Cockroach of the Week Award: One of “America’s Finest,” 2012 Version.

So many cockroaches, so little time…

In keeping with America’s habit of giving a gun, a badge and power to shitbags, this week’s Cockroach Award goes to a poor excuse for a Cop, who seems to be more and more the rule rather than the exception.

Who the hell screens these dirtbags for police forces? Does nobody have mental profiles performed on these scheeves before handing them a Glock? Or do they just go slowly insane over time?

Pervert with a gun and a badge.

Meet Police Captain Juan De Los Rios.Yes that’s right, he made Captain. His job is  To Protect and To Serve. That is, in between getting his rocks off “inspecting” the vaginal areas of young captive girls.  Please God, tell me this cockroach doesn’t have any daughters — or sons he spawned to grow up just like Daddy.

I just know that after you read how well the Captain serves, you will feel much safer knowing there are guys like him out there wielding power.

A South Florida police officer inspected more than driver’s licenses when he approached a teen couple sitting in the back of their car.

Juan De Los Rios, Miramar police captain and a 28-year police veteran, was arrested Friday on two counts of lewd and lascivious conduct after he allegedly required a 15-year-old girl to take her pants off so that he could use a flashlight to inspect whether she had sex with the 19-year-old also in the car.

Does this freak not want to make you spew or what?

The underage victim told police that an officer, whom she later identified as De Los Rios, approached the vehicle and asked what they were doing there.

“Well, are you having sex?” the officer asked as he leaned against the car window. The victim and witness both said “No, no, no, Officer, no,” but De Los Rios told them he needed to check.

Here’s the reported exchange as noted on the arrest report:

“Check what?” the victim said.

“I need to see inside.”

“Inside what?”

The officer indicated between her legs and said “I need you to pull your pants down. I need you to take it all the way off,” referencing her underwear. “I need you to open it,” the officer said before using his flashlight to examine the victim’s genitals. “No anal sex? No sex in general?,” the officer continued.

Fry, you disgusting perverted bastard. Just put a gun in your mouth right now and make the world a better  and safer place for women, would you?  Thanks!


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  1. Aw…Uppity…you want him to take the easy way? How compassionate of you. As for myself? A police officer in prison…for pedophilia? I downright smile at the thought.

  2. Why did it take six months for them to decide to arrest him?

  3. Because he’s a cop, RHIP?

  4. Jay how funny. I just though of you yesterday and wondered how you were.

  5. Good morning ((UPPITY’S))))))

    Happy Belated birthday PMM:

    HOPE you all had a wonderful day-the heat was bad, but all was good in Kitteh land over here-there are three of them——no one-either her Ittn’s or her siblings——god they are Beautiful-

    FF: the Header is gorgeous—-where is BILL??

  6. god my typng sucks-that is NOT ONE< BUT THREE——–either her KITTENS or her Siblings——-

  7. Oh oh Michelina! Theyz multiplying?

  8. I know the one I’m in love with is older, she’s a toughie-the other two I see seem to be littler-I hope I get her before she becomes pregnant, one on them is a male—you don’t think she’s have sex with her child or her sibling-would she——

  9. Michelina- no clue- you will have to wait for one of the cat/feral experts to weigh in. If I had to GUESS I would say they are her kittens- and that is why she has been so shy- not willing to expose the kits.

  10. Michelina, I’d love to see the little rugrats. Can you get a pic?

  11. I will certainly try–I only see them at night and I should have enough light to try and catch a picture——-Davey’s JERKY father got me upset about the orange striped cat eating her food——–One of her Babies are andorange tabby and the other one is all white——-I got upset over NOTHING——-it had to be her baby eating the food not the BIG CHOOCH like I thought——–plus her makes three-

    the babies will run away when Davey is barking—— NOT—my little girl (fearless) she stays and finishes eating—-

    it’s funny Davey will sit and watch her eat, she doesn’t do the freak out thing, like she does with the other two——anyway YES UW: I will do my best to get Pictures for you———

  12. For every bad cop there are lots of good ones, thankfully. Our local sheriff/head cop, here in Mayberry, well, small town America, is very helpful and quite the gentleman. He was brave and so kind during a fire in a rental I lived in years ago involving several families. He helped again with a horrible car accident a friend was involved in right in front of my house. My car was parked and got hit very hard but that wasn’t important because people were unconscious and life flighted. Both times he was a total gem . When I run into him he remembers and always asks how things are going for me. I see him around town always talking to families, always pleasant, always brave when a bank is robbed or a convienience store etc. He earns his pay and then some. The other deputies mostly take care of traffic tickets, etc. He is such a mensh. Everybody has good things to say about him and calls him by his sweet nickname.

    The a-hole in Florida should be put in jail for sexual violation of a minor.

  13. The white kitteh in the header is looking down at the sand. I bet Bill is using the beach as a litter box and she is thinking they landed in litter box heaven. No mess is too big to cover and the tide washes it all away.

  14. lorac, tsk, tsk. You are making poor Uppity work 7 days a week lately. Give her her Wednesday off next week!

    I sent the TL you tube to a bunch of people. They love it!

  15. Karen I need to catch up—-what You tube ??

  16. I’m docking her pay, Karen.

  17. A redneck PSA:

  18. What? You PAY lorac for her posts!?! hmmm….

  19. Bill says the “Little White Number” is his latest squeeze.

  20. MIchellina the you tube was posted of Tiger Lily by SophieCT on the Rassmussan Round Up post.

  21. No. She pays me. Docking means she has to pay me more.

    I don’t think lorac is feeling her best. Poor baby.

