Are you young woman who lives for lipstick and short skirts? You could become a scientist!!!

This is one of the beautiful astronomy photographs from a website that PUMA Helen K has posted around.  They have a different photo every day.  Since it seems more women read here than men (heck, most people ARE women!), and “women can’t do science” (cough, cough!), I want to make it very clear that astronomy is a science!

The reason I bring this up is, several posts back Ani mentioned how women are not fairly represented in many fields.  Science is one of them.  America has not done the best job combatting the popular memes that science is not “feminine” or that women don’t have the cognitive ability to handle something as hard and manly as “science”.  Any science that uses math is a “hard science”, and as we’ve all been told our whole lives, women are better suited for the “soft sciences”- you know, social science, dealing with people’s emotions.  And hey!  How handy that delineation has worked out, because we’ve also always been taught that emotions aren’t very manly.  And plus, men are hard, and women are soft and lovely.  Men – hard science, women – soft, emotive science.  It just all makes sense!

Well, thank goodness for Europe!  The European Union is making a concerted effort to attract more young women into science.  Their outreach program is called “Science – it’s a girl thing”, and here is their first outreach video:



Hmmmm.  Epic fail, there.  IMO, that video is only going to attract girls who are looking for the next cool thing, and who will leave it in the dust once they learn more about it.  It would have been helpful to craft a video that actually introduces and interests girls in the substance of different sciences, so that those who are curious will check it out more, and those who develop a passion for it will continue on in it.  Well, Dr. Meghan Gray, an actual scientist – an ASTRONOMER! – says it way better than I can.  It’s a 9 minute video, but please don’t skip it – she speaks very well!



Here’s a young British chap who gets it!  (Although, he seems to think this outreach to women is trying to say science should be JUST for women lol)



If you look at the EU website for this outreach or read articles about their intent, they do seem to be genuinely interested in getting more women into science.  But I think maybe they used 3rd-wave chicks to do this initial marketing attempt!  If you look around the web, you will find a whole lot of backlash to their first video – so even if the EU screwed up out the gate, at least a lot of other people “got it”!!!  As I  said, they do seem to be genuine, so maybe backlash will result in more appropriate videos that don’t portray young girls as the stereotype of fashion-obsessed dancing fools!


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  1. Great topic. Pls check Twitter DM.

  2. LORAC!!!!! YAY!!!! So glad you are back! xoxoxoxo

  3. Anybody else getting “direct messages” from twitter followers claiming someone is spreading rumors or saying bad things?
    DON”T fall for it. It appears to be a phishing scam

  4. I am glad too. lorac, please ignore second statement of my previous topic. I have a VERY bad habit of skipping the bylines. Maybe now I’ll remember. 😦

  5. Just checked my DMs and I have one too. Looks like twitter is infected with a phisher.

  6. As for the girl thing: aren’t “serious” male scientists largely geeks? The women who would dress that way in a lab are bait. My objection is the hyper-sexualizing of the prospective lab associates by attracting unsuspecting women into a spiders’ web. That’s more in line with suggesting more women should go into the construction industry (to take the jobs the illegal immigrants won’t do)

  7. Anybody know how to change password on wordpress blog? I forgot

  8. LOL Uppity- I just did it a few weeks ago- let me go look
    OK- “Dashboard” “Users” “Personal Settings” the password area is at the bottom of that page

  9. I chose science years ago – it might have helped me get more pay if I had worn lipstick and short skirts but doubt if my students would have cared.

    OTOH, the faculty mostly left me alone so I was able to conduct my own research. One can learn to be outstanding without showing sexy body parts. 🙂

  10. Thanks mom, you’re always so much help, Ferret.

  11. Good morning ((((UPPITY’S)))))

    I loved Science when I was a Kid-I wish I knew more about the Forensics in those days (I believe it hardly existed-I would Have LOVED to Go in that direction——–sigh…….Next Life———


  12. Couldn’t help myself.

  13. The Girls Are Not Good At Science thing is such bullshit. Designed to keep them down. I liked science. I was good at it. And math too. And far as I recall, I wasn’t alone either. Bullshit

    When I went back to college to get another degree, it was a BS in a technical field, with an eye on changing careers and keeping up with the times. I always want to wake up literate and will never let technology pass me. I took great pleasure is seeing the little pissants groan when they saw me walk into their class and declare There Goes The Curve. Of course, college was already somewhat dumbed down to accommodate the monkeys sitting around me who had no business being in college, but nevermind. Wish I had a thousand every time one of them offered me money to do their papers or work for them. Lazy little mediocre trust fund babies.

    In NY if you have a BA or BS in any discipline, you can get another one by taking only the required major courses.



  15. M, I remember in 2008 when some little asshole tried to comment on my blog about how I was some suburban housewife whose kids loaded her graphics for her. I told him what I forgot he has yet to learn and I was sitting at a keyboard when he was still having bladder accidents at school and his mommy had to bring him a change of clothing. And I wasn’t inputing data for some mediocre guy either.

  16. I would like all moderators on this blog to change their passwords.

    You should do it on your own blogs to. Don’t let me down. I would hate to see you get so comfortable that one day somebody logs in here as you and deletes my blog.

  17. Funny- but I always LOVED archeology. Hated Hated Hated abstract bullshit though. Meaning I hated Algebra. If you want to know how much 2 + 4 = why the hell do you write it in letters? Letters are NOT numbers. However, I loved Geometry, with which I had no trouble whatsoever. Concrete measurements. That I can do. Arithmetic I can do. Accounting? Oh YEAH! Easy peazy. Add em up, both columns should be equal at the bottom lol.
    I got a pass on taking Algebra when I went to college in my mid 30’s. I argued my way out of it. And even with my poor grades in that subject in High School 20 some odd yrs earlier- I still scored high enough on the placement test to go directly to Statistics. Which goes to show Uppity is correct- my old rusty learning was still better than what the teens and 20somethings were getting in on.

