Is the Fourth Wave beginning to lap at the beach?


Are any of you doll collectors?  I used to have an aunt who was a painter and travelled the world to experience scenery to paint.  She always brought back expensive dolls from the different countries for my sister and me – although, it was all kind of wasted on me, as I was more of a stuffed-animal kid!  But I’m guessing these dolls pictured above are pretty expensive.

Oops!  These aren’t dolls, they’re HUMANS!  And they’ve even been human for – oh, 3 or 4 years!!!  Yep, these are little kids who just learned to walk around the last time you remembered to make a dentist appointment!  These are kids from the tv show Toddlers and Tiaras, which I’ve ranted about in the past.  They put fake hair, fake eyes (contacts), fake teeth (called “flippers”), fake color (spray tans), fake everything on these kids, and then want to win an award – I mean, it blows me away that grown people do so much to change their appearance, but to do it to little kids who should be playing in comfortable clothing and getting dirty and having fun?  Disgusting.  I don’t even want to say what I think of their parents.  What a way to teach someone they’ll be rewarded for NOT being themselves!

The worst is the sexualization of these little kids; it not only hurts them, but it hurts our society.  Of course, we see the sexualization and objectification of women all over society.  And the superficial and fake portrayal of females is everywhere, as well.  Women appearing in magazines are often majorly airbrushed so that not only minor flaws are hid, but their weight is reduced!  The airbrushing genuises end up presenting a “norm” of females that is unattainable by real women, and it creates young girls and women who feel even *more* inadequate than society has *already* made them feel since they were old enough to be self-conscious.

Well, enter an eighth grader named Julia Bluhm!  This kid is not only already aware of the airbrushing done by magazines and the abnormality of the women presented as “normal”, but she already has the fire in her belly to address it!  What’s more, she succeeded in making a change!  Julia wrote to the magazine Seventeen, confronted them on their airbrushing antics, and challenged them to present one real woman in each issue sans airbrushing.  She did this by starting a petition which garnered – ready? – 84,000 signatures!  And Julia won much more than she asked for – Seventeen actually decided to stop all airbrushing (save for incidental minor things), and also stated that they would show women of all shapes in sizes in each issue!  Wow!

Here’s Julia in her own words:

“For the sake of all the struggling girls all over America, who read Seventeen and think these fake images are what they should be, I’m stepping up,” Julia wrote. “I know how hurtful these photoshopped images can be. I’m a teenage girl, and I don’t like what I see. None of us do.”

I can tell you, I’d much rather have a smart, strong, assertive daughter like Julia, than a poor kid I turn into a fake doll!  Julia gives me a lot of hope.  I often write off the “third wave”, but maybe there’s hope for the fourth!

Way to go, kiddo!



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  1. Ah, lorac Friday! Just what the Dr ordered. I actually thought those poor little urchins up top were real dolls. Poor little defenseless kids! I hope they grow up like Julia and teach their weirdo parents a few things.

  2. Yay Julia! There is some hope for the world yet!

  3. Wow, 4th wave and Julia 2.0 all in one. Hooray, lorac Friday!

    And yes, I seriously hope that this is the tip of the iceberg for her generation–it’s long overdue.

  4. Hi gang, listen my aunt passed on this morning. She has no immediate family left so I am going over to the nursing home to finalize things.

    I should be back in a few hours.

  5. Well, GO JULIA! How nice to see an adolescent who recognizes the damage it does to 1) objectify females, and 2) create a false standard of physical “perfection” that teen girls believe they can and must achieve. Just when you’re losing hope in the younger generation of females, a kid like Julia shows us what a real woman should be.

    BTW – Lifetime, which is supposed to be a TV network for women, is anything but. Shows like the one referred to in this post, as well as “Dance Moms”, which from the little I’ve seen of it, is an embarrassment to thinking women. Other shows of this caliber, many of which are shown on Lifetime cast women in such a bad light. Shame on Lifetime, and on the women (and men) who participate in their intolerable programming.

  6. Sorry to hear about your aunt’s passing. Hope the day goes smooth.

  7. Sorry to hear about your Aunt Uppity. xoxoxoxo

  8. Uppity… Darn. Thinking of you.

  9. Excellent, Lorac. So glad you cover this ‘issue.’ Thank you!

  10. Uppity, I am sorry for your loss. ((hugs))

  11. UW, sorry for your loss. That generation was the best.

  12. I’m sending out good thoughts for you, Uppity, during this time of loss. Wishing you comfort, strength, and peace.

  13. I’ve got one of my annual music fests today and tomorrow – great food:

    And how cool is this – “We ask for a $1 donation per ticket and all proceeds will go to Beyond Violence Women’s Shelter in Berwick.”

    Lorac, this guy will be there – which hammock do you want? I want the purple and blue one on the rack that the mexican woman is making in the village.

  14. Wonderful.Hooray, yippee lorac Friday! 🙂

  15. Upps, I am sorry for your loss. ((hugs))and prayers

  16. UW- My most sincere sympathy for your loss

  17. Condolences Uppity.

  18. Julia has done more for the health of young girls than Michelle Obama with all of her “Let’s Move” and “gardening”. Funny that her name is Julia, like that fake character in the Obama ad who, thanks to Obama, has everything she needs!

  19. “Underdog” Obama says, “I’m skinny but I’m tough.”
    Poor, poor Obama. That mean ol’ Romney is raising more money than him!

  20. I’m back. Thank you all. She was quite old and had no immediate family left. Still, she was a good soul. Never hurt a fly. The last of my aunts/uncles. My cousin is her advocate and she is out of town. I didn’t want to have to deal with this long distance or have to rush back to do things that can’t wait. She will be back tonight. We have other cousin who won’t give a crap unless someone rolls a quarter down the street or there is some money in a will, which there isn’t. She had no money. The right thing must be done in any event, of course. And it will.

