The Owl and The Pussycat. No…..Wait…


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  1. Is he a bird dog?

  2. Are you sure it’s love? It looks like the owl is trying to figure out how to eat it!

    O lovely Puppy! O Puppy my love,
    What a beautiful Puppy you are,
    You are, you are!
    What a beautiful Puppy you are!

    Now where’s my runcible spoon?

  3. This dog looks like one of those Spinone Italianos, doesn’t it?

    Runcible spoon. lolol

  4. Is it kinda like this?

  5. I wish I had that dog’s patience. lol

  6. It’s such a beautiful day here. My garden is flourishing. My scarecrow is busy directing bird traffic. Not a cloud in the sky. We’re gonna take the dog to our special private park spot, let her run, eat some chicken and potato salad and just chill out.

  7. Enjoy. 🙂

  8. Dog sees picnic basket:

    OhboyOhBoyOhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhBoy!!!! Picnic! Food! Picnic! Food! Picnic!!!!! Run! Food! Play! Food!

  9. Attention please! Daughter just called me and she thinks she has homes for the remaining kittehs! Will know mid week! Pray for a good outcome!

  10. Awesome. I’m really happy that youtube exists today. If anyone would have told me that this happened in their yard forty years ago, I would have said that they needed to stop drinking.

  11. PMM, that is wonderful news! You see, all that hard work paid off. Next question, will you be taking DNA interviewing the families? Just kidding, I’m sure your daughter has some really swell people for them.

  12. Okay we’re outta here. Play nice. Have fun. Don’t upset Bill or make him work. Get some air. McN and Mom will be in and out. I really do not want to come back to a mess on this blog. We are here for all of you to know that we want the tone set so that when you come here, you want to stay. Over and out.

  13. Have a fun day, all. I work this weekend but have off a few days soon for a fun annual blues festival event that I am looking forward to. Company coming, must have lots of food on hand. Of course.

    The owl is exotic not native. I looked it up, her name is Louise and she is a Eurasian Eagle Owl. A big girl. What huge feet she has. And the dog is a bird dog. Clearly, that is true…

  14. Good luck with the homes for the kits, mom. You are going to have so much free time on your hands soon. You will wonder why you can have a whole cup of coffee without jumping up 10 times.

    And of course, you will feel that empty nest pang that all mom’s feel and miss the little devils.

  15. ROFL Karen! I already have to lock them all in the other room before I eat- made the mistake yesterday of trying to have a bowl of CHeerios with my cofee. Cheerios all over, coffee all over, had to take another shower……..

  16. Look up your doctor here and find out which company pays him to write scripts to you:

    I found this site because a local doctor is clearly on the take big time.

    When your doctor pushes the same pill to everyone there is a payback.

  17. LOL! PMM, gray cats are the kittehs of mass destruction.

  18. Cool info karen. Really neat owl. Yes, those are monster feet. I can only imagine how awful prey feels when they are swooped up for dinner.

  19. Congrats, PMM. Are you looking for drivers? 😉

    As for trying to enjoy a meal–I got up to get a napkin and when I came back, there was a little gray face in my plate!

  20. Maybe the owl is looking to redecorate and thinks that shag rug would be perfect for that old oak tree down the street.

  21. And yes, the OWEers returned to DC as well. Just in time for the storm ( excuse me the Derecho). Have not seen how their little camp faired because the local news stations were busy following Tiger Woods about the Congressional golf course when mother nature interrupted their fun and they had to go back to work.

    Although it sort of put a pamper on birthday plans, did get a heck of light and wind show.

    Lucky here in condo land, we got power back within hours and just minor damage. Went to check on houses for friends and colleagues out of town. Fortunately, I was able to report most just had a lot of debris but nothing major. Getting about was half the fun.

  22. Geez Mt Laurel, lots of detours, huh? We get those winds with dirt and rocks, but no trees falling. We don’t have trees which is a good thing when you get those wind conditions. Atleast, you have power.

  23. We lose power rather frequently but usually for much shorter periods than much of the area. Lots of detours and I encountered trees, debris and non functioning traffic signals; but no downed power lines which was a good thing. Easier than with the earthquake/hurricane combo from last year.

    Phone service is out in much of the area as well – including old fashioned Verizon landlines. I can call/receive local cell numbers but not anything in DC or VA.

    This is the best short explanation of the type of storm I have seen.

    I love this:

    started on the west side of Chicago and gained speed, following a jet stream east

    A message for BO?

