Here’s the picture. You provide the thousand words it’s worth.

(I removed this cartoon because it may have a copyright


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  1. Must need more coffee but is the cake and kid supposed to represent country’s birthday of July 4th or wot?

  2. There are some advantages to living over here in bitter clinger country- lots of farms, fresh food, good air quality, housing that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg-
    I have been sick of seeing the competing ads for about a month now. Just about ready to throw the tv out in the middle of the road

  3. Caption: robbing our children in so many ways

  4. Generational Theft

  5. twandx- lol- bawack actually sent out a begging notice- asking people to “register” at his site for people to give donations to his cmpaign in lieu of wedding, birthday, bar/bas mitzvah, anniversary gifts. So instead of sending your invited guests and friends links to a wedding registry- you send them one to the bawack registry.

    Shameless bastages!

    On another note- I just picked up Ms Smokey Bones- and lo and behold, she has actually put on a few pounds and is starting to feel like a normal cat.
    Jack is solid as a tank. If I don’t watch him he scarfs up kitten chow like it is candy. And it isn’t as if he doesn’t get fed lol.

  6. UW. Would love to hear your take on this.
    Replicated Meat

  7. Mmmmmm, yummy!

  8. PMM re Ms Smokey Bones. That’s joyful news.

  9. That cartoon is over the top racist.

  10. DE, here’s what I think. Nice of the ‘media’ to get around to it.
    “I’ll have the grilled in-vitro wasted muscle tissue with the baked po. May I see the wine list?

  11. Yay Smokey!!!! That’s our girl!
    What do you think Mom will think of this sidebar pic of her little spawn?

  12. Or do we like it better in yellow?

  13. Over-the-top wonderful sidebar. I vote yellow.

    BTW, I kept a piece of pie. 🙂 And I’ve noticed the incredible fragrance of the strawberries – to die for. With my sitzuashun – afraid to eat; but am hopeful the day I may dare is soon….

  14. Freeze it, pam. An incentive.

  15. Can’t we just use old free lunch tickets from school?

  16. good morning (uppity’s)))))

    I vote the Yellow

  17. Yellow 2
    White 0

    Make sure you vote everybody. Lily is tapping her foot. she wants her Perfect Self up on the sidebar.

  18. Definitely the yellow

  19. It’s open now. Can you copy and paste the recipe there pls so it will be around forever?

  20. Yellow 3
    White 0

  21. That cartoon is over the top racist


  22. Mom, I can’t understand why Obama even bothers advertising in “bitter knitter, gun-clinging” country. Apparently they think these people have no memory.

  23. Tell coal miners you are closing them down and then advertise for votes. That’s rich.

  24. It’s open now. Can you copy and paste the recipe there pls so it will be around forever?

    Done! Can you fix the ingredients? For some reason, they aren’t separated by line and have become one ridiculous sentence

    Thanks, and I hope you make it and enjoy it


  25. He would do anything for a buck. Probably figures Obamacare is going to put us all in the poorhouse, so he wants what we have while we have it.

    I donated $20.12 to Romney. Felt good.

  26. Gun stocks soared after the ObamaTax was upheld.

    Gross profit for the fourth quarter was $46.9 million, or 36.1% of net sales, compared with gross profit of $31.2 million, or 30.7% of net sales, for the comparable quarter last year. Gross profit was positively impacted in the quarter by significant one-time benefits relating to reductions in inventory and legal reserves. In addition, the higher production volume allowed for increased overhead absorption. Higher sales volume, cost savings efforts, reduced promotion costs, and a favorable product mix also contributed to the improvement.

  27. Yellow stands out, and will make me click.

  28. McN gun sales have gone through the roof in the past few years, especially sales to women. The statistics are astounding. Women have realized they are On The Own. The law favors criminals now. All the stories of judges refusing restraining orders, women and children dying as a result, the treatment they received in 2008, all of these things have contributed to their feeling not protected in the USA. SO they are taking On My Own very seriously. I think I did some posts on this.

  29. Women have decided that it’s either you or me. I myself decided this long ago. If somebody is coming up my stairs, he’s going down backwards.

  30. yellow 4
    white 0

  31. Anthony don’t hold it against me, but I never liked chocolate pie. Must have had a bad one in my childhood or something. It’s too bad because this looks like it’s got it all, but just a little too rich for an Apple Pie Girl. Cream pies just don’t entice me all that much. Lemon meringue, blueberry, pumpkin, caramel, walnut Apple entice me.

  32. Okay it needs to be resized. I will try it myself so I don’t bother FF.

  33. THats a particularly fetching pic of Tiger Lily.

    I’ve told a lot of people about the “Paws Across America” effort, and they were enchanted by the story.

