Rasmussen Roundup of Very Restless and Extremely Annoyed Americans

The troops are definitely not happy. They are not happy with our government’s over-reach, they are not happy with either side of Congress and they are not happy with lack of border control. They are not happy with the SCOTUS and they are not happy with the economy. Other than these minor issues, everything is just fine.

Big Brother is making people very nervous:

Perfect White House and Congressional Mascot.

52% continue to favor repeal of the Health Care Law (UW note: Which really should be called the Insurance Law).

Approval ratings of the SCOTUS slip following the Health Care ruling. (UW note: Like they care)

51% see Federal government as a threat to their rights (UW note: Gee, ya think?)

58% say an overly powerful government is a bigger threat than a weak one

Nearly 2/3 say the government has lost touch with the people it represents (UW note: Truth is, they are very much in touch with the people they represent: Their financial sponsors and lobbyists)

Congress and the two parties ares particularly reviled:

49% say neither party in Congress represents The People (UW note: I am definitely a member of this 49%)

81% say Congress listens more to party leaders than to voters (UW note: Golly, there’s a shock, right?)

Only 7% say Congress is doing a good or excellent job. (UW notes: And all of them simply have to be relatives, friends or employees of Congress critters)

68% say they would vote to replace the entire Congress (UW note: I’m game!)

……..And on Illegal Immigration, more recently referred to as Undocumented Migration:

60% say border control should be a top priority (See above graphic of guy with fingers in ears,humming).

58% say Government encourages illegal immigration. (UW note: Nah that can’t be so. I mean, Democrats don’t want those votes and Republicans don’t want those nannies and gardeners and third shift employees on the cheap)

71% favor work permits for young illegal aliens under certain circumstances.

Finally, the despots in DC and their snotty, arrogant two parties had better take note that their party will not decide November’s election. A full 30.5% of voters are “Unaffiliated”.   They are Unaffiliated for a Reason. I also know that a good number of them are former Democrats pre-2008. Good luck with that, you A Holes.


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  1. Nobody ever asks for my opinion.

    But I don’t let that stop me.

  2. This year I too cannot have enough flags and fireworks.

    SophieCT: Nothing tops a cat running to the front door!

  3. WP is making me insane! Every single time I go anywhere I have to relog in. My browsers used to have all the passwords saved- but I changed them all and now I can not remember them- this sucks- the browsers keep trying to log in with the old passwords and I know not how to change that- Screw this crap

  4. PMM:
    If I understand PFFFT correctly, I say PFFFFFT

  5. a long summer

  6. Good morning ((UPPITY’S)))))

    PMM: not a good start to your day, I suggest you skip RIGHT to comments and don’t read what UW has up there——–It really sucks

  7. PMM, you can try to clear your browser cache to get rid of your old WP password.

  8. Uppity Woman Sanity Alert!

    Uppityites, forgive my appearance as a curmudgeon, but once again I ask that you please NOT email me unless someone is dead. I have so many back emails that I don’t think I will ever catch up on them. So if I don’t answer you it’s because I am overloaded. Please HAVE A HEART and understand taht you are not the ONLY person who is emailing me. Last time this happened I had to pull the plug on the email address and start over again.. Please understand that there are many people on this blog, which can translate for me into an email file cabinet from HELL. Please, I am begging you, if you are sending out group emails of cute little jokes that I am not laughing when I receive them. I groan when I look in my mailbox. Please do not take this personally, as it’s a cumulative affect. By all means please email me if it is IMPORTANT, and please do not expect me to solve world hunger for you as I am not capable of that. Also please think about your emergencies. There’s an old saying that lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency for me. So I hope you understand if I cannot get to your issue right away. If I do not answer you at all, kindly do not assume that I should do so for each and every email you send me. In most cases I probably haven’t even read it yet.

    Aunt Uppity.

  9. ;LOL; on that Email thingy Upps.When I get a bunch I GO AND SENT THEM TO Spam then empty it. ;lol;

  10. Hang in there Upps. 😀

  11. This is because of the baby washing the python isn’t it.

  12. This is because of the baby washing the python isn’t it.

    No. It’s because of the 10 foot snake curled up in the toilet bowl.

