Another historic and enviable Middle Eastern moment for women

(Update below the video on what tthe torture of women in the middle east doesn’t mean means to the USA leadership).


The Middle East. Just brimming with freedom and Islam and dead women! Perhaps you might want to help solve the fake mystery of Who Is Poisoning Aghanistan’s Girls. Go ahead. Take a shot in the dark. I guess they’ve “evolved,” because  in that sh!thole of  throwbacks to Pithecanthropus Erectus, this is probably considered an improvement over setting a girls’ school aflame and then forbidding anyone to save the girls while they died screaming for help.

I tell you, I am so jealous that I’m not a lucky woman in the Middle East and I know you are too! We must emulate them as soon as possible so that we might know the joys of  rape and subsequent execution for promiscuity or adultery.Gee, I wonder if we still give these freaks free Viagra too! I mean I hope so and I know you do too!

Take this woman for example. Thank Goodness we spent hundreds of billions of dollars so she could at least get her voter ID  and choose between a savage and a  psycho at election time before she died.


What does the USA leadership think of all of this? Well,  not much, I guess.

The only person concerned with it is Hillary Clinton. Her preoccupation with this horrific treatment of women has been referred to as “A rock in the rucksack”. It’s in our way of “Progress,” I guess.  In other words, screw these women.

…“Senior US Official” in Afghanistan (where we give out free Viagra to build “rapport”) called Hillary’s dedication to freeing women in the world “a pet project” that doesn’t take “Priority” because it’s just another “pet rock in the rucksack” “taking us down”.

There you have it.


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  1. Actually, Goatfuckistan is in Central Asia and they aren’t Arabs.

    But they worship the same misogynist deity.

  2. Yeah I already changed it to Middle East.

  3. Fucking horrific. Living there must be hell on earth. Poor woman.

  4. Pure evil.

  5. Once upon a time that country was semi-enlightened. Then it became one of the last victims of the Cold War. You can thank Zbigniew Brzezinski and Jimmy Carter for the strategy of arming the goatfuckers to fight the Soviets. That is what led to the creation of the Taliban and it empowered Osama bin Laden too.

    It was bipartisan – Reagan escalated what Jimmy started.

    That is why I generally oppose us getting involved in the internal affairs of other countries. What looks like a good strategy today is often a big mistake in hindsight.

  6. Sometimes we forget how fortunate we are to live here, in the US of A. Even without the ERA and with the horrible cavemen “representatives” we continue to elect (mostly cuz there are no real choices)- we still have it so much better than 99% of the world’s women.
    Let’s keep it that way mmkay? Vote the bums out!

  7. Absolutely correct, myiq. Does anyone else remember when that shitbum GH Bush walked off an interview when asked about his part in the Contra affair? He screamed at the interviewer (I forget who) and said, WE AGREED YOU WOULDN”T BRING THAT UP!”. Took off his mike and stomped off.

  8. Twas Reagan/Bush who armed Osama Bin Laden and called him and his people “Freedom Fighters”. Trained them in guerilla warfare.

  9. And who gave Saddam the chemical weapons, again?

  10. I have a video of zbig telling those freaks God Is on Your Side. We should have let Russia do its thing. We would have all been better off toay.

  11. There was a Tom Hanks movie about that era (when we were arming the “freedom fighters”).

  12. Mom, hope you have a great trip and get to spend a lot of time with your son.

  13. Uppity – It was Dan Rahter

    Socal – “Charlie Wilson’s War”

    Charlie was a piece of work too (and a Democrat)

  14. Utterly disgusting. Wonder what would happen if the women were armed and turned the guns towards the goatfuckers?

  15. The US wasn’t the first Western nation to meddle in Afghanistan

    When you’re wounded and left on Afghanistan’s plains, and the women come out to cut up what remains, jest roll to your rifle and blow out your brains and go to your gawd like a soldier. – Rudyard Kipling

  16. Zbig to Jihadists: YOUR CAUSE IS RIGHT

  17. We should treat Afghanistan like those obscure jungle tribes that are hidden away.

    In time, they will just become extinct like all prehistoric creatures.

  18. OT from yesterday,s animal chatter. In case that thread is broken, here is your answer, Upps – I think you didn’t scroll down far enough.

    Concerning the rash of bears in Vermont — comment

    “And, from Scott in Westford…

    Well, it was only the one bear but here’s what happened. I learned something about bears because of this experience.

