Open thread and a little tender loving care always helps.

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  1. awwwwwww. The name of this blog this week could easily be Uppity Cats. Not that Uppity Woman takes second place to anything, ever.

    All bow to UW and to our UCs too.

  2. Uppity Tiger Lilly, stinking up Karen’s car.

    I haz aroma.

  3. Karen’s pic of UTL doing..well I don’t know what….but she sure looks like she’s ecstatic.

    I haz a happy.

  4. AWWWWWWWW!!————kisses, kisses, kisses

  5. Dang. Is the post pic moving? It’s a gif.

  6. the post pic is static for me.

    and TL is enjoying a nap on my lap after insisting, make that demanding, she be let out of the stinky carrier. Carriers are for losers, this kitteh is not going to settle for anything less than a sunny comfortable lap and at least 50 percent of your attention at all times.

    (and she deserves it too since she pays back in painfully cute poses.)

  7. upps, if i click on the post pic it does the kisses thing.

  8. Uppity, m.e. lou’s kidney blood values went up, despite the sub-Q fluids. I’m reducing the thyroid medicine to help push more blood through her kidneys. I was hoping for better news, but then I realized that her values would have been worse without the sub-Q. m.e. lou is in better shape than my first cat when she was at this stage.

  9. Odd. It moves in the editor and on preview. I’ve seen this before but forgot what I did to fix it.

  10. lyn5. Unfortunately, subq isn’t a magic bullet and since you’ve been through this before, I know you know this. I also know that doesn’t make you feel any better. You are doing the best that can be done for your little CRF kitty and I know you know that too. xo.

  11. OH GOD LYN: I’ve been there—–as lonG as she is comfortable and eating she is OK————–I don’t know how old she is, but I wish you Love & Peace for your Kitteh—————9 months I went through that with my first and SOUL MATE KITTEH-it’s BEEN 15 YEARS AND I STILL CRY

  12. My clydesdale and I are going to go tinker in the garden. Scarecrow seems to be doing his job. And even if he isn’t, he’s so damned cute, who cares?

  13. awwwwwww so cute. 🙂

  14. He died in my arms———-I remember once I was having a nightmare and POOF-he stepped into it to wake me up————–

  15. OF course he was in heaven-it was the last time I saw him

  16. Aw, the gif is adorable and so are the pics of Tiger Lily.

    Karen, TL is showing you her neck because she trusts you. Have you gotten a kitteh for yourself yet? What are you waiting for? The sea to part?

  17. Lyn5, I’ve been there too and there are no words to make it easier. Peace to you and your beloved cat.

  18. Lyn5 needs some encouragement, pls. We shouldn’t hang crepe just now. Things could pick up.

    When are you testing the numbers again, Lyn?

  19. Will do another blood test In two weeks. (Her BUN was 94 and Creatinine was 5.7–up from 57 and 3.9 two months ago.) Thanks for sharing. I went through this 18 years ago with Bobcat, and m.e. lou is in much better shape. She is alert and bossy–my kind of gal. Yeah, I’ve been crying, but I’m thankful she’s still her … then there are the three boys. m.e. lou is on my lap right now.

  20. She’s eating, yes?

  21. I’ve sent you my email address Lyn.

  22. Thanks, Uppity. She is eating.

  23. A cute tumblr that started due to a typo: cat instead of act.

  24. beata, it isn’t a good time for me, as far as i am concerned it isn’t, but the universe might have other plans for me. I’ve seen a stray around my house the past few days at least once a day. I was outside cleaning the lawn of some branches and tossed them into the woods. A cat was sleeping in the ferns right next to my house and has been lurking since. Now it might have chosen me or perhaps it is just highly interested in the occupants of my bird feeding stations…

  25. btw – pretty funny, when I heard a hiss come out of the ferns I thought it was a big snake at first since they love the rocks next to the ferns!

    Lots of chipmunks and mice here for the snakes and the cat to share.

  26. lyn, hope your lou gets well soon.

  27. Karen, I understand. After I posted my comment to you, I thought, gee, I’m sounding really pushy. I didn’t mean it that way.

    It’s so hot and dry here. I’ve been out putting bowls of water ( along with food ) for the birds and other critters. One poor little chipmunk took an accidental bath in a bowl this morning. My cat got a big kick out of that.

  28. lyn- hang tough- sounds like you have been through the rigors with cats over the years. It is always awful when our furry children are in distress.
    You came to the right place- Uppity knows lots of cat health things- and if she doesn’t have the info- she can get it from the blog vet.
    Prayers for you and your baby.