    Anthony, I will email you.

  21. My condolences for your loss, Uppity. I’m so sorry.

  22. Lorac, great post. Isn’t interesing that a teen aged girl has to accomplish what adults refuse to bother with. Likewise, there is a greater trend for the average citizen to do the job professionals won’t. Quite a sad commentary on those in charge at all levels but you are right, it does bode very well for the rest of us. Here’s to the fourth wave.

    There is also a teenaged girl who put a picture up on facebook where she holds up a sign that says why do we tell girls “don’t get raped” instead of teaching boys “don’t rape.”

    Great to see young people getting it and speaking out.

  23. Just to be annoying- apparently the raised beds really really like this hot and humid weather. I picked beans last night and will again tonight- and there is a tomato out there getting pink! YUMMY!
    I close planted so the plants shade the soil and whatever weeds want in- and it is looking good out there!

  24. Uppity
    My sympathy to you and your family. No matter the age or circumstances , it is always hard to lose another piece of one’s life.

  25. “Underdog” Obama says, “I’m skinny but I’m tough.”

    Yeah, imust – as long as his big, brawny wife is hulking around behind him. Get him on his own, and he’ll squeal like a pig…

  26. Lorac! I love this post!

  27. Mom, I’m watering AM AND PM now. No rain. We had some goofy weather yesterday and I thought it would rain but it didn’t. Very dry, but like you. the garden seems to be THRIVING. It’s the best year i’ve seen in a long time.

  28. Ani, any movement toward the Greta thing?

  29. Uppityites!!!

    Anthony is not officially a blog contributor and mod.


  30. Photoshop fail Victoria’s Secret Bow legs and no derriere…we are supposed to believe that this is a woman’s body.

  31. And then there is Venus who has parental units that just think she’s it because she is afterall a You Tube sensation.

    Perhaps for pedophiles trolling, but this kid is spooky.

  32. Yippie, Anthony is coming on board! Woot!

  33. Mods, is anybody else having trouble hitting ‘Reply” to a comment from the admin panel? I can’t do it in two browsers.

  34. I just tried and I can’t do it either Uppity.

  35. It must be a glitch of some sort. I didn’t get the link icon when I tried to insert the link above.

  36. Let’s see if it works for me

  37. WP makiing ‘improvements’ again. lol

    I’m commenting from below the post. What a pain in the butt.

  38. The reply button worked for me Uppity
    GREAT news on Anthony coming on board! Yippee!

  39. McN I went over to your place and can’t do it from there either. Ah well, at least they aren’t blogspot.

  40. I think it’s a WP issue.

  41. It is so humid here I am about to melt- we had torrential downpours with thunder and lightning over the weekend and again on the fourth. The hedgerow on the east side of the field has never dried out this year at all- it is a swamp back there
    But the local news kindly informed us we are in a drought.

  42. Lucky you PMM, we FINALLY got rain. It’s been months.

  43. Uppity, no. None. PR Will hit with new press launch on Monday. If that does not work, i have another contact to try… Barring that, don’t know how to get through to her.

  44. @ imust

    Does it mention wearing boob belts?

  45. imust- I could not read it- the page crashed. I will say that NO First lady should take any examples from Meanchelda. I did see part of it- to stay out of politics. PFFFFTTT
    So what exactly do they call her little food police program? NOT political? Food deserts? Not political?
    uh huh

  46. Here’s a snip:

    Stay away from politics — No, it’s not fair. Smart, dynamic and clearly political women shouldn’t have to shelve their inner wonk, put on an apron and pretend that baking cookies is their favorite past time (not that there is anything wrong with that).
    But such is political life for the political wife and Michelle Obama has mastered the game. Publicly, she has rarely gotten into the horse race, day-to-day nitty-gritty of political strategy. Nor has she harped on her husband’s opponents. Instead she has talked about her husband’s policies and what they mean for people. And more importantly, she has talked about her husband as a person.

  47. @ mcnorman-

    Strangely, the article mentions this:

    Buy a dress at Banana Republic and wear it on The View — Clothes are the great communicators. Michelle Obama knew this when she chose off the rack for her appearances on daytime TV and on Leno, sending women across the country to J. Crew and other outlets to get her look.

    Ann Romney take heed. Nothing says normal like wearing an outfit that most women can afford.
    (emphasis mine)

    Normal?! Is it “normal” to have your princess heels click click clicking away, echoing your manly gait through the halls of the East Wing?

  48. imust, that is incredible! Yeah Michelle’s playbook. Send broccoli to kids for a Thank You. Wear $600 sneakers at a soup kitchen. And dress like a clown.

    Cheer up. I saw a pic of Obama hugging and “consoling” a lady in the crowd because she “Broke down crying” when she saw him. Seriously. A big huge pic covering this. The bullshit game is On. This year, no fainting. Crying Is In now.

  49. I guess WaPo forgot about this comment made by Michelle during the campaign:

    “if she was offended by Bill Clinton’s use of the phrase “fairy tale” to describe her husband’s characterization of his position on the Iraq War. At first, Obama responded with a curt “No.” But, after a few seconds, she affected a funny voice. “I want to rip his eyes out!” she said, clawing at the air with her fingernails. One of her advisers gave her a nervous look. “Kidding!” Obama said. “See, this is what gets me into trouble.”

  50. Stay tuned for more Scheduled Crying.

  51. @ imust

    I think she should emphasize that hiring 26+ staff people to help out with the makeover really doesn’t buy adulation.

    Like Upps said, send broccoli to the kids, wear the $600 sneakers and dress like a clown is about all that she will be remembered for.

    Wait, I forgot the poison laden garden.

  52. Uppity, so sorry about your auntie. Hugs and condolences to you.

    Anthony, looking forward to your post!

