Monsanto threatens to sue states for GM labeling; The real reason Senate rejected GM Label bill

SophieCT: h/t to you for some powerful links. Please accept my sympathy for what your legislators did when Monsanto threatened them.


Frankenfood: So safe they don’t want you to know you are eating it. In fact,  Monsanto will threaten law suits, bully, or provide pay-offs to make sure you never know you are ingesting their mutant food and chemicals.

While we are fighting over which detached elitist Presidential candidate who doesn’t give a shit about us is going to take us to hell at the slowest rate, and while we are focused on what to do about controlling women and gay people, Big Agra and Monsanto are stuffing our bodies with ammonia, antibiotics, scraps previously only approved for dog food, and Genetically modified produce that is so riddled with chemicals you now have to scrub them as if you are prepping them for surgery. And they are getting away with it.

Nowhere in our DC government is there even a thought to these travesties. Not at the White House, where a FOIA form requesting emails between the President and Monsanto goes unanswered for months. Not in Congress, where their “Trust Funds” are “Blind” and where the campaign contributions and lobbyists with fists full of money swarm our Senate and House, ensuring we will never be protected. When you can afford beef from Japan from cows that are massaged daily, and you can afford fresh water lobster from Maine, I guess you don’t really have to give a rat’s ass what the suckers you are bilking ingest, especially if your “Blind Trust” is invested in feeding us poison and Frankenfood.

They all know this is wrong. They just don’t care. They also know that we know they know and they just don’t care. They also know we would reject this disgusting impersonation of healthy food if we knew where it was before we purchased it. They are truly despicable.

Recently Connecticut and Vermont  passed GM labeling bills. The result? Monsanto scared the crap out of  Connecticut lawmakers to kill their laws.

That problem could have been fixed in Congress, by passage of a GM Labeling amendment in the Farm Bill. The amendment would have made it legally possible for any state to demand GM food be labeled for the consumer–without fear of Monsanto thugs. Last week, the Senate rejected that amendment. How many things can you find wrong with this picture?  My God, my own two Democratic Senators voted against this amendment. Schumer doesn’t surprise me as I have always found him to be greasy, but Gillibrand’s vote simply breaks my heart and shatters all the things I believed about her.

Thanks to the Senate, you are still not allowed to know if what you are buying in your supermarket contains GMOs. If this shit is so safe, how come Monsanto pays so much and threatens people so often to keep your food from being labeled.

If you don’t buy your meat, poultry and produce locally, Monsanto has already guaranteed you will ingest their GMOs. They have a “patent” on corn, for Chrissakes. As if corn was never grown before Monsanto got its greedy Frankenstein, chemical-soaked hands on it and defiled nature. If corn has been around for thousands of years, how is it Monsanto has a patent on corn? Well, because their corn is different. Yet our government ‘watchdogs’ will say, there is no difference, so why label it.  You get the picture.

Monsanto and Big Agra now officially control what you ingest— and here is one more result the MSM isn’t all that concerned about: Recently, cows at a farm in Texas died from eating Genetically Modified grass. Chemical that killed them? Cyanide. Roundup Ready crops are Roundup Ready for a reason. They are genetically modified so they can be sprayed with Monsanto’s Roundup. Everything around them dies when the spray hits, but they don’t die. Does this give you a good feeling?  Is your body Roundup Ready? I hope so……because Monsanto has infiltrated our government with Presidential appointees, including in the USDA, where labeling of GM products is considered “Unnecessary”.

I once used one container of Roundup at the base of a long row of gnarly bushes. It not only killed them quickly at the roots,  but it killed the area beneath them such that I couldn’t even grow grass there. This is how Powerful Roundup is. Roundup could kill 50-year-old bushes in a flash but it can’t kill your corn on the cob. You have to ask yourself Why, don’t you? Monsanto doesn’t want you to have that answer or even think about that question.

At this moment, 270,000 organic farmers are suing Monsanto for your right to have food that is not GMO defiled. They will probably lose, that’s how powerful Monsanto is. Meanwhile, every day, another farm is defiled by Monsanto seed brought to them by nature and a downwind –and Monsanto, like a thief in the night, tests the farmer’s crops to see if it has been contaminated with their seed. After that, the farmer either signs on with Monsanto or goes out of business.