  34. Feels so good, doesn’t it?

  35. Paws Across America. I love it.

  36. I forgive you for the pie hating.

    I might just share my grandmother’s recipe for blackberry mille feuille if I can survive doing my errands

  37. Can I vote even tho I’m not a regular here, if so, yellow over the lavender?

  38. Who says you’re not a regular.

  39. Funny, i can’t see lavender, looks white to me. Or grey.

    Edit, as I look more carefully I see it, it’s very subtle.

  40. Oh now that pie has my interest! I have blackberries growing right on my land.

    Cough…cough…French Vanilla ice cream…

  41. Yellow 5
    White (Which is really lavender) 0

  42. Wait till Sophie sees the sidebar. She’s gonna love it. FF thought the head shot was awesome.

  43. You haz blackberries??? I’m coming over.

    If you really hate cream pies, I’ve substituted either creme de cacao, Godiva chocolate liqueur, and on one desperate drunken evening, even Jack Daniels. All work just fine

  44. Yes I have bushes that are decades old. Great berries but you have to get them at the right moment or the birds take them. I have a huge mulberry tree too. It grew by itself believe it or not. I also have tons of grapes.

  45. Grape vines were for privacy and the grapes aren’t bad either! They fill in and cover an entire chain link fence. Great economical way for privacy with a forever fence. The traffic around here is huge when those grapes come out. The kids bring bags. lol. My lebanese friend comes and steals the leaves.

  46. And a bartlett pear tree too. No apple trees though. Apples in NY are simply everywhere.

  47. Gotta run. BBL.

  48. Until recently, I had a “fair weather home” in Lake Carmel. Had an open gazebo that I grew grapevines at the base of each post, and they spread across the top. Great shade, and fresh grapes hanging over the table. It was awesome…

  49. Hello Upps & Uppityites! Missed bantering with you, although I have been lurking.

    Is lorac’ers back? She was sick, but hope she’s back in fighting form.

  50. Upps, the yellow for sure.

  51. AWWWW! Tiger Lily has her own sidebar! XOXOXOXOXOXO FF!
    Blackberries? I haz millionz. Black raspberries too!
    The black raspberries are just starting to ripen- the blackberries are usually the beginning of August- but it may be earlier this year with the heat.

  52. Uppity, the text that appears white to you is a strong lavender on my computer and your yellow appears as traffic yellow (street striping yellow) sorta orange-y yellow on my computer.

  53. I read on one of the prior threads that SophieCT has a new girlfriend called Tiger Lilly, who likes shimmying up her legs. Lorac will be soooo J.

  54. Caption: Hoping he’ll be gone by Christmas!

  55. Yay! Hi NES! Welcome back!!! 🙂

  56. NES! Wherefore hast thou been?

  57. I just love that pic of Tiger Lily! She looks like she has white eyeliner on lol. All the striped ones have it and their mom.
    Kittehs are nine weeks old today! I survived, they survived and Smokey seems to be on her way to full health. Though I just figured out she has a phobia about food dishes not being full. If the hopper in the free choice one gets low she meows and whines and cries something fierce. Same if I don’t keep a handful of chow in Jack’s dish. Sad. As long as they are full she is ok- she is not eating non stop anymore- but she wants to know it is there if she needs it.

  58. PMM: If the hopper in the free choice one gets low she meows and whines and cries something fierce.
    You helped her keep her spirit!!

  59. Yes, it does look lavender on my computer also, but if UW: says it’s WHITE- ——-well, what can you do——It’s a pretty lavender , but the yellow brings out the kitteh’s coloring better

  60. Over-the-top wonderful sidebar. I vote yellow. 🙂

  61. I also have tons of grapes.
    You could start your own winery!! 🙂

  62. Love Tiger Lily’s sidebar.

    I am told I make a hell of a coconut cream pie and a chocolate cream to die for. I do not care for either (so I am not the best judge) but they are always requested for holiday dinners. I prefer my meringue with lemon.

    My rescue Mom cat still has a phobia about the dish being empty. I have to store the dry food in the over (she cannot open the door) or she will chew through the bag/container. I am now down to one small dish with kibble left out 24/7. After having all the kitties and fosters put on too many pounds I now leave out a really good/wholesome food, for between meal munching, that they do not really care for and therefore only eat when they are hungry.

    Kitten kibble is addictive. They like it best with a side of catnip.

  63. I vote yellow!

    Great sidebar, Upps! I have already forwarded this story to a bunch of friends. Fabulous!

  64. Caption:
    Obamagrinch: ” I’m just taking these back to the store to fix the bows Cindy Lou.”

  65. Caption:
    Like taking candy from a baby.

  66. Caption:
    This is called the New New Deal. You have the birthdays, I get the stuff. Got it? Deal!

  67. imust is on a roll! Love all the captions!