  53. Socal thank you and thank you for your contribution to Bill’s habit.

  54. I honestly think people are so beaten down just trying to make it without jobs and a future that they can pimp this crap all they want, nobody is even watching. The truth is, most people don’t keep up with Obama news. What they do keep up with is the state of their own lives. And that is a dismal omen.

  55. Yes, crying is the new fainting. Plus, more photos of Barry drinking beer in bars.

  56. imust @ 2:09 PM said Gag! Gag! Gag!

    Just think, we’re progressing so fast, someday they’ll be critiquing America’s First Lady’s eye expressions and fashion sense in Burkas.


  57. Yeah, imust – as long as his big, brawny wife is hulking around behind him. Get him on his own, and he’ll squeal like a pig…

    Are you suggesting a strap-on appliance? That would explain her toned arms.

    Just imagine what the Secret Service has seen.

  58. I have nothing against the way Michelle looks or dresses…that said, there’s nothing wrong with the way Ann Romney looks or dresses. What I don’t like is the way Michelle has been marketed as “fashion icon”/Jackie Kennedy 2.0. It’s like the tv show Mad Men playing out at the WH.

  59. Oh Oswald, I just can’t bring myself to that point. rolflmao

  60. imust, I agree with you about the Jackie 2.0 thingy. Dead Ted started that one, and somehow, it just can’t work.

    Now, if you said Ru Paul 2.o, that would be different.

    Exhibit A:

  61. @ Oswald – Strap on? I think she’s factory loaded

  62. Fainting again. This guy is definitely a one trick pony.

  63. OMG! The press spin….”Obama doesn’t rest on vacation”…..gimme a break!! Literally!

  64. Jackie didn’t wear a shoe size you could float down a river in.

  65. @ Upps

    Keeping up with fashion icon Meechelle has to be the last thing on anyone’s mind when they are trying to figure out how to juggle the bills.

  66. So we have a president who thinks the world is a roulette wheel and he’s betting on America.

    Red or Black?

  67. How cute, Helen!

    Not sure he’s a stray though. Looks awfully clean, fed and friendly. Somebody lets him on their shoulders regularly. Awfully cute. I woulda taken him home. lol.

  68. Betting on America? Romney already took Believe in America. So Obama had to find something similar. WTF wasn’t working.

  69. Well will you check this out! Nobody told them what to say so they don’t know what to say.

  70. Uppity, so sorry about your aunt.
    Lorac, this is a great post. It really shows how girls are “set up” so young.
    But, kudos for the teen who confronted the mag.

  71. WLM!!! I asked if anyone saw you! I missed you and got worried like an Old Aunt Uppity!

  72. Gang don’t miss that DUH video I posted. Seriously.

  73. Obama keeps saying the same thing over and over…..whodathunkit?!

    Change you can Xerox? Words….just words….

  74. That young girl deserves an award. I mean a National one.

  75. Upps, I’m sorry for your loss.
    Lorac, what a great young woman – I hope she is just the start of many more like her.

  76. Upps: So sorry for your loss. I know you’ll make sure everything goes okay.

  77. Now I’ve got to go back and check out all the links here.

  78. Regarding all of this heat, a note from our latest poster, Prolix.

    A little aside here on the dangers of the heat. Wednesday afternoon I got a call from a longtime friend to go check on her elderly parents who were overdue from a trip. They had had some difficulty, pulled off the road on an isolated, rural road, got out of their car, and had been unable to get back to their car. I found them after they had been in sweltering 105+ degrees laying in a field for about an hour and a half.

    Long story short, they spent the night in the hospital with no apparent long term problems. The moral of the story — don’t go out in the heat unless you absolutely have to and if you have problems, stay in the car with the air running, and dial 911. These folks were just really fortunate.

  79. I am sure I am going to offend beauty contestant devotees, but this trend just seems to be grooming children for pedophiles. And then after they are groomed they can go through life servicing men in dysfunction relationships because that’s all they believe they deserve.

    And as for the anti-abortion protestors, UW I don’t think anyone with the brains God gave a bug thinks the procedure is a wonderful idea–just a necessary evil. To listen to some of these people, you would think they believe that getting a d and c is part of spa day. All I can think of is the late George Carlin and his take on the protesteors–“who’d want to bleep them anyway?”

  80. LOL AnnE, I hope they all wake up pregnant with no idea where it came from. That way they can entertain the tought of immaculate conception on their way to the clinc they will SURELY head for.

  81. Sorry about your aunt, Uppity.

    Re the video @ 5:02: interesting that most of them admitted outright that they just aren’t thinking of the woman. Although, I must admit, I’m pleased that most of them don’t think she should be punished.

  82. Sophie, they might not think women should be punished but their Congressman and Senator do.

  83. All the kittehs have gone to their homes now! Everybody loves them! Yippee! Now to get Mama spayed and I will consider it a job well done!

  84. Uppity, I have had to lurk. I am dealing with a damaged facial nerve that has harassed me for four years. I have and am trying every avenue to deal with it, since it causes spasms. No pain though. Anyway, the doc suggested that I keep my computer use at a minimum. I have been reading most of your posts, but surely miss being able to read ALL comments. That is part of the fun! Of course, I watched the thread on the kitty traveling and was so happy and impressed with the Uppities who participated. Sorry, I didn’t just mention
    my situation up front.

  85. I am sure I am going to offend beauty contestant devotees, but this trend just seems to be grooming children for pedophiles

    I’m sure nobody enjoys watching those pageants more than their mothers and a bunch of pedo perverts.

  86. WLM I am glad you told me. Not glad you have that problem, though. But at least now i know you are fine and still love Uppityville. Follow your DRs orders or I will smack you.