You know it: Each day, the produce at your market tastes less and less like you Remember it tasting when you were a kid. Take a look at a tomato, with its green, bitter, slimy, gelatinous insides and thick, inedible skin. How come tomatoes aren’t sweet and delectable any longer? Because they are a shadow of their former selves, that’s why.

….And now,  for the real reason I believe the Senate-For-Sale rejected the GM Labeling amendment in the Farm Bill.


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  1. Very sad on Sen Gillibrand- perhaps I “disremember” but I could have sworn I read she was a sponsor of that amendment.
    Many many countries have rejected GMO and?or require labeling. My suspicion is that this all has to do with the GDAMN UN and their friggin millennial goals and that F*&ing Codex.
    Control the food, control the world.
    Go ahead- call me paranoid- but I trust not Monsanto, our government or the UN. Worst thing EVER to happen to our country was joining that one world govt from hell.

  2. Go ahead- call me paranoid- but I trust not Monsanto, our government or the UN. Worst thing EVER to happen to our country was joining that one world govt from hell.

    ROFL Mom. We’ll call you a “bitter hick” instead!

  3. it not the UN, but those counties that have banned Frankenfoods or require the lableing. Monsanto can’t peddle its crap in those places. And if Congress required labeling then Mosanto won’t be able to peddle its crap here (yay!) cuz nobody would buy it

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    COLUMBIA, S.C. – Rielle Hunter says she and former presidential candidate John Edwards have ended their relationship.

    Hunter told ABC’s “Good Morning America” on Tuesday that she and Edwards were still a couple until late last week, as details from Hunter’s memoir became public. The breakup was painful, but Hunter said Edwards will still be involved with their daughter, Quinn, who is 4 years old and lives with Hunter

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  7. Whoa, looks like Michelina broke int the stash.

  8. Michelina, feeling sad or guilty is no reason to make a decision that is not good for you. Trust me, I know Mom. Bubba will be safe and warm no matter what. And really, his solid grey suit makes him an easy place.

  9. uw: OK< but I mean it——if no one wants him, I will come and get him

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  11. PMM: Tiger Lily is saving her first purr for her forever Mommy.
    That trip tomorrow, when it’s over, ought to bring it on!
    On Monsanto – at least the vote was bipartisan…they agreed upon one way to screw us.

  12. Reading where some of these senate liars are saying they voted no because it will stifle the development of drought resistant crops. As if infesting produce with pesticides has anything to do with droughts. What does have to do with droughts is cutting of the water to a major growing area in California so that they can’t grow crops for consumption in the USA at all. That way we can get more of produce from Mexico and countries we never visited and won’t be visiting. But hey, we saved the smelts.

  13. Tiger Lily is currently sitting on my shoulder licking my ear- I have no idea what that is about lol.

    It’s called Momma weaned me and are you my new momma?

  14. is some big blog. I got nearly 600 hits from them yesterday, linked to the “Egyptian Women, Then and Now” post.

  15. LOL on the new Momma thing. I just thought I was tasty or something. BBL gotta make some strawberry pie- I cheated and bought a premade crust- chocolate- just because I can and chocolate and strawberries go together.

  16. Careful! She might try to nurse on your lobe. Trust me, it hurts…

  17. How about voting no because GMs, by their nature, create conditions under which it becomes almost impossible for the continuation of self seeding crops that ensure future generations have food. Good food. Not soylent green (oh, that’s people – well Obama does have a plan for the elderly).

  18. Did someone mention strawberry PIE?

  19. Mt Laurel, I don’t think Barack would use the elderly for soylent green. I think he would much prefer to use them as an alternate fuel source.

  20. Good point Uppity. But Soylndra Green would probably go bankrupt!

  21. Oh wait, imust! It already did!

  22. YEAH UW: after the1/2 billion dollar bail out they received——-how do they get away wth this kind of corruption

  23. Haha! “Soylndra Green is bannnnkrupppt!!!!”

  24. Mt. Laurel, if you want undefiled seeds that replicate yearly you have to go find them now. Monsanto has seen to that too. They make plenty of farmers buy seed every year. They are despicable.

    My grandfather grew his tomatoes from his own crop seeds for decades. His tomatoes were luscious.