    Rocks versus Trees being tossed by wind. An interesting choice.

  24. Wonderful! Everyone is either playing nice or is outside enjoying the summer! Uppity will be pleased! BBL

  25. Hi everybody.

    made the mistake yesterday of trying to have a bowl of CHeerios with my cofee. Cheerios all over, coffee all over,

    Do what I do. Eat standing up.

  26. My first cat was a riot. And I don’t care what you say, all orange cats are clowns…

    I was baking a cake and had the flour in the bowl when the phone rang. So I’m on the phone and I turn around, too late, seeing him poke his face into the bowl and inhale.

    There what that SUCKING sound, you know, the sound of flour going up his nose? Followed by that split second of complete Stillness as it registered?


    he sneezed. Into the bowl. Flour all over his face, flour everywhere. It was hilarious.

  27. Anyway, I’m back. Dog is passed out. And I’m pretty close myself.

  28. So then if I want one of Mom’s kittehs, I kin haz a relay?

  29. For you Uppity a relay? ABSOLUTELY! I get dibs on the last leg lol

  30. Did NES hear you say that UW?

  31. I get dibs on the last leg lol

    LOL!! You’re the first leg! Besides, NES will be so J.

    Oh, and UW: Standing does no good. Miss Tiger Lily shimmies up my legs.

  32. LOL on last leg. I knew that was coming. I’ll just send Mr. Uppity. Heh.

    Was a time whe NES would have come all the way east to have a leg of this.

  33. Sophie, long as you aren’t wearing shorts you can eat standing with a kitten hanging off your leg. lol

  34. LOL. My boys love jumping on the table and sliding off with the tablecloth. Lil Guy burrows under the tablecloth; he knocked my juice over once. House rule: Nothing sits unattended on the table (except the cats).

  35. Stole this from HelenK over at crawdad:
    5 Great Gifts to Send Obama in Lieu of Cash Contributions

  36. UW: those tiny claws are like little pins–they go through my pants and skin. Ouch! The little one sure can climb.

  37. Sophie! ROFLMAO! Yup- they are a bunch of cling-ons. Just like having a toddler hanging on your leg- only lighter.

  38. Cats not allowed on table when it’s set for dinner. If they fail to behave they end up on the outside looking in thru french doors. They do not like this. Dog, thank Dog, behaves herself and generally acts as a footstool until she is offered something, which is rare. I don’t feed her much human food, save for chicken and salmon. And an occasional carrot or sweet potato. But I always have something for her, so she’s part of the dining experience, but only at the end of the meal. But it gets subtracted from her meals to keep her svelte. Anyways, the cats know Teh Rulez. Standing rib roast notwithstanding.

    Edit. They HAVE, however, been known to hop on the lap of a guest if they sense the person is an easy touch.

  39. Just like having a toddler hanging on your leg- only lighter.

    Lighter, with claws. And thereby “hangs” the distinction.

  40. Just had a nice supper of what my gramma used to call “Farmer’s Breakfast”. That’s when you take what meat you have that would suit, eg ham, pork sausage, usually, some onions, green onion tips in my case, potoato cubed, and small cubed zucchini if you have it. After you’ve browned the potato and sauteed the rest, you make a kind of well, with all those things moved to the perimeter of the cast iron pan, leaving the center area open. Then you crack eggs in the middle. Parsley, salt, cracked pepper of course. Flip the eggs over easy and there you have it.

  41. In fact, we are learning the “No” word this week! The other two do not jump on the table, although both did when they were her age. It just took a firm No each time. Now I can whisper No for just about anything I don’t want them doing. (Just about…)

    On the fun side, you had to see her in the paper bag this morning! In and out…It was really funny. Everything in the world is a toy when they’re kitten’s (puppies, toddlers).

  42. Cats LOVE paper bags! And boxes!

    And yup, you CAN train them about table manners.

  43. LOL You can teach the No word- I worked on not scratching the peoples, not biting the peoples and coming when called. lol

  44. NES and socalannie are probably out enjoying legal fois gras for the last time in CA. (And Lorac might be out celebrating.)

  45. fois gras is quite cruel. And quite tasty.

    It’s a nice boon for the black market though.

  46. I like to smoke my fois gras. I often “intercept” fois gras hits. I’ve started a tradition in my fois gras gang to do “fois gras hits” from the ceiling of my minivan. I may run for president.