  29. Lyn, sending get well wishes to your m.e. lou.

    My 21 year old tortie lived about two years longer than any vet predicted she would. Kittehs are pretty amazing.

  30. Karen, cats rarely show up where they don’t think there’s a good human. Witness the Great Depression, when the hobos used CAT symbols to leave messages. This cat Got The Message. Perhaps a nice can of food might be appreciated. Karma always rewards these things. I know this for a fact. Just saying! A bowl of water would be REALLY nice too as water is so hard to find when it isn’t raining and there is no dirty puddle…ahem.

    Perhaps it’s “not a good time for YOU” but it IS a good time for providence. And for a kitty who is sticking around, hoping…

  31. ….and I’m not one to carry tails…um…tales…but you just traveled for 7 hours for a kitty and that kitty took to you like rain to a rose bush. And it was a Ditto, wasn’t it? And isn’t it an interesting coincidence that there, in the ferns, is a….a…

  32. You guys are the best. The cat symbol also meant “kind-hearted woman.” Sneakers was the only cat who came to us. He was a malnourished kitten who sought refuge in our garage. One night I heard meowing and looked around the house. The next day he flew over my head from a cupboard and jumped on the car. I put out food, water and a litter box. Two days later we finally caught him with a fishing net. Had him for 13 years. He was white with gray spots.

  33. Uppityites, I have an elderly friend from church who has been feeling very down and lonely lately. Her grown children live out of state. She used to have cats but they passed away a few years ago. I have been trying to convince her to adopt a senior rescue cat. I think it would be wonderful for both her and the cat but she is resistant. Could you say some prayers that my friend will decide to open her heart and home to an older cat that needs her very much? Thanks.

    Like Lyn said, you guys are the best.

  34. Freedom Fairy had her own version of “Kind hearted woman” when we had our “Austerity Header” up. Cute little guy.

  35. Beata, talk about Pushy, look what I wrote to Karen.
    She needs a cat. Period. I bet a cat would rather live with her and be at a kennel for a week or so out of the year than live in the fern trolling for mice.

  36. UPPITY’S—I’ve been aking for advice about my “fearless” forever on this blog —I’ve heard NOTHIJNG———-you don’t think she exists———-she does-I think she is in distress-I heard her this morning-
    and to BOOT-My davey’s father is here she is his GOD—–I feed Her, take care iof her, buy everything for her,ppay her medical and I’m nothing

    -he’s with her once, twice a Week and HE;s HER GOD-I am mad at her-she treats me like I’m nothing——FEARLESS DOES EXIST by the way-I feel like you guys think I’m lying about her–I fpounf out this big chhoch is eating her food——-

  37. that is I found out this big chooch

  38. this is aything we want to talk about open thread-and no one is bringing anything but good thing to LOU-it’s a hard time for her-i’m sorry If I told her what happenend to me——————i hope she isn’t


  40. Davey’s father thinkd I’m JEALOUS of hr love for him————–A typical ASS

  41. I am shutiing off my internet next firi-hopefuly I’ll be able to put it back on before the election———–If not I will saymy end

  42. WoW no ONE is here

  43. Hi Michelina! sorry you were on your own here. A summer weekend afternoon is likely to be slow. Probably more will come on at night. I’m not the most knowledgeable person about the kittehs I’m afraid. I haven’t had a cat in over 25 years cuz my hubbie is allergic.

  44. Funny:

  45. Michelina- I am confused- how did you get the idea we don’t think Fearless exists?
    As Socal said- it is a summer weekend- so lots of us are outside taking care of gardens, mowing, doing yard work. Some might have gone to the beach, or on a picnic,
    I am not on much on weekends- it is the only time I can get husband to help out around here.
    Sorry you are feeling down.

  46. Weird. My comment didn’t show up in Recent Comments. PMM either.

    Okay, now it does. Weird.

  47. imust- wordpress is being weird again- when I posted the last comment I got a weird “your server in undergoing maintenance” message. It said give it a few minutes and refresh- but it took a long time for the comment to show up

  48. Michelina, why wouldn’t anyone not believe you. Heck, we all get strays showing up sooner or later. I don’t understand why you are upset. Now if you told me you won the megamillions, I might not believe it. lol. Last I heard, you thought the cat hurt a bird and the bird faked you out and took off.