  25. Hey maybe the Supreme Court could say, “Corporations are peeeeopppllle!!!!”

  26. Problem is, corporations are treated more like people than people are.

  27. The industrial military complex. Just like Ike warned us about.

  28. we saved the smelts.and Nancy’s Mouse. :lol;

  29. Dole- bagged salads- listeria. WHY are people so gd lazy? DO NOT purchase precut bagged salads of any kind ever! Any bacteria gets spread around during the cutting process. Better yet- DO NOT buy factory farm salad ingredients. Lettuce can be grown in a window box for crying out loud. Same with spinach, radishes, even carrots can grow in pots.

  30. OMG myiq, right on point.

  31. Mom, I have so much lettuce, I am praying for a rabbit. You cut it, it grows again.

  32. Hey UW. I’m wondering if the SC throws out ObamaCare will barry call in a drone strike?

  33. Rielle is waaay over her 15min.

  34. DE remember when Obama “joked” about using drones if I think it was the Jonas brothers had any ideas about his daughters?

    Here it is:

  35. Can someone who knows twitter well splain to me why it is that, immediately after someone I follow retweeted a sarahpalinusa tweet, I suddenly was ‘following’ sarahpalinusa and receiving her tweets without doing a thing?

    I have had this happe to me before with few others as well.

  36. No DE but they could be on the Kill List for later.

  37. If he had a candy aisle tantrum over AZ, who knows what he will do on Thursday if that happens. Melt down.

  38. Yes I DO remember that imust.


  39. But it’s “cute when he does it.

  40. imust. That ObamaCare pic you commented on FB today has some nut jobs commenting.

  41. Facebook. I stay away like plague.

  42. UW:: I am talkling about the same solyandra——–the one that received all the money from our gov——–

  43. Gotcha girl.

  44. Mehinks Obamacare is what he meant by “Shovel Ready”.

  45. I’m just so happy I didn’t get a thing done today…

  46. DE my comment was, “Public Option please”. But it got lost in the comments and now it looks like I support Obama! Hmmm….I’ll see if I can delete it.
    Nope, I can’t. It’s not on my wall. I’ll probably be on all the Obama lists now!

  47. Wow, fabulous post, Uppity. That BS about “development of drought resistant crops” is a big lie.

    Monsanto’s drought resistant BT corn is a failure- no more effective than non GMO

    The US Department of Agriculture’s review of Monsanto’s own data shows that years of investment into so-called “drought-tolerant” biotech crops have been nothing more than a risky and very expensive failure. Monsanto’s new “drought-tolerant” genetically-modified corn variety MON 87460 does not perform any better than non-GMO varieties.

    The danger is, now that MON 87460 has been deregulated, it will inevitably contaminate truly resilient varieties of organic and conventional corn, destroying the rich genetic diversity that the world’s farmers have cultivated in the planet’s infinitely varied micro-climates.

  48. GMO Corn: the poison that you can pass on to future generations.
    BT corn’s DNA is equipped with a gene from soil bacteria called Bt (Bacillus thuringiensis) that produces the Bt-toxin. It’s a pesticide; it breaks open the stomach of certain insects and kills them.
    But Monsanto and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) swore up and down that it was only insects that would be hurt. The Bt-toxin, they claimed, would be completely destroyed in the human digestive system and not have any impact on all of us trusting corn-eating consumers.
    Oops. A study just proved them wrong.
    Doctors at Sherbrooke University Hospital in Quebec found the corn’s Bt-toxin in the blood of pregnant women and their babies, as well as in non-pregnant women.

  49. I wonder if UW gets 600 hits on this kind of SH&&T that goes on here. I saw Condoliza Rice on an interview today and she said, WE NEED TO CLEAN OUR OWN HOUSE FIRST——–for us to represent our True Goodness to the world—I believe she believes it———-Running for VP is absouletly out of the question for her—–WHAT a TERRIBLE shame and loss———for us AGAIN !!

  50. Sophie would you be interested in writing about food for this blog. You know so much about this stuff. I’m a guppy at it next to you. Pleasse consider it.

  51. 600 hits from one site is a big indicator that they have a LOT of traffic. You have to figure a fraction of their readers click on the link.

  52. Aw, Upps…it would be a supreme honor to contribute to this site but seeings how I’ve lapsed in my own projects, I can’t see committing to anything else at this time. But you never know–one day, I just might surprise you.

    And for the record, you’re no guppy–your food posts are spot on, informative, and contain just the right amount of snark.

  53. When I checked the yeas and nays on the amendment I tweeted that Mary Landrieu voted nay. Probably this is the reason:


    Luling Plant
    Monsanto Company
    P.O. Box 174
    Luling, LA 70070
    (12501 River Road)

    Phone: (985) 785-8211

    I will remember when she comes begging for $$s with her rice bowl in hand.