  22. Michelina, cats are not like humans. They mate with whatever they can during the height of proliferation season. I suggest you contact a rescue asap before your neighborhood is inundated with kittens. Hoping she doesn’t get pregnant works as well as the rhythm method. Once kittens are weaned the mother no longer acts as a mother. Maybe close friends, but not mother and child. In other words, regardless of who they are to her, one or both of those males are going to hump her. Count on it.

  23. DAMN IT UW: I never did this and I don’t know if there is a rescue group around here–I’m pretty sure we don’t——We have the spca-I will look on the net

  24. Okay let me tell you the truth. If you have a whole female and males hanging out with her you are not doing right by her by hoping she doesn’t get pregnant. She WILL get pregnant if she isn’t already, which is highly possilbe. If you have a humane society or any rescue group you need to get these cats off the street.

  25. You live in a city where there are plenty of rescues. Just do a google and you will find them.

    Type in CAT RESCUE (your city). There are tons of them.

    They will set out humane traps and transport the cats where they know what to do. If you are not a seasoned cat rescue person, or have never dealt with this before, you are over your head. That female needs to be spayed immediately.

  26. Obama starts his “official campaign tour”….what about the 3/12 years he’s already been campaigning?? Also, check out his new slogan “Betting on America”….WTHeck???

  27. Unspayed female cat means kittehs- lotsa lotsa kittehs. It has NOT been fun around here with Ms Smokey coming in and out of heat- which seems to be non damn stop! The yowling and pacing every ten days is enough to drive me right out of my mind. But she IS NOT getting out of this house until I put her in the carrier to go get spayed!

  28. “But the law I passed is here to stay,” he said in the sweltering heat of the midday sun. “It is going to make the vast majority of Americans more secure.”

    Notice the Narcissist-in-Chief’s words: The law *I* passed….

  29. Mom these sound at least semi-feral. They aren’t even showing up during the day. This is a job for people who know how to rescue. There probably more of them besides. They are only show up for food, no other reason. They will bring more friends. Rescue groups know how to handle these things. Giving them food and water once a day is not going to cut it because they are going to keep reproducing and then become prey. This situation can’t turn out well. They aren’t going to walk into her house and say I Want To Be Your Pet.

  30. I agree Uppity. The farms around here get overrun with unwanted cats. Most of the farmers I know spay and neuter their own- AND the dump offs that land in their driveways and still more show up. That is part of the reason I really don’t mind I have to be on the waiting list for Smokey. The rescue does the spay and neuter clinics and this is a very busy time of year as they try to get to all the abandoned cats. At least Smokey is indoors where she is not going to get preggers again.

  31. OK GUYS–I’ve been telling you for weeks I don’t know what to do———-i am calling somone right now -hopefully we’ll get through this without too much heartache———–I konw about a year ago there were kittens—–I went next door to the lady-WHO COMPLETELY IGNORED ME to tell her and her dog ( HER DOG< NOT DAVEY) KILLED

  32. You know- the more I think about this cockroach – the more disgusted I get. How many little girls has this pig molested? Because I will bet my life this is not the first. Has he daughters? Nieces? Children in his neighborhood?
    When an authority figure with a GUN tells you not to tell because he will kill you or your family- chances are you believe his sorry lying ass.
    Makes me sick. My nephew works Cyber Crime in Pittsburgh- specifically on tracking down the assholes who use the net to lure young kids and the ones that trade kiddy porn. Then there comes along an asshole like this and unfortunately- the stink rubs off on all cops. Just like the perv priests ruined it for all priests. There are many many good cops (and priests, ministers, youth counselors, docs etc)- but now we have to always be wary and wonder if This Time This One is a bad one.

  33. Okay let’s focus on the cats you have right now. Call the rescue unless you want to take in three cats and get them fixed. As in right now before they spawn.

  34. Sorry hit send by accident-her dog killed one of them-I haven’t seen hide nor hair of any of them except in the last 5-6 weeks-when I was going to get BUBBA———–she showed up out of nowhere——-I am calling them-they are called /tree House-and sorry UW: they are big on DOG rescue around here-not Cats

  35. Smokey will be fine because I KNOW you won’t let her sneak out. She might drive you nuts in heat though. lol.

  36. Michelina I am trying to tell you that I googled “Cat rescue” and your city and found plenty of cat rescues. The only reason I am not posting links is i don’t want to reveal your city. Now you need to google what I said to google


    and add your City after rescue.

  37. I wish to christ I had that many cat rescue places around me.

  38. OK: I just spoke to them and I was told, OHHH-we have very few resouses in that area————–I know my home town-cats aren’t that important to them-except the SPCA-I will try them NEXT———and I have a couple other options————-I jmay be on my own with all of this-the SPCA will NOT pick them up–I have to bring them there, but I will try

  39. Yowser Uppity! There really are a LOT of speuter organizations in Michelinas area! Surely there is one that will help her!

