Nobody told them the answer, so they don’t have an answer.

Gobsmacking. Simply Gobsmacking.

Try just a little less praying and a little more thinking, mmmmmmkay?

Lord: Protect me from your followers. Amen.


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  1. The worst part is their votes count the same as ours.

  2. Drives me batshit crazy. Tried to get an answer out of one of the women I know when the church excommunicated that woman and doc down in Brazil. No answer. Just kept repeating over and over “It’s a life”
    No answer at all when asked what about the life of the 9 yr old girl? What about the life of the rape victims?
    There is NO making these people understand. They are a bunch of damn hypocrites. The life of the woman or girl is of no consequence- only the potential life (that will, if the anti choice crowd has its way- take over the life of the woman or girl)

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  4. The amazing thing about these stepfordized people is they really only care about birth and generally don’t give a shit what happens after that.

  5. Uppity. Thanks for making the DNS check easy and trustworthy.

  6. I, one time, asked a catholic friend: “What’s the big deal about abortion if the soul is eternal? If it is shooed out of one body, it can just go inhabit another.” This stopped her cold for 2 days, at which point she came back with: “God gave us free will, and he’s (note !HE!) disappointed if we make the wrong choice.”
    No. Free Will and Wrong Choice don’t belong in the same sentence in my universe either.

  7. jackyt. that ‘free will’ answer is hilarious, considering making abortion illegal is not being done by God, it’s being done by meddling humans who are taking away one’s “free will’. Secondly, the argument that it’s all between you and god does not mean it’s between you and these meddlers who are intervening. Their whole reaction system is a testimony to their meddling ways and their desire to do God’s Job instead of God’s Work.

  8. I had a co-worker who was against abortion but thought it was OK for the child to starve to death. He also abused cats. He died at age 52.

  9. Totally OT- but this is ridiculous! You absolutely can not step outside here- it is a damn sauna out there- like breathing underwater! If I keep drinking water like this I will float away lol! Have refilled the chicken and goat water out there twice.
    It is NEVER this hot here. EVER. When it does get hot in mid to late July it is generally dry. And the nights and early mornings are cool. It was 79 when I got up at 5:30 this morning.
    Don’t know how people in the tropics do this year round.

  10. […] Uppity Woman, a couple of possibly useful links. A malware site was shut down months ago. The infected computers […]

  11. well since he died at age 52, the world became a better place faster.

  12. Mom it has been oppressively hot here too, with no rain in sight, till today. We had a shower, if you call that rain. I was hoping on the 4th all the fireworks would bring rain, but nope. It brought fires instead. Today it has finally cooled down to the 70s. I have been watering the garden, make that SOAKING it, both early AM AND evening. Still it’s dry as a bone in 8 hours.

  13. Do you not just love when one of those passive-aggressive assholes shows up here, pretends to not be needling us, and declares that we hate all men, when in fact, we just hate men like him, including him? “Radically” so.

  14. I will have to water this afternoon- the raised beds do dry out faster- but looking good. Had beans last night- enough to give to the daughter too- and carrots. Green, two kinds, yellow and purple. And husband getting the zucchinis now as well- I am trying to teach him to take them when they are about 8 inches instead of letting them get to be baseball bats lol

  15. Ladies and Gentlemen, please be advised that Deadenders has come through for us again. Enjoy.

  16. got this from my sis- not as entertaining as DE for sure- but a giggle nonetheless.

    A priest was invited to attend a house party.
    Naturally, he was properly dressed and wearing his Priest’s Collar.
    A little boy kept staring at him the entire evening.
    Finally, the priest asked the little boy what he was staring at.
    The little boy pointed to the priest’s neck.
    When the priest finally realized what the boy was pointing at,
    He asked the boy, “Do you know why I am wearing that?”
    The boy nodded his head yes, and replied,
    “It kills fleas and ticks for up to three months”.