  54. Sophie- the GM corn scares the crap out of me- that stuff is everywhere, in everything- either as corn meal or corn sugar/syrup. (and I call bs on the propaganda commercials the “corn sugar industry” is running- sugar is sugar and yoru body doesn’t know the difference- BS!)
    I look at the rise in things like ADHD and Autism and can not help but wonder what kind of brain damage babies and children are suffering from the GMO corn to which they are subjected. Starting when the Moms are pregnant- given the younger generations intake of high fructose corn syrup laden drinks and all the nasty snack food loaded with that junk. And going right through their entire childhoods- breakfast cereal has to be one of the biggest poisons out there- and “we” feed it to our kids every day!
    Same thoughts occur to me about all the antibiotics given to cows, cattle, sheep, hogs and chicken. Now wonder there are super resistant bacteria. For a long time I thought I had become lactose intolerant- and I LOVE milk. Nope. I have numerous allergies to antibiotics.
    But it doesn’t pass through to the milk doncha know.

  55. PMM, I’m with you. I don’t think HFCS is just like sugar at all. I think that because the fructose/glucose ratio is different. I think bodies haven’t figured out how to deal with the extra molecules (apart from obesity and diabetes).

  56. California is our only chance at redeeming the nation. The GMO labeling bill is coming up on the state ballot this November. Where CA has it over VT and CT is that it’s a ballot referendum, meaning THE PEOPLE of CA get to vote yea or nay, not their wholly-owned “representatives.”

    Please, CA…

  57. Thanks Sophie- glad to know I am not alone. My concern extends to the damn round-up residue in the corn as well. My understanding is that the corn IS drawing that poison up through its root system and passing it on to the consumer. (shudder) I might get a bit lower yield and have a few more of my vegetables go to the insects- but it is worth it not to put that crap on my garden. The farmer who rents the field across the way rotates corn and soybeans. I have fits and close all the windows when he is out there with his equipment for fear of the breathing whatever he is spraying or dusting with. At least I have a lot of the honeybees over here- they must know it is a pesticide free yard.The Local bee people are having fits about the bee die off.

  58. A referendum is always the way to go. Creeps like Monsanto have no say. But make no mistake, they will spend billions if necessary in ads.

    I think there should also be a national referendum on term limits for congress. Referendum always allows you to go over congress’ heads. Sweet.

  59. PMM: Most GM crops are modified either to drink poison (Roundup Ready) or to grow their own poison (BT). Yes, you are eating that Roundup–UW is right to ask: Are YOU Roundup ready. Also, Roundup (glyphosate) remains in the soil for years and you have to use more and more every year to combat the weeds. Now there are super weeds that are Roundup-resistant.

    In fact, the yields aren’t any better with GMOs than other farming practices. That’s just crap they say when they’re doing their “we’re feeding the world” press releases. In fact, the world’s farms produce enough to feed everyone on the planet right now plus 2 billion more. The reasons there are starving people are political and financial, not that there isn’t enough food.

    Just so you know what we’re up against: 85% of corn, 91% of soy beans, 90% of sugar beets, and 88% of canola are GMO.

    Yup, the bee people here too are having fits. There’s been a lot of attention given to honey bees, but bumble bees are in trouble too. Bumble bees are pollinators too and unlike honey bees, native to America. So our native wildflowers and foods (like tomatoes) are at risk.

  60. Damn, Sophie, I want you to write. We need this. everybody needs it.

  61. But make no mistake, they will spend billions if necessary in ads.

    Oh, you know it!

    Referendum always allows you to go over congress’ heads. Sweet.

    Usually. There was that Prop 8 thing…

  62. Regrets Claire? Too freaking bad, you sold your soul to obama in 08!

  63. sophie, yes there was prop 8. Which is a lesson in “Don’t do a referendum that isn’t constitutional”.

  64. Speaking of killing weeds, Roundup is also killing milkweed, the goto place for the monarch butterfly. And then there are the bees…

    I have a post on that on the burner I never get to put the final touches on.