    From time to time our family will have a little campfire. I’m sure you guys know what I’m talking about: S’mores, maybe some adult beverages, a few friends. Pretty low-key stuff. Well, this one night a little earlier this Spring (when it hadn’t rained for a bit) we were having a fire and generally enjoying ourselves by the fire pit. Maybe it was the smell of the roasting marshmallows that drew the bear towards us, I don’t know. Anyway, I had just put a log on the fire when a spark jumped out and started a little tuft of grass on fire. I stumbled around a bit and I thought I had the loose fire under control. That’s when it happened: This big old bear comes crashing out of the woods and just starts stomping around the fire. He put it right out! We were in shock, to say the least. Then he grabs a shovel and commences to dousing our fire while, I swear this is true, grumbling about idiots lighting fires during the dry season and didn’t we see the warnings about fires and how he lives here too. Then, he grabbed the remaining beers (and the last s’more!) and said “Remember: Only YOU can prevent forest fires” before stomping angrily off to the woods. We were stunned.

    I just want to say, while I appreciate bears sharing the land with us, I think Smokey is kind of a jerk for taking the rest of our beer and ruining our get-together. Bears should just stay in the woods”

  19. Are you sure that wasn’t Yogi?

  20. And here where things are so great for women….MOBILE, Alabama — A 40-year-old woman was fatally shot Saturday night after confronting a group of men in a car about speeding through her west Mobile neighborhood, Mobile County District Attorney Ashley Rich said today.

  21. Yes twandx I saw that, I saw it as the story, not as a reader comment. I saw only 1 reader comment after that (referring to scott in westford) and saw it as a reference to another comment. So maybe I just misread that Scitt was the writer and not a commenter, but eh, no big deal. I saw it, read it, it was cute, it’s a move on moment for me rather than go back to another thread to the link and figure my perception out. I hate work 🙂

  22. @ Anthony

    I’m sure that free Viagra is part of that deal as well.

  23. Anthony you know that those billions that were given to them will land in somebody’s pocket. It’s always the same story.

    We always enrich the criminal leaders of these countries with money needed right here for Our Own country. Look at all the money we gave Pakistan, a real gravy train………to “Find” Osama. Oh yeah.

  24. As for the 22 yr old woman murdered in the “if I can’t have her, then you can’t either” video of savages yelling praise to Allah, the torture is over. She cannot be abused any longer. Unfortunately, that cannot be said for her sisters in this outhouse of a country.

    These savages are a disgrace to mankind. They can’t read, they can’t write, and they cannot count past the number of their d*cks. I cannot imagine what it must be like to live in that existence. If there is Hell on Earth for females, surely it is there.

  25. Yes, our Intelligence community has been giving these rapists free Viagra in exchange for information for a long time. What’s a few dead women along the way. Remember that piece about them making fun of Hillary and calling paying attention to these things, “A rock in a rucksack”? Those Women are shit to our own leaders as well.

  26. Living proof we don’t care.

    …“Senior US Official” in Afghanistan (where we give out free Viagra to build “rapport”) called Hillary’s dedication to freeing women in the world “a pet project” that doesn’t take “Priority” because it’s just another “pet rock in the rucksack” “taking us down”.

  27. Our leaders give us disgusting lip service. I always wonder if they refer to their own mothers, wives and daughters in this fashion? Yes, these pr*cks would believe that they are expendable as well. They might not say it, but their actions always speak volumes.

  28. Well, mcnorman, I guess he can say goodbye to the Jewish vote…

  29. Which is fine by me Anthony. Why they voted this turd into office last time around is quite disturbing to me.

  30. No, to calculate the Jewish vote, we have to first understand that there are many Jews in the USA who do not recognize that Israel is important. They are Obama stockholm syndrome Jews and there are plenty of them. The Jews in the USA voted for barack in fairly big numbers in 2008, knowing fully well that he would stiff Israel. There is a great deal of Jew hatred building in the USA. All you need to do is read youtube comments to see how horrific these people all are. But don’t lump all Jews into the same vote category because, unless they had a rude awakening, many of them will still vote for obama, not equating Israel to themselves, when in fact so many Obama followers would turn on them as soon as the opportunity arose. These American Jews somehow delude themselves into imagining there is only Israel hatred and not Jewish hatred in general. They are wrong.

  31. I wish i had a thousand every time I saw a comment on a forum or after a youtube video that spewed hatred for jews who “Run the country”. They blame Jews for our economic woes, pimples, cavities, you name it. They hate Jews. It is sickeningly similar to pre-war Germany. Many of them never really studied the holocaust except at the hands of far left teachers who sympathize with Palestine. Many of them do not believe it ever even really happened.