  17. Mom that’s hilarious.

  18. “Making abortion safe, legal, and rare” (Hillary Clinton) is above their Spiritual-Humanitarian-Political Affiliation IQ’s, obviously

    I will go on record with saying that I HATE THE UTTER AND GODLESS STUPIDITY that contributes greatly to late-term abortions and needless suffering – including untold deaths – of young girls, women and unwanted children – via blocking accessibility to birth control and women’s reproductive health-education services and the religious-political undermining of Human Rights Laws for the protection of women and girls.

    Right Answer: Put down the posters, wash the blood off your own hands and get behind “Making abortion safe, legal, and rare.”

  19. 102 in the shade and no shade no place. 😯

  20. Making Burgers and fries on the sidewalk :evil;

  21. It’s so hot here I saw a dog chasing a cat and they were both walking.

  22. Texas in August. Your shoes stick to blacktop like bubblegum.

  23. That was not a cat, it was your ex! 😯

  24. Which cat/ex?

  25. That DE clip is mesmerizing. I just sat here staring at it like a zombie. Lucky laker is taking a ceramics class this Fall.

  26. Ohhhhhhhh socal, laker is going to be very popular

    And Bill says thanks for the catnip!

  27. That’s one of the reasons why I like living in the hills. Summers are mostly nice days with cool nights. It was actually chilly here last night. When I drive down into the Valley, its like driving into an oven.

  28. He’s more than welcome.

  29. Yeah well it got him shitfaced.

  30. Looks like Woman Voter met up with MKBill on Twitter lolol

  31. I’m sorry it’s so hot where you guys are – I really do feel for you – I don’t personally like it so hot. Guess I won’t mention it’s a beautiful 70 here……………..

    (running, running, running away!)

  32. The video on UW’s post is a very clever approach, I think – he didn’t fight with anyone, or even tell them his own opinion. Just asking a simple question – and it got them to think – and they were shown to have not thought very far.

    If he had pushed back at them, they would have stayed at high defense and just parroted their usual line instead of thinking for a few moments. Maybe a few of them will keep thinking and trying to look at the different sides.

    Weren’t most of us like them, though, in our blind allegiance to our party, before May 31, 2008 woke us up? I think it must take something very strong to shake someone from their ideological position. Maybe this interviewer’s approach will at least put a chink in the armor of some of them, so that other info can get in.

    How embarassing, though, for all of them to be shown to have not EVER have thought through the logical path of their insistence that abortion should be illegal! lol

  33. Hey! The valley’s not an oven! It’s a beautiful 84 degrees right now with a forecast high of 87. Ahhh….time for a dip in the pool!

  34. Thats nice, imust, I hope it stays that way for you. Every time I take laker to Kaiser in WH, its always blazing.

  35. Maybe their God’s wine has rendered them unable to think outside of their bible bubble?

  36. Hi there kiddo.

  37. Oh, WH! That’s a different story! For some reason it’s always much hotter there than the rest of the valley.

  38. Bedelia is my own personal second-wave trainee up at twitter, gang.

  39. Bedelia, little sister, most of them don’t read their bible. They get the Monarch Notes version from their pastor.

  40. B, I am assuming your earlobe has not grown to the size of brooklyn as we had feared and it is back to normal, with no one pointing and laughing.

  41. Yep. It’s back to normal. Lump is pretty much gone at this point.

  42. Well this is good. We wouldn’t want that lobe to get in the way of your torch and pitchfork when needed.

  43. “God gave us free will, and he’s (note !HE!) disappointed if we make the wrong choice.”

    @ jackiet-

    I’ve been given that same line of BS. My answer was that He died for our sins, and I don’t want him to get stiffed.

    Sin, sin, sin away. A life is precious (as these insane people remind us), and it is our obligation to make sure that we sin our asses off to ensure that they get the best bang for their buck, so to speak

  44. imust, I’ve heard that about WH. When I was really little (60s), we lived in Encino & Northridge, and I have vague memories of fairly hot summers, but nothing like what these poor people are dealing with all around the country.

  45. Anthony, if we didn’t sin, where the H would these anal retentives go to live their lives vicariously? We must consider ourselves a public service to them.

  46. Yeah socal. I remember it being a lot hotter when I was a kid. We would have many days over 100 but not so much now. Seems like most of the summer we’re in the 80s. Gobal cooling?