  65. Sophie- I knew about the soy and corn- did not know about the sugar beets and canola. I never ever eat anything with soy- no tofu, no soy additives- nothing ( I am a label reader) I will NOT ingest that stuff. Cuz I am NOT Round Up Ready. I use mostly olive oil and butter. Guess I will have to go to frying in lard to avoid corn and canola oils lol.
    Jeebus- is there any oil out there that is NOT GMO? Olive oil is too damn expensive for frying- and I don’t like the taste it leaves on/in fried foods.

  66. Mom, just remember to confirm that seeds you purchase are NOT GM seeds. They don’t advertise it.

  67. Landrieu, Fredster. What a sellout.

  68. I have many many milkweed out in the fields- which have gone over mostly to wildflowers- the horribly invasive evil goldenrod from hell, the damn invasive rose bushes that the game commission imported that are squeezing out native plants- and lots of milkweed- we never mow it over because we know the monarchs need it.

  69. I buy seeds from Johnny’s if I can.

  70. PMM: You can take solace in the fact that the FDA denied the Corn Refiners Association their request to call HFCS “corn sugar.” This is their official statement:

    … the use of the term “corn sugar” for HFCS would suggest that HFCS is a solid, dried, and crystallized sweetener obtained from corn. Instead, HFCS is an aqueous solution sweetener derived from corn after enzymatic hydrolysis of cornstarch, followed by enzymatic conversion of glucose (dextrose) to fructose.

    The thing is, it’s cheap, cheap, cheap because of the corn subsidies.

  71. Sophie have you seen the CONSTANT commercials on TV on HFCS? Duping people by saying the body doesn’t know the difference “Sugar is sugar”. Well HFCS isn’t sugar.

  72. Johnny’s is good Mom. Gotta watch Monsanto, they buy up these companies and never tell you. Burpee is now infested with Monsanto seed.

  73. Meechelle is off limits as soon as she is done with her publicity tour to sell her book and boost her husband’s touchy feely deficit:

    This is from Michelle Malkin, forgive me but it is good reading. And it is mostly about FOOD so it isn’t off topic.

    *whistles nervously*

  74. Re Canola. You all know how I feel about the inedible rapeseed formerly used to grease heavy machinery. Now add GM to it and you have got to be nuts to use that shit.

  75. HI ((UPPITY’S)))))))))–I’m at home and right now I have a baby bird pinned against my glass inmy yard—davey did not hurt her, but she was barking at her, I’m afraid she’s hurt and i DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO

  76. PMM: I refuse to use canola! I use olive oil and butter to and also lard and have even rendered my own tallow! (Tallow is like lard, but made from beef fat instead of pork fat, in case anyone is unfamiliar with it.) French fries are fricken fabulous fried in tallow.

    Discalimer: against my physician’s advice, I don’t give a darn about the cholesterol number.

    Interestingly, heart disease and heart attacks in America didn’t really take off until we had vegetable oil. (Always makes me wonder: what vegetable? Answer: usually soy.)

    And I won’t do any soy either so there are very few boxed or processed foods that come into my house since the stuff is ubiquitous.

  77. Rapeseed, now known by the cute name Canola, is so foul, bugs won’t even eat it. What does that tell you? And if you are believing the USDA, remember the food pyramid,tipped upside down. And the new Good News that low and no salt diets endanger your lives.

  78. Any bird people around to help out Michelina? She has a bird in need.

  79. I brought up the ability for plants to reseed themselves because even on my little condo balcony I have noticed over the years than flowering plants from nurseries no longer reseed for the next year (so all you have to do is fill in the bare spots).

    Those plants grown from non mutant strains do reseed. So far, plants such as ivy and vinca (the vine) winter over and the new sprouts come out regardless of origin. I also get flowers in the spring on the vinca that is a few years old.

  80. People are eating those soy beans/edamame like potato chips.

    As for Cholesterol, if the pattern persists, in ten years they will be telling us we are all suffering from Cholesterol deficiency. They don’t know shit. Marketing drives them, not good sense any longer.

  81. Who are the bird people on this blog. I know we have some.

  82. LOL Karen!

  83. PMM / UW-what are the chances the kitteh’s got to her-why does she have to be in MY YARD—–just my luck—-davey was pretty gentle with her though I will say that much———-

  84. Michelina,it’s quite possible. Cats have little mercy on birds and rodents, I am sorry to say. Well, sorry for birds, not rodents.

    I found the most beautiful black and turquoise bird dead on my land. They didn’t even eat it. It looked like it just dropped dead but I tend to know better.