  40. Call the next one. Seriously Michelina, I wish you would stop blaming us for these cats. I am giving you the best advice you can get but YOU have to be proactive. Short of coming to your house and picking them up for you, what exactly do you want us to do? You had a meltdown the other day because we aren’t paying attention to your cats every minute and it is driving people away because it’s like the japanese water torture. Be proactive and keep calling the DOZENS of pages of rescues in your area till somebody helps you………or let these cats go. That is the best advice I can give you. You clearly do not know what to do and we clearly cannot do it for you, so you have no recourse except find a rescue that will work with you or let these cats go find their way somewhere else. There are human traps one of them can loan you.

  41. HAMBurg/eden is overwhelmed-strike TWO-I’m moving on to keep checking

  42. I am going to piddle in my garden before my day gets tied up on this blog.

  43. Ok do you SEE that nobody is here? Do you have to report every call you make? Get off the internet, make the calls. All of them if you have to. But please do not tie up with blog with this issue to the detriment of every other subject. I am begging you.

  44. The traffic on this blog is dropping.

  45. no poblem UW: i DIDN’T KNOW IT WAS A PROBLEM———-i AM OFF THE AIR-


  47. All right. Here we go.

    Listen, I have gotten emails complaining about this and I have tried to fix this patiently. Unless I change the name of this blog to Michelina’s Complaint Blog, there is no longer anything else for us to talk about. If you are going to further the dropping of the comments by having another melt down, I am going to have to pull your plug. Your choice.

  48. You are now on moderation. You’ve destroyed comments on this blog.

  49. oh-AND NOTHING I EVER OVER MY HEAD !!——–Like I said -I’n alone in this-and since there os SO MUCH DAMNED TRAFFIC AT THE MOMENT I CAN UNDERSTAND YOU BEING PISSED–not too much traffic to yell at me though———-

  50. and that is NOTHING is OVER MY HEAD-last POST

  51. OH-your POOR TRAFFIC———–not the kittens though——screw this

  52. Do you see your last comment? So does everybody else. How the hell ungrateful can somebody be?

    I’m outta here. My day isnt going to be wasted one more minute.

  53. Continue. I want everyone to see.

  54. Yes my poor traffic. I didn’t bust my ass to get it for this shit. There are other members of this blog who have things to talk about. It’s not all about you.

  55. YOU GOT THE LAST WORD–YEAH I SaW WHAT i WROTE-talk aout hypocriye–I LOVE MY KITTIES_I LOVE MY KITTIES——-UNGRATEFUL———–you got to be kidding me-for what taking up your time when NO one ELSE ISN’T HERE—-YEAH—-i’M TERRIBLE like that

  56. Michelina no one else is here because you drove them away with this babbling. You have obviously made your choice. I will honor it. We don’t want ANOTHER meldown out of you. The last one was bad enough.

  57. YIKES! Jeebus!
    NEW SUBJECT!!!!!!!!
    PMM is going on a road trip. She is going to surprise her son for his 40th birthday. I told him I was sending cookies and asked if he would be home to receive them when they arrive (I would hate to drive all the way down there and find out he was off camping or gone TDY)
    And don’t let’s go there on how far it is hmmm? I am leaving Monday, planning to arrive in Louisiana Friday. Which leaves me plenty of time. Course in the old days, it would have been a two day trip. Hmph. My back says no can do.
    So I plan on getting to the Mammoth Cave area by Monday evening and staying overnight. See the cave the next day and leave early afternoon. The on towards Memphis. From Memphis I would like to take a route called The Great River Road- which is marked as a scenic route on the Rand McNally- down to Vicksburg- where I shall stay overnight and see the Civil War type things. Then my final destination is only about 4 hours from there.
    Has anyone ever traveled the Great River Road? Is it a well traveled route? Any places I should avoid? And any places, restaurants, shops that are on the do not miss list?

  58. Are you driving alone?

  59. Your trip sounds great PMM! Except for the cave [shutter]! I feel about caves the way UM feels about snakes!! But following the Mississippi River sounds cool!

  60. Yes Ma’am. Son’s friend got a hold of me and asked if I would be the surprise for his party lol. Oh and to beg me to bring my cookies lol. So his friends know I am coming and I can call if I run into any trouble. And I have a sis lives in TN too, though on the eastern edge.

  61. …….and then there are snakes in caves!

  62. imust- Mammoth Cave has been one of those things I have always wanted to see- I have no desire to do one of the all day tours though- caves can be pretty cold. One of the nice short tours designed for families with small kids will be good though I think.

  63. Thank god for moderation or THIS discussion would soon be ruined too. Christ!

  64. Great news PMM! It would be funny if we could get a relay set up for you!

  65. BIG snakes in caves.

  66. Maybe DE wants to come along. I know how he looks forward to snakes.

  67. I thought it would be neat to do a family cruise down the Mississippi, thinking that they naturally had such a thing….well, they don’t! The closest was a tour that you could get on and off along the river. But wouldn’t it be a great idea to have a cruise ship (paddle boat style of course) that you could take down the river?

  68. ROFL I am not afraid of snakes- though the bats might spook me! It is the world’s largest known cave system (or so the park site claims lol)
    I have read up on the tours offered, they have a range of “difficulty”- I am positive I can do the ones labeled “easy” and there are above ground things to see as well. And I want to see if the bats come out at dusk- which would be pretty cool- as long as I am wearing a hat lol

  69. Hahaha ala huckleberry finn.

  70. Old man Riverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  71. OMG! A Mississippi River Relay!! (BTW I’m just loving typing Mississippi)!