  49. Mom is right. Weekends are always slow around here that’s why I never put up major posts. I havent’s been on the internet for a few hours is all. And Lyn’s and her cat will be fine, so don’t worry about that. Sometimes things trigger things that have happened to us. Happens to me all the time. She knows that I’m sure.

  50. Things are happening though! OWSers are on the move again! Crawdad’s has a post about it. This time they’re trying to occupy a place in Philly. Something about “Interdependence Day” I think.

  51. Gotta go water the garden in the dark lol. BBL.

  52. Sophie, ROFLLLLL!

  53. Very sweet about the bulldog nursing the kittens. That dog looks a little Pit-ish.

  54. My dudes are at a Dodgers game with a nephew and close friend. Hubbie was looking around for a hat & I tried to get him to wear my Uppity Woman hat (which is what I wear there), but he wouldn’t!

  55. Any wild rabbit experts here? What do you recommend feeding them? Normally, I would leave them to forage for themselves; however, it is so dry here now that the grass is brown and dead. I have some very thin rabbits coming to my bird feeder for seeds but I suspect there is something better I could be feeding them.

  56. Beata, assuming they like the same stuff tame rabbits like, I would imagine any vegetables would be appreciated. Carrots? And they take lettuce from our gardents, so how about some of that.

  57. My kid throws stuff like lettuce and carrot tops in the areas where the rabbits appear. They like it.

  58. Gasp! Laker Dood refused to wear an Uppity hat? Should there be Punishments?

  59. OWS right on cue. Need to create diversion from what is obviously the largest TAX EVER imposed upon the American people. Just saying!

  60. imust that looks like a pittie mix to me. Cute, but as you know, I’m allergic to them since they tried to kill me and my dog. They’re the reason for my Sabre pepper spray. lol.

    I always wondered if kittens or puppies do well when they nurse from another species, though. But then, Michelle says Barack was raised by wolves, so…

  61. Hi Ms. Uppity,

    This is Lexi from Heyoka. I’m able to post again. But I couldn’t even post here again after the first time I posted. I stopped by to say thank you and let you know that I wasn’t ignoring you. I just couldn’t post. THANK YOU so muchfor letting me butt in! :c)

  62. You’re welcome lexi!

    Sounds like it could be something in your machine. How about clearing your internet cache.

  63. It is Uppity. There’s a compatibility view in IE. I played around with it and whatever I did fixed it and I have again been emancipated to posting. I’m very pleased about that too :c)

  64. lexi, might I suggest you give up using IW and go to firefox? IE has so many problems.

    WordPress recommends firefox too.

  65. lexi just so you know, and anyone here will tell you this, firefox ia very easy to use right out of the chute, so don’t be afraid of the change.

  66. Lots of ppl recommend FF and I’ve tried it a couple times on this machine. I had some issues with it both times. I don’t remember problems on other machines, but I wasn’t using vista then either. I don’t remember now what those isses were, but I am considering giving it another try. Or maybe another browser more secure that IE.

  67. ACK Vista. Splains a lot. lol.

  68. I would definitely give it another try because it’s fully compatible with wordpress and so many other things. And they’ve improved it a lot now too. You might have tried FF 4. It was a diseaster.

  69. A nice carrot and lettuce “salad” for the rabbits sounds good! Thanks.

  70. Barack was raised by wolves from another planet UW. No need to malign the wolf species. lol

  71. Anyone want to tell my why this cretin has any rights?

    Lead defense attorney Lt. Col. Kris Poppe said the judge had asked defense attorneys to clean up a court restroom after Gross found a medical waste bag, adult diaper and what appeared to be feces on the floor after a hearing earlier this month.

    Only in ObamaWorld, right? Barn animals have more manners.

  72. Oh OK, maybe that was the one I tried. TY!

  73. Hasan should have been executed by now, the shitbag.

  74. Beata, I am assuming you don’t have a veggie garden, so rabbits won’t make your head explode. lol.

  75. A mouse gets rescued.

  76. Not lakerdude, socalhubbie!

  77. And yes, there will be punishments! Heh, heh.

  78. Mr Socal! Gasp!!!!!!

  79. Awwwwww poor liddle mousey! What nice people!

  80. I think it was a great lesson for the little one in the background. Poor little fella.

  81. Upps, after all has been said and done…the machine will be replaced. Not software. Bad news, the other one went on the blink with bad memory cards.

  82. That big black cloud is following me again.

  83. Busch Gardens has a tug of war game that people can play with the tigers. I suspect that the tiger wins all of the time.