  87. Well isn’t this lovely? I had no idea the TSA did this.



    Posted on July 6, 2012 at 3:01 PM

    DALLAS – While many in the public are just becoming aware of random drink testing at airport gates, some of which happen way after passengers clear security entrances, the Transportation and Security Administration is reminding passengers the policy is not new.

    In fact, TSA officials says the random tests have been happening for years.

    According to the TSA’s website, the beverage checks are random, hygenic and happen at airports across the country.

    The test involves a test strip and dropper containing a non-toxic solution. TSA agents do not place the test strips in your drink. Instead, agents have the passenger remove the cap or lid, and agents then hold the strip over the opening.

    The test strip is then removed away from the drink and the solution is dropped on the strip.

    The bigger issue is what is the TSA testing for? The TSA won’t say, only to reiterate the security check works in tandem with the controversial body scans, body pat downs and the removal of your shoes at security check-ins to ensure safe passenger travel.

    Maggie Johns said no matter what, she’s not drinking her drink if TSA agents test the beverage.

    “No way,” she said. “And if they take it, I want them to buy me a new one.”

    Another air traveler, Chike Iwuaba, thinks random drink testing at the gate is overkill.

    “We already have to do all this other stuff,” Iwuaba said. “It’s too much.”

  88. PMM: You’ve done good and you’ve done well. I am loving my new kitty very much. I am sure the other moms will be just as happy as I am.

  89. I should post that video for everyone to see.

  90. Finally got my email inbox cleaned up. Feels good.

  91. Sophie- thanks so much. Have you found a forever name for her yet?
    Poor Smokey Bones is wandering around yowling. Up the stairs, down again, hop up in the window, wander in to the kitteh room, back over here to the sofa. Hopefully she gets over it soon lol.

  92. I’ll sneak another peek tomorrow.

  93. PMM: Her forever name is Tiger Lily! She answers to Liiiiiiileeeee!

  94. OT, but too stupid to pass up:
    Obama Claims He Was Outspent In 2008

    I know all politicians lie when they’re campaigning and I know Obama lies every time he opens his mouth, but this is way over the top. And you just know there are people out there that will believe him!

  95. AWWW Thanks Sophie- Liiiiiiillllleeeeee!
    As for him being outspent- god why has the mans tongue not turned black and rotted off by now

  96. Poor Smokey Bones…she gave us the cutest little kitties and now she has none for herself. (No–I’m not trying to guilt you!)

  97. ˙ǝɹǝɥ uʍop ɯoɹɟ pɹıǝʍ ʞool sƃuıɥʇ

  98. Trust me Sophie, Smokey got over it. She got over it as soon as nursing started to REALLY hurt.

  99. That man is a complete blowass. He has told so many lies he doesn’t even know A Truth.

  100. WLM! Behave yourself!

  101. ˙ooʇ sıɥʇ op uɐɔ ı ‘ʎɐʍ ǝɥʇ ʎq

  102. SophieCT: Pls don’t make me turn the laptop over. There are too many damned cables/wires and such attached to it!!

  103. Same for you too Upps!! 👿

  104. Fredster, turning the laptop is cheating–you’re supposed to stand on your head!

  105. We gvink poor Fweddie a headacke!

  106. So what time do they start serving drinks in this joint?

  107. We gvink poor Fweddie a headacke!

    No, more like a backache when all the wires pulled loose and I had to start picking them up! LOL

  108. UW, so sorry about your aunt. I’m glad she has some of you in the extended family to take care of this last business for her.

  109. ¡ooʇ ʇı punoɟ ı ‘ʎɐʞo

  110. Dark and Stormies, why can’t I quit you?

  111. imust – SHOOT! I didn’t even catch that Julia connection – good catch! And now I think maybe that’s what Sophie CT meant about “Julia 2.0”! Yes, this new Julia is a strong, smart, assertive go-getter, not like O’s Julia who wants the government taxpayers to take care of all her needs for her whole life!

  112. You got some more ginger beer Sophe?

  113. Normal?! Is it “normal” to have your princess heels click click clicking away, echoing your manly gait through the halls of the East Wing?


    Welcome aboard, Anthony!

  114. Whatchu do, Sophie is, you go over to Madamab’s pad and you get free drinks. Then you bring the drink here. Do not ask for Glenlivet, because that’s mine. And I mark the bottle

  115. I think i’ll tweet an upside down.

  116. lorac: You did not read closely what upps wrote:

    Anthony is not officially a blog contributor and mod.


  117. Fredster, yes I did.


    not like O’s Julia who wants the taxpayers to take care of all her needs for her whole life!

    Julia doesn’t want the government/taxpayers picking up her tab. Julia wants the rights and the opportunities to pick up her own tab. That’s the Brilliant Campaign’s slant so women will think they’re being taking car of.

  118. upps: Apparently Sophe has already *had* some of those dark and stormies and *thought* she was over at TW. 😆

  119. I would love to see Ani on Greta – c’mon Greta, this is right up your alley!

  120. lorac, we need to Tweet it up!

  121. Fredster, but I figured it out – WURM – “what Uppity really meant” – because “I speak Uppity” lol

  122. Karen, get me one of those bright hammocks with the yellow on them. Well, you don’t have to get it now, you can wait until I come to retire in your back yard!

    (thanks for the link, I bookmarked it!)

  123. lorac@11:03, yes that would indeed be interesting.

    because “I speak Uppity”


  124. lorac, when you retire at karen’s she’ll give you Cosmic Catnip bananas.

  125. Oh no Sophie – I have to wonder why she wants to get me high when I’m lying (laying??? I can never keep those two straight!) vulnerable in a hammock in her back yard….

  126. lorac@11-26: GUFFAW!!!!

    Don’t worry about the lay/lie thing. it’s always a toss-up with me too.