  13. I actually thought the video of the guy bitten in the crotch by the anaconda would have cured you. But nope.

  14. No it’s retaliation for the out of the blue family jewel bitter.

  15. I send you nice little kitteth pics and you send me THAT?!?!

  16. “No. It’s because of the 10 foot snake curled up in the toilet bowl.”
    Last summer, my 76 yo sister went back into her house after doing some weed pulling, sat on the toilet and a snake crawled up between her legs. No big deal, the snake was only 3 feet long.

  17. Is in same 49% as Uppity. Omg. Last sentence. Yep. 18 million and counting with no place to go. Yikes.

  18. Last summer, my 76 yo sister went back into her house after doing some weed pulling, sat on the toilet and a snake crawled up between her legs. No big deal, the snake was only 3 feet long.

    OMG I would have a stroke. No big deal? This is high on my list of worst nightmares. I would never trust another toilet. This could get messy.

  19. Oh yeah nice little kitteh pics sprinkled in between shots of snakes. Don’t stop, though. Gives me a chance to respond in like and kind. lol

  20. Out of the blue!
    For those of you who wonder what we are talking about, DE and I decided this guy should shoot the snake and then shoot his insane self in the head. Family Jewel incident:

  21. Hey DE, you’d need a bigger shovel, eh?

  22. My current email started out as a junk email I used for registering for stuff so I could avoid spam. When I began commenting on blogs I used the same one.

    I was a front-pager at TC for a couple months before I found out they were sending me messages to that addy.

    Now it’s my official blogging email. I still get junk from DK, Think Progress and MoveOn.

    (I don’t give out my real email to anyone I don’t know in RL)

  23. Members of the military are generally revered as true heroes–unless she’s a double amputee running against you.


  24. imust–youmustseethis: Pie Pops:

  25. This is my blogger-only email address I am talking about, myiq.I ditched the last one because some bloggers are very loose-lipped about people’s email addresses (myself NOT included). Next thing I knew I was on email lists of bullcrap, horn blowing and post-pimping, along with annoying invitations nd expectations to join this and join that. It really pissed me off. It was high pressure bullcrap as far as I was concerned. so I pulled the plug. Now, if I am on a blog that I don’t have an ongoing relationship with, where they aren’t smart enough not to share my email address, I use the old dead email address as my address. I have never once done these things to anybody. I never swoop down and drop my latest link on somebody’s blog and pretend it’s relevant, and then leave till I want to use them next time for traffic. It’s just so damned rude. I do not shove my blog down anybody’s throat and force them to feel obligated to read perfect me. I don’t send out group emails, which I despise. I don’t even have an address book for my email addresses, not any of them. And I don’t send out ten-year-old jokes and virus warnings that have long been proved to be bullcrap. I also NEVER give someone somebody’s email address without permission. I expect the same from others.

  26. @ SHV
    Sturdy sis if she didn’t have a heart attack. Good grief, that is a nightmare come true.

  27. Seriously, McN. I don’t think I would ever get over it.

  28. When we take a little respite in the Adirondacks, the first thing on my checklist to take is the gun. It’s for snakes. I don’t think, I just kill them. I cannot abide them on this earth with me. I can’t help it. I think for the most part any reptile I can’t hold in the palm of my hand is the Enemy.

  29. When I was in college, my roomie was from the Virgin Islands. I spent a summer there. They had this house on a hill and the bedroom I used was fully screened to the ouside. They had these Rotties and Dobes out there so nobody was going to hike up that hill and visit uninvited for sure. So I wake up the first morning and there’s a freaking Iguana like creature out there. I was like, I’m packing and going home right now. lol. So I get my first view of a Rainforest later that week. I don’t even want to talk about the creatures I saw there. After that, I stuck to social life, cafes and the boat. They also have these disconcerting little green lizards that hang out everywhere, like on screens, staring at you.