  72. Don’t they have those jumping fish there?

  73. Sure you want to paddle down a river?

  74. Imust- great minds think alike! I tried looking up Mississippi cruises a few years back. What a damn shame! I think it would be a blast to go from say St Louis to Nola on a paddleboat! With good guides to explain what you are seeing, and stops at some of the more historic places along the way.
    Must be some damn govt regulations getting in the way or some on of the cruise lines would have been all over it by now.
    But they let them float casinos on it.

  75. FF: the Header is gorgeous.Be safe and enjoy the trip Mom.:)

  76. Don’t forget Uppity- I live near that creepy place where the ducks walk on the fish. nasty nasty carp. Stephen King worthy beasts!

  77. Oh man! He gets hit in the face around 7:13

  78. Are those jumping carps on the mississippi? Yikes!

  79. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh My Gawwwwwwwwwwd. You live near that????

  80. imust they are Asian Carps. They are not native. They were brought here and held in an area and they broke free. Now they are in a number of rivers. They’re eating up the other fish too.

    I have a post about them somewhere.

  81. I never understood the fascination with caves. You’ve seen one stalagmite you’ve seen em all? Is it the mystery of how they got there?

  82. ROFL Uppity- oh yes- that lake is on the border between PA and OH. It is a HUGE tourist attraction. The lake is popular and has been for years- for day trips- the fishing, swimming, canoeing type- with little spots for picnics. And there are cottage communities too- people come up from Pittsburgh and so forth for vacation time.

  83. I can’t say as I have seen a lot of Caves- visited on when we went out to Idaho to visit the son and family a few yrs back.
    I really would like to see the ones in Europe with the cave paintings. That would be WAY cool.
    So I was researching the trip with my good old Rand McNally (now in large print lol) and there it was along the route. I had heard of it and been by the area, but never had a chance to stop. So it looked like a good place to pull over for the night and rest up. See the sights the next morning.
    I LOVE Rand Mcnally. Screw GPS. The paper maps have never left me out in the damn woods in a snowstorm freezing to death lol.

  84. I remember reading about those fish Mom, and a video. It’s really freaky. Who wants to picnic there? lol.

  85. ROFL the picnic spots are a ways away. That lake is HUGE! They just redid the Causeway area where you park to see the damn things though. It is sort of like going to a real live horror movie. But hey- some of the locals make some extra cash selling fish food to the tourists.

  86. Maybe I should send travel log posts along the way. Have to take the video camera- with which I can actually take pics.
    Where on the road is PMM? HAH!

  87. Yes, PMM! Give us updates for sure!!

  88. That might be fun imust! I could take a pic and upload it and people could try to guess. Or I could write a brief description (which given my notable lack of photography skills might be better for all)

    Hmmm. Another new header? The white kitteh is gone and MKBill is swimming?

  89. Here you go PMM, On the Road Again:

  90. YES! Where on the Road is PMM???? I like it.

    EEEEEEEEEK! Willy Nelson!
    ………running away screaming like my hair is on fire….

  91. hmm….Willie Nelson? And I thought Uppity was only afraid of snakes! Who knew?
    Where on the Road is PMM?
    Postcards From PMM? It all works!

  92. Yikes! I will of course have to dig out my traveling tunes. Joni Mitchell, Creedence, John Denver, The Who….. lol

  93. Oh my! I thought I was the only one with that kind of reaction to poor Willie. But the song title was just soooo perfect!

    Here try this instead:
    On The Road With Charles Kuralt –
    Louisiana Purchase

  94. So which is scarier Willie Nelson ( singer of sorts) or Willard (the movie)?

  95. Um….that’s a hard one. I guess Willard I only see if I watch it. But Willie, he’s everywhere!

  96. Michelina, I just saw that the trash bin is full of your rants. I want you to go to the doctor and get a checkup immediately and I want you to discuss your mood swings with him/her.

    And no, you cannot get back on this board until you do something about your outbursts and strange obsessive postings. Do it for you.

  97. Obama’s pearls of wisdom on marriage…..”do whatever she tells you.”

  98. God, that man is just revolting.

  99. He and his wife are toxic to each other. They are always slamming one another.

  100. Gotta go walk the Clydesdale. Have fun.

  101. Yeah Uppity. Is there a word for a wife bigot? He just perpetuates stereotypes about marriage.

  102. Here’s another gem: “Just let me eat my waffles burger.”

    Obama settled in at a table with former Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland and dug into a burger, fries and a tall iced tea. “All right, I’m going to eat my burger,” he said to the other diners, “and everybody just pretend like I’m not here.”

  103. More sweet talk for the sweeties:

    Inside, the president chatted with Kim Weis, an emergency-room nurse at Magruder Hospital who told him she was a grandmother. Obama responded that she looked too young to be a grandmother.
    “I love nurses,” Obama said. “Can I tell you: You look great. This is a good-looking woman.”

  104. PMM
    If you Google ‘driving the Mississippi River’ or “Great River Road”, because thats how the designated scenic/ historical route is marked, a bunch of blogs and journals and some stuff by National Geographic come up.

    Most of the time there is a faster moving, more heavily traveled parallel highway nearby, if you want relief from the scenic route. There are also a lot of interesting towns on side trips not too far away, including the homes of President Grant, Samuel Clemens, and Popeye the Sailor Man.