  85. I have seen studies that indicate that your body does indeed NOT process corn syrup the same as cane sugar. In particular, the pancreas has notable problems processing large amounts of the “alternative” sugars they are pimping.

  86. FDA should YANK those HFCS commercials. They are clearly misleading. Sugar is sugar and corn syrup is not sugar.

  87. that’s exactly what she looksike——around the eyes are turquoise-she almost looks like a crow-but she’s too little and I can’t just let her sit there and die———–keeping davey in the house is not eay right now—–someone tell me what to do with mercy

  88. Michelina- is it a baby or adult bird? Take the bird where the dog and cats can not see it and put it down on the ground and back away about ten or twelve feet. Leave it rest for a few minutes- then step toward it again- you may have to get quite close- but if it is ok it will fly away- even if it is a fledgling- the parent bird of a fledgling might try to tempt it up into the trees or bushes again with a worm or bug-
    We had a wren down a few weeks ago- damn near mowed the thing over- it had come down into Aladdin’s area- thought for sure it was going to get eaten by barn kitty- it rested a bit- then hopped into some longer grass- and the parents were chirping and swooping in with bugs to tempt it- then we walked over toward the grass and it started to fly- short bursts- but it did finally get enough wing power to get up off the ground and into a close by bush.
    It is that time of year.

  89. Landrieu, Fredster. What a sellout.

    Yes, but come reelection time she’ll throw out the schtick about being the Dem in the race and how she’ll look out for our interests. 🙄

  90. People are eating those soy beans/edamame like potato chips.

    Yup and it’s not really good for you. In order to digest soy to get its nutrients, it needs to be fermented (think yogurt, not wine). Fermented soy products are tofu, soy sauce, miso, and so on.

    I can’t find my original source, but here’s an article that seems pretty good:

  91. Corn syrup is the worwt-makes me instantly sick to my stomache——-and it taste’s like Sh&&T————some people it doesn’t bother
    -the same thing with the WONDERFUL sugar substitute, I want to say aspertaine, but I’m sure it’s the one they came out with after that

  92. PMM: she is definitely a baby-she has moved away from the window and seems to be resting on the grass——–I haven’t been out-trying to give her a chance to relax————do I pick her up??

  93. michelina. Aspartame is also known as NutraSweet and it’s made with GM bacteria. Yummmm (not).

    Guess who makes it. Could it be….MonSatan? (Yup)

  94. Michelina- do not pick it up if it can be avoided- the parent birds are somewhere close by. It is very common to see fledglings on the ground at this time of year- they do sometimes fly into windows- (I have lots of suncatchers lol) Leave it be, just try to keep the cat and the dog away for a bit- it should take less than an hour for the parent birds to coax it to safety.

  95. Sophie! MonSatan! I LOVE that!

  96. YES SOPHIE-that’s it-nutra sweet-the greatest thing they invented-it wasn’t in my stomache a minute before it made me sick and bloated-I got to the point when I wet to my relatives I asked them if they used it and they did-my dad is a diabetic-I couldn’t eat one dessert-EVAH–of course it was in my HEAD-it never bothered my DAD

  97. PMM: I wish I could take credit! It’s a popular moniker in some of my haunts, like Teh Precious and others are here.

  98. GOD PMM : I hope your right-I don’t want her to die——–the cat is my baby girl feral I keep talking about————I wish she was mine-she lives exactly where the bird is——–hopefully I’ve been feeding her enough she’s not interested in the bird

  99. Monsanto sent Don Rumsfuck to strong arm the FDA on aspartame against the will of lower level FDA people who protested. Monsanto used their data, which was false. Apparently they hid the dead rats too. Anyways, obviously coincidental, the stories about cyclamates causing cancer in rats hit the streets good and loud. They didn’t mention they fed enough sweet n low to rats to sink the queen mary. This publicity ruined sweet n low just in time for aspartame.

    Don Rumsfeld shouldn’t even die before he goes to hell. He should be sucked down bodily while he’s still alive. I won’t even get into his board membership on the swiss company that sold the two nuclear reactors to North Korea. Of course, don doesn’t remember if he was at that meeting…

  100. Fredster, remember when we were marveling at Murkowski (R-Alaska), the only R to vote for the Senate GM labeling amendment? I think I know why–it’s because GMO Salmon is likely to get approved and she wants to wait for more testing.

    I find that entirely scary since salmon are mobile, unlike plants (although wind and bees do give them mobility). At least you stand a chance at catching a rogue plant.