  127. Sophie, enjoyed the cute little video of your new kitteh.

    Fredster, I didn’t notice that either, but read it as “now”! We must all have “wurm” by now.

  128. SophieCT, on July 6, 2012 at 9:36 PM said:
    OT, but too stupid to pass up:
    Obama Claims He Was Outspent In 2008
    I know all politicians lie when they’re campaigning and I know Obama lies every time he opens his mouth, but this is way over the top. And you just know there are people out there that will believe him!

    Is it any wonder the economy is shredded? The Dweeb in Chief doesn’t know basic math.

  129. Gawd, my foot is so Effed up. You might all recall that I had a hairline break running when I hit a patch of ice, which ended my running days since I never handled it right and, of course, I know have arthritis in the foot. Actually, it rarely bothers me but when it does…….hooo boy.

  130. Yes Lorac, is fully capable of translating Uppity language. She is definitely bi lingual that way.

  131. lorac, IMO, Greta will have ani on. In August. When campaigns heat up. I have no doubt they will want to exploit Hillary’s popularity and use it against Barack. And if that works for Ani, Hooray! Never turn down an opportunity. I predict a boost in sales.

  132. Hey fredster, honey, you should copy and past my comment about drinks and drop it in their comment section.

  133. Anthony’s on board for some Sunday Snark..

  134. And if I didn’t say so earlier, there is something so creepy about seeing children’s eyeballs retouched so they glisten white — not unlike Children of the Corn!

  135. Are you lovelies talking about me again…:)

    From youtr lips to God’s ears re Greta. She is job one.

  136. Dances, he knows his math. He just thinks everybody else is stupid.

  137. Upps, your comment is duly noted. I’ll try to get a lounge ready for tomorrow night.

    On another note: I have no idea what the “enhanced” charges are for beating up the elderly but I hope this woman has a long time to reflect on what she did.

  138. Now THERE’s a candidate for next week’s Cockroach Award, Fredster.

  139. Yes Ani we are talking about you, but what can we possibly say about you that hasn’t already been said behind your back.


  140. Good deal! Not all the cockroaches have to be male. Incidentally, the “Northshore” is across Lake Ponchartrain from nola and is deemed to be “safer”. Safer from what I don’t know.

  141. Posted:
    Liar, Liar, pants on fire. So says the FEC.
    Obama, Post General:
    McCain, Post General:

    Obama Receipts $772 million
    McCain Receipts $240 million

    Aside from outspending Hillary 4:1

  142. Uppity — Hurry! I’m here! Get out the slapping emoticon!!!

  143. dwp: You do a query to get the results? Link’s not working right. What’s the main site?

  144. Also, dwp, you know you’re not supposed to do things like that. It might be seen as questioning “teh one”. 🙄

  145. Fredster we have handed out a fair number of cockroach awards to women.

  146. Lake Ponchartrain. I always love to say Lake Ponchartrain. It rolls off the lips nicely.

  147. Fredster,
    H/t PumaPAC’s Headclunker who has been auditing obama’s campaign finances since almost the beginning. Based on Headclunker’s work PumaPAC sent certified queries with detailed documentation from every state in the union to the FEC. Obama is still responding with corrections from 2008.

  148. WOW. Go PUMAPAC!

  149. UW, so, SO sorry about your aunt. 😦

  150. lorac, thanks for bringing up such a creepy topic. Indeed, parents of those kids are downright thoughtless about their kids. Those who capitalize on it are creepy.

    Kids are kids. Let them be kids. It does not last long. They can paint themselves up when they are adults.

  151. TY Crier. xo.

  152. Fredste at 1049,
    Wow. That upside down thing is really cool.
    Is your keyboard drunk? or just pooped out?

  153. Thanks, UW, on behalf of Headclunker, Murphy, the Feck Obama Team. 🙂

  154. Looks like that Ani emoticon is gonna have a massive headache in the morn.

  155. Upps, I stand corrected and thanks for the links to the cockroach posts. Indeed though it seems like we male cockroaches outnumber the female. There is some more info here if you do want to write a roach report on her. Take a good look at her pic. Sez she’s thirty. That meth will do a number on ya.

  156. Not to go on about it, but the ongoing Feck Obama forum thread is quite a read.

  157. And Ani…’s one for the road.

  158. Ani at 1159,
    Someone else remembers Children of the Corn?!?!

  159. YUM, we love special pix of cockroaches!

  160. Fredster, meth faces are almost always unmistakable.

  161. LoL @ ” one for the road”! lolol

  162. Upps at 12:44. Yes, it just rolls off the tongue much like this one.

  163. Cockroaches. Ick. Especially the bigger they get. Antennae make ’em look even more gross.

  164. Who can forget children of the corn!

  165. Although I prefer Village of The Damned. So Obot like.

  166. Not to go on about it, but the ongoing Feck Obama forum thread is quite a read.

    It sure is.


    ¡ǝɯɐs ǝɥʇ op uɐɔ noʎ puɐ ǝɹǝɥʇ ob

  167. Oops that was you crier. Sorry ’bout dat.

  168. Found this while searching tchoupitoulas.

    A Lexicon of New Orleans
    Terminology and Speech

  169. Colored out eyes are creepy. Something about Black and White that really accentuates the creep factor. But red eye color is searing.
    It could give bad dreams tonight.

  170. Tchoupitoulas.

    A big ‘ol long street along the river in NO.

  171. ¡ʎɐʍʎuɐ noʎ ʞuɐɥʇ ˙ʍou ǝdʎʇ ɹǝʌo pǝuɹnʇ ǝǝs ı ɹǝʌǝuǝɥʍ ʞɔıs ɐǝs ʎןʇuɐʇsuı ʇǝb ı ʇɐɥʇ ʇɔɐɟ uı ʎuɐɯ os ˙˙˙soʌuoɔ uʍop ǝpısdn ɥʇıʍ punoɹɐ buıɟoob ʇɥbıu ɐ ʎuɐɯ ʇuǝds ǝʍ ʇnq ‘ɹǝʇspǝɹɟ ‘sʞuɐɥʇ

  172. Oh did you really have to go there and post those creepy kid pictures!!! What did I do to deserve this? Wait. Don’t answer that!