    Go to youtube and search for any concentration camp video and you will see many comments about how it’s all a lie and Jew propaganda.

  32. CNN is reporting on the video above right now.

  33. Women are such expendable ‘property’ – at any given moment – anywhere in the world.

    Yesterday, I witnessed a man trying to control a fleeing, sobbing woman and raging every degrading slur in the book at her (including death threats) in broad daylight, on a public street. in a nice neighborhood.

    As she picked up the pace to get further away, he started picking up rocks and throwing them at her back.

    Yes, I did the 911 ‘routine’ as if… saving one woman from barbarism made a difference not only to her (hopefully) but, somehow, to All Women.

    The Woman in this story is a stark reminder of how delusional that thinking is.

  34. Good for you maybe saved her life. 🙂

  35. Safe trip Mom and have fun. At least you are free of the hormonal wailing of ms. horny cat.


    I just read this fantastic claim that Hillary marched into the Oval Office and stood her ground to defend Holbrook.

    “Clinton, says Chandrasekaran, marched into the Oval Office and said, ” ‘Mr. President, you can fire Richard Holbrooke, over the objections of your Secretary of State.’ ” ”

    It is from Jake Tapper and there is a video too of the interview:

  36. This happened soon after she started the position so she’s been standing up to the fraud since day one. Not that that is surprising. She would not sit silently and defer to anyone who was making a big mistake. My admiration for her was never more acute than now. I just love and respect her with all my heart. She is the one we were waiting for and they freaking blew it big time with the fraud from hell.

    This is very interesting. Not new but it is new to me, I don’t remember hearing this before. Hillary must be grinning ear to ear. And Holbrooke must be smiling down from heaven.

  37. Karen, how ironic that Obama and his team of self-impressed mental infants didn’t like Holbrook because they thought his ego was too big.

  38. Whoa Why Not. Glad you 911’d that pig.

  39. regarding the I have a 10 year old very decent sounding Fender acoustic. I stopped playing a few years ago when my arthritis became too painful in my hands.

    back to work tomorrow – so jumping into a pool in a little bit.

    have fun, guys.

    (cough cough)

    As IF ISPs were going to let this happen.

    Leading Internet-service providers said Sunday that they had moved to ensure that computers infected with malware left behind by a hacking spree that started in 2007 continue to access the Internet normally. On Monday, there were few signs that many Americans had lost their Web access.

    They are just going to shut down infected computers so they can’t access the net. Period.

    Note that cable companies were notifying infected customers on how to remove the malware….helping them scrub it.

  41. I have a 10 year old very decent sounding Fender acoustic.

    All of these “hidden talents” coming out. Who knew? I bet we could be a GREAT band if we put our minds to it

  42. imust if CNN is covering it now, they are slow as usual. That video has been around for a few days. I had it in the hopper yesterday, waiting to release it.

  43. Dude…we’re getting the band back together.

  44. Many years ago my then congressman, Marty Meehan, brought Pat Schroeder, then congresswoman from Colorado, to a meeting to feel out some of us who were politically active about starting a local “Schroeder for President” group. Pat spoke eloquently about a lot of issues, but the one that got her all fired up was our government’s reluctance to sanction any government over its treatment of women. The excuse the government gave at the time was that how women are treated is “part of a country’s basic culture”, and that it’s not right for us to expect a country to change its basic culture just because they do things differently than we do. While poor treatment of men is considered a basic human rights issue. Schroeder was the first woman I ever really got behind, and I regret that she changed her mind about running. Because she cared about Hillary’s “pet rock”, too.

  45. I think we should arm and train the women the middle east , Afghanistan , wherever there is a need .

  46. TNOYF put out those hilarious Obamessiah Chronicles in 2008. They did the Obama on Mt. Rushmore video too. Funny guys, but the best of the Obamessiah Chronicles ‘disappeared”. There was one of the Last Supper with all the usual suspects, Olbermann, Tingle, etc in it.

  47. Not sure that could work Swan. We would have to set them up so they all kill their husbands on the same night. With a promise we would provide them with a means to live. Seriously. These animals would overpower those women, take their weapons and kill them.

  48. Ellies, I remember when shroeder cried and they crucified her over it. She had no chance after that. You could see they were going to skewer her.

  49. These animals would overpower those women, take their weapons and kill them.

    Is there an Arabic version of Lysistrata?