  18. Hey Uppity- If you want me to change it again I will. I did it last time you asked- but hell, I am running out of combos I can easily remember lol
    Doctor’s for my physical this morning- bbl and will change the password then.

  19. it’s just ignorance UW: I know everone around here respects your knowledge and know how——I never met kids like this-EVER—-

    but I live in a relatively small community——-we do still have some morals around here

  20. hahahaha Mom. Long as you change it periodically.

  21. Geometry comes in handy in life if you are a Do It Yourselfer.

  22. I couldn’t do Geomerty for ANYTHING-algebra I was a whizz at and STATISTICS-I had to take over I failed the first time——-It’s crazy how you are good at one and totally S**ck at the other one——–

  23. Hooray, lorac is back! We missed you.

    I don’t Twitter. Hope imust’s Mac is clean of crap now too. It is terrible when you get victimized and attacked, even in machinery.

    I raised a Math genius. She is very successful and stands up for her rights. She demands equal pay as her male counterparts since she is better than them and trains them and they count on her she should be getting far more – but equal is good. They offered her way less a few years ago and she went right to HR and respectfully told them they could make a far better offer if they wanted her to continue to do her job better than the men she trains for free.

    She got what she asked for and the female HR person told her she was delighted to go to bat for her and she said she wished more women wouldn’t just take the first offer and be grateful to get peanuts.

  24. Geometry was easy but you first had to learn the theorems and postulates. After that, it was an easy sail.

  25. Don’t hang any wallpaper, Michelina. Lol.

  26. imust’s machine doesn’t seem to be the cause of the ID problems but her Yahoo WAS hacked. Which brings me to some instructions if you have a yahoo account. You need to periodically take a look at the login file in your account, to make sure all logins are coming from your own IP address and state. You can tell if you are being trolled when you see crap in there that says somebody from China is trying to access your login. It’s all easy to figure out just by looking at the login history. If you see this, you change the password.


    1. Go to “Account info” from your drop down menu near “Welcome (your name), upper left corner of your email screen.

    2.You will need to enter your password again. A screen comes up, scroll down to “View Your Recent Activity”. All of your logins should say basically the same thing under “Location”. It will show Your state and country. Ex: NY,US.

    If you see a login from Taiwan or other odd place, change your password immediately.

    You should check this weekly if you are smart.You know what they say about an ounce of prevention.

    Make sure you write this down if it interests you, because I am NOT going to write it down here again.

    —Your Mother.

  27. Too bad America’s Muslim community doesn’t speak out against “extremists” the same way. Of course, they’ll probably die if they do.

  28. This blog got tons of new visitors on our Tiger Lily Relay day. Very cool, gang. Very cool.

  29. great post. 🙂

  30. That Science is a Girl Thing seems like something Sarah Haskins could have a field day with! I liked the 2nd video…the kid was a bit annoying.

  31. I know this should go on the previous thread, but I figured people might not see it. Gotta hand it to the GOP, they’re fast. BTW, where was THIS GOP when McCain was running?

  32. Left hurls racial slurs at Thomas for dissenting. (really awful stuff that, if one of us said that, would be threatened within an inch of our lives.

  33. Haha imust, you’re right. You almost have to think it’s all satire.

  34. Well of course some girls aren’t good at math. SOme boys aren’t either. SOme aren’t good at ANYTHING. So what’s the big deal. Any teacher who has ever had a moron male student wouldn’t dream of categorizing all boys as not “Good at” something. It’s just something they do to girls. They treat them that way starting young so they are convinced that math and science are something magical that requires appropriate body parts. Some of the most left brained people I have known are women. I know some left brained guys too. And some right brained guys. They are the artists and chefs and writers of this world. We don’t chastise men for being creative do we? It’s just more cultural bullshit designed to convince girls they can’t do it before they even get to that point of trying. It has been obvious for years to any teacher paying attent to the things around her/him.

  35. And even in the creative arena, women have to hide what body parts they have. Just ask JK Rowling why she didn’t let on she was a woman till SURPRISE, Harry Potter caught on. She’s living proof. She said she did it (used her initials) for that very reason, nobody would read the book if they knew she was a Ewwwwy girl! It’s all just such stupid drivel By Design.

  36. I did the recent activity check- all good. Cholesterol- meh- 197 total. LDL needs to come down, HDL needs to go up. More fruit and veggies- which is easy in the summer. Winter in PA is not a good place to try and get fresh fruits and veggies. I like the winter squashes, carrots, beets etc- but there is no such thing as fresh fruit here in the winter.

  37. Too true on the left and right brain stuff Uppity. I can sing any piece of music (within my range of course) very accurately after hearing it once. I do some basic sight reading.
    Actually reading a piece of music? NOT. It was a long time before anyone told me that reading music is the same area of the brain as abstract math. Go figure lol. I am left handed, which thanks be, was no longer a crime by the time I got to school. Left handed, right brained? But you know the old saying-
    If the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body, then only left handed people are in their right minds. lol

  38. PMM: How is my BUBBA-

    My little girl (feral) greeted me yesterday on the way to work, I was crossing the street and she was sitting there–she didn’t run away real quick-I think she is getting curious about me—-she is tiny, tiny———I hope I am feeding her enough-by her size she actually eats ki
    like a horse

  39. Michelina- LOL on Bubba- he is a serious Mama’s boy- still pestering his Mom to nurse him. She occasionally gives in. His dark gray twin sis has bypassed him in size- he is no longer the hulk of the herd. And yes- I say herd- cuz trying to walk around here is like trying to escape a stampede lol

  40. hdl ldl is a bitch if it’s a hereditary thing. My last Cholesterol check was 163. It’s always in that range, but my hdl ldl is never right. Both my parents were like that too.