    Uppity, I think you;ve slapped me quite enough for one nigt. I’m dizzy!

  173. yes, towncrier, unfortunately, I do!

  174. Yeah, I was looking for audible pronunciation of tchoupitoulas

  175. Flip text.

    You’ll never get to see people all contorted trying to read the comments though. Never mond. EVeryone here is quite limber.

  176. I got stuck ( happily so) in NO in the 60s for 6 weeks while trying to hitchhike to the Olympics in Mexico. Spent much of that time in the French quarter. I may have been on tchoupitoulas street rd blvd and never knew it.
    The again I also referred to Yosemite as yos-might and la jolla as la joe-la when I moved out here three decades ago. ::: blush::::

  177. Oh my. Children of the Corn gave me nightmares for years!

    Now I’m afraid to go to bed.

  178. When I was a kid we used to save up our silver dimes.

  179. dwp: When I made my first trip to S.D. a friend and his wife took me around the area. I saw the signs and thought the place was “la holla”.

  180. Fredster
    Eggszactly!! LoL

  181. I don’t think Greta would be interested in exploiting Hillary. I always got the impression that Greta liked Hillary. She was certainly the most fair person at that network towards her. I I thought her husband was a Hillary bundler? Or at least a supporter. Many PUMAS went on FOX during the campaign to try and get some word out in the MSM. Lady Lynn Rothschild was on Cuavo, Will Bowers and Darrah Murphy were on FOX and the founders of Hire Heels…..Amy from New Agenda. Yes, Hannity, Cuavo and others were just looking for dirt on Obama, but so what? The point is to break through to the msm with the truth about what happened in 2007-08.

  182. Yeah thanks to these meth freaks, I feel like a criminal every time I go to the drug store and have to sign for pseudephedrine. They keep it behind the counter because of these freaky assholes.

  183. Oh my…I picked up the mail earlier and was just now going through it. quelle surprise, I had an envelope from “Democratic Headquarters Senator Charles E. Schumer” On the back it looks like it’s from the Dem Senate Campaign Committee. (yawn) Don’t know whether to open it or not before shredding. 😆

  184. San Diego = tweeker capital of the US. Apparently sailors were bringing it in after deployments to the pacific islands and Asia. SD being a huge military town, it took hold here.

  185. Shred all but the sase and then send it back.

  186. imust — we are working on it! And you are right about Greta and her hubby.

  187. Uppity: Oh yeah about the signing thing. Have to show your d/l here and then sign the electronic thing at Walgreens. And of course you’re limited to how frequently you can get the stuff.

  188. Ani, that sounds great!

  189. Yay! I’m glad you’re working on it Anita. Greta is also interested in women’s issues as evidenced in her boycott of the WH correspondent’s dinner that was featuring a sexist CK Lewis, I think that was his name.

  190. dwp: I’m surprised the squids were brave enough to do that. Of course there’s no DEA or drug dog going onto a naval vessel when it arrives in port, I don’t guess.

  191. I sowwy, Why Not.

  192. Shred all but the sase and then send it back.

    😆 👿

  193. Hell Crier. I see red eyes every time I take a pic of my cat.

  194. Copied and saved that one upps.

  195. Wonder what happens if you put upside down text in that box? Does it translate?

  196. Fredster, sorry, forgot to say the drug phenomena in San Diego started I the 50s. Some smuggled in, but addicted sailors also found ways to set up labs

  197. Yes all that is true about greta and I still say she won’t interview ani till August.

  198. dwp: Oh okay, thanks for the clarification.

  199. Uppity, I think you;ve slapped me quite enough for one nigt. I’m dizzy!

    NES is going to need a bottle of smelling salts herself when she reads that one. lol!

  200. Oy vey! You touch him you die?

    Restaurant owner dies just hours after hosting President Obama

    Posted on July 6, 2012 at 9:07 PM

    AKRON, Ohio (AP) — A restaurant owner who hosted President Barack Obama for breakfast on Friday became ill and died hours later.

    Josephine “Ann” Harris of Copley Township died of natural causes late Friday morning, said forensic investigator Jason Grom, with the Summit County medical examiner’s office. No autopsy was planned.

    The 70-year-old Harris became ill at home after the Obama visit. Grom said she went into cardiac arrest in the ambulance while en route to a hospital.

    Several hours earlier she had hugged Obama when he showed up at her Ann’s Place restaurant for breakfast.

    The Akron Beacon Journal interviewed Harris after the president’s visit and described her as ecstatic.

    Obama spent about a 20 minutes at the restaurant and ordered two eggs over easy, bacon and wheat toast. At the suggestion of a waitress, Obama added grits to his order.

    “What’s going on?” Obama asked after getting off his campaign bus and entering Ann’s Place.

    He shook hands as diners paused from their plates of pancakes and eggs.

    “Keep up the good work,” one diner called out.

    “Thanks for joining me,” Obama said as he sat at the corner of the counter.

    White House press secretary Jay Carney said Obama later called Harris’ daughter Wilma Parsons from Air Force One to express “his sorrow and his condolences. It was a very sad event. He was honored to meet (Harris) this morning and passed on his feeling that the whole family is in his thoughts and prayers.”

    The breakfast stop kicked off the second day of a two-day campaign swing from the Toledo area to Pittsburgh.

  201. imust and fredster — actually getting the info in front of Greta is the challenge because there are layers — as you can imagine!