  84. Yes McNorman, that man taught his child kindness and respect for the helpless.

    Not surprised about your machine. It’s been circling the drain for awhile now.

  85. I hope Busch gardens has a LOT of liability insurance, that’s all I can say.

  86. It’s not a black cloud when a computer finally gives up its life, McNorman. They don’t last forever and sooner or later, it’s not cost effective to keep putting bandaids on them. Especially if they are DELL. For starters, DELL always seems like a wonderful customer service company. They replace anything. Unfortunately they replace everything with rebuilt defective parts. I got a new LCD screen that lasted four months. Just in time to be out of warranty. So beware DELL bearing gifts. It is far better to buy a reliable machine that is less likely to break down. DELL doesn’t make those anymore.

  87. Woah that’s awful. They are superior to the HPs that I used to buy. I do use these things like work horses.

  88. It’s all okay, the warranty runs out at the end of the year.

  89. I’ve had this SONY now since, what, 2009? Worse customer service people ever. Just the worst. I mean the worst. The good news is, I don’t need them because nothing goes wrong with the laptop. With DELL, and I have had several, the damned laptops break down at least twice a year with a major repair. I had to buy 3 year warranties with them that’s how unreliable they are. They repair things right at your home, yes they do. But I got to know the repair guy pretty well and he told me the truth about the crap they were making him put in my laptop. When you have a laptop that has it’s motherboard, hard drive AND screen die, and the fan isn’t good enough to keep it from burning you, you are buying shit. There is no excuse.

    So I recommend that you buy a more reliable brand especially since you are using it for business and it is critical that it be reliable.

  90. I had some Sonys a few years back. They died within two year after multiple issues on each one. You’re right, their support sucks.

  91. I’m not ready to change anything right now. A lot of software that I have to use is not compatible with the latest or greatest.

  92. I don’t even mind changing out machines, but it makes me crazy to reinstall and transfer everything.

  93. But it could cost you more in the long run to keep repairing an inreliable machine than it would cost you to get a new one. Sooner or later there will be no choice and it looks like soon is coming. Technology moves fast. Not sure what software you use, but imagine it’s vendor software for your business, right? If the company is still in business, they probably have upgrades.

  94. Nite to all. I have to water the front yard now. I was hoping for a few drops of water because I saw lightning in the distance. Hah, the jokes on me. If we don’t get rain soon, my skin will start to resemble a sharpai or raisin.

  95. McN, desktops should be able to take work horse use. Using them a lot should not make them unreliable, really. I beat the crap out of mine and it’s a miracle if they last four years. But by then, things are faster and more impressive again.

  96. Upgrades are coming after next year. That’s when the big transition occurs in medical field. That’s when a splinter must be categorized as when, where and how it happened. The minutia is incredible. Yes, I have been holding out for that.

  97. Desktops are great if you don’t have to carry them from room to room. LOL I still have an old one that has been upgraded several times at home. It’s only function is design and photographs. It’s an animal. I do believe it has been worked on twice since I purchased it years ago.

  98. It’s an old Compaq. Really old, reliable and sturdy. When it dies, there are no replacement parts. I’ll take the hard drive and use it in a docking station to access my files.

  99. And I do have backup parts for the laptops. I just never seem to have enough time to do everything that I need or want to do. Can’t complain though, I’m working and that’s a good thing.

  100. Upps, the kittehs outside are having a horrific time with this weather. They are eating less. I froze chicken livers and placed them outside (98 right now) so that they stay hydrated. The skinniest little fella, Ozzie perked up right away. It’s like they are all on steriods. They are bouncing and playing in the yard. I do this twice a week in the heat and it seems to have given them whatever they needed to get their bodies functional in the heat.

  101. Any suggestions on anything else that might help out in this ugly heat? I can’t stand to see them suffer, but you already knew that. 😀

  102. LOL on carrying desktops. Hahahahah.

    Thing is, laptops are obviously more delicate.

  103. McN, IMO cats DO eat less when it’s hot like this. Even the indoor cats do. I see the same thing. Just give them some backup dry and lots of water. Nothing more you can do. Long as they have someplace to get out of the sun when it’s too hot, they endure. I’m sure those chicken livers would be a huge hit. Good idea. Cats are obligatory carnivores anyways so what the heck, long as they eat. I put ice cubs in water too They like that even if they don’t last long in the heat. You will notice that the outdoor strays do preserve their energy in extreme heat. Lie around and things. They will get more active at night when it’s cooler. Might be easier for them to eat then too.