  41. YES girls, it’s a good thing you keep a watchon it-MY LDL & HDL did a complete switch in a year and a half————One day I’m great and the next I’m having a stroke———–I beleive once the menopause kicked in is when it went screwball—and yes my mom always faught the cholesteral and my Dad has had his strokes also—-But I aLWAYS kept myself in good shape—I was in top knotch shape (physically when that stroke hit me)-Only god knows

  42. Creative men do get chastised, usually by other males but not always. “What! You’re a f*ng poet?.” My personal “favorite” from a young lady was “You don’t look gay.” I’m not but I suppose only gay males are supposed to be creative.

  43. I wish I had total 163 Uppity! Both my parents had high cholesterol. All the rest of my blood work is outstanding though! Blood pressure is good- which is amazing considering all the years I smoked- it was never high even then. Both parents and most of my sibs have high blood pressure- so count my blessings where I can. The4 whole cholesterol numbers make no sense to me- total is 197. Hdl 45 LDL137. that does not add up to 197. Triglycerides are 76.
    HMPH Diet and exercise. PFFFFTTT I walk every day it is not pouring out. And I lost ANOTHER 4 lbs since I saw her last month. Which yes, I did express my concern. If the weight continues to just fall off of its own accord we will revisit. Could just be stress and the depression. (I am one of those weirdos who does not GAIN weight when stressed or depressed. I just forget to eat. Which I am making every effort to eat three times a day-loss of appetite and weight loss are side effects of the anti-depressant)
    It would be just wonderful if my metabolism had kicked itself back to what it was in my 20’s. When I could and did eat everything without ever gaining an ounce. sigh
    Oh well, I am back under 130 for the first time in years. Though all my clothes no longer fit. Damn IT! Can’t win for trying!

  44. “What! You’re a f*ng poet?.”


    “You don’t look gay.”

    Can’t believe someobdy would say that for more than one reason.

  45. Michelina, I take generic pravachol for the balance. Did you also have high blood pressure? Type 2 diabetes? Circulation problems, I think they call it PAD? I only ask because I wasn’t aware that with all other systems all right that hdl ldl would cause a stroke by itself. Uppity Doctors. Pls weigh in.

  46. OT, Cruise is getting dumped by Katie. Lasted together 5 years. She’s keeping the kid, wants full custody from Mr.Scientology.

  47. Mom I am the same way when I am stressed. I don’t eat.

    I have never been overweight. Don’t know if weight contributes to HBP. I never had to worry that much about it. But if you have a hereditary factor it’s a bummer I guess. I have a friend who has had humungously high BP since he was a child. He’s on all kinds of pills. Not overweight. Just, probably a hereditary condition to have it so young. It’s good you have your weight where you want it but probably not good the way you did it. Gawd, when I was younger, no matter how much I ate, I never gained an ounce.

  48. UPPITY’S———Crawdad just blew away like POOF !!-I hope everything is OK over there

  49. LOL Uppity- My highest weight ever was 151 the day I delivered my daughter at age 32. I was back down to 135 pretty quick- but fluctuated from 135 to 145 since then (24 yrs in Sept.) Ah for the days of eating whatever I wanted whenever and never gaining an ounce. My whole metabolism changed with that pregnancy. (I am 5′ 5″- even though my license says 5′ 4″- so am not shrinking lol)
    Surprised you are on cholesterol meds with a total 163. Why is that? Is most of it the bad kind?
    My doc thinks I can fix it with diet and a little more exercise. Guess when winter comes I will have to shell out the dough for the Y membership. She will recheck it next yr.
    More sardines, salmon and halibut! Almonds and walnuts! Oatmeal! Kidney beans! Avacados!
    I refuse to give up butter though. Might try making my own blend of butter and olive oil. And have to make some herb infused olive oils too.

  50. NO UW: I never took a pill IN my life, not even Pain meds when I was hurt-You know US OLD Italians——-

    the Dr finally said it was “EXTREME STRESS” that trigerred it-No clogged ateries in the Heart——— my BP was ALWAYS LOW——-

    My heart started heaing immediately once they got rid of the clogged artery——in my neck———the big one-100% clogged

    They asked if I ever had head Trauma——and Yea I had a concussion once and went to the emergency room once for being beaten——It was friggen strange-I was in absolutely NO PAIN and I felt like I was watching everoyne fussing over me and wondering WHY-

    –If I died that day, I wouldn’t have complained but My Meeka was Home waiting for me-10 days in the hospital-which the last 5 TOTALLY SUCKED——-I was up and around immedietly-they treated me like I was a dying patient——-al lot of them there were but I wasn’t-

    I wish I had gone Home 5 days earlier-My baby girl was in shock when I got home-I had to rush her to the Vet the very next morning when I got home that thurs evening——-

    anyway-I was back to work in three and 1/2 weeks——Like I said WEIRD—-I have gotten most of my strength back—but my right hand likes to rock by itself sometimes——- If I don’t pay attention——

  51. I got DAVEY during that 3 1/2 weeks I was home-she kept me from Self-Pity—–whicH is a big weakness in my character at times in my past——-

    she kept me rocking—-and rolling—-I probably will never totally recover, but If I get 10 more years—I’ll take it

  52. Sorry guys it was so long, but that’s all of it in a nutshell-goingto see if crawdad is OK-will be back

  53. The prav is for the hdl ldl Mom. Seems to work.

    M, so you had a 100% clogged artery, which would be the direct cause, right? Lucky you’re alive girl! I mean WE’RE lucky you’re alive

    Pets are great that way. They give you your Will!

  54. Crawdad Hole link not working for you? I got it up right away.

  55. Hi, Uppity Woman!

    O/T, but I wanted to stop by and personally thank you for your encouraging words re: FELV

    I was surprised to see that you found our little blog….We are all aware of your blog and read here often.

    Thanks for stopping by and your words were very comforting for me…Thanks again!

    Only a first time comment at will go into moderation and upon approval the commenter may post at will….That’s how we weed out the Obots.