    I am pretty sure one of the historic highway associations has published a guide specific to that trip. It is not one highway number (like Route 66) as the marked route goes back and forth across the river, parts on US-61, parts on US-51 but mostly on state highways closer to the river. In some sections, highways on both sides carry the marking, so you must make a choice that commits you until the next crossing (they can be quite far apart).

    Have fun!

  105. Looks like I have to set up an auto flush. This is crazy. BRB.

  106. Hi UW. I just got in after a long days work, and thought I’d check in and see what’s shaking.

    Jesus Christ……

  107. Yeah Ant. You should see the spam folder. I just set it up for flush. Would send them all to the ISP but I honestlly think there’s a real medical issue here.

  108. You mailing Mom a pie?


  110. Did someone mention PIE?

  111. I’m letting one through for all of you so you can see what is happening here in spam.

  112. PMM: there *are* river cruises but they are major bucks.

  113. Wow Fredster! Thanks! But you’re right….muy expensive!

  114. Memphis?? Beale Street and Memphis Dry Rub barbeque.

  115. imust: Oh yeah. I’ve known a couple of people who took them under the old company when they had the 3 riverboats. One couple took a trip from nola north and a friend of mine from college and her hubby took one from Cinci, down the Ohio. Most everything is included in the cost of the cruise, except the shore excursions, much like when you take an ocean cruise.

  116. That’s interesting Fredster. The cruises do look very luxurious. But I swear I looked all over the net last summer and never found those! I should have asked you! 🙂
    Couldn’t have afforded $2k per person though anyway! But they do look not only relaxing but very interesting as well.

  117. You mailing Mom a pie?

    Haven’t heard anything. The offer still stands, PMM. Email me if you want it (you know you do)


  119. I’m better now. Thank you.

  120. What happened Anthony? You sounded like Charlie Brown when Lucy pulled away the football!

  121. Oops, Imust, I apologize. I was trying to “screen” through the comments and I thought it was mom who mentioned the cruises. My apology.

    I know in nola. they’ve got some boats that do harbor/river tours…couple of hours and some that go through the swamps and such. Might be in other larger towns they have some day cruises, but I’m not familiar with them.

    This one is extremely popular in nola because you can take the day/lunch cruise or a night time dinner/jazz cruise. The one in the day time is a great way to pass some time, enjoy the breezes on the river and just sorta kick back.

  122. imust, I just went upstream for a minute and had a breakdown. Happens sometimes.

  123. Wow a five minute breakdown and cure. Bottle it. Is that like Father Guido Sarducci’s five minute university?

  124. Mom’s probably afraid, Anthony. She reads the trash bin. lol

  125. Damn hate to do this but I’m going to have to report these threats including to

  126. Anthony how come you left the blog?

  127. I really would like to see the ones in Europe with the cave paintings. That would be WAY cool.

    PMM, I went to Trois Frere on a project for a course I was taking in forensic archaeology. They were amazing – some corridors so narrow you had to suck in your gut to get through, others so big they could house St. Patricks Cathedral.

  128. Upps, ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

  129. Long story, but overall burnout and situations like the above just made me not enjoy it so much anymore.

    I was thinking about re-opening fresh (soon), but after this……… I dunno.

    More to it than that. If you’re interested, I can email

  130. Well hopefully it will stop right now and I won’t have to. But I will keep them for posterity should this go any further anywhere.

  131. Yeah email me if you want to. You want to write here? Glad to have you.

  132. Is that like Father Guido Sarducci’s five minute university?

    I loved him!!! Don Novello rocks!

    At some point, you just have to embrace the craziness, have a breakdown and then decide that everyone can go fuck themselves. Then you feel much better. Screaming helps, too.

  133. Don’t let an occasional crazy thing stop you Anthony. It happens. It’s the exception, not the rule.

  134. That sounds tempting. Will email later or tomorrow. Kitteh’s are pestering me right now

  135. Smart move upps. Folks don’t realize that some things they try to pull on the net can yield a visit from the local F.B.I. or local enforcement offices.

  136. Just about to head home and beat the latest closures on the Beltway.

    Here is a little Mandy Patinkin and company for early evening:

  137. Ok A. I wouldn’t disobey that huge cat. For sure.

  138. Here ya go Anthony.

  139. Hey everybody. Here’s DE throwing a dog bowl. He’s not wearing his shorts like in the last one but do you not think Ghost?

  140. The flippy situation has been building for a while and there was an episode on the neighbors board the other day from this person that was clearly the start of circling the drain.

    Bad behavior gets nipped in the bud toot sweet around here. Other sites allow obots and crackheads to comment and things get out of hand and precious time is wasted on utter crap and non-sense.

    Can’t please everyone. Rots of ruck, move on, buh bye.

  141. Mom, have a great trip. Too bad you can’t do it when the weather is freezing in PA and still balmy in Louisiana. The heat and humidity is murder down there this time of year, I bet. I went in April and May 2002 for Jazz Fest and we melted all day and night.

    You will be traveling though beautiful country. Stop and smell the roses along the way.

  142. oh damn, I thought you meant he had on no pants for a second. Where is MY mind? There are so few straight wimmenz around here that we are the only ones who might think that!


  143. karen! This is DE you’re talking about!!
    On another topic, Jesse Jackson Jr. is in worse shape than they originally reported:

    Do you think it’s drugs? Jesse….not karen! lol!