  47. ROFL imust. and I was thinking you liked fois gras pie.

  48. No, I have a nice slice of mincemeat pie when I get the munchies from smoking my fois gras.

  49. Turn down the sound.

  50. I did not think this would be appropriate as a guest post here, but I thought my latest foibles would give you a good chuckle…please come by and enjoy at your leisure!!! Hope you are all well.

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  51. McNorman — shorty and kodi are priceless. Thanks for the laugh.

  52. I think they are great too Ani. I like #7. 😀

  53. #7?? I’d better go back and look -0- I hopoe you left me a comment there to tell me what you like about it…:)

  54. Ouch. Really, McN??

  55. Just kidding. Great list.

  56. I look at it as my version of a weekend kitty thread. Nothing is as fabulous as one kitty giving another a bath, however. with all the wackiness and troubles going on out there, we need all the laughs we can get. Didn’t you like the picture of me looking like I’m about to fly out of the boat? It looks like we were filming “The River Wild” but it was not quite that bad…

  57. And if you watch the gif of the kitty giving his pal a bath long enough, you start to wonder when that piece of his fur will get licked clean off…or maybe it’s just me.

  58. That’s more stuff than I have revealed about myself in 4 1/2 years of blogging.

  59. Well, I am an actor who has also done solo shows that I’ve written. So revealing something about myself goes with the territory. We are also in a somewhat different situation as you choose to remain anonymous.

    But here’s the thing about Scorpios — no matter how much you know, it is only the tip of the iceberg…so to speak.

  60. I could have fallen on my head in a tub and still remain anonymous, right?

  61. Okay. So #12. You’re a Scorpio! And Uppity Woman will never reveal much. She even had a lawyer (NES) try her best to pry info to no avail!

  62. lol imust. wish I had a thousand for every person somebody thought I was.

    Did I not admit to being a Taurus.

  63. So are you saying you DID fall on your head in a tub Uppity?

  64. Papoose was working hard on trying to figure out your identity as I recall! I wonder what happened to Papoose?

  65. Left you a comment over at the Napoleon post.

  66. LOL! Poor Oprah. Ah, what am I sayin’? She’s not poor!

  67. She may not be poor but she’s an obama throwaway and she knows it. Dear Oprah. K THX BAI.

  68. Plus…….her viewer audience tanked and now she’s on her own obscure network akin to Current. Or is it Currant? I forget.

  69. She pops in every six months or so. I think she was a regular at Texasdarlin though.

  70. LOL Currant…like a raisin! It fits better! Yes, her network tanked. I never really “got” the whole Oprah craze anyway. She was a lousy interviewer. She seemed ill at ease when she interviewed people and only seemed happy when she was talking about herself….no wonder she liked Obama.

  71. I Do Believe that He’s Teh One.

  72. Where’d ani go? I was just gonna tell her about the time I….

  73. I’m here. I’m here — just doing laundry! Oh sh*t, I just revealed something else!!!

  74. Nope. Never fell on my head, imust. Far as I know I wasn’t dropped either but they could’ve been lying. I mean who admits your dropped your kid, right?

  75. Catch me up. What did I miss about Oprah? New developments? Or is her network tanking deeper?

  76. Yes, I do laundry. Unless I can get someone else to do it.

  77. Well, no one dropped me. It was my own fault. Somebody up there likes me that is all I can say, because I was entirely unharmed that day.

  78. Ok, writing this down. UW does laundry. Making my own list… 🙂

  79. Had at least two occasions when I SHOULD have been dead. But alas, I am here to annoy another day.

  80. Oprah really did cost herself dearly for her treatment of Hillary, and by extension all women in 2008. I wonder if she had it to do all over again…?

  81. Uppity does laundry…of course! And she cooks, we know that!

  82. Don’t even think it, Upps!! Glad you’re still here to tell about it.

  83. Just had a nice supper

    When is it better to use “dinner” vs. “supper”? What’s the difference. We learned in school it was interchangeable? Is it really? Southern folks like to use “supper” more often than “dinner. The reverse is true for the northern folks. Yes or no?

  84. {{{{{{{{{{{{imust}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  85. imustconfess…for a brief moment…I thought Uppity might be that blogger who wrote Julie/Julia….because of the cooking thing!

  86. And I reveal the Scorpio stuff in DWOCS…

  87. I LOVE to cook. It’s so creative.

  88. Uppity must tell of her near-death experiences! Was one with the dog that attacked you?

  89. I love the bit when she is sitting on the floor with the stuffed chicken grit and guts everywhere…we’ve all had days like that.