    Stop by again and visit anytime and feel free to comment all you want, as your comments will now post immediately. 😀

  56. I’m no dr-but I think the head Trauma loosened the PLAQUE and it started to build-It was never checked, My physical were always so good-it was never necessary—-I was just starting some cholesteral problems—-but never that bad to alarm anyone and I was religious going to the Dr’s-It came out of the Friggen Blue-

    ——the only sign I had was I was seeing black specs for a couple of days——-and BOOM down I went (at work-which is why I got to the hospital right away)——–

    I thank God PHYSICALLy I was in top Knotch shape or I wouldn’t have come out of it as well as I did——-I had a worse stroke than my Father-and he is 80 Yrs old—-GO FIGURE !!

  57. I almost forgot – my other kitties are testing negative….I only have two more to test.

    Simon is one of them – Wanna see some cute pics?

    Simon sleeps in the bed with me and I just got up from a nap….He’s still in bed.

  58. You’re welcome Troy. I’m a battle-scarred kitty rescuer. There isn’t much I haven’t seen. So if you ever need to brainstorm a problem, just stop by! I am aware of your blog just as you are aware of mine. I don’t get to all the blogs all the time, but I do make the rounds, even if I am silent.

    YOu might be interested in our Kitty Relay we had this week. Rescued kitty traveled 500 miles through 3 states with 4 Uppityites. What a kick!

    “500 miles. 4 Uppityites. 3 States. 1 Little Kitty. And 1 pie”

  59. Crawdad seems okay with me, so not sure whatcha mean M.

  60. Oh he IS cute. LOVE LOVE LOVE his ears!!

    You might want to retest after awhile, for your own piece of mind.

    As you can see, I moderate first comments too!

  61. Gang you have GOT to see the ears on that cat!

  62. Yeah Michelina, lots of things lurk. We get our checkups, but you NEVER know. So you are right.

  63. MOM, my overall C number went down a bit too with the pills, but that wasn’t why I started taking them. My bad C was…bad. And it runs in my family. I was already a daily runner and got plenty of exercise, but the hdl ldl was truly whacky anyways. I’m not saying I never eat bad things, I would be a liar, but as a rule I have a healthy diet.

  64. I try to eat well Uppity- but I am for damn sure NOT giving up chocolate. Might as well be dead as live without chocolate lol. Not an everyday thing- but it would be if I kept it in the house lol.
    The only time I really eat a lot of bad stuff is between Thanksgiving and Christmas. But what would the holidays be without baking?

  65. Ok so that’s butter AND chocolate. lolol.

  66. FCS I’m gonna smack my cat. He runs the dog’s life, which is okay because he never harms her and she loves it. But he has this thing for her canned dog food. I have NEVER known ANY cat that ate dog food unless I just yanked it off the street, starving. So Every now and then I give the dog a meal of just canned, not mixed with dry, because she worships it so, and because it’s “senior blend”, which means low-cal, so it’s a way t keep her weight on point when she’s had a bit too many biscuits. Anwyways, I hear the dog whining and then she’s running to me and back into the kitchen, so I figure maybe Jack The Ripper is out back or something. I go there and there’s the cat eating her food! FCS!

  67. P.S. I already know when she’s had too many biscuits and God knows what else, it’s when she spends the day next door with the elderly neighbors. The woman does the Gramma thing with her and she eats it up. When we go for a walk by their house, she automatically yanks me into their entrance. lol. So that’s her gramma and she knows the name too! Anyways, she spent a few hours there today so I know she ate lots of the kind of crap grandmothers would give a dog behind your back. Like meatballs.

  68. UW: MEATBALLS are great for he r (once in awhile———-) and all my Kitteh’s would eat the dog food if it lasted long enough-it’s not good for them, but anything once in awhile doesn’t hurt——–so next time you treat needlenose give youer Moosh a dish of her own that shoud (I said SHOULD–help fix the problem somewhat)

    I was at crawdad’s commenting I touched the ” w: Key and WHOOSH-crawdad was gone

    I went back a few minutes later and it was back——I ddidn’t swear or anything———just a fluke I guess

  69. TROY: He’s Beautiful !!—you can do the link thing that when you comment here we can plug right into your blog-UW and PMM know what it is

    What a great thing you ladies did for that little kitty!….I’m very impressed! 😀
    O/T Yeah, everyone gets a kick out of Simon’s big ol’ ears. 😆

  71. gotta go throw the ball 100x’s for davey—–it used to be 300 x’s so I;m not complaining-will be back to say g’nite

  72. LOL Uppity- yup, butter and chocolate. Though the in thing now in the medical world is that dark chocolate is good for you. heh And the cholesterol recommendations say not to eat stick margarine either, which is ok as I hate that stuff lol.
    I can do all the healthy eating from spring to fall. It is winter that kills me. I detest canned vegetables and frozen are not much better. Better than the cardboard imitation fruit and vegetables the grocery stores promote as “fresh”- but not by much.
    Good thing I like baked potatoes with salsa and low fat sour cream. Can’t do without my baked potatoes, especially as I do not care for rice. I like wild rice but it is a pain in the keister to cook, same with brown rice. Pasta is ok maybe once a month. And that at least I can get some that is not white. But still, Lasagna a couple times a year is enough for me. Pasta salad with the tricolor pasta is good- but what the hell- how do you make pasta salad without ham and turkey and cheese- lotsa cheese! Still, I could give up pasta with no problems, same with rice. Can’t see doing without potatoes- lovely wonderful vitamin and mineral packed goodies that they are!

  73. PMM: POTATO”s-got to have them————-Pasta——I crave if I go too long without it———-Rice is OK_I agree———butter & sour cream-the once in a blue moon I eat them——I’ve got to eat what I like————I enjoy eggs but I cool that, fried foods, I watch,
    Chocalate it sucks with the corn syrup so that is no problem to not eat—-except CADBURRY———they are the only one’s who I don’t think use it—–my biggest weakness is ICE CREAM———no corn syrup in that

  74. WE deifinitely need woman scientsts——-OUR food would be much safer

  75. CORN on THE cob tonight–definITely butter

  76. I wasn’t going to comment on this post but I started thinking about it and decided my experience might be of help to someone else.

