and he will be walking behind her. And the current Queen will be dead. Then all the blood princesses can curtsey to her. I would imagine he chose wisely so it wouldn’t go to her head.

  84. I don’t trust Jimmy carter as far as I could throw him. He’s not the man I thought he was.

  85. I’m tryiing to talk Mom into bringing a pie on Relay day and each relayer gets some. We could track the pie too. It would be a hoot since Karen is there and….well……you know.

  86. I’m glad you took the gif down Uppity….but it was fun while it lasted! 🙂

  87. Underwhelmed- thank you very much! The rescue people do so much with so little- every donation helps. Hell I try to send what I can in the way of blankets, sheets, towels and there is an annual spring and fall auction here that often has cat and dog food, litter and treats. We try to get some for the rescue and buy up straw if they have it for the large animal rescue we have in the area.

  88. Maybe I will try my hand at strawberry pie- I have never made one- but how hard can it be?
    Uppity- can you include the donation info in the live blog post please- for those who feel inclined to help our local rescue?

  89. Easy as PIE PMM! 🙂

  90. We could track the pie too. It would be a hoot since Karen is there and….well……you know.

    Uppityville wisdom would suggest that the pie relay would be over by the second car.

  91. Uppityville wisdom would suggest that the pie relay would be over by the second car

    I would pay 20 to 1 on this one.

  92. Yes I will put the donation information. Could you put it here again so I don’t have to go find it on the blog?

  93. Yeah imust that gif was a gas. Damn.

  94. Here you go!
    Kitten Care and Rescue
    PO Box 804
    Andover Ohio, 44003.

  95. FYI everyone, Aunt Uppity thinks of everything. She has commissioned a spy to watch the journey as it unfolds. This is so I can report things that are happening that the participants won’t tell us.

  96. As Barack Obama’s lead over Mitt Romney in the polls narrows, and his presumed fundraising advantage seems about to become a disadvantage, it’s alibi time for some of his backers.

    His problem, they say, is that some voters don’t like him because he’s black. Or they don’t like his policies because they don’t like having a black president.

    So, you see, if you don’t like Obamacare, it’s not because it threatens to take away your health insurance, or to deny coverage for some treatments. It’s because you don’t like black people.

    Read the rest here

  97. She has commissioned a spy to watch the journey as it unfolds.

    Oh, do tell.

  98. Ah Mom, do we have six kittens or is it seven that the prolific thang gave you?

  99. Ok, this is for LiVo.

    What I did was I glazed an onion in a big pot and browned some chicken pieces (I think I had four thighs and one breast (all of them skin-on) for about 10 minutes. Salt pepper, garlic powder. Then I tossed in a cup of rice, dry and stirred it around in the juices, added 2.5 cups of water, in which I dissolved a chicken broth cube (knorrs, half a two cup block). I added a nice big pinch of saffron and a can of whole baby clams, well drained. Stirred, brought it to a boil — skimmed a bit, but not too much — and then simmered it uncovered till the rice was close to taking up all the liquid. Tasted for salt and then added a bunch of shrimp, peeled and butterflied, and about a cup and a half of frozen peas, stirred to mix, covered it and waited for the rest of the liquid to absorb and the shrimp and peas to cook. It was VERY tasty. Note: This is not real paella, which is more fussing. It just contains things you would put in paella. With more rice.

  100. Sounds delicious. Tomorrow I’m going to try to make a strawberry rhubarb crisp that will be gluten free and sugar free. I’ll let you know how it comes out.

    Does Karen get the first kitteh? Is that why the pies will be gone? Can’t wait for the Grand Kitteh Relay. Sounds like fun!

  101. That sounds tasty socal.

    No karen isn’t getting a cat. Sophie is. Karen is helping with a double leg of the relay wednesday. The pie is an added attraction that will probably never make it to Pam or Sophie, since Karen gets it first. Not that I am carrying any tales…

  102. Yeah! Sophie’s getting a kitty!

  103. Well, thats nice of Karen to help out. She deserves some pie!

  104. Not just Karen,socal. Pamela Of The Poconos is driving a leg of the trip too.

  105. Anybody still around?

  106. I’m a little worried about lorac. I emailed her to ask if she felt better and got no answer. I do hope she’s okay.

  107. PMM — you’re so welcome. Sometimes I feel like I’m drowning, there are so many animals who need our help. I console myself with the fact that I do what I can as often as I can, and not let the fact I can’t do it all get me down.

  108. LOL Smokey had six kittehs Uppity. Tiger Lily is going to Sophie tomorrow. Bette Midler went to her forever home Sunday. Her new forever Mom told me she wanted to name her Sasha- but Slasher might have been better lol. She is the one I had the hardest time teaching not to scratch the peoples. Little Bitz and Mona Lisa may have a forever home together- we should know in the next few days. That leaves the two dark gray ones- Bubba and Beauty. Beauty by the way has outgrown her brother. He is no longer the biggest of the bunch. Their color is just so beautiful. All are very very sweet, well socialized kittens. They are climbing all over11111111111111 (that was Tiger Lily typing lol) wrestling and being cute as the dickens! They all use the litter box- and some seem to have abandoned the low open bin of litter for the big cats potty. Jack taught them all a new trick this week- hide under the sofa and when I walk by- snatch my foot. This is problematic when Jack does it as he can really grab hold lol.
    Gottta run look up strawberry pie recipes. bbl

  109. PMM: it’s killing me no one wants BUBBA——-if no one claims him by July 4th—I’m coming to get him——–my little girl showed up yesterday—maybe having bubba around will help win her over

  110. Ok, here it is, my Uppity opinion:

    If Biden is swapped out for Hillary, DO NOT VOTE OBAMA. Obama has actively supported the Muslim Brotherhood — you know, the group with the plan for infiltrating and taking over North America — and this is the result, or should I say, “Part 1” is just beginning:

  111. Trust me T.S we know about the brotherhood and write about them often. And we won’t be voting for him even if JC is his VP.

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