  144. Ok here’s the original with the legs.

  145. Yes, I thought of drugs immediately when I saw that story because it said emotional and health issue. The man wasn’t right in the head long ago. The things he said about Hillary and his attempts to get the obama seat from Blago, etc. showed he was way the hell out there.

    Anybody crying for him?


    karma fairy stikes again.

  146. Just another chicago gangster.

  147. imust, it must be the image of Ghost in my head but for a second I was expecting DE in his skivvies. Uppity is the one who runs for ribs when she sees the potter wheel vids.

    *hangs head in shame repeating Bad Girl, Bad Girl*

  148. Unchained Melody will never be the same.

  149. k for C said:

    Too bad you can’t do it when the weather is freezing in PA and still balmy in Louisiana. The heat and humidity is murder down there this time of year, I bet. I went in April and May 2002 for Jazz Fest and we melted all day and night.

    Here’s the secret though: It’s relatively cheap to visit this time of the year for exactly the reasons you stated. You save a ton over April/May (they jack up the hotel rates for Jazz Fest and other events and throw a 3 or 4 day minimum at ya). As long as you stay hydrated you’ll survive going from one bar to another to a restaurant to an a/c tour bus etc. Another good time to visit is Christmas:

  150. Did you guys see the news tidbits about Romney going to Israel. He is old friends with Bibi. I had no idea about his stance on Israel but after reading up on it he’s got a good hold on that region. He hasn’t said much about foreign policy, mostly and rightly he concentrates on his forte, the economy. He might have some sway, when November rolls around, with Jewish voters. They must be a little bit peeved at barky.

    From Bloomberg:

    During the Republican primary season, Romney accused Obama of repeatedly throwing Israel “under the bus,” and said his policy toward the Jewish state would be the opposite of the incumbent’s.

    Romney and Netanyahu first met in the mid-1970s, when both worked as corporate advisers at a consulting firm in Boston, and have continued a friendship during the following decades.

    During a Republican debate in December, Romney referred to Netanyahu by his nickname, Bibi, and said he had known him “for a long time.”

    This is all interesting to think about. The Dems might be losing another part of its base.

    Also, Ann Romney’s horse is going to the olympics in London and Mitt is going over there too according to one of the articles but they weren’t sure if he was going to see the horse or if he had other business in the UK. Perhaps he is old friends with the Queen? lol.

  151. You go at Christmas and you can enjoy one of these great dinners, a Reveillon:

  152. Karen, there aren’t many of us straight women left. We could end up in the Smithsonian.

  153. Karen, the story has been around since May, but the MSM hasn’t made a peep. Might embarrass The Dog Eater if they did.

    I’m still not excited about him, nor do I expect I ever will be. Do we really want to elect someone that we want to hang out with? Look what just happened.

    I think he’s competent in the right areas to meet the challenges we are going through right now. That’s enough for me.

    As far as hanging out, cocktailing with him, etc – I made my voice heard on that on last night’s thread. (short cut – I would go cocktailing with Romney at the drop of a hat)

  154. Fredster she’s only going to LA to meet her hero Bobby Jindal.

  155. You know, Jindal went to Brown and Oxford. He’s only a dummy when he opens his mouth.

  156. Fredster, we went to nola for new year’s eve one year! It was really fun!

  157. More about Bibi, Romney and our girl… yes, Hillary!

    Hillary is cleaning up for her boss again. Damn, why is she so good!

  158. WOW! Lots of good tips! I am not going as far as Nola this time- though Mardi Gras is on the bucket list. I went to Nola one summer to visit friends- and finally understood why some people have air conditioning lol. Spent last summer in Louisiana with the son’s boys and really enjoyed it- the pool helped. A LOT

  159. Anthony, drinks make even odius companions charming.

    The only way to spend time with barky would involve large quantities of wine and food to keep my spirits up and take the edge off.

    One too many drinks and I’d be hauled off by the SS for telling obama where to stick it.

  160. Hillary is cleaning up for her boss again.

    Pisses me right off. This is the most incompetent POS POTUS of our lifetime. And the woman who won the popular vote gets to do his bidding….

    Like she said during her campaign “It took a Clinton to clean up after the first Bush”

    I really wish she was running…

  161. @Karen –
    I don’t even need to get liquored up to stick it to him. I would prefer getting loaded with Romney so I could have a sober driver schlep me home

  162. karen, that bum Obama is sending Hillary ahead of Romney is no coincidence. Obo and Bibi don’t seem to get along, but we know Hillary will do a good job.

  163. Oops, Anthony beat me to it and I like his comment better!

  164. Bibi and Hill are friends. He can send her but I’m sure she and Bibi will have a chuckle. She has always been pro israel and he’s not going to change that no matter how much he whines.

  165. Anthony- can I hold off on the pie til after the road trip? xoxoxoxo I can’t wait to taste your baking!

  166. Do you think she’ll mention that the next POTUS will be visiting shortly? That would be a hoot!

    Hell, if that goes down, I’ll even do a body shot off Manzilla’s thigh

  167. Absolutely, PMM. I can make them with my eyes closed at this point

  168. We’ve got some weather here. I just lost my server for a minute. So if I disappear, carry on.

  169. I pray for safety for Hillary and the people of Israel. The Iranians are up to no damn good and it would be just like them to start a major piece of bullshit while she is over there. They have been doing war games and “testing” missiles for the last few days.
    Or maybe that is WHY she is going now- to let the bastages know where we stand and that she is right there to put a stop to any shenanigans.