  202. Ani: Oh I can believe it. I’m sure she’s got layers upon layers of assistants, admin assistants, assistant producers, and so on.

  203. So dwp & lorac are in the same area?

    Ani, you being on Greta would be the one thing to get me to turn on FN.

    Did you guys see the news about the Brits arresting terrorists that were planning an attack for the Olympics?

  204. Effing shitbag muslim sets wife on fire in Florida.

    Life in prison! Are youuuuuuuuu kidding? WHo the F wants to feed this bag of shit for life? Pull his plug! Why is the USA standing for this and letting these pieces of shit live????

  205. Stocks hit the crapper after announcement of only 80,000 jobs added last month.

    Funny how that’s not headline news.

    The reluctance of U.S. employers to add jobs shows that the economy is still struggling three years after the recession officially ended

    Officially, my ass. Who did the recession end for? The guy who announced it was over?

  206. Remember Uppity- there is no inflation either. Not since they took food, and utilities out of the equation. You know- the things that make a dent in the daily, weekly and monthly budget of just about every household in the country? They count new cars and appliances though! Yes sir , like everyone is buying a new one every year. (though the way they build washers and refrigerators now instead of getting 20+ yrs out of it- you are lucky to get 2.)

  207. they took gas prices out too, Mom.

    They think they can pretend people into believing their lives are better.

  208. Wife files for divorce. Shitbag cuts off her lip and eats it so she can never kiss again.

    He’s good for…..four years. I say cut off his dick so he can’t spawn. Ever. If she can’t kiss, he can’t screw.

  209. Purse snatching vs setting woman on fire, cutting off woman’s lip, and an unending list of one-on-one atrocities not listed in this current thread, perpetrated by males on women… 4 women murdered by males per day in US; leading cause of death of pregnant women in murder by their impregnators, etc. No comparison. No contest.

    So, yes, “cockroaches don’t always have to be males”, It’s just that by and large, they are males.

  210. In the words of Murphy,

    Islam is Awesome!

  211. You would think Teh One would pull a Lazarus thing and bring that woman back to life.

  212. Yes that is true, dwp. Still, that doesn’t make a person who assaults an old person a non-cockroach. You have got to be pretty despicable to do it. Tells me she could’ve killed the old gal…and would’ve if necessary. I didn’t list all the male cockroach pieces because the subject was are there any female cockroaches. And I think every one of them qualified. I mean when you run over and kill a woman in front of her home, hit her house and declare that it’s her problem that she was too old to get out of the way, you are a shitbag. When you tape your kid to the wall, you are a shitbag. Stuff like that.

  213. Not to mention the high ranking gvt employee who molested kids and enjoyed bestiality. Now that IS a cockroach. The point is, I was answering fredster about there being women cockroaches. He was actually admitting there are more males doing it than women, but that doesn’t mean no women do horrible things

  214. Not all women abusers, but many a woman has been driven to mental, emotional illness – resulting in the abuse of their own children and/or others – because of enduring abuse themselves.

    That’s another FACT of domestic violence, incest, etc. (which women and girls have been the PRIMARY victims – but men and boys have also suffered – again, primarily at the hands of their own MALE gender.)

    The primary origin of “Physical and Sexual Violence” is Male – a fact which permeates almost all cultures and societies.

    92% of the people in prisons and jails are men. Therefore, wouldn’t it be safe to say that:

    92% of all Cockroaches are Male and only 8% are Women?

    Waving to the 8% of Men who aren’t! 😆

  215. Yes it is true that many women are driven to do things due to abuse. But taping your kid to a wall, torturing animals (I forgot to include that link of that little freak), and pedophilia don’t seem to fall into that category. Of course there are way more men who do horrid things, mostly to women and children, but to ask me to excuse the women cockroaches I wrote about just wouldn’t fly in the face of reason. While they are more rare, and they sure are, they are still cockroaches. If you did a search on this blog you would see far more cockroach of the week awards going to men, but when I see something a woman does that makes me wince, she’s not going to get excused either. That’s all I’m saying.

  216. 92% of the people in prisons and jails are men. Therefore, wouldn’t it be safe to say that:

    92% of all Cockroaches are Male and only 8% are Women?

    Waving to the 8% of Men who aren’t!

    Proving once again that we can do anything with statistics, just like our government does.

    Carroll would have been a bit freaked though. Some snarks are boojums but not all boojums are snarks!

  217. If 92% of all men were cockroaches, we women would be extinct by now and they would all be humping goats like they do over in that shithole portion of the earth where 92% of men ARE cockroaches. Being assholes or sexist pigs, unfortunately, does not qualify as a cockroach, just as an asshole.

  218. Ok, I admit I pulled the “statistics” to support my argument…

    Carroll would have been a bit freaked though. Some snarks are boojums but not all boojums are snarks!

    …Fricking Amazing! 🙂

  219. On what qualifies as a “Cockroach of the Week” – I’ll agree that sexist pigs and assholes aren’t ‘exactly’ in that category.

    …and, that there ARE women, without question, that are.

  220. Why Not, Agree. But assholes are to be avoided as they can rapidly accelerate into cockroaches,

  221. Why Not, he was the father of logical conclusions.

  222. And everybody thought Alice was just for fun.

  223. ‘Amazed’ at your pulling him out of your ‘brain’ over that – made me laugh – with marvel – out loud. Perfect.

    Alice – How long have they been trying to unravel all of the mysteries?

    Dodgson was an amazing mind.

  224. I have used him a lot. He’s especially helpful with drilling down assumptions and reaching conclusions. So is Mr. Boole.

  225. I’m afraid some learn that lesson on ‘assholes are to be avoided’ too late or in hindsight.

    One Cockroach can forever change one’s life – if ‘only’ by altering one’s perspective.