  50. I only have nine good fingers left Anthony. Got my fingers crushed under a fallen piece of driveway concrete. Microsurgery fixed most of it thanks to a great surgeon, but my index finger doesn’t have all its feeling. Sometimes it has very little. So I can just sing, okay?

  51. Sure. Can you sight read?

  52. Haven’t had to in a long time but sure. I’m great in the shower.

  53. the best thing we could have done in Afghanistan was to leave the men on the ground an airlifted every woman and child out of the country. Given them the opportunity to become educated outside of the horrors of their country and develop a sense of self-worth and strength that would hardly have flourished if left there. Let the guys dress up as girls and entertain one another. Let them put each other out of their and our misery and see, when a few were left, whether they would be of an inclination to come into the modern world.

    The Peloponnesian wars finally came to an end when the women of Sparta and Athens let the men know that there would be no more sex, and no more offspring, until they stopped. In the case of Afgahistan, what the men are doing to the young women is nothing short of genocide!

  54. The Peloponnesian wars finally came to an end when the women of Sparta and Athens let the men know that there would be no more sex, and no more offspring, until they stopped.

    Again: Is there an Arabic version of Lysistrata?

  55. [Again: Is there an Arabic version of Lysistrata?]

    No, and there won’t be until we get the women out of the country. Let the men kill each other and then after 25-30 years let a new generation of female leader return and lead Afghanistan.

  56. My singing is so bad they stopped having karaoke night at the bar.

  57. oswald, for a penguin with a record, you’re amazing at finding bizarre things that fit this place. The goats thank you for the advertisement.

  58. We’re so far above the ME in the valuing of women… the weapon used in this country for keeping women dis-empowered is to make sexist, misogynist pigs into Talk Shows Hosts, News Anchors and Political Pundits – from both sides of the political isle…

  59. I can’t stomach Eleanor Clift. I kinda like that show, though, and often McLaughlin is right on the money whether I like it or not

  60. I’m more inclined to think we need an Arabic version of Lorena Bobbit.

  61. If they continue to kill off women and girls, they may find themselves in China’s place, were men were so revered that now 25 million men can’t find mates and are free to marry their own asses.

  62. OT: This is just for you Uppity. Parents find a python wrapped around their baby’s foot. The baby was asleep in the crib and they heard a noise……

  63. I wish the media would stop calling it an execution. IT WAS MURDER.

  64. hahah imust, I found that link and sent it to DE yesterday because I know how much he loves snakes.

  65. “I’m more inclined to think we need an Arabic version of Lorena Bobbit.”

    That, and more long range snipers.

  66. godis, they dont want to offend the freaks on the side they support, both in war and in the elimination of that Ewwweee gender.

  67. Yes DE it would be a most satisfying video to see them getting ready to kill a woman and they all get their ass sniped, including all those men and boys who enjoy watching.

  68. That photo of Hillary speaks volumes. Actually, murder isn’t even strong enough. It’s terrorism. Terrorism against women. Or gendercide, maybe womancide.

  69. We know the people who fell for this scam. We watched them wet their pants over obama as they insisted he’d pay their bills. Sure enough, there IS a sucker born every minute.

  70. If you are following @txsleuth on twitter, I would like you to knw that she tweeted me that Hillary should have stopped Obama from negotiating with the Taliban and that Hillary is “A disgrace to women”. I blocked her so I lost her tweet.

  71. why not, I am shaking my head in disbelief over the fool buchanan. What a moron. Amazing that there are still cave men. The only difference is now they wear suits and pretend to be intelligent beings.

  72. Hillary is in a yurt in mongolia. Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? She’s still more active than the energizer bunny.

    ozzie, you should be offended that they thought pengy sex is weird. Stand up for your rights to be a pengy and not called perverted for doing what comes naturally to those in skin tuxedos.

  73. re: @txsleuth – that Hillary should have stopped Obama from negotiating with the Taliban and that Hillary is “A disgrace to women”

    Anthony said: “Why ask for permission when you can always beg for forgiveness?”

    Pleeeeze forgive me, but “txsleuth” should tweet her ignorance right back up from whence it came. Sounds like a sh!t-stirring, Hillary-hating obot, to me – talk about “a disgrace to women.”

  74. Not an obot. A republican pretending to give a shit about disinfranchised Democrats for as long as it takes to get their votes and then FUCK THEM.

    Shades of 2008. I will NEVER trust these people. NEVER.

  75. Karen:

    No kidding on buchanan. The beady-eyed snorter should be the poster boy for a political version of the Antiques Road Show.