  101. Here’s where she calls it FrankenFish!

  102. Democrats all the way to the left threw us under the bus and here’s a Repubican telling the damned truth. Where are the kudos for her? And where is the outrage towards them?

    These parties will protect their useless brand even unto getting themselves killed by chemical companies and big agra.

  103. PMM / UW: i went outside to check on her-i decided I was going to help her get out—I GOT CLOSE TO HER and she flew away———-thank you GUYS SO MUCH !!!——-davey has been released LOL

  104. You know,after reading the hair raising shit in this thread, I think it’s time for a couple of bars of “Scheming Weasel”.

  105. LOL Michelina!

  106. I was away reading. I just got back and I see the crisis is over. I am a bird fanatic. I always put window gels on my windows so the birds don’t see the tree reflection and crash into them.

    Glad it flew off. Michelina.

  107. Remember when they were trying to push that Cloned salmon? I thought I read where that one was DOA. Is that the same thing murkowski is talking about?

  108. okay, you gotta love this quote about Hillary from John Kass. And there is a great quote under the picture too.

    “And the first thing I thought of was how a President Hillary Clinton would have sat with Putin, perched on the edge of her chair, staring dispassionately at the Russian leader as if she were a velociraptor.”

    “Watching President Barack Obama squirm next to Russian strongman Vladimir Putin recently, Obama avoiding eye-contact as they met to discuss Russian ambition and the catastrophe in Syria, you couldn’t help but remember Hillary Clinton’s campaign commercial about that 3 a.m. phone call.”,0,7364096.column

    John Kass had some great columns during the Blago debacle. He also always calls obama what he was – a lecturer in law in Chicago, not a professor or scholar or expert – as the rest tout in error.

  109. GOD they are so disgusting and DEPRESSING———–

  110. Well- the strawberry pie is NOT PRETTY! GRRRR. I am sure it is quite tasty- but I have never mad an uglier pie. sigh. Just have to keep trying- but not today.

  111. KAREN: thanks for the blessing—-I cried when my fish died——–

  112. Our American president must have learned about not making eye contact with strongmen during his days in Chicago dealing with the Democratic bosses. And the first thing I thought of was how a President Hillary Clinton would have sat with Putin, perched on the edge of her chair, staring dispassionately at the Russian leader as if she were a velociraptor.

  113. PMM: i can’t imagine an ugly PIE————-maybe not a ribbon winner but UGLY———we need a picture

  114. IMUST should be kicking in here any minute

  115. That pie’s gonna look worse when Karen gets at it.

  116. Strawberries and chocolate. Who cares how it looks?

  117. So, where is lorac? Upps, have you heard anything yet?

  118. I just looked for lorac’s last post and it was (I think) on june 20th at 10pm on the Vivaldi thread.

    Hope all is well…

  119. So are you saying I should be grateful that the pie isn’t going to make it to the 4th leg of the journey? (Well, at least I’m still getting a cutie pie.)

  120. UGLY PIE!?! Impossible!!!

  121. What? lorac’s MIA? WemustsendoutanAPB!! STAT! Seriously, no one has heard from her? 😦 I’m worried.

  122. IMUST: she;s not feeling well-some bug according to UW a da or so ago————I’m sure it’s OK———–What took you so long

  123. Sorry michelina….I’m slippin’.

  124. What a loss. Ephron was a magnificent talent. At 71, she had a whole lot more of it left in her.

    I had no idea she was married to Pileggi though.

  125. I emailed lorac yesterday and still have not gotten a response from her. I cannot tell a lie. I am worried.

  126. imust: Saw that about Nora Ephron elsewhere…really sad. I’m a big fan.

  127. upps said she sent her an email but no response.

    sending good juju and prayers to lorac through the air to the left coast.

  128. I loved how she dissed Bernstein in Heartburn

  129. OK girls–one day-she knows she belongs on line tomarrow——-lets give her a little more time—-before we worry too much———–

  130. She died of the same thing my father died of, if she advanced to the leukemia stage.

  131. Does anyone here know lorac personally, could put in a call?

    Does she live alone?

  132. Uppity, If memory serves be correctly… Doesn’t lorac live in San Diego near DWP? I think they were going to connect? I could be mistaken… Not sure…. 😯 Just trying to help…

  133. I’m looking through blog donations for her address but I deleted most of them. I get total reports from Paypal for taxes, so i don’t need to keep them. So alas, I do not have her information. Besides, even if I did, I would feel it would be presumptuous of me to impose that way.