  104. Funny little critters. They were all waiting for me to hurry up and leave. The water evaporates so fast. They are back on the lawn hanging out. Ice water sound like a plan. The guys across the street have dry ice from their shipments atleast once a week. I usually dump it on the hot concrete and they get a reprieve for about two hours. They love that. I found several of the kittehs in the sun room/porch today. I crack the front door and the cool air circulates through there as well. I will do ice cubes tomorrow. I think that they should love that.

  105. BTW, did you hear about the little turds that bullied the bus monitor? They got 1 year suspensions. Mommy and Daddy are gonna love having them at home.

  106. Well, they won’t be at home exactly, but mummy and daddy will have to drive them to their alternative education facility daily as they have been banned on the buses.

  107. lyn5, my heart goes out to you and your fur child. I gave subq fluids off and on (daily to every third day) for about 2 yrs with one of mine. May your lou be well and comfortable for all the time you have together.

  108. Please do NOT use dry ice. It can cause horrible burns if even lightlly touched. It is not like regular ice. it is pure CARBON DIOXIDE. VERY DANGEROUS. It does not melt, it emits a vapor. This is so it ‘melts dry’.

  109. I once accidentally touched a piece of dry ice with my finger and the pain was horrible. It will rip your skin right off.

  110. Hahaha I bet I just freaked out McN.

  111. Beata- i take it you do not have a garden lol. Anyway- you can feed your bunnies hay- not sure where you are or how expensive hay is in your area- but the pet stores carry the mini bales just for rabbits and guinea pigs.They will also eat, as Uppity and Socal mentioned- lettuce, carrots, and just about any other veggie. I know they also eat berries- I see them nibbling at the bottoms of the wild bushes here.
    Wild rabbits, under normal conditions, get a lot of their water intake from the green plants they eat, but where you are so dry, I would set out a small dish of water.

  112. good morning (UPPITY’S)))))))-I apologize for mY out burst-I cried all day———–I’m glad you beleive me-

    Lyn brought back very bad memories-it was a very difficult time for me————Davey’s father put me in a bad mood when he told me he saw the big chooch eating her food————-He;s a neighbor;s cat and he used to visit Pita——-he’s very well taken care of–

    should I try and trap this little girl-or just leave her alone——I don’t know what to do-I’m not even sure she’s alright-wil BB——I have to throw the ball for davey-will catch up on comments later

  113. PS: gotta take my meds (LOL)–this crying jag is pathetic———-

  114. Poor little mouse–yet another use for olive oil…

    As for computer brands–I’ve found their reliability to be cyclical. For a few years. Dell had a great run, then they were shit. IBMs were really nice for several years, but started just before they became Lenovo. Same with HPs: good, bad, good, bad. Whenever you’re in the market, you have to research: What’s good now?

    I’ve always thought Sony’s were more expensive than the others but if they’re reliable, it’s worth it.

  115. Bill looks like he’s a real LOVER in the picture above ———-that is him is it not———

  116. caught up on comments-poor little mouse-he was cute as hell-it;s so great to see we still having loving kind people in this world-I can’t imagine how he got himself in such a predicament

    As far as DELL they are the Pitts-I have two of them and both have problems all the time

  117. OH GOD, the birds–(they are pretty) is/are eating the dry cat food I have out for fearless-I just cannot win with this Kitteh———they aren’t touching the wet food I have out there———-UNBELIEVABLE-they ate it all———-

  118. Beata, rabbits. They also will eat the bark from young trees. I lost two beech trees that way, I’d been tending them for 5 yrs; they’re slow growers and were just beginning to get interesting.

    We usually don’t have rabbits because there’s not enough underbrush; deer ate that long ago. So I was not on my guard last year. “My” rabbit found the first tree on its own. The second tree was surrounded by ferns. Not thinking, I did the usual spring thing – pulled out the ferns. Then rabbit saw that tree.

    When they accomplish eating completely around the trunk, even if it is just a thin strip taken, the tree dies.

  119. these birds are real PRETTY-you would think flies, mosqiutos would b good enough-God knows we have enough of them with this heat-NOOOO, they want fearlesses cat food———-

  120. OH WELL for all you bied lovers——-Karen I know you are-they love CAT FOOD-I have the small morsals———–they come grab one and move away and eat it———-It’s quite amazing

  121. UW, don’t freak out, they never go near the ice. I’m always watching nearby. The sunroom/porch has worked out very well. The area is screened with 80 block sun screen. I’ll bet the ice water will do wonders today.

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