    All my life I struggled with math. I have an I.Q. of 135 and learned to read when I was 3 years old. But math was a different story. In elementary school, I was unable to learn to add and subtract. Multiplication tables and division problems were a nightmare. My teachers sent notes to my mother asking that I work harder on my math homework. The problem was I was already working extremely hard! I simply could not understand math or retain what I was taught in class. My mother and I practiced math flash cards every night but I couldn’t remember even easy addition or subtraction the next day at school.

    I also had problems making change, reading maps, telling time, distinguishing between left and right, north and south, east and west. I couldn’t understand musical notes or keep time in band class. It was particularly hard because my father was a musician and my older brother was a math genius. I grew up feeling stupid even though I excelled in art, creative writing, and dance.

    It wasn’t until I was in college that I was tested for learning disabilities. It turns out that I have dyscalculia – a math disability with some similarity to dyslexia. Both males and females can suffer from dyscalculia. Finding out that I have this problem was an enormous help to me. I no longer considered myself stupid, just different.

    I would love to be good at math. I admire people who are. But I am not one of them. The fact is some of us – men and women – will never be successful in professions that require math skills no matter how hard we try. This includes the hard sciences.

    I still run up against some people who tell me I just need to “try harder” to become good at math. Really frustrating but I have learned to compensate in some ways. I balance my checkbook very well by working slowly and using a simple calculator. I make lots of notes about appointment times and how to get places. I am always early for things because I can’t calculate time properly and don’t want to be late.

    I hope this helps someone who has the same problem I do or knows another person who does. There is a name for it. It’s not stupid. It’s dyscalculia.

  77. Here’s a good video on dyscalculia:

  78. Hi Uppityites!

    Interesting conversation on cholesterol. I think it’s good for you! I Science was wrong about leeches, margarine, and (I believe) cholesterol and fat. Maybe if we had more women scientists we’d come up with an alternate opinion.

  79. sophie: hOW IS tiger lily

  80. Beata: what a frustrating way to grow up—thang God-he gave us two sides of the brain-believe me I am so J——although dance came to me easily anything else creative was LOST———I just didn’t have it——-bless your talents girlfriend-and your brains ande Screw anyone else who made you feel stupid

  81. Sophie: what about leeches??-the others I know

  82. O/T
    New pics of Simon out in my watermelon patch.
    Scroll down

  83. And maybe taste better michelina. We just had a flavorless tomato and a flavorless cucumber on deli turkey. Might as well had a tofu sandwich.

  84. And all our fruit is more sour than lemons.

  85. DE: that totally SUCKS—–IF ONLY———-you have to grown your own if possible————I stopped eating tomatoes forever ago

  86. The turkey hen has a whole damn flock of chicks this year! She is way out at the end of the field – IN- the black raspberry/blackberry area! AARRRGGGHHHHH. Means I will HAVE to take the dog with me when the picking starts in earnest. And he LOVES the berries as well. Between the birds, turkeys, deer, possum, groundhogs etc etc etc it is going to be a battle. The damn turkey is eating the blackberries and they are nowhere close to being ready. Stupid bird. A billion mosquitoes and deer flies and she eats berries that are not even ripe!
    I am sure there are more turkeys out there too. The blackberry canes are loaded this year. Mother Nature making up for the loss of the tree fruits.
    I WILL have my berries! Jam, jelly, pie, eating right off the canes! Make way wildlife- comin through!

  87. Tiger Lily is lovely and certainly livening up the house. The others still don’t want to be her friend, but they aren’t doing anything to harm her either. Looks like they just want to show her the pecking order. Still, she’s bold as can be and definitely belongs in this PUMA household.

  88. I don’t know where you live but try using a stand for the fruit if possible–
    I’m sure most of them work with the local farmers-buying friot from CHILE is a waste of money-believe me we have that shit here-TUNA from China——–Now why would I buy tuna from China-I live in WNY-more water here than we need
    I swear it’s the Truth, china, chile————ewwwwww!

  89. Troy! Welcome! Your kitteh is SOOO cute!
    (and kittehs are never ever O/T here lol- the blog moderator is a cat- you have met Moderator Kitteh Bill?)

  90. Sophie: the older one may never take her in, but as long as she doesn’t hurt her-that’s good-the younger one give her time——I’d be surprised if It went the other way-

    PMM: I hope the turkey you are talking about is YOURS

  91. Sophie- so glad she is livening up your place. She is just the boldest thing isn’t she? Thinks she is a full grown tiger that one!

  92. Michelina- nooo- they are wild ones. Aladdin is terrified of the things- but if I make enough noise going down the field with him, they will vacate the area- and they won’t attack me as long as the dog is with me.
    Yes, mother turkeys attack. Mean nasty birds they are.

  93. Meeka was so much older than davey—–she would growl at her, but of course the difference in their ages——Davey is puppying her and Meeka is 10 yrs old, she doesn;t have the energy-but my Puppy had to sleep on her head when it was nap time——–and MEEKA NEVER MINDED

  94. Yes PMM: that;s why I asked, how are they on your land and eating your berries————–now think———-flies, mosquitos or BERRIES—which one would you pick————-

  95. Yes, PMM. It really is good for the whole house. The other two were getting rather complacent, like they were doin me a big favor plying with their toys. Now all three of us watch Lily playing. Everything is a toy–even a crumpled up paper towel that falls to the floor.

    I know they all will eventually come around to some agreement on a peaceful coexistence.

    Ok, PMM, now I have to ask you–did you feed her food from the refrigerator? Because every time I open mine, she mews and circles me like I’m supposed to take something out for HER.