  68. Can’t stop imust when she gets going!

    Well the lavender one was a great red flag for me to calibrate my screen colors. which I have done. And now I see the lavender.

  69. Anybody seen WLM and Why Not? They’ve been AWOL for a bit.

  70. Fun bit of racing news from yesterday.
    Erica Enders made history Sunday at the O’Reilly Auto Parts Route 66 NHRA Nationals presented by Super Start Batteries by becoming the first female to win an NHRA Pro Stock race.
    Enders drove her GK Motorsports Chevy Cobalt to a final-round-winning performance of 6.627 seconds at 207.40 mph to hold off four-time world champion Greg Anderson, who trailed in the race in his Summit Racing Chevy Camaro with a 6.641 at 208.36.

  71. Speaking of colors…
    The NAACP wants Texas to outlook their state lottery because it’s …wait for it…. raaaacist!

  72. Wow!!! Love the Tiger Lily sidebar!! Thank you all again for everything in bringing this baby home. She is an absolute joy to have in the house. She actually comes running to the door when I come home from work!

  73. Caption: Intercept!

  74. OSSIE: who wouldn’t LUV YOU-(even if you are strange dood—–Gotta LUV U BABY) 🙂

  75. ff: it is A great side bar-uh< uh< how's Bill handling all this———-

  76. BILL is looking VERY SAD !!

  77. I think Bill is plotting.

  78. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww UTL greets you! Don’t you LOVE that?

  79. $1.79????? LOL…I wouldn’t pay two shits much less two cents to have lunch with these two asshsoles.

  80. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww UTL greets you! Don’t you LOVE that?

    Yes, I do!

  81. I love it that Tiger Lily is looking at Hillary with great affection!

  82. Ani, of course she is! Her “birth mother” and her “adoptive mother” look at Hillary with great affection. Also, everyone on the kitty relay wore their Hillary swag! She’s totally a PUMA!

    Elsewhere, funny:

  83. Sophie — so happy you are able to give her a loving home!

  84. Upps — if you are on email — I need twitter help — getting some weird followers since the hacking thing.

  85. $1.79????? LOL…I wouldn’t pay two shits much less two cents to have lunch with these two asshsoles.

    The worst part is if you “won” you would get hit with over $500 in taxes.

  86. First place is lunch with the Obamas.
    Second place is two lunches with the Obamas.

  87. Ani I get wierd follows ALL THE TIME. If it bothers you, all you have to do is block them. It’s twitter. It’s the WAY IT IS. The more followers you get the wierder it gets. Hell, I have Barack Obama blocked.

  88. Mmmmmmmmmm. Lunch.

  89. Obama looks like he’s thinking…..

  90. Thanks Uppity. It just worried me because of the hacking thing the other day. I guess it goes with the territory. Thicker skin needed!

  91. Upps you have an email…a special email from jacquie.

    SophieCT: I stole that picture you linked to.

  92. Here’s some more info on the meat/steak thing. Looks like they could grow a liver for transplanting. I’m drinking again in that case. 😉

  93. Ani it has nothing to do with the other thing. I wish I had a thousand for every porn follower I got. Just block them and report them for spam. They go away and come back as ten other people. Eventually they give up and then somebody else takes their place. Stop panicking, it’s meaningless. And it’s NOT personal.

  94. me above: it sooo helps to add the link:

  95. Looks like they could grow a liver for transplanting

    ……Or to eat with some fava beans and a nice chianti.

  96. Or to eat with some fava beans and a nice chianti.

    Well bless Dr. Hannibal’s heart.

  97. Fredster thank you! Lawson just gets better and better, doesn’t she?

  98. Today a hummingbird followed me around my land. It’s not the first time and it’s always magical. Hummingbirds have a thing for me. McNorman knows about this. And yes, I did consult with a knowledgable Native American. I can tell you what it means but then I would have to kill you.

  99. Criminal Court judge rules that the tweets of an arrested OWSer be released to prosecutors.

  100. forgot how this works:

  101. Fredster thank you! Lawson just gets better and better, doesn’t she?

    Yep, she likes doing the 4th stuff for us Yanks. 🙂

    Glad u liked it.

  102. lol Fredster, she might as well profit on the UK’s loss.

  103. good point!