    Hillary meeting with Mongolian President Elbegdorj Tsakhia – in a yurt!

    God, I admire that woman! Nobody does it better – whatever she does!

  76. Not an obot. A republican pretending to give a shit about disinfranchised Democrats

    Uppity: My comment HAD an “a,” “b” or “c” with a “sh!t-stirring republican” as “b” – but I edited it.

    Yeah, it figures. Yeah, FUCK THEM, TOO!

  77. Quiet about Ossie and sex. We do not want him reproducing his hardened criminal genes.

  78. Still, the thought of voting democratic for four more years of Obama is just too much. We’re doomed either way – may as well get screwed by the republican party than by the democratic party – again.

  79. I know Why Not. Believe me I know.

    For me it’s like choosing between a bunch of rapists and a bunch of child molesters to spend four years with. How do you pick? My distaste for these two tribes knows no boundaries.

  80. Saw a newscast on Chicago Gangs tonight – gang-related murders are up 36%.

    I see a trend in his political legacy.

  81. Well we both know what a greeeeeeeeeat job he did in Illinois for The People. and we all know what he did with his buddy Rezko to the poor. And we all know that his buddy the anarchist and admitted Marxist Bill Ayers loves to stoke the violence fire in kids. And together, they “improved” Chicago schools to the point where they needed police escorts to go to school.

  82. I fear from women under today’s Republican party. I truly fear for them.

  83. These are people who, among other things in the past few years, have tried to redefine rape and nearly didn’t get the Violence Against Women Act renewed. The news for women under these creeps is very very bad. And at what point can women stop hearing that they have to put their issues aside for more important things?

  84. Thinking of that slime txsleuth again. Wish somebody tweeted, “Who put the Taliban there, again?” These people crack me up.

  85. Yep. Who? It’s always Hillary’s fault.

    Did you ever think that exercising your right to vote would feel more like not only destroying your rights as a woman, but as a citizen?

    That’s how I feel and I KNOW I am not alone. It’s so hard to grasp that we, as a country, have come to this. The weight of globalization is tearing this country apart – and everything that we accomplished in such a short period of time.

    Everything we came to stand for is being shredded and blended into ideologies that have no real roots in valuing life and liberty – in the purist sense of the words, as we once believed in. We are at war – over trying to be all things to all people – especially those who have been coming here for the last 30 years asking “What can America do for me?!”

    As a result, “What’s in it for me – how do I get mine?!” has become the American Culture that is destroying the basic tenets of “Independence” – and the very framework for real equality that we were once striving towards.

    Too many cultural, religious and ideological agendas – the land of the free – for ME.

    No end in sight to this nightmare – in my lifetime.

  86. Goodnight.

  87. Nah, I’m not going to touch it lol

    I’m great in the shower

  88. I agree 1000%

    It’s terrorism. Terrorism against women. Or gendercide, maybe womancide

  89. Nah, I’m not going to touch it lol

    I’m great in the shower

    If I were a betting woman and had to guess who would have noticed that, it would have been you.

  90. Talk about a major shitbum. JP Morgan employee steals $100k from Alzheimer’s patient.

    Jesus, what a piece of shit.

  91. JPMorgan was unwilling to disclose the name of the employee targeted in the lawsuit, Green said. Green also told Huffpost that JPMorgan had denied her client’s damage claims in January because “too much time had passed to make a claim.”

    Well get the teevee crews there in front of the bank and the protesters with signs and I’m sure they’ll cough up the name and honor the claim. Now that one is worth at least an honorable mention as a cockroach.

  92. Love this one of the Obamessiah Chronicles.

  93. How much of the billions we’ve sent to Afghanistan landed up in the foreign bank accounts of Karzai and his family? At least 2 billion I’d say…for starters. Ever since O announced our departure date, bags of dollars are being flown out of Kabul on a regular basis.

  94. How much of the billions we’ve sent to Afghanistan landed up in the foreign bank accounts of Karzai and his family? At least 2 billion I’d say…for starters. Ever since O announced our departure date, bags of dollars are being flown out of Kabul on a regular basis.

    Exactly! And as with the other countries where the leaders confiscate the “aid,” Karzai is full of crap and not going squat to change that place.

  95. FYI, I plagiarized your post (with a link) in my blog post against crazy CAIR terrorist apologists. Some CAIR guy asked the supposed rhetorical question, feigning ignorance & innocence, of where in the Koran does it state that Muslims are supposed to attack America. I asked the equally rhetorical question of where in the Koran does it specifically tell Muslim men to murder women with AK47s.

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