  226. Yes why not and that is why some of them get exterminated when Enough Is Enough.

  227. I’m not ‘dumb’ – but I wish I were actually intelligent and far more educated. My greatest asset, I think, is curiosity. I’ll have to go look up “Mr. Boole” (is that Geometry Boole?)

  228. Boolean Algebra.

  229. Boolean is used a lot in softwar programming to weed out conditions or combine conditions to come up with the next step.

  230. Like If A AND B happen, then we will do C.

    But if A happens but NOT B, then we will do D.

  231. More to real life:

    So you’re filling out a form online. And the program thinks if the person filling this out answers YES to “Are You a Sportsman? AND says he likes Books, THEN lets ask him if he likes books on fishing or hunting.

    And so on, in a process or elimination and data collection for the next questions. See?

  232. Why Not, Boolean is another logic tool is all. You use it all the time, you just don’t think about it.

  233. UW at 1055

    Wife files for divorce. Shitbag cuts off her lip and eats it so she can never kiss again

    Criminal will be bummed out when he hears there are ways of reconstructing his wife’s lips.

    There realy should be justice for the victim in the criminal system against such heinous crimes.

  234. UW,

    But assholes are to be avoided as they can rapidly accelerate into cockroaches,

    Perhaps the adverb could be “eliminated.”
    Hahahaha. 🙂

  235. Boolean Algebra – oh. duh. lol. Boolean as in formulas – used in software programs esp, spreadsheets, database and contact management. I’m with you now.

    Woah! The strangest “STORM” is hitting here – storm clouds, high winds – with lots of DUST – just popped up out of nowhere.

  236. They need to put ole Khalid in the most rednecked prison in the state of FL. They probably won’t kill him because of what he did with his wife, but more like because of his religion. Then too, he might meet
    Big Gay Bubba. NSFW and you have to sign in to youtube to watch the vid.

  237. Eggggggggggzactly, Why Not.

  238. Fredster, the thing is, some prisons are giving these goatfuckers their own wings, their own special diet, the works. After living in caves half their lives, it’s like the Ritz. And they can all sit around bashing the USA.

  239. Oh, I see what else you are talking about in its use. It’s “formulas” – so to speak – that are designed to formulate answers-solutions by deductions?

    Logic tools = “Intelligent” software

  240. Yes, but they are called Algorithms. They are used to kind of story board what the software is going to do for starters. And then it is translated into formal executable source code.

  241. But’m a girl. What do I know?


  242. upps, we can hope he doesn’t get in one those.

    I’ve got another question about Kahlid: how the hell did he think he was going to bring his 2nd wife here? The piece says it’s legal in Jordan to have multiple wives but it isn’t here. He wasn’t going to help wife1 extend her visa so he could bring wife2 here. Does the U.S. allow that?

  243. Well imust, harumph! I am experiencing a lovely breeze at roughly 73 degreezles fair in height.

  244. You know fredster, I’m thinking you’d make a great warden. Get rid of those beasts in no time flat.

  245. Hey Why Not, I imagine the Diebold voting software goes something like…

    If x has more votes than Y
    And we want Y,
    Let’s give this guy’s vote to Y.

  246. Well crap. I used to be smart… just a comment ago… before Algorithms. lol.

    I bet you drove your parents crazy… What’s that? Why do you do that? I want to do it! I can figure it out, if you’ll just let me do it myself! lol.

  247. I bet you drove your parents crazy… What’s that? Why do you do that? I want to do it! I can figure it out, if you’ll just let me do it myself! lol.

    Bahahahaha. A pretty close assessment. My father would always say I couldn’t possibly be his because he found me under a rock where someone planted me, but would keep me anyways.

  248. ………And my mother would look at me and then at him and say…..

    Here wheels are turning again….

  249. Here you go Why Not. Try to avoid the insanity trap.

  250. Have a very tough decision. What to have for dinner when you don’t want to cook.

  251. Diebold voting software. Probably. Wonder which POLS invested in the R&D or own stock in the company?


  252. I can’t remember his name but there was a congressman who was heavily invested in electronic vote stealing machines. I don’t think people understand how easy it is to write a program that takes votes from one person and gives them to someone else. And considering diebold’s source code showed up online…i saw it myself………well…

  253. I shudder when someone mentions online voting.

  254. Why Not before I leave you to bring the brain swelling down, computers by themselves are stupid. They know nothing. They only know what a programmer gives them to know. Which explains why all those cheap programmers from India Bill Gates keeps importing, make a shambles out of Windows software so well, that they have to constantly come out with a new version to cover the tracks.

  255. See yas all later.

  256. ………And my mother would look at me and then at him and say…..

    Her wheels are turning again….


    Regular bedtime discussions…

    You are not going to believe what she did… said… came up with today? Yes I will, but go ahead and tell me and I’ll try and act surprised.


    Well, I too, have to go do dinner and then go STICK THE CAT, as we call it.

  257. Uppity: On the India Software programmers… I read a few years back that the reason it’s so buggy is that, in order to protect the “Intellectual Property Rights,” Microsoft never completely discloses the individually assigned code project’s absolute position of the code – in its intended function or feature – to their international programmers.

    Once completed, the various pieces of code are assembled by MS primary engineers who use code “janitors” to clean up incompatibility and conflict issues that arise in testing.

    Ahhh, but programmers in India are cheap. Real cheap.

  258. Sounds like they need better janitors too, then.

    Gates gives them specific procedures to write. with stubs. One procedure calls another procedure someone else is writing. So no one person knows the whole code. That’s not unusual for a proprietary product.

  259. These are the jobs bill gates says he can’t find people to to in the USA. I know a stellar software engineer who is working in home depot.

    I call bullshit on bill gates. We have the technical people to do the job without the help of janitors, but he prefers paying coolie wages.

  260. UW, so sorry for your loss

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