  96. Anybody else getting “direct messages” from twitter followers claiming someone is spreading rumors or saying bad things?
    DON”T fall for it. It appears to be a phishing scam

    So sorry for anyone who got this, if you are following me on Twitter — well, I’m happy you are following me — just angry with the phshing. I changed my pw last night — hope everyone did the same. Also told today be a techie at Constant Contact the Linked In put out an alert recently so you may want to change those PWs too if you are on that site.

  97. Sophie- rofl! I got in the habit of putting them in the spare room and closing the door when I ate- voracious little buggers would never leave me eat in peace! Ever try and eat with six kittens crawling all over you?
    Husband snuck them a few treats I am sure- Can’t watch him all the time. That is funny about the fridge- because mine is out in the mudroom, not even in my kitchen- so they never even saw it. She caught on quick huh?
    (We keep the fridge out there as it also serves as the pantry- it is right off the kitchen and the motor on the fridge keeps all my preserves and jams and pickles from freezing and bursting.)

  98. I don’t listen to what my government tells me about food. I don’t listen to an industry that decides what’s good based on who paid for the study. Have we learned nothing for the lying bullshitters who brought us aspartame, shoved a food pyramid down our throats for decades, and then flipped it over without so much as thinking about how stupid they looked?

    If I had listened to these bullshitters, I would have stopped enjoying eggs, butter, wine AND chocolate, only to find out years later that they all aren’t so bad. Remember when margarine was better than butter and they told how how we are going to Effing buy the farm if se ate eggs and butter? Remember when they said coffee was terrible for you, only to have the next A Hole tell us years later that coffee isn’t so bad for you after all? Nature tells us what’s good, we don’t need a bunch of 25 year old pissants, all snotty and talking thru their noses, telling us how to eat and live. When they show up on youtube when they’re 50 looking all in shape then they can give the world advice. ANYBODY can look good at 25, for Chrissakes. You barely have to do ANYTHING.

    I’m with sophie in my heart. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if in ten years they tell us all that we are suffering from cholesterol DEFICIENCY! Because….THEY. DON’T. KNOW. MUCH. OF. ANYTHING. At least not for longer than a decade, when they change their minds. Eat what nature gives you. Don’t eat it until you pass out sleeping. Move a little bit. And stop festering over bullshit that people like the USDA politicians tell you. Do you REALLY want to trust people who are infiltrated by Monsanto and who tell you that cloned food and “Roundup Ready” food is good for you? No need to label it? To quote Nancy: ARE YOU SERIOUS?

    My grandfather sucked raw eggs right out of the chicken’s ass. He never met a greasy meal he didn’t love. He made wine that would take the rust off your car. He even smoked Camels. At 89 he put a new roof on his own house, and he died just short of 97 because he lost all his friends and he wanted to. He never even HEARD of the Food Pyramid.

    Oh and one more thing.I grew up on whole milk and didn’t die from that either.

  99. The Twitter thing is NOT a big deal. Most tweeters know it’s a scam. It happens all the time. Stop apologizing. It’s a spambod and it will move on with the next thing in people’s DMs or timeline. It’s SOP on twitter. Just change your password if it hooks onto your account. And use your twitter more often so it doesn’t look dormant. They love those slow unused accounts. It’s the same way with Yahoo. If you leave your house with the doors and windows open and don’t come back for a week, don’t be surprised if your house is robbed. It’s kind of like that.

  100. OMG Troy’s kitteh is soooooooooooo cute. He looks like a jungle cat in that last pic! Little snot!

  101. And……………….we have a head shot of Uppity Tiger Lily for our sidebar. Now I will brainstorm with FF on how we will use this sweet baby’s face! Maybe a link to the story? You can’t possibly be ready for this. She’s so cute in this pic, you are gonna want to bite her!
    Heressssssssssssssssssssssssssss Tiger Lily! Ta Taaaaaaaaaaa!

  102. Sohpie they will work out the cat system by themselves. Only worry I have is when there are three cats, one of them always ends up the Odd Man Out. Hopefully the three of them won’t let that happen. Just give it time. But you already know that.

  103. That’s interesting, Beata. I always thought math, science, writing, etc, had to do with the four quadrants of the brain and which are more dominant. People who are kind of good at everything have more balanced quadrants. The truth is, there are many professions that don’t need math. We don’t really need a whole world of people who love calculus.

  104. Hi Troy,

    I saw the post to you and your reply link, so I thought I’d try to get a message to you. I tried e-mailing you too, but don’t know if you got it. I can’t post at the Heyoka blog. The comment box — well, it just won’t let me enter anything. Ms. Uppity — please forgive me butting in like this.

  105. My grandmother cooked everything with butter or lard. “Oleo” was a dirty word in her house. She had bacon and eggs daily for breakfast. Whole milk at each meal. She never encountered a piece of meat or poultry she wouldn’t fry. Heck, nearly everything she ate was fried. She had pie every day, too, made with lard crusts. She didn’t own a car so she walked a lot. Also worked in her garden, growing veggies. Her weight was never a problem. She didn’t trust doctors even though she was married to one. She died at the age of 97 from pure cussedness.

  106. AWWWWW Kiss Tiger Lily for me!
    Sophie- has she told you her real name yet?

  107. Lexi, no problem. Let me know if troy answers you and if you get no answer, I’ll go over there myself and carry your message. Okay?

  108. Might as well call her Uppity. lolol.

    She looks all settled in doesn’t she?

  109. Lil’ Uppity looked all settled in about five minutes after she got to Sophie’s house.

    She is too cute. I want to stuff her down my shirt.

    I can’t believe I said that.

  110. lol Beata! Exactly! What’s wrong with Bacon that says you have to stay away from it like plague. I see people mooning over things they decide they “can’t” eat. What bullshit. Bacon is good. You just don’t eat it every damned day is all. You don’t eat ANYTHING every damned day, do you? I can see if someone is on weight watchers or something, then you pull back. Even then, you can eat anything, but you just have to count it. But to spend your whole life like this is just plain stupid and it sucks the joy out of food. If a certain food makes you sick, ThEN you can’t have it. But if some idiot TELLS you and GUILTS you into not having it, there is something wrong here. Eat. Move. It’s all that you need to do, really. Just don’t eat the whole cheesecake and life is good.