  90. Good one imust. Heh.

  91. What’s your best dish?

  92. Yeah Crier, I say both supper and dinner. Whatever one I feel like saying.

  93. dinner/supper isn’t it a regional thing? People in Texas call lunch “dinner” and dinner “supper”…at least the ones that I know.

  94. I have a fair number of best dishes. I can pretty much cook anything.

  95. Hey UW Ang made us a blueberry mango crumble with vanilla ice creme tonight. Very creative.

  96. Is there anything that is the most fun for you to make?

  97. That sounds divine…where’s mine, deadenders?

  98. It’s the most fun for me to make something I haven’t made before

    Dang DE. If I we combined you and Angie’s baking with my cooking, we could open up a knockout restaurant.

  99. for Hillary supporters only…

  100. Is there anything that is the most fun for you to make?

    Says Anita as she frantically scribbles down notes on her list.

  101. Hey imust, if you ain’t givin’ me the recipe…

  102. It was two dogs, imust. To Effing disgusting pitbulls. But nope. That was a walk in the park by comparison.

  103. Correction: Two “Sweet” pitbulls.

  104. Right, sorry 2 dogs. So if it wasn’t the dog attacks………[this is where you fill in the blank].

  105. @Anita, what recipe?

  106. Sorry no cigar. Sharing gives me a rash.

  107. Would you believe it if I told you………nevermind.

  108. Anita…write this down…..”suffers from rashes”….

  109. Seriously, if I told you who I was I still wouldn’t share personal stuff. It’s just the way I am. Always been like that. It’s just not in my nature. It’s kind of funny because people share personal stuff with me at the drop of a hat.

  110. Yeah. Everybody is different in that way Uppity. I’m not a big sharer but my husband is the opposite….opposites DO attract I guess.

  111. I hear you, imust.

  112. Pitbulls? Dear Lord. This is so odd, we were just walking today and I saw a man with two pitbulls and get the eeriest feeling looking at them. Who knew.

  113. But you are a writer Uppity. And writers DO share personal stuff, even if they write it as fiction. And you share your opinions all the time! 🙂 But hey, you can do that….it’s your blog 😉

  114. Blueberry mango crumble w/ vanilla ice cream. Ummmmm. With a cup of coffee. Or a glass of Moscato.

  115. Is that blueberry mango crumble….a PIE?

  116. That’s right! And if you read enough of me and ‘listen’ you can learn A LOT about me.

  117. imust — ANY recipe…. I need specifics to write on my super secret notepad.

  118. Well not to worry Ani, they weren’t the pitties who attacked me. They went to pittie hell where they belonged. I only regret that I didn’t get a chance to do it myself. It was the first time in my life I regretted not having a license to carry. And thank GOD for my brilliant dog.

  119. Pie? Where’s the recipe?

  120. of course it is a pie, imust. DE came back just to torture us with his pies. I still can remember the pictures of pies he posted here.

    DE, you are cruel.

    I had some watermelon. No added sugar, no fat, no crumble, no crust.

  121. That is true, Uppity — besides what I shared is not particularly personal. It’s just that when people meet me, they would never expect some of the stuff I shared on that list.

  122. DE makes scrumptious pies.

  123. Not only that but he does THIS well…on so many levels..

  124. and, and, and not a single drop of French Vanilla ice cream on top.

    Damn Uppityites make it hard to eat healthy.

  125. Got as far as making jicama salad with yellow, green, and red bell peppers, green onion, with orange tiny slices, dressed in lime juice and sprinkled cayenne pepper.

    It’s time for pie now though. Is there sucha thing as DE/Angie take-out?

  126. DE makes scrumptious pies.

    Don’t you mean makes scrumptious LOOKING pies?? Or is there something ELSE you haven’t told us???? Do tell……..;)

  127. Karen after what you did for that little kitty, you can have anything in my fridge.

  128. We had some mangos that are called honey mangoes. Should be called lemon mangos because the word sour doesn’t come close. No recipe just winging it Angi came up with a winner.

  129. By the way, that dog must have appreciated the nice scratching/massage from the owl claws going through his/her tresses.