  134. I’ll email dances.

  135. Geez Lorac- wave or something please.

  136. Ok, dwp has an email.

  137. LOL the pie is definitely going on the trip- I have lost quite a bit of weight and would like to keep it that way thank you very much.

  138. Umm…PMM….PIE is not fattening.

  139. imust: that’s what I heard.

  140. Well I know that if the piece of pie falls apart into pieces, there are no calories. Like with cookies.

  141. ROFLMAO! So if I mash it up into pieces the calories escape?

  142. Yeah. That’s right. Einstein had a whole theory on it. E = mc2.
    The theory of pieativity.

  143. Yeah that’s it.

  144. Oh imust: Use the Buckingham pi theorem, expressly devised for computing sets of dimensionless parameters.

    Obviously this means you will not realize any new dimensions with pie, no matter what the parameters. Want me to show you the proof? Show me the pie!

  145. All along I thought it was the Piethagoreum Theory. Stupid me.

  146. Well that is a wonderful thing to know! I will definitely keep that in mind when baking in the future lol.
    Got to get ready- set my alarm and so forth. I can’t wait to meet ms Karen tomorrow!

  147. You will all have to keep SCOTUS watch without me on Thursday-just found out I have been requested to sing a funeral at 10 am.
    A few more prayers can’t hurt right?

  148. Sleep well PMM.

  149. hmmm. So you’re saying that the number of dimensionless terms that can be formed, p, is equal to the nullity of the dimensional matrix, and k is the rank? p = n – k? Well, we all know that nullity means nothing…so the calories in pie equal zero.

  150. PMM: prayers coming your way

    Lorac could possibly having computer problems——-as soon as she can connect she will ————we know what that is like

    no phone numbers for any of us———-that sucks

  151. BTW the theory also applies to the Obama presidency. Only the formula is p = s – p which is of course an empty suit.

  152. imust: exactly (both comments!)

  153. Sorry. Lorac and I exchanged email addys but haven’t gotten to the point of exchanging phone numbers, etc.
    Hoping she’s okay. If anyone hears anything and there’s anything I could do by way of assisting her, please do not hesitate to let me know.

  154. I’m thinking all of you UW regulars should send Uppity your phones numbers. She worries. Okay, send on the count of three. 1… 2…. THREE!!!

  155. Standing Ovation for Uppity! This post is a homerun. We need to spread links around Uppityites. Upps you are the Queen of the Internets!

  156. Cry me a river Bambi! “I hope you still believe in me….”. Nope, I never believed in you Bambi!

  157. Uppity … I sent an email to you with lorac’s last name. Hope it will be of some help.

  158. I would love to see SophieCT write about food. I agree with her comments. My Dad had high cholesterol in his forties and his Drs put him on a low fat diet which he slavishly followed for decades, and took their drugs, and he died from Alzheimers. The brain needs fat.

  159. I am hopeful that lorac is ok. Check in lorac!

  160. Feeling a bit like a stalker. Tried tracing lorac via last name and closest location to me. Unsuccessful.

  161. He told the group, “I am not a perfect man and I will never be a perfect president,”

    Never be a perfect president??? Obama falls way short of being even a mediocre president!

  162. Sophie, I will certainly be voting on the GM labeling this Fall, thanks for headsup.

    I made a strawberry-rhubarb crisp tonite that is sugar free and gluten free. It is delicious! I used a stevia based sugar substitute and the topping is a mixture of oats, coconut flour, and almond flour.

    I wouldn’t say its as good as a traditional pie, although hubbie says its better, but its as good as any “crisp” I’ve ever had.

  163. Better than p-p-p-PIE?

  164. Haha! I didn’t say it was better than pie, hubster did! I just talked to my Mom & she said she made a berry cobbler with rice flour, and that it was good. A lot of my friends are trying to get off wheat now, some becuz of celiac sprue and some becuz they think the wheat is all GMO and making people obese. Anyway, I’m just starting to experiment with the coconut and almond flours. I’m going to bread some chicken cutlets with them next. I know, I’ll make Upps chicken marsala this weekend and use the almond flour instead of regular.

  165. The corn. Frankencorn. ps: Uppity, a great seed catalogue — really fab! Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.

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