  30. Sophie! imusthavepiePOPS! Was there a recipe?

  31. Oh UW, no amount of therapy or pharmaceuticals could ever make that go away.

  32. I don’t care for snakes, iguanas, or slimy critters. I like little box turtles and that’s where I draw the line.

  33. Once saw a massive turtle crossing the NYS Thruway. Held up traffic for miles. Nobody was going to hit that thing.

  34. imust: no recipe where I got the photo but if you google pie pops there are lots of recipes out there.

  35. Call the Good Humor Man.

  36. You know the Good Humor Man was never full of good humor. He was always cranky!

  37. You’d be cranky too if you had all those snot nosed kids hanging off your truck.

  38. You were right Sophie. I found a recipe. They’re as easy as……..

  39. Well if they didn’t like kids…why go into the ice cream man business! Seriously. When I was a kid our ice cream guys were mean!

  40. The storm that road in from Chicago last Friday was just the beginning.

    Due to workers trying to get power to areas around my office, I had to take a slightly different path through the complex this morning. Generally i use the back entrance and then just walk anywhere I need to go through the day (bank, grocery store).

    This morning I had to enter at the end farthest from our building. Then I saw it. Hidden down in a corner far away from the mainstream . A huge window painted with that Pepsi logo that is not a Pepsi logo. Yes, now I know why I have been stopped by random crazies celebrating the one. There is a 2012 campaign office for he who should never have been president within walking distance of my office.

    It is going to be a very looooong summer and fall.

  41. I guess if the only job I could find was driving an ice cream truck for the owner of the franchise, I’d be cranky too.

  42. ROFL – I LOVE the little green lizard things when I visit down south. Lovely lovely little insect eaters! We have plenty of snakes here too- they help contain the field mouse population, and since we put the strawberries way up in an old dismantled gigantic barn fan- they can’t get to them.
    I have no use for rodents of any kind- including but not limited to- rats, mice, squirrels. Also possums and woodchucks. Wish we had snakes big enough to eat the last two!

  43. I’m glad that everyone stopped for the turtle. They can be ancient. When the parking lot next to the church was put in, I found a beautiful old turtle. She found her way over to my house across the street. She didn’t live much longer as one of our weird winter episodes got her a few years later.

  44. MT LAREL: SYMPATHY coming your way

  45. Geez Mt Laurel that is just awful. On the other hand, you can always visit here and get a reprieve from the follies.

  46. Well I don’t particularly like possums and woodchucks, at least I don’t freak when I see one. Besides, that’s what dogs are for.

  47. Gotta run. Gotta take the clydesdale to the vet for checkup and ten zillion overpriced shots.

  48. PMM: loved your comments at crawdad’s -the one MQ wrote about the bots humiliating the romney Family-they are quite a nice Family-and your right they look very happy together

  49. Great post, UW. AS always, you have your finger on the pulse of the the good ‘ole US of A citizens.

    Finally, the despots in DC and their snotty, arrogant two parties had better take note that their party will not decide November’s election. A full 30.5% of voters are “Unaffiliated”. They are Unaffiliated for a Reason. I also know that a good number of them are former Democrats pre-2008. Good luck with that, you A Holes.

    Ya think they are paying attention, or are they wagering they are spoken for aleady?

  50. Let’s not even go there with the snake thing. I cannot abide the damned things. I don’t know how I would have handled one in the bathroom. The only thing close to that I’ve had happen was that one night/early morning I woke up and had to go urinate. So I’m standing there taking care of things and I *thought* I saw something around the edge of the toilet or behind it. So I kinda leaned over and moved my foot. Well, it was a mouse and I guess it seeing my foot move scared it so then *it* took off and ran across my foot and out the partially closed door. Needless to say, there was a major cleanup in aisle 3 after the mouse ran over my foot. 😆 I got the little thing a couple of days later with one of those glue trap thingies and then took it out and got it loose and heading toward the woods.

  51. Frester, how kind fo you to shake it loose from the trap and set it free.

    Kind of cute looking. Until they are in your home.

  52. towncrier: What I did was to take some vegetable oil and rub it with a q-tip around the mousie’s little feet and that got it loose. Of course I did this behind the fence in the wooded area. No way in hell I was going to that in the back yard and then see it run right back toward the house. LOL!