  104. Hiya Mom & Imust — I was lost and now I’m found.

  105. Upps @11:39: Love it. I can’t wait to see what Kathy Griffin does with the big announcement.

  106. Glad you got found NES!!

  107. Anderson Cooper gay??!! I’m shocked!

  108. Yeah I know. It was a real surprise.

  109. Stepping out for a bit. Wanna enjoy the wx for a few minutes since we didn’t even hit the mid or hi 90s today.

  110. Wait till the “winners” of the dinner (s) find out that their free trip and meal include a side of taxes .Or maybe they are not taxes but just look like taxes and are treated like taxes by the IRS. Yes, you win dinner with Ferdinand and Imelda* and you get a nice little parting gift of a 1099.

    *Note the same holds true for any supposed prize package from any candidate.

  111. Yea wait till they all turn 27 and get the health insurance tax.

  112. I’ve been seeing the AC/Hillary tumblr all over FB today. Fabulous.

  113. Uppity Woman, on July 2, 2012 at 10:38 PM said: Edit Comment
    Thanks for the Mennen Skin Bracer!!
    I’m just not right until UW gives me a good slap! 🙂

  114. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  115. Damn — You need to teach me how to make that emoticon, my Diety-ess!!

  116. Admin it! You like to slap me! My punishment for making you relive 2008. 🙂

  117. I could, but then I would have to kill you.

  118. Freudian slip — I meant, “admit it!”

  119. That looks almost as bad as falling head first into an empty tub.

  120. Uppity@1:35: I stole that one too. Never know when these things might come in handy. 😉

    Gawd it was like a sauna outside! The temps might not have hit the 100s but the humidity is sure as hell up. Oofa!

  121. So now you’re going to hold THAT over me?

  122. There will be punishments, Fredster, for stealing gifs I stole.

  123. Of COURSE I am Ani. You don’t give somebody delicious information like that and not expect it to be used!

  124. Well, THAT blows!

  125. It’s beautiful here right now, F. Nice little breeze. About 70. I might take a stroll with the Clydesdale right now in the middle of the night.

  126. Well, THAT blows!

    Yes but does it blow goats? Because if it doesn’t blow goats, it doesn’t blow nearly enough.

  127. Anything else you wanna tell me about you? Don’t hold back!

  128. That’s a new expression on me. Never heard that. Blows beets, yes. Goats, not so much.

  129. On no, Upps. YOUR turn.

  130. Yeah. I’ll tell you something just as soon as Haley’s Comet rolls round again. Heh.

  131. Go ahead Fredster. Steal my gifs, see how well it works out for you.

  132. Just remember who discovered your “gesture”!! My lips are sealed!

  133. I have hundreds of these I have accumulated thru the years.

  134. Yes I do enjoy smacking people. But I only smack the ones I love.

  135. Insert blushing emoticon here.

    (I used to know how to do all that stuff — 2008 feels so long ago…)


  136. Just remember, I treat the people I REALLY don’t like as if they aren’t there.

  137. See you guys tomorrow. Mr. U has a cold and I hear him wheezing so I am going to go pamper him. This should be good for a nice gift.

  138. Just remember, I treat the people I REALLY don’t like as if they aren’t there.

    Good thing to keep in mind. Take good care of Mr. U. g’nite.

  139. Obama: The end justifies the means! These presents will go to good use when we cash them in for our campaign fund!

  140. So that’s how I got my cold.

    Good ribs wishes for Mr. U. Get well soon, Sir.

  141. I deserve two tight smacks.

  142. Maybe Tingles and Olby will fall out of their respective closets too.

  143. imust, I fell out of Anderson Cooper’s closet.

  144. I love this tumbler post.

  145. Yeah, Harry Reid on top — loved that tweet.

  146. Today a hummingbird followed me around my land.

    I sent it.

  147. I like the shooter gif.

  148. NES: what are you doing up so late-I can’t sleep——-

  149. My little girl kitteh is outside eating her foodright now she’s OK———she actually doesn’t look so thin-she is such a sweet baby———–

  150. Me either.

  151. WOW-SHE CAN EAT———–Davey is actually acting J—she isn’t bing mean though—————-

  152. HI DE: I have this little Kitteh——but she’s not mineyet, I keep trying to convince her, so I can take care of her————I just got to get up at 3 am everynite—–LOL

  153. she’s done, she ate every bite———her belly is full———I talked to her tonite———-and hopefully she is listening———-I’ve got some time off coming so getting up in the middle of the nite will be no big deal for the next 5 or 6 days———–hopefully I’ll convince her——-she looks like a female BILL———–burt her eyes are blue——–a real lite blue-does that mean anything, never seen eyes like that———they are almost transluscent

  154. work is gonna suck today———–signing off for now, try to get some sleep

  155. The Prodigal Child has returned, I assume?

  156. YES SHE has,-and she is looking a bit plump I might add—–

  157. Prodigal children have a habit of doing that!

  158. Prodigal children have a habit of doing that!

    God love them. There is no place like home.

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