  111. Sorry about this Ladies!

    Hi Lexi….I’m going to email you and we’ll get to the bottom of the problem at the blog comments section.

    More purdy Simon pics – check out his belly markings….Little turd thinks he’s a leopard. 😆

  112. Tiger Lily is an awesome looking kitty….Love the markings and those blue eyes! 😀

  113. No problem Troy. Anything goes here! Except Obots.

  114. Anything goes!

  115. Tiger Lily was a real trooper. She’s a world traveler now! It felt soooooooooooo good to watch it unfold. These four uppityites made our day!

  116. Oh Nose! Another eharmoney catwoman! I love when they do this stuff. Cracks me up.

  117. Lexi, sent you an email…Check Inbox, please. 🙂

    Thanks, UW!

  118. Nothing worse and more frustration than somebody trying to comment on a blog they love and finding they can’t do it. Happens here but it’s usually because they are banned. Hahahaha.

  119. I remember some of you ladies from the early days of Texas Darlin’s blog and Dr. Kate’s….I still visit Dr. Kate’s blog regularly….It’s nice to see all of you gals still going strong!

  120. Yes we’ve been here in one form or another since early 2008. Just me and about three daily visitors. lol.

  121. Yeah, we’re a small group of regulars at Heyoka Patriots also….I kinda like it that way….It’s like family. 🙂

  122. Well we’re a lot bigger in terms of readership than we were back then. I never figured people would come. I was just getting stuff off my chest. There are plenty of extremists and crackpots on the net but there are also some really good folks who like a blog community to call their own. So I’m lucky to have found a lot of them. We don’t stick to politics every day because it is just too wearing, just too disappointing, and it makes us cranky.

  123. Late nighters where the H are you? Did you guys have another party and not invite me?? There will be Punishments.

  124. TL’s headshot is adorable, of course. The little charmer that she is.

    The character Tiger Lily from Peter Pan was small and brave. This TL shares personality traits with the cartoon character. She was one of my favorites as a child. Great to hear she has jumped right into her new home and carved out a spot for herself already. What a cutie pie.

  125. Karen, up at this hour?

    Freedom Fairy has the pic of our little blog child. She will do a sidebar with that pic. I’m going to link it to the post.

  126. I dunno…..MKBill has been awfully quiet about all this Tiger Lilly talk. Is this normal for Bill? Or does he have something up his sleeve….er…paw??

  127. Yes he has been rather mysterious about all of this. It’s probably not good news, knowing him.

  128. **UPDATE** Punishment for the 4 boys who bullied the school bus driver handed down. 1 year suspension from school and the bus and community service!

  129. I see that Barack is going to spend 4th of July in France. Nothing ironic about that, considering.

  130. Thats good to hear imust. Maybe this will get parents to train their kids some respect. If any kid ever talked to anyone in either of the homeschool groups we were members of, they and their entire families would be banned, for good. They have a no tolerance policy, and the teens have to sign an agreement that they won’t behave badly every year when the families sign up or renew.

  131. Haha! Well, France did help us with the Revolution! Well, okay they came in at the end…but still they helped. Better late than never!

  132. Socal I love that they have to do 50 hours of community service with senior citizens!

  133. omg! France for the 4th of July??!?! Good god, he’s weird.

    Upps I like this:

    “So I’m lucky to have found a lot of them. We don’t stick to politics every day because it is just too wearing, just too disappointing, and it makes us cranky.”

    We’re lucky to have found you!

  134. lorac, glad you’re better and glad you’re back! Great post and so true. One of my nieces has won a scholarship for science at U-Dub. A young woman from our homeschool group got a 4 year scholarship for Marine Biology at UCSB, which has a great aquarium. She works there everyday and was our docent when we went there on a field trip in April. If a girl excels in science or math, its pretty easy to get a scholarship. My niece works like a dog, taking all honors classes.

  135. imust, yes, that is awesome!

  136. Tiger Lily is just beautiful.

  137. I got the twitter phish. I figured someone had hacked Ani’s acct.

  138. It’s always good to change your passwords everywhere. I’ve gotten worse ones though. lol. Like major porn. I wonder if all those DMs are in Ani’s DM file. Ani?

  139. I just looked at Troy’s kitteh pix. Upps, is that a bengal?

  140. I was/am terrible at algebra and geometry. Didn’t bother me though because I knew I was going to be a music major and hell, no one counts 128th notes, no matter how slow the tempo. Had to take prob/stat and calc for the c.i.s. degree and got through them but it was ugly.

  141. socal, his belly is spotted like a bengal, but that’s where it ends. He’s definitely a Feline Domesticus Americana. Although that doesn’t preclude some bengal in his genes a few gens ago, which would explain the belly marks. He’s a handsome boy, no doubt about it.

    Fredster, I just KNEW you would come through for us girls by admitting a math issue. You always DO come through for us, bless your face.

  142. Bengal kitteh. As you can see, the body is spotted. Stripe areas thick, pronounced and broken.

  143. He has magnificent ears, though.

  144. France? Will he bring beer and waffles?

  145. He’s doing fundraisers, DE. The troops here are letting Teh One down in the moolah department.

  146. Shouldn’t he be going to Gaza then? They love him there

  147. Nah. They just donate online right from the strip. and of course, “Georgia” is in the USA. Just like last time.

  148. Cracks me up. Why does a sitting prez need to raise a dime. He can go on tv anytime he wants and the media is his propaganda machine anyway.

  149. And then there’s that cold call center direct to you from the Gaza Strip.

  150. How’s that “Peace” thang working out for you Ahmed?

  151. The Rafa Georgia brothers claimed they bought Obama Tshirts. Something to wear together when they lob a bomb at the wall.

  152. DE I read a piece that said this is the first sitting president who raised less money than their challenger. Mittens raised 4.6 million on SCOTUS Ruling day.