    Kind of cute looking. Until they are in your home

    Amen to that!

  53. Well I’m so thrilled:

    Current Windows users will be able to upgrade to Windows 8 for just $39.99


    I’ve got Vista and wish I could go back to XP!

  54. Don’t feel bad Fredster we are at the end of the line with our 3 macs. 2 OS updates behind and since Apple went to Intel they stopped supporting macs running on PowerPc chips. It wouldn’t be so bad if Adobe Flash hadn’t stopped support for G4 macs at version 9. Yep we can buy the new OS for $25 but it won’t run on our machines. But we can buy the 4 year old os that will for $125.
    It’s been a good run though, our Desktop and Angi’s 17″ powerbook are 2003 models and my 15″ powerbook is a 2005.

  55. DE: My laptop is an HP and I’m just holding my breath on it hanging on. I got it in 2006. I replaced the CD/DVD drive the other night, it had gone to the hardware graveyard but I’m waiting for something major to go where the cost won’t be worth it to fix it.

  56. This handsome fellow would probably like it here:

  57. Socks! MKBill would be so J.

  58. Great video of The First Cat.

  59. OK, it’s the night before a holiday–shouldn’t someone be serving beverages at this point?

  60. What would you like Sophie?

  61. How about this?

  62. I knew Vista was a pig in the poke just like windows Milennium. Don’t remember it? There’s a good reason for that.

    Socks looks very presidential.

  63. Eh, it turns out that Roberts WROTE the dissenting opinion on Obamacare and Huffpo has an update that he’s now left the country= I thought he left the country when he changed sides….left us all in rags, that is..

    Anyone else think Rasmussen has the “disgruntled index” set way too low?

  64. Oh my–what lovely drinks!! Don’t mind if I do.

  65. …or highly disgruntled

  66. I apologize in advance for the blur…cheap camera…yada, yada, but still very cute:

  67. Heh….teetotaler here wishes he could join the Bachanalian revelry.

  68. hal, you can be the DD!

  69. Last words of a redneck:

    “Hold my beer and watch this.”

  70. Oh Tiger Lily looks so happy! And so cute! And so Uppity!!!!! You done good TL! You got yerself a genuine loving Mommy. May you be a spoiled brat for many years to come.

    Cosmic Catnip Banana. ROFL it would be food. Karen, you are just such a lovable person.

  71. How cute! “Eye of the Tiger”! Perfect!

  72. Oswald@10;10: Hurrah for the doxie! I’m sure he/she’s saying “Well you always wanted me to do this fetch shit damnit!”.

  73. The funniest thing about being in Al is you get to see soooo many of these things irl. 😆

  74. And they say Mormons are weird http://bit.ly/NtuLDi

  75. @ Oswald,
    Scientology is far off the grid in comparison.

  76. Oh Gawd, I just saw a commercial for this on the teevee


  77. And apparently they are going to have a tournament in Tuscaloosa.


  78. 😯

    When did that become a sport?

  79. Swooping In. Yesm there was lavender in thr type. Yellow is not JUST right, but I am swamped and under the gun with work – and about to have CAT-a-ract surgery on both eyes. Will try a better font soon. When I can SEE BETTER.

    In the meantime – and I think it was Pamelaofthepoconos. THANK YOU. What a humbling surprise.



  80. Hey there double F.
    Hope you feel better soon.

  81. Hey FF!!!

  82. We think it looks just fine, FF. So there. You’ll have eagle eyes after the surgery though.

    WTG Pamela.

  83. Hugs FF. Hope you feel better soon. Eyes are very important and we want you to heal in tip top form.

  84. From last thread:

    NoEmptySuits, on July 3, 2012 at 3:41 AM said:

    I deserve two tight smacks

    Is this opportunity still available??? hehehe

  85. Lorac, from you I’ll accept two light SNACKS.

  86. Very cute, SophieCT!
    Say, was that Lorac at the far end of the carpet?

  87. Happy Birthday, Sweet Land of Liberty.

    A festive FOURTH to UW & all Uppityites. XO

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