  47. imust, about weather. Here’s what I believe about Climate change. The climate around here did change over the years and now it’s going back to the way it was when I was a kid. We have our seasons back again, and they stick pretty close to schedule. So if you ask me, Climate always changes and then changes back, and then..

    So all this bullroar…

  48. I agree with you on that Uppity, I was just joking. But I think what they’re talking about with Global Warming isn’t what we see in terms of weather changes (that fluctuate, as you say) over our lifetimes….or even since we’ve been recording temperatures….I think they have studied it in geological time and would have taken the normal ebb and flow into account. That said, I’m not saying I believe it, but I think it’s worth studying.

  49. Attention Uppityites= The heretofore mostly anti-Hillary AOL has slipped up and allowed a very flattering video get through. Those of you able to view it can here=

    Has AOL caved in to the overwhelming popularity of Hillary?

  50. Hal, perhaps they finally got the memo we have been sending since 2008 (via their lower and lower viewer numbers). Have they finally tired of figuratively pooping on the most worthy candidate? I still don’t trust a one of ’em.

  51. Yeah, I don’t trust them either. But the video sure does show what could have been…..

  52. Hal, that was wonderful. Thank you!

  53. Don’t get too high over that video. It’s a segment of the “People” series they did last year. THeir clicks must have been down so they pulled the dust off the hillary segment. Always remember that AOL is Huffblow Is Aol.. Nice of them to show us some more of what we can’t have.

  54. Here’s the Makers Series. It’s segments of women who have made impact.
    It’s actually quite interesting. You will see many women you admire at makers I think I did a post on it…

  55. Can’t remember for sure but I think Jennifer Seibel (Gavin Newsom’s wife) put together.

  56. Sleepy kitty:

  57. I think you did do something on the makers.

  58. TY sonrisa. Good to see you.

  59. socal, believe it or not, the katy couric segment was very touching. lol.

    Maya’s in there too. The site is worth watching them all.

    I think I had put up this one too Made before she died.
    So Awesome!

    Wait till you see her segment of the law firms that wouldn’t hire her because she would have babies. And the law school professor who gave women C’s all the time. They changed the testing system so he couldn’t know if it was a woman or man taking the test.
    There’s a segment of law school telling her I hope you’re serious because you are taking a man’s place.

  60. Anthony is scheduled for the AM. I just took a peek and it is soooooooooo Anthony! Yay!

  61. Anthonys post will be interesting I’m willing to bet.

  62. Seems everybody’s gone so I’m going back to my heating pad. Did something to it yesterday (picking up 2 12-packs of soda) and have paid the price. Yay for Flexeril and heat!

  63. Anthony are you here? I am trying to schedule your post but it says you are editing the post so I can’t do it. Here’s hoping you didn’t fall asleep with your post in “Edit” mode. lolol.

  64. It.

  65. I’ve been watching. They are going to LOVE LOVE LOVE it. And you go to bed. NOW.

  66. Okay, got my interest! When will it be posted?

  67. AM bright and early, imust.

  68. Okay. I guess I’ll have to wait. Hasta manana.

  69. I.Am. Going. To. KILL this. Cat.
    Three nights running of yowling and going from window to window to window. I take 50mg of trazadone at bedtime which normally knocks me out- but nooooooooo. This is ridiculous. Good thing I am going on that road trip tomorrow. Tonight she is going in the cat carrier and going to the farthest reaches of the basement. I get very very VERY cranky when I don’t get my sleep.

  70. The cat is in heat Mom.

  71. Yes she is Uppity- and it is extremely annoying. I have never heard a louder cat in my entire life. Never heard anything like it.

  72. Send her out for a day or two. We need to do another relay…..

  73. LOL Anthony- not happening. This goes directly to that old saying
    No good deed shall go unpunished.
    Hopefully she is all fixed by the time I get back from my road trip.

  74. The rescue people should give you first nibs for seeing her through the litter. Surely they know what heat sounds like.

  75. Let’s take this to the new thread pls.

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