  130. I’m not a mango fan. But blueberries, that’s a big Yes.

  131. Oh oh. Imust’s pie radar is in high gear.

  132. Eh I rather watch him throw anything on that wheel.

  133. Let’s face it, if all ice cream had to be eliminated, leaving only one flavor, French Vanilla would have to be it.

  134. Uppity — did your dog protect you? Must have. I can’t even imagine how terrifying that was.

  135. Crier, my PIEdar is always in high gear! I wonder where Fredster is with his French Vanilla Ice Creamdar?? Uppity only gets excited about Carmel Apple Walnut pie.

  136. Yes she did Ani. Magnificently. She circled me and would not let the two freaky beasts at me, while they were trying to attack her from both ends. THey worked together like two savage beasts, however, they weren’t fast enough to hurt her and they did bite at her but got mouthsful of choking fur. Then she maneuvered both of those two morons away from me for the fight. Then my neighbor came running out with a baseball bat and cracked it in half over the loose one’s head. My dog came away with clumps of missing fur. And blood on her mouth if you get my drift. It was a magnificent example of brains and agility over dumb brawn. I do think if it weren’t for my neighbor I might have lost her in the end to those two freaks. I have despised those dogs ever since and long to kill one. And you know how much I love animals. I do not regard them as pets,I regard them as beasts just waiting for the right trigger. God knows my poor friend knows this. A pittie that she and her family knew for years came over to their yard one day and ripped her son’s face off. 11 surgeries later and he is still deformed beyond belief. This was a dog he knew who just had that switch go off in his freaky head. i do not trust these dogs and will never trust them. Most of them are badly bred backyard dogs without regards to temperament and the science of genetics, which real breeders pay particular attention to. And I will never forget the owner of the dogs that attacked me and my dog swearing how “sweet” they were.

  137. Horrible story about your friend’s son Uppity. A lot of people say that it’s not the dogs but the way the owners train them…but I don’t know…..

  138. YUM, French Vanilla. I haven’t made that this summer. Thanks for the reminder. I think I’ll make some for the 4th.

  139. Pie-dar, huh? Does it register inately, or do you have sort of magntic or electronic gauge?

  140. There I go festering over those two freaks again. I will never get over it. I see a pittie or mix coming and I unsnap my saber pepper spray immediately. I threw a tenant out for getting a puppy and not telling me it was a pit. The dog goes or you go. Period.

  141. crier as Uppity says, “If I told you…I’d have to kill you.” 😉

  142. Dogs learn A LOT from their owners and how they are trained.

    That is why Uppity Dog came to th rescue of the Uppity Woman.

  143. With dogs, imust, proper breeding is Primary. It will take decades to breed those dogs properly and breed out their animal aggressiveness. My dog could be a dangerous dog too if bred badly. Yes treatment counts of course. You can make a good dog bad. But these two dogs were well cared for, they just decided to do what their instincts told them. Which is why I will never have an animal aggressive breed. I like my cats alive. One thing is for sure, my dog was willing to die for me. I won’t give these dogs a second chance at it.

  144. With dogs and cats, temperament is very much genetic. That’s why GOOD breeders choose their dogs’ mates wisely. And that is why GOOD breeders breed out undesirable characteristics.

  145. When a breed gets too popular, that’s when trouble starts. Because every yahoo and scumbag breeds them in the back yard, without knowing what they are doing. It happened to dobermans years ago. Bad breeding of a dominant dog makes for death for somebody else. You get what you pay for.

  146. Makes sense Uppity.

  147. Oh, Uppity, thank God the two of you made it out okay. And how horrible for their son. Words are useless here.

  148. Anybody remember when 101 dalmations made that breed too popular and the countryside was riddled with ill tempered dalmations? It took years to correct.

  149. So you mean these dogs are still alive?

  150. No they were put down where they belonged.

  151. I see there are now a lot of Border Collies in rescues and humane societies. It’s starting to happen with them. People get these dogs and don’t reallize what they require. They need a job. They can be very destructive if they do not have a job. They are BRILLIANT dogs and require leadership or THEY will become the leader. So they get dumped. They are being badly bred becuase of their popularity besides. Ask Utah about ACD’s same deal there. SHe takes the bad ones and tries to save them. SOmetimes she wins, sometimes she loses. If you are going to gett a strong dominant dog, you had better get your ass in gear and be that dog’s leader or you are in for a world of pain.