  170. I think drinks make odious companions more odious.

  171. Oh sorry I disappeared for a bit- one of the kittehs went to her forever home. Had to give instructions on the feeding schedule etc and observe- though she has met Ms Mona Lisa three times already.
    Paranoid kitteh mom? Who ME? Naahhh
    The others will be leaving tomorrow and Saturday- which really puts me at liberty to go on the road trip. I just could not go if there were still baibeees here lol
    Little Bitz and Bubba are going to the same home by the way. Good solid reliable pet owners. They will all be inside kittehs forever and ever amen.
    Now I am going to go off for the night- I have to sing a Memorial Mass in the morning- and the Ave requires I get up early to do the warm ups to open the throat all the way lol

  172. Wow. Way to go Mom! Record placement time and validated homes besides!!

  173. Ah I see. Jackson Jr doesn’t want that ethics investigation that will expose him for the sleaze he is, so now he’s Seriously ill and will require “lengthy Treatment”. Only nobody knows what any of these illnesses are or where he is. All righty then.

  174. What a disgusting pig. He’s not a spring chicken – I wonder what all he’s been doing and getting away with before this current incident…

  175. “Only nobody knows what any of these illnesses are ….”
    Giovana Huidobro, perhaps????

  176. Now now SHV. Jesse made it VERY clear that this was between him and his family. And that’s that.

  177. Maria Verdugo, a 20-year-old graduate of the University of California, Santa Cruz, barely remembers the presidential election of 2008 — the one that spawned a youth movement that was singular in its scope and political effectiveness — except for “something about Obama saying we needed a change.”

    These days, Ms. Verdugo is so busy working to pay off her student loans that she has not decided whether to register “as a Democrat, a Republican or what,” she said.

    Chad Tevlin, 19, a student trying to pay for college by cleaning portable toilets in South Bend, Ind., cannot recall if he registered to vote at all. “Pointless” is how he describes politics.

    It gets even better.

  178. Fredster she’s only going to LA to meet her hero Bobby Jindal.

    Will she take him back with her? Puhleeze!!!

  179. Obama says the $100 million Romney raised was just a smokescreen and a distraction…..uh…yeah….that’s it….

  180. Now now SHV. Jesse made it VERY clear that this was between him and his family. And that’s that.
    Difficulty peeing after his Bobbitt procedure, perhaps????


  182. I just saw the header – it’s beautiful, FF. But – what’s Bill doing in San Diego?!!

  183. Bill’s not in San Diego….he’s on Gilligan’s Island!

  184. Egggggggzactly.

  185. So SHV then maybe he’s in therapy learning to pee sitting down?

  186. mom: If you are going to be near Memphis on your road trip at least try some dry rub barbeque. Goooooo-oood.

    and you might google Natchez Trace to possibly get some more info on it here:

  187. You know, Jindal went to Brown and Oxford. He’s only a dummy when he opens his mouth.

    Or when he’s trying to exorcise demons.

    In that 1994 article titled “Physical Dimensions of Spiritual Warfare”, Jindal described the events leading up to an apparent exorcism of a friend and how he felt unable to help her at the time. However, Jindal questioned if what he saw was actually an example of “spiritual warfare”.[150]

  188. such a chawmer:

    Inside, the president chatted with Kim Weis, an emergency-room nurse at Magruder Hospital who told him she was a grandmother. Obama responded that she looked too young to be a grandmother.

    “I love nurses,” Obama said. “Can I tell you: You look great. This is a good-looking woman.”

    did he have a ugly woman around to point out the difference?

    I’m going to pound my head on some rocks before all this shit is over in Nov.

  189. Oh Good. Exorcisms. Something new they can do to women. They’re running out of vaginal law ideas.

  190. Just don’t talk about the mesh…

  191. Little Jesse Jackasson Jr. better man up. Lindsay Lohan suffers from “exhaustion” every other week, and bounces right back with no fanfare. A real trooper.

    I think the economy has become so bad that he can’t afford his next 8-ball. Add to that all the Blago money he missed out on……

    This is withdrawal. Plain and simple.

  192. Lindsay Lohan suffers from “exhaustion” every other week, and bounces right back with no fanfare.

    Professional alcoholic. The bounce disappears after some time.

  193. The bounce disappears after some time.

    Girlfriend is still bouncin’, though. Gotta give her that. More than I can say for Ms. Jackson

  194. The police captain is well deserving of the cockroach award. And much, much more.

    He should be happy to go to prison, instead of having the people go at him.

  195. Fredster,

    such a chawmer

    You are too kind. And he wishes.

    Nauseating is more like it.

  196. Fredster,

    You know, Jindal went to Brown and Oxford. He’s only a dummy when he opens his mouth.

    What is it with those intelli folks anyway? Ha ha.

  197. “mom: If you are going to be near Memphis on your road trip at least try some dry rub barbeque. Goooooo-oood.”
    Blues City Cafe: Tamales, full rack of ribs and apple dumpling with ice cream for desert. IMO, better than Rendezvous.