  153. He should be selling those DNC tweet shirts.

    “it’s constitutional bitches” T’s

    That should go over well with the third wave.

    But not as well at the “take that mother f%^kers” one for sure complete with a pick of barry scratching his nose.

  154. Yeah wait till all those pissants living home get their IRS bill when they turn 27 because they can’t afford health insurance.

  155. No bill for them. They will get a tax credit and mom & dad will still be getting the bill for their unemployable kids. Might get a trophy too.

  156. Fredster, I just KNEW you would come through for us girls by admitting a math issue. You always DO come through for us, bless your face.

    Gee thanks. Yeah, there’s nothing like admitting your inadequacies on a blog read by hundreds and hundreds of folks. Oh hell, I did okay in regular math and stuff and I can even make change! And besides I cypher better than Jethro!

  157. I guess someone should speak up for Teh Maths. I love math. It was my best subject. Calculus rocks! In an ironic way, math really sets you up–you believe that problems can be solved and that you can show the proof. Unfortunately, no other subject gives you that like math does.

  158. Sophie, great update great pic. Thanks.

  159. Bill isn’t speaking to me. I bought little Lily, the new cat star around here, a “cosmic electric banana” toy for her new home. It is a catnip toy. That just sent Bill right over the edge. The minute we meet Lily we become her chauffer and lavish her with gifts and TLC. She gets full live blogging, hundreds of comments, pictures, ooohs and awwws.

    Bill, well, he has last years header up top. Poor MKB.

    As Sheldon Cooper would say: There, There.

  160. Anybody see the vote counting error news concerning Charlie Rangel?

    I used to support him decades ago in NY. So glad I am not a Dem anymore. They aren’t what they used to be – or aren’t what I thought they were.

    The scandals alone should have made him bow out long ago. He has Ways and Means alright.

    Lots of articles under “charlie rangel vote count” on search engines.

  161. Pamela, somehow I knew you’d like that pic 😉

    Karen, that’s Dr. Sheldon Cooper to you!

    Hey, I think Bill needs his own big adventure…like maybe the MK Bill Election Tour of the USA.

  162. sorry for the typo’s-I guess being cute isn’t the only thing I suck at

  163. This Rangel thing smells just like 2008, I remember the stink of corruption and voter fraud well:

  164. KAREN: HE’s as old as dirt–I never knew him (and I’m a new yorker)
    God a disappointment-everyone of them, Except HRC

  165. Karen Rangel is as smarmy as his pretty hair.

  166. Who the “H” works till they are 80 or 90–God it;s pathetic-I plan on retiring at 60

    50 years of working for somone else is QUITE enoughy

    first job was walking a neighbor’s dog–I think I was about 9———and I earned $5 a week-then I moved onto cleaning another neighbors house ( they were elderly)-I kept that job a long time-same Pay-so YEA-It will be 50 years of service———

  167. We’ve been spending so much time with Tiger Lily that I’m concerned MKBill may start “acting out”. You know, developing “litter box issues” and the like.

    So I agree with Sophie that MKBill needs a big adventure of his own. An Election Tour sounds good. Any other suggestions, Uppityites?

  168. Yeah Beata, my cat once hated this guy who used to visit my husband. One time he came over and his boots were wet so he took them off by my front door. Hours later when he went to leave there was something in one of the boots. It was a pile of cat turd. She NEVER did anything like that in all the years I had her. We couldn’t even figure out how she balanced on the army boot to shit in it, but she sure as hell did just that. The guy was up to no good, I guess. He didn’t visit us after that!!! lol. I think I burned dinner that night too!

    Accidentally, but effectively. Free crappy meal and free cat poop boots.

  169. I sent the three pics of TL I took with my phone when we were transporting the kitteh to mom, sophie, pam and uppity, by email. I do not know how to post pictures here or I would put them up. I love the face in the sleeping on my lap picture. Happy to be out of the carrier and sound asleep in kitteh dream land in a comfy spot.

    Can one of the 4 ladies put that one or all of the pics up for me please?

    Getting those pics off the new camera took a long time and lots of work!

  170. Fact Check org. (surprisingly) bashes obama’s ads against Romney as full of total errors. And WaPo gives the ad about Bain 4 Pinocchios – the ultimate level of lie.

    Obama is and always has been one big liar and Fairy Tale spewer. Thank you for noticing FactCheck and WaPo after missing thousands of other lies.

  171. Wow!….You ladies really know your stuff when it comes to the “kittehs” 😉

    Simon does appear to have a little Bengal mixed in his genetics way back somewhere in his bloodline….Good call on that one!….I sure love that little runt! 😆

  172. That IS a surprise Karen. has been an LOL for a long time because of their Obvious ties.

    I will take care of loading your pics for ya.


  173. Yup Troy some of us have been rescuing the little carpetbaggers for decades.

  174. Troy, what a beauty Simon is. Very handsome and regal.

  175. Sophie, Teh Maths also sharpen your concentration skills and attention to detail.

  176. will resend them uppity. there should be two emails. maybe i forgot to hit Reply All or something.

  177. Gee thanks. Yeah, there’s nothing like admitting your inadequacies on a blog read by hundreds and hundreds of folks

    RRRRRRRRRRRROFLLLLLLLLLLL. It’s just a couple of thousand of your best friends.

    Point is so many men like to make fun of women with things like this when they themselves have the same issue. You, on the other hand, have no such hangups.

  178. Gee, now I’m embarrassed about admitting my inadequacies to thousands of people online.

    DISCLAIMER: Everything I’ve ever written about myself online was a lie! I’m really a sock puppet named Chuck who has no inadequacies. Well, except for that occasional “problem” when I’m really tired or I’ve had too much to drink.

  179. It’s just a couple of thousand of your best friends.

    See, there’s that math thing again. 😉

  180. Troy, that is a lovely tabby! What a splendid spotted belly!

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