  152. Crier I spent a fortune training my dog. I knew at 9 weeks that she was already smarter than me. Rather, i spent a fortune having a trainer train ME on how to train and handle my dog. If you aren’t willing to go the mile do NOT get a bright and strong dog. And for Chrissakes don’t buy one from a back yard breeder. Anyways, I already knew she would defend me, I just never knew how well. I didn’t want to find out either. I will tell you this. She is not animal aggressive but she HATES pitties.

  153. That is amazing, Upps. Too many I’m sure get a dog for the reaons you state — popularity — and have no idea what is required in their training or care — or leadership and work, as you mentioned.

  154. It happened with Rotties years back too. Badly bred and killing people. These are bright and strong dogs. And they are magnificent in protection. You don’t just get one and pray. You do what you have to do to be its leader. I love rotties. You break into their home and they never bark. You don’t even know they are there. Till you lose a face. So you can imagine when they were too popular, what bad breeding did to their reputation.

  155. It’s true Ani. I had to rehome a neurotic Jack Russell for these dingbats who didn’t know the characteristics of the breed. They ruined this dog. Said he was too ‘hyper’. Well duh.. It’s a Jack, you A Hole.

  156. Jack Russell’s got popular because of that show Fraiser I think.

  157. Took me six months to decide on the dog I wanted. If you have cats and babies, that’s a consideration. What kind of person YOU are is a consideration. If you’re a slug and sit around on your ass watching TV, you might want to forget how cute that Border Collie puppy is. It’s kind of thoughtless to get a st. Bernard living in florida too. I mean, where’s your head? And then there are group characteristics. Herding dogs, sporting dogs, terriers. They all have different purposes and qualities. People spend less time picking out a dog than they spend buying a pair of shoes.

  158. You are right, UW. Animals have inate characteristics. It is a shame to see demand fuel the increase in those dog breeds, just to see many of them end up in shelters, and often be put to sleep, becasue no one can deal with them.

  159. Yes imust, it was Frasier.

    I really wonder about Bo. That dog is a water dog, stuck in the White House kennel. Seriously. Kennedy loves his PWD’s but he sailed all the time with them. Bo gets to go on AF1. I am sure he has a handler though. I have a hard time believing he sleeps in anybody’s bedroom with them like our dogs do.

  160. Well Teddy Obama spent a looootttt of time picking out his dog Bo!

  161. Remember the show “Wishbone,” with that cute Jack Russell?

  162. Ha! My comment must have crossed yours in the intertubes. Doesn’t make much sense now!

  163. Oh bullshit. Tedward’s breeder had a litter coming and then had to wean and raise his dog and then train it too. that’s why the dog was older when he got him. That BS he handed out was so obvious.

  164. I know zippety doo dah about dogs. I like them but have no idea how to train or handle one. Long time cat person here.

  165. Wishbone? No. But wasn’t there a Jack Russell in the movie “The Artist”? I didn’t see it but for the clips.

  166. Bo is for show. no?

  167. Well yeah Uppity. And Barry didn’t really want the dog. You know Axelrove and ValJar told him he had to have a dog for the PR.

  168. I’m a cat person too, Ani. I hadn’t had a dog in a long time. I waited till I had a lifestyle that would be fair to the dog.

  169. Well Anita, I’m sure Obama could give you a few tips on dog training! In fact, if this Prezzing gig doesn’t work out for him….he could go into the dog training business!

  170. Sure you remember. A kid’s show. 1990’s.

    An intelligent and witty dog imagines himself in the role of characters from classic books and gets involved in similar real-life adventures.

    Here’s a pic.

  171. I’ve never seen that show crier, but thanks for the heads up on it! Looks cute!

  172. To me, if you have to bend down to pet it, it ain’t a dog, though. lol.

  173. Oh for sure. The Obamas NEVER had a dog. But Presidents have Dogs.

  174. You could tell the Bush’s had dogs and cats all their lives. They doted on them. The Obamas whip out Bo whenever they need him.

  175. Bo is a pretty dog though. And I’m sure one of the Secret Service people or staff are the real owners and treat him well.

  176. Yes! Great post. You had them pegged right away. Bo is not really a part of their lives at all.

  177. Well….looks like I’m the last guest here… I’ll say good night Uppity before I start smelling like fish. (you know what they say about fish and guests!) Or maybe fois gras!

  178. No, I’m still here — still waiting for you to give me your secret recipe, imust. …imust…? imust…..?

  179. Don’t steal anything on the way out.

  180. Nice… nighty night!

  181. Bo and BO. Two funny.

  182. oops.

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