  198. Congrats, PMM, on a surogate momma job well done. It is hard to let go. You should be proud.

  199. Or, Jones BBQ, Marianna, AR…Received this year’s James Beard Award for “American Classics” category.

  200. Oh this is too funny! Obama “drops by” a bar on his bus tour and a man offers to “arm wrestle for his vote” Of course Obama declined! ROFL!!! Obama…arm wrestle….skinny/scrawny Obama…..hahahahaha!

  201. Imusthavpie, he doesn’t touch commoners. He just wants their vote. Hahahahhaha

  202. SHV, did someone say BBQ?

  203. Poor Upps. I hope you had an enjoyable walk with the pup.

  204. imust LOL!

  205. Does anyone else here have a dog breed that is Ivermectin sensitive, carrying the MDR 1 gene, meaning the use of Heartgard for heartworm control is prohibited? If so, now that Novartis has been shut down by the FDA for more than 6 months, people with herding breeds that were using Sentinel no longer have options to prevent heartworms. There is a new drug out called Trifexis, it came on the market last year, has the same heartworm preventative as sentinel but a different flea control medication. I am reading on the net horrific complaints rolling in about Trifexis. Their own facebook page has been inundated with photos and postings of horrified owners of dogs with neurological issues, including seizures. So now I have nothing to give my dog to prevent heartworms, unless one of you has hit on a good substitute. Anybody?

  206. ROFL Obama arm wrestling. Maybe Michelle , but not him. She has better biceps than he does. He’s a major candy ass.

  207. Blues City Cafe: Tamales, full rack of ribs and apple dumpling with ice cream for desert

    Oh God. I want this.

  208. Well really Crier, these are schools to drool for, yet the guy couldn’t put two words together in his SOTU rebuttal. i was cringing, he was so awful.

  209. Oh yeah he arm wrestles.

  210. Oh yeah, he arm wrestles.

  211. Oh yeah. He arm wrestles.

  212. Oh God. I want this.

    SHV mentioned that and my stomach started growling. Now I may have to dig out some of the brisket from the fridge and warm it up.

    @12:45: gurly-man.

  213. Oh yeah. He arm wrestles.

  214. I’m telling you Fredster, I am now starving.

  215. Uppity Woman, on July 6, 2012 at 12:49 AM said:

    Oh yeah. He arm wrestles.

    I’ve seen butcher looking drag queens. 🙄

  216. I’m telling you Fredster, I am now starving.

    I know, damnit! I may have to fix a brisket sammich with bbq sauce and mayo with some sliced tomato. Ya know, like where I have to wear a bib. LOL!

  217. A bib? Oh my. It must be good to be at Fredster’s kitchen table right now.

  218. I feel a post in the near future.

    ….so this President walks into a bar….

  219. I mean I have more pictures too.

  220. Maybe Jindal suddenly got stage fright. Some folks freeze on cam and have trouble putting the words together, even though they scored 800 on the SAT back then. Maybe.. Just maybe. Prob not.

    Then there are those who need a teleprompter, who cannot even throw a baseball properly. Or arm wrestle. Hahahahahaha.

  221. Michelina I am warning you. Get the fuck out of here. You are acting crazy and obsessive. Get help. Take your meds like you said you needed to do in the other thread. Do something but go do it someplace else. You are NEVER going to make it to this board doing this. Stop spam bombing and harassing this place. You are disturbing everyone on purpose. And yes, Time Warner DOES act on harassment. You won’t have to shut it down they will do it for you. And if you make one more THREAT I will report you to the FBI. You had better believe it. Now get OUT of here now and go make a doctor’s appointment. Every mod here has read your archived remarks. I am not done with them unless you are done. GET OUT OF HERE. Get some help!

  222. I’m going to bed. Mods put all her comments in the trash bin. I want them all in one place. Do not spam them I want them retained.

  223. Also if nes comes around tell her to email me.

  224. Nighty, nighty.

  225. Lorac I assume you will have your post up tomorrow.

  226. tweet sent.

  227. Oh my. My brisket sandwich was good. BURP! Need to sit back and let it settle now. LOL!

  228. Fredster your sammich sounds great! Upps, great pix of bark. He looks almost dainty in some of ’em.

  229. Lookie! Obama was sweatin’ it out on his “Betting on America” tour!

  230. omg. Is that his new slogan??? Betting on America? Lame-o.

  231. Is Anthony going to do a post here? sounds cool.

  232. How many freakin’ slogans has Obama had in the past 12 months?
    4? 6?
    It’s gonna take more than a slogan, pal.

  233. Betting On Hopey-Changey Forward America.

  234. regarding the douche in the post, I hope he goes to the Big House for this. Disgusting perv.

  235. ROFLMAO on the arm wrestling meme! Still laughing…

  236. That cracks me up socal, the dems must not be raising enough money.

  237. At least it wasn’t Bettin’ On America.
    But still he shouldn’t be calling the choice of his election a gamble.

  238. DE – About that “Betting on America” thing – it was only a matter of time…

    Inevitable mocking of Obama’s bus tour slogan begins

  239. socal – if she’ll have me

  240. Come on Anthony, a post please. That would be great!

  241. Anthony- look up thread- Uppity invited you to post here yesterday lol!
    Can’t wait!

  242. Betting on America…
    the cards are marked.

  243. Betting on America =
    Obama’s shell game.

  244. Betting on America…
    The odds always favor the (white) house,
    just not the current occupant

  245. Betting on America.
